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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  February 28, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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we are told fire crews and police s.w.a.t. teams are swarming the area near the arden fair shopping mall. we are continuing to gather more information. we will keep an eye on this story and have video for you soon. our other top story, for the first time in two years, children could soon be able to walk into the classroom without wearing a facemask. the state will drop mask requirements for students grades k-12. new guidance will make face coverings a recommendation, rather than a mandate, regardless of vaccination status. >> the milestone comes as california is a seven-day positivity rate dips below 3% and hospitalization rates are also seeing a drop. >> this feels like the right time. there is the data that supports it. both on the transmission end, and the hospital impact said. >> juliette goodrich on the mixed emotions when it comes to mask free schools. juliette?
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>> reporter: it is official. the state has set a date to end the mask mandate. but, not so fast. now, each individual county must decide its own mandate. here in alameda county, they have not said yet. then, it will be up to each individual school district to set their own rules. >> i think it is about time, it has been a long time coming. >> we will have a family meeting this evening to talk through that and see what they are comfortable with. >> reporter: students. >> i think we should still wear them, because, cove it is literally everywhere. >> it's not bad, but you don't see anyone's smiles at school. >> reporter: teachers weighing in, not everyone is on the same page. >> i am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to lose these masks i wear all day long at the school with kids and vice versa. >> reporter: the alameda county public health department says it will release its and guidance in the coming days. foothill high school, in
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alameda county, with zero reported covid-19 cases on friday. >> it is hard to recognize everybody. >> and they are annoying. >> reporter: the livermore unified school district says if alameda county lists the school mask mandate, the district will likely decide to make masks optional. >> i would be okay if we continue doing them for the rest of the year and maybe start next year without a mask. >> reporter: right after the announcement, the california teachers association urged school district to proceed with caution, saying, while some students are ready to immediately remove masks, others remain very afraid. >> i was not thrilled, because i want to have the kids keep masks on. >> reporter: even two weeks out from now is way too long. it should be today. >> reporter: nearly every bay area county meets the criteria to remove masks in school, with the exception of napa and solano counties. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. let's take a live look at san francisco this evening where the health department says
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students can go without masks. however, san francisco unified says it is not dropping its masking protocols. here is a look at where other school district stand. mt. diablo is proposing to make masks optional after the mandate ends. marin county superintendent says masks can come off, but the schools will have the final say. san jose unified is strongly recommending students wear masks. we brought you the update on school masking live on cbs news bay area. you can watch it 24/7, streaming, on a developing story out of san jose this evening, one person is in the hospital after a shooting that happened at the intersection of monterey highway and bailey avenue. police were able to stop the suspect's car and arrest them near hale and madrone. no word on the victim's condition. a hayward man has been arrested for two separate freeway shootings, one in livermore sent the driver of that pickup truck to the hospital. chp says that a shooting minutes earlier on i did 205 near i-5 was also linked to
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that same suspect. 24-year-old armando perez is in police custody. no motive has yet been released. concord police are figuring out details of a shooting at a popular restaurant arcade. that occurred at the david busters on diamond boulevard. police believe it began with an argument between two groups and then gunfire rang out. when officers arrived, they found a man and women suffering from gunshot wounds. the other two victim managed to get themselves to a hospital. occurring two witnesses, more than 10 shots were exchanged between the two groups during the altercation at dave and busters. concorde has not yet released any details on potential arrests, or the condition of the victims. sunnyvale police have arrested a woman accused of abducting a little boy and triggering an amber alert. she is long tammy when of san jose. authorities arrested her last night after returning home. investigators say she stole a families suv early sunday morning in sunnyvale, and that
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set off an amber alert. since the 2-year-old boy was inside at the time. the boy was found safe along with the vehicle. new at 6:00, homeless advocates in milpitas are taking their fight directly to the homeless city government. they are pitching tents outside of city hall and protesting the mayor's plan to address homelessness. reporter devon fehely explains. >> reporter: homeless advocates say they plan to transform milpitas city hall into a tent city for the next 24 hours or so. they say their goal is to increase visibility of this issue, and frankly, to pressure the mayor to come up with meaningful solutions to this crisis. >> they don't like people living in the parks, they don't like parking in the neighborhood, but we have to be somewhere. we have to be somewhere. >> reporter: the somewhere for lynn shipman is on the margins of regular society. across the railroad tracks in milpitas, tucked away in an industrial neighborhood, home to a handful of businesses and about a dozen homeless men and women. she fears that her encampment,
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makeshift and ramshackle as it is, is about to be swept away in a crackdown by the city. >> we are just going to leak out into the neighborhoods for lack of a better -- you know what i mean? we've got to go somewhere. we can't just post magically be someplace else. >> reporter: homeless advocates say the crackdown on the encampment highlights the cruel and capricious nature of the city's approach to homelessness. protesters are planning to transform city hall into a tent city, a -- challenging mayor rich to treat homeless men and women as people and not just as a problem to get rid of. >> i will give him the benefit of the doubt. i will give him the benefit of the doubt, that he wants to address homelessness in a positive and humane way. >> reporter: mayor tran says he created a homelessness task force last year and will present a conference of plan at tuesday's council meeting. he has, however, propose cutting $200,000 from the
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county program that connects the homeless to available resources. about that encampment, he wrote in a prepared statement, the proximity of that encampment is to close to the thousands of parents and families who use the one and only library. homeless advocates say that attitude is tone deaf and insensitive to the plight of homeless men and women who have so little, but who could lose so much in a crackdown. >> they take these things, we don't have a home. we don't have anywhere to go and we can't go anywhere else, so what are we supposed to do? >> reporter: this protest is going to extend into the evening, overnight, and early morning hours, tomorrow. the public portion of the city council meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. devon fehely, kpix 5. still had on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area. >> i'm really sad about my friends who are still there. fleeing the war in ukraine. a bay area man's harrowing journey to poland. what he says happened when he got to the border. more testimony from the
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juror in the trial against scott peterson. what was admitted on the witness stand. a pretty sunset out this evening. and unusually warm and to the month of february. it will be an unusually warm start to the month of march. some changes later this week we will talk about coming up in the first alert forecast. a live look at the white house. tomorrow, president biden will give his first formal state of the union address. you can watch president biden's address to ( ♪♪ ) (chiming) ( ♪♪ ) (laughter) ( ♪♪ )
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more on our breaking story out of sacramento. we are getting first video back now. if you see a large police and emergency responder presence of that is outside a church near the arden fair mall. >> we are working to confirm reports of a shooting. no official word quite yet but witnesses say they saw injured people getting treatment. reporter steve large with our sister station just interviewed a witness who was there. >> reporter: i want to bring in robert peterson, who came after the shots were fired. you can step on in here, robert. he was right inside what is now this crime scene moments after the shots were fired. when she tell us what you saw? >> as i was coming down right away there were officers coming from both directions jumping out of their vehicles, all armed, rushing into the church. as i stopped in front of the
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church, they brought out one person who they were rendering first aid, and then they put the tape up and skewed everybody back. but, the street was flooded with so many emergency vehicles that the ambulances could not even get through. >> again, we are working to confirm reports of a shooting. no official word yet. we are getting more pictures from the scene. we will have more information on what happened as soon as it comes into our newsroom. now to the latest on the front lines in ukraine. russia and ukraine held their first talks today as the conflict between both countries entered a fifth day. both countries agreed to resume negotiations in the near future, but the fighting rages on. a senior defense official says russian forces could attempt to encircle ukraine's f tf in the coming days. the u.n. says more than 400 people have either been killed or hurt in ukraine. hundreds of thousands of ukrainians are trying to get out of their country, to escape
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the russian attack. >> many have made it out but as more traffic and lines of people continue to build, leaving has been difficult for many. kpix 5 reporter andria borba has more. >> reporter: on friday, i sat down with the mother of a young man living in ukraine and trying to get out of the country as the russian invasion began. tonight he and his girlfriend are safe in poland after a harrowing journey >> reporter: sitting in warsaw, aaron starr says he is very lucky after a 50 hour journey to get across the ukrainian border to poland which began on wednesday when his mom, debbie insisted he hire a security guard. >> 13 hours later or something like that, the russians started bombing tf. >> reporter: the guards started driving aaron and his ukrainian girlfriend anna west to the polish border. >> about 4 1/2 hours to drive
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the normal distance of 25 minutes to get out of tf. >> reporter: the couple got close to the border then decided to walk after only going three miles and seven hours by car. so, aaron and anna walked 4 1/2 miles with only a beanie and pair of gloves between them before we could get to the border. >> i took the picture and shared it and everyone was super happy and we were in this line to walk there and when we walk there we realized that wasn't the border, that is the border for cars. totally different than the border for people. >> reporter: the lines seemed interminable. around 10,000 people. >> finally we get through and find another line. it is like a matryoshka doll of lines. deadline was even more brutal. >> reporter: were only a handful of ukrainian border guards and people were scared and screaming. he says it was a real humanitarian crisis. he and anna fought for every inch closer to poland. >> if you're not pushing and leaning forward, literally i would be staring at the ground
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for the slightest bit of free ground i could put my foot forward. you counted your steps like i made a step, i made progress. >> reporter: 50 hours later they finally got their passports stamped in poland to be greeted by offers of food and free taxi rides. erin says he lost nearly 5 pounds getting out of ukraine and that he and anna are very lucky. >> honestly i am sad about my friends who are still there. >> erin says he is grateful to be safe and at the same time very worried about anna's family still in the country as shelling and airstrikes are increasing daily. it is estimated to be 500,000 refugees so far out of ukraine, allen? >> andria, thank you. you can get the latest on the attack on ukraine right now on we are screaming 24 seven on cbs news bay area. new details about former scott peterson juror rachelle,
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and a twist that could change the hearing. she was also asked about 17 handwritten letters she wrote to peterson on death row nearly 2 decades ago. she admitted to writing the letters, but insisted she was not biased against peterson. now, she will spend roughly the next week proving her innocence. >> clearly what she is thinking is that her life, which let's get real, is a little more rough-and-tumble than some of hours, maybe, in her life, that is not something she would consider being a victim. >> several other key witness testimonies are said to continue this week, but hers is key to how this hearing will potentially turn out. paul heggen with us now in february, the last day will be much the same as the start of the month? >> temperatures got up to 70 degrees in san francisco, starting off the month of march coming in like the gentlest of lambs with warm temperatures again, tomorrow. let's take a look at the big
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picture pattern, warm weather, dry weather once again on tuesday. a big area of high pressure just a hill of air in the atmosphere camped out over southern california to keep things warm. anaheim was the hottest place in the lower 48 today reaching a high temperature of 90 degrees. we will not be that warm but we will still be well above average tomorrow as changes start to kick in with a storm system moving into the pacific northwest sending a band of showers across the bay area late wednesday night into thursday. let's check it out on future costs. we start with where we stand right now, some high clouds out there making for a beautiful sunset this evening. high clouds will be with us through the day tomorrow. filtering in sunshine, not blocking it. temperatures will warm up 8 to 13 degrees above normal. the clouds are going to thicken tomorrow night and that process will gradually continue through the day on wednesday but i think we stay dry during daylight hours wednesday, rain chances up to our north until after the sun goes down. in fact, likely after midnight. this forecast model is one of the slower ones. others are trying to send showers into the north bay
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already wednesday evening but the most likely timeframe for the more widespread shower activity is going to be late wednesday night in the pre- sunrise hours of thursday morning. it could be a company to drive to work on thursday. we will keep you updated. rain will mystery quickly, already out of the bay area by 10:00 thursday morning. this is not going to be a huge rainmaker but at this point in the rainy season we will take what we can get. forecast model indicating barely more than a trace for healdsburg, santa rosa, and calistoga with the system tapping into more moisture as it makes its way further east across the bay area. generally, a 10th of an inch to a quarter inch of total rainfall. us probably overestimates the amount for san jose but still, we hope that we get closer to a quarter inch of rain in the center clara valley. a 10th of an inch is the more likely scenario. this is the first of a couple of different rain chances we have in the forecast. another heads our way friday night into early saturday. it also does not have a lot of moisture to work with. temperatures right now, still warm out. 59 degrees in san francisco as the cool spot. everyone else is in the 60s, barely below 70 degrees still in concord. temperatures later tonight are going to drop down mostly to the mid and upper 40s, around
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50 degrees, then we warm up rapidly again on tuesday. good dog walking weather for hugo, a little self-conscious about his rain jacket but he does not have to worry about that tomorrow. clouds filtering sunshine, no rain clouds yet tomorrow. the temperatures even in the city worming back up to around 70 degrees. it will be mostly low and mid 70s around the bay. up her 60's along the coast with mid to upper 70s further inland, way above normal for the first day of march. a big drop in temperatures from tomorrow through wednesday has onshore wind gets stronger and we see clouds overhead on wednesday. then we dropped to below average temperatures as we go through the rest of the work week. that first chance of showers late wednesday night into thursday. the next chance late friday night into early saturday. neither thursday or saturday looking like a total washout. early in the day is the best chance of rain. we will keep you updated on the specific timing so you can stay ahead of it, especially making any outdoor plans for the weekend. >> thanks, paul. cbs evening news is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. nora? >> good evening ellen and liz. that's right, as california
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becomes the latest state to announce an end to masks in schools, we have our series, unifying america. we talked to a panel of moms about the impact of the pandemic on america's children. cbs evening news is now just minutes away. straightahead in sports, a hit? or swing and a miss between baseball owners and and, what did st. mary's toppling of the top-ranked team in basketball do for the program today? i got the answer. tonight on our streaming service in honor of black history month, we are bringing you stories from our local african-american communities. janice maybury and len kiese host bay area black history tonight at 7:30 on cbs news bay
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baseball up top. jupiter, florida, is where the baseball owner reps and players union have been back and forth since 7:00 a.m. today. the owners put on a self- imposed deadline of today to save the season. progress? well, they are not close, but it is not impossible. they are still talking. as for the fans? i think judge smalls is saying what we are thinking. >> well, we are waiting. >> the league and players
6:24 pm
association continued negotiations into the night. mlb has reportedly said they are willing to miss one month of games. the league had previously said they will begin canceling regular-season games is a new labor agreement was not reached by today. as of now, opening-day remains scheduled for march the 31st. the players have been locked out by the owners since december 2nd. nba, the warriors flew to minneapolis, tough four-game road trip starts tuesday without klay thompson, who will miss his second straight game due to a non-covid-19 illness. sunday, spencer done what he scored 24 points on the bench, warriors shooting went into deep freeze for over eight minutes. golden state cy 21 point lead erased by luca doncic. mavericks went 107-101. steph curry and steve kerr after their fifth loss in seven games. >> dallas had all the momentum and they were jumping around on their bench and our guys were hanging their heads and, you know, it's a good lesson for
6:25 pm
us. >> 21 point lead going into the fourth, that should be enough to get enough stops in the fourth quarter to where you, you don't have to win the game twice. we didn't do that. >> just saying, they have the second best record in the nba, just let that marinate. as i talk about college men's basketball, what does st. mary's get for knocking off the number one team in the nation saturday night? and unbeaten record at home, and the associated press ranking vault of the gaels from 23rd to 19. the gaels are off until next monday's west coast conference tournament semi finals. hockey, shout out. that would be jonah milojevic. scott reedy played for the san jose sharks and they scored their first nhl goal respectively in a 3-1 win over seattle on sunday.
6:26 pm
in the case of reedy, a minor- league player for the barracudas, he had quite a sunday. >> i got the call probably two hours before the game started. receptors and dress close on and fly over here. just a lazy sunday and got the call last minute. >> what are you doing? >> laying on my couch with my roommates, hanging out, just watching some sports. >> it is a day he will never forget. >> no question. thanks. we will be right back. we will be right back. we learn about covid-19,
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a disturbing update now on a breaking story. minutes ago, we learned that multiple people have been killed in a shooting in a sacramento church. you see the heavy police presence. the house of worship called the church in sacramento. velena jones, reporter with our sister station, klvr is at the scene. >> reporter: i spoke to a witness who was sitting outside in her car, by the church at the time the shooting occurred. she said a man who was inside of the church at the time ran outside, and asked her to call 911 claiming there was a man that had come inside of the church and started shooting. >> again, just in the last few
6:30 pm
minutes, our sister station in sacramento reporting multiple people killed in a shooting at a church there. the church in sacramento is the name of the church. we ill have more ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the russian backlash as fighting rages in ukraine, but the sheer grit and bravery of ukrainians gives hope the country can defeat vladimir putin's siege. rocket attacks enter a sixth day, as peace talks between russia and ukraine end with no ceasefire. but the world unites isolating putin, even taking russian vodka off the shelves. and making the ruble worth less than a penny. what president biden said when asked if americans should be worried about nuclear war. ukraine's humanitarian crisis, the journey for more than half a million refugees and tonight the unknown number of civilian deaths, including the heart- breaking story of this six year old girl. >> all the blood is on mr. ti


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