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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 4, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PST

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now at 11:00, and urgent warning from ukraine's president as russian forces opened fire on the complex housing europe's biggest nuclear plant. we have the very latest on the
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fighting. first alert weather day on friday. i'm tracking tomorrow's wind gusts and continuing shower chances in the forecast. disappointing, heartbreaking, a bit. >> tonight, hopeful student at uc berkeley expecting their disappointment with a court decision that could keep them out of their dream school. charges are announced against a northern california woman five years after her high- profile disappearance sparked a frantic search across the state. now 11:00, russia is stepping up its attacks in ukraine, even targeting the rep's largest nuclear power plant. the evening, i'm ryan yamamoto. >> i'm elizabeth cook. cbs news skyler henry's on capitol hill tonight with the latest on the fighting and the response from the biden administration. >> reporter: russian missiles rained down on homes, apartment buildings, and two schools in the northern ukrainian city. local officials say 32 people died. russian forces have taken the
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port city of your son. they are also selling mariupol , which killed the 16-year-old boy. troops continue to target kharkiv and the capitol kyiv. pregnant mothers are sheltering in the basement of the maternity hospital. >> i couldn't imagine if something could happen like that in the 21st century. >> reporter: ukrainian ssiaforc are closing in on europe's largest nuclear plant in the south of the country. ukraine's president, volodymyr zelenskyy, is pleading with the u.s. and nato to establish a no fly zone. during televised comments in russia's president vladimir putin said operations in ukraine were going according to plan. here in washington, the biden administration announced a new round of sanctions targeting more russian oligarchs and their families, each picked for their close proximity to president. and in hopes he will feel the economic squeeze. seizures of oligarchs property are underway around the world and many of russia's richest
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are prohibited from traveling to the u.s. >> our interest is in maintaining the strongest unified economic impact campaign on vladimir putin . >> reporter: the biden administration has asked congress to approve $10 billion in new funding for the humanitarian and military aid in ukraine. they want it approved next week. skyler henry, cbs news, washington. was in the last half hour, ukrainian officials said the fire at the nuclear plant is now out. they also say elevated levels of radiation were detected near the plant, which provides about 25% of ukraine's power generation. the escalating violence in ukraine now forcing more than 1 million refugees to flee to igies. e. ple we kpix 5' n explns how leth y area arpitching in to help. >> reporter: we've seen the
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images of crowds of ukrainians desperate to try to get out of the country that has been gripped by war over the past eight days. many often end up in refugee camps once they crossed the border. >> these people need to be settled. they will need clothes, they need someone to help them. >> reporter: v markoff is the director of nova ukraine, a bay area-based humanitarian aid group that had been telling people in ukraine since 2014. he says many people are leaving their's with what they can carry. >> it is shocking, it is unbelievable what people go through. >> reporter: today, ukraine and russia were able to negotiate safe corridors for civilians to evacuate ukraine and also for aid to come in. >> the russians are not totally insensitive to work public opinion. >> reporter: stephen paper is currently a fellow at. but was the u.s. ambassador to ukraine from 1998 to 2000. he said the damage already done ukraine will not allow anyone to return home or to normal life anytime soon. >> the damage to roads, damage to apartment buildings.
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there is going to be a huge amount of damage. and, it is going to take a lot of time to recover from this. but, unfortunately, at this point, since there is no sign the russian military is prepared to stop, you know, they are going to continue to do more damage. >> reporter: while the talks today did allow for the creation of a safe corridor through ukraine, it did not specify how that was going to be set up. hopefully, that will be determined during talks in the coming days. in pleasanton, katie nielsen, kpix 5. switching gears, let's take a look outside right now. we are seeing scattered showers in parts of the bay area. now, the wind is really going to pick up. >> first alert meteorologist paul heggan is tracking conditions for us. how windy are we talking? >> pretty strong gusts. we are concerned about the possibility of power outages tomorrow. we will have to watch any tree branch that has been hanging there for the past few weeks. wind advisory in effect along the coast and around the bay. it goes into effect at 7:00 tomorrow morning, continuing through 7:00 on friday. within the wind advisory, that
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is where we will see sustained winds of 25 to 35 miles per hour. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. at least branches, if not trees, could come down, resulting in power outages and make sure you keep both hands on the wheel for the morning commute and the afternoon commute. the gusty winds are going to be with us throughout the day and especially prevalent on the bridges. right now, the women's art a problem. we have lingering showers out this a little storm system that could in terms of its ability to squeeze out more moisture. still scattered light showers from symphysis go down the peninsula and more showers developing in the north bay. futurecast shows the possibility of additional showers as we head through the rest of the night and early tomorrow morning. there are really more miss than hit. once the rain moves out, that is when the wind picked up. another chance of showers to our north will drop in tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. we will track that, coming up in just a few minutes.
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students hoping to get into uc berkeley received bad news from the state supreme court. it has turned down the school's request to postpone any movement capturing a legal battle between the university and a neighborhood group. kpix 5 reporter andrea nakano which live in berkeley with what this means moving forward. >> reporter: what a court ruling today, cal will have to trim it incoming class by more than 3000 students, students that have worked incredibly hard for a chance to get into this university. >> i'm pretty anxious and kind of very nervous, actually. >> reporter: this is jaden's third year upon directly. the news of the court ruling was a little to his hopes of getting into his dream school. >> disappointing, heartbreaking, a bit, to read that, to know that i have been rejected from that school before and know how hard it is to get into their and now i'm being told it is going to g exponentially harder than that. >> reporter: the stof a feud between the university and a group called save berkeley's neighborhood. the group is demanding cal to increase housing before it increases a moment.
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>> it is not too late to find a solution that mitigates the local communities for mental concerns about leaving 3050 of our young people behind. we look forward to meeting with president drake as soon as possible to get the settlement process started. >> reporter: uc berkeley released a statement saying the school is preparing to informant and enrollment reduction if there is no time to fix. it goes on to say, "this is devastating news for the thousands of students who have worked so hard for and have earned a seat in our fall 2022 class. our fight on behalf of every one of the students continues." for now, jaden can only wait and hope that he will be one of the lucky ones to get an acceptance letter. >> anonymous really did anything wrong. we have been doing what we have been told to do, to work hard to get accepted into this college. and, we have just been communal, working on t news lik kind of just detours our entire hopes and plans.
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>> reporter: in berkeley, andrea nakano, kpix 5. tonight, marin and alameda counties are planning to make masks optional in schools. that aligns with the state's new guidance, allowing schools to drop mask mandates starting march 12th. individual districts can choose to keep the rule. the city of berkeley will also be dropping its mask requirements for students. still ahead tonight, gas prices are climbing with no end in sight. what you can do to reduce the pain at the pump. five years ago, the disappearance of a northern california woman sparked a statewide search. now, investigators say she made it all up. the charges announced tonight. and, we will show you the huge rockslide shutting down
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a warning for california drivers already paying more than ever at the pump. experts say there is no relief in sight. kpix 5 is live in san jose with what you can do about it. >> reporter: right now, california has the highest average cost of regular gasoline port allen at $4.94. while experts say those prices may not go down anytime soon, there are ways to make sure your car is not consuming more fuel than it should. are you inspecting it to be that offensive?
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mark vargas was so sticker shocked at this gas pump in camel, he decided to leave. >> go to another gas station. >> reporter: really? >> too high. >> reporter: at custom up to $120.00 to fill up his truck tank. for vanessa, she is now spending $80.00 a week. she just moved here from arizona. >> i just figure like when i was driving on my way down here that it was just kind of like highway prices and all that. once i got here, it just kept going up and up. >> reporter: it is astronomical here. >> i hate to be the bearer of bad news but we don't see any relief in sight. >> reporter: a spokesperson although baskets sets the skyhigh price of crude oil is to blame and the war between russia and ukraine is having an impact. russia is one of the biggest oil producers in the world. >> if you add all the extra sanctions that are going to go in place, if they are bands on
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russia's crude oil, you will feel it even more at the pump. >> reporter: he says there are ways to keep your car from working harder and burn more gas than it should, including cleaning your car so it is not weighed down, keeping fluids and air in tires at its appropriate levels, and lastly, being a good driver. >> that means no hard exhilarating, no heartbreaking. following the speed limits are all factors. >> reporter: for some drivers in the golden state like marco, he says he will be forced to cut corners to save where he can until gas prices go down. it hurts, doesn't it? >> okay, a lot. >> reporter: the reason why gas prices are going up is an increase in demand. more people are getting the roads as covid-19 health restrictions is up. in san jose, maria sn medina, kpix 5. 11:00, a california case that grab headlines five years ago was back in the spotlight. federal authorities arrested sherri papini of reading on charges she lied about being kidnapped and tortured.
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sherri papini, now 39, went missing while jogging in november of 2016. three weeks later, she showed up near woodland bruised and bound in restraints. she claimed two hispanic women abducted her at gunpoint. the feds say the married mother of two made the whole thing up to spend time with an ex- boyfriend in southern california. >> it is just a punch in the gut in terms of re-traumatizing the family. >> sherri papini is also accused of mail fraud after receiving $30,000.00 from california's victim compensation fund. a defense attorney thinks if sherri papini pursues an insanity defense, it will be a tough sell. >> branding is off, coming up with the stories, all of that they are going to say this machine knew what she was doing. >> sherri papini's ex-boyfriend is cooperating with prosecutors and will testify against her at trial. if convicted, sherri papini could get up to 23 years in prison. happening tomorrow in the east bay, the sentencing of a former danville officer convicted of killing a mentally
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ill man during a confrontation with police. officer andrew hall killed 33- year-old lottimer arboletta back in 2019. a jury convicted after home of assault with a firearm. he faces a possible 17 year sentence. all shot and killed another man last year shortly before he was charged in 328 to death. that shooting remains under investigation. a car crash in a daycare in chester county this afternoon, sending 14 kids to the hospital. it happened at about 2:30 in the city of anderson. 19 children, 2 staff members were inside when a car crashed into the building. two kids ended up pinned under the vehicle. thankfully, they are all expected to recover. >> i didn't at all, i just ran. and thankful. i'm grateful. >> police say the driver was a
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20-year-old woman with her mother in the passenger seat. drugs and alcohol were not believed to be involved. right now, both sides of highway 50 at echo summit are closed due to a rockslide. these pictures show the enormous alternate coupled onto the highway around 5:30 this evening. thankfully, no one was hurt. the closure was inspected to last through the night. that's going to make it tougher for people to go skiing. >> that is one complication. and, additional snow will make it travel tricky. they have a winter weather advisory in the high sierra from noon tomorrow through 1:00 on saturday. both u.s. 50 and i-80, tricky travel conditions. this won't be completely shut down but it will be slow. up to a foot of snow in the highest elevations. the good news is for the ski resort, they are going to add up additional snow. more snow in the forecast tomorrow into early saturday. the trick is going to try to get up to those ski resorts in the first place. let's return closer to home, talk about the wind advisory
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that goes into effect at 7:00 tomorrow morning, continues through 7:00 tomorrow evening. the storm discussed will be from late morning into the afternoon. it will be breezy across the entire bay area. let's track the guest hour by hour. as we head through tonight, not a problem. tomorrow morning, inland wins won't be that strong but we will see 20 to 25 mile-per-hour gusts along the coast. those are going to pick up as we head toward midday. 15 to 20 mile-per-hour gusts inland by noon. but, some 30 to 40 mile per hour plus costs. the twins will continue making their inland. 30 to 35 mile-per-hour gusts inland. still, 40+ mile-per-hour gusts possible along the coast. the medics very advisory expires around 7:00. the wind should die down pretty quickly after 7:00. still noticeable but not as strong, not as capable of doing treatment or causing power outages. both hands on the wheel tomorrow. we still have some showers out there tomorrow. the showers have been diminishing in intensity but hanging on.
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still falling down the peninsula and right over the bridge at the moment. also, more showers to pop back up in part to the north bay. lots of showers about to slide into petaluma. this activity will be spotty as we head through the rest of tonight. futurecast shows more showers developing over the north wing and sliding into the south as we head into early tomorrow morning. that activity is going to be hit or miss once the rain moves out, the wind picks up. then we are tracking the next batch of rain moving in after sunset tomorrow evening. these are also going to be hit or miss showers that move through pretty quickly. they will linger on the radar as we head into early saturday morning. as we get past about 10:00, 11:00 saturday morning, the atmosphere dries out. clearing skies overhead and the rest of the weekend is looking dry. in fact, the rest of the seven- day forecast is looking dry. at the moment, we have clouds overhead. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. still raining at sfo. officially, shower activity on the map at the moment.
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temperatures drop to the mid-to upper 40s by early tomorrow morning. not falling too far from where we are right now thanks to the blanket of clouds overhead. temperatures with a strong onshore wind, not warming up very much tomorrow. mid-50s along the coast. most of us topped out in the upper 50s but a good 3 to 6 degrees below normal. the warmest spot barely get above 60 degrees. temperatures will be cool on saturday but it is not going to be as breezy. hopefully it will feel a little warmer after the early morning showers shut down. dry weather from sunday through the middle of next week. temperatures steadily warming up. on sunday. more of a noticeable warming trend by monday, tuesday, and wednesday with inland temperatures back up to around 70 degrees by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. charlie? seems like a long time ago this warriors team had the best record in basketball. still, second in the west despite the good times not rolling as of late. when it rains, it pours. huge game from 77. the hi
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you got to keep your composure, warriors fans. it is like the scene from "old school" where will ferrell is
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banging the chair in the locker rooms. warriors is still in second place in the west. but, there is something about seeing mark cuban celebrating quartzite that really brings to light the slump this team is in. it has not been good. that is good news, klay thompson dressed and ready to go after missing the last two games. mavericks star luka doncic had himself the first quarter. 19 points in the opening 12 minutes. dallas led 38-27. holden state trailed by as many as 17. third quarter action, steph curry, the cross, the filter. that was nice. the visit cut to 10. under 7 minutes. warriors down three. moses moody. 13 in the fourth quarter alone. it is all tied up. a little over four minutes left. luka doncic. was that the ghost after the whiskey? no, just luka doncic. 41 points. dorian finney smith. meandering his way to the market, beating the shot clock and ending the warriors chances at a comeback. warriors shot nearly 55%. 122-113. it is now three straight losses. golden state, just 2-7 in their
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last nine games. man's pac-12 tournament. stanford on the table in the regular season at 16-moderate. they also haven't lost since the calendar flipped into 2022. we had quarterfinal action in las vegas. cardinal against the oregon state beavers. stanford wearing soccer shirts to honor goalie katie meyer, who passed away this week. second half, the haley jones show. off the window. there is a reason why she was the pac-12 player of the year. had 20 points, 14 rebounds, 6 assists. stanford wins 57-44. they play colorado and a semi finals. to the man's. stanford and second-ranked arizona. the wildcats had locked up the pac-12 title. cardinal michael o'connell catches fire and splash, so kiss me. stanford up 2924. o'connell had 16 points in the first half. second half, a different story. the cats were purring.
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arizona was up 65-58. that is benedict throwing down the breakaway dunk. he had eight straight points at one point. arizona is good enough to win the whole thing this season. victorious in this 181-69. cardinal have lost four in a row. as for the cal bears, very frustrating night for mark fox and his team at arizona state. second half, sun devils up 18. marion jackson, and the triple. the bears 5-14 in conference play. high school hoops. bishop o'dell hosting san jose valley christian. girls division i quarterfinal. o'dowd on the break. they find a wide open shot down low for the pocket. dragons won 54-47. they will face the legion in the semi finals. it is that time of the
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year. march means basketball. in my opinion, the best time of the year. [coming out here soon. don't forget those at the high school level as the tournaments start to ramp up this weekend. >> so much fun. we are so lucky we have so many great things in the bay area. >> there is a lot of talent. >> something in the water here.
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and oakland-based nonprofit just got a seven-figure surprise. >> all thanks to one of the richest women in the world and her multibillion-dollar pledge. mackenzie scott, ex-wife of amazon founder jeff bezos, made a $3 million donation to oakland reach. founded back in 2018 29 profits so mission is to help kids in the communities most often neglected. >> the past couple years, it has served as a major resource for students through the
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pandemic. >> all of a sudden, a few weeks ago, we get what they call the email. we just really appreciate the way she's doing it and the amount of trust she is putting into organizations to do the work they needed to do and do it now. >> during her divorce, mackenzie scott comest to donate half of her amazon stock fortune. so far, she has given way more than $8.5 million to organizations across the globe. >> amazing. what a gift. what an email. the email. i hope one day we get the email. we will be right back.
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