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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 5, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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in trying to prevent myself from going to think too much about what if's. >> is a disco college student rents a tesla, relieves for a trip and finishes without a trace. what is family went to dinner tonight. three people found that on the same san francisco street. tonight, police think they were all victims of the same fate. bay area businesses banding together to help strangers half a world away. >> you think, okay, how can i make some type of a difference. the ukraine relief effort so successful customers had to be turned away. good evening peter, thanks for joining us. i'm juliet goodrich. >> i'm brian hutton.
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tonight, ukraine's president is pleading for help from the u.s. and international allies, including no fly zone. russian president vladimir putin when a move by the west could be an act of war. ukraine officials say russia violated a promised cease-fire meant to allow citizens to escape. more than 1.3 million ukrainians are now refugees outside their country. inside the borders, the fight and the resistance are intensifying. >> cbs correspondent chris jose reports from western ukraine. >> reporter: russia thought the invasion would be over swiftly. that was before their jets were plummeting from ukrainian scallions to the cheering of locals. this downed pilot was asked his rank and unit details by his captors. in the face of impossible odds, ukraine's results has shocked the world and frustrated the russians into using banned weapons like cluster bombs, nato's says.
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russia claims they are not hitting civilians, releasing videos of missiles launching at precision targets. but, on the ground evidence tells a different story. this is a nightmare. how is this possible?" this woman cries. just look at this. even nuclear power plants aren't safe. the u.s. officials said the world narrowly avoided a catastrophe during russia's siege of europe's biggest nuclear facility. it could have been 10 times worse than the chernobyl disaster, according to ukraine. in this video, an operator can be heard demanding the russians stop attacking. "you are endangering the security of the whole world." he repeats. all of its parking europe's worst humanitarian crisis this century.
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more than 1 million refugees have fled the country and the u.n. figure is more than 4 million people, about 10% of the ukrainian population, could be displaced in the coming weeks. chris livesay, cbs news, ukraine. meanwhile, people across the bay area are standing in solidarity with ukraine tonight. crowds gathered in san mateo and san jose to condemn the russian invasion. one russian protester telling kpix she has lost friends for supporting ukraine. >> they have access to the same information we have, they still support russia and this is the biggest mystery i am dealing with right now. meanwhile, bay area businesses are doing what they can to lend a hand. pushkin restaurant in san francisco is usually closed on saturdays but open today for a very special fundraiser, donating 100% of the proceeds from its toasty pastry sales to ukraine relief efforts. across the bay in phoenicia, one house bakery is created in different pastries it is selling to raise money for international aid group save the children. >> the country is pulling together on this and the
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country has been so divided and been so difficult, you know, to figure out to navigate everything the last three years. i think it is ironic. there is like an extra point to you. it makes me feel good too. >> it is hard to believe it is happening. it is just, you feel helpless and and what you can do. you just think, okay, how can i make some type of a difference. >> one house bakery completely sold out of its pastries today and came close with $10,000 euros and fundraising goal. pushkin got so many online orders this morning that by this afternoon, it was having to turn walk-up customers away. if you are looking for ways to help, we have posted a list of relief organizations providing aid to ukraine on . new at 11:00, the brother of this san francisco college student, who has been missing
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for nearly a week, has organized a search party tonight. he tried to retrace his last steps. kpix's betty yu on the travel plans that had worried before he left town. >> reporter: chris liang the brother says he feels numb and shocked by the disappearance. today, he organized a search party in the central valley. this is 21-year-old chris liang. he is a senior at usf, studying business. he shared this photo of himself and his newly rented tesla before he told his family he was headed to irvine on monday. >> on kpix midday and was often going to think too much about what if's. maybe i should have posted on social media earlier. what if my brother was out there you know, incapacitated. >> reporter: jerry said his younger brother texted him at 1:40 a.m. on monday about his plants. >> to meet with a friend to do something that was really not within his boundaries to do for this friend. >> reporter: jerry said he became even more concerned because chris struggles with mental health issues. the tesla app showed his last
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location to be the central california town of fireball, where there is also a supercharging station. >> the premise of this trip was pretty insane. he got his drivers license last march. he has never driven since. he has never driven from moscow all the way to socal. he has never booked a hotel on his own. >> reporter: jerry grew more concerned when his friends say he never made it to irvine. his phone is accessible. he didn't return his rental car on wednesday and missed his classes. the san francisco police department told kpix 5 they are aware of this missing person report, which was made with the irvine police department, and they directed further inquiries there. after taking the social media today jerry organized a search party and drove down to the central valley looking for any sign of chris. he said chris had complained to one of his friends his tesla
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was not functioning for about 20 minutes. its location is not accessible via an app. >> it could be anywhere between san francisco and irvine. local police department, because they really don't know where he was missing out of, no one sort of took on the ownership of finding him. >> reporter: and cisco, betty yu, kpix 5. jared told us investigators agree the circumstances are strange but not strange enough to prove any foul play or allow police to request a search warrant. volunteers gathered in contra costa county to keep the search and hope alive for an oakley woman who has been missing for more than a month. 84-year-old alexis gabe disappeared in late january. her car was found abandoned with the keys in the ignition. volunteers gathered in
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brentwood today for a fresh round of searching. they divided into smaller groups to come through grassy areas. in oakland tonight, police are looking for a hit and run driver who killed a 61-year-old woman crossing the street. it happened just before 2:00 on a national boulevard and 99th avenue. we are told the victim is from pittsburgh and died at the scene. so far, there is no description of the vehicle that hit her. san francisco police think three people found dead on the same street may have all overdosed on cocaine laced with fentanyl. the bodies were found along 19th street in the mission this morning. just north of the mission of the tenderloin, the drug crisis was a major driver in the mayor's decision to declare a state of emergency. that was in december. what has changed since then and what still needs to be done? wilson walker spent a week in the neighborhood to find out. >> reporter: problems in this neighborhood are not new. in fact, they are known around the world. so is the mayor's pledge to change things here. we have spent some time walking around the neighborhood, talking to residents about what they are seeing, what is actually changing. >> they are cleaning up the streets first. what they do with the people that were here causing it, i'm not sure. >> reporter: we been talking to those on the street about their
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experiences. are they getting help? >> in a little hotel room over on eddy street. >> reporter: we are going to spend a half-hour talking about this neighborhood, what is going on, but we have been seeing, what everyone here has been seeing and where this may all be going as the tenderloin is in a state of emergency. >> join us tomorrow night at 6:34 hour special report, tenderloin state of emergency. that is right here on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. still ahead at 11:00, gone in 30 seconds. the simple trip that allowed a thief to hack their way into this pickup truck. talk about getting stuck in traffic for the sugary spill across a california freeway. more trouble on the busy road to hoe. how the year-round fire season may be causing havoc on the road. change is ahead next week but i don't think it is going to help us much.
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we will have the forecast when we come back. raising forces to raise money for ukraine, the spiritual show of support in the east bay tonight. before calling the new mcplant a mcdonald's burger, we had to make sure of a few things. first, we needed to be sure it looked like one. then we had to make sure it would make you take a hard right... change your go-to order... inspire creativity... inspire a new jingle... ♪ ♪
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freeway in southern california. a giant coca-cola truck turned over on its site in pomona on the eastbound side of interstate 10. soto spilled everywhere after another driver hit the truck and the truck driver overcorrected and tipped. other new tonight, police in emeryville are searching for the suspect in a car theft that didn't exactly look like one. turns out, he used a kid please follow to simply enter the 2016 dodge ram last night and drive away. it took about 30 seconds. police are also looking for the driver of the white sedan that dropped them off. tonight, gas prices are rising at a rate the u.s. hasn't seen since hurricane katrina. aaa says a gallon of regular is up $0.08 from yesterday, $0.32 from a week ago, $0.48 from a month ago and $1.17 from this time a year ago. and, flying won't save you any
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money. the cost of jet fuel is the highest it has been since 2014. >> anything we have this type of geopolitical tension, the oil markets, like the stock markets, they don't respond well to this type of chaos. >> have the time, and spending half my paychecks a month on gas. it has taken away a lot of my monthly income. >> it is not just fuel. the russian invasion of ukraine has caused wheat futures to spike by 50% in the past two weeks, meaning you will soon be paying more for things like bread and cereal. tonight, more u.s. companies are holding their business in russia. visa and mastercard both announced their networks will no longer support cards issued by russian banks. they would work in atms either. microsoft just joined the growing list of major companies like apple, disney, and ford suspending product sales in
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russia. meanwhile, people around the world are booking airbnb in ukraine tonight, even though they have no plans to check in. it is part of a social media campaign to funnel money to ukrainians needing financial help. airbnb says a week after the russian invasion started, guests from around the world booked more than 61,000 nights in ukraine but none plan to visit at the moment. at least six people are dead tonight after a powerful tornado ripped through central iowa. the twister also toppled trees and power lines and left dozens of homes in polk county badly damaged. at least four emergency responders are among the injured. highway 52 south lake tahoe is back open tonight. caltrans will be keeping a close eye on it for a while. that is after a second big boulder rolled down a hill at government, damaging a pickup truck. earlier, cruz blew up a massive boulder blocking the road. as for why they keep falling -- >> our geologists say that it could be a whole number of
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different factors. it could be water that gets in there, tree roots, it is really hard to say. it is just kind of mother nature. >> some point in the back and forth of extreme heat and cold, along with the new year-long fire season, caltrans plans to send calendar fire for wiping out trees" and leaving the ground unstable. they say the drought is also playing a role by preventing the growth of the fire burned areas. many, many theories folks have always fallen and they will continue to do so. tonight, temperatures are falling down below freezing. santa rosa expected to hit 30 degrees. right now, the numbers are mostly in the 40s. 43 at concord. oakland at 44 and livermore at 48 degrees. in san francisco, it is 49. in santa rosa, it is all the way down to 39 degrees.
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as we have a look at the low temperatures forecast for tonight, santa rosa down to 30. napa, 35. fremont, 38. redwood city gets all the way down to 40 degrees. in san jose, it will be down to 38 tonight. clear skies, chilly temperatures. mostly dry up around the bay area. a few victim showers offshore but it will not affect us overnight tonight. as we have a look from where we are right now into tomorrow, not much in the way of cloudiness. maybe a few low clouds offshore. where we are, it will be a clear day sunday, tomorrow afternoon. roll it on into monday afternoon. we have more sunshine. severely clear conditions for the next couple of days. in fact, it looks like the upcoming week is going to be sunny, it's going to be dry. it will warm up into the low 70s in the warmest spots around the bay area. 60s for most of us. we will expect a starry, starry night. lows from 30 to 42 degrees. sunny and chilly. highs in the 60s for sunday. we get even more as we get into the week ahead.
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warm and dry. it looks like right through mid- march, we will stay dry. here is why. high pressure offshore continues to build in. as it does, it kicks out the low that was responsible for the rain and the wind. the high building, temperatures come up and that will be the case for much of the week. not to record levels by any means. it will get a little bit above signals seasonal averages and on the balmy side for the beginning of spring. sunny and warmer beginning sunday, a trend that will continue to the end of the week. by tomorrow, temperatures popped by 3 to 5 degrees. also at 62, 63 and gamble. 64 degrees in morgan hill. over in the east bay, the numbers will mostly be in the mid 60s as well. out in and, 63 degrees. vallejo, 64. walnut creek, mesa with 62 degrees. pleasanton, 62. something for tomorrow morning. for the rest of the day, petaluma christmas 64 degrees. santa rosa will be up to 65. even warmer than that. tomorrow will be in the mid 60s
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for ukiah and lakeport and clear lake. in the extended forecast, but the cities will be moving up into the 70 degrees range. by the time we get to stay, as far as the regional bay area, it doesn't change much. sunny and dry all week long. no dramatic temperature changes but we will nudge is 70 degrees here and there in the week ahead. that is what is ahead in weather. for sports, here is mr. walter. >> plenty of sunny skies from brian. for the warriors, they have a dark cloud hanging over their head right
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welcome in, good to be with you. golden state had lost four in a row all season. that alone is enough for concern if they were to lose four in a row. good would be playing your worst basketball this late in the season but if you lose to the lakers, who have been a get right matchup for teams lately, maybe panic mode time. to the highlights we go. if you haven't seen the outcome yet, take your pick. steph curry or lebron james. who is scoring more in this one? let's start with steph curry. warriors up 10. catch, fire and bull's-eye. warriors seem to be in control. they went up 14 a few times. klay thompson struggled. steve kerr said the illness he had threw off his timing and conditioning. 3 of 13 from the floor. frustration hit as he hits the locker room early before half was even earlier over. back to who scored more.. had 30. lebron nearly doubled that.
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lakers down 10 points but lebron james just getting started. tied at 97. lebron hit activex reporters. how about another. three possessions, 3-d bones. matthew stafford, he knows how to throw the deep one. warriors not done yet. steph curry got it. keep feeding the meter. he was 4 of 9 from deep. the warriors couldn't get enough touches down the stretch. couldn't get anyone in touch. you know what is coming next. lebron throws it down. that is your ballgame. so time in los angeles, 56 and 10 for lebron. after the game, steph curry said of the playoffs started tomorrow, we would be in trouble. good thing they are not. lakers is not a four game skid, warriors lose their fourth straight 124-116, the funnel. former shark alex taylor lock was acquired from edmonton, making his first start at goalie. the sharks down 5-10.
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michael mccarron types it in for a goal. not a good night whatsoever for the sharks defense. they lose a big at home, 8-0. let's head to the 14th at the arnold palmer invitational. hundred 63 yard, here is former cal bear max homa. if you make the sports cast, you are doing something good. stop it, yes. rolls it in. a beautiful shot on an otherwise bad day for the hole-in-one. leaders heading to sunday, billy horse show and taylor do not move a muscle, we have more straight ahead with the big story tonight, the usf looking for their first tournament appearance since 98. win tonight, you can lock them we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone.
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calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. welcome back. usf and byu from las vegas. a
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don's win and they are all about getting the party started next to sunday the rain would surely be announced on the selection show, which you can see right here, by the way. shameless plug. that game tonight and all of a sudden, the bubble could pop with a few kids stealing from other conferences. two figures we go. shabazz had himself a night. separates behind the back. go crazy. sinks it. he led all scorers with 22 points. usf led comfortably the entire final 10 minutes. how about an exclamation, but it. the don's are all but heading back to thee.wibe rigold since winners, 75-63. they get gonzaga in the semi's. that game is monday at 6:30. to the desert we go. tempe, arizona. stanford facing the arizona state sun devils. stanford down two.
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marion jackson scooting, and he lays it in. coast to coast with the finish. stanford loses 65-56. their fifth straight loss. it puts them at 15-15 on the season. to the room we go. an emotional night for coach mike shumsky. his last game ever at cameron indoor against the rival north carolina. no way could k was losing his last game at cameron, right? think again. carolyn five, brady meant sinks the wide open three-pointer. to get former players back, a post in celebration. that is the epitome of approval. 94-81, the funnel. tough to believe that college basketball moving forward will not have coach k. that is sports tonight. back to you. charlie, thank you. still to come, raising forces to raise money for relief. the concert for ukraine in the east bay tonight.
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people raise their voices in berkeley tonight to raise money for ukraine relief. >> many who attended the ukrainian choir performance at newman hall holy spirit parish were alumni of the uc berkeley chamber chorus. the concert was part of a community prayer service and fundraiser. donations will be sent to ukrainian charities. beautiful to hear. thanks so much for watching. our next
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america by design is a series about american innovation, ingenuity and design excellence. it's about inspiration disruption and changing the game, but which innovation will our judges select to win the series? saturdays at 7 pm on cbs channel 5.
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