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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  March 7, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the eshight prices are in pana ansad n rafael, hove ringat 5. 50per ongall. we sten shawn chs itniout to eck gas stations. >> repr:orte isth gas station inen sev cisco has one of the highest pricwees 'vsee en so fa ar,lready above $60 .3per gallonpr, a ice so ocshki ng many peleop have stpeopd to take a photo with their onphe. >> this is getting diricuuslo. it doesjun't mp upto keli nine 0.or 1 >> reportewer: sl eyaddison is ticing the ingrowg peexnse ea ntmoh. he says it is another reason he lis keto work fr omhome. >> i'm defilynite driving less. wainplg aces, on his kemore. detefinilyon ly driving is necessbeary cae usof the gas pr ic. es >> rtrepoer: not onlyare bay ea ridesents trying touse the car only wh enthey ne edto, virssito cinomg to califo rnia are not on the road as much as
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theynn plaed. >> i wanted to cry because i ca annotffd orfor ito tbe this much. >> rertpoer: the icpre today was ledoub what this dreriv pa when stla home hiin oo. ude oil wi th60% of the price r gas, the iarussn vainsion intoukinrae has doubd lethe price of cre udoil. >> the price contueins to go up, these icpres willcontinue rise as well. other factors may have ntcoributed to rising gas icpres all your, the coctnfli in inukrae has had a major im ipactn the past few . days >> gas pr icesha veabsolutely odexpledn ithe last week. the onnatialve arage, up 48.3cents pegar ll onfrom one weekgo a. >> report: erand incr easefelt c ro ssthe country. experts say the cost ulwod mecoo wnti anyme soon, but the d rapiineacrses y mastartot slow down th isekwe. >> let's get these icpres down. >>re poerrt: shawn itchnis, ixkp 5. >> n'dot feel like u'yore fferg inolymc piothepar rts
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ofal cifora niare also seeing skyhigh gas prices to take a look at this gas station in hollywood, almost seven dollars lla gaon. >> vesen cisco wants to keep drjfk ivane d golden gatepa rk closed to carspermanently. the treat has be enstreet has be cselod to cars, the idea s wacrtieang a space for peleop gtoet oue tsidwhile wiallong foysr phic alstdiancing. the recreationd anparks depantrtme reaelsed a report ting minimal paimct on tffraic and a mpju in park visitors. the mayor al sohas meco out in far ofkeeping k jfdriv oscled to . cars a new atste bill has been ancenound toban the prac tice of using a victim's a dnagainst th emin licafornia. anmaovrkic has mo reon what prom ptedthe measure. >> reporter: this is in response to a coventrorsl ia investatigive tactic icwhh cerently came to light in seven takia ng look at e thste at catapil right now where e th senaiste abt outo take upthe genetic privacy r fosexual sault victs imbill author ed by two bay eaar lmaawkers,
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scott weav erand phil 10. it wldou inbihit law enfoenrcemt from keeping the dn a collected from rvsuivors of seal assault in a searchable databaseth at could r latebe us edto icconvt them of an reunlated crime. the rppuose to ecprott privacy and otprome safety by encouraging ivsurvors. >> survs ivoredne to know they can trust eithr coesunti processed s anthey edne to owkn thatho cosing to meco forward will notresult in them being re-victimizered, trmaautized ltresuining their pealrson r powebeg intaken ayaw from em t >>adleers in santa cla ar cotyju st clarieifd atth they do not engage in this acprtice i ckerets and theycame to lit ghthat several law enforcemt enagencies were in se ven e police chief erthe has since idsa his departmewint ll stop using t kidna in unred late crimes. th isil bl aims tomake th ata plgeta stewide. kpix 5.
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chief scott released a statement saying, quote, we must never crteea a sidincenveti for xuseal asulsat survorivs, or y animcre victim to coopere atthwi poli. ce healso said he is engaging wiheth t da and the atste padertment of stjuice on a permenant policy to precott the dnofa sexualas sat ulvictim s. >> alive look at san sejo weree ntto clara county cioffials witall ke steps to ban ghost nsgu tomorrow. the boar d ofsupervisors will nscoider an ordincnae to nscoider the position mactnufauring and seasmb lyof homemade ,guns erthe was a 400% increasein in cintdes where nemirs were in possessiofon t ghosgu. ns th mecos teafr poceli arst edpeople for aldllegey ru nngin a ghost gun orfacty in si hdeome. th cisomes after e thstate supreme t courrudle toez free nextll fa'sen rollment, anmeing the ivunersity would have to
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acptce 3000 fewer udstents as pld.anne it was a viorcty for beeyrkel neighbodorhos icwhh argued e th unsiivertyfa iled to address the paimct of ianncasree on housing and traffic. thune iversity offetored en ro 1ll000 moreud sten. ts if ucberkeyel and's rteffos to stop fightthing e enrollment camp through the courts. university berkeley does anpl to appeal this summer. >> bri tneygreiner is faci ng dr crghaes facing -- after beg instopped in moscow last h.mont a vape contneaid marijuana concene tratfod un hiner lu the gechar n cacarry a sentence uofp to 10 aryes. s. officialsy sageinttg her released d coulcobeme lod cate considg erinthe current litical climate beeetwn the u. a ndrussia. >> it llwi be very dcuiffilt. em
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et ricelationshipsth wi iaruss a renonexistent at the ment. peaprhs ridung the various netigoations thaty ma ptakelac shmie ght be able to be one of the solutions, i don't know. >> it is unclear whether russia may have targ etedeigrner as leverageai agnst the unit ed statames id the piling on of sanctionais agnst the country. the back lashagnsait russia r fo its inva sionof ukraine is owgring across rasevel industries. >> as reporter jenn sulnliva s showusth, at move y mamiss thine tended >> reporter: a growing mbnuer ofstates are boycotting ruiassn-made boos in support of uke.rain >> reporter: fiofcials in at least eight stesat iooh, pennansylvia, west rgviinia,
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and new shhampire are cag llin on qulior stores to remove russian-madeod pruc tsfrom thr elshves. >> $20 min llioof iarussn-dema odprucovt er the coseur of any given year. $1 llbiion or so of beers we do sell. so it do esveha some impact. >>ep rorte r:expes rtsay the mo mveay missthe intended target bseecau w fealcohol brdsre a imported omfr russia and sold in the u.s. in fact, ma nyop t-selling vobrdka an ds with russian origins inclinudg the u.s. >> rertpoer: one exame,pl stilly vodka, alactuly made in latvia and the company is accorded in lumbxeourg. the invasion trigreged a rebr and,and announciitng will be sold and marketed lyon as stilly. another exe amplisa smnoirv. thbre and traces its heritage
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to 19th-urcenty ssruia, but theo mpy anhas long be enowned by ita brisanh d spirs itcompany and is mafanuctured in illinois. >> russian beer or russian wi ne isll a coming f ofthe shelf to. >>ep rorter: few ofthe vodka brdsan procedud in ruiass are russian standard and green mark. >> bars are also removing owmosc mesul from the menu and acing them withkey muf les. alment alheth has become a prioriduty ri ngthe ndpaem. ic how peoprele a finding therapy in a rpsurising and nvcoenntie place. >> a culinary comeback. a y baarea onic in e thfoodie world getsrey adto enop s it doors for the first time in two ars. trafpific ckg inback up across thebay area as employees rnretu tothe office. a look at how the push for in- rspeon work isbrin gingback li in dothe wnwnto. fiinllg up your tank with gas is g gointo nipush your etpockbo rokight now. i'dem vin felyhe in san jose. is the highprice of gas driving morepeleop to consider
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when yd ou neehe 's gitreat to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who caann ticipate the nepext st genesynos techlo is gychan ging theway customer service teams ticianpatehat wcusters omneed. because ppy hacustersom ar e music to our ears. ge nesys, we're behind every customer smile. >>
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> arstting today, you no ngerav he to mask up inside faciesliti inhayward if you e fully vaatccinedag ainst covid-19. heal othfficlsia say those who have not been vaccinated against co19vid- are required to wear skmas inside city n ru facilities. to sday,ev encisco eltrav ciassoatn ioopened a vicod-19 teinfag cility at mu stgunny center. is open fr om8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. vesen days per week. they say it is meant to provide tovisirs, meeting ndatteees and residents easyacssce to testing. rapid antigestn tes stco $40. rad pipcr test cost 150. appointstmen e arrecommended but not required. > stress from e thpandemic
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s hapeleop thinkingmo re about their mental alheth and they are log okinfor help. some big chains are offering th ery apother e placyou ghmit rprise you. your locaarl phma. cy reporter bra dleyblkbacurn has .more >>reporterak: shira teagle fa cea d fork in the ro ada w fe hsmont a. go the 29-arye-o nldewlywed felt real strfress om the empandic and cideded she need edlphe. not always easy to talk to thone es around you because we are l algoing through the same thing. >> reporter: she started rechsearinthg erapy options, but never exedpect to find it he, reinside her local arphmacy. re>> poerrt: were you surpd rise tod finus atcvs? for sure. you think of cvs, with medicitone, otashpte, not t le me go to e thback and sclehedu therapy. >> repr:orte s cvhares hid licensheed trapist what dausmasc es rain dozens of stores. shsae ys in isth setting she isb leo treach enpatits who y ma not elfe comfortainble a tritadional office.
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the sa meservice u yoget. dithe ffenerce is th at itfes el ve cuaasl because yo u'reco mi tnghrough the e.stor >>ep rorter: 4 intended amicerans repo rtdepression. w more than ever, therapy is in demand. online tpyhera has boedom and livske c, lmwaart, rite aid and lgwares enare all pilongti ment halealth services in orstes. >> rteeporr:cv s says the es clinics wimeth nt alhealthe mak healrethca mu chmore sens.ible stores have exedpand hours three nights and weekends. >> reporter: egsial says she hatrs oublmae kingan ap potminent elsee.wher >> i use to talkmyself ugthroh siatnsio and talk things out. r>>eporr:te fiinndg the right peonrs to talk to in a convenient place can make all thdifference. bradley blackburn, cbs news, plymouth meetipeng, nnlvsyania. a big mecoba ckafter being delined by the pandemic.
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ndhureds of pe opleteatnded a sold out event both in peonrs anrtviually. it featured a series of motionvatial speakers at the san ramon mattrrio. an jchorulttiee goodrich, e ther sh, e isemedce the enevt. in trucoded the top names clinuding maria shverir and awwiard-nng injournalist and author urlaa nela. najourli rstesponding to a call for action. >> u yon catake notes and go homed anlife hits, right? if the easpker suggests a call toio actn, that really s makea dierffence, a lot wofomen e leavanyod u think, atwh have i got done lately. ne>> o of the more unusl uajob o stings, not r fothe faint of heart.
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> >>famous berkeley restaurant ea pennies reopens toowmorr after g beincledos for two yes. lepeop cckheed out e thnume, whh icoriginally plhad ans to reopen inoctober t buconcerns over the a deltvirus put things on hea. rd en ghthou its main dining room closed at the stt arof the paemndic, the owne rsveha been busy with ketaout odfo and llin g atsunday markets. saying odgobye to holloway
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unhat this year. that would be me. the rkpa anunnoced the ncellation thof eir arscie st evtsen today. itil wl be replaced bya mo re famirily-feny dltype of attronacti called tric ksand tr ea. ts hallowhoeen t s habeen the 'spark pulopar fall trataconti foyer ars. >>ev> en more changes ngcomi to eagrt americtha, e park has announced a w neride opening this season. itis a scramblestr yle ride called liberty twirr.le thpark says the rideis n fu r foall ages. thbee lirttwy irler will be op eng inmay of 2022. > let's take a live lo okat orleac pa rkwhere lady gagas i gibenninheg r chmarotic ebeyall tour this fall. hopefully it won't rain on her. shane nound cenew dates for a rescheduled adstium urto today
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on hold since the start of the ndpaemic. e thtour llwi be for her 20/20 album rochmatic a. 15 stops, on te ofhem being acorle park a tough position for a 17- ar-old in diinanolapis trying to save a cat in a eetr. e boy climd beup 35 feet to rescue the t cabut then could t get down. fifiteghrs had to cometo the rescue. the erwere no riinjues for eierth the cat or the boy. inac ft you n casee e thcat juinst kd of rela xingon the tr eera bnch. was making noeffort to cldoimb wn. j>>ust hanging out. >> what's yourproblem, m i' fi hneere. [ lahtuger ] >>ifyo u lovebeing oooutdrs and oscle to bears, the s.u. ldwilife servi cemay have a job for you. t>>hey are okloing for a izzlary be conflictma nager. e job invoeslv working with local ldwilife ciagenes to namage the inteioractns twbeeen s bearand people. thmanager lphes keep bears t of trouble. good luck with that.
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u.s.h fisand wildlife service ys the magenar will be required to avtrel to remote tes and camp out in cabins for a period of time. the salary feofred is $100,000. don't think that is enough, paul. to do conflictol resutn iothwi bears. >> you try to reason withth e bear? [ uglaht ]er now stlien, yogi, thats wanot verykind of you. o-boboos picnicsk baet, let's talk about isth. >> living in anmonta is eachper an in the bay area but you would think there would be zahard p. ay no inkiddg. i want tosee e thdocumentyos ua veo tsign for that. [ laughter] >> th eysay eacrte the career you watont do. someone cameup with that one. let's takea oklo at weatr he adryviso, wehave the same weheatr pan tterwe have been stuck in more or le ssfor the pawost t mthons. over the last w fewes ekwe vehae ena big area of high essure blocking evyterhing mo ving into e thbay area,
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brkieang dslown ightly alwilong fosome light rain chances to move in but it s ha reblestaisd heitself, so the rest of the work weekis okloing dry befo rea anchce of a co upleof ershows will vemo inas we adhe into the weekend. wwhate llwi see is a stronger ndwi later on th isweek. breezynd coitnsio today. torrmoow will not be as wi ndy. e strongest gu stis just barely o20ver miles per hour. can halend that. wentin comg wndo tomo rrow night. we will not start e thday breezy on dnweesday but the wind will pickup telar in the y.da by eswedndaafy ternoon, 30to 40miles r pe hourgusts along the coast. these will be onshore wind, but wthatill not stla too long. the wind will ifsht anbed come ofrefsho wneedsday night into y earlthsduray morning. meso very st ronggust ou t, especially forna paand lasono co.unty after 50 mi-pleer-hour gust by urthsday morningre alad y. offshoinre wd is a dry directio n sowe willhave to watch for an elevated wildrefi rethatdu ring the yldaight ho urs on thuy.rsda
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weil wl be tcwahing that ca rellfuy through the rest of the week. stronger wind wi llalso disperse morepollen ac rossthe y baarea. thin e medium-hi cghategory torr, owthen into e thhigh categowery dndaesy, thur, sday idfray. ouif y he avbeen snifflaning d snngeezi a bit and it llwi not improve a whole lot later isth week. der, poplar and nijuper are thtothp ree types ofpollen in the moatsphere. but pr ettymu chanything atth blooming is gog into be very ef feivctely disperse d by stronger wiland ter tonhis ekwe. lookating e thsurin ght now toward. s mtdiablo, plen tyof suhi netoday. molyto pped out in the r uppe s.60 64 desegre inpacifica up to stalmo 70 degrees in san sejo reaching thelow 70s in santa ro. sa warm spoton the map today toin the 70s aiagn tomorrow. so are many other inland rtpas f the bay area. rrcuent temperat uresin the 60s, hngoldi toon 72 degrees ghrit now insanta rosa. do twno 54 deeegrs at lfha moon tempureratesro dp into the upr pe30s and low 40s inland with mid-s 40around the bay torrmoow morning. ju stel bow average t buwe will
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ke up for it tomorrow. temperesatur acrehing anywhere om 3 to7 grabe anupper 60s around e th y bawith 70s closer look at low 60s alg on e thcoast but arne 70 degrees arndou the h soutend of the bay with high temperaturesto in the low in70s the santa clara valley. 72 in san jose. arndou 70 grdeees for the tri-va ll eywith other lainnd parts of the east bay reaching up to or above 70 degrees in most locations. d-60s for san anfrcisco, peupr 60s for oakland d anthe eastay b with w lo70s in the north bay and warmest s spot northesorn no maand napa ticounes reaching 74 degrees in ovclerleda and 74 grdeees in . helena by tudaesy afternoon. the syst emwill ki ckup e th wind and droptempateruresa bit by dnweesday d anthursday. only backougrnd what is normal for thtiis me of year. we s eemore clouds for the fi rst half of the ekweend with chance of showers rdsatuay ghnit toin early sund. ay oklos like the stbe chance is gotoing benorth of the goldena te. we will hope that it exs pandtoin clude more of the bay area as we get closer to
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e weekend. wweill keep u youpdated and take a look at the dog inwalkg focarest for tomo rrowcongmi up at 6 :00. m i'allen martin, ngcomi up l-alnew at 006:, a bay area cheo okg inup s mealto raise money fomifalies in ukraine. the fundraishaer ppineng right w and how you can help. m i'len ramirez in sicolin vallwhey, ere the transition back to the fiofce is on. atwh companies e artelling oyempleeths ey can and otcann do when it comes to workinfrg om me. >>ba> y ar eadrivers are paying some of the highest s gaprices. isth e height at the pump drivinecg eltr icvehicle s?sale >>still ahead here at5:00, we have seen arhet-wrinenchg images of inukraian refugees free
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♪♪ hhah! mohy! okayt' 's tmyurn, i'm'going riveto d. ♪ y ♪ou've been, you'ven e be♪ ♪un rning touhrgh my ndmi ♪ ♪ and i've been thinking that it's just about time ♪ ♪ wgee t together, toge ♪ther♪ ♪e be i'veni', ve been ♪ doi♪ng just fine♪ ♪ ♪nd y♪ aoue 'vbeen, u' yoveee bn doing alright ♪ ♪ let's get together, ♪ ♪ together ♪ ♪ so come on ♪
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ukrainians fleeing war by e hundreds of sathounds are enteriurng eope. remo than 1 million refugees have enreted poland and we have moren owhat you cadon . reporter: moreth an1 millreion fuesge have fl edfor poland in the wake of ru'sssia invasion. yesterday, polanocd presd se more than2,14000 refu gees along its eastern border wi th raukine, the st mosince the war stteard. we take oppele with pa
5:58 pm
ssports or wioutht passports. permanent >> reporter: pondla's consule at geranel is working to get pe ople the llfu benetsfi. for 18 ntmohs, that would includcee acss to jobs, enrog llinchenildr in hoscols and camedil asstsiance, but, he sa iyst is not ju stlapond. >> we veha ense people fromthe war driving l althe way to eastn erpoland to pick them up. >> repr:orte isth people are ndfiinthg ose in the most despe one person istony dokoupil. >> i lo veevery peop lein e th wod. please ep>> rorr:te ukrainian venatis watching sc enesfrom he reare also getting involved. paets of hunimatari anaid leaving from los anleges. >> this is my bag with a fit-rs
5:59 pm
aid kit, ndbaages, urtoniquet. >>i ha vebeen on those sts,reet iha ve edwalk those restets and now, to see them in thstate that they are is arhetbreaking. >>poland s haset up a weitbse e wheryou can lphe. we have a link to atth and so many othe rsright now on kp ix 5. at:0 50. >>gh> rit noonw kpix 5 streaming cbon s news arbay ea. callg inempleeoys back to the of, ficethfie rst signs it d coulbehe lping alsmler businesses. insane s gaprices drivg inup eltrecic car lesas. ifyou are looking to buy, you may have to wait months toget one. >> thecore uld be inwaitg, thcoere uld be payi ngmo. re >>e > thukrainian chefdoing erevything she can to help r he counontry e alme at a time. go
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od evening, i'm allen rtmain. >>i' m elizabh etcook. westart with bay area ancompies ringing rkwoers back in, but not all at . once y>>ou may ha vetinoced yo ur couttae king a litt lleonger. traffigic bens to pick back up. nit wo6:00, len ramirez in n sa jose, where some of the ggbiest techia gnts have plans in place to get the oyemplees back. >> rteeporr:th roughout sin lico valley right no w,comps aniee ao mi ngup wi ththeir n owplans to transition into this ba ckto ceoffi wk ormodel. some mpcoans ieincluding oggole and plape have aladrey mandated that empleeoys return to e th fiofceor f at least part of the rk week. reporter: one look at google'sn- sootoe -bcompleted quheadarrste building in unmotainw viewi lltell u yo th this coy mpanhas made plans for bringing woerrks back to t heoffice. >> i think first is ju stin e th llcoaboration, r? ight when you are in and pinernso vironment, s teamcoabllorate better. >> repr:orte redek seaver is the esprident of the san jose chambeofr cocemmer and says a


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