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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 7, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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we start with bay area coanmpies ngriing workers back in, but not all at on. ce y>>ou may have noticed your mmcoute taking a little longer. fitrafc gibens topick ba ckup. niwot 6:00, n leramirez in n sa jose, erwhe some of the ggbiest tech giants have plans in place to get the emoyplees back. >>epteorr: throughosiut lin co valleygh rit now, mpcoans ieare ming up with their n owplans to transition intos thi back to ofcefi work model. somempcoanies inclg udinoggole and apple have already atmanded thatpl emoyees rerntu to e th fiofce for at least part of the work week. >> reerport: one look at go'sogle sn-ooto-be completed hequadarters buildining mountain vw iewill llte you atth this compy anhas made plans for gibrinng workers ckba to the ceoffi. >> i k thinfirst isjust in the collaborat rion,ig? ht when aryou e in d an pinerson environm ent,tes amcollaborate better. ep>> rorr:te derek seaver is thesprident of the san jose bechamr of commceer and says a
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number of mpcoans iebig and sml alsee value in nghavi employeerks wo together r unde one ofro, especi allyyogeunr >> if you havebeen inthe foworkrca e little while, you owkn your job, you are able to turn it t.ou ifou y are unyoger u yoreirque some mo reof th atin onpers feeld anmentorshipwi th it. i think so mepeople are responding to . that >>re porter: go ogleis mandg atinwoerrks come back to the of ficeat t leasthree ysda per ekwe beginninang d apple april. ple is cainllg employees ba ck r foone day per week, buil ding to 2 to 3 da ysper ekwe by may. that is nggivi hope to small businessanes d restaurantats th de pendon office workers, that the worst may be over. >> we are cen rtaito see coatrpore enevts coming . back >> rertpoer: ndray, who nsow thresue shi confiden tial locatisaons yswa lkup busi ness isw sloon daweekys but he pehos to ramp up his rihing as o mpieans phase-inir the own emeeploys. >> a looft alsml companies areo llinowg with the big coiempans e ardoing. >>when it comes to back to
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ofceth, ere is no onzee-si- fits-all. w>>e are inhearg membs erthat a veee bn back for a e whil realady, we are hearing ermembs who are still all remote d an everhiytng in between. >>or repte r:in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> if you are already commuting to work you e arpa yingsome of e thhiesght gas prices inthe tion right no w. inan s franci sco,we spotted s gacoinstg drivers more than x sidollars r pegallon. is is e thshell atstion on br ya snttreet. pele are ngtryi to save in any way they we found drerivs willing to wa itin long lines at the san leoandr stcocoga s iostatn e wherpresic are still under fi vedollars. it is not just n safrancisco seeing sghkyhi s gaprices. e average price in kloaand is at $5.39 per ga. llon san jose is at five dollars and 37. i>> want to cry but i cannot ford it to be th ismuch. >>el wheies to get gas icpres here. hopefuitlly isnot mpju up to i ne or $10. >> i am defitenily driving le ss
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fosure. >> walking pr piceslas,ce ri di ngmy bike more. i only ivdre when it is necessary. >> if you outhght pr icescannot be higher k checthis t.ou in monterey county a gallon of regur lais nearly 8 dollar s. is is in the small mmcounity of gordo south of g bisur. >> > ifthe price of gas has coinnvced you to buy an trelecicca r, get adrey to wait devon feel hehas remo on just how lo. ng >>porerter: the skyhigh price of gas is denifitely driving interen st ieceltrics, hybr ids, anhed otr alternatives to traditl ionagas powered cars. onth e flipside, e thsupply haso t kept up wiemth dand. >> reporter: ilwhe actual rsca arine short sulypp at stephen t re ettoyota, e theris no shortaf ge opeople nscoidinerg thswe it chfrom gas to eltr, icespecially with current pricates the mppu. >> it makes eltrecic a t loremo peaptizing, and appeinalg. >> rertpoer: roy k he says the highri pce and votilality of the gas market is without
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qutieson steering fahis mi ly toward s anelectric car or hybrid. >> you ner ve knowfrom week to week or h montto month what gas presay m look like, or what stifies those gas prices from time to time. >> reporter: as the y baarea flirtsth wi six dollars r pe gaonga s, inrydust analysts say we may veha reacd hea tipppoing inwit th more car bursye willing to commit to eltrecic. >>ar we e seeing this perft ecst orm come thtogeerwh, ere th erise thisbig limobity push to erilectfybu, t at the same ti, mewe are inbeg squeezed, thfoe ss ilfuel maetrk is inbeg squeezed. ep>> rorr:te the sale of elec vtricehleics has been stk ucin the slowlane for more than a decade. ittook caliiafornns 11 years touyth eir first 1 llmiion eltrecic a milee stonth atonly reacd he 2in021. lesas acare ceraleting. arnely 250 0,00electric plug-inn d brhyid were sold stla ye ar anfid nding one t righnow is chngalleing. there could be wag,itin the could pabe yi ngmore. those e arbo thpossibils,itie depending on atwh car they want.
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>> repo: rterindustry alanys ts y sait is not lylike to put the brakones car sales. >> i think we ne edto vemo away om foilss fuels, i prefer a bi ke to a car imanyte. >> porert: erit is typical now wait 3 to 6 ntmohs for an electric or idhybr vehicle, t bu deeralships say it always make e sensto come wndo in person or contact them usbecae they might have a few cars atth are av aibllae right now. insan sejo, devon fehe, lykpix 5. a.b.r.t. hashut down major nelis due toct eleric isessu leading to ysdela d animpacting erevyday woerrks. a fire onalg the rindchmo line forced b.t.a.r. to c losethe anorge and red li neals ong the richmond . line a.b.r.t. cereived $1.3 biiolln in deferal c.a.r.e. s. act fug ndinduring the pandemic and an additional $271 million laeest wk aspart of the american re escuplan act. the transit agency says it is not fia naiancl suise. >> any of the federal nemoy,
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can any of that be shifted rdtowas frinastructure instead of operating cos?st >>i would say that it is not so mh ucthe financial aspect of building inasfrtructure, as much as the simple ti meto t get done d anthe amount of work ahead. >> woi uld have thought with rirsp hidown, th atmore improvement would have been ma, debut it doest n'seem like that. >> b.r.a.t. says half of the fel derarelief fus ndhas beenused to stinve sinercevi improvements. thisere limited trn aiservice on the chrimo lndine. a jury has found the ntseencegos police fiofcer notu il ftyor atbeing a man near fimashern'whs arf, that incidentpp haen edin 2019. teenrrce stangl and s hipartr ne re responngdi to a 911 call about a domestic assault near peer 39 when they confronted the kari spears and s hithen girlfriend. officials say stangl hit spears
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with his baton at least five times. eaiethr is year, the city of saann frcio scagreed topay ears $700,000 to settle a cil wslauit. he wasun fod not ilguty of ree charges of assault d an erbatty. the juryaddelocked on a urfoth charge of unwflaully beg atinsp ea ursnder color of > >>santa rosa cepoli asking r the puicbl's alhethn i findg ina sut specacsecud of kidnngappi a young .girl police say the spsuect was driving caon liogsta road, did a u-turnen, th pull edover. the drivther en enoped the door and tried to llpu the rlgi into thcae r. thcte viim was leab to get away. police say e thsuspect vee hicl is an deolr black w bmfour-door sedan with no front nslicee plates. >>a > judge s haorreded former ufamc chpion enca veuelasqz to rema binehind bars withno bail. heha s been chgeard with trying ktoilotr heman for gealledlmoy lesting a young relaveti.
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accog rdintoco urt cudomes,nt velazsque followedth e accused child mole sterfor 11 miles, ramming vehis hicle d anfiring muleltip stsho at point-blank ngrae. hay rrgaillardia was charged with se xualassault of a minor but was lereas edwi ntho bail an d anane klmonitor. >> anybody t outhere findit to beeyd onthe pale wh enthey reasleed the rppeettorar back to the public with zero dollar bail, yet th eye ar holding cane on no bail? this is why people are disgus ated,ndri ghtfully so, withthe criminal stjuice sy.stem >> mr. velasco's cot nducin isth case endangered a grt ea number of pe. ople >> sqvelauez will ayst in jail atleast until his next court aparcean, april 12. s cbnews bay area, still ahd.ea a ukrainian american chef is hoinstg a furandising dinner
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evenas her family ckba home struggle tosurvive. san cifranscpoo lice ma kea shkiocng discovertsy ouide a movie thr.eate iwhatnvtoesrs are reveg alin about a loaded gun stashed ina chilbad's ckckpa. rrtomoow, governor wsneom delingveri s histate of the statdre ades s. we will bring thatto u yolive on a cbs news y baarea starting at5:00. p.m >>a pretty suetns from e th toof mt. diablo. one weekfr omnow we will be in daigylht meti,
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yn:0oa 60, a ch efand ukran iniafo odwriter spent yes arintroducing peopole t a coy'untrs ltcuure and cuis ine. >> now e shis doing whevater sh e n cato help her country members sue.rviv >> repor ter:onsu nday, a rafundisg inbenefit for furegees will be held rehe at the erarchy workspace insan frano.cisc a young ukiarainn efch hosting it has enbe tr yingto israe aw aresens of her country. ofcour, seatth has taken on a whe olnew signicifance, now. ep>> rorr:te when an olevution eth began coinokg d anwriting about , foodshe wanted lepeop to meco to know the home d an she loves so mu, chthe shdies she epprar escome omfr her famindly a her heart. w>>e have a lot of hearty diessh. it isall ryve coormfting but atthe same meti, afr tedinner,
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you just ntwa to y ladown and p sleefor a e.whil reporter: shas e prepares her mo'sther famous pid ckle tomatoshes, e talks about the ukrainian cookok bos she relycent e wrotthat has been he ildn production. e war is giving it differt en ending. >> i don't he argood ne. ws oppele are dy ing. >> repor ter:an naspeaks sevetiral mepes r day to fami ly mbmeertrs apped in thr eihome near the vesen the southern ci. ty >> sibacay llcannot go anywhere because either the infrastrreuctu isruined d an theycaotnn go anywhere or it is so dangerous bee causof the russialdn soie rsthat are everywhere th eyare killin vicilians. it is , likeyou nncaot drive ur car,ec bause if they want, they can kill u.yo nobody is opstping them. >>reporter: for her, normal life has stopped. every g thinshe do eswere thinks about shi tied up in the wad anlike a lot of pe, ople she isdoing evwhater she n ca think of to help, even if it iso r her own mental thheal. r>>ight now, it is like, i can
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on cook here omfr my kitchen, orst ho peeopl, but it feels so dian t. it feelils keit isnot enough. ep>> rorr:te for anna, odfo has alwabeys en a symb, ola common exriceen coecllting everyone on e.arth now if this fo odis ketan tr adioitnal dishes llwi only exist in r otheplaces in the worl d. e hos ldt ouhope for e thday whheen s can onceagain open her kin tcheto tsgues, lyon th tisime, in her homeland. >>we will welcome evyoerne th er e,and i want to tell the orsties,bu t i ntwa to te ll them in raukine. don'wat nt to tell emth here. >>rertpoer: in san fransccio, jo hnras,mu ixkp 5. >> suny'das nndier is sold t ou t anna wi llbe rtpa of an lionne binakg cls asthat s haal rey adraised more than $1 0,0.00 preeocds will go to world centkiral tcn.he yoif u want to help the people of uke rainwe edpost a stli of
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reliefan orgizioatns on our website, kp.cixom. >>three ading woman accused haof sking taking her and dnapping will be back in court rrtomoow. she was reported missing by her husbanckd ba in2016. sh e rntued up three weeks later , ai mingshe had been abductaned d abused by two wo men.of fialcis say she was actually with a foerrm boyfriend in hesoutrnca lifornia. in an inrvteiew today, e th sh castaouy ntsherf ifsays she s wadriven by r heown naisicsist behavior. she is archged wi thlying to a feradel enagt, and mail aufrd. new at 6:00, seven cisco lice say eyth arrested a gang me amberft erfinding a loedad handgun inside his toddler's ba ckckpa. veinstigators deedtain e thgang mber as he was avleing a vimoe thteear withhis gifrrliend chand il d. shi 18-month-olbyd ba was carryi tnghis ckbapack, insi, de lipoce unfod a llfuy loedad ocglk hagundn wi than exndteed gamazinelo ang thwi a apdier and some snksac. -y36ear-dol ellis mckee d an
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his 26-year-old girenlfrid rewe bo okedin tojail on multiple fe clonyous.nt >> > isth evening, e therwas a pu shto keep jfk e drivin golden gatpae rk closed to cars peenrmantly. the street has been cl osedto traffisic nce thste art of the pand.emic thide ea was to create a space pefor op leto get outse idwhile allowing for icphysal distnganci. a report from the rec and rkpa depamertnt sites maminil imctpa on tra fficana d mpju in park tsvisi. >> good newsfor skiers and snowdeboarrs, to resorts announced tharey e teexnding theiclr osindag tes. heav lenake plans tost ay open for an trexa laeeke wk, wi th plans to shut down on apl ri 24th. kirkwood is plan ningon staying open an extra e threweeks with ans to shut do wnon april 1st. >>e will takemore ifwe n ca geitt . onlya bit in the ghhi si erra lead terhis ekwe t buth atstorm systeml wilmi ssup pretty much entilyre. wweill keta any drop of rain and eyth llwi take every flake
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of snow. theyil wl t geat least a few. nnsuy and cwarmontidions in shortened awayomfr the bay, that will couentin toin wednesday thand uraysd as , well e thteermpatures willol co off htsliglys atemperaturesck ki inidekwe. ne aravege high teatmperur. es stesrongt ndwi will ckki in laedte wneaysd coinntuing into urthsday. wellwi ha veto tcwah that elevatedre fi threat on thuraysd as the dry weather does ntcoinue for the ne xt seravel days, at least through the end of the work week. future , castwe llwi zoom thh rougthnee xt few da. ys were a looking at the white pe rsctpeive here. a bit of precipitation later on th wiseek. l we will see in the bay area pisassing cld oucover tuesday ghnit into wedndaesy, at wot rs we are looking at pa rtlycloudy iesks, snow llfaing in the high sierra but it will not ouamnt much. thdrwey ather llwi couentin in ttohursday and ayfrid, for a anchce of show ers,heading our
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way thiske weend . s it iabt oua 30% anchce north ofoln degate saayturd night eintoar lysunday, thenth ere isno ather chance next week by mondayht nig toin tuesday, atth isa long way down e thline in h e forecaitst, will kema its way for the south, doesnot oklo like a substantial amntou mofoisture to the bay area but i llwi say it, we wi lltake wh ate wcan get. mpteeratures wievll enaltuly fall down inland. ila chly start on tuesday, mid d peupr 40s ouarnd the y bawi thin lets ertempatesur rmwaing up rapi dly. toowmorr'sog d walking fostreca is aly readto gowith max in e passgeenr seat, take it that is of the sunenshi and warm tempereratus. highteermpatures in somona hireacngup into the low 70s by abou2:t 30 motorr aowfternoon.
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most inland s partof the bay ar,ea mid-ar60s ou ndthe y,ba t bad for eay rlmarch with loticies along the t.coas onceat th system moves through on wedny esdathat will bring a bitot the highsierra d an guwisty nds to the bay eaar, temperat nureseaavr erage dnweesday and thayursd, for a byba warm-up on friday. the chance of showers saturday night intosuaynd, does t no ok like it wi llmake it an ywrehe south of the golden ,gate but the eris at least a chance forso meshowerins to the first half of the y daon aysund. we wkeill ep you updad teon th awes get closer to the weekend weand will contuein to ndremi y, outhat you lose an ohourf sleep tusard aynight. but, we t gethat extra hourof daylight ae t thend of every da >> spring arforwd. e>>xactly. >> we will inconvce you e th st othf e week. >> w boand deck d dinot get the mome. >> i wantset e thalarm. cbs eneving news is coming up. >> he eris norah doo'nnl elthwi a evprie w. >> hig h,coming up after kpix 5
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news6: at 00, the very urdistbi ngimage that s ha captured therl wod teatntion showing mia faly killed by ssian mortarils whe fleeing ukinrae. swepeak to e thwar photogerraph w hocaptured that moment. that is all, toghnit here on thcbs ineveng news. >> > spor tsis after e thbrk.ea aydrmondre gen llwi be returning soon. he gave us the exact date he expes ctto return. you will want to arhe th, atplus, ssmaive news out of the l,nf it stco pete rose lrnea about covid
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du bsto tip off the sh, ow cod- 19canceled thr eigame in septem ber. tonight was mathe keup mega, more like a throw a. nostep h, clwiay, ggs,in draymopond, >> rehe is a look at the warr siorstainrtg five, they have ninehealthy players avlaaible for the ga methat tipped off moments ago. ggets head accoh michael ma lonedo esnot wa ntto he ar y whining. >> ctaerin teams inthk that whamen ges resche duleth eyonly affect one team in e thnba. >> it puts us in a tougher spot than emth. we d hato fly here again. >> h stepcurry s haone championsh ips. he knows this te ambetter th an . do i met rrwoied about who th ey are yipang into eyth are not. i
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just care abt ouour team. >>ra dymond eegrn says he is niplanng on retuinrng. hheas been sidelined for two ntmohs thwi a ckba inryju. 14games remaining before the playofiffs he is to come ba. ck the nfl spsuended atlanta receiverlv cain ridley e onyear r foinbettg on megas last season, udincling betting on the lcfaons e whilhe s waaway omfr the team in mbnoveer. dley says he th at$1500 e thsu spsienon llwi cost him $11 iomilln. selen ctiosuaynd is six da ys away for the ncaa tomeurnant. st. ryma's and usf are in good shapone the men's side and the stfo wrdomen know theywill be a number one seed as they get set to defend their national title. foerrm fostanrdta sr llmuig an batruer yi ngto lead the usf. bulldogs stand in the way of gonzaga. molldry ills the three, part of 9-0 n ruto get an early four- inpot lead. would not last. kaylee to her sister leinavg
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thgsza with18 tspoin, they n wi69-55 to end the usf season. >> rteeporr: kemi schuh shumsky coachihed s final home game on satuayrd. ne 1arly00 former players were in attendance, cktiet prices one problem,rt noh rocalina splethd e pa rty. the tar elhes camedown tobacco ad to upset thr eicrosstown rils accoh k was a little tick edoff during the stpogame cemoreny. >> this n'ist pa rtof e thpr ogm,ra this is i'som rry about this afteoornn. no, please. ever byonee iequt. lemet ju stsay. it is unacceptable. m>>omtsen ago, finals, furman n d chattanooga . tied bocklaman ys up, givi ngfurman a layup no panic. it's marc h, bathe sks etare biergg in h.marc this ivis dad jeapan btiste, lastha cnce todance and he got it.
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for the win. chattaognoa beats furman. they arcie lang up r theidancing shoes and heinadg to e th ncaa tourntname. the madness just pphaens. thbue cket is bigger and it emses like the baskets ju stgo do wnthis ti meof year. >> aolbsutelamy azin g. i tcwahed that seofndf, that s wareally touc hingand otemional. >>itwa s, he won stalmo 1200 megas. idhe d stju fine, he has nothing toapologize for. >> thanks. > >>up next, a shpu to feed ( ♪♪ ) (c himing) ♪♪
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(lghter) ( )♪♪
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>>the eris a shpu for an niorgac odfo program in west ntcoraos cta unified school district. >> alicete warsan d superidentennton ty thurman ldhe an event lachuning organic meals. >> of the michelle amoba school inhm ricontod day, the ojprect serial cigampan ckkied off by servoring gac nirequests to 27,000 snttudes. >> the go alis to crack the mythth at organic odfo is o to expee nsivto be plimanted into hoscols. e campaign bensgi with serving three simple orc gani ingredients, ce, realmi, lkand a piece of fruit. >> we don't veha a oichce but do the best we can in all directions. for us, organic is e thhealthiest y wawe can feed our kids and care r foour la nd and our environment. >> project riseal is one of the
6:30 pm
first prograinms the tinaon to kfeedidors ganic meals on a dabaily si s. th a teit up. >> yes they did. mang me ryhung. thanorks f tcwahing at 6:00, the news continues ptniiong sponsoredcb by s ♪ ♪ ♪ >>on o'dne: lltonight, russsia' all ousat asuloft ukraine rgeting womed n anchdrilen fleeinpag, srkg inthe fastest grinowg refugees cs risiin europe since world war ii. russian trooccps aus oedf deliberate murdeofr ukrainian vicilians tryinges to cape. nitoght e thpicte urthat captedur the world'sen attti,on and weke tald ttohe war phogphraer who was there. plus, 1.7 iomilln furegees and hure odsf thousands heof tm arche ildr.en ( crying ) pridesent zelenskyia defnt. thnee w video toniofght ukraine's idpresensit tting in his office sinayg he's nothi di angnd demandinghe t world doe mortoto sp vladimir p.utin pain at thpue mp as oil pric


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