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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  March 7, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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r theirsfit ea glet >>ri> ght now on the ixkp 5 news at 7:00 d anstreg aminon cbs news bay area, pa inat the pump. gas cog stindrerivs more than six dollarpes r ongall at one san francisco shell stn.atio e thprice so high some people even stopptoed take piurctes of it. go eneving, i'm elizabcoeth ok . >> i 'manry yamamoto. the ssruian invasion of ukinrae ticreanga record ikspe in californasia g prices thwi no d in sight. here is a apsnsh otof gas pr ic aescross the bay area right now. san jose, a gallon of re gur lais eravagg in$5.37. oakland, it's a .3$59. in n safrscancio the agavere is .4$58. as you w sait is ghhier in meso areas. >> driversbb moed this cost co in san leandro, erwhe gas is
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going for a bargain $4.89 per gallon. chopniper nesp otted a baupck around therk painlog t spilling to the stetre. a tanker truck got stuck inthe backup. >>we send out awshn chitnis to check out those espric which lefty manpeleop shocked and frtredat. >> this is the bay area. we are edus to high gas prices but th isis diriculous. ho pellfuy it esdon't jumpo t dnineolrsla or 0.$1 reporter: evenwi ththe moyctorclewe, sley is cinoting the owgring expense. he says it is otanher reason he likes to rkwo from meho. >> i 'mdefinite lydriving less fosur re. defilynite oy nldrive when it is necessaryca beusofe the s ga icpres. >>po rert: ernot only are bay arreea sintdes trying to use their car only when eyth nd ee to, businessares e not onthe road as muchas they plan >> i nncaot afford for it to beh ismu ch. >> reporter: e thprice today was double atwh the striver la stpaid ckba homein ohio. crude oil kemas up 60% of the
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ice for gas. the russian vainsion into uk rae inhas doubled the price of e crudoil. ou>> y can y sa thatas nglo as the price of crude l oi continues to go up we ticipate the ringsi price of gasoline as llwe. >> while ri singgas espric have enbe anticipateald l year, the nflict in uke rainhas had a major impact in the stla few ysda. >> gas prices veha exedplod in the last ekwe. the tinaon alaverage up 48.3 ces ntper ongall a ekwe ago. and increase roacss the coy untrwi ththe eshight prices california. experts say e thcost won't come down imanyte soon, t buthe rapid increasemas y arstt to owsl dn owthis week. >> pehofullpry ic esgo do. wn >>reporter: shawn chitnis, ix 5. >>f iyou think th ingsare d ba in the bay ar, eadown inwest hoywllood, a gallon of super plus cost $75 .5at th ismobile stn.atio regular gaiss not much erbett, stju shy of seven lldoars. >> the arsoing prices e ar creating a rgsue inem dand for
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trelecicnd a hybrid rsca but if reyou' thinking of jumping toin the maetrk, good cklu with that stindury experty s safinding an ev orhybrid ghrit now could keta months. >> there could be itwain g, there could bepaying more, th ose are both possibilieits dependg inon what r cathey want. y>>ou never know from week to week or ntmoh to ntmoh with a gas prmaice y look like, or what justs ifieosthe gas prices from time totime. ites mak electric a lot more appetizing and >>er exptssa y if u yowant an electrichi veclnoe w, your best bet is to visit a local dealership in peonrs to e se wh is on the lot. nitogh t,a pasera tecisco police oerffic o whbeat a black manen ar fishmaern's arwhf has be enacquteitd in a landmark use of rcfoe trial. ithatncenidt happened in 2019. ficer terrence stangl and his partner were responding to a 911 call about a domestic assault near pier 39. they confroednt asrepis and his then girlfriend. officials say stangl hits byers
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th s hiban tofive metis. earlier the year the city of safrancisco ag reedto pay spir$7es 0000,0 to selett a civiwsl laui t. stangls wafound t noguilty in the recounts of saasult and ttbaery. the jury deadlocked on the fourth count of unlawfully beinatg spires deunr color of authority. > >>east bay dealing with delays afta er commute nightmthare ismo rning. fi reon the richmond line rced b.a.r.t. to shut down the orange and red lis necrngeati a midono effe. ct choppefir ve shinowg bus brs idgeset up eaierlr still impag ctinthcoe mmute ben twee rimochnd and down townbeelrkey atstio. ns multipanle cceatllions not only today but also in other stationser ov the lastweek becae usof electricpral obmsle caused delays and liunreab le servprice ominptg questions abwhout etr heb.a.r.t. is adrey to handle a post paemndic rush. >>how often do you take b.a.r.t.? >> not often but i took it thise ekd enover time, i'vehad a
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dela y. i wod ulhave thought wi th ridershidop wn over the stpa two aryes that remo primovenemts would ha vebeen mabude, t,it esdon't se emkeli . it >> the ysdela come after a major push toget derirs back. ridership isil stl at % 28of e-pandemic lsleve bythe trsiagt ency says the delays e arnot a financial issu e. thgee neral manager says it received.3 $1 billion in federal relief funding. he ss ayb.a.r.t. has spent half of it d anwill continue toinvest inservice imprenovemts . taki nga live look now at bay area bridges where the coutmme is ttgeing longer as emoyplees turern to work. now some silicon high-value gtechias ntare feofri ng works ersome flex abitily in the trtiansion. legoog qureires workers to co me ckto the office atleast thdaree ys per ekwe star tingin apl. apple wirell que irone y daper ekwe at rsfit starting ne xt h montfobere exndpaing to two orrethe in-person days inmay.
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>> if you havebeen in the workforce reand mo teis wog rkin well for u,yo you know your job and you can turn itout. ifyou are geyounr you qureire someor me in-peonrs feel and mentorshipat th goes with . it i think some mpcoanies are responding. >> thesan josechamber of cocemmer y sathbo big and small coanmpies see value in vihang plemoyees work getother under one roof especially for younger plemoyees. > tonight, beuc rkeyel is considering onoptis to avoid a a jodrr op in the mbnuer of stud aentsdmteitd this spring. cal s planto ask coinming frhm teno attend on linethis llfa and to ask trsfaner stenudts to hold off on enlling until jaarnuy. th watould allow e thuniversity to admit arnely the same number of trar nsfeand freshman sttsuden as it d dione year ago. it is rrcuently under a court order tocap admissions at 2020 02/21 le velsafr tea grousup ed over the hoinusg inye prar and impacts inof crseead enrontllme. suppor tersof form erufc champion caen velasquez after
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a judge denied him bail. lavesquez is chard gewith trying to llki a n maacd cuseof mostleing one of the fighters young tirelave s. accordtoing court documents, velasquez owfolledha rry galae ntand his family from 11 miles rebefo ramming s hi vee hicland firing shs otinto his car. e thjudge called veuelasqz a sutaiantl threat tobl puic sa fe styaying his ald lege actions were reckless. i>> cannot believe th atthis is what e thcralimin justice syemst thanks is the right tcome. >> mr. lavesquez's conduct in this case endand gerea great nuermb of lepeop. >> galardi had been charged thwi sexual saasult of a minor but s wareasleed with no bail and a gps ankle monitor. lavesquez willstay in jail at leastit unl s hinext court apanpearceth, at will haenpp on l a suspected ga ngmember is e hi ndbars ghtonit after vesen cisco police say th feyound a
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loaded hdganun in his ddtoler's backpack. instatigors detained-y 36ear- old ellis emcge and his rlgifriend as eyth left a movie theater. ey say mick ey's18-month-old sowan s yicarrng this lightning eemcqun ckbapack. siinde, polifoce und a fully loaded glock handguthn wi an extended mazigane onalg with a di, aper and meso snacks. enhappintog morrow, santa clara co untysupervisors will ben gidiscussion a of possible ghost gun ban. it would pritohib oppele from owning orassembling osght guns which are homamede with no sealnu mbers. imovpre cording tothe s da office, nearly 37 ghost guns were acqu iredand edlink to crimes lasart ye. 2013 there we rejust. for the reading woman seaccud fofaking her own kidnngappi will be back in court for d an tedention hearing. erry papini was rertpoed missing byr hehusband in2016. she turned up e threweeks later clmiaing to have beenabducted
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anusd abedby two women but ficials say she was actu ally with a former yfborid enin utsohern califo. rnia shasta county shiferf's office yssa washe s driven by her n,ow crowed, narcsiisstic behavior inhe t hoax. e is chard gewith inlyg to a fe del raagent, and mail d.frau > santa rosa police are kiasng for helptr acngki down a ulwod-be kidnappwher o ietrd to 12-year-d olgirl off the street. she was inwalkg to school th is moinwhg en a driver did a u- rn, pulled over, opened the ordo and tried to pull her into e car. she was ableto t geaway. thvee hicle is described as an olr deblack bmw urfo-door sen da with no front license plesat. stl ilahead, a brazen rewalgenros bbery turns into a food fight. >> deloveping news, just nutes ago on a russian cease- fire in ukraine. what it means r fohund redsof thsaounds ofcivilis antrngyi to ouget t. , pluswhy a orflida state petroor isbeing ilhaed as a he froor causing isth headn -o
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crash. late r,a new lifeft aer two years of trying. the fa mousbald eseagl welcomthing is little y guto the nest. a nice s tarty,toda tempureratesma de it into the mid and upper 60s. saa ntrosa into e th70s. you will have comp
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>>t > yeheanotr brazen tht ef caught on camera ata n sa francisco walgreens. this video was stpoed ov erthe weekend on reddit. a hoodedma sk the thief was behindth e counter flriing thugroh the shelves and filling up ba gswith emite empls llca pol before thesh oplierft leesav, a food fight brksea out. the lishopft erstarted throwing bananas at the cust omerwho fi rebad ck, thenthspe suect
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grabbed snacanks d rethw them baefck bore walking ou t. kitang a look at her top headlines, iaruss'su. n. envoy has a new raukine cease-fire for 10:00 m.a. moscow time. lessn thafive hours from ghrit now,la ciming ukrainnsia can sechoo wrehe they ntwa to be evuad tefrom. rleaier,he t ukinraian government dismissed a kremlin propos talo acevuatehu nddsre ofthsaounds into ssruia and laberus. presidenlot vodyr myzelenskyy bl asd tethe plan asan attet mp to dirastct the blpuic from civilian attacks. the u.n. says mo rethan 7 1.million peop le ha fveled ukraine ncsie the invasibeon gan annid toght, fears are growing that thous sandcod uldie in the cong days if urgent lireef does not arveri soon. >> from the evgenin through the night, it was very rrteib.le every second we checked if we are alive. please lphe us, i yoask u.
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i>>n this faceokbo video, president zeley nskyofuk raine spoke frhiom s office in tf. it was the rsfit time he was seen inthere ncsie the invasion be gan. he said he is not dihing and is not raafid of anyone. ght now, aurastlian and iaasn markets are continuing to plunge. oihit $130 per rrbael as the u.s. banned russian rtimpos. naaqas w down 48po2 ints come to arbe maetrk territory. the s&p pedropd nearly 3%. its ggbiest one-day decline in more than a year. the global atdeh toll omfr e thcoronavirus has now surpassed 6 iomilln. experts say abt ou4% of all covid-19at dehs worldwide were reco rdedin the past ntmoh. >> it's a hardnumber tofathom cause these are deaths. this is not just a wide ngrae of infect ion,the esare people who, telhemsveans d fami ly mbmeers havelost eithr life.
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lo>> fri'sda surgeon gel nera anunnoced his estawite ll be e thfirst to recommend against healchthy ilendr being vaccin. ated the c cdcontueins tocoremmend thshe ot for neanyo five and up. a florida state trooper is ing called a hero r fopuinttg r feli on e thline to stop a k drunivdrer. da m cavio deshows the moment the dr iverslammed into the paoltr car d haon this weekend. the drunk dreriv was paaprentlye ad edright rdtowa the thpa of a k 10cera. any d whthat petroor used r he car to evprent the ivdrer from hitting any runners. sh e s wahospitalizedd anthe driver arrd.este >>d goothg infor icquk kithinng. thanks, izelabeth. a city porert is backing a plan to keep jfk dre ivin ldgoen gate park oscled two cars peanrmently and s habeen that way since the t starof e th pandicem. the ideawas to crteea a acspe for peoptole get idoutse while alwilong for ysphic aldistance re po rtfrom the rkpa demepartnt site maminil impact on trfiafc
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ana d jump in park vitssi. >>a live look outside at vesen sisco, it is a betiauful clear >> t firsalert meteolorogist paulge hegn ishere for us. wee arlooking for inra. >> wewill epke looking for ra tinhrough the ntmoh of rcmahn d april. we won't findany inthe forecastou thrghth e rest of thrkwo week. sathe me pattern atth has been epkeing usmostly dry for the la sttwo ntmohs has firm ly retaesblisithed se. lf a big ar eaof hi ghpres sure wi th adome ofair over the steaern pacific inpushg the storm track way up tothe rtnoh. we wl ilsee a passing ldco front wednesdatoy in wednesday night. th atwi ll produce very ghlit ow in the hi ghsierra but all it willdo is kick up the wi nd ssacro t hebay eaar. ssing cloudser ovhe, adnot chmu of a chance ofshowers t ou of those ouclds. the wind will not be a major faorct tomorrow t buthey will be nocetiable mostly lainnd in the 15 to 20mile-per-hour range inth e highland an d.
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wind dyingwn do through to moowrr night intoearly dnweesday morninbug, t the onshornde wi llwi kick in late in the day on wednesday. we will ekse 25 mile-per-hour dust, 30 to 40 mileer-p-hour stdu along the coast. at is onshore wind. the problem isthe onshore wind is going toshift and become an fsofho wreind by thuraysd mog rninand it llwi be ryve dusty. awere talking ouabt wind gusts the 55 -pmileerho-ur rgean for napa uncoty and sola no county. thdrr yedirection hutymidi levels will be down to lower than 10%in all likelihood. we will be tracking an elevated wildfire th readon thur sday with gusty offshore wind ntcoinuing throut ghouthdae y. we wi llnot e serain anytime soon, withe nd will be very efficiatent spdiersing th at pollen. alde r,plpoar, and nijuper are the top rethe. high categbyory dnweesday, thsday, and ayfrid. we a rereaching the peak of pollenso sean d anthat peak wi cllontinue into apl.ri loinokg ouidtse insa n jose rit ghno w,where e th tempaterure is still at58 des.gree that is the middle ougrnd for temperat aurescrs osthe bay area. still holdoning to60 des gree
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in nccoor d. d55egrees in liveorrme and saronta sa. in lance temperesatur wl ildrop to the up per 30s and low s 40by early rrtomoowmo rnin g. on the lychil se,id mid and upper 40s ndarou the y baand anlow d mid-40s onalg the coas t. teermpatures will warm up especiallyy awafr omthe r.wate most of us into the 60s by onnoi thhi gh ertempatesur inland. stmoly reachingup to or above 70 degrees datuesy teafrnoon. arndth e bay not e quitas warmt bumid d anupper 60s with near 60 degrees along the coast. temperaturroes dp f ofslightly e dndaesy and thursday but just down to atwh is normal for this time of year. weretr acking adtidional cloud co ver,butht e dsod of picking up even a painssg sherwi ll ma inlystayth nor ofthe gold engate sardtuay in ndsuay morn ing. teatmperur weson't chgean a lot erov the next veseradal ys. cothe olt esdays willbring us normemal tpeturares and the warmesyst da several grdeees abovave erage including tomorrow. we take a look in more tadeil at those rain chances coming up. thank you, paul. a bay area chef is coinokg
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ghtonit,a ukran iniaefch anseven sisco is okcoing up a furandiser for r hehome trcouny. on>> sunday, and will be ho stg ina fibenet at e th worke spacin san frciansco urfeatintrg aditional ukrainiani e has fami lymembers trpeapd in thr eihomes in southern raukine and has beenchecking with th emseveral tis meper day. >> basically, theycannot go anreywhe cabeuse either the inasuctrture is ru inedand th eycannot go anywhereor, , it is so ngdaerous, because of the russialdn soie rsthat are evheerywre. th eyare llkiing civilians. li, keyou ca gnnoto and ivdre ur car, because if they want, they can ki llyou. no ibodys opstping. there is no litsmi to this war. >>f iyou want to help lepeop in inukrae, we post eda li stof reefrg oanizations on >> all esey on this fluffy eaglet. e ball ldba eagle s haa hu ge
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owfollinweg lcoming a new additio on tthe nest.
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>>ne> w at , 7:00feeding time for big bear eyvall's newest siredent. the bald eagle. the mofaus baldeagle upcole justel wcomed their fit rsbaby together. >> theseme monts were ugcaht on eagle cam. the couphale d a nglo road to welcoming r theiba. by the o dutried r fotwo years. jackzaie gs were eierth noiae blor were eaten by nsrave. >> that is all behind emth now
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you can see from these photos. althl e attention. lo okat that. a little e.on st want meso wmsor. >> i love w hofluffy they are. a second egg is expeedct to hatch soon. organizers plan tohave a na mingcontest for e theaglets ce the hatc hingis complete. >> jackie, showad, maybe shadow and ja ckiejr.? >> maybe osthe are good names. you guys might have some at homeyo u can shar
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noun icer:t'tis me to play "filfey ud"! give itfo up r steve harvey! [ctiaponindeg ma psiosble by emane tlmedia] ste:ev welmeco to e thshow, folks. w'hos everybody?pp i areatcie th. atthank y'all. y how'a?ll hoevw's erodyby? i appreciate thfoat, lk ws.ell, welcome to "filfey ud," everyboi'dy. m your manve ste hveary. he[cering and apseplau] llwe, we got a gd ooone for you today. retngurni f torheir third day with a t ootalf ,82030 buckros, fm laatnta, georgia, it's the cs,hamp is t'the ruffin lyfami. heering and auapplse] and fromna newn,eo grgia, it's e thmisutka family. [cheering and auapplse] everybodhey's rery ting to win theirself t a loofas ch. mesobody might ha ave sh aott drg ivinouhet re in a branwd-ne car. let's go meet m theiskaut


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