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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 9, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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now iconic photo seen around the world showing the bodies of a mother and her children trying to escape the russian invasion. her name is tatiana, and she worked for a company with offices here in palo alto. >> reporter: the explosion that killed her was captured on video. war photographer lindsay addario was just yards away from that blast and captured the image moments later. >> when we were told that we could run across the street by our security adviser, iran, and i saw this family splayed out, and i saw these little boots and coat and i thought of my own children, of course. i thought, you know, it's disrespectful to take a photo, but i have to take a photo. this is a war crime. >> reporter: tatiana was the cfo of the company that lists an office in this building. a spokesperson told the news that her apartment had been
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damaged in the fighting and that she spent the night in the basement. at daybreak they tried to flee, along with hundreds of others, but were hit by russian fire. she died alongside her 9-year- old daughter elise and 18-year- old son nikita. both of the family dog survived, but one of the dogs was severely injured and had its leg antedated. her husband, serge, who was not with her at the time, read on facebook that the russians took them all. sc ranking posted on facebook, there are no words to describe our grief or mend our pain. the russian army are criminals and they should be stopped. our hearts are broken, our prayers are for all ukrainians who are fighting for the right to exist. addario, the war photographer, said the area is a well-known civilian area. >> no question at all. this is a place that was well- documented. there is russian military on the other side. everyone knew this place was for civilians. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. >> tatiana was hired as an accountant in 2016 at sc rankings he have office and
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worked her way up to the head of the department. in solano county, the search is on for the suspect who shot and killed a store clerk during an attempted robbery in venetia. >> reporter: heartbreaking cries outside the rose market on columbus parkway. police responded to that scene late last night after the storm -- store alarm went off. people left flowers outside of the market this morning. business owners in the plaza are in shock this evening. leo powell owns daily donuts and says the victim has been around for at least 15 years and would do anything to help anyone. >> wow. you know? just, well. things happen, and there's nothing you can really do about it, but, just try to protect yourself and be aware of things. >> reporter: police say the suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of money. authorities calling the shooting a senseless crime. they are reviewing surveillance cameras outside the store.
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>> a business in the south base apg andy short-circuited their operations today. it was a planned outage to install a charging station. kevin seeley says the businesses lost tens of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: business owners say this is not an emergency. the equipment being installed is elective, and the timing is deeply disruptive, and will ultimately cost them a lot of money. >> we had to pretty much empty everything from this restaurant because it is a long 12 hours. >> reporter: amid said he had no choice but to pull the plug at a popular restaurant in san jose after pg&e cut powers of a contractor could install electric charging stations at the shopping center. >> the transformer, that's our safety but this is obviously more than that is it is about installing a charger for tesla's employees are asking why am i getting shafted for somebody's tesla charger?
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>> reporter: he estimates the restaurant is losing $10,000 or more in business and he sent dozens of employees home without pay, losses that are multiplied across the shopping center. >> my employees are frustrated, because one day, without getting paid, is going to affect them. >> reporter: pg&e sent out a prepared statement, reading in part, planned outages occur monday through friday during business hours unless there is a safety risk to the public. we take all impact into consideration to ensure we minimize disruptions. we apologize for the inconvenience, and thank our customers for their patience. business owners to say that response is tone deaf. they say they are losing money and patience with pg&e. >> we are losing a whole day of business, basically. not only that, we are losing all the vegetables, the meats, all of that, we are losing as well, because there is no refrigeration. so, we have to throw it away. >> reporter: that says nothing about the frustration of customers.
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>> i love the food here. it is a real disappointment, that we could not get it on a wednesday lunchtime. >> reporter: at the end of the day, business owners is apg andy should have been more flexible and responsive to their concerns, considering other options like providing generators, which would have allowed them to remain open, today. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5 . on to first alert weather now, another sunny day but it is about to get windy. dangerous guests are expected to blow into parts of the bay area tonight. >> let's get right to first alert chief meteorologist paul heggen with us tonight. >> already windy for the coastal parts of the bay area but we are concerned further inland into the first half of the day tomorrow. take a look at what is going on now. the strongest wind along the coast, sustained wind at 23 miles per hour at half moon bay, 32 miles per hour at sfo. inland wind in the 10 to 20 mile-per-hour range, noticeable but not ridiculous. we have stronger gusts up to 20 miles per hour in hayward and
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santa rosa. 45 mile-per-hour guest at the top of the hour at sfo with 31 mile-per-hour guest in half moon bay. wind is onshore right now, hoping temperatures will pit it. continuing for 10:00 a.m. thursday for the northbay mountains, east bay hills and salon arrange. solano county is included in this advisory. higher elevation spots will get the strongest gust and we will face the elevated fire threat because of the lower humidity levels brought in by offshore wind. we take a look at our fire danger index. take a look at some rain chances further down the line in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> we will see you then. alive look at sentences go, now, starting this friday, the city will stop requiring proof of vaccination to enter some indoor businesses which would include restaurants, bars, and gyms. the city of sanford cisco's approved legislation which will provide some employees more flexible working conditions. this comes as an effort to accommodate family caregiving duties. the family-friendly work is ordinance gives certain
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families the right to request flexible work arrangements to assist with caregiving responsibilities. small businesses with fewer than 20 employees are exempt. schools across california getting ready to drop the mask mandates under the state's new guidance, face coverings will no longer be required for students k-12 starting monday. this all comes as the states positivity rate continues to drop. the seven day rate, now 1.8%. into perspective, during the peak of the omicron surge in january, a seven day positivity rate was more than 22%. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area, the university says it is a win for everyone including those unhoused at people's park but what do they think about the new plan? plus, the oakland chef and 49ers fan attacked after an nfc
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championship is out of it,.'s long road to recovery. baseball fans wanting to see their team in action are going to have to wait even longer. vern glenn will have more on the mlb lockout drama coming up next in sports. about covid-19
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the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. a disturbing story out of
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alameda county where there has been a gruesome discovery at the old kaiser convention center. authorities say a mummified body was found inside a wall, there. the sheriff's office says the persons age and gender are unclear. we will have more on this developing story as we get it. a possible development for a 49ers fan, and oakland chef who was found beaten unconscious outside the rams home stadium during the nfc championship game back in january. daniel luna has emerged from his medically induced coma. investigators determined luna was mingling with a group of mostly niners fans when he allegedly shoved a man wearing a rams jersey from behind. luna found unconscious by stadium security workers in the parking lot. we are told he is now on the road to recovery. >> he is able to walk a bit, he can talk. he tires very easily. he is nowhere near 100%. but, at least he is alive and functioning at a higher level
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than in the,. >> daniel luna, back in the bay area and regularly attending physical therapy. he says he is working toward reopening his restaurant soon and at some point would like to speak to the media and public. new at 6:00, the city of berkeley and university officials have a new plan for student housing. >> reporter kenny choi has more peop p latest plans for >> reporter: this is a joint effort by the university, city officials and nonprofits housing the unhoused. for locals, they are not so sure. >> reporter: norman lewis has been living at people's park in berkeley for two years. >> if we want to find solutions to all this, that's what i want to see them do. i don't want to see this little stupid fluff stuff for pr purposes. if you're going to kick us out, kick us out. >> reporter: his friend roosevelt who lives in berkeley and comes to the park to work on drawings has been fighting for years to keep the park as it is. >> when everyone gets kicked out of the park, they will be
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scattered everywhere. at least they are here in one spot. >> reporter: using a $4.7 million state grant, the city will lease 42 rooms at roadway in for 12 months to pay for services like meals, healthcare, and counseling provided by local nonprofit abode services. >> crime is increasing, around the park we have people that are living in tents, makeshift housg crisis. we have an opportunity to address all those three issues. >> reporter: the university will spend $2.2 million to cover expenses during the remaining six months of the lease. they say it is a win win win for the city, university, and people at the park. >> everything we are doing is based on what we have heard and understood from these people as to what they need in terms of support, in terms of services. that is what is guiding our actions and that is what is going to continue to guide our actions. >> reporter: this is a major hurdle cleared of the drive-by university to create more
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housing at the park has been met with resistance for years. >> this park is the fabric of berkeley. you take it away, it will fall apart. >> reporter: construction is scheduled to begin this summer, providing housing for more than 1100 students and include 100 low income units. in berkeley, kenny choi, kpix 5. santa clara university students suing the school over its covid-19 vaccine policy. the two students and the california health defense now changing the vaccine mandate they call on legal and unlawful. at a rally on campus, the students argue the mandate is a violation of student rights and causes health risks. the complaint alleges the school mandate the shots without conducting an assessment of risks for the age group. >> in about 10 students so far who have been injured by the covid-19 mandate in santa clara. these are students in their late teens who will likely be injured for the rest of their lives. they will have symptoms the
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rest of their lives. they will have medical bills for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: the two students face disenrollment if they do not receive their booster shots by the school's march 17th deadline. synthesis goes excelsior district showing solidarity with ukraine. the intersection at edinboro and russia. the russia sign has been covered with the words ukraine and no war. sentences go public works arrived to remove the sign. it is unknown who put it up. new at 6:00, the young museum is opening an exhibit for american artist alice neel. this is the first presentation in san francisco for neil's art exhibition called people come first. neil is known for focusing on creating art about social justice. she seeks inspiration from people, political figures, and activists. the exhibit opens at the de young museum and will last until july 10th. the wind is coming, so batten things down. >> already breezy outside at the studios because we are here
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in the financial district and the flags are standing pretty much straight out. that will be a fun jog for me this evening. the strongest wind will develop through tonight, offshore wind developing into higher elevations. but let's talk about the big picture perspective, why is this happening? the atmosphere overhead is getting squeezed in between what has been there for the last couple of months. high area camped over the eastern pacific. the storm system dropping down to the rocky mountains as the atmosphere gets squeezed in between those two features which produces gusty wind. the wind advisory goes into effect at midnight, continues at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow in the higher elevations of the bay area. the northbay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range where downed trees and power outages are most likely. sustained wind at 10 to 2030 miles per hour, gusts up to 50 miles per hour are a concern especially since it will be bringing in a more dry air. let's bring in the fire danger index from 0 to 10, incorporating different factors. temperature, wind speed, the dryness of fire feels.
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this is what the map should look like this time of your. it is windy out right now but it is an onshore wind which carries moisture with it. that will not be the case by tomorrow morning. we will see some higher values beginning to show up even as the sun comes up tomorrow. the fire danger index peaks around the time that the wind advisory actually expires. it is because the lowest humidity levels and strongest wind will not exactly overlap. this is when that fire danger is going to be the greatest. numbs would be nth august or s have an offshore wind event, then. this is unusually high for the month of march. the good news is, we will see rain chances headed our way. saturday night into the first half of sunday. it is mainly going to be from sentences go and oakland notes ward. the best chance overall will be for the northbay. widespread chance moving in by late monday, continuing monday night into tuesday, it's like we will be on the very southern fringe of an atmospheric river. the bulk of the moisture will go to our north but we should be able to get a little bit of
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it early next week. right now looking outside it is a pretty sunset as we look toward downtown san francisco. the cooler air has made its way inland. 56 degrees in livermore, 57 san jose good 60 degrees are just about it in santa rosa and concord. later on tonight, temperatures will mostly drop into the 40s. some of the valleys managing to briefly dip into the upper 30s and then we are going to warm up with offshore wind throughout the day on thursday. i love all the dog pictures we get, for the dog walking forecast, this might be one of my favorites. bogey here daring you to boop that snoot. temperatures making it up into the mid-60s in the afternoon. plenty of sunshine ever had but you have to brave the gusty wind if you want to get out for any kind of exercise outdoors. it is going to be blustery even after the wind advisory expires, not quite as windy during the afternoon. temperatures will reach the 60s all across the bay area. low 60s for the coast, mid to upper 60s around the bay, mid to upper 60s further inland with warm spots approaching 70 degrees. more likely that the
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warmest spot hit 70 degrees on friday, then we see increasing clouds on saturday with that chance of showers moving in saturday night into the first half of sunday. a better chance by late monday continuing monday night and tuesday for more of the bay area. even san jose has a rain chance, for inland parts of the east bay. by tuesday, too soon to be talking about the amount of rain we could expect out of that but we will focus more on that once we get tomorrow's wind event in the rearview mirror and the wind advisory goes into effect at midnight event. >> bogies nose looked fake. >> a great picture. fantastic. >> good boy. cbs evening news is coming up. >> here is jericka duncan with a preview. >> a busy newsday tonight after kpix 5 news at 6:00, a cbs news investigation with the cost of food at a 40 year high, are america's biggest meat producers unfairly increasing prices? that is tonight on the cbs evening news. straightahead in sports,
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and other nfl trade. and, we will try to explain this. will farrell, as you may have seen him before. but why? coming up on our streaming service, cbs news bay area, the rise in childhood obesity. stanford children's health talks to us about the significant weight gain in children during the pandemic. plus, we will learn about the possible legal strategies for caen velasquez, former mma fighter accused of attended murder. you can watch our stre
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baseball up top. games canceled by mlb. another weeks worth. should the lockout and soon? opening day would be april 14th, if the owners and players can reach a deal. biting his nails with former stanford star adam keith, three minutes ago, arizona state and golden on the attack. lawrence. over spencer jones to put the sun devils up 14. the cardinal down one point, watch the final seconds, harris and ingram lost the ball but james keefe was there for the winner. and the dads reaction? priceless. won the game 71-70.
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they will play arizona in the quarter finals tomorrow. tiger woods all smiles tonight in florida entered into the world golf hall of fame by his daughter. 82 tour winds, 15 major titles, no doubt in his first year of eligibility. number two in white, that's carson wentz, traded today by the indianapolis colts to the washington commanders. the colts dumped wentz after one season in exchange for two third-round draft picks. now, could the colts be in the running for jimmy garoppolo? to high school, the girls in black, one of several area schools advancing to the state title game in sacramento. salesian rallied back to beat indignation in division i. the lady bulldogs are no norcal chants for the third time in
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four years. the branson bowls will play for the division for crown at san domenico in the state title game for the first time in school history. on the voice said, nap is justin siena won back-to-back road games to earn their spot, and san frans st hall, here, taking norcal division five last night. mba and the warriors, they snapped a five-game losing streak last night with an assist from will farrell? >> he emails me, a while back and i did not believe it was him. >> don't worry, guys, i got these two very good at free throws.'s budget for like a good time to do it, just to make everybody laugh in a tough stretch. >> good call. farrell to the floor assuming his jackie main character from the movie semi pro. he went to the pregame shooting routine with klay thompson addressed the team in the
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locker room before the game. >> some of the most fun i've had on the court this year and i am very appreciative that will could come out and lighten the mood. that movie, semi pro, during my rehab, i had some dark days i would just put that movie on and it would make me smile. >> they have to take that to denver on thursday. shout out academy of art university. the urbanites on their way to the ncaa division two tournament, they play chico on friday. how about that. the urbanites. >> the urbanites, they've done it again. thanks. up next, not the typical police chief chase. the wayward
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♪♪ ahhh! oh my! okay it's my turn, i'm going to drive. ♪ you've been, you've been ♪ ♪ running through my mind ♪ ♪ and i've been thinking that it's just about time ♪ ♪ we get together, together ♪ ♪ i've been, i've been ♪ ♪ doing just fine ♪ ♪ and you've been, you've been doing alright ♪ ♪ let's get together, ♪ ♪ together ♪ ♪ so come on ♪
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finally this evening, something you don't see every day on your commute. cruise busy with a cow on a los angeles community freeway. >> the cow was zigzagging between cars and at one point he tried to go into a building. crews were able to catch up to it in the parking lot, but, the cow escaped. >> we heard all this commotion, and i looked out through the front window, and then, we saw the cow on the loose, literally running on the street. people were stopping for the cow. >> crews were able to lasso it into the yard and get it into the pen. but, it made great time on the freeway because it was moving in the counter commute
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direction. >> he looked like he was not in a huge hurry. strolling along at one point. >> utterly ridiculous. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight, a maternity hospital in ukraine bombed, with russia escalating its attacks on civilian targets, and officials say thousands of innocent people have been killed in the two-week war. indiscriminate air strikes-- pregnant women injured, carried away on stretchers. this nursery destroyed. and a humanitarian corridor under fire, preventing thousands of women and children from evacuating. plus, the concern tonight on another nuclear disaster at chernobyl. fallout over fighter jets: vice president kamala harris touches down tonight in poland, as the pentagon warns, giving planes to ukraine could spur retaliation from putin.
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