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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 12, 2022 2:06am-2:31am PST

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male announcer: the preceding program is sponsored by "your move with andy stanley." nobody should be going through this. nobody. [crying] >> now at 11:00. a moving tribute to those caught up in the war on ukraine. bay area community's unique show of support. investigators working around-the-clock to determine what went wrong before a cal-train crash. how they hope to get a look from the train's point of view. more relaxing covid-19 rules, the surprising advice for the future from one local health expert. plus. >> it turned into a big thing. >> spread all around the world. >> i was not expecting it to go this viral. >> some bay area students getting attention for a public art
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project. providing support for kids and adults all at the same time. you are going to love that story. good evening. [ sound of gunfire ] tonight, russian troops are battling for control of towns and forests surrounding ukraine's capital indicating an attack on kyiv may be imminent. russia unleashing air strikes on residential neighborhoods in eastern ukraine. today, the strikes hit a kindergarten and apartment complex that were hit in the city. two more hospitals were level inside ukraine today. the world health organization estimates 18 medical facilities come under attack. including a maternity hospital bombed on wednesday. tonight, president biden ending trade
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with russia joining the eu and g-7. no more russian import like seaport, vodka and diamonds. it is going to cost the regime $1 billion a year. >> doing it together with other nations that make up half of the global economy will be another crushing blow to the russian economy. it is already suffering badly from our sanctions. >> today's move targets russian oligarchs are banned from buying high end american items. tonight, a small community is displaying its support for ukraine. between the banks of the russian river. it provided at least some comfort to one woman with loved ones caught in the middle of the conflict. >> reporter: this is the third bridge along the russian river to be lit up in yellow and blue in support of ukraine and its people. it is a small gesture but it means a lot to the ukrainians in this community.
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>> nobody should be going through this, nobody. >> reporter: the two sisters and three nieces finally escaped their home country and now refugees in germany. they have been worried sick about their loved ones back home. >> she will not stop crying, i can hear her crying outside from her house. no mother should -- [crying] i am sorry. [crying] >> reporter: she came to the rally tonight in downtown as yellow and blue lights lit up the pedestrian bridge. she has been overwhelmed by the love and support from her west sonoma county community. >> me and my friends started collecting for refugees arriving here. you will not believe the amount of support that i am getting. not only from my family but people who come here literally with
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nothing in their hands. >> show me what democracy looks like, this is what democracy looks like. >> reporter: many feeling helpless but want to show their support for ukraine. >> it breaks my heart what people are going through. war does terrible things to people. >> we can't let that happen. we have to do something. >> reporter: back to you. gas prices continue to surge due to the war in ukraine. hitting another record high today n . san francisco the average for a gallon of gas is $5.85. prices in san jose jumped 5 cents to $5.77. those high prices now prompting uber to add a fuel surcharge. passengers will pay between 45- 55 cents extra a ride. big oil companies raking in profits a bay area congressman wants to give some of the money back. the representative proposed a
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new tax. that is based on the difference between the current cost of oil and the cost of previous years that money will be used to provide tax rebates for americans making less than $75,000 a year or couples making less than $150,000. tonight, the ntsb is looking at the camera on the front-facing part of the train that crashed. the investigators say the control system meant to prevent collisions was working ahead of thursday's fiery crash. so, tonight, they are turning to the train itself to figure out how that happened. >> we are downloading the event data recorder. there was on board outward facing video. this will be helpful to us as we establish what happened in this crash. >> 13 people were hurt in the crash including the engineer who is
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home from the hospital tonight. the ntsb team said today it should finish collecting initial evidence some time tomorrow. after that cal-train can repair and reopen the tracks. >> it is adding a little extra time. i am sure it is an inconvenience for people who use it on a daily base. >> the ntsb says it could take 18 months to issue a final report. for the very first friday night in quite awhile, patrons are no longer carded at bars and restaurants with vaccine and masking rules relaxing you might be wondering what now? one bay area health expert tells betty yu you may as well enjoy it. >> reporter: tonight, many bars and restaurants are bustling with activity. they took down proof of vaccination signs displayed at the front of the italian restaurant.
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>> how big of a difference? >> the difference is psychologically. people, when you people feel like oh, they are scared, you know, when you lift and people are, oh, okay. >> reporter: the co-owner said it was not a big deal for his staff to check vaccination cards but you could feel a sense of ease among diners and workers with the requirement dropped. >> that is exciting but, on a sort of brooder level i think, i actually think we will be right back here, you know, to wearing masks and, you know, vax cards and all of that in like a month or two. >> reporter: for now he is enjoying a night out at the bottle club pub. the bar officially opened for the first time this week after two years of development. >> i would say as far as it being open today and now we don't have to check them there is a new air to the city. you can feel the liveliness. >> reporter: it is one less task for his bartenders or host
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to do. >> the pandemic is not over. we are on a pause, like hitting the pause button on the stereo and we take the good times when we have it. we don't know when the next disruption will be. >> reporter: scientists found a handful of cases of the new delta variant in europe and in the united states. >> i think many people do not believe it will take over the landscape. it has been around since january. still nothing has happened. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. legislation could be on governor newsom's desk next week to undo berkeley's enrollment freeze. it will allow cal to admit more students by giving the school 18 months to address the traffic, noise and housing concerns that led to the court-ordered cap in the first place. >> students that worked so hard to get that admission's letter, to have that opportunity to attend that amazing university. we don't want to deny them or
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their families that life-changing decision. >> the temporary fix is set to up come at the state capitol. scott some bay area students are providing much-needed words of encouragement for people all over the world. the innovative peptalk hot line getting thousands of calls every hour. facebook employees are up in arms tonight. why the tech giant is eliminating the famous office perks. why the ceo of disney is apologizing tonight amid fierce criticism within his own company
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with everything going on in the world right now you might feel like you need a bit of a peptalk to make it through the day. >> absolutely. cbs steve heartman introduces us to find a unique way to help. >> here at west side grade school. we found all of the inspiration that you will ever need. >> just hit record. >> pearls like that. for this free telephone hot line if you are feeling mad, scared or nervous press one. >> get your wallet and spend it on ice
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cream and shoes. >> whatever your worry they got a solution. >> if you need words of encouragement, press two. >> be grateful for yourself. >> reporter: whatever your insecurity they will restore confidence. >> if you need a peptalk from kindergartners, press three. >> you can do it. >> reporter: the hot line is the brainchild of teachers. they thought family and friends might enjoy calling the number. >> there is no way you could of imagined what happened? >> no, it was very shocking. >> reporter: peptalk is getting up to 9,000 calls per hour. roughly half a million total and counting. >> it turned into a big thing. >> it spread all around the world. >> i was not expecting it to go this viral. >> miss jessica is really good at making a hot line. >> i don't think it is her, i think it is you guys.
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>> they sure did. >> you guys gave a gift to the world. >> reporter: and the teachers say it is more than those messages. >> adults support children but we don't celebrate how much they support us. to be able to be comforted by them gives us great hope that maybe we are all going to be okay. >> reporter: if you ever doubt that. you know who to call. >> be happy. >> reporter: steve hartman. >> i will need to call them every hour for a peptalk. i like the go get your wallet and get ice cream and shoes. >> that is good advice for anyone for any moment, right? >> they are so wise for being so young. sweet innocent voices. encouraging us it will be okay. >> make that call. make that call. new at 11:00, disney is suspending all political donations in florida and the company's ceo is apologizing for not taking action sooner. he faced huge blow back for not using disney's vast influence in the
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state to quash the so-called don't say gay bill t is called the parental rights bill. a letter to employees he promised to be a stronger ally in the fight for equal rights. tonight, a texas judge has temporarily blocked the state from investigating parents from obtaining gender-affirming medical care for their children. nine cases have been own since they issued an opinion last month that gender transitioning treatments can be child abuse. he had that same attorney general to dinner to meet their transgender son. >> the stakes are never this high. >> they know we are not child abusers. he sat at my table and broke bread with my family and then says that families like mine should not exist. it is a political stunt.
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>> reporter: the country's largest pediatric hospital, texas childrens, paused all gender affirming therapy for now. no more free laundry on facebook. cutting back on the office perks as it adjusts to a hybrid work model. dropping free laundry and dry cleaning, they are pushing its free dinner back by half an hour after the last shuttle bus leaves, but, the company tells "the times" it is increasing the wellness stiffen from $700 to $3,000. tonight, sierra at tahoe announced they will reopen for one weekend only, april 8th and 9th. they will host a 75th anniversary celebration, last fall the fire ripped through the 2,000 acre property destroying thousands of trees and damaging chairlifts, the resort is planning a full reopening next winter. good to see them finally
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getting back into shape and especially, you know, -- >> it is going to be a process. >> yes. >> it is horrible. >> i am glad they are able to do that kind of event before the ski season comes. only a few weekends, left with expanded seasons for some of the resorts, take a look at the forecast heading up to the sierra for the weekend. they are going to pick up an inch of snow over the weekend. a good base on 31 of 34 of the lifts open. light snow showers courtesy of the same system. it will bring a chance of rain showers to the bay area. tonight, just fog along the coast spilling into the bay as well. chilly in the inland valleys, once again, cooler tomorrow. increasing clouds over head and a stronger onshore breeze dropping the temperatures back to close what is normal this time of the year. scattered and light showers in the forecast tomorrow night into early sunday. let's take a look at future cast. showing the fog along the coast as we head through the rest of tonight. that retreats before we are seeing increase in cloud cover farther up. we stay dry during the day.
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a chance of showers tries to make its way into the north bay by about the time we have the sun going down. late evening and overnight for the north bay and right along the coast. it does not mean it is a 0 chance across the rest of the bay area just a lower chance for sprinkles here and there. a few splash and dash possible after the sun comes up. those are going to quiet down quickly and by late morning sunday we will clear out the rest of the day it looks dry. in terms of the next rain chance, that is more substantial. this one, 20-30% chance tomorrow night into sunday. a much better chance, 60-70%, even a few days off in the future for monday night into tuesday for more of the bay area. let's add it up. the latest run of the forecast model indicates the best chance of anything more than a trace along the coast and north of the golden gate. a few hundredth of an inch of
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rain. we will take every drop we can get. north of the golden gate a couple spots overachieving on that. seeing fog out there. you can see the top of the golden gate bridge poking out from the fog right now. temperatures in the 40s in most locations 52 degrees in san jose. it will be chilly inland by tomorrow morning, temperatures dropping down mostly to the middle to upper 30s. lower to middle 40s. a gradual increase. good dog walking. like you could say no to those faces any way. temperatures in san jose reaching up to 70 degrees, warmer spots on the map. temperatures below average around the bay. upper 50s and 60s. middle 50s on the coast. farther or inland, farther into the 60s for the warmest spots getting up to 70 degrees. stronger winds during the afternoon. keep that in mind. that best chance of showers out of here quickly for sunday morning, best chance of rain monday night into tuesday and we dry out and warm up
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wednesday, thursday, friday for another chance of rain. it looks like it will head our way for the following weekend and one more reminder, changing the clocks this weekend as we go from fake time to realtime, charlie? >> the clocks restart inside major league baseball. shop is back open in the mlb. san francisco giants, they wasted no time adding a top of rotation arm to the mix. how about the bay area high school teams with a great day in the state capital. southern cal vs bay area match ups and a lot of celebrating from the north. highlights are next here are tonight's guests on the late show
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welcome in. we will be telling our kids about the great free agency in 2022. we are less than a week away from opening day. they are free agents. there is a 99 day pause with no action. 99 days and now about this to break the ice. the giants add top of the rotation, the pitcher will join the rotation, inking a two-year $44 million deal. the 29-year-old redon had a break out season with the white sox, through a no hitter, 13-5 with an era of 3 and reached his first ever all-star game. nba, a big night for spurs coach. he is the all-time winningest head coach in nba history. win number 1,336 tonight after a victory against utah. he passed former warriors coach with the
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victory. passed on nelson. then, had fun, celebrating the team in classic pop fashion. celebrating for a few seconds. back to business, guys. >> back to business in the state championships and high school basketball, finally, first title day on the hardwood since 2019 after back to back cancellations due to covid-19. seven bay area schools are in the 12 games taking place today and tomorrow. richmond, prep, facing winward of l.a. the third quarter, they are up 2. having a day, unstoppable, finishing with 8 spots. cruising up 11, that is georgia, hitting the corner three, the bench knows they will cut down the net. they win it 62-51. 4th time is the charm for the pride. it was there are fourth appearance in the title game and they win it for the first time in
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school history. division 3 girls title game, oakland tech faithing lasalle prep. going down to the wire, under 30 seconds to play. that is mari, drilling the triple to put it away. oakland tech wins 39-33. their 4th straight championship and their first since 2019. last time they had a shot. first state championship game appearance. two minutes left, the steal, the contact and the finish. panthers outscored them, 27-13. how about it 38-27, winners are in a grinder the first ever state title. on the boy's side. san francisco stewart hall, meeting ontario. final seconds of the host, so
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wide open he could of licked his finger and checked the air in there. that one is beautiful. 43-25. they were up. 56-45 to win their first state championship. the bay area off to a 4-0 start in sacramento. i don't know if you caught the theme there, southern california was playing in all of those games, they are 0-4 against the teams today and three more area teams will play tomorrow. good times up in sacramento at the golden one center. >> that is awesome. the magic test. something in the water for sure. >> yes. >> all right, thank you. up next, the stars of the newest pixar movie visit the san francisco zoo to get an up close look at the inspiration for the film. we will explain


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