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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 12, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, the caltrans crash on the tracks in san bruno should have known there was danger ahead. what went wrong. bay area schools are getting ready to go maskless. are students ready for the change. the fight over enrollment at uc berkeley take a new turn. the fix that could allow the university to admit thousands of more students. good morning, it's saturday, march 12th. thank you for joining us. i'm devin fehely. let's start with a quick check of the weather with first alert meteorologist paul hagan. >> we have fog and some chilly temperatures on this saturday morning. it look like a nice day overall. the temperatures are going to end up a couple of degrees below average along the bay and coast. increasing clouds overhead and the onshore breeze keeping the temperatures normal and inland, above average and temperatures into the mid- to upper 60s. the increasing clouds overhead are going to give us a chance
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of spotty shower through tonight and into tomorrow morning. a better rain chance next week. i will have more in the full forecast. investigators looking into this week's caltrans crash said a warning system designed to prevent crashes was working properly. it begs the question what went wrong. we went kpix 5s max dero in so much of answers. >> reporter: a team of six ntsb investigators have been here throughout the day investigating the crash early on and what will be a lengthy investigation into this train crash here in san bruno. they tell us they have determined the cause of the fire that caused the black smoke that so many people throughout the bay area saw. when the train hit the construction vehicle, it punctured the fuel tank. investigators are going down many avenues but one that will be helpful, a camera on the locomotive that faces the tracks. listen to this. >> wodownloading the event data recorder and there was on board outward facing video in the
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locomotive. this is going to be tremendously helpful to us as we establish what happened in this crash. the purpose here is to understand what happened. that is usually pretty clear. but the why it happened is why we're here. most importantly after we have done that is to figure out how we can prevent anything like this from happening again. >> reporter: investigators determined the train crashed into what appears to be three pieces of equipment on the tracks. the caltrans spokesperson said there has been extensive construction work along the corridor. according to caltrain alerts, twice this week, they have single-tracked trains to accommodate ongoing construction. i asked a spokesperson if a communication breakdown could have played a role in the crash because there has been construction here for awhile. he told us they have to wait on the investigation before they come to a conclusion like that. in the meantime, commuter dealt with the fallout from the crash today. service is still significantly affected.
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caltrain is running 69 trains opposed to their usual 104 and they're using a bus bridge to connect millbrae in south san francisco. >> this is adding extra time. i am sure it's an inconvenience for people using it on a daily basis. >> i hope it gets resolved soon. >> reporter: the back here, the ntsb team will be here for several days and collect information for around three months. we told it will take from 15 to 18 months before they can get a final report on this train crash. max dero, kpix 5, san bruno. caltrain said passengers who left items behind the on the train can follow out a clairm t bsd ad tthe san frano station this weekend for pickup. 13 people were hurt in that crash, including the engineer who is from the hospital. the investigators expect to finish collecting evidence some time today. once they're done, caltrains can repair and reopen the tracks. firefighters rescued two people from a burning home in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. the fire broke out before 10:00
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on friday morning. video from citizen app shows a thick column of black smoke rising into the sky. thankfully, the two fire victims were not hurt. there is no word this morning on how that fire started. someone went to extreme measures to steal an atm from outside of a brentwood bank. some times -- sometimes crime doesn't pay and this heist didn't go as planned. look at the damage to the wells fargo. a thief or thieves first stole a tractor from a nearby construction site. they used it to smash into the bank entrance to make off with the atm. however, it was dumped in the field less than a mile away. >> the son's safe and it's brazen to, you know, use that type of machinery and causes significant damage to the atm and the building adjacent to the atm. >> here's the twist to the story. after police found that atm, they determined that the thieves didn't get any of the cash. the money was still inside and
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all of it was accounted for. russian forces are expanding their offensive into western ukraine hitting two towns today. russian artillery is hitting residential areas near the capital city of kyiv. today, rocket attacks destroyed an air base and ammunitions depot in the kyiv region. the heaviest fighting is happening in the northwest part of the city. the bulk of russian ground forces are about 16 miles from the center of the ukrainian capital, according to britain's defense ministry. a small sonoma county community is displaying its support for ukraine on a bridge across the russian river. kpix 5s andrea nakano tells us that it means something for one woman with loved ones caught in the middle of the conflict. >> reporter: this is the third bridge along the russian receiver to be lit up in yellow and blue in support of the country of ukraine and its people. it's a small gesture but means a lot to the ukrainians in this
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community. >> nobody should be going through this. nobody. >> reporter: her two sisters and three nieces finally escaped their home country and why refugees in germany. they have been worried sick about their loved ones back home. >> she will no the stop crying. i can hear her crying inside from her house. no mother should -- i'm sorry. >> it's okay. >> reporter: she came to the rally tonight in downtown gurnville as yellow and blue lights let up the pedestrian bridge. she's been overwhelmed by the love and support from her west sonoma county community. >> me and my friends start collecting donations for jeff joes that are -- for refugees that are arriving here. you won't believe the amount of support i am getting. not only from my family but people coming here. literally with nothing in their hands. >> tell me what democracy looks
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like. this is what democracy looks like. >> reporter: a good size crowd attended the rally as people prayed for peace and many feeling helpless, want wanting to do whatever they can to show support for ukraine. >> it breaks my heart what people are going through. war does terrible things to pope. >> we can't let that happen. we have to do something. >> reporter: in gurnville, andrea nakano, kpix 5. and to the coronavirus. counties across the state have been dropping mask mandates one by one and starting monday, california will schools will follow suit. student and staff will no longer be required to mask up at school. kpix 5s julia goodrich looks at how campuses plan to adjust. >> reporter: hard to believe we have gotten to this point, but come monday in the east bay, students will not have to wear these. masks. so, how do they feel about that? what is monday, no masks? >> no masks. >> reporter: students at the rancho las plaseatos elementary
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school in livermore are ready to have the choice to wear or not wear a mask. >> there is no right or wrong answer. raise your hand if you're going to war your motor vehicle on monday? >> i feel -- your mask on monday. >> i feel like it's not that safe and i don't want to get covid. >> i think i want yet off, but it's up to mo parents. >> you can stay six feet away from everybody. it would be easier than wearing a mask on your face. live like my brother, he has trouble wearing it at school. >> reporter: the state is the date to end the school mask mandate, march 12th, monday. the majority of counties gave the green light. it's up to school districts to set their own rules. >> and it's great they have a choice now. they're not required to and it's great that parents can ask their kids if they would like to wear one. >> i am not going to wear it. it doesn't help there are corners and you broth in your own early judges.
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>> i am not going to wear one. i can't really -- my teacher can't hear when i ask questions too much and i don't like wearing them. >> you will if leave it up to her? or's family choice. >> it's her choice. i would recommend she wears a mask. >> reporter: the can california teacher's association urged school stricts to precede with caution saying while some are ready to remove the masks, others are afraid. >> i think we should wear them still. covid is literally were. so, may be we should wear them for about another month until everyone gets vaccinated. >> be on the safe side? >> yeah. >> okay. >> you don't mind wearing them, i take it? >> nah. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> that was a lot of smart articulate little people in that story. this is a live look at san francisco city hall. the mayor has appointed three new school board members after
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three members were ousted in a recall vote last month. as kpix 5s wilson walker reports, all three have one thing in common. >> reporter: the announcement made here at galileo where the mayor went to high school, but there was not much talk about the past today. >> probably the hardest decision that i have ever had to make as mayor because it's about the future of our children. >> reporter: for the mayor, it's a rare opportunity, reshake the board of education and today, london breed did just that three new members from different professional backgrounds all parents of current students. >> it's with this experience as a parent, i feel the weight and responsibility offing a school board member. >> i am hour because i want sfusd to be what it should be. a world-class public education system that all families in san francisco consider as a great option for their children. >> reporter: parents. >> -- . >> parents are frustrated and rightly concerned about their
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children. educators are frustrated, to. despite the challenges, we're here with a sense of hope and a commitment to working collaboratively to turn things around. >> reporter: two new members submitted applications after the election and shu was month the leaders of the recall campaign. >> they're all women of color. they all seem very qualified and have been very involved in ryform efforts. and so to me, mayor breed did her due diligence and listened to the community. she made very wise and well- informed choice. >> reporter: so excitement from the victorious parents groups and the mayor today. had is the school system's look list of politically charred reform questions and a $125 billion deficit. >> and with this being let's swear in the members. >> reporter: they will complete terms is the to expire in
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january of 2023 and all three said, they will be running for a complete term in this november elect. here in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5 much. and e is 13:00 is the time. still -- the time is 6:13. the fight over eproement takes a new turn. -- enrollment takes a new turn. what could allow the university to have thousands more students. one tahoe ski resort is getting ready to celebrate a big milestone. when it's kicking off. the one-weekend only event. >>. and this is a leave look outside of about we head to break. we'll be right back.
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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. welcome back. the time now is 6:16. state lawmakers are proposing a plan to fast track legislation to undue uc berkeley's enrollment freeze. as kpix 5s da lin reports, it would change the lives of hundreds of students planning to attend cal in the fall. >> reporter: uc berkeley was planning to sunday out fewer acceptance letters. if lawmakers are successful, that make a lot of happy students. >> going to uc berkeley changed my life. the students who worked so hard to get that admissions letter. to have the opportunity to attend this amazing university, we don't want to deny them or their namelies the life- changing opportunity. it's so important. >> reporter: the state assemblyman and as colleagues introduced a couple of those
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today that would allow uc berkeley to increase the enrollment member for the fall some ester and they would allow uc berkeley 18 months to fix issues related to the california environmental quality act before a court could cap enrollment. >> they were shocked the judge was restrictive and handed down a draconian discussion. that is why we're reacting swiftly. >> reporter: a judge upheld the ruling that would froze enrollment because of the housing shortage. phil baca boy is the one who sued the university. >> giving them an 18-month blank check to increase enrollment is going to continue to have serious impacts on the housing market here. >> reporter: he said the lack of catch us housing will cost rents to go up for everyone in beckly. >> hundreds and hundreds of low- income households were displayed by students within a mile. >> reporter: he's been taking a lot of heat. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: a person who
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appears to be a student dropped the f bomb on him during the interview. >> when you don't have the facts or law on your side, you're not left with much else to do but attack people. >> he's working on an immediate plan, the state senator addressed -- introduced a bill to address the problem long-term and it will allow colleges to deal with housing without dealing with the california vollal quality act. >> the same people who are suing uc berkeley to tap enrollment are fighting against student housing. and our legislation will make it easier and faster to get student housing approved. >> reporter: for the immediate plan, lawmakers will have the hearing on monday and could get something to the governor's desk for him to sign some time next week i'm da lin, kpix 5. and lowing at dublin where a weekend of saint patrick's day celebrations will get underway within the hour and
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with a pancake breakfast the annual parade starts at 930 i'm on dublin boulevard and ama door plaza road, followed by an all-day festival at the dublin civic center at 10:00 a.m. this morning. and sierra tahoe announced it will reopen for one weekend only. on april 8th-9th, the resort will host a 75th anniversary celebration. the last fall, the caldor fire ripped through property. the fire destroyed thousands of trees and damaged chairlifts. the resort is planning to fully reopen next winter. >> as we head through the weekend, we're seeing a chance of a couple of showers, mainly late tonight into early sunday morning and this is the first of two storm systems. and this is going to miss us to the north and once that moves out, the second will move in next week and a better chance of widespread light rain
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showers and at this point in the rainy season, we're starting to run out of time. we'll take the light rain shower chances when. >> ever they present themselves. the fog that -- whenever they present themselves. the fog will diminish and seeing increasing clouds further up in the afternoon. we should stay dry during the daylight hours. the chance moves into the north bay already as the sun goes down this evening. the best chance is north of the golden gate and along the coast as we head through the late evening and overnight hours and those will be hit-or-miss showers, about a 20, 30% chance of measurable rainfall. even those chances will dwindle into early sunday morning. still a possibility of a couple of splash-and-dash showers after the sun comes up on sunday and you'll leave that chance in the forecast and that should be gone towards midday on sunday and go ahead with outdoor plans on sunday and even the few showers that we get are probably not going to miss with the outdoor plans a lot. and future cast is overestimating the inland amounts out of the first system.
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the best chance of anything measurable. a few hundreds of an inch of rain log the coast and north of the golden gate. there is a second system moving in monday night into tuesday and that one is also not going to bring a lot of rain to inland parts of the east bay in the santa clara valley. at this point in the rainy season, again, we'll take whatever we can get. on a more widespread basis, talking about the potential of a .1 of an inch to a quarter of an inch of rainfall, with higher amounts in the north bay and along the coast of the north bay. could get more than a half an inch of rain and there is another chance beyond the scene of the seven-day forecast and looks like it's heading our way next weekend and nos to see them lining up one after the other. the temperatures are ending up below average around the bay. slightly above average farther inland and zoom in for a closer look. the onshore breeze keying temperatures in the coast, around the south end of the bay with 70 degrees highs in the santa clara valley. the upper 60s to around 70 degrees for inland parts of the east bay and cooler around the bay. upper 60s, upper-50s in the city with low 60s for the east
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bay. cooler to the north as well and with increasing clouds earlier in the day. temperatures similar on sunday and the next chance of chain monday night into tuesday and dry out wednesday, thursday, and friday and warm up before the next chance of showers beyond the seven-day forecast heads our way in time for next weekend. . shop is back open in the major leagues. the san francisco giants wasted no time whatsoever adding a top- of-the-rotation arm to the mix and the bay area high school teams with a great day in the stated capital yesterday. four southern cal versus bay area matchups and a lot of celebrating from the north. highlights are next.
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the first ever triple action sleep supplement with 3 unique nighttime benefits to help you get a great night's sleep and wake feeling refreshed. live bountifully. nature's bounty. . what is going on, everybody. good morning, i'm charlie walter. we're going to tell the kids about the great free agency frenzy of 2022 some day. we're less than a month away from opening day. the plethora of all-stars are
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free agents. there was a inspect-day pause with no action and, how about this to break the ice and shatter it? the giants have added a top-of- the-rotation to arm the team with logan webb. picture carlos rodan will reportedly join the rotation. ing a two-year, $44 million deal. the 29-year-old had a breakout 2021 season with the white sox. he through a no-hitter, went 13 and 5, had an e.r.a. under 3 and reached the first all-star game. nba now. big, big night for spurs coach greg popovich. he's the all-time winningest head coach in nba history. win number 1,336 last night. after a victory over utah. and he passed former warriors coach don nelson with the victory. some celebration with the team in classic fashion, it's all right. we celebrated for a few seconds and back to business, guys. >> state championships and high school basketball finally first
6:26 am
title guy day on the hardwood since 2019 after back-to-back cancellations. seven bay area schools are in the 12 at took place yesterday. more to come today richmond-salesian. third quarter, up two. selavella and had a day. she was unstoppable. finished with 18 points, 11 boards and the corner three, dagger. they're going to cut down the nets. salesian wins 62-51. the fourth time is the charm for the pride and it was a program's fourth appearance in the titles game and that win it the first time in school history. oakland taking on la salle prep for pasadena and know 30 seconds to play and drill a
6:27 am
triple. that puts it away. big and in oakland. their first since 2019. and san 'el is mo san domenco girls making their first championship appearance and the steal. takes the contact and the finish. panthers outscore 27-13 in the second half and san domenco wins 38-27 for the first-ever state title. go ahead and celebrate. and san francisco stewart hall meeting ontario's high in the final. the final seconds of the third and brandon lum has all day and sinks it. scoring 25 for the knights and hall win pick-45 and how about the bay area?
6:28 am
a to a 4-0 start in sacramento. and southern california was 0-4 against the bay area teams. three more of them play today. coming up on kpix 5 and streamingso on cbs news bay area, why the ceo of disney is apologizing among force criticism within his own company. gas prices are hitting everyone hard. what industries are getting hits hard west the rising costs. and this is a live look outside in san hoa. we're back in a --
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. welcome back. the time now is 6:31. i'm devin fehely. thank you for joining us. let's start with the quick check of the weather and first alert meteorologist paul hagan. >> we have fog and chilly temperatures on this saturday morning. looks like a nice day overall and temperatures will end up a couple of degrees below average loom the bay and coast. increasing clouds overhead and the onshore breeze throughout the day. inland, a few degrees above average with temperatures reaching the upper 60s to 70 degrees and the increasing clouds overhead will give us a chance for spotty showers through tonight and into tomorrow morning. a bitter rain chance next woke and i will talk about that in the full forecast. and suspending all
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political donations in florida. the ceo is apologizing for not doing something earlier. he is the official name is the parental rights andec bill that would basically block public school teachers from talking about lgbtq issues in the early grades. in a letter to employees on friday, he promised to be a stronger ally in the feet for equal rights. a texas judge has temporarily blocked the state from investigating parents obtaining gender-affirming medical care for their children. nine cases have been opened since the state attorney general issued an opinion last month and gender transitioning treats can constitute child abuse. one couple under investigation actually had that same attorney general to donor several years ago to meet their transgender son. >> the stakes have never been this high or real for us. >> they know we're not child abuser. they know not child abusers. he sat at my table and broke
6:33 am
bread with my family and then said that families like mine should not exist. it's a political stunt. >> the country's largest pediatric hospital, texas children's, has also paused all gender-affirming therapy for now. the university of san francisco and two of its coaches have just been slapped with a class action lawsuit. three u.s.f baseball student athletes filed the suit after several, against several entities, including the ncaa. the students claim that they were subjected to a long- standing history of abuse by coaches that includes inappropriate yelling and humiliation and wild sexual behavior used as a team intimidation tactic. the university responded saying the charges are extremely concerning and in direction opposition to our core values. we condemn the abusive and degrading behavior described in the lawsuit. >> and there is no question, the recent speak in gas prices has been hurting people's
6:34 am
wallets all over the country. the national average of gas is now about $4 per gallon and here in the bay area, it's climbed above $5. now, it's even making it hard for some business owners to keep operating. especially in industries that rely heavily on fuel like landscapers and contractors. rena nakano spoke with the owner of a landscaping businesses and the challenges he's facing. >> the lawnmower, weed whacker. chain saws, hedge trillioners, leaf ployer. >> reporter: those are a few of the gas-guzzling machines the 24-year-old uses every day. he took over the family landscaping business when its father isaac passed a few years back. he said, the cost of doing business now is getting you the out of hand. >> i remember when my dad used to do the business. it used to be getting to 3 and that was expensive. now we're getting to 6 and it's more expensive. >> reporter: since the recent gas he can, he had to tell
6:35 am
longtime customers who live far away he can no longer serve them because he's losing money by working on their properties. he's had to increase his prices for existing customers. >> i did ask for a couple of clients for a raise. >> reporter: let's not forget about the free estimate services for new clients, also a guaranteed money loss. >> to drive sometimes 12, 13 miles, and we go to the job site. then we have to drive back sometimes they end up giving us the job and sometimes they get more bids. >> reporter: the owner of this property was one of the first customers to offer extra payment because of the gas hike. he said, he is very thankful but understands not everyone will do the same. he is wishing for things to get back to normal as soon as possible. >> and hopefully, we get to see it around the $2, $3. the rise in gas prices could be fueling a different trend. are more people taking public
6:36 am
transit? what we found out. and coming up, the bay area woman who came back from a brush with death to
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. with prizes rising on x people year looking for the tax returns. the agency struggling through a backlog of more than 20,000 tax returns and correspondents and looking to mire 10,000 new employees at job fairs the next few weeks. >> they say, their workforce is the same size as it was in no one 70, yet, the u.s. population has grown 60 beers. >> the irs said filing electronically is the way to go and could cut your wait for refunds weeks rather than months and. >> across the bay area, return to, woke, return to office plans could bring growth and ridership on public transit. shawn chit mass has a closer look at the numbers. a new survey shows more companies are bringing in nonessential employees into the
6:40 am
office and they expect to have new sense of normal at work in the months ahead. >> it's busier. >> reporter: ridership is up for b.a.r.t. but there are% of what woke saw of about covid and it's improving for muni as well but they have only half of the passengers before the pandemic. other agencies noticed significant improvements in one week or over a month. >> we spread it out knowing that essential workers need to travel all times a day and people may not come back on a standard traditional schedule. >> reporter: the ferry lowered their affairs and moved away from the traditional peak hours for the schedule. >> we're seeing people willing to live with covid. >> reporter: 71% of emnow ears have nonessential workers in the on was or will later this month. and 67% said, they will have a new normal at work by june. >> we need public transit more than ever. >> reporter: short-term increases could be a sign of
6:41 am
the impact from gas prices whole longer-term growth highlights the move by employers to get back into the building. >> and not that ridership is back to where it was. >> reporter: while we may never get pack to early 2020 levels of people using public transportation, people are clearly ready to start having it in their post pandemic lifestyle. >> this is an important part of our transportation system in the bay area. i am thankful for it and grateful. >> reporter: shawn chitniss, kpix 5. uber and lyft is getting a new competition. there is a new ride share service in town. does it stand a chance about against these two in the industry? andria borba looks at what the new startup said will set it apart. >> reporter: uber and lyft, which upended the taxi cab industry, are getting new competition in the markets hoping to poach not only passengers but drivers, too. the disruptors are about to get
6:42 am
disrupted with huge market shares. ride-sharing services that match you from a nap to a stranger's car are giving a roadblock from a company called alto. like u per and -- uber and lyft, you can use is an app to call the car but the driver won't be a gig worker but a full-time employee with benefits. >> we want to deliver benefits for drivers and important. just consistent, steady hourly wages, right? joe this comes after the millions poured into prop two in 2020 quick, that allowed uber, lyft and the like to clove drivers as contractors. another change, no rule on what cop of vehicle will pull up. they will transition to all- electric in 2023. >> i think that's more customer base really cares about the saint ability. and that is how we have gone from the beginning. >> reporter: olaf grote with uc berkeley school of business said there is a wedge he could
6:43 am
expose. >> the markets i think, is ready for disruption by who can differentiate it. in this case, it's a combination of different things, right? one is offering benefits to drivers, part-time drivers, possibly enhancing their commitment to the company. there are nicer cars on average and also other a bit of a concierge service. >> reporter: in an 59% surcharge, he said, will give the drivers a regular paycheck with starting wages of 17-$20 an hour. it could be a draw for drivers currently feeling the pinch of the astronomical gas prices. >> and this varies the cost of the gas prices and maintenance, insurance, cleaning, the. and this allows us to keep the drivers on the radioed and focus on delivers an excellent customer purpose. >> at the moment, they're only running 50 cars on the peninsula and plans to expand by the end of the year and into
6:44 am
the bay area after that. andrea borba, kpix 5. and the company is set up ride hair programs in houston and miami. through the weekend, there is a chance of a few showers and into recall sunday morning. the bulk of the moisture and energy is aimed to the north and the second one is moving next week. a better chance of widespread light rain showers in the forecast into tuesday. and we're starting to run out of time. we'll take the light rain shower chances. the fog is diminishing and ski seeing income clouds this afternoon in the atmosphere and should stay dry during the date hours. and showers move into the north bay and the best chance is
6:45 am
along the golden gate and the coast. those are going to be hit over miss showers, a 20 or 30% chance of measurable rainfall and they're going to dwindle into early sunday morning and there is still a possibility of splash-and-dash showers after the sun comes up on sunday. the chance in the forecast and that should be gone as we head into midday on sunday. go ahead with outdoor plans after late morning on sunday and the few showers we're getting and talking about barely more than trace amounts of moisture. the future cast is overestimating the inland amounts we're going to receive out of the first system and there is a sec system moving in monday night and tuesday and that is not going to bring a lot of rain to inland parts of the east bay and santa clara valley. at this point in the rainy season, we'll get what we can get o. a widespread basis, we're talking about a potential of a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch and higher amounts farther north in the north bay and along the coast
6:46 am
of the north bay. could get more than a half an inch of rain and there is another chance beyond the scene of the several. and looks like it's heading our way for next weekend and kind of lining up one after the other. the temperatures are ending up below average around the bay and above average inland and zoom in for a closer look and mid- to upper 60s and with near 70 degrees highs in the santa clara valley and to around 70 degrees for inland parts of the east bay. upper 60s, upper 50s in the city with low 60s for oakland and cooler to the north as well and increasing clouds willier in the day. the temperatures are similar on sunday and then we get a next chance of rain monday night into tuesday and dry out, monday, tuesday and wednesday and warm up before the next chance of showers heads our way
6:47 am
in time for next weekend. >> a san mateo made giving away a life after she got a sec chance at life. this week's buy area jefferson award win sorry now. >> mom, are you ready? >> reporter: find the homeless and bring them joy. >> would you like a some? >> reporter: it's part of debra a weekend routine the last 12 year. on this day, she's handing out donated donuts and sandwiching in san francisco's tenderloin. >> i can be on the streets. i know where they're at. >> reporter: after a heart transplant in no one and recovery from decades of addict, she knows every day is pressure. she spins hear days serving people in need from the homeless to senior citizens and veterans. >> life is not hopeless of the no matter how darker bleak things seem, there is a way out. i am proof. >> reporter: she leads a church program giving away personal hygiene products, volunteers from community frowns assemble
6:48 am
the donation bags she hands out for free. debra brings clothes and 100 meals weekly to hopeless encampments along the peninsula. >> we have pasta. >> reporter: inspiring volunteer cooks. >> if she can go that far to, you know, over the people to be in the places and to offer them food. >> thank you. >> have a good one. >> i should be able to do something from my side. >> like we're walking out. >> i in redwood city, her route takes her under the freeway and through the train and bus stops. >> you knew i was coming and you dressed up. >> reporter: to homeless folks like richard who didn't want to use his last name. >> and she brings the tough for us and she's very endco and is friend to us. >> i become their friend. >> reporter: she almost lost that light when complications from her heart surgery left her
6:49 am
on life-support and when she received a $15,000 community service award, she used it to buy 450 sleeping bags for the homeless. >> and i need to do this. if it's the last thing i do on earth. >> have a nice day, henry. >> reporter: for hear passion and compassion for those in need, this week's,ward goes to debra orler. may be you know of someone who has done service to the community. nominate the person and the online form is okay jack, these recipes aren't gonna create themselves. it's crunch time! but first, it's heinz dip & crunch time! i'm dipping into the latest innovation by combining heinz secret sauce and potato chip crunchers for the perfect bite. my heinz dip & crunch bacon cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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6:51 am
for plant-based baking. >>you she launched her own about business when she was laid off at the start of the pandemic. she called it thispy baking. it soothed her during uncertain times. >> fast forward a year and a half, here i am and still doing it. >> reporter: last year, the cost of ingredients, especially butter, sky rocketed to the point where it was eating away her profits. you have seen butter prices go up 40% at the grocery store, too. she said she wanted to still bake tantalizing streets like the sparkling rose cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream and knew she had to expand her baking skills to do it. >> i originally focus on traditional ingredients and have risen to the challenge to develop vegan celebration cakes and pastries, and that is great. i don't have to use butter for vegan items. >> reporter: she substitutes plant-based spreads in recipes
6:52 am
calling for butter and shortening. word got around to the growing vegan community, which was hungry to find more plant-based baking goods like these traditional sena man and uwe -- ubei rolls. she's a regular customer. >> it still has that wonderful mouth feel, you know, and it's about the fat, right? that is what butter is about. it still has that, you know. it's just made, just plant- based, instead of animal based. >> reporter: she keeps butter around but 80% of her business is now vegan. >> it's been a great way to be able to be flexible and still manage to meet, make revenue during the time. >> reporter: therapy baking is bombing with redding and celebration kicks booked up through june and plans to expand to a commercial kitchen and hour staff. not bad for someone who came through a crisis to turn a hobby into an entrepreneurial sweet spot. len ramirez, kpix 5.
6:53 am
>> with everything going on in world right now, you might feel you need a pep talk to make it through the day to says students found a unique way to help. >> reporter: here in healdsburg, we found all of the inspiration that you will ever need. >> one, two. >> hit record. >> if you're feeling deflated, do what you like best. yell re-inflates you. >> reporter: pearls like that,up scripted motivational gems are being collected and cataloged for this help lone. >> welcome to pep talk. a project by west side 62. if you're feeling mad, frust it said or nervous, press one. >> get your wallet and spend it on ice courtroom error error and shoes. >> what -- you need words of encouragement, press two.
6:54 am
>> be grateful for yourself. >> whatever newed. >> if you need a pep talk, press three. >> you can do it! >> reporter: the hotline is the brain child of teachers. they thought family and freds might enjoy casing the number. but, there is no way you could have imagined what happened. >> it's shocking. >> pep talk is getting up to 9,000 calls per hour and roughly a half man total and counting. >> it turned into a i big thing. >> and spread around the world. >> was not expecting it to go this real. >> miss jessica is good at making a hotline. >> i don't think it's her. i think it's you guys. >> okay. >> people in our school did a i great job. >> they sure did. >> you gave a gift to the world. >> reporter: the teachers say it's more than the messages. >> adults support children, but we don't really celebrate how
6:55 am
much they supported us. >> uh-huh. >> and to be able to be comforted by them gives us eahoatmaen we're algoing to be y >> r bokay. >> reporter: if you doubt that, you know who to call. >> be heavy. >> reporter: steve hartman on the road. >> so proud of you. a group of 1/2 animal rescuers -- of northern california animal rescuers are using a unique style to help shelter pets. it uses flower to treat the emotional health of humans. the group said a similar approach has been helping them calm animals who she signs of emotional distress. >> and i noticed a switch in him where hoef coming out and wanting to see me. >> the group said it works with animal groups across northern california. and the goal is to prevent at- risk cases from being
6:56 am
6:57 am
. it's 6:57. time for a look at the morning's top stories. the ntsb is to continue its investigation into the fiery caltrains crash in san bruno. investigators said the warning system was working. they new pieced together the rest of the mystery. starting on immediate, students will be allowed to go maskless at schools in some bay area counties. it's welcome news to, some the california teacher's association is warning that some students may not be ready for that change.
6:58 am
state lawmakers are fast tracking a plan to undo berkley's enrollment fees. the school was supposed to reduce acceptance by 2600 students due to a student housing shortage. if that plan pushes through, u consider, berkeley would have 18 months to address the shortage before the enrollment froze takes hold. and thank you so much for joining us this morning. thank you for watching us. the news continues all day on cbs news bay area. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 6:00. enjoy your saturday.
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