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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 13, 2022 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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and keep the public safe. right now, streaming on cbs news bay area a little girl from hayward presumed dead. her mother has been charged with murder. this week's cal t train crash. russia pointing the finger of blame at ukraine. their claims that ukraine is to blame for dangerous evacuations. good morning, it's sunday march 13th. thank you so much for joining us. let's start with a quick check on our weather with first alert meteorologist brian has kin. good morning, slick streets around and it's a can't miss
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forecast, frankly. some clouds and sun. a few sprin k ls later in the day. monday looks good with a few clouds beginning to move in by monday afternoon and then by monday evening, here comes another chance of showers better chance than overnight last night. so what we're expecting few sprinkles ls clearing and cool. increasing clouds and showers moving in monday night. forecast highs coming up in just a few minutes. for now, back to the news. right now an 8-year old hayward girl is feared dead, her mother charged with her murder. we spoke with family members who say this tragedy could have been avoided. >> reporter: this is sophia mason, a bubbly playful 8-year old who family members say loved her adopt tive grandmother sooefl ya johnson.
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who raised her most of her life. her mother has now been arrested for murder. a child's body found in the city of mer set. dante jackson is now on the run and wanted for murder. >> devastated, shocked and angry. just seems unreal. just knowing that it's terrible and it's a tragedy. >> sophia's cousin said the child spoke with her grandmother over the phone two weeks ago. >> when her grandmother spoke to her two weeks ago she says she was not like herself at all. she was drowsy almost as if she was drugged. >> her cousins say several red flags over the years and pleas for help from the authorities and child protective services fell on deaf ears. >> it was countless calls, letters, e-mails my cousin who is also samantha's sister had sent me documents saying we feel like sophia is in an unsafe
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environment. we know her mom is prostituting and she has her in a motel somewhere. this isn't safe but they ultimately would say she's with her mom. >> samantha johnson was adopted by her aunt and she struggled with mental health issues including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. >> she would take sophia in and out of different hotels down the coast of southern california while she was prostituting. >> there was signs of physical abuse at the hands of her mother. her cousins say hospital workers began taking photos of the child's scars and bruises when samantha fled the hospital with sophia. police issued a warrant for her arrest and ultimately arrested samantha this week. during the investigation into the child's disappearance, samantha led police to her boyfriend's home. >> my sister and i are hoping to speak for her in some regard. there's a tragedy that she didn't get to live a full life.
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but not only that, as melanie said, to bring awareness to the fact that i think it's wide le known that our social service system is overburdened. >> the family also says that a bay area woman's shelter once contacted child protective services saying samantha was starving her child but no action was taken. the coroner's office is working to positively identify the child. police have arrested a man for shooting and killing the store clerk. officers say 21 year old nyzel killed sing during a robbery last tuesday. investigators say the alleged gunmen may have committed several other robberies and burglaries in the area. federal investigators sifting through the debris of last week's crash in san bruno. crews at the scene are also fixing the tracks so they can get the wreckage removed by having it hauled away by another train. the wreck has been sitting on
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the track for three days now and commuters are getting frustrated. >> i was going to take the train up to the st. patrick's day celebration and now i have to take a bus and get from a bus back to the train. >> work to clear the debris will continue but no timetable on completion. the ntsb says the train will be moved to a secure location where investigators can continue to look at it. . a russian barrage of air strikes hits western ukraine killing 35 people. there were a er rose of explosions before 6 a.m. local time. it would happen at a site that's a hub for western arm shipments and fighters. russian warplanes fired 30 cruise missiles at the international peace keeping and security center. less than a dozen miles from the frontier with poland where american troops are deployed to
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defend nato. the russian assault injured more than 130 people in addition to the 35 deaths. a russian official is blaming ukraine for problems with evacuations. the head of the russian national defense command says that russia keeps trying to provide humanitarian corridors but ukraine security service is slowing down the process with searches and interrogations and detentions. he did not address reports that russian forces have fired on civilians trying to flee. back here in the bay area, san jose's vietnamese community is showing solidarity with ukraine. >> send your donations, food water no fly zone in the sky. >> many people showed up with ukrainian flags and signs at this rally t. organizers encouraged people to do their part to help out ukrainians. the organizers say they understand what the community is
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going through . >> we understand about being oppressed, the suffering, loss of lives and losing our country to another country. >> after that rally, the crowd gathered to parade around the neighborhood. . >> meanwhile in san francisco crowds gathered at a benefit concert for ukraine, the afternoon filled with performances and singing. event organizers passed out sun flowers to the crowd. the flower has become the country's symbol for peace. money raised by the event will go towards relief towards ukrainian refugees. the time now is 6:07. streaming on cbs news bay area,. >> it's a bit of a band-aid to temper pain, not a real solution . >> an extra uber fee helping drivers pay for rising gas
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prices. some say it's just not enough. just like everything else, home prices are rising. how much it coasts to buy in the east bay. taking a live look outside, we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it's now 6:09. a week or so the average price for a gallon of gas in california passed the $5 mark now closing in $6. the continuing hikes are prompting uber to add a fuel surcharge on wednesday. passengers have to pay between 45 cents and 55 cents extra per ride. we look at what's fuelling the price increases and how uber drivers view the coming surcharges. >> drivers seek out gas stations like the one mind me. they know the locations across the bay area where they can get the most competitive price and right now every dollar makes a difference. >> it's a bit of a band-aid to temper pain, not a real solution. >> jonathan chase has worked as a ride share driver for more than a decade taking customers on uber and lyft around the bay area. the current price of gas has been noticing the extra cost just to do his job each day. >> i don't want either company having nickel of my money
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considering how much they take per ride. >> uber says by charging a small fee per ride drivers have the chance to make up the extra expense they're paying at the pump if they complete enough rides. we asked lyft if they plan to charge a similar fee. the company did not respond to our request for a comment on saturday. >> no major oil company can impact the price of oil the rapid rise in gas prices is impacting many industries across the economy. it's led one congressmen to call for investigations into potential price gauging. the global supply and demand doesn't allow for any one player in the market to have that kind of control. with crude oil impacting a large portion of the price for gas. >> we have chevron or bp or arco decides that they want to change the price of crude oil, they just can't do that. >> the current price is barely manageable and drivers worry it will only get worse but for now,
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it remains a necessary cost to keep them working. >> i need an income. i need an income. >> shawn chase, kpix 5. big oil companies raking in big profits, a bay area congressmen wants that money back. the representative proposing a new tax based on the difference between the current cost of oil and cost in previous years. the money would be used to provide tax repeats for americans making less than $75,000 per year or couples making less than $150,000. home paris prices also on the rise even in the more affordable east bay. we speak with a real estate expert on where things are headed. >> normally this is a slow time of the year. but there's nothing normal about bay area real estate. in fact, the east bay just set
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another record. the medium price for a single family home in the east bay recently topped $1.2 million. that's according to the bay east association of realtors. >> 1.2 million in a different part of the country is a mansion. >> melissa isn't looking for a mansion. she and her husband are trying to upgrade to something bigger from their starter home. >> our family grew in the last couple of years since we purchased our home so we have two little kids and wanting to buy bigger land they want to stay in almeida but offers are coming in a few hundred thousand dollars short of the winning bets. >> we have been looking the last i would say year or year and a half. >> how has it been? >> it's been tough. very tough. what i would say to buyers, just be patient. >> sheila kunya the president of the bay east association of realtors and their data shows the median price continues to climb. in the last few months low inventory pushed the prices
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higher. a lot of prices for the different states. let's take a look at castro valley. the median price went up 44% this february compared to last february. in west contra costa county the price has gone up to $910,000. here's a quick look at the prices in central contra costa county. even in east contra costa where it's more affordable, any has gone up to $710,000. >> so historically the spring is the best time to sell a house because we're coming out of the covid as well, we'll see more inventory on the market. >> with rising interest rates experts believe buyers could see relief. >> we will see some stabilizing a little bit. i don't think you're going to see home prices drop 23%. i don't think that is in the future. >> stock market is down so maybe that might turn the real estate
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market. i don't know. >> real estate veterans say for buyers be patient and work with a lender that can loan you money and close on a deal fast. in almeida, i'm donald lamb, kpix 5. real estate agents say the bidding wars can be intense and in some cases offers of a million dollars over the asking price. california's latest job report shows a strong rebound. the state's economy is slowly returning to prepandemic levels. california added more than 53,000 jobs in january. gaining 82% of the nearly 3 million jobs lost during the pandemic. good sunday morning, we're starting out with a mixed bag. forecasting some clouds around. few light showers but it will clear out as the day goes on. so we got a chance that ends in the early going by this afternoon in fact, already in place as we should be seeing
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some clearing skies lawsuiter in the day not bad. the next chance is coming in late on monday and that's a better chance for more rain but still not going to amount to much. certainly not a drought buster. to set out the chances for today, not much. very widely scattered sprinkles and the rest of sunday looks okay. monday daytime is mostly dry. later in the day on monday we increase the chance for showers lingering into tuesday. then we get to dry most of the week but by the time we get to next weekend, a few more showers might be moving in. none of these are big rain makers but it's better than nothing. few sprinkles clearing and cool, variable clouds around but also variable sunshine. warming up on monday and we get increasing clouds moving into the area by monday night and that will lead to more showers coming in monday night and tuesday. for most of the day on monday though, it will be dry. for most of the rest of the day,
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it will be dry around here with variable clouds and sunshine. a few scattered sprinkles. the numbers in the 60s in the south bay with 63 degrees at sunny vail. 66 degrees in morgan helm. in the mid 60s as well for much of the east bay. cooler though out of brentwood, 62 degrees and 63 at pleasant hills. some clouds and sprinkles overnight in the north bay but then sunshine is coming out. 63 in navato. up around ukiah and lake port, the numbers in the mid 60s. in the extended forecast after we clear things out today, we'll have increasing sunshine. monday starts out with mostly sunny skies then increasing clouds overnight monday and into tuesday, chance of showers around the bay area. a couple tenths of an inch of rain. wednesday and thursday, friday mostly sunny and by the time we
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get to saturday, that's next week, you can never tell for sure but the indications are that next weekend might get wet for the individual cities and the entire bay area, the trend is mostly the same. warming it up as we get to the latter half of the week and introducing a chance of rain monday night, tuesday and also next saturday. happening today, a public celebration in san francisco for st. patrick's day. the green fest block party starts at 11:00 a.m. on 44th avenue with live mudzic and dancing. the united irish cultural center is organizing the event. coming up,. >> i've heard cases where they have been threatened with guns. >> a plea this morning for the mayor of the city of paradise. why he says angry residents are lashing out at pg&e workers two segments of sports ahead. first trip up, the hardwood, the
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golden state warriors. clay thompson how are we? we're doing pretty good. shades of the glory days against the defending champs. dubs are hot. highlights are ready and sports is coming up next.
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good morning, welcome to sports. what a difference a week makes. this time last week the dubs had just lost to the lakers. you may remember clay thompson
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left the floor a minute before half time. the frustration blinding. only one way to break out of a slump. you know the saying, shooters shoot. roll the tape. dubs hosting the defending champions milwaukee bucs. clay thompson was feeling good. game tied at 40 second quarter thompson wide opener, was hotter than the first bite of a hot pocket. scorching later in the quarter. jonathan komigga off the mark tipped in the argue and beneficiary thompson keeps his feet mind the line and sinks it with 17 points and the warriors up 9 at half. up 17, pool deep one. got them all. got his moe joe back. forth quarter clay sees the mismatch. hey waiter, hold the chicken i'm going with deer tonight. knocks it down. how about 38 points for thompson. his most since march of 2019. warriors are now 7-0 and he
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scores 20 plus. 122-109 the final tally last night. staying on the hardwood at the high school level, as pure as it gets. no money involved just a state championship trophy handed out. first title games since 2019 after a covid-19 hiatus. bran son taking on imperial in the girls division four final. fourth quarter bran son up big. winds up in goland's hands. she's scoring every time. 21 points and 15 rebounds. bran son wins 46-23 their first state title in 15 years. arch bishop median, looking for state title number seven in season 29. the competition syria canyon, no competition for this one. that was leah edwards the easy
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finish. syria canyon led the entire game. arch bishop loses 85-61. d.-4 boy's title looking to lead first title, taking on scrips ranch reandering his way to the bucket la mont will ker son for the falcons scores 12-4 in the third and 146-37. we are closing in on three weeks until the new delayed opening day for major league baseball. giants are buyers, that's apparent with their signing of all star pitcher carlos rodone on friday. the a's on the other hand, seems they are stock piling for the future with a rebuild right now. step one of said rebuild, trade an all star for a high level prospect, that was accomplished. the ace of the rotation, chris bass set is being shipped to the new york mets.
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bass set had a career year in 2021 going 12-4. his era just over 3. made his first all star game and returned to the mound in september. a month after being struck in the face with a line drive. in return, the a's got minor league pitchers jt begin and the number 5 prospect plus adam oler. d to mc clen lan back in san jose. the sharks on the attack early and often. first period up 1-0. the kings goalie had about as much of a clue where that one was as me watching. second period myer fires off the post and look who's there? thomas hurdle. mr. thomas, the beneficiary i'll take that. he had two goals on the night. sharks win it 5-0 oofrments tempers were flairing in philly. we have said that line before. san jose earthquakes, union on
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the attack sergio san toes, across corey burke too easy. quakes fall to philadelphia 2-00. it's selection sunday the place to be on selection sunday is right here on kpix 5. we will have the bracket reveal havesg uper tod oirwave crs towilonghe forniaoa live lkside in dublin,
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genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile.
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oofrjs welcome back. thanks for joining us. a quick check on our weather with brian. good morning, the forecast slick streets around and it's a can't miss forecast, frankly. some clouds and sun. a few sprinkles later in the day. things clearing out so by tonight we're seeing mostly clear skies. stars with come out. monday looks good too with a few clouds moving in by monday afternoon. then by monday evening here comes a better chance than we had overnight last night. what we're expecting a few sprinkles clearing and cool. warms monday and increasing clouds and then showers will move in overnight on monday, early on tuesday. the forecast highs coming up in just a few minutes.
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for now, back to the desk. crews battling a vegetation fire down in santa barbara county. 100 acres spread and 5% contained. . the town of paradise feeling pressure from campfire victims. fire survivors are frustrated about the slow pay outs for wildfire settlements. the mayor of the city of paradise says that some are even threatening pg&e workers. adrian moore has the story. >> just a boil over of frustration. >> reporter: the strain of staying paradise strong is starting to show. >> people are frustrated that they don't have their pg&e settlement and they're taking that out on pg&e. >> that frustration says mayor steve crowder has turned down right dangerous. >> they're running through stop signs, flaggers are having to
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jump out of the way of vehicles. they're being yelled at, cursed at and i mean i have heard cases where they have been threatened with guns. >> pth crews are there working on 200 miles of underground overhead electric lines. so far, 57 miles have been completed. while the utility would not address the harassment, it tells us it's committed to helping paradise recover and rebuild. >> if this kind of behavior continues, it is going to cause a work stoppage and it's going to just drag it out. >> in a fiery facebook post, the mayor wrote "this misplaced anger is not acceptable noting the real outrage is the lack of campfire settlement payments totalling $13 billion" so far a trust has only distributed 2 billion. there's no control over how the money is doled out. >> we have people suffering because of it and people need to
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be able to get on with their lives. >> the hope now is that cooler heads will prevail. >> we're asking everybody to please take a step back. let them do their work. show some courtesy and some restraint. in a developing story in new york city, police are searching for a suspect who stabbed two employees at the museum of modern art. the museum has turned into a crime scene now. at last check both victims in stable condition. police say it all started last night when the suspect was denied entrance to the museum. his membership had been revoked because of two incidents recently of disorderly conduct. >> he became upset about not being allowed entrance. and then jumped over the reception desk and proceeded to attack and stab two employees of the museum multiple times. >> security cameras captured the man leaving the museum. officers say he's apparently a
6:33 am
regular visitor. >> in the middle of a museum in the middle of the day, it's crazy. >> if you have a bunch of people grouped together in one area, you will have weirdos. >> the suspect has a history of run-ins with law enforcement and still at larnl this morning. police in southern california almost missed a stolen car suspect as he hid a few feet away from him. a man behind the wheel led police on a chase nearly missing pedestrians and slammed into two cars. the suspect got out and ran into an alley where he ducked down and hid behind a blue car. seconds later police officers showed up in their cruisers and ran right past him. then a few seconds later they ran past him again and got back in their cruisers. the suspect stayed hiding behind the blue car and eventually the officers came back and finally found him and took him into custody. catalytic converter thefts are rampid from the bay down to
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southern hollywood. in hollywood one man caught on camera scaring off thiefs.
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a goal keeper at stanford university. a star athlete, a stellar student, a bright young woman. myer died by suicide on march 1st. >> one thing i keep repeating to myself over and over again is a reminder that who we are in our darkest moments is not who we are. >> saturday her friends and family gathered at a memorial to honor her legacy of dedication, success and love. both off and on the soccer field. >> katie, thank you for bringing so much joy into our lyes and inspiring all of us. we will never forget you and you will continue to be our
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inspiration moving forward and we love you. >> according to the cdc in, 2020 suicide was among the top nine leading causes of death for people ages 10-64. on the stanford campus, the university recently announced it is recruiting counselors and therapists. some of those new counselors and therapists are devoted solely to the athletics department. as for her family and friends, for this night, they are celebrating a young woman whose love and dedication inspired those around her. >> even in death, even in the worst circumstances imaginable, she can't help but inspire us. she's katie myer and that's both the beauty and tragedy of it. >> that was rick montana reporting. happening today, face the nation looks at the economic impact of the war in ukraine. we asked margaret brennan how events in eastern europe are affecting american consumers. >> they're impacting consumers
6:37 am
directly at their kitchen table as a spike in wheat prices. ukraine is a large producer of wheat. it's impacting european economies directly even more than americans but you probably noticed the price at the gas tank continues to climb higher and energy prices remain elevated due to supply disruptions and questions of how long does this war last? and how big will it get? will it spread to other countries. that risk f isting priced into commodities. >> today market interviews starting at 8:30 here on kpix 5. still to come inside the dark sky movement the bay area community pushing to protect night skies. coming up, students rising above is about just that. rising above. today we'll introduce you to one student taking that to the next level.
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good sunday morning, we're starting out with a mixed bag. the forecast with some clouds
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around. slick streets a few light showers clearing out as the day goes on. a sprinkle chance that ends in the early going and by this afternoon, in fact already in places we should be seeing some clearing skies later in the day not bad. the next chance is coming in late on monday and that will be a better chance for more rain but still not going to amount to much. to set out the chances for today, not much. very widely scattered sprinkles and then the rest of sunday looks okay. sunday night and monday daytime mostly dry. later in the day on monday increasing the chance for showers and that lingers into tuesday. then we get to dry most of the week but by next weekend a few more showers moving in. none of these are big rain makers but it's better than nothing. a few sprinkles and then clearing and cool. variable clouds around but that also means variable sunshine. warming up on monday and then we get increasing clouds moving into the area by monday night.
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that will lead to more showers coming in on the order of 2 tenths of an inch of rain monday night and tuesday. for most of the day on monday it will be dry. in fact for most of the rest of the day, it will be dry around here with variable clouds and sunshine. a few scattered sprinkles. can't miss that. down in the south bay, the number mostly in the 60s today with 63 degrees at sunny veil and campbell. it will be in the mid 60s as well for much of the east bay. cooler though out of brentwood, 62 degrees and 63 at pleasant hill. vallejo clocking in at 64. clouds and sprinkles overnight in the north bay. sunshine is coming out. 63 in navato. up around ukiah and lake port, numbers in the mid 60s. after we clear things out today, we'll have increasing sunshine. monday starts out with mostly
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sunny skies and we increase clouds overnight monday and into tuesday chance of showers around the bay area, a couple tenths of an inch of rain. wednesday, thursday friday will be mostly sunny and then by the time we get to saturday, of course that's next weekend, looks like we might get wet. that's for the individual cities. for the entire bay area, the trend is mostly the same. warming it up as we get to the latter half of the week and introducing a chance of rain monday night, and tuesday and then also next saturday. have a great rest of the weekend. when is the last time you looked at the night sky? not the city lights but the natural beauty of the stars? it's not that easy to do with the light pollution in the cities but there's a small town in ma rin county trying to protect itself view of the night sky by embracing darkness. john ramos explains. >> when the sun goes down in
6:44 am
point rayes it can get dark and quiet and that's the way they want to keep it. only nature's great beauty can be seen after the lights go out. at sunset the lights come on in san francisco and the city gleams like a jewel. looks different in point reyes. there's still a light show, you have to look closer to see it. >> in a sense what i'm doing is making photographs of what it would look like maybe 200 years ago that everyone can see. the stars were amazing and magnificent. hundreds of years ago because they didn't have the ambient light coming from the city. >> he specializes in long exposure photographs. incredible images of the milky way galaxy rising up over ma rin county but the dome of light over our cities makes it unrecognizable. that also include point reyes. >> over the last few years i've
6:45 am
watching the lighting problem build and see more and more add on and the led's in the street light was the straw that broke the camel's back. >> laura aren't and peggy day are trying to shed light on the importance of not shedding light. they're leading an effort to make the town a dark sky reserve where light is only used where it's needed not all light is light pollution but light that goes where it isn't intended or that's on when it shouldn't be, where it shouldn't be. that's pollution. >> most of the led street lights throw light everywhere but this one is shielded so it's still illuminating the street but doesn't blast the house next to it. there are the glaring spotlights outside the fire station. but the town has been remarkably agreeable to the initiative and the firemen say an upcoming renovation will include a switch to shut off the lights when not in use. but does it really matter if we
6:46 am
can see the stars? dawn jolly thinks so. >> that divorce of being unaware of 50% of our view, it's symbolic of the divorce we have i think from the natural world in a bigger sense. that i think lies at the heart of every environmental calamity we're facing on the planet. >> a self-described naked eye astronomer who leads star gazing tours for locals. he believes man kind lost its bearing when it lost the stars and imagines it's the center of the universe. >> it makes me feel small and humble when i look out there. it makes me better appreciate the little niche i do occupy and puts me into perspective. >> this little town thinks that's important. they have a vision for what they want point reyes to be and it's a vision tough to beat. john ramos, kpix 5. students rising above is all about rising above any
6:47 am
circumstance that life brings. this week's scholar is rising above the resiliency, respect and responsibility for others. . >> brenda runs her kindergarten class at half moon bay's hatch elementary school through the three r's. reading, writing and arithmetic. but for brenda the letter r also stands for respect. she has for young students and everything they have been through since covid. >> i think of it as a reset for me for the way of my teaching. >> part of that reset is brenda's renewed focus on her student's emotional well-being. >> they tell the kids all the time. this is your space you can tell me if you feel sad, happy worried. it's most important that your emotional well-being is good.
6:48 am
>> a big responsibility for brenda's first full year back in the classroom after a stint of student teacher and completion of her master's degree brenda landed a job in august 20 right in the middle of the pandemic. online instruction kept her days long. >> it was a lot. 10 hours in the morning. setting up for zoom and setting up for small sessions after. staying to prep for the next week because we were sending homework pacts every week. >> when brenda and her entire family contracted covid, work became a needed distraction. >> three weeks into teaching my whole family was hit with covid. so we did deal with navigating covid in an unknown time. >> brenda's case was mild but her father got really sick. >> my dad actually was the most crucial in the icu for a couple weeks. we were told oh he might not
6:49 am
make it. but i kind of took that as just keep working. >> teaching her first kindergarten class online lifted her spirits as her dad slowly recovered. in spring of 2021 her students came back to a beautiful classroom ready to learn. >> it was amazing. just to see them coming in and see them looking around luke oh, this is so cool. >> but it's her current class who reminds brenda why teaching is her calling with an r for resilient. >> i was so proud of my five and six year olds who are extremely resilient. >> for students rising above, i'm elizabeth cook. she's happy to be teaching at hatch elementary because she went to school there as a child so she's come full circle. for more information, go to the tahoe ski resorts getting creative to battle
6:50 am
weather whiplash. the high-tech tools called the
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6:52 am
many tahoe ski resorts struggled with a lack of snow this winter with climate change
6:53 am
fuelling weather whiplash. kristen shows us the tool narth star is using to stay open as long as possible. >> with unpredictable weather and more dry days than snowy ones, ski resorts like north star that rely on snow making to stay open as long as possible are looking towards more efficient ways to keep the industry alive. >> we want to reduce our energy consumption so that's a big one too when they think about our future and sustainability and moving forward. >> shannon is in charge of mountain operations at north star including overseeing the 300 different snow making devices they use. >> we have about 50 fan guns at our resort and about another 250 air water guns. >> traditional air water guns require an employee to turn them on but fan guns are a more efficient technology that uses less energy, no manual labor and making better-quality snow. all important considering they never know how much they need.
6:54 am
>> there are years where we make snow all the way into april. then there are years that we make snow first week of january and we're done. >> snow making first started at ski resorts about 70 years ago but a lot has changed as weather is more unpredictable and the need to make more snow efficiently is more important. >> climate change is absolutely a thing we're talking about and temperatures are changing. you see this data about how many more days it's been warmer on average. >> shannon says building a strong snow pack in a more efficient way is something they work on throughout the year. as they look to keep this mountain open to guests, just as long as they possibly can. >> all of our summer projects are all about how can we ensure we have a winter next year and that people can come ski. >> at north star, kristen samos. a bay area baby going home
6:55 am
after being in the hospital for months. she's being called a miracle. she was born in early september at 23 weeks in san elandro weighing one pound and four ounces at birth. doctors say her chances at surviving were slim but she's a fighter. she's been released and home with her family. a healthy 6-month old baby who weighs almost 11 pounds. coming up later today, join lynn keys on bay area focus, our locally produced talk show starting at 12:30 this afternoon. check it on cbs news bay area and our sister station, k
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time for a look at this morning's top stories. a man is under arrest after police say he shot and killed a store clerk. officers say 21-year old dubasin killed during a robbery last tuesday. they say the suspect may have committed several other robberies and burglaries in the area. a russian barrage of air strikes hit a military base in western ukraine early today. the attack killed 35 people and injured over 100. the attack is also concerning because it's just 12 miles away from u.s. troop stationed in poland. thank you so much for joining us, cbs sunday morning with jane pauly is next here on
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kpx 5. enjoy the rest of your sunday.
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