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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  March 15, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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missiles continue to rain down on ukrainian cities this morning. the struggle for russia to advance in the country as officials hold another round of talks today. and san francisco teachers showing their frustration. their compliants going straight to the superintendent. and the state of emergency in the tenderloi, in set to expire this week. we will have more on some of the progress made as well as some of the service that will remain. and some bart employees off the job this morning the dozens of people failing to comply with the vaccine mandate. it's tuesday, march 15th. we will get a check on the
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weather and traffic with gianna because the roads are a little messy with the slick conditions. it's because of the rain. >> it comes in just for the morning commute. just enough to get the roads slick. the rain has been hung newspaper the north bay for mostst morning. that doesn't mean that we haven't gotten enough light, misting rain south of there that the roads are slick down the city, peninsula, east bay, already. look at the totals. heyward, have you gotten 200sts of an inch of rain. santa rosa has got more. almost three ten thes of an 10ths. it is just about to get down to the golden gate. we can watch the showers from
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here move south as they do that they weak skin fall apart. they will still be just enough to get the roads damp. pretty much all the way through the -- you haven't gotten anything measurable. it doesn't look like it'll be all that significant. it is warm out there. you do not need the heavy jacket in a situation like this. grab the umbrella. temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s. it's two degrees shy of 60. interesting morning but that probably doesn't help that much if a slow down. >> it doesn't help. grab the umbrella. get going if you are getting ready to head out the door. at least it won't be too cold. we are dealing that wet weather. we have a traffic alert in thea you may little la rk or school. ifu are taking cr it's blocking two left lanes and look at all of that red on the sensors. speeds down to about nine miles an hour. this is an injury crash.
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you can use san pablo as the alternate. that's the surface street. that's next to the east shore. that may help you through this area. you could possibly use bart as well. keep in mind that the red line is still out of service. you would need to do a combination of the yellow and orange lines to get through there. possibly ac transit. look at the travel times. 42 minutes if you are going westbound. highway 4 to the maze. going live to ukraine this morning. today russian and ukrainian officials are set to hold another round of talks aimed at a cease fire. the united states said putin doesn't appear to want a diplomatic solution. >> the latest on the unfolding situation in ukraine this morning. >> good morning. just heard that around 350,000 people are trapped in the southern port city. not able to get out. there's no safe piece age for them to escape to one of the countries that aren't seeing fighting and they are meting
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snow for drinking water. a live look at the capitol city of kyiv. a 35 hour curfew is about to be imposed there. the prime minister of several other countries on their way to can kyiv. they are on a train to meet with the president of ukraine and prime minister. he just spoke virtually in front of the european alliance saying they are all targets in the offense. >> we are all the targets of russia and everything will go against europe if ukraine won't stand. i would like it ask you to help yourself by helping us. >> new video here of another attack in kyiv. this as a series of russian strikes hits a residential neighborhood. huge fire in that 15 story apartment building and fran till rescues going on today. the russian offensive has largely stalled on the ground. they are relying more on air strikes. also just got new numbers out
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of the city -- 600 residential buildings have been destroyed as well as schools and hospitals there. taking at i look at the white house where the biden administration trying to hold back china from entering this mess. warning dine china not to interfere after moscow asked china for weapons and cash. we are watching that as well as the cease fire talks that continue virtually between ukraine and russia today. back to you. and this morning a bay area congressman on the house armed services committee is pushing for the united states to send more weapons to ukraine. he met with the council general of ukraine yesterday to offer his support. he also called for help from silicon valley companies and said that many bay area tech companies employ ukraine americans. >> i think i'm consistent with where the president is. i want to give them as many weapons as possible to make the
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fight without getting nato involved in a war with russia. >> ukraine's general and san francisco once again called for the united states and nato to close the aerospace. something leaders have said they were not willing to do. we have a list of organizations helping ukraine at the top of our home page on right now some san francisco teachers are camped inside district headquarters demanding to get paid. they say they are angry and frustrated. more now from kpix5's justin andrews. >> if this problem isn't resolved teachers safety will be filing a lawsuit against the district. since january teachers say they either received partial pay or no pay at all. they are angry and frustrated because there is a problem with the district's new payroll system and its been an issue for months now. they rallied outside district headquarters and then went inside to confront the superintendent face to face. that's where vincent matthews
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apologized acknowledging that teachers should not have to do this just to get paid. he said another 15 district employees working to fix the problem. teachers mad. >> educators are not getting paid on time or accurately. >> last check was almost right but i was low about $200. the one before that i think i got paid for 28 out of 80 hours. >> the union president said this issue needs to be resolved by wednesday's pay period. we will see if the district resolves it. in san francisco, justin andrews, kpix5. also happening today as usd will send outlayoffs to certain employees. the school district said that the notices will go out to 151 teachers, countsors and social workers as well as 51 top level managers and 62 other staffers. they are preliminary and not every employee who receives a notice will be laid off.
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the school board approved them earlier this month. some north bay teacher also be on the picket lines for a 4th day. workers started their strike last thursday. the union is demanding pay increases that it said state appointed fact finders have recommended. the uribe is likely to come up at a school board meeting tonight. and this week the mayor is expected to allow the state of emergency in the tenderloin to expire. >> we are live now in the newsroom and some services will remain. >> yeah. that's right. the mayor made the announcement in december in response to the surge in the number of overdose deaths. the drug epidemic has claimed more than 1300 lives in the past two years. one of the main goals was to accelerate getting help to those who needed shelter and treatment. that included the tenderloin civic center plaza designed to connect people with the city's
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existing services. between the center and street outreach more than 400 people have been moved in to some kind of shelter. according to the chronicle though the mayor is letting the state of emergency expire there will continue to be street cleaning and outreach to get people into services and off the sidewalks and the city's center will remain open. the emergency is set to expire on thursday and on the agenda for today supervisor's meeting is a hearing to discuss some of the progress made with the response since the state of emergency has declared. in the newsroom. kpix5. and be sure to check out the special report, our wilson walker allen martin sat down to talk about the challenges and the debate over how to best confront them. you can catch it on the website at new, san francisco is being sued by three city employees for requiring them and their co workers to get vaccinated
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against covid19. think claim the mandate violates their religious freedom and doesn't protect their health. we reached out to city officials for comment and have yet to hear back. bart said nearly 100 workers have left in recent nos after failing to comply with the vaccination mandate. a total of 89 employees did not comly with the mandate that went into effect in december. 51 left voluntarily while another 38 were fired for noncompliance. the lots add up to about 2% of bart's total work force. it's 6:10. still ahead and streaming on cbs news. >> a jewelry store robbery all caught on camera. see the brazen theft in the south bay. and relief for thousands of people to berkeley. the new law preventing an enrollment drone. and meet earring lights on at the bay bridge toll plaz. that back up and getting to
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welcome back. the undocumented immigrant accused of killing her has pleaded guilty to federal firearms charges he admitted that he had a loaded pistol in his possession in july of 2015 when the bullet hit her in the back, killing her. the case attracted national attention stirring up debate over san francisco's status as a sanctuary city. he was eventually acquitted of murder. his sentencing on the firearm charges is scheduled for june. frustration and anger this morning from a south bay jewelry store comes after the third smash and grab at his store in less than six months. surveillance cameras were rolling nine men burst into the jewelry store yesterday. it shows the group holding down
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a frightened employee. >> all of our savings are gone. we have no support from city. insurance is giving ace hard time. third time being victim like this and no support getting. i request sam ricardo. he has to take action. >> the store has started keeping its doors locked but the unsuspecting employee let them in. police are still looking for them. a new social media challenge is prompting an unusual warning from police this morning. officers are investigating multiple reports of people buying hit by gel water balls. they are known as orbies or splat. it is apparently part of a nationwide tiktok challenge prompting kids kids to target random people. now to the state capitol where the governor has signed a new law to eliminate a cord
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ordered cap on admissions at berkeley. the bill saled through the legislature after it was introduced yesterday. it amenda a state law to exempt university admissions allowing another 2600 students to attend cal in the fall. a judge had capped admissions after a neighborhood group sued over traffic, noise, and housing concerns. 6:16. let check on weather and traffic. >> on morning. >> its been rainy enough consistently. that -- been able to update the rainfall all morning long. ly show you how they have gone up over the last hour. look at the live view and you can see we pretty much got to that point in the morning with the best of the rain coming in across the heart of the golden gate. line of showers right here. if we look at how we have done we have a quarter inch many of rain in santa rosa. it started raining. it the been going consistently. similar foughtals through the north bay. we have gotten 1500sts of an
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inch of rain and the rain has gotten far enough south we have seen it in the east bay. we just haven't gotten anything measurable for the inland valleys. we are down in the south bay. if we look at what's happening now. there is that close up view on where that organized band is. let's take it forward. what happens from now through about 11:00 a.m. is the system kind of wakens and the light showers are going to try -- there is future cast picking up on where the rains. it'll show us what will happen. the showers waken as they move south. by the time we get to ten in the morning, the pretty much find winding down and done. we may still have a stray shower as late as noon. we have seen the best of the rain from this system. it happened over the last four hours in the north bay. not to say we are done. we are just not going to see rainfall totals approach a quarter inch from this point on. we still the take away is that it'll be enough to keep the roads slick certainly through the north bay. in the city, down the peninsula and along the east bay.
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if we get enough rain to impact the drive for san jose and the rest of the south bay or the inland valleysst east bay. it doesn't look ascertain but it's possible gianna will be in a second. it's warm out there. temperatures near 60 for many locations. one thing that the system has done with all the clouds and we pulled up warmer aaron the lead edge. it is made for a weird feeling morning. it's damp, misty and warm. you don't need the heavy jacket. we are done with the rain by the afternoon today and then it doesn't come back again. it does come back again on saturday. it doesn't come back again until saturday is a better way to say that. the low 70s with plenty of sun wednesday through friday. no more rain until then. saturday's rain looks better than today.
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question have this traffic alert in effect. westbound its been out there for over an hour now. look at that overview on the map here. all that red. go left lanes blocked until further notice. i got the update from chp. crews on scene. hopefully they will get everything cleared over to the shoulder. in the meantime the damage is done. you can stick with surface streets. san pablo a possibility. public transit a possibility. keep in mind bart. the brake lights and cared held up in the delay heading in to richmond. the metering lights on and we are getting things slow. it's affecting your travel times this morning. westbound 80.
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that's a 44 minute commute. extra extra busy ride on the east shore. plan for that. westbound 580 out of tracy. getting ontoa 80 itself. slows all the way to just about north flynn. the break lights the rest of the way. speaking of 580. let's get a live look from the photograph journalish. traffic is backing up there for that westbound # 38 castro valley y connector. the after 30 clears of debate california made it official a north coast ra united states. it'll run 320-miles san francisco bayh long the old northwest park railroad right of way. >> it's like at the beginning of the pacific crest trail, it's that sides for this state. it is a huge day. >> the southern portion of the trail will run along the smart
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line to the north. >> looks pretty good. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. russia's invasion of ukraine may have turned the travel industry upside down. the struggle to book your
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we have to watch out for light rain. as we spotlight the lunchtime forecast between noon and two today this rain will be done it. will really just be clouds that are leftover. if we really just look at the numbers we will be in the mid- 60s. we don't warm up a lot. it'll stay gray, thing also be damp as we get in to the afternoon. it's the morning that is really the focus in terms of the weather's impact on the day. i think by lunchtime it won't be that big of a factor. ly be back back with the rest
6:25 am
of the forecast in a bit. just as the travel industry started bouncing back from the pandemic the cost of fuel and crud, oil could make it hard to book that next vacation. >> we have what you need to know in this week's travel tuesday when a mess right now. >> it is. oil prices are at a 14 year high. they dipped about 8%. the pump for gas prices. jet fuel is the number two expense for every airline it. can account for a third of expenses. when oil is through the roof as it has been it can show newspaper fares. there's generally a bit of a lag. airlines tend to buy fuel in advance. lock in lower prices. >> european travel bookings, >> we did see a sudden drop in
6:26 am
flight interest, particularly that european flight interest. as omicron started to wane restrictions were rolled back. we have seen that fall off a little bit. international surges are down about 20% from where they were prepandemic. domestic surges back. >> there are some international destinations that are still seeing an increase in bookings but guys for the most part travelers are staying state side. >> and maybe the summer will change things up a bit. all right. thank you. it's 6:26 now. in the next half hour, and streaming on cbs news. >> san francisco teachers demanding their paychecks, why some have not been paid in weeks. and battling san francisco's drug crisis. what the mayors a decision mean
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if are you just waking up with us here are your morning headlines, russia continues to shell ukrainian cities even as the 4th round of peace talks gets underway. the attack on ukraine spans city across the country with a strike at a military base over the weekend just 15-mile from the border of poland. some teachers staged an overnight sit in at the school district after going without their paychecks for weeks. the problem was traced to a new
6:30 am
payroll system. the school superintendent is apologizing for the problem. and today afusd is set to send out notices of layoffs for certain employees including teachers amid budget short falls. the school district said the notices will go out to 151 teachers. counselors and social workers as well as 51 top level managers and 62 other staffers. the school board approved the layoffs early their month. its it tuesday, march 15th. >> gianna, darren are here to give us the status update on what is going on. a little messy. >> right in the heard of the commute. some of the most noticeable rain is coming across the biggest population center. there's not a lot to this you don't need a lot of rain to get the roads slick. slick enough to cause some issues with traffic and that's basically all this is. we will hear from giann in a second. we will show you the light
6:31 am
showers. we have a decent amount of rain. a quarter inch much of rain. the rest of the bay area is a 10th of an inch of rain. those showers will hold together now. they will watch the progression of that. for right now light rain in to the heath of of the bay. it's warm, it may feel weird when you step outside. are you thinking rain, storm. it should be cold. no. plenty of clouds, we approximate fuld warm aaron the leading edge. you don't need the heavy jacket. you will want the umbrella and extra time on the road. >> days like today we tend to get a lot of accidents and reports of spin outs in lanes. normally they get clear pretty quickly. not today. especially along the east shore freeway. we will have that ongoing traffic alert which is a elk
6:32 am
ifing your drive. right now the bay bridge looks like this. we have that wet weather. the slick surfaces. metering lights are uno. we have a 15 minute ride from this point into san francisco. the back up to just about that 880 overpass, we see that even a little further on the regular weekday commute without the rain. the reason is that all of those cars kind of held newspaper that back up. two lanes, travel time is alternates. going live to ukraine this morning. russian and other ukrainian officials are set to hold another round of talks. pu it, in doesn't want a diplomatic solution. the latest on the unfolding situation in ukraine. >> we just got newing in figures in from the un.
6:33 am
nearly three million people fled ukraine trying to escape to a live look. three people are going in. the prime ministers of poland are on their way to a train. take a look at new video overnight of another area tack in kyiv. four people died in this attack it. was part of a series of strikes hitting a residential neighborhood. huge fire in that 15 story apartment building. some frantic rescues there. the pentagon saying that the russian offensive has largely stalled on the ground. they are relying more on these air strikes. taking a live look at capitol hill right now where ukrainian president is scheduled to deliver a virtual address to congress tomorrow. he has been begging for more
6:34 am
military and humanitarian aid. specifically war jets they can send in and lots of talk about a no fly zone over the country. i want to share this tweet i just saw from a member of the ukrainian government. it's just a picture of the reality there. she said i have my life. i had my job which was frustrating but i loved the things i got done. she said i watched movie was my son and boyfriend. i cooked dinner, ordered pizza, went running. now i wake up to explosions at my city, in my city at five in the morning. that is the reality that people who are still there continue to face in the 20th day of this war now. we are going to keep our eye on the cease fire talks that are continues as we speak. >> it's so hard to understand. stick with us for the very latest on the situation in ukraine. we have more coverage on the website including a link to how you can help refugees. just go to right now a group of
6:35 am
teachers are camped inside district offices to protest missing paychecks. justin andrew is at district headquarters with the mounting concerns over money. >> teachers angry and frustrated with this new payroll system. they say there's been an issue for months so they marched inside district headquarters here to confront the superintendent, face to face. teachers were holding signs and chanting pay us now. they say they have been dealing dicey pay since the beginning of the situation. this all started with the new pal roll city. others got a paycheck saying -- up to the third floor of district headquarters. >> there's no way that any of you have to come down here. >> you are saying hundreds of
6:36 am
people got their checks and there are still hundreds more. we are at an escalation point that cannot be undone. folks will incur the late fees. they have to be paid now. >> there you have about 15 extra district staff. we will see how this plays out. in san francisco. happening today supervisors are expected to discuss progress made since the mayor declared a state of emergency in the tenderloin. the mayor is expected to let that emergency announcement expire. >> its been about three months since the mayor made the announcement. it's in response to a surge in the number of overdose deaths. the drug epidemic has claimed more than 1300 lives in the past go years. one the main goals in the last
6:37 am
few months was to accelerate the people who needed help and treatment. more than 400 people have been moved in to some kind of shelter. according to the chronicle. though the mayor is letting this expire there will continue to be street cleaning outreach to get people into services and off the sidewalks. the sf chronicle say that the mayor submitted a new order to keep staff pulled from their regular jobs until permanent workers can be hired. >> be sure to check out the special report. wilson walker sat down to talk about the challenges in the neighborhood and the debate over how to confront them.
6:38 am
and taking the campaign international. she is leaving for a trip to europe to sell the city as a destination for tourists and business. to bring in more visitors she has to get rid of negative perceptions filled by videos of open drug use and shoplifters clearing out stores. she will stop in london, and paris. it's 6:38. time for a look at what is coming up on cbs morning. gayle king is live. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. i turned on the tv. i saw you. >> thank you for tuning in. >> appreciate it. >> i know i was very excited to see you. ahead on cbs this morning, at samantha power about the growing crisis in europe and
6:39 am
what she witnessed at the ukraine, poland border. also we will look at unwelcome trend of unruly passengers on planes. you don't want to be on board with them. only on cbs this morning we will go behind the scenes with air marshalls as they train to keep you safe in the sky. and the oscar nominated documentary -- will join us to discuss the film about a young refugee's journey. it's a long time friendship story. next time are you in san francisco let us know. >> call me. >> i like that. time is 6:39. streaming on cbs news bay area. >> thursday night, saturday night live. pete davidson going to space.
6:40 am
and how san jose is helping people get to their gate at the airport. and first alert doppler up and running. we have been track that line of light showers which is now coming down into the heart of the bay. we will forecast that forward through the morning and show you what it means for the drive today and then talk about the next chance of rain. that one is on saturday. forecast coming up next. and the market just opened about ten minutes ago. let's check the big board. the dow sup close to 300 points.
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time for your money watch report and a quick look at the stock market. diane king hall joining us live in new york. good morning. what do you have for us? >> good morning to you. we have a lot of green on the
6:44 am
board this morning. with trading underway for a little more than ten minutes let get right to the number was investors in a buying mood. the nasdaq both on the plus side as well. this comes as oil prices slide this morning. hopefully that will translate to some relief at the pump. today is equal payday. it marks how far women have to work into the new year to earn what men made in the previous year. this is the earliest that the occasion has been marked. it only reflecting women still in the work force and doesn't include those who lost jobs during the pandemic. women earned 83-cents for every dollar a man made. > and happening today as diane just said its equal payday. to honor the day the biden administration is set to announce a series of steps aimed to close gender and
6:45 am
racial wage gaps. the size president will be hosting a virtual white house meeting to mauck the day. the steps toward equal pay include a new regulation across the federal work force that will ban the use of prior salary history in the hiring of employees. a live look now from san francisco where twitter is expected to reopen offices today. tech workers starting to filter back in to the office as covid cases fall across the country. however, twitter employees are still being allowed to work remotely. com dan and snl star will be the latest sell city to fly into space. he will be the third is he ty after william shoot america and -- the flight is scheduled to take off march 23rd from a texas launch site. >> you you this he has to pay? we said five other paying customers. >> yes.
6:46 am
>> it's getting weird with that one. >> getting? >> right. >> it wasn't already? >> exactly. exactly. safe trip and come back with great stories hopefully. we have some light rain out there. let's talk about where. the north bay has been the focus all morning. we are seeing some of the showers now crossover the golden gate and get down into the peninsula, city, the city has been raining all morning and that view tells it all. the drops on the lens from the top of the mark hopkins have been a fixture. dark enough but sunrise, 7:20. it'll set again at 7:17. you can see where that best band of rain is now. really well organized line. been march across the bay area all morning and now it's kind of parked right over pretty much the golden gate up into san pablo bay into solano. that's been one of those days where i have been able to update the rain fought to
6:47 am
thelias. it is been steady light rain. san francisco is at 1500 still and heyward at # hundredsts. a closer look at this shows us how the light rain is cupping in across the heart of the bay. this is where we would start to get showers down working down toward the south bay and going across san mateo and -- san jose you haven't gotten anything but you will likely get a drop or two out of this at best as we go through late morning. the future cast will give us the best idea on that. it's warm out there right now. so even though it's raining we have got a storm if you want to call it that coming through. don't fall for the idea that it'll be cold it. won't. this will be one of the warmer mornings have you had in quite a while. we can thank all the clouds and thank the nature of the system because which are pulling up warmer area on the leading edge. we have the nice cloud blanket and warmer air. look at numbers. 54 in heyward. it's 57 in concord. 58 in san jose.
6:48 am
that is the way the rest of today goes. the daytime highs will top out in the mid to upper 60s. the showers end by about 11:00 this morning at the latest. even now they are really going to weaken as they move across the rest of the south bay. the second half of today is just clouds. there is no rain in the forecast wednesday through friday. the rain comes back on saturday. that is when we will see the next chance here. saturday we pick up perhaps another quarter inch much of rain bay area wide. it's not a complete wash out for the weekend. don't have rain in the forecast on sunday. saturday's rain will be like today but a little more. we will probably get a quarter inch much of rain bay area wide instead of just favoring the north bay locations. more on that as we get closer to it. bigger impact by far the drive this morning. i good news and the not so good news. at least update you on that traffic alert first which is causing a pretty big back upa crack the east shore.
6:49 am
that's been cleared out. that's the good news. all lanes open. it's a busy ride westbound 80 and of course that will affect your ride toward the bay bridge. live look here. you can see the rain droops on the camera lens. slick services out there this morning. it is been busy for your tuesday morning ride. metering lights turned on just before six and you are backed up now at least to the foot of the maze as more cars are flowing the east shore freeway. you can see that here on the maps. we were seeing the back up conseven traited out of hercules. now it's slow beyond that point. they are just canceled that traffic alert. things need to recover through there. still a 44 minute travel time westbound from highway 4 to the maze. your drive along highway 4 a busy one. almost 53 minutes it looks like from antioch to 80. pass commute over an hour now from 205 toward 680. just a heads up, couple things for public transit if are you taking bart the red line is out of service. we were dealing muni delays. things now clear it.
6:50 am
was affecting the t3rdrd line. things getting back on track. it is due to a tree talker down on the tracks at third and 26. i got the update from muni and things getting back on track. give it time for getoback on tr well and delay as long 808. especially as you head away from that castro valley y area. san jose airport is rolling out a new way to help people with mobilitc challenges. >> new self powered driving chair also get people to where they need to go. all the user needs to do is select the gate number on the screen, sit back and relax. pretty cool. >> that's really neat. >> you can make detours too to get that $20 bag of cashews before you head to the gate. >> yep. all the snacks. >> all the things. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news. >> teachers confront the superintendent.
6:51 am
they are angry at the district after going without pay for weeks. and the emergency in the tenderlo," n not extended in san francisco. what it all means for the neighborhood. we are also getting you set for march madness. go to to make your picks
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taking at i live look at kyiv, ukraine right now. it is still under ukrainian control but russian forces have continued their attacks. in the meantime the prime ministers of the czech republic and poland are going there right now to meet with the president to show their support. we got video of a brutal attack
6:55 am
this was on an apartment biling. at least four died. with got new numbers -- 600 residential buildings have been destroyed since the war started. the president is going virtual congress tomorrow asking for more help. new figure from the un, more than 3 million people have left ukraine. for safety in other countries. back to you. outside of san francisco, where teachers have vowed to sue the district if they don't fix this payroll problem soon. since january they say they have received partial pay or no pay at all. they are angry and frustrated because there is a problem with the district's new payroll system and its been that way for months. they rallied outside district head quarters and then went inside to confront the
6:56 am
superintendent. that's where the superintendent apologizes, acknowledging these teachers should not have to do this just to get paid. the union president said that the problem must be fixed by wednesday. another 15 school district work res working to fix this problem. we will see how the district solves it. in san francisco. this week the mayor is expected to let the state of emergency expire. according to the chronicle there will continue to be street cleaning and outreach to help people. we remember the mayor made the announcement many december in o number of overdose deaths. one of the reason reasons was to accelerate getting help to those who needed shelter and treatment.
6:57 am
that included the linkage center. designed to connect people with the city's existing resources. between the center and street outreach more than 400 people have been moved in to some kind of shelter. now on the agenda for today's meeting is a hearing where they are expected to talk about some of the progress that has been made since the state of emergency was declared. in the newsroom. let's look at the roadways rights noww. redealing wet weather today which means some very busy travel times, westbound 580. 205 to 680. almost an hour for the ride. the east shore freeway still on the mend -- the travel time, westbound from hercules. you have the back up at the bay bridge with the metering lights on. it's a slow crawl into san francisco. golden gate bridge. we are seeing slow -- and the
6:58 am
san mateo bridge getting busy westbound. more rainy lenses to share with you. coming right across -- it makes sense. so, 880, 82, that's for the right lane. by late morning, does not rain until saturday. we have another rain maker coming in. as we get into saturday. first half of the weekend. >> thank you. an app has -- pet owner was safe and private spaces for
6:59 am
their dogs to play. for their dogs to explore. they charge five to $20 an hour and keep 840% of the profits. >> it started as something i just thought my wife and i needed. it turns out this is something that i actually think is relevant for every dog owner. the need for safe and private exercise for dogs. >> california is one of the most popular locations. there are spaces for rent and dozens of cities across the bay area. >> what a great idea. >> yeah. i love it. love the name too. >> right? >> if you live in the city you need that extra space. really nice. >> don't forget the news continues all day on cbs news bay area. >> cbs mornings is up next. let's go live to castro valley where nurses picking over health and safety. the this is one of about 15 pickets across northern california and nurses hope to raise awareness about short
7:00 am
staffing, workplace violence and pandemic readiness. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to you, our viewers on the west coast, on this tuesday. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >>'m vladimir duthiers. >> nat off. vlad is here. here's today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. a push for global support. president zelenskyy prepares to address congress as the u.s. issues a warning to china. >> we have communicated very clearly we will not allow any country to compensate russia for its losses. agents working in washington, d.c., arresting the man


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