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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 21, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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emotional journey to get to this point. >> they are literally ripping off the band-aid. i'm bleeding all over here. >> reporter: sherry malta donna has been waiting patiently. it's been 7 1/2 years since her son, ronnie jr. was stabbed to death in the mission district. >> it's not fair. let's get these cases moved up. let's get them out the way, because these families should not have to go through what i've been through. >> reporter: soon after police released a surveillance video in 2000 14, luis and javier gutierrez were charged with a homicide. of your terrace scheduled a plea deal and is scheduled to be sentenced later this month. today's the first day luis gutierrez, who is on trial for stabbing goodman 39 times. >> it means a lot to me. a big part of my life. >> reporter: it's not uncommon for homicide cases to get delayed before trial. prosecutors say courtroom
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availability has been severely limited during the pandemic. >> i can't really explain why a case takes as long as it does to get to trial. too many factors and variables. but, this is a case that needs to be tried. it is time, it is time for the victims family to get justice, the victim to get justice, it's time for there to be accountability. >> reporter: the san francisco's das office says have been pushing for more trials to move forward with homicide cases taking top priority. goodman's family is hoping this long wait for a trial is the path to a long sentence. >> for me, not being able to do the things that my brother is not able to do. he is not here. so, we are his voice. >> reporter: the defense says this was not murder nor torture but there was active self- defense after gutierrez was provoked, opening statements were made today as well as one witness called to the stand. this family says they will be here each step of the way. live in san francisco, kenny
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choi, kpix 5. >> thank you so much. three buildings destroyed after a fire breaks out in a tiny home village in oakland. this all happened near east 12th street and second avenue, just south of lake merritt this morning. here's a look at the aftermath from chopper five. you can see piles of charred debris where some tiny homes once stood. that village opened in november, firefighters say there are no injuries, but five people now without a place to live, crews are to getting the exact cause of the fire. a massive street cleanup now underway in oakland. crews there began removing a sprawling homeless encampment. the focus is along high street near home depot. this evening it is not clear what will happen to the people who made it there. john ramos has more on that story. >> reporter: businesses near the home depot on oakland have complained for years about all the trash from the homeless and came in here and today was cleanup day. even some of the people who live here say it needed to be done. >> reporter: alameda avenue
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near the entrance to home depot has been a magnet for homeless rv dwellers for years but every time the city cleans them out, they return within months and the trash generated from the streets and sidewalks is breathtaking. today, they closed the street for what was being called a deep cleaning. >> the deep cleaning is a push to the reset button. we are not evicting anybody, we are just helping them get rid of some of the overflow. >> reporter: according to the city, a few rvs at the end of the street were being removed to allow pg&e access to electrical equipment, but some residents say the original order was for everyone to pack up and leave. >> they were telling everybody that. a couple of people decided to call the news and see if we can get some help. looks like somebody helped. >> how did things change after that? >> we are able to stay >> we all grown.
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got to take care of our surroundings. >> reporter: a city worker told us the rvs will be permitted to return. city councilmember noel gallegos says that is not the plan at all. >> are these people planning to come back? >> based on the businesses that are here, we will not allow them to come back. the law is very clear. no parking at any time. what we want to do, and what we have done in other locations like this, we create those big cement barriers. >> reporter: the 27 acre parcel including this old factory has been purchased to become a major industrial development. he says the city has promised the landowner that the encampment would be cleared out
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once and for all. so, after the garbage is removed, the rv campers may be the next to go. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the city says they residents have been offered housing and councilmember dyess says they are looking for a place to relocate those rvs, but that location. a car has just crashed into a building or sentences go, this happened near turk and roderick street half an hour ago. citizen video shows the red car smashed against the brick building, there. as you can see, first responders and firefighters are on the scene. police have taped off the street and are redirecting traffic right now. chopper five is on the way to the crash site. we will bring you updates as we get them. now to the latest from ukraine. the country is rejecting an ultimatum to surrender the hard- hit city of mary opal. russia is intensifying attacks on key cities. >> and you drone videos showing the scale of the damage caused by shelling at a shopping
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district in tf. at least eight people killed in this attack. russia claims the shopping center was being used to store weapons. the u.s. lays the blame squarely on russia's feet. new surveillance video shows troops opening fire on the occupied city of verizon. the city in its fourth week has displaced an estimated 10 million ukrainians. >> the russian government continues to wage its unprovoked and brutal war in ukraine. each day brings more harrowing attacks, more innocent men, women, and children killed. >> in the hard-hit port city of mariupol, russia has offered civilians the chance to leave and extent for surrender. the southern city is becoming increasingly isolated but overall, the russian invasion is largely stalled. president biden spoke with european leaders by phone for nearly one hour ahead of his
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trip this week to belgian. as we look live at the white house, the president gave his most prominent warning yet about potential russian cyber attacks against the u.s. there are no specific plans for attacks, but president biden cited evolving intelligence that russia is exploring options for targeting critical infrastructure. >> the message we have gotten from the government and from researchers is that our electric grid, the water supplies, everything we have hooked up to the internet, including gps could be attacked. what they need to do is make sure that it is as safe as possible. when they raised the alarm, it is because they may believe that something might happen. >> the u.s. is a advocating citizens and companies defend themselves from cyber attacks including use of defect ratification and encrypted data. tune in tonight for our
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special report standing with ukraine. is at 7:30 on our streaming service, cbs news bay area. >> for information on how you can help the people of ukraine we have a link at the top of our website, live look at capitol hill with confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee judge ketanji brown jackson. debra alfarone has more on how she is introducing herself to the nation. >> reporter: judge ketanji brown jackson has talked about how she is dedicating her career to making sure that the words that are engraved on the door as you walk into the supreme court as they say, equal justice on the law are a reality and not just an idea. >> reporter: judge ketanji brown jackson are introduced herself to the family, with tears and smiles.
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>> unlike the many barriers my family had to face growing up, my path was clearer. if i worked hard and i believed in myself, in america, i could do anything, or be anything i wanted to be. >> the first black woman in its long past time. >> reporter: delving into topics that will likely be held for questioning. >> the argument steve made representing people who have committed terrorist acts against the united states. >> the court is considering a woman's fundamental right to control her own body. >> united states versus hawkins was a child pornography case. prosecutors recommended 24 months in prison. judge jackson gave the defendant three months in prison.
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>> reporter: judge jackson currently sits on the dc circuit court of appeals. she has also been a district judge, a public defender, and has served on the u.s. sentencing commission. >> is confirmed, i commit to you, that i will work productively to support and defend the constitution. >> reporter: outside, black law students cheered judge jackson on. for them, her nomination is personal. >> it means i can achieve anything i want to achieve. >> reporter: democrats hope to wrap up the confirmation process next month. >> reporter: today was like a teaser. tomorrow, the arguments get longer, the questions get more pointed and the day starts earlier and there will be another repeat on wednesday. ryan? >> thank you very much. reporting live from washington, d.c. you can watch judge jackson's full opening statement on our website at coming up at 5:30, bay area high school students reflect on how the historic nomination to
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x a experts say the refinery produces gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. there is no real six. i think it is, the same with us as most blue-collar workers around the nation, we are tired of seeing corporations take advantage of the profits made off our back. >> reporter: chevron sent us a statement saying, quote, we believe our contract offer is fair, repetitive and responsive to usw concerns. we have negotiated for months, reaching two tentative agreements and were ready to
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continue discussions. chevron also says it is fully prepared to continue normal operations and do not anticipate any issues maintaining a reliable supply of product to the market. members of united steel workers local five say roughly 100 workers were bused from the plant, and replaced with nonunion workers. >> that worries us greatly. it's a very collocated system that we have been trained on. years of training, annual training, and we are concerned for the people of richmond and the environment. >> reporter: the union encouraged chevron to return to the bargaining table. chevron said it would. there is still hope. >> i love my members so much, but i know they will deal with it. >> reporter: experts say this could have an impact on your wallet when you go to the gas pump depending on how long this lasts. kpix 5 news. investigators are looking into a house fire in san leandro. alameda county fire tweeted videos of the flames shooting from the home near garcia and
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lexington avenue about 3:00 this morning. to people in the home have been displaced and the red cross is helping them. no one in the house or any firefighters were injured. one person was injured after a freight train carrying lumber derailed in san bernardino county. this happened near colton off the 10 freeway. take a look at the aftermath. the derailed train sent 13 railcars and three locomotives off the tracks. union pacific says one of the cars carrying wood caught on fire. crews were able to put out the fire. union pacific says a contractor was hurt as crews worked to clear the tracks. getting new details on a plane crash in southern china. none of the passengers survived. video shows emergency teams rushing to the scene of the crash. the aircraft lost contact with controllers an hour into the flight. witnesses reported seeing the plane falling nose first from the sky before slamming into the mountain. it happened in a rural area. the boeing 737 800 was
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delivered to china eastern airlines back in 2015. it have been flying for more than six years. because of that crash is still under investigation. the federal reserve chair says bigger rate hikes might be necessary to fight inflation. it comes less than a week after the agency raised rates for the first time since 2018. the feds message led to a volatile day on wall street. the dow fell 200 points, breaking a five-day winning streak. the nasdaq was down 55 and the s&p closed down about two points. >> as we check in with brian hackney we look at the forecast. wall street is falling but our temperatures are going up. >> are you adjusting a correlation? >> yes. >> [ laughter ] probably not. >> we call it the ryan theory of inverse economic meteorologist correlations. >> in fact it is working, because the numbers will be near record territory tomorrow. if you are away from the shoreline. first this, the view of the skyline, as we look out to the
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going golden gate bridge, concord at 77 degrees, 18 degrees above average in the forecast for concorde. oakland, 64, livermore, 74 degrees percent and cisco at 61. the closer you get to the shoreline, the cooler it is. santa rosa right now has 80 degrees. 24 hour change says the numbers are going up. while it has been exactly the same in palo alto from 5:00 yesterday to 5:00 today, in santa rosa it is 9 degrees warmer. half moon bay warmer, and a degrees warmer out at concord. in the headlines, it will get warm. mostly clear skies tonight. a few days past full it will be today's into the 80s inland. it will stay dry this week. it might actually get wet again , and it might not. we will see. in the meantime, at least things might change. as high-pressure as offshore, the numbers come up.
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wins will be a factor in the forecast. right now we have strong wind along the shoreline in the northerly direction. that is par for the course. fairly windy finish to the day and while the wind will tend offshore for part of tomorrow, it's a pretty good offshore component. you would think it would be like it is in september and october where we get offshore wind drying out. it really warms up along the coastline. but, that will not be the case tomorrow because we will shift to a seabreeze by the time we get into the afternoon hours. half moon bay is going on shore by the time we get toward 5:00. temperatures along the coastline will remain mild, in the 60s, but everybody else will come up into the 80s. that it does put us up near record territory. the heat is out, allergens are
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up, so if you have allergies, you will find out in the next three or four days. it doesn't look good if you suffer for allergies. tonight, overnight lows will be warmer than we saw two nights ago. 10 to 15 degrees warmer with readings overnight in the 50s. then record highs in richmond, oakland, in san jose, in santa rosa and redwood city. 70s and 80s, that is all it takes to bused records but by this time tomorrow night we will be talking about that. in the meantime we will talk about this. the specific forecast highs for tomorrow, with cupertino at 82 degrees, and, we will be seeing 83 at san jose. over in union city, 80 degrees, 76 at san mateo. in the east bay tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the mid-80s. 84 degrees at concord, and temperatures will be in the 80s as well as northbay. santa rosa up to 85 degrees. n llvaey and 78 at richmond. in terms of fog and low clouds, none. looks like it will be clear
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tonight, warming ukiah, 84, 86 at cloverdale and 87 in st. helena. readings in the 70s in big cities, close to the shoreline, sunday and monday, though, looks like there is a chance coming in. inland it will be warm. if you are along the coast, you would want to bundle up. look at that, only in the 50s thursday and friday. a mild week, tuesday and wednesday we get another bit of warmer weather. tuesday night it cools down. >> maybe some rain. >> maybe is the operative word, but it does not look like things will change. so, we will get out of the hot weather by the time we get to saturday and sunday. >> we will see what that does to the stock market. >> okay. >> thanks. march madness coming to chase center this week.
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y sweet 16 games are such a big deal for san francisco. looks like a scene from the dukes of hazard. the search for people involved in a crazy tesla stunt which is going viral. coming up on our streaming service cbs news bay area, the newest omicron sub variant could be the dominant strain here in the u.s. in less than a month. a stanford infectious disease specialist will detail how another potential surge could prepare to for the last one. >> watch our
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federal health officials plan to meet early next month to talk about the possible need for more covid-19 booster shots. considering a process for selecting boosters aimed at specific variants. another key question is whether vaccines could become like annual shots. for example, those for the flu. the meeting on april 6th include the fda, cdc, and national institutes of health. oakland unified school district will loosen its outdoor mask mandate today with
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the first day students and staff did not have to wear masks outdoors on campus. the district has taken a slower approach to lifting restrictions. the district says masks will still be needed inside at least through april 15th. oakland unified have said they are keeping the indoor mandate over the rise of cases after spring break which starts in early april. madness is descending on san francisco. march madness. i'm andria borba in chase center with why the sweet 16 is such a big deal for the city. watching history unfold in living color. i'm devin fehely. coming up, we will hear from students and get their perspective on this historic supreme court confirmation hearing. also, new information on ♪ ♪ thousands of women with
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now at 5:30, an update on our breaking news. one person is injured after a car crashes into a building in san francisco. this is new video from the ground. it happened near turk street and roderick about an hour ago. you can see this red suv on the sidewalk of the street. the front of the car is completely smashed. crews say they used the jaws of life to rescue the driver trapped inside that car. chopper five was over the scene a few minutes ago. a tow truck has removed the red suv from the building. you can see the damage done. the fire department says the
5:30 pm
driver has been taken to a trauma center for serious injuries. new at 5:30, we are hearing more about what it took to pull off this dramatic rescue in the east bay. a man stuck in a storm drain for days. watching history unfold, bay area high school students reflect on the confirmation hearings of judge ketanji brown jackson. >> our top story at 5:30, a live look at chase center. the arena is soon to be filled with thousands of screaming college best of all fans. that is good news for san francisco. good evening, i'm sara donchey. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. march madness is coming to the city later this week. we had two games for thursday. the first between number one ranked gonzaga bulldogs in fourth-seeded arkansas razorbacks, and then the duke blue devils played the third- seeded red raiders of texas tech. >> while the action may take place on the court. >> the last time the men's tona


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