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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  March 28, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news. bay area looking live from our sales force tower camera this morning. east over the bay bridge. good morning. it's monday, march 28th. >> time to get a check on our monday morning traffic and weather. >> it rained. >> we are not done. it's going to keep going. it started last night around sunset and will go through much of today. plan on the possibility for at least some on again, off again showers, pretty much for the rest of today. hi-def doppler, the rain is widespread and to show you how much we have gotten, we picked up almost three quarters in the north bay. that's not a bad night's work. it's like a 10th of an inch south of the golden gate. we are going to add to the
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totals. see where the rain is working through the east bay up and down 880 and 680, 580, where we are going to have the windshield wipers on now and over the next few hours. the showers will be thrown into the bay for the morning commute. let's get to gianna franco. we are seeing hot spots, a few vehicles spinning out. no lanes blocked. that's good news if you are on the freeway, most lanes are open on the major freeways and bridges. we are dealing with the slick surfaces. a live look at the golden gate. be careful as you hit the roadways this morning. san mateo, traffic is moving at at the limit. bay bridge, things are quiet. metering lights are off. not lot of of cars on the roadway, that's helping traffic. as that morning commute ramps up and that rain continues, we
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might see a completely different story in the 6:00 hour. we will keep a close eye on the freeways. 880, watch your speeds. the pass commute 29 minutes, 205 to 680. no delays on the east shore. some are asking whether the rain we are seeing the finally enough to put a deputy in northern california's extreme drought. kenny choi has more from the north bay. >> reporter: this area has been seeing a decent amount of rain over the last couple of hours and much needed. it's the end of the wet season that's the condition. gray skies for the day, turning into a long awaited downpour as withering plants and trees get relief. >> this is storm is not an atmospherer river but it will bring beneficial rain to our area considering we were so dry in january and february.
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>> reporter: reservoirs will benefit, in dire straits last year are nearly full again after historic rainfall towards the end of 2021. >> we are not going to be complacent and say we are at 92% full so everything is great. >> reporter: the latest california drought monitor map shows last fall 88% of counties were in extreme or exceptional drought. 37million of the population are in drought areas. >> we can't sigh there is an emergency any longer. we can't be complaisant about supply and declare the brought passed. >> reporter: the emphasis is conservation. gallons used has dropped significantly over the last 15 years according to water officials. the storm could be the last soaking for a while as the wet season comes to an end in days.
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>> unfortunately march, january and february, we are dry and march hasn't been that impressive either. >> reporter: kenny choi, kpix 5. east bay congressman eric wallwell callington government to do more to help ukraine, accepting refugees and coordinating the fighter jets. >> we can do more. we have to go the ladder of what lethal aid we can provide. >> that was part of the five- davis to it even europe and met reef gees at the border, and encouraged people to donate to nonprofits helping ukrainians. support continues to grow throughout the bay area. people came together at the crissy field to stand unified against the war. attendees line field with empty
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strollers and car seats to represent the children who have been killed in the violence demanding stronger military support to defend ukrainians. for information on how you can help the people of ukraine, we have the link at san jose police are investigating two separate shootings, both happened on east sap carlos not far from san jose state, one involved a police officer and the other left one man dead. people who live in the neighborhood are rattled. >> i wasn't surprised but when you see police, it's concerning. we don't know what the led to both incidents. we still don't know if they are connected. >> the man is excepted to make a full recovery and the victim in the fatal shooting marks the fourth homicide of the year. police are asking for help to identify a vehicle and opinion
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of interest in connection to homicide. robert craw todd was walking home and shot and killed. crawford's brother is speaking out. >> looked up and down 35th avenue. he would do that before he stated his job at 2:00 a.m. we are in a state of shock. we had the funeral. that was a part of the closure. the next piece of closure would be his killer or killers being located. >> police are asking for the public's help to identify a vehicle of interest in this case. this maroon honda crv was seen leaving with two people inside. police say this man was the passenger inside that vehicle, officers say he is a person of interest in crawford's death and they are working to id him. you can head to our website a shooting investigation is underway in the east bay.
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video shows police cars and fire trucks outside of the am f pinole leaps bowling alley off of i-80. one car could be seen with a broken out window and unclear if the car was hit in the shooting. police have not released information about suspects or victims but there is no threat to the public at this time. coming up here and streaming on cbs news bay area, the moment everyone is talking about online and in-person this morning, the joke chris rock made that prompted will smith to smack him across the face during the oscars. plus how the city of walnut creek is fighting to make a temporary solution to a pandemic issue permanent.
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temporary parklets helped restaurants stay afloat during the pandemic officials are doing what they can to keep them for good. park let, permits were being handed out for free. they want to keep them out in front of the restaurants, they will come at a cost. >> they were provided on a free basis, going forward, this permanent outdoor dining will come at a cost for the restaurants. >> places in walnut creek, in general, would have gone down if it one for parklets like this keeping us alive. >> according to the mayoring the city generates $7000 a year from parking meters, the number planning to make that from the fees. time for the money watch report. president biden about to announce a tax on the
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wealthiest households. >> reporter: stocks were mixed to close out last week, the dow gained 153 points, nasdaq fell 22. s&p rose 22. president biden expected to propose a minimum 20% tax on households worth $100 million, .01% of americans. the white house budget office says it would slash the deficit by $1 trillion over the next decade. the proposal is likely to face opposition in congress. 50,000 grocery workers in california are ready to go on strike if union negotiations stall. employees are involved, talks are set to resume wednesday, if those break down the union says it will decide what steps to take next. elon musk is considering
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starting his own social media platform. the space x and tesla founder said he is giving serious thought it. he has gotten himself into trouble with tweets and claimed twitter muffles free speech. more more head to i'm diane king hall. hollywood's biggest night was back in full form following the pandemic. it wasn't the awards that has everyone talking. >> it was an unscripted moment between will smith and chris rock. he slapped rock across the face. the moment lit up social media with many wondering if it was real or more great acting from will smith. it was 100% real. after all of that, the show continued with smith going on to accept the award for best
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actor. >> reporter: the oscar goes to coda. the story of aspiring singer from a deaf family won the oscar for best picture. >> i want to thank the academy for recognizing a movie of love and family on this difficult time. >> reporter: the oscar for best actor went to will smith for king richard. >> i'm called on in my life r rushing the stage minutes earlier and slapping comedian chris rock after he made a joke about smith's wife. >> art imitates life. i look like the crazy father. i look like a crazy father, just like what they said about richard williams. love will make you do crazy things.
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>> reporter: jessica chesstrain won the best actor for the eyes of tammy fay. >> i want you to know that you are unconditionally loved. >> reporter: jane has become the third woman in history to win the award for best director for the power of the dog. >> i love directing because it's a deep dive into story. >> reporter: the biggest night kicked off with a testimony form from one of music's biggest stars. the show featured three hosts. >> this year the academy hired three women to host, because it's cheaper than hiring one man. >> reporter: the second deaf person to win an oscar, best supporting actor for his performance in the film coda. >> this is dedicated to the deaf community, this is our moment. >> reporter: the anita in west side story. >> in this weary world that we
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live in. dreams do come true. >> reporter: pausing for a mom of silence honoring the people of ukraine. [no audio]
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doesn't mean you are out of this. you got the best of the rain overnight. where it's raining now, let's bring this ahead and stop it on the last rain there. we can see the brighter colors showing up, over the east bay, down to around freemont, some of the better rain, moving up 880, from freemont working up toward hayward, consistent for the last 30 minutes and staying on 80 up into oakland. it's raining over here as well. up and down 680 or 580 and you will vewindpers going. north bay is quiet. through the morning, on again, off again showers stay with us.
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there will be more time today when you are not getting rained on than when you are. what is interesting about the afternoon, some could come in form of an isolated thunderstorm, that's possible past noon today. when you add it up, how much rain are we going of to get and it rains 2/10th. the bulk came overnight. we keep a few scattered showers going on and off throughout the rest of today. getting ready to step outside, in aation to having that umbrella, you don't need the heavy jacket. everybody is in the low to mid 50s. it feels good to get outside. highs, in the same place today with numbers coming up into the low to mid-60s for about the entire bay area. we will see that in our seven day forecast. low 60s for san francisco, oakland and san jose. in the mid-70s for san jose by
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the time we get to 70s. low to mid-60s today for everybody with scattered showers, sunshine and low to mid-70s for our warmer spots by the weekend. let's look at the roadways, it did feel warmer than it looked out there, it doesn't feel so cold. hitting the roadways, 880, a crash, north of where this camera, near the colosseum. couple of cars tangled up. one vehicle spun out on the off ramp. activity blocking that ramp to northbound 880, exiting off of the freeway. word of another crash westbound 80 at cutting boulevard, this one is blocking the two right lanes and a couple of cars involved. dealing with the slick surfaces. be careful on the roadway. there is a spin out on eastbound 80 near travis and a
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trouble spot 87 northbound, at capital expressway. hopefully they will clear this quickly. dealing with rainy weather this morning. bay bridge, metering lights are off. traffic is moving at the limit, over into san francisco, getting busy for the ride into the pass, monday morning, the super commuter is in full swing. 205 towards 680. the brake lights building out of tracy. it gets busy to north flint. past that point, there is a trouble spot reported, westbound 580 at isabelle avenue. no word if any lanes are blocked but this is an area where we see lots of cars for the morning commute and a trouble spot, 101 at the lawrence expressway off ramp. be careful as you exit the freeway. you may have noticed special decorations on embarcadero, bloom sf, a spring celebration, the mayor is planning events
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and activities around the city trying to draw people into downtown. messages of love at the ferry building making for a great photo op and one of the displays outside of the hyatt. grand prix took over the bay over the weekend, bringing in thousands of spectators. it looked like a breeze for the champions who held on to their title. >> the repeat is now complete, two time sail gp champions in san francisco. >> the australian team is taking home a $1 million prison coming out on top overjapan and the u.s. a whale forced the competition to stop at one point. australia held on, the american boat was damaged in a clash with a spanish crew. still ahead, streaming for you on cbs news bay area, comes down to four, the morning
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sports and a look at the teams moving on in the ncaa tournament.
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in case you missed it yesterday, wow, what a long, heavy day in sports. we start with a 94-foot floor, the basketball court. peacock, st. peters, one win away from the final four. butch lee, tears of joy watching his son matthew play for the peacocks. brady from deep. carolina scored 9 points and took control of the game. st. peters couldn't score. caleb love, between the defenders. look at it again. thing of beauty. carolina led this final 38-19 at the half. 20 points and 22 rebounds.
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peacocks unravel. tarheels never trailed, won it by 20, 69-29. >> they hang their hat on punching times in the mouth, being the underdog. we had to let them know what is going to happen tonight. >> i can't wait until they run out of that tunnel and it's 80,000 watching them play. i know what they are going to see and experience. we are scheduled to leave on wednesday. i would like to leave tonight. i want to get there tonight. >> he shocked the world. you got guys that's going to be remembered for things that they can tell the kids and grand kids. this is a story within the story. they came in and made history, playing blank, period. st. peters did it. i'm ending on that. st. peters made it to the elite 8. >> expected to take the job at seaten hall in the other regional final, miami had its
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hands full with number one kansas. jim offered this scouting report on the jay hawks. >> these guys living in the paint, driving the ball to the paint. my question to you is who is going to be thefit to put his body on the line and take the charge, charge. >> that energy translated for miami early. cam, 16 point in the first half. the u up 6 at the break. second half, different story, kansas mccormick, threw it down and scored 15 and christian brawn, brought from deep, kansas took the lead for good. cue the rock, chalk, jay hawks spit. miami had no answers for this kind of attack. led canses with 18. jay hawks outscored miami 4 7- 15 at the second half. they won it 76-50 and headed
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back to the final four. it will be kansas and villanova in the first national semi final next saturday in new orleans, followed by duke and north carolina, both the blue devils and jay hawks are early four-point favorites. >> if you like thatting we are coming back later in the day with more sports content. coming up, streaming on cbs news, bay area, back to the negotiating table, the next round of talks happening today between russia and ukraine, the push for peace. plus the need for help in ukraine, the call for assistance from an east bay congressman.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. streaming on cbs news, bay area, russian and ukrainian officials getting ready for another round of talks. the hopes for progress. the pub from an east bay copman to get more help to ukraine this morning. >> a post spring break covid surge. the steps taken by california soon. parklets here to stay but it's coming with a cost. >> it's monday march 28th. >> a live look outside, we are seeing plenty of wet roadways, the rain has been coming down for several hours nowing raindropses you can see on our tower cameras this morning. >> let's get a check of weather in a second to see if it's going to be a messy commute on this monday. it is good to see the rain. it is great to see the rain. i was looking at the totalswe


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