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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  March 29, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. right now on kpix5 we are giving you a live look outside from our mark hopkins camera. are you looking south. you can see the fog over the city. it's tuesday, march 29th. let's get a check on weather and traffic tuesday morning. >> that fog is the issue. typical we get the rain and then the next day the fog. it's widespread in the north bay valleys today. definitely looks that way when you look at the scene from treasure island. you can bare he will see the tops of the buildings. as we switch our view and take a look at current numbers it's in the low to mid50's for most locations. that's actually pretty comfortable to start the day. the visibility readings will show us the north bay valleys have an issue. we are down to about a mile. maybe even less in places. about ten mile visibility for most of the rest of the bay. this will burn off by the time we get to noon today and it'll
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be a good-looking day with plenty of sun for inland locations by the afternoon. daytime highs today, climbing well in to the upper 6o's which is a little below average. we are getting toward the 1st of april. those days are coming. i will show you the seven day forecast with warmer numbers in a bit. for now let's get over to gianna. we are off to a decent start. that's the advantage of having to wake up early and get out the door. are you not seeing too many issues on the roadways. most of the bridges look like this. now the san mateo brick off to a great start. no delays about a 12 minute commute between 880 and 101. here is a look at travel times no. brake lights as of yet for super commuters. take will start pretty quicklwe
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east shore freeway clear. highway 4 and 101. look at all the green we are seeing on the sensors. yesterday with that wet weather it was a much different story. today not the case. peace talks underway between russia and ukraine. ukrainian president said his country would consider an agreement for peace but the kremlin said there have been no breakthroughs. ukrainian intelligence officials believe russia wants to split the nation in two. yesterday the president stood by a chant he made that putin cannot remain in power. some are worried those words could escalate the war and putin may use it as propaganda. >> i wasn't then nor am i now calling for a policy change. i was expressing the moral outrage i feel. >> he said he doesn't believe
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anything that anyone says has much of an impact on the russian leader that putin doesn't listen to his own advisers. a live look at the state capitol where a bill to extend expiring pandemic protections for california renters is a step closer to the governor's desk. andrea reports that it lacks the support of two bay area lawmakers. >> the bill would give those renter who have applied for state and federal help with their rent a three month extension on the eviction moratorium. that portion of the bill is necessary. >> allows people who have already applied for rent relief and are waiting to be paid -- continues to protect them for another three months. i support that and it's very important. >> it'll end the moratorium's for most the state including san francisco where 62% are
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renters because of language about when they were put in. >> los angeles and oakland and alameda can enforce theirs but san francisco can't. >> tenants activists say the bill is not enough. >> we think this bill is deeply unfair. you know there is no extension of the rent relief program. >> 1.6 million households are still in danger of eviction. the east bay rental housing association said its time to repeal the moratorium and that concerns about massey convictions are over blown. >> we haven't seen dramatic evidence of the tsunami of evictions. i think we will continue as an industry to work with our renters and work with our residents. you know those who are really experiencing hardships. if you haven't already the time to apply for rent relief is right now. >> it's really important is
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that folk that need assistance, that have struggled during the pandemic, you know go head and reach out and try to get that assistance now. >> that was andrea reporting. go to housing is it should take about 30 to 40 minutes to fill out. a republican led effort to temporarily lift california's gas tax has been defeated at the state capitol. bay area prices are the a record high. the average price $5.94. it's lower in oakland at $5.87. happening today in san jose police will hold a news conference to discuss a shooting by one of its officers. the sgpd posted body camera and surveillance images of an officer responding to a brawl inside a restaurant on sunday. you can see a man with a gun in his hand. police later shot and injured him. the mercury news saying that man may have taken the gun away
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from another man threatening people with it. in the brawl captured on the restaurant security cameras. developing news this morning on a mysterious overseas hacking group tar getting major tech companies. sarah reports the fbi is asking the public for help tracking them down. >> fbi san francisco said that a hacking group came on the scene in january 2022 and has been stealing company's data, threatening to leak it unless the company pays a ransom in bit coin. >> the fbi stance is we don't think they should pay it. even if you pay the ransom a lot of times what happens is they ask for a second ransom and they may still leak the ternet. l the second reason is that even if you pay it you are probably more likely to be hacked in the future. >> information the hackers can
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take hostage can include software programming like source code, e-mails or customer information. the fbi would not say which companies were hit but tech crunch gives moto and wire volunteered reported that octa was targeted and invidia who said it was aware that information had been leaked online back in february and has hardened its network and told law enforcement. last week octa apologized on it's website for not letting customers know about the hack sooner and wrote that the company can reached out to customer who were affected by the breach that happened in january. the fbi is soliciting help from the public and say the reason why the group has been hard to catch is they aren't based in united states. >> we do not believe that any of the hackers are in russia. we are trying to work with our international law enforcement partners to figure out exactly where the people are and to
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bring them to justice. a live looka capitol hill. the house committee investigating the capitol attack has recommended criminal contempt charges for two former trump advisers. peter navarro was trump's one prime trade adviser. the other was the white house deputy chief of staff. that after they outlined how both men evaded investigators. the announcement came on the same day that a judge said it is more likely than not that trump committed crimes related to the 2020 election. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area for years emergency crews in one of the most fire prone parts of the bay area have been operating out of a closet. now that's finally about to change. and will smith apologizing for that oscar night slap that stunned the entertainment world. the latest fall
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time for the money watch report. peace talks between russia and ukraine are resuming today and fedex getting a new ceo. stocks moved higher to start the week. on monday the dow added 94, the nasdaq jumped 185, the s&p500 gained 32. investors continue to monitor the situation between russia and ukraine. peace talks resume today between the two nations. so far the negotiations have had little success other than establishing human humanitarian corridors for refugees. disney said it'll fight florida's new law, hb15.57 also known as the don't say gay bill. the governor signed it into law yesterday. is for bids fox on sexual
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orientation in kindergarten through third grade. disney vowed to work to repeal the law. the founder of fedex is stepping down as ceo. fred smith who started the shipping company in 1971 will become executive chairman. in a statement smith said he wants to focus on sustainability, and public policy. taking over is the coo who has been with fedex since 1991. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money at the broadcast center. this morning will smith apologizes after the slap heard around the world. we are in los angeles with new fall out from the oscar night shocker. >> wow.
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wow. will smith just smacked smacked the [bleep] out of me. >> smith posted on instagram apologizing for the incident. a joke about ja da's medical condition was too much for me to bear. he said i would like to apologize, i was out of line and i was wrong. the shocking moment came after chris rock made a joke about smith's wife who shaved her head because of alpocea. an hour later smith won his first oscar for the film king richard. he seemed to defend his actions. >> love will make you do crazy things. >> on monday the cad my
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condemned the out outburst and said it will investigate the incident. >> chris rock declined to file a police report. this morning the governor is ordering cities and local water districts to come up with more ways to conserve as the state faces a deepening drought. he has also directed the board on considering a ban on watering ornamental grass. as we head into summer one fire prove bay area city is getting a million dollar cash infusion to improve its emergency response. andrea has that story. >> this building here will be the new home of the emergency operation center in the city of santa rosa. it's hard to believe. for years the eo, credit has been operating in and out of a
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closet. this is what santa rosa's emergency operations center looks like right now. many of the supplies are stashed away in a closet. >> we can no longer operate where we are setting up out of a box. we need to have a permanent home this is a step in the right direction. >> since 2017 santa oosa has activated it's eoc13 times and it's not just in the summer. during devastating fires such as a tubs that killed more than 20 people and burned down roughly 3,000 homes. >> you can't underestimate what could happen. we saw that with the tubbs fire and everything that's happened since then. >> to winter storms. >> this million dollar funding source will let us improve the system. have a permanent home, a permanent set up. >> the funding is coming from the president's spending bill which congressman mike thompson helped secure more than $10 million for his district. money that will go to save
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lives and homes. during disasters eoc's spring into action to alert the community and coordinate evacuations. >> when you look at responses to what emergency operations centers oversee, seconds and minutes count and having those systems in place ready to go and where the staff can come in, sit down and get to work will be critical. >> work on building the emergency operations center should start later this year and it should be completed in about a year and a half. in santa rosa. let get caught up on the forecast this morning. with he will look at the live camera we have from treasure island looking back at the city with plenty of clouds hiding the tops of the tours. that's nothing on the road in the north bay. it's not too widespread anywhere else. it's still a significant factor for us along 101,000 santa oosa. temperatures are warm out there. it is low 50's just about
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everywhere. it's 48 degrees in santa rosa where we are reporting fog. as we look at that map you can see the visibility readings down to about a half mile. napa you are included in this. it's pretty typical as you look at the rest the bay. we don't have any other issues on here. you can pretty much see for ten miles in most spots. if we put the future cast on which helps us see where the low clouds are, you can see them fill in the north bay valleys there and much of the bay itself. as we advance this forward things tend to pretty much melt away by the time we get into about noon today. we will see more sun in fact for the north bay valleys in particular by the time we get there and daytime highs today that will climb back in to the midand upper 50's. these numbers will be cool. they are going to be much closer to average for this time of year. okay. if we look out in to the pacific to see if there is for
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way, there isn't. the long range forecast will let us play all the way through about april 8st and the now through then none of the system has the aim to get here and we can look at it another way just to watch the map of the west coast for where it'll rain between now and april 8th. you can see it continues to rain. we don't get anything measurable here at home. looking at the seven day forecast, just a few clouds and we warm up as we get toward the end of this week by the time we get to friday, saturday and sunday we will look at daytime highs back newspaper to the mid- 70s once again for san jose and for our micro climate we will see that same story as well with the inland east bay and the north bay valleys in to the mid-70s. that's where the forecast stands for now. how does the drive look? >> much better. what a difference a day makes. yesterday that wet weather and thing was busyer at this point.
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not today. the traffic conditions pretty light. for the most part. watching the worth bay with heavier fog as darren said. 101 all clear. no delays there if are you going through marin. 1401 along the peninsula. a lot of green on the sensors. with have those slow and go conditions already starting for the drive in to the pass. westbound 205. getting onto 580 itself. you can see that red and yellow popping up here on the sensors. that means super commuters on the roadway. they are making that drive westbound toward the dublin. stay slow just about north flynn. you will see the on and off slowing. once are you past that's rest of the way moving nicely with no major snags as you head toward the dublin. if are you continuing on maybe say toward castillo valley, 30 minutes. go are you up early 13 minute
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is the travel times. westbound 80 to the maze. westbound highway 4 off to a great stesof the south bay. things moving nicely and at the limit. live look at the bay bridge. cruising in to san francisco. metering lights are off. an easy ride there and no delays at the golden gate bridge. everything is pretty quiet southbound 101 as you work onto the gold eastbound gate bridge into san francisco. looking good there. in fact most of the freeways quiet. we will see if it stays that way. straight ahead i have a giants injury, stanford's women ballers about to face an old foe and the warriors last night. that free fall in the conference not going over well. so is bad
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the warriors, best thing you can say about the five game road trip is that it's over. one in four after last night. there was the return of
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iguodala after missing 21 straight games because of his back. he got in to the game late first quarter. showed range from deep. six points in 16 minutes not going to put a dent in this game. the grizzlies out scored in the second quarter. melton did more damage. green healthy scratches. steve kerr had enough of the no calls and let referees have it. did it create a spark in no. they committed 17 turnovers. then here was steven adams in the third quarter. bucket and foul. memphis without john and it didn't hurt them. memphis winerns of five straight. won it 123-95. it got its hold on the second seed. warriors, democrat as is right behind them with six regular season games left. giants third baseman having
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surgery today. timetable is based on how the surgery comes out. logan webb, faced the bruins in phoenix. bottom of the second. here is one he would like to have back. willie back and away. duggar watched go. first of two long balls. webb gave up in four innings. the a's lost to the angels 7-2. nfl jimmy remains a 49ers. general manager yesterday said he has no plans to release him and could keep him on the roster if they can't deal him. lynch said he has not receive aid formal trade offer. women's hoops. the cardinals in spokane between 20 points spokane lexi hall advanced to their second straight final four eliminating texas this was cute. after the game the entire team front row black pants preformed
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the electric slide. they have a dance partner in friday's semi-finals. stanford fans remember gino? long time connecticut coach got the test. down three. fish seconds left. wolfpack needed a three to survive. brown turner corner pocket three. that forced a second overtime. in double overtime. yukon up two. wolfpack needed to stop. didn't get it. williams ended nc state's season there. huskies in bridge port, connecticut by the way won the game. 91-87. that is how they advance to its 14th straight final four. that's how they get to play stanford friday night. a 6:30 p.m. pacific tip from minneapolis. the other semi-final will be south carolina against louisville. by the way, connecticut beat stanford eight of the last ten meetings. let that marinate for a little bit. ly see you later. >> we aren't concerned about
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it. stanford has a really good shot. >> that's right. it has marinated. coming up, a look at the bill in the works in sacramento that could boost financial aid for college students. and the fbi working to track down the hacker group targeting prominent bay area tech companies. the unusual move from federal
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right now on k f.i.g. 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area peace talks underway between ukraine and russia. what ukraine is hoping to gain over the next few days. an fda could authorize another booster shot soon for those 50 and older. why not every health expert
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agrees. and some answers after an officer shot a man over the weekend. and a race against the clock to prevent a wave of evictions in california. good morning. it's tuesday, march 29th. >> good morning to you. so glad to have you with us. the story this morning, is the fog, you will see when you step outside. we have that rain. now the fog is here. >> yeah. the usual pattern. it's usually the north bay that's getting it worse. for most of us it'll below clouds. it'll look like a cloudy start to the day. it is down right foggy in those north bay valleys. 101 through santa rosa. you will want extra tim on the road. that's what it looks like from treasure island. temperatures range in the low 50's forst most part. 48 degrees in santa rosa. it's low 50's to start the day which we --


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