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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 31, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. we started boarding up the door, locking it, putting desks in front. >> now at 11:00. a santa clara county school sent into lockdown after a shooting involving two students. tonight, this is a sign of a bigger problem. less than an hour until the deadline to apply for rental relief or face eviction. the new warning from the attorney general to california landlords. the biden administration taking unprecedented steps in an attempt to reduce gas prices. how much could it save you and when? i am just looking forward to seeing all of the improvements. it took three years longer than expected. a major transit project. we will show you the long
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awaited improvements, good evening. tonight, one 16-year-old is in the hospital and another is under arrest. accused of shooting him just steps from a san jose high school. >> kpix5 katie neilson on the big question people are trying to answer tonight. students here were ordered to shelter in place for more than two hours today. many say it was unsettling because they did not know what was happening. >> we got an announcement to shelter in place and then we started boarding up the door, locking it. putting desks in front of the door. >> reporter: nathan says he was scared and shaken up thinking there was an active shooter at his high school. finding out hours later it was caused by a shooting near campus involving two students. the suspect, a student, the victim a student at pegasus high school. they quickly arrested one 16- year-old suspect and found a semiautomatic handgun in his backpack. they say it was not a ghost gun
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but instead had a serial number. what they do not know is how the juvenile got the gun. we need to do something. we need to combat this problem together. it will take more than just the police. >> according to the gun violence archive, tracks shootings for more than 7,000 police, media sources so far this year 1,050 teens, age 12-17 have been hurt or killed by gun violence. number that have been rising over the past few years reaching an all-time high of 4,623 in 2021. >> we need to get the guns illegally possessed guns off of the city streets. >> as far as the 16-year-old is shot, he is expected to recover. they still do not know the motive in the case because the victim is not cooperating with investigators. in san jose kpix5.
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>> state attorney general's office sends a warning letter to 100 lawmakers representing landlords t is in a response to landlords are falsely declaring that their tenants did not apply for rental assistance in order to evict them. in fact, an hour left to apply for state aid. anyone with an application in by midnight tonight will be protected for eviction for at least three more months under a bill that will clear the legislature today. it prevents cities like san francisco from extending their own eviction moratoriums, that is why san francisco senator scott wiener cast the lone no vote. >> any city that, that did not have moratorium by august 2020 or if it expires and they renewed it, which is what happen inside san francisco. it is, it is, it is over ridden and not
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allowed to be enforced. >> with the governor out of state. the lieutenant goff are actually signed the bill making her the first woman ever to enact a california law. on the st day of women's history month. >> >> virtual peace talks between russia and ukrainian officials could go on tomorrow. new explosions responded in the capital in the last few hours, earlier today, forces went on the attack near kyiv, that despite russian air strikes. usn nato officials now warn russia is preparing to execute more attacks. >> there is no clear evidence out in kyiv. there is evidence that he is beefing up his troops down in the donbus area.
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tonight, the u.s. state department is sounding will alarm, warn anything americans in ukraine and russia to get out immediately. u.s. citizens being singled out and detained. president biden is seizing the pain at the pump, promising to release a million barrels a day from the oil reserves, california drivers may not notice much of a difference. for nygas in caabout $5.99 a gallon. the prices might drop 10-15 cents, nothing that will make a huge impact on your wallet. >> it does not mean a lot for drivers. >> the institute feels like president biden made the right move to tap into the reserve. he expects prices to go down, gradually. >> so, they are probably never going to really be able to pinpoint the savings associated with this release.
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it will save them some money. it is not going to be a lot of money or overnight. it will not be office. >> reporter: he says this move was not just about helping drivers from th astronomical gas prices. >> lower the price of oil has another value. it lowers the revenue that russia gets from selling their oil. and, that revenue is directly going into financing their war on ukraine. >> still, drivers are upset that the price of gas easily tops $100 each time they fuel up. >> it is outrageous when we are doing so much for the economy and trying to get back to work after the covid. >> reporter: they can not shake the feeling that there are other factors at play. >> they say it is a war in ukraine, i get that, too, but wait a minute, we have refineries across the bridge. we should be able to have cheaper gas here. they are just gouging us.
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it cuts into everybody's bottom line. the food prices, and, what you pay for every other item, they are autopsy shipped and moved by gas, right? >> california gas prices took a slight dip today according to triple a the statewide average is a gallon of regular is $5.89. that is down two cents from its peak. >> new at 11:00. your grocery bill is expected to get more expensive over the next year. that is is acording to the latest projections from the usda. prices could jump between 4 1/2 and 5 1/2%. that is in addition to the already 7.9% increase over the past year. the largest 12 month jump since 1981. also today, congress revealed profits for corporations surge 35% last year making it the most profitable year since 1950. happening tomorrow, after decades of planning and countless delays,
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san francisco's new van nuys rapid transit corridor, that is a mouthful, is hours away from being up and running. kpix reports, commuters and area businesses are more than ready. >> reporter: these brand-new bus lanes have not been used yet. empty now, starting tomorrow, it will all change and the project has been a long time coming. >> reporter: tomorrow, marking the first day of the new corridor bus transit system. marking it with a light ceremony. dedicated bus lanes are meant to pied up the commute for those traveling up and down van nuys, the dedicated lanes mean buses will run 30% faster, the project drew from some locals and business owner who's said years of construction delays made living and working nearby a challenge. people we spoke with tonight said they are ready to reap the benefits of a
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faster traffic-free ride. >> i think it is a fantastic addition for different ways to get around. seeing it open it will be amazing. >> looking forward to seeing the speed improvements getting where i need to go faster. >> reporter: tomorrow, a ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:00 a.m. bus service will begin at 10:00 a.m. in san francisco, kpix5. some more good news for transit riders, starting tomorrow, they are slashing fares in half for one month. the agency says it is a thank you to passengers who dealt with delays due to the project. tonight, music fans are remembering foo fighters taylor hawkins in laguna beach. they honored him with a huge drum circle. he graduated there before reaching star dumb in foo fighters. he still lived in the neighborhood and
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active in the community. >> how cool is this guy to give his time, you know, you know, really, really sweet. >> this community lost a neighbor, we lost a friend, we lost the guy that we see at the grocery store. >> hawkins was found in his hotel room dead nearly a week ago with 10 different substances reportedly in his system. he was 50 years old. still aha bay ar hool posiid-1rules tonight afoutb g udents af tonigh it san francisco may of drastically over estimated just how many workers will return to the office. a new rejection. new water restrictions coming for some communities on the peninsula. the rules, residentsville to follow. residents will have to follow when you need help
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farmworkers and supporters used cesar chavez day to have for year rights. today would have been his 95th birthday. they want to be able to vote by mail. masking up again after a spike in covid-19 cases at school. the school district said coleman elementary has 20 positive tests since last week. 14 students and six employees. the principal has reinstated a temporary mask mandate through april 15th. 57% of californians still favor
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covid-19 restrictions keprccns, requirements at large events and certain indoor businesses according to a new poll from the public policy institute. among bay area residents the number jumps to 68%. and a live look at san francisco. slow return to the office could hurt the city's bottom line. building access from castle systems estimates 31% of san francisco office workers are now back in the building well behind cities in new york and l.a. below financial protections and could mean tens of millions less in payroll and sales tax revenues. >> food lovers get ready to double dip. >> scaling back during the pandemic. returning tomorrow, california's largest food truck festival. after a two year break, off the grid will open for the 12th season. it features more than two dozen
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drink and food vendors with a bar and live music. it will run every friday night until november. >> with a march district is bringing back restrictions tonight, they want to cut usage by 15%. it is banning people from spraying down driveways, patios and sidewalks. and limiting sprinkler use to twice a week. >> if you have drip irrigation, which we consider more efficient irrigation system, you don't have those same restrictions. so, hopefully it encourages people, maybe, to upgrade their irrigation systems to drip. >> the water district wants customers to use a maximum of 50 gallons a day but it will not fine or penlize those people who are going over. >> okay. tomorrow, the fourth snow survey of
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the season will happen in the sierra. despite some fresh snow from monday's storm the results are expected to be less than half of what we see during a normal year. it is estimated to be 31% of normal. i know we were hoping to have a better outlook heading into the spring and for the snow melt. >> halfway through the rainy season, end of 2021, looked so good. way above normal. the bay area, above normal for snow in the sierra. and then it just stopped. entirely stopped. but, let's take a look at the statistics, the rainy season, average, and, just think about what mark twain said about statistics we are close to what is normal at this point of the rainy season. 86 for downtown san francisco. just under 80% for santa rosa. san jose coming up a little more short. 60% of normal. the problem is, almost all of this fell between october 1st and
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december 31st. we had very little rain since the first of the year. we don't have any in the extended forecast. clouds from time to time as we finish off the workweek and head into the weekend. but no rain heading into the weekend. the next storm system tod passing clouds over head on sunday. tell aim the energy and moisture at the pacific tphorgz west. then bigger changes kicking in by the middle of next week. the big picture, perspective in motion heading towards wednesday and thursday. big area of high pressure building over head. if it is july or august calling it the heat dome. warm dome in early april. very warm, temperatures in the 80s by wednesday and thursday and flirting with with record high temperatures of thursday of next week. and without any rain in the atmosphere nothing to wash the pollen out of the atmosphere. firmly in the high category for the pollen count. tomorrow, through the weekend. into early next week and likely for the future until we get a change in the large scale weather pattern especially with
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a chance of rain. maybe by the middle of april. temperatures right now, upper 40s, 50s, dropping steadily. ending up in the 40s by tomorrow morning, cool spots, northbound, east bay, dropping down, warm spots in the upper 40s. normal for the first part of april. high temperatures, close to average for san francisco and along the coast. breeng ai oakland. eeove average. temperatures can be a degree or two warmer on saturday. tomorrow, topping out in the upper 50s on the coast. warmer than the 50s, mix of upper 60s and 70s around the peninsula and the bay and lower 70s and 73 in san jose. lowtory middle 70s. not a lot of variation there. 75 degrees for fairfield and brentwood. lower 60s, onshore breeze, plenty of
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sunshine over head. middle to upper 60s. until you get farther north. farther inland. santa rosa, inland, warning up another degree or two on saturday. the temperatures back off on sunday. anywhere from 3-6 degrees from saturday to sunday with more clouds over head and the temperatures should stay in the same territory on monday. then, the warm up kicks in on tuesday. much more noticeable by wednesday and thursday. the temperatures well into the 70s around the bay wednesday and thursday, touching 80 degrees in oakland by thursday. san jose likely to reach into the upper half of the 80s on thursday. look at the inland temperatures, slow to middle and upper 80s. keeping you updated as that april heat wave heading our way. vern? >> straight ahead in sports. a final word on the one bay area college basketball team still going. and, who wants to see the best
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dunkers in the college game. we found them in new orleans above the rim. here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. watch the grammy awards here on kpix5. the show starts at 5:00
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basketball up top. this time, stanford will have a national championship game in their sights or we closed the book on bay area hoops until october. winners of 24 straight games. they have a very familiar opponent in connecticut waiting in this ncaa semi-finals, six time stanford and ucon met. all-time it will be the 19th meeting between the schools but first, since 2017. so, it will be the first taste of this rivalry for these stanford players including the pac-12 player of the year. >> hall of fame coaches, the
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two winningest coaches of all-time. all-americans, players coming from both of the programs. so, to kind of, now, be a part of that, it is huge. but, we have a lot of cross- country rivalries now, the south carolina one, the ucon one. but, to play on this stage in the final four specifically it will be fun. >> lexi hall is the winner of the senior class award given to the most outstanding student athlete in women's basketball. hall say 3.9gpa, and is getting her master's this spring. now, this looks tropical until you realize it is a hockey game in denver. sharks in white on attack. a belly flop and an assist. putting it in the basket. his 31st goal. 3rd period, tied at 2. avalanche, a lot in front. finding the net. get this. when san jose comes to town. we love it.
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beating the sharks seven straight times on this. avalanche winning it 4-2. sharks winning three of the last 4. they are 29-30. handling the rock here. not official. but, reportedly selected for the basketball hall of fame. he was the. it in the warriors attack. 1989 and 1985. 13 seasons. he will be inducted later this summer. time honored tradition of the college dunk contest there is shawn miller moore. from grand canyon state between the legs, reverse jam earned him a perfect score. >> leaped over a man and jammed it. moore had a perfect score and all three of his dunks, he took home the slam dunk title. liz, give me a seven foot
11:27 pm
basket. i will jump over your kids. you trust me with that, don't you? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> line them up. >> you will have those shoes that you have to pump up, the air jordans, pump, pump, pump. >> catch air, give me the nerf ball and i am jam it home. >> nothing but net. >> without a scratch. [ laughter ] >> absolutely. [ laughter ] all right, thank you, vern. buying a home in california is expensive, how about a whole city block? details on an unusual real estate deal in monterey county
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unusual real estate transaction in monterey last night. >> a person bought an entire city block. the property includes 15 historic cottage-style homes built back in 1924. they include a mix of studios, one bedroom and two bedroom homes.
11:31 pm
>> they are now rented out from $1,000 to over $3,000 a month. >> these are the perfect buyers for this property. they have no intentions of subdividing, i think it is important to know, especially for the history of pacific grove and maintaining it as, you know, the whispering pines. >> it is beautiful out there. i am excited to see what they do with it, we'll be right back.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thank you for watching. the news continues streaming on cbs news bay area, have a good night
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> new u.s. intelligence suggesting vladimir putin is being misled by his military advisors, too scared to tell him the truth about russia's losses in ukraine. >> good morning, president putin. here are latest development in effortless takeover of ukraine. in kyiv, happy russian soldiers to victory dance, big smiles and good times. you should give minister of defense sergei shoigu a raise. now to east, where a ukrainian bridge has been fully de-nazified. nice work, sergei. best friend forever! we have also conquered chernihiv, using only 300 men, rock-hard abs, but none as


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