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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 10, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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right now we are following multiple breaking news stories from oakland to the peninsula. >> right now 580 has been shutdown from macarthur the high street while they investigate a possible freeway shooting. here is a live look right now and you can see there are at least two cars involved. one clearly has a shattered window and there appears to be bullet holes on both sides of the car. >> they said it happened just before four clock this afternoon at the intersection of 580 and highway 13. >> the closure is creating a huge backup and traffic is being diverted onto highway 13. they are asking drivers to avoid the area and they are not saying how long westbound 580 and that part of the usar fire burned close to homes. you can see this video of the flames burning in very dry brush. it broke out on the slopes between homes on the intersection of bell crest avenue and longview drive. our cameras got this video of
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the cruise stamping the fire out and at least one resident jumped in to help. they have stopped progress in the fire was contained after burning a few acres and they are still dousing hotspots. in the past our chopper 5 flew over what remains of a home depot in south san jose and a fire that has consumed it has been contained after leveling the building. it is still smoldering and they are still dousing hotspots and this home depot here you can check out the extensive flooding from a firefight nowor flooding has had any effect on nearby homes. this is new video with the smoke and flames shooting out of the building. a helicopter shut the video after a fire broke out 5:00 yesterday afternoon. the pictures here with a
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shelter in place advisory lifted after the fire sent smoke into the air causing air quality concerns. this really gives you a look at what happened inside. this is a video of panicked workers trying to get everybody out of the burning home depot. you can see the flames spreading and how thick the smoke got. we are in south san jose with the latest on the investigation into that massive fire. >> reporter: while it may be back to normal for most businesses on the street crews have taken over the parking lot at this home depot and remain on scene tonight. we got a closer look at the damage and for the firefighters who arrived on the scene this morning and you and for them it was much more than expected. >> reporter: much of the smoke has cleared from the fire that destroyed the home depot letting you see the collapsed roof that remains on the lot.
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>> i think of everything that is in there and it is not just a section like sometimes they put out a fire or small area but it is the whole thing. >> reporter: they responded to the fire both taken back by what little is left. just a few nursery items appearing untouched by the flames. >> you see this black thick smog arising from home depot in flames and their silence everywhere and it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: witnesses had a come back to see what it look like the day after still finding it hard to believe. >> every employee came out and was crying and screaming. >> reporter: chaos on saturday evening as firefighters arrived around 5:30 and they needed more than six hours to control this fire by the end of the night and the five alarm response made up of 23 crews. >> with the amount of material and the variety there is
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potential for people to get burned and things to fallen people and thankfully that was not the case. >> reporter: as people ran out, they had to escape smoke coming down over their heads and even their chests at one point. >> it is a testament to people's awareness and ability to stay calm and follow directions. >> reporter: nobody was seriously injured here but the investigation will take some time. the team will be back monday to study more of this same for answers. >> i had to think of even the relationships. you get to know people and you come here constantly. following aftermath of a large fire the port here it took fire crews 24 hours to put out and it destroyed appear in the company who uses it is taking stock of the economic impacts. >> why the fire could drive up gas prices. >> reporter: it took
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firefighters 24 hours to put out this for alarm fire and now the bigger concern is this will likely affect gas prices and maybe people's ability to buy a brand-new toyota. the flames and smoke caught headlines yesterday and they are still assessing the impact on the bay but now the focus is shifting to how this fire will affect the economy. they use the support offload crude oil from large ships and turn it into gasoline. the pipeline at the port appears undamaged but the problem is during the refining process, it produces a byproduct call the petroleum coke. they need to ship it away. the fire department said the fire severely damaged the conveyor belt takes the petroleum coke and experts say if they can't get rid of the byproduct, it does disrupt their ability to produce gasoline. >> any kind of a supply constraint like this will tend to push prices up. >> reporter: he is an energy expert of 40 years and chairman
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of this company. >> we will know better in the morning when the market opens what sort of reactions go on. whether or not that gets to the retail market or gets to the pump is little bit to soon to tell, but again it is not helpful. >> reporter: they have so far declined to answer questions but the city managers asked inspectors to do a full damage assessment on the port. >> if it is out of commission and there is a challenge to bring in crude to that refinery, it will absolutely have an impact and valero supplies lot of california's gasoline and they are impacted and being able to process crude it will be a challenge. >> reporter: aside from affecting valero the company imports lends its support to import new toyotas from japan. the coast guard and other agencies have to decide if this portion of the dock is still structurally safe for them to offload the cars in a local toyota dealer said any kind of disruption could further hurt dealerships waiting for new
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cars and many dealerships already have seen empty lot and a shortage of cars due to the pandemic. >> i talked to the manager here who declined to comment every but he is waiting to find out how bad the damages and how long this support will be out of commission. >> the fire chief tells us that investigators are still looking into what caused the fire. we will continue to follow these developing stories throughout the hour. looking live across the bay area. we do have a chance of rain in the forecast and it is a big change from that heat wave a few days ago and brian has been tracking as conditions. >> that is spring for you in a nutshell which is one day it is hot in the next day it is raining and it will be tomorrow. this is as we get a few hundredths of an inch to maybe one quarter of an inch in the bay area just in time for the morning commute in the future cast shows that the rain begins
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in the north bay in the morning about 5:30 a.m. the time goes on and the rainfall goes down. it will be in the central bay by a: 45 and a fast mover. this is in the morning. look what happens by the afternoon. it blows out of here and we will have sunshine in afternoon and more details in a few minutes. in less than two weeks voters will choose a new assembly member to represent about half of san francisco's residents. a proposed toll to enter treasure island is turning political friends into political foes. john ramos has that story. >> reporter: this has twice been scheduled for a vote and twice been pulled from the agenda and now sits in a political limbo. that here, the controversy has caused a shift in political loyalties. >> reporter: the plan is for 8000 new housing use it vanish -- units so they are proposing a told enter and exit the
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islands as a way to discourage private vehicles and pay for public transit and an idea that the supervisor seems to support. >> people who want to go to treasure island will need to take other methods in driving once there are tens of thousands of people who live there. >> reporter: use it only new residence with presumably higher incomes will pay the toll mac well current residence will be exempt but they say that is only half the problems. >> all of our services rely on coming to the island or for us to come off the island but all of our services and supppeop wo toll. >> reporter: the islanders say the supervisor used to oppose the toll until he began to run for assembly district 17 and now he said they won't take phone call so today the invited his opponent in the assembly race to speak to the group. >> i think they invited me because they feel betrayed by their current supervisor and here we do have a community
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that has been struggling for years and the city is looking to impose a toll that would be a devastating thing for the community. >> reporter: he does not think that is fair. >> the state by law requires us to have a toll and it's something i don't have control over. >> reporter: have you always been in favor of it? >> i have always supported some form of management that had no resident impact. >> he said as long as he is or supervisor he would not allow a toll to come to treasure island and then he did say that the toll was required and then now it is making exemptions. >> reporter: it was set to take effect in 2024 long before most of the new houses are built. he said the vote has been tabled until a new economic impact study is done, but the opponents don't seem willing to wait until then. they want to pick a new ally in
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the fight. on treasure island, john ramos, kpix 5. still ahead, elon musk floating the idea turning twitters san francisco headquarters into a homeless shelter. the box derby returning for the first time since 1978 and we will have a look at that action.
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elon musk is floating the idea of turning the san francisco headquarters of twitter into a homeless shelter and of course he drafted a poll asking if the twitter headquarters should be transformed into a shelter since "nobody shows up anyway." this is how the poll stood today. more than 91% are in favor of turning it into a homeless shelter and more than 1,600,000
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people waited in. elon musk is twitters largest shareholder after buying it stock last week and he is aiming at the remote work policy since the ceo said they could work from home indefinitely. a few hours later he posted a second poll asking whether the company should remove the w and its name and the options are yes or of course the more than 1 million pe away they go. they're looking at one of the more unusual but creative entries in the soap box derby today put on by san francisco's museum of modern art. there were all sorts of crazy colors and shapes and sizes. >> we watched all of the action on wheels and we have more. >> reporter: competing for awards like most delusional and
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most decadent and best of the worst, the cities 2022 soapbox derby was a race to the finish at the hill of mclaren park in fueled by art, irreverent humor and a sense of freedom. >> it is in a modest one of the cars in the 70s and i don't know what to say other than we love a good bath. we are ready to clean the competition. >> reporter: it is a throwback of sorts resurrecting soapbox derby's of 75 and 78 and sponsored by the museum of modern art and this is our meets engineering with a healthy dose of whimsy and they are also art and commissioned by the museum to showcase local artists. >> it was really interested in making an immersive space and set aside an immersive cocoon. >> reporter: it is a beauty is in the eye of the beholder and
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what makes good art can be indescribable but you just know it and see it. >> i feel like my life's mission is to keep san francisco weird and this is an amazing event and people like my old next-door neighbors and my high school friends and artists i have known and worked with for years at the museum. >> we will take you to see the live look at a storm system approaching the bay area which could bring a fresh dusting to the sierra and we have been tracking this system. >> right during the morning commute tomorrow and right now the numbers have fallen into the 60s for the most part and it will be cooler in san francisco, a far cry from the 80s a few days ago. and here i could see vernon the distance preparing to do sports and he will be along at about 2 minutes but here are the numbers first. we are showing that at 5:30 in the morning we will get rain moving in to the north bay and then by a: 45 so here that is
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in the morning and you can see the rain is pretty much leaving the north bay and has spread to the east and south bay and out of here by early afternoon. we do look for rain in the morning and a good down burst but not a lot of an amount because by the time we get to noon in the bay area on monday. so a very springlike storm. the wind speed is out there pretty good at 30 mph and 20 mile-per-hour's over concord. these are gusts but they will still be pretty good in the morning along the shoreline and in the east bay and we have wind in the 25 mile-per-hour range and especially along the shoreline until he finally begin to abate by tuesday night and clouds will increase overnight as the low approaches and we will look for rain to begin. after midnight in the far north bay and the rest of the bay area around sunrise. the rain chances look good and
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a good bet for monday and again on wednesday and thursday and in fact once we open up the store it looks like thursday and friday and friday looks like a good chance as well so it could stay wet through friday and that is a bit of a question mark. tomorrow not so much because santa rosa has a good chance on monday and thursday and friday. it will be bay wide because the chances hold together for san jose on the same day and maybe next week it will be unsettled as well but we shall see but in terms of how much not too much. we get about two hundredths of an inch and santa rosa and about a quarter of an inch in fremont so we don't expect a lot but we do expect it to be here just in time for the morning commute so the clouds overnight with the rain beginning in the north bay before sunrise and we get gusty wind and the rain will spread south and it will be cool tomorrow and temperatures only near 60 and in the afternoon it will clear up and we will get
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sunshine. overnight it will be mostly in the 40s and highs tomorrow a far cry from where we were 80 or 90 last week to only 60 on monday and in the extended forecast rain for monday and wendy for tuesday and a break on wednesday and thursday and friday looks wet and then we have partly sunny skies coming out by the time we get to next saturday and sunday. that will at least keep the lawns and the golf courses green. straight ahead in sports, 14 months ago, he could not walk. today, a five-time winner at augusta completed the masters and 23 strokes behind the champion. the giants top prospect made quite a
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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what's bargain bliss? you know that feeling you get when you find the name brands you love, but for way, way less? that's bargain bliss. find bliss on every aisle at your neighborhood grocery outlet. it's grocery outlet's 20 percent off wine sale going on now till april 12. we have hundreds of wine, sure to please any wine enthusiast. so act now, 'cause these deals won't last long. stop in and save today. -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ augusta, georgia. did you know it is the birthplace of james brown, the
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godfather of soul? i know that you know it is the home of augusta national and a race for second place at the 86 masters were they were chasing the texan. scottie scheffler 45 in the world's number one player. here is a former number one tiger woods and his putter failed him but 14 months after a car accident that almost claimed his right leg he walked in his first competitive round and finished 13 over and 47th place and what a comeback. scottie scheffler has no comeback needed and that ship at the third whole to make a three shot lead and in the final grouping, smith, his closest pursuer at the time, he fell back by 6 after a triple bogey and got him in trouble. and he moved into second place and look how this ended at 18 and eight under 64 and how
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about a fresca. a blast tied it for the final- round score and scottie scheffler had some magic here at the approach of 14 stopping just feet from the cup to set up another bertie and it put them up 4 and he was on cruise control to 18 and actually double bogeyed the final hole but it didn't matter because he tapped into win right three shots over and he is one 4 of his last six mac events all in the last 57 days at this was his biggest win of all and as he slipped on the green jacket and got a $2.7 million check. >> were you go from here? you are masters champion and what is next? >> i want to go home. i am pretty tired right now and kind of glad i had a little hiccup on the last hole that made me less emotional to get
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me through this interview. the giants had a little home cooking today and it is a top prospect. say hello to elliott raymo's the right-handed batter plane left-field in the second inning and here is how we played this pitch and his first big-league at that and had a base hit in a few hits today for him and later in that inning with him on base he stepped up and said, let's bring the rookie home and here he scored all the way from 1st and this would tie the game and the very next batter luke seven gloves williams stepped up and he aligned one into right field and this would drive in as they took the lead and in the fifth inning they were up 3-2 and darren hit a high fly ball in the left and look here worth another look for this one and he took this away and the 9th inning the giants looking to close it out
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and dominic lyons got a fly out and the giants get the game 3-2 and got the series 2-1 and here is raymo's. >> the best moment of my life and that is all i will say. it was great after i got the first hit and i was more relaxed. >> don't think you can dried out better and you made that swagger throughout and he was on deck and he said i kind of expected to be more nervous than that and it was great. >> it is dinner time so how about she sticks in philadelphia? that is where the a's were scoreless in the bottom of the 4th and bryce harper had this but look at the catch. biscotti gloved it and it remains scoreless until the 6 and then all he needed was a little real estate to get it to drop and the single was good enough to score another run and
6:26 pm
the next inning how about a solo home run for him in the first one of the season and a solo shot made it 2-0 and the top nine, tony kemp had a liner to right center and austin allen scored. and here came another run and just under the tag and the a's picking up the first win of the year four minus one final in the first career win for the new manager. >> he is taking his talents to tampa and the giants host the padres monday and the warriors finished tonight the regular season at new orleans and something to play for top post season positioning and moving pictures on the game day sports show. >> that is a packed game day. we will see them. coming up we do have an update on breaking news out of oakland and an apparent freeway shooting shutting down all westbound lanes of 580. >> the latest on the two biggest fire investigations at the port of venetian and the
6:27 pm
san jose home depot. >> will the daily cal survive, uc berkeley students decide the fate for one of the oldest newspapers on the west coast.
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 6:30. and now , the chp investigating a possible freeway shooting in oakland. westbound 580 is shutdown from mcarthur the high street and there was a car riddled with bullet holes on the side of the highway and the chp said it happened before four clock this afternoon near the intersection
6:30 pm
of 580 and highway 30 teen and it is creating quite a backup and no word on when it will open again. welcome back. >> in addition to that, we are following two major fire investigations right now. >> will show you some live pictures from san jose with the air-quality have a lot of concerns with the fire following yesterday at the home depot not far from oakridge mall. the roof of the home depot collapsed, and the damage is so extensive that fire officials are calling it a total loss. it started around 5:30 yesterday and workers quickly evacuated everybody inside and fortunately nobody was hurt. today customers and crews returned what was left and couldn't believe the damage. >> i think of everything that is in there and it's not just a section of the building like sometimes they put out a fire or a small area but it is the
6:31 pm
whole thing. >> there is tremendous potential for people to get burned and things to fallen people and thankfully that wasn't the case. >> they think it started in the lumber department but they don't know exactly. the crew will stay there tonight to make sure there are no flareups. >> they just finished a 24-hour effort taking on a four alarm fire that started yesterday. it left the peer destroyed and the port and companies that use it are dealing with the economic impacts. experts say the gas prices will be affected. >> any kind of a supply constraint like this will push prices up. >> if the port is out of commission and there is a challenge to bring crude in, it will have an impact and they certainly supply a lot of california's gasoline. and it will be a challenge for this reason and region if there
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impacted. >> the company use of the port to bring in new toyotas from japan and the coast guard and other agencies have to decide if this portion is still safe for them to offload the cars. later we will have updates on both fires with new reports. it was a violent day in san jose where police are investigating two shootings that happened between seven a clock in the morning and 3:30 p.m. in the first was before eight a clock a.m. on dylan court. a man was shot and sustained non-life-threatening injuries and another man shot at about 3:30 this afternoon on short ridge avenue and no word yet on his condition. a violent weekend in oakland with five people shot within a span of seven hours. the first victim was shot on hillside street and two others had gunshot wounds near 96 and plymouth and then last night to
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gunfights broke out on 92nd avenue and another on international boulevard. they are looking into whether they are related or not. police say all five victims are expect to survive. authorities are investigating a scene where two bodies were found in the car on st. vincent drive. chp found the bodies this morning and the vehicles were parked on a private road on the property of caltrain north of the highway 101 offramp. authorities are still investigating the causes of the death. the vietnamese community celebrated an opening of a new health center, the first of its kind in the entire country. dozens of people in city leaders were on hand for this morning's unveiling of the vietnamese-american service center on center road and the service include dental care and mental health facilities. >> we have waited decades for this of the moment we finish construction we wanted to throw a party and everybody come see
6:34 pm
the building. >> they can also get blood tests and vaccines and other procedures done. the tenderloin is celebrating the city is reopening and this is a recurring community event that is known for transforming miles of streets into community spaces and it is a day for kids to play on seniors to stroll and local businesses to connect. it is been on a two-year hiatus since the pandemic. it is now back in celebrating its return in six neighborhoods between april and september. a vote to save the berkeley run student newspaper for good. in an election the save the daily cal initiative past with more than 7000 votes which means students will pay a six dollar fee every semester to keep it in business and it will raise about $400,000 a year for five years and the newspaper has been in circulation since 1871 and it is one of the oldest college papers in the country. it traditionally came out four
6:35 pm
mornings a week and came out to weekly and now they hope to return to two or three every week. a coffee shop rude awakening is closing for good after 35 years and they say it is because of the combination of decreased business and increased rent throughout the pandemic and it has been a community staple and student favorite since it opened in 1987. we are counting down to an exclusive 60 minutes interview with the ukrainian president speaking out from a government building in kyiv . a man honored for jumping into action for a driver who drove right off the ramp. what's bargain bliss? you know that feeling you get
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developing news out of iowa where two people were killed, 10 injured in a nightclub shooting. the violence broke out at 1:30 in the morning in the city of
6:38 pm
cedar rapids and police say more than 100 people were there for a 90s themed party when shots rang out and they had injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening. >> this is another mindless and senseless gun related incident involving a reckless disregard for human life. >> police think it was a targeted shooting and the shooters may have escaped in the rush of people leaving the scene. and now to the war in ukraine. a massive 8 mile russian convoy of armored vehicles is moving south toward this region. >> meanwhile president zelenskyy is calling on all countries to impose a complete oil embargo on russia and elise preston breaks it down. >> reporter: russia reportedly has appointed a veteran general
6:39 pm
who led the devastating campaign in syria as commander of its war in ukraine. >> i think it is consistent with the way that russia has conducted this war from the beginning and we have seen this already and we have seen atrocities and war crimes and mass killings and horrifying and shocking images and a rocket attack on taurus. so i think this is an indication that we will see more of that. >> reporter: resident biden's national security advisor said the u.s. is considering at adding weapons which will require training which they would conduct outside of ukraine. on 60 minutes sunday, they asked president zelenskyy if russia leader vladimir putin should be prosecuted for war crimes. >> look, i think everybody who made a decision, who issued an order or fulfilled in order, everybody who was relevant to this i believe they are guilty. >> do you hold putin responsible? >> i do believe he is one of
6:40 pm
them. >> reporter: as the convoy travels to the south, they are bracing for an onslaught. >> we are preparing for a massive attack in the east and yes, the enemy, the russians, are demotivated and war criminals but there are so many of them and they still have so much equipment. >> reporter: ukrainian reservists are preparing for a battle in this town not far from the train station where the suspected russian missile killed more than 50 ukrainians waiting to evacuate. tonight swat hits a huge milestone with 100 episodes. the series star spoke with jana franco. >> i am feeling great. >> let's talk about the show and what a milestone for 100 episodes but not only do you play a star but you are a producer. >> to be the leader of the show
6:41 pm
and i take a lot of pride in that and i love that our show is a good time and a family show and outside appearance who don't want to have their kids see guns but we don't use them in a negative way but we use them in a good guy kind of way that i do love that we have the car chases and the fights and the motorcycle chases and it is so fun and we talk about real stuff and it has a lot of heart and we talk about black lives matter and cyber bullying but we don't preach and we are not political but we will give you a good time with a message. >> don't miss the 100th episode tonight at 10:00 and you can stream the episode live and on- demand on paramount+. coming up,
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and i guess that is the sound. a group of local porcupines heading home after the fire. a cargo ship adrift off the coastline and a possible worry over fuel spills. we do also have the forecast when we come back. large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations
6:43 pm
don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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in texas, the u.s. coast guard is honoring a man who saved a motorist from drowning. the man was on his way to dinner with his family when he jumped into action after a car plunged off of a ferryboat ramp at port houston back on new year's eve of 2021. >> the car drove off the ledge of the ferry and my dad jumped in the pull the guy out of the car. >> he said call 911 and i was running to the car to get something and i did know he was
6:46 pm
going in the water. i knew that he wouldn't just stand by. >> so where is dad, the hero of the story? he was not interviewed and that is because he was busy coaching his son's little league game that day. he could not make it any was busy doing a lot of things. that is very cool. new video of the helicopter rescue off the coastline in marin county and yesterday a crew responded to a call that a person that fallen near extension beach and they hoisted her to safety and flown to the hospital and she currently is being treated by the trauma team where they say she is in serious condition. a group of loud porcupines rescued from the fire in tahoe are finally going home. >> one of the three was just released and they are talking about it. >> he is a little vocal.
6:47 pm
>> workers shared this video from september when a female porcupine with burned paws and scorched hair was getting checked out and the rescue group says she was not being hurt but just very loud and the protest sounded like somebody blowing a kazoo. >> i had no idea they sounded like that, did you? >> you can check out the new video with porcupine number three and they are all very vocal and he couldn't contain himself while eating a meal. >> i am surprised this has not gone viral. these type of noses and noises. >> the rescue group said this guy is old and cranky and when he wakes up he will be the next one to be released and if he can prove that he can climb trees.
6:48 pm
>> we have an update on the container ship lost power off the coast near marin county and the 564 foot vessel remains adrift in the coast guard said rescuing it is their top priority and that is because it is carrying about 39,000 gallons of fuel. strong winds and rough seas are making it difficult for tugboats and other vessels to secure it and keep it from hitting the shore. it was headed to seattle before it lost power on friday. they have set up a containment boom and the floating barrier in case there is a spill. so far, the 21 people on board are doing okay. it is windy out there on the briny deep and right now we do have beautiful blue skies to finish out this sunday afternoon and evening. rain is on the way with blue skies turning darker earlier in the morning and we do have rain moving into the bay area and as we look out for the golden gate bridge, not a hint of clouds in sight, but they are on the way.
6:49 pm
numbers are in the 60s for the most part and cooler in san francisco and the camera looking out for the golden gate bridge being shaken around by the strong wind. future cast shows the rain gets are about 5:30 a.m. and some pretty good sell fear and santa rosa begins to get wet very early in the morning before sunrise and the rest of us just cloudy. it as it gets to be about a: 45, you can see how the rain is now over spreading the east bay down morgan hill and beyond and then it is a fast mover with the wind fairly gusty and not a lot of rain and it's moving too fast for it to rain too much. the sunshine does come out then by monday afternoon so a very springlike storm with threatening clouds and then the sunshine comes out. the rest of the day looks good and tuesday looks mostly sunny but more rain on the way later in the week. the wind, it is windy. this corresponds to how the wind is so you can see while we get 18 mile-per-hour gusts in
6:50 pm
oakland and 20 and concorde where it is green, offshore, the wind is strong. you see these purple colors offshore it is up to 50 mph. you can see a pretty good wind field here and this is where they are doing battle with that carrier ship, container ship that has been stranded because of the engines broken down. the forecast shows that tomorrow morning before noon we do still have 43 mile-per-hour gusts so windy with the storm and it all goes south and the wind eases up a bit but even on wednesday the wind will be around. so we are not getting out of that pattern and by the time we get to wednesday we do have an onshore flow we are expecting rain the spread south during the morning drive and tomorrow the chances look good, especially on monday. another system comes in wednesday night and thursday. and then we go to an unsettled pattern after wednesday and thursday. there may be more rain after that. tuesday and wednesday look dry but for santa rosa it looks like a good bet and for san jose monday and thursday look
6:51 pm
like a good bet as well. how much? not a lot. it is moving too fast so about two hundredths to a quarter of an inch in the bay area and not a big rainmaker and the rain begins in the north bay before sunrise and then we get morning rain and red -- rain south. it will be cool tomorrow after the 90s last week we are only at 60 tomorrow. up next we have new reports on two major fire
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
one at the port of venetia and the other in south san jose. we are learning that a five alarm fire that raised a home depot was first reported in the lumbar section in the back of the store and that home depot is still smoldering with the fire crews still putting out the hotspots. we are there with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: they are still busy cleaning up what is left of this home depot store right now and we also know a team from the san jose fire department needs to stay overnight to check for any hotspots. tomorrow, investigators will be back to figure out where the fire started and witnesses returned to see what looked like here the day after and they were able to see much more of the charred building. it is a total loss. all that we noticed still here is a few items from the nursery. the five alarm response started shortly after 5:30 last night and firefighters spent or than six hours getting the fire under control just before
6:55 pm
midnight. the team was made up of 23 crews and 110 people. today, we were told the fire didn't run any nearby homes or businesses, and nobody has reported any injuries. while it may take time to determine the cause, cell phone video and security cameras could help investigators. a building of this size must have sprinklers and firefighters didn't know if they were working yesterday. there was also concern about the smoke affecting air-quality on saturday and people were told the shelter in place and that was lifted the day after the hazmat team son know concerning readings in the air. part of the response requires a large construction crew to be on site to move around all the equipment that is still continuing tonight. and now it took fire crews about one day to extinguish a fire here. and as da lin explains, the damage from the fire could actually cause higher gas prices here in the bay area.
6:56 pm
>> reporter: and now the fire is out and the concern is this port fire expecting people's wallet. the refinery uses the port of any should offload crude oil from big ships and they refine the product and turn it into gasoline. energy experts say if the fire disrupts their production that means higher gas prices. >> it certainly supplies a lot of california's gasoline and if they are impacted and being able to process crude that will be a challenge. >> aside from that the company uses this to import new toyotas from japan and if they can't use it to offload the cars than dealerships would have to wheat -- wait longer making it harder for people to buy a new toyota. they said they are waiting for inspectors to assess this damage and everybody is waiting to find out how bad the damages and how long it will be out of commission.
6:57 pm
we will continue to keep an eye on those stories. you can had to our website and bay area to tune in for the information. >> you can tune in at 11:00. in the meantime thank you for watching and 60 minutes is next. we will see you back here at 11:00. until then the news continues on our website, . good night.
6:58 pm
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we go further, so you can. ( ticking ) >> pelley: we met president zelenskyy in the blacked-out hallways of his command center in ukraine's capitol, kyiv. mr. president, what has it been like working under these conditions? >> zelenskyy: we found way how to work. we don't have another way. >> pelley: you found a way how to work, you don't have any other way? weeks of war, attacks on civilians and neighborhoods have exposed a savage russian strategy, but still zelenskyy's capitol city holds. >> pelley: no one expected ukraine to fight russia to a standstill. and i wonder, how did you manage?


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