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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  April 13, 2022 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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agencies now stepping up security, how they plan to keep riders safe. and elon musk being sued by a twitter share holder. good morning to you. let's get a check of traffic and our forecast first. you say today will be another cool and breezy day. >> yeah. it'll be almost exactly like yesterday. we are kind of like waiting for the rain to get here for tomorrow. tomorrow is when things get more interesting and exciting. we will have rain to talk about on the commute tomorrow. it's cold for the north bay but back in to the upper 30s. it's not that widespread. now we have you up to who in santa rose a. you warmed up a degree just in the last half hour. it's mid-40s just about everywhere else.
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daytime highs today are almost the same to yesterday. that means we are going back up to near 60 inland. the upper 50s through the heart of the bay. a bit of a breeze out there this morning. nowhere near the intensity of two days ago or even yesterday. yesterday was a mild breeze. today should be lighter. daytime highs upper 50s. there are a few low 60s if you want to pick out concord at 60. 60 for the daytime high today in fremont. if we look ahead, things get more interesting tomorrow because you can see a pretty good batch of rain right there working toward northern california. we may see a few showers as early as tonight. widespread showers for thursday morning and that's what we will focus on in more details and the complete forecast. let's check in on the wednesday morning commute. what are you seeing on that? >> i'm not seeing too many trouble spots. that's the advantage of getting up early. that's pretty typical.
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you work along 84 this morning. keep that in mind. that should be cleared up by 5:30. we will watch that but if you are making that trek 680 into the grade you usually take 84 across. heads up. things closed westbound there. you have the brake lights building slow speeds out of tracy getting onto 580 itself. sluggish into the pass and we are see that extra volume as we take a look here near the dublin interchange. overall traffic moving a little better as you approach 680. 37 minutes now, 205 to 680. the live news desk taking a live look at new york city this morning where the investigation into yesterday's shooting at a brooklyn subway station continues there. is now a $50,000 reward out for any information leading to a suspect. police are looking for this man. they are calling him a person of interest in the shooting. frank james, they recovered a gun at the scene as well as a key that led them to a by
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k thatinvestigators say that 62-year-old had rented in philadelphia. the attack happened during the morning rush hour. commuters trapped inside a subway car. detonate smoke bombs and then unloaded 33 shots hitting ten people. police don't have any information about that man's motivation. right now federal officials are working with local law enforcement to try to solve the case. back to you. the back here, following the new york city subway shooting bart police deployed every uniformed officer with in the system. thousands ofa cameras throughout the transit system monitor what's happening on platforms, entrances skin side each train. the concern is when they malfunction at the time of the shooting like some did in new york city. valuable surveillance is lost. probably 80% of them are working and 20% of them are not. >> bart is safe.
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>> bart said 4,000 cameraso monitored in its control operation center. stay with us for all the latest on the mass shooting in brooklyn. you can find updates on another development in the sacramento mass shooting that left six people dead. police have named a 4th suspect. they looking for this man. he is believed to be e foote own rt has ral lonyrrants, e l innt that happened fothe doto police say the shooting was likely triggered by two groups of men from local gangs. the president is taking another step to lower gas prices but experts say don't ex california. the epa will suspend a ban on
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summertime blends. now june 1st and september we will be able to buy a blend of gas containing 15% ethanol. the president touted it as a cheaper option but experts say it'll only have a small impact on the pump especially here in california. >> even in california it doesn't -- it won't make much difference. so the effect on gas prices will be a few pennys at most. ethanol has less energy in it. you get fewer miles per gallon of ethanol. when you adjust for that it's a little bit cheaper then gas but not a huge amount cheaper than gas. it's not going to drive down the prices very much. >> good news bay area gas prices are down slightly from a week ago. average price per gallon is $5.81. in oakland $5.75. happening today in san francisco, the city's redistricting task force will be holding a special meeting tor
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lastght the meetthten hours. te k gay communities and they nt map changed delayed. lookg live first in the nation reparations task force will meet in person for the first time in about a year. this just weeks after the group voted to limit restitution. the two day event will be held at third baptist church. today as we take a live look consumer watch dog will testify at a public hearing in support of proposed regulations requiring insurance to offer wildfire mitigation discounts. also they want to close a loophole that would prevent homeowners selling or renewing
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coverage. it's now 5:06. still ahead. >> another show of support for ukraine. how local chefs stepped up to help those struggling morning. and history on the baseball diamond. and if you are getting ready to take our bay area
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and said he will win the war as an eight mile convoc moves east. this morning the united states is taking seriously claims that russia used chemical agents in ukraine though it's not been confirmed. the president is now describing the russian attacks on ukraine as genocide. >> i called it genocide because it's become clearer and clearer that putin is trying to wipe out the idea of being ukrainian. we will let the lawyers decide if if qualifies. >> a senior united states defense official has said the white house is preparing another package of military aid for ukraine. joining many other companies nokia said its leaving russia over the attack on ukraine. eriksson is putting its business on hold in russia. the moves by the two giants cast doubt on russia a ability to build super fast
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networks. here in the bay area a big show of support for ukraine. local chefs using their talents to help those fleeing the violence. sarah has that story. >> at its surface it's fine dining with family and friends. >> next up. >> this $750 a plate dinner is helping feed refugees thousands of miles away. >> chef andres and it's like -- it's really good cause. >> andrew helped organize sf chefs for ukraine, an 11 course meal raising money for central kitchen. >> i feel like it's such a good organization and its been doing so much to help the people of ukraine. so i wanted to come out in support. >> it's a full circle moment who interned for world central kitchen when jose andres was just getting it off the ground. >> i wanted to do more of the on the ground work which
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involved a lot of cooking. i ended up working in one of his restaurants and then eight years later i came out to cook here. >> guests enjoyed food and bottles of donated wine with a higher purpose in mind. >> you feel so unable to help because it's so faraway and having a connection, being able to do something you that know and you believe in where you know jose andres and his work really helps us connect. >> it's a cause near and dear to chefs from ukraine. >> i thought we are as a humanity we are doomed. like for a second i thought like this is it for us. then i see so many people who are helping, who are volunteering their time, for giving away their money and who are helping and supporting and it gives me so much hope. >> food is a basic human right. i think that having access to
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food, especially in crisis like these, it's -- it's an issue that needs to be addressed. >> and sarah was reporting at last check the restaurant had raced $45,000 before the end of the night. former ufc champion is breaking his silence for the first time since being charged with attempted murder. he appeared in a san jose courtroom yesterday. his supporters were seen gathering outside, some of them holding signs wearing shirt that said hash tag free cane. he is accused of attempted murder for a shooting that targeted a man accused of molesting a young relative of velasquez. velasquez said may god give you the strength to give forward. in speaking the truth justice will be served and your own
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true healing will start. i will never stop helping or loving my community and all of you. he did not enter a plea. his attorney said he will file a new motion asking that he be released. a northern california woman accused of faking her kidnapping has agreed to plead guilty. five years ago she reported she had been kidnapped at gun point and held for three weeks before she escaped. she was actually in southern eastern california with a former boyfriend. another ex boyfriend wasn't surprised. >> remember saying to my brother there is no way. she is -- there's no way she is missing. she is perfectly fine. i guarantee it. >> in a statement released through her attorney she said that she was ashamed and apologized for the pain she caused her friends and family.
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elon musk is facing a lawsuit over his purchase of twitter shares. he has been accused of failing to disclose his purchase of twitter stock. according to multiple reports a former twitter share holder is suing musk for securities fraud. the investor claimed he sold his shares at a much lower price than he would have otherwise. experts estimate that he earned another $156 million by failing to disclose his stake in twitter when it was required. it's 5:15. let's get a check on the weather and traffic. >> starting it off with that cool and breezy forecast. >> no real changes there. we get rain for tomorrow and then on saturday. let's get in to the details on this. we will start out with a look at the mark hopkins looking back out over the transamerica pyramid. we aren't dealing wind that is that intense. we will hear from traffic in a
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second. no significant wind issues for the bay area as a whole. temperatures are pretty mild. we are low to mid-40s. if we take a look at the big picture you will see the arrival the rain as early as tonight. that first system with a few showers for tonight. we will look at that in more details in one second. this is mainly a enngsome watcem number 2 ay. t kethese o first we will look at tomorrow morning's rain. the better rain shows up right through tomorrow morning and you will see a lot more noticeable band of green and yellow take over much of the bay area here. for the thursday morning commute. it'll be about a 10th of an inch of rain from that first system. first half of the day thursday. it is morning commute. we may see a few showers into the later morning hours and
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into the afternoon. that's the first one. here comes the next one on friday night and into saturday. saturday morning we do it all over again. if you look at the totals for saturday they look better. saturday'srain could be more impressive than what we will get tomorrow. we will get snow in the sierra. we get about a half foot and when you at in the one on saturday the grand total for both of them, over two feet of new snow coming to the sierra. not bad there and perfect timing for sunday. by easter sunday the systems clear out. sunday will be sunny and warmer. we will be up near average for daytime highs. there's another chance of rain by tuesday of next week. we will have more on that as we get closer to tomorrow mog's ind satuay'sthe drive looking good. the roadways dry. enjoy it while you can because
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it looks like tomorrow won't be the case. a live look at some of the bay area bridges. here is the san mateo bridge. things moving nicely with no delays. still a bit breezy. there is a wind advisory that was issued overnight for the san mateo bridge and the dunbarton. this is different from wiadsoss national weather service. this is an advisory issued by chp or cal trans. it may feel gusty. just be careful if you are traveling in a high profile vehicle. no wind advisory for the bay bridge. things quiet and no metering lights just yet. that changes after 5:30. as you get closer to 6:00 we certainly start to see that volume for the drive over into san francisco. good news for any commuter making that trek through the sonnel grade onto 84 into fremont. all lanes open from overnight road work. we are tracking a few brake lights on the other side of 680. we will see the slow and go conditions there and it is slow
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for riders and drivers heading in to the pass. if you are coming out of tracy, getting onto 580 things are moving sluggish at least to north flynn. you really won't see any brake lights unless are u in the right lanes approaching 680. that's where you will start to slow down. if are you continuing on into castro valley, you will move smoother. 43 minutes 205 to 680 for that 580 commute. east shore freeway, no troubles, highway 4 looking good and 101 out of the south bay and no delays on the golden gate bridge. things quiet on most of the bay area bridges. it's 5:19. a heads up for those who use a popular shortcut in the east bay. cal trans will be closing niles canyon road near fremont to main street in sonnel late their month. they will work on the alameda
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creek bridge and remove old railings and installing new ones. the closure starts friday april 22nd. it'll reopen on monday april 25th at five. developing this morning congress is asking the ftc to investigate an nfl team. the committee said the owner of the washington commanders may have taken part in unlawful financial conduct. a spokesperson for the team denies the allegations and said the team will continue to cooperate. happening today a closer look at how oakland voters feel about the proposed a's stadium, howard terminal. the stadium alliance is holding a news conference to release results of a public opinion survey that measured oakland voters views on public financing for the stadium as well as the luxury housing retail complex. the a's are seeking over a billion dollars from the city of oakland and alameda county for the development. a live look at the oakland
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coliseum. while the stadium is home to the a's some new tenants have been slowly moving in. we are talking cats. the chronicle reports feral cats have been taking over since the start of the pandemic. its working with animal control agencies to help relocate them. a live look outside chase center days before the warriors playoff opener. seth curry was inside as he works to get back on the court. it's not clear if he will be ready for a game saturday night. it hinges on the recovery of his left foot. he started ramping up his individual work outs and there's a chance he could practice with the team later this week. now, all signs point to him returning at some point in the first round series with denver. now to history making in the mlb. alyssa coached first base for the giants last night making her the first woman to make an
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on field appearance in a regular mlb season game. first base coach was ejected from the game before the giants came to bat in the bottom of the third against the padres. she was chosen to replace him. about time. >> yeah. >> i like to see that. it's 5:22. still ahead on kpix5. >> little lemon doesn't mind mind if you power walk, danced or stretched out in its clothing. why they want
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today will be pretty much just like that. it is almost an instant replay in fact. we will be in the mid to upper 50s. a bit of a breeze. more noticeable near the water but not that bad it. was a 20-mile an hour breeze. today it's more like 14. there is a storm approaching. we will get rain later tonight. you don't need the umbrella. we will be in the upper 50s, low 60s by the time which top out for that later hour of lunch at two or three. in the forecast, we are going to focus on tomorrow's rain and also saturday. it'll be a busy looking seven
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day forecast. ba ntto buy your used work out clothes. >> they announced a new program called lulu lemon like new. starting april 22nd you can go to any store in the united states and exchange your gently used lulu lemon items for an e gift card. the value of the card will depend on the item traded and it's condition. from $5 for shirts and shorts and $10 for sweatshirts and leggings to $25 for coats and jackets. the chain will look at and clean the items and then offer the approved items for resell on their website. i love the idea of recycling clothes. >> yeah. >> there's just something about. >> work out clothes. >> work out clothes. >> i it's -- yeah. >> touching a lot of places while you sweat. there's no way going around that. you can't go around that. i like it in the money back for that. >> there's that part. can't beat that.
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>> i went there. our next half hour, paying more to travel in the skies. what the driving surging air fare prices. and the man police are looking for this morning in connection with a mass shooting at a
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, a terrifying scene inside a new york city subway station. what we are learning about the mass shooting this morning. and bay area transit agencies addressing security concerns. how they plan to keep riders safe. and what officials are now saying about a raging fire that destroyed a pier. and how a san francisco
5:30 am
based tech company is helping its employees. and it's wednesday, april 13th. >> good morning to you. glad to have you with us. there is rage in the forecast. it's like tomorrow morning and then saturday and then maybe tuesday of next week. it is kind of like. >> scattered in there. >> where were you all winter? now in april we have a couple of chances of rain. if are you thinking and curious about wednesday. wednesday is just like we are not going to get rained on today. there's no major issues with rain. we will be below average. it'll be -- cool -- you may see the clouds increasing today. no rain until late tonight and only in the north bay. everybody is in the 40s. the wind is much better behaved than yesterday. if you look at the forecast it may be breezy by the water. that won't be a major problem. we struggle to get in to the
5:31 am
50s and low 60s inland. let's give you one quick peek ahead. the wide view. to tonight and tomorrow morning. that next system right there. it looks like the one monday morning. widespread showers for thursday morning's commute and then more on saturday and more on that later. how is the drive? >> it's getting busy for those heading in to the pass. with restarting to see those brake lights as you go westbound 580. no winadvisory 580. that ride did shall you have a few slow and go spots. here is a live look at the dublin. most of those brake light also start in the right lanes. just head of there. a slow and go spot from mount house on 205 onto 580 just to about north flynn. 205 to 680. that's the hot spot. everything else is good to go
5:32 am
if you are taking 80, highway 4 -- no delays. there's a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge but photograph sick moving at the limit. developing this morning a massive surge for a person of interest in the mass shooting on a new york city subway train. there is a $50,000 reward in place for information leading to the suspect. we are live now from that subway station in brooklyn and what are police saying ability a person of interest here? >> good morning. they are only calling person a person of interest and nothing else at this point. he still has not been located this morning even though they have been looking since yesterday. despite the horrible images in the video we all saw this attack, nobody was killed. new yorkers now in the middle of a tense commute just one day after a mass shooting on a subway train during rush hour.
5:33 am
police are looking for frank james who they say is a person of interest in the investigation of yesterday's shooting in a brooklyn train station. >> recovered at that scene was a glock 17, hand gun. >> also recovered led them to this nearby uhaul which investigators said the 62- year-old had rented in philadelphia. >> we are working to locate him, to determine his connection to the subway shooting if any. >> the attack happened during the morning rush hour with commuters trapped inside a subway car, a man in a gas mask detonated smoke bombs and unloaded 33 shots hitting 10 people. people put pressure on wounds and stayed with the injured. >> coming up i saw maybe a 16- year-old that was shot in the knee. you can clearly see the bullets. >> officials say that the security camera feed at the station wasn't transmitting
5:34 am
back to nypd. >> we attempted to retrieve whatever video was possible. >> eric adams at home with covid19 vowed to find the person responsible. james posted often on youtube, police called the videos concerning. >> mentioned homelessness. he mentions new york and he does mention the mayor and as a result of io n thmas policedon't have any information about the gunman's motivation. >> police believe the shooters gun actually jammed during the shooting and that may have prevented even more blood shed. new york city's mayor is not rules out any changes to security here at subway stations in new york city including possibly looking into metal detectors. >> you mentioned that the security camera wasn't working at the station at the time. is this a ongoing issue and
5:35 am
maybe even public transit across the country? >> that's a great question. you are right. in fact the camera here wasn't working yesterday that. could have added so much more evidence to the case. nypd said of the 10,000 cameras across the city only three weren't working yesterday. perhaps unfortunate coincidence. this one, the one station in front of us and the one station behind us, now cbs news investigation found there have been several warnings for years about the security cameras. the problem is they require a lot of maintenance and high end maintenance. that's hard for a public group to keep up. >> it's tough ask scary for folks. thank you so much. here in the bay area, security on bay area public transit has been stepped up. >> and bart's police chief is working to reassure riders. >> bart is safe. it's a team effort.
5:36 am
we ask for authority help. we can't do it by ourselves. >> justin andrew is in pleasant hill this morning talking to riders on bart. >> after that mass shooting in new york bart has increased security, in fact every single you formed officer was deployed. this happened on yesterday but as thousands of riders continue with their morning commute this morning, security is top of mind. >> anyone taking the train and public transit should have the right to feel safe. >> to help riders feel safe bart said that it has thousands of cameras throughout the transit system monitoring what's happening on platforms and inside each train. bart chief of police said there is concern that when the camera technology fails, like some did in new york city and valuable video is lost, failing to capture crime. jeff is a former fbi agent and security a sift. he gives his take. >> there has to be a sort of
5:37 am
preventive maintenance in place that allows them to make sure what they have in place is operating properly. probably 80% of them are work and 20% are not. >> this morning so many riders likely getting on trains or using public transportation obviously security and safety we checked in with vta as well. we are told they have increased security. they have some bomb sniffing dogs that will be on the trains making sure everybody is safe. in pleasant hill. i'm justin andrews. kpix5. thank you for that report. stay with us for all the latest on the mass shooting. you can find updates on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. we are learning more about the raging fire that destroyed a pier at the port. the fire chief saying that it was an accident. the fire on saturday sent flames and smoke shooting into the air. it destroyed a specialized pier used to off load new toyotas. electrical and mechanical
5:38 am
causes haven't been ruled out. the now to the investigation in to the san jose home de approximate, ot fire. chopper 5 flew over the store on blossom hill road and spotted fire crews still dousing hot spots with water. the wreckage is still smoldering. atf agents were seen in the parking lot. the cause is unclear but the aftermath of the fire is raising questions about how the store's fire suppression units were working. the fire broke out saturday. starting in the lumber section. with more states passing restrictive new abortion laws, bay area companies are taking steps to help workers. oklahoma's governor signed in to law a bill that bans all portions in the state. soon after san francisco based yelp said it'll pay for its approximately 200 employees in oklahoma to travel out of state for services. >> it's great that they are willing to do that. unfortunately the people who are most impacted, they tend to below income. >> do the same companies offer
5:39 am
to provide child care if a woman wants to keep or baby or do they only pay to have their children killed? >> there are eight bills that would make california a sanctuary state for abortion. time for your money watch. air fare prices surging transunion being sued. good morning to you. >> good morning. let us start with those air fare prices and it's always a pleasure to be with you. they just continue to soar according to the digital economy index travelers shelled out $8.8 billion on plane tickets. that's 28% higher than march of 2019 which is well before the pandemic took hold. bookings only rose 12%. transunion is int wiit alleu
5:40 am
using decep it, ive tactics like asking for credit card information when consumer was seeking their free credit report. the government said that they tricked thousands of people into repeating payment that were hard to cancel. human rights watch said americans lack of access toard toable life saving medication may contribute to human right as bosses. a new report from the organization describes how lawmakers failure to regulate the industry undermines the right to health and impacts at risk communities. >> and there is something going on with apanera using robots to help with its coffee service. >> order up. panera is piloting a robotic coffee brewing system to boost its subscription service. they teamed up with a robotics company that will brew fresh
5:41 am
coffee when needed. >> when will it happen so we can have it in our house? right here behind the desk. >> very neat. cool with technology. >> here is rosy the robot with your coffee. up want it with diane's voice. we will see you again when the stock market opens coming up at 6:30. i like that. >> it's 5:41. coming up and streaming on cbs news bay area. the new study raising concerns about worker safety in the united states. and stress, anxiety, and burn out are huge problems facing health care workers. how vr is being used to relieve the symptoms. we will watch first alert doppler, not for rain today but rain tomorrow. you can see the showers on the far northwest coast. we will time out the thursday morning commute rain and then saturday's rain.
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want more from your vitamin brand? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement... to the only 24-hour vitamin c to heart-healthy support every day. get more with nature's bounty. the national into suit of health is working to stream line the reports of covid. it comes as more people switch to at home testing health
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experts voice concerns over a lack of reporting. the new process still requires people to self report but the agency hopes to stream line that process. anyone who has covid symptoms should get tested. new poll finds the vast majority of americans believe covid is no longer a crisis. a new index found less than 10% of americans currently describe it as a crisis. about 75% called it a manageable problem. it said the stat challenges for public health officials in managing possible new surges. the poll found that 37% of responderns said they have gone back to their prepandemic lives. the the stress has taken a toll on everybody, especially health care workers. now research is showing how much vr can reduce that stress. researchers have been working with health care workers to combat stress, anxiety,
5:46 am
depression. to do this they recorded a peaceful outdoor scene in vr. the concept allows nurses to take a brief break and refocus. >> it's a moment of respite in an overwhelming situation it. gives you an opportunity to get away to escape into nature and we know the health benefits of being in nature. >> the study has shown the impact from the study has been extremely beneficial. they are looking at possible long lasting stress benefits to the vr experience. >> i don't know about you how i feel like experiencing that while sitting in my office just makes me sad that i'm sitting in my office experiencing that. >> the vr gives you a dose of reality that you are really at work. >> i feel you on that. >> it seems really cool. technology. >> whatever it takes to get that peace, that zen. >> i'm on the same page. it'll just give me the sense of this isn't real. i'm sitting here.
5:47 am
>> let's talk about today's forecast which is a peace of cake. it is just like yesterday. tomorrow things more interesting. it's thursday when we get rain on the morning commute. again, today you have a pretty easy drive in terms of weather any way. it's low 40s. it's a bit cool out there at times in the north bay valleys. a degree or two warmer than yesterday if that helps. daytime highs the same as yesterday. upper 50s to most locations. we will go to the low 60s for a few of the warm erin land spots like santa rosa and concord. high definition doppler and first alert doppler shows us the showers off the far west north coast. the leading edge of the system which wrings us rain tomorrow shows up right there. let's come in for a closer look at that. we may notice light rain as early as tonight in the north bay valleys that. get us ahead to nine. that's just the leading edge like the preview. we count get a lot from that tonight in the north bay. you will see what they mean when we look at tomorrow morning.
5:48 am
there is the better organized rain. morning commute into the late morning, maybe even early afternoon tomorrow. some of these light showers, it's not a lot of rain. it'll be like the last one. the timing is important because it does have an impact on the morning commute tomorrow and we will track that very closely right here tomorrow together at this time. the totals range, and when it hits the sierra it puts down another foot and a half of snow. the higher elevations. there is another system coming in behind this one. let's look at that one. this next chance for rain then gets here late friday night into saturday. we will see that one on the big review. looking on the close up, you can see the showers are pretty widespread for saturday morning. if you look at the totals on saturday it's another chance to two 10st of the an inch rain for the first part of saturday when you add it up in the -- we are looking at another two and a half feet of snow. it won't be -- this wednesday
5:49 am
night through saturday. if you have plans to be traveling 80 or 50, start paying close attention to that forecast there. approximate will be enough snow. you will need change and it'll we slow. sunday will be bet america all regard. by sunday we are done with the rain. easter sunday sunny and back up to near 70 for inland locations. there's another chance of rain on tuesday of next week. more on that later. enjoy the dry roadways. today looking a little busy. we are starting to see the brake lights building as you make the ride across the bay bridge into san francisco. live lack look at one of the cal trans cameras. that extra volume. people over the skyway in to the city. there's are reports of a broken down vehicle westbound bay bridge near the tower, that may cause a bit of a back up there. metering lights turned on just about three minutes ago. we will start to see the brake lyings building at the toll plaza as well. if are you make that ride in to the city, probably a good time to get going if you don't want to be late. now we will see the brake
5:50 am
lights. san mateo bring not bad. traffic quiet in both directions. again it is a little windy. wind advisory was issued overnight for the san mateo bridge, the dunbarton. as far as travel times, only about 13 minutes between 880 and 101 not seeing a lot of brake lights. where i am seeing the brake lights is that ride as you head toward the dublin. things getting crowded there. headlights heading westbound toward 680. especially in the right lanes is where you will see slow and go conditions. you will see the brake lights out of tracy onto the pass itself. 50 minutes. that's your travel time. 205 to 680. the rest of our major freeways. no delays on 80, if you want to use public transit. everything is on time. no delays or bart, muni or ace rail. neveearly to start thinking about the weekend. there will will be a weekend
5:51 am
track replacement. bus service also be available. plan for some delays. new this morning, a recent study suggests the rate of serious injuries at amazon warehouses in the united states was more than double that of nonamazon warehouses last area. the strategic organizing center found it that amazon employed 33% of all united states warehouse workers in 2021. it was responsible for 49% of all injuries in the industry. there were 38,334 total recordable injuries at amazon facilities in 2021. among those about 34,000 were considered serious. it's 4:54:51. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> netflix introducing a new button. the tool to update your home page with even better recommendations. and coming up today on the drew barrymore show. and after the show stick
5:52 am
around for gayle, tony and nate bringing you the biggest head
5:53 am
5:54 am
we are starting to see early morning light fill the sky at this point. if are you curious about these kind of things. sunrise coming up 6:37 in the morning. the next 30 minute also be some
5:55 am
of the prettiest view was the light filling the sky. low 40s now. that's a degree or two warmer than yesterday. i doubt you will notice. you still want the jacket colder on the north bay valleys. few clouds, breezy. things get more interesting tomorrow. we will track at rival of rain for the thursday morning commute and it's only the first one. there's another one on saturday. ly see that in the forecast. time now for a look at the entertainment headlines. gill alert gottfried has died. it was posted on his twitter page saying he died after a long illness. he was a mainstay as a stand um comdian. he worked for one seasonon snl. the new york city n ative was 67. netflix wants to keep customers happy. the streaming service introduced a new recommendation tool. a double thumbs up button. >> they have thumbs up and
5:56 am
thumbs down buttons for viewers to give feedback on what they like. the double thumbs up tool is a way for viewers to let netflix know what shows and movies they really love and enjoy. that way they can recommend similar content which helps customers stick around longer and fool satisfied with their subscription. i don't know. probably helpful. >> i guess. >> maybe they are doing this because they are raising prices every so often. they want us to make -- make sure we are happy. >> really like. >> we are leally happy. >> paying more -- i like the lower subscription light. >> give two thumbs to that. the next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> transit agencies stepping up security arch the mass shooting on a new york city subway train. is it enough to make riders here feel safe? we ask them next. and a thousand backpacks late odd in a lawn at san jose state. how its being used as a
5:57 am
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. right now in kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, a massive manhunt underway for the suspect who opened fire on a new york city subway. the big question now, what was the motive? new questions about security on bay area transit systems following what happened in new york. we will hear from riders and transit leaders up next. cafoia woman accused of faking her own kidnapping is playing guilty. what she now telling her friends and family. a few drops are about to fall in the part of the region september to see most


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