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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 26, 2022 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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that's a slick move. even randy tips his cap to heather. stand up to cancer and rally wants you to reduce your risk for cancer. go to >> i have two kids, and i feel bad about the mother. i can't imagine. now at 11:00, a desperate search for a kidnapped baby stretching into the night.
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we're in san jose with all the latest developments. san jose police facing questions about why no amber alert was issued after that abduction. their explanation. and a lot of questions still swirling around elon musk's $44 billion acquisition of twitter. tonight experts weigh in on the wide ranging expectations. and tonight we're hearing from one of the doctors behind an eye opening new study on the effectiveness of the covid vaccine. good evening, i'm ryan yamatmoto. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. tonight the fbi has been called in to help in a desperate search for an infant kidnapped from his own him. the suspect caught on camera walking out of the home with the three month old in his
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carrier. he vanished this afternoon from an apartment on elm street. the baby's grandmother left him inside for just a moment while bring not guilty a load of groceries from the car. that's all the time it took. the family says they've never seen the suspect before. the baby's father is incarcerated. tonight they're pleading with the public for help and offering a reward for any anonymous tip s that pan out. >> if you have this baby, please get that baby back to its mother. >> tonight investigators are asking you to call 911 immediately if you think you spot the kidnapper or missing child. if you have any other information that might be helpful, reach out to the detectives working the case by calling 408202774166. tonight people who live in the neighborhood are thinking twice about letting their
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children outside. >> betty yu is at the scene to continue our coverage. >> reporter: police just reopened this block of elm street in the last hour, but as you can see there are still several police vehicles here on the scene. it has been more than ten hours since a stranger took the three month old infant from his home. the kidnapping was first reported by the baby's grandmother, who was caring for him while his mother was at work. >> she took the baby in the apartment, went downstairs to unload some groceries. in that short amount of time, someone entered the apartment and left with the baby. >> reporter: the baby's grandmother never saw the kidnapper, but a neighbor's camera captured the male suspect, described as hispanic with a dark complexion, walking away with the baby. neighbors spent the day trying to make sense of the crime. >> i have two kids, and i feel bad about the mother. i need to pay attention more to my kids because they like
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to play and run outside. >> as a mother i can say that wow, i don't know how they feel, how the family feel. >> reporter: san jose police say there's a cash reward for information leading to the suspect. tonight parents in the neighborhood are holding their children a bit tighter. >> now my big daughter is very scared and stay in the home. >> reporter: what's your sense of what the neighborhood is like here? >> um, yeah, i've seen twice like police coming over here, but, um, yeah, i don't know. >> reporter: san jose police say an amber alert hasn't been issued because they don't have suspect vehicle information. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. >> once again, if you think you've spotted the kidnapper
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or missing child, police are asking you to call 911 immediately. if you have any other information that might be helpful in all of this, you can reach out to the detectives working the case by calling that number there on your screen. (408)277-4166. (408)277-4166. >> if you're afraid or don't want to come to the police department with the baby, go to a fire station. the number one thing is we want that baby home. >> we'll stay on top of any new developments from san jose and bring you the very latest on and on cbs news bay area. tonight, elon musk has sealed the deal to acquire san francisco-based twitter, but a lot of questions still remain. we look into what it could mean for users and employees at the tech giant.
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>> reporter: if all the back and forth seems confusing, keep in mind that today twitter's own ceo reportedly told employees its future is uncertain. >> we want to be very reluctant to delete things and be cautious with permanent bans. >> reporter: now the world's richest man will be in control of one of the world's most influential social media platforms. today musk tweeted to his followers, free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated. >> according to some analysts it came down to cash and a lack of other suitors to take it private or buy a majority share. there just wasn't competition in a market relative to what elon musk was offering. >> reporter: what could
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musk's twitter look like? perhaps fewer ads, some type of edit button, and a lift on the curtain on what makes it tick. >> he wants to make the computer program that pick it is top tweets, he wants to keep that public. that's a closely guarded secret by facebook and youtube. >> reporter: but not all agree musk's proposal for deregulating speech online is ethical. some say his takeover and philosophy poses two main challenges. >> one is the concentration of power in the hands of wealthy people, which is very counter to democratic ideals and principles. and the other is a lack of means for holding people responsible for their words and actions on social media. >> reporter: it could lead to twitter employees being let go or leaving on their own because they disagree with
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musk's new vision. >> employees contributed greatly to the way content is managed and community standards that have been developed, and i think that will be the biggest shift with musk taking over. >> reporter: the deal likely won't close until later this year after regulatory approvals. kpix 5. tonight elon musk's electric car company is facing yet another disturbing lawsuit in connection with the tesla factory in fremont. according to the mercury news, an employee claims she was subjected to ongoing harassment based on her race and gender. she said that included her supervisors referring to her using the n-word. this is the latest in a series of lawsuits making similar claims. we reached out to tesla for comment, but have not heard back. striking new data from state and local researchers tonight on just how effective the covid-19 vaccine really is. as kpix 5's andrea nakano reports action the new numbers may not even tell the whole story. >> reporter: the authors of
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this study realized a need for more data when it comes to proving the effectiveness of vaccines. the findings are impressive, but they may actually be underestimating the impact on public health. >> we know that the vaccines work for the individual person, and what our study set out to do is understand the population level, population-wide impact of the covid-19 vaccine in california. >> reporter: dr. nathan lowe conducted two independent studies looking at the first ten months of vaccinations. it compared those vaccinated with those under 12 not eligible for the shot. the study found roughly 1.5 million cases were prevented along with 72,000 hospitalizations and 19,000 deaths. >> the impact of the vaccinations is much larger
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than we estimate. that's because we dodon't loloo at the impact from reduced transmission and we only look at the first ten months. >> reporter: many in health care say it validates the need to get vaccinated. ucsf infectious disease specialists hope the data and development of new vaccines encourage the unvaccinated to reconsider. >> unfortunate ly i think there will be 10 to 15% of americans that don't get vaccinated no matter what, but i'm still holding out hope because there are new technologies and vaccines that might address some of their concerns. >> reporter: there was a town hall held in support of a mask mandate on transit in the bay area. andrea nakano, kpix 5.
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stanford health will be back at the bargaining table tomorrow with the union representing thousands of nurses strike over pay, staffing issues, and work stress. hospital managers say they're willing to negotiate. in the meantime, travel nurses are keeping things running. still ahead tonight, a new program to help ukrainian refugees come to the u.s., but critics say it doesn't go far enough. a major company on trial for fueling the opioid problem in the city. and cities could ban cars from a pair of popular destinations.
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wawant more frfrom your vitamamin brand?? get morere with natuture's bo. from thehe first-evever triple a action sleeeep supplementnt... ththe only 24-4-hour vitamin n c... heart-hehealthy suppt every daday. get momore with nanature's bou. tonight ukraine has received the biggest show of support yet from the united states. the secretary of state and defense secretary met for hours with president zelenskyy in kyiv. they pledge for financial and military aid for ukraine despite moscow's warnings. and tomorrow the un secretary general heads to moscow to meet with vladimir putin for the first time since the war began. then he travels to ukraine to meet with president zelenskyy in hopes of a diplomatic breakthrough. and starting today, u.s.
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citizens and organizations can apply to sponsor ukrainian refugees. the program plans to streamline applications. sponsors must pass a background check and show they can support the refugees, but some say it's not enough. >> our concern is the program is temporary, and as much as refugees may want to go home, they may not be able to, so what happens then? >> starting tomorrow, the stanford blood center is joining the effort. for every donation through may 6th, they'll donate $10. a landmark trial is underway in san francisco accusing walgreens and three other companies of fueling the city's opioid crisis. they say they down played the risk and overstated the benefits of the prescription painkillers.
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the suit also claims walgreens failed to take action when it began seeing a huge jump in opioid prescriptions. the lawsuit also names three companies that manufacture or distribute opioids. the companies all deny responsibility for fueling the crisis. at the state capitol tomorrow, the senate will start a debate on a new bill that would make it easier to convict a drug dealer of murder if someone overdoses. there was a large bust in san francisco, but it likely won't make a huge dent in the fentanyl supply. >> as opposed to when we talk about cocaine or heroin where it has to be grown and harvested, fentanyl doesn't take that long to produce. so you could produce a fair amount of it in the course of
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days or weeks. >> but i would equate it to, you know, shutting down a gas station in a city. you're not going to impact supply chain that's in existence out there. >> san francisco supervisors are set to vote tomorrow on whether to keep a stretch of golden gate drive closed to cars permanently. there's a proposal to limit it to bikes and pedestrians only, and another that would allow only for one way traffic. tomorrow san jose city leaders will consider a car ban at san pedro square. it was closed in the pandemic to allow for outdoor dining. opponents say the lack of parking hurts other businesses. and if you want to get outside and enjoy open space, i mean t perfect for that. >> it was so pretty today. >> very nice. going to be a little cooler tomorrow and the breeze will
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remain noticeable. but no rain in the forecast for the next several days. the storm systems are missing to the north. there's a parade of systems heading into the pacific northwest. they'll send some passing clouds through the bay area and close enough to squeeze the atmosphere and produce gustier on shower winds, but we'll remain dry. the only chance of precipitation is a little drizzle at the coast tonight. plenty of sunshine in the afternoon tomorrow. the next storm system tries to send some clouds into the bay area on wednesday. those also are going to be rain-free. but another burst of slightly stronger winds to cool temperature office again. we'll see a bigger drop tomorrow and then a degree or two wednesday and thursday. the winds are still noticeable right now. they've relaxed somewhat from the conditions this afternoon and this evening, but the
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conditions remain noticeable throughout the rest of the night. in the inland valleys, the breeze is strong. the inland temperatures will be a good 5 to 7 degrees cooler tomorrow afternoon compared to today. the wind remains noticeable, but not that strong inland. most of the gusts in the 15 to 20 miles per hour range. the coast 20 to 30 miles per hour gusts from san francisco down the peninsula, and farther north could get close to 40 miles per hour gusts near bodega bay. the temperatures have dropped into the 50s across the entire bay area. livermore and downtown the cool spots at 52. the blanket of clouds helping to keep everyone in a same playing field. close to average high temperatures tomorrow.
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warming up only. low to mid-60s. let's zoom in for a closer look. upper 50s along the coast, and around the south end of the bay. mostly upper 60s in the santa clara valley. the warmest spots for the bay area as you go farther inland into solano county, mid to upper 70s there. low to mid-60s around the bay and temperatures farther north, farther inland, you warm up into the middle portion of the 70s. our temperatures just drop a degree or so each day wednesday and thursday. thursday the coolest day of the week with passing clouds not yielding any rain. there's an outside chance of a shower or two saturday night into sunday. maybe a slightly better chance monday of next week. otherwise we're waiting until the end of the first full week of may for any hint of shower activity to pay a visit to the bay area. straight ahead in sports,
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nbc first round playoffs are taking shape. 49ers and its personnel. and the giants once again have emerged as one of the powers in the game as the season's first month is headed to the finish. what have they done now?
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nfl up top. i know, it's the eve of the giants and a's series, but when ninners management mentioned samuel for the first time since he wanted a trade, it drives the bus. the contract negotiations have stalled, but the cascade of media questions about samuel forced lynch to say something on the topic of trading away the team's most dangerous offensive weapon. >> i can't ever imagine wanting to move on from him. he's been a game changing player for our franchise. we have nothing but love for him and appreciation for him. you just don't let guys like that walk.
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i can't envision a scenario where we would. baseball, pederson dealt with hecklers in milwaukee, and here's how he dealt with it. that hit. the brewers tied it at 2, but no problem. the giants new guy, gonzalez, got all of a two-run 9th inning blast. very timely for his first major league homer. giants won their 12th game of the season, 4-2 final. 12 and 5 half game behind the dodgers in the west, or only the mets have more wins in the big, which sounds better? and now the nba playoffs. warriors host game five of the nuggets wednesday. the association postseason
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train was rolling tonight. the celtics finished off brooklyn tonight in new york. brooklyn needed to scramble. then kyriy hit, cutting boston's lead to 3. celtics with a home run ball to protect the lead. always follow the shot. horford the stick back. final tonight 116-112 and they'll face the winner of the bucks and bulls series in round two. still in the east, toronto's fred van vleet in street clothes. toronto rose up. raptors needed this one, winning 103-88. tightened the sixers lead to 3-2 in the game. game six in toronto on
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thursday. hi patrick mahomes! doncic, shoot over him! mavericks routed the jazz 102-77 and earn a 3-2 series lead. they can close it out in salt lake city on thursday. now, next time i see some of you, it will be from oracle park on tuesday. giants and a's, first game gettingened underway in the evening. >> it will be great to see you out there live. up next, a grandfather with big dreams that span the atlantic ocean. details
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a north carolina
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grandfather has plans so big they plan the north atlantic. >> he plans to row from virginia to france nonstop by himself. >> peter's boat has sleeping quarters and plenty of food stored for his protein shakes, energy bars, and the occasional pasta. the boat even converts salt water into drinking water. >> i'm rowing a boat that should be really rowed by two people, but that's just who i am. >> i know what's coming and i'm happy to take it on. >>
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new video just into the newsroom, fbi agents arriving in the san jose neighborhood where an infant was stolen from his home by a stranger nearly 11 hours ago. surveillance video shows the man walking away with the three month old in his carrier. >> police say the family did not recognize the kidnapper. they're asking you to call 911 immediately if you spot the baby or that suspect. join our morning team for the latest (contempororary music)c) - hi e everyone, a and welcoe to the l legal help p cente. this is s where we h have lel professisionals stananding y to answewer your queuestions regarding g personal i injur. so if yoyou've beenn injurered in an acaccident


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