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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  May 10, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a mask mandate back in effect for city workers in the south bay. the spike in covid cases forcing san jose to clap down. plus, water way in the bay area's largest county could soon hear the water cops knocking at the door. we'll explain. a wild night for the warriors. how golden state is getting up to close out the series.
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yes. >> that's all ahead. good morning, it's tuesday may 10th. >> clapping also because we have rain. hope for more today. >> it's like that much of the bay area got it. just one spot. >> tiny bit. >> it was santa rosa's show around noon. a perfect example of what it means when we say most of us not seeing rain today but if you get, it's going to be a shower. that's the way it plays out again today. look how clear the sky is. that's the view from the top of the sales force. waiting for sunrise coming up in 7 minutes from now. because the sky is so clear, it's chilly out there this morning. currents in one second but before i get there, first alert doppler still picking up on showers and you can see them just holding together here off the coast. then they fall apart over the last hour or so. there's a good one off the santa cruz mountains. as we look ahead we see more of that develop this afternoon.
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most likely in the north bay and future cast on that coming up. most of us just another pretty cloud watching day. 33 in santa rosa because of clear skies and we warm up into the mid 60s inland ten degrees below average. one more day like this starting tomorrow, turning a corner noticeably warmer more on that coming up. for now, checking on the drive. >> yeah, it felt cold this morning if you're getting out the door. grab the jacket and give yourself extra time because it's getting busy as well. here's a look at our cal trans camera. starting to see that extra volume and a bit of a back up building at the bay bridge. you can make out brake lights at the bottom of your screen. conditions near 280. still very busy westbound out of tracy getting into the altamont where things are brie si so be extra careful. live at the news desk with a
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quick look at headlines this hour. starting off in vallejo where police are investigating a triple shooting last night on avian drive. three people found with gunshot wounds. police have not released anything about a motive in the case. an autopsy set for today for the corrections officer who ran away with an inmate in alabama. vicki white and casey white, no relation, caught yesterday after a high speed chase. the former officer died after shooting herself while the suspect surrendered. a crack down on water wasters the santa claire valley water board is about to begin discussions on hiring enforcement officials to issue fines up to $500 for water waste or overuse. then an official vote is set for later on this month. that's a look at headlines this hour. we'll see how that goes. thanks. developing this morning, the chp is looking for the gunmen who shot up a call with a 7-year old inside along i-80 in the
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vacville area just after 4:00 p.m. yesterday. police say a honda accord was hit with gun fire multiple times. a 7-year old in the backseat was hurt. now the child was driven straight to a nearby hospital. and is expected to survive. today is 5-10 day an unofficial holiday to celebrate the area code of oak land. >> one organization is using today to bring wareness about violence prevention to young people. justin andrews joins us now in the studio to talk about all this. what's the plan? >> the goal is really to just free oak land of the violence that really has a grip over the community. it's goal is for 5-10 day to make sure that the young people know that they can do something. it is no secret the headlines are riddled with crime there. this morning when men and women who grew up in those neighborhoods, those are the people who say they are sometimes victims of crime and this morning, they're helping heal themselves and the
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communities they serve. >> police lights and crime on the streets of oak land take paris davis back to 2017. >> i was scared i wasn't going to wake up. >> he was shot in the stomach after graduating college, had a one year old daughter and signed a contract to play basketball overseas. all of it seemingly derailed his career. >> you know, obviously up in oak land i'm no stranger to danger. >> none of us are strangers to danger no matter where we live. >> the program i now oversee i was actually a referral for the program. >> it's 510-day and youth alive is using this day for victims of gun violence to share their stories to help heal. davis will be doing that at today's breakfast fundraiser. davis is the intervention director at youth alive in oak land, an agency dedicated to violence prevention overseeing several programs. >> on 5-10 day a day of town pride for oak land makes sense
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because what we're asking people to do is gather together and invest in a future community they want to see. >> people want to see a thriving town a place moving towards less violence. >> not something that's only unique to oakland it affects the whole bay area. >> so for his community davis simply wants to build and develop a violent-free oakland. >> i want to be a person that i can show people look, i still live in oakland. i still live in the neighborhood but i'm doing positive things and helping people who are impacted by gun violence. changing the narrative and showing people that you can move forward. >> paris davis is proof this organization is working. you heard him in that report there, the very place he was referred to for resources five years ago after he was shot is now the place he works for so a
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full circle moment. >> for sure. i'm glad we focused too on the fact that it's not just oakland. the violence is happening everywhere. >> and that's another example of what it means to have the community come together. a community who hurts together have to heal together. so definitely affects the entire bay area. >> these conversations of how to move forward and make changes they all so desperately want. >> so necessary. thanks justin. taking a live look at san jose where a mask mandate is back in effect for city workers. masks are also strongly recommended for people visiting municipal offices. the city says it's a response to an increase in covid-19 cases across santa claire clara county. >> this morning fans are confident after the warriors beat the memphis grizzlies in game four despite the wild night. the memphis playoff series had enough story lines to last an entire post season.
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>> that roller coaster ride starting with aggressive play on the court with the head coach testing positive for covid and the warriors got off to a slow start last night with 15 seconds left. the grizzlies were down three but jar ron jackson jr. three was blocked by draymond green and the warriors come back to win 101-98 to take a 3-1 series lead. >> we know how to pull off games like this. this is about how you approach it and make it happen i knew we were going to win the game. just had a feeling. it was ugly. but at this time of year, all that matters that win. >> the warriors can close out the series tomorrow in memphis. still to come, businesses and residents forced to cut down on water use. it's not because of the drought. the state of emergency in one bay area city. we're going to keep an eye on first alert doppler throughout the morning.
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showers are holding together off the coast. those were a miss. but as we get into the afternoon today, late frn early evening we can see a few more of those develop in the north bay. we'll track the chance for that and we'll talk about how different it will feel around here by the end of the week. coming up. i'm tracking brake lights for the
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the city of venetian declared a state of emergency after a water pipeline break. >> businesses and residents being asked to cut back on water by 30%. >> so everyone here in benetia is on notice. they got the memo about the state of emergency. here at this pizza restaurant they're doing what they can to
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cut back. they found ways to conserve. >> this is where we make our pasta. >> domingo is a chef at pizza pirate in benetia. >> i got to wash my hands when i make pizza. even if i go on the register and touch money, i got to right away wash my hands. >> he says water is needed for pasta and pizza dough. >> you want to load it out with dishes so you don't waste water. >> the conserve water email notice sent out over the weekend to more than 20,000 benecia residents like phillip. >> i want to everyone to know about the water pipeline break. >> it was discovered when the basement was flooded at the water treatment plant. city crews are working to repair it as soon as possible and say the water is still safe to
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drink. residents have been asked to conserve until it's fixed. >> you took it seriously. >> it's mother nature. got to take care of her. >> i have a pond that needs water. my sprinkler system is off. so that's about the only thing i'm doing right now. hopefully this won't last more tan a couple days. >> we did declare a state of emergency. >> sara is with the city of b benetia. >> if you can turn off landscape watering. we can think of it in more practical terms. maybe shave off 5 minutes of your shower. >> residents are doing their part. >> this is really honor system but help us out. >> that's right.
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. >> in benetia julia good rich, kpix five. we're starting with darren peck and the gorgeous views you're showing us now. >> there are a couple of gasps from people here in the studio. yeah, just like that. >> look at it. wow. >> a couple things coming together to make that shot look pretty. we got sunrise but you have this perfect set up with the big clouds giving us that beautiful backdrop. our building off the coast this morning. that's different. yesterday they were on the east side of the bay. today they're out off the coast. you see that coming up on first alert doppler. what a backdrop it gives you from the camera's vantage point of treasure island looking back at the sales tower which is being towered over by building cumulous clouds.
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fantastic and here's the view of what's lighting that up. from the camera on top of sales force, looking back to the east you can see sunrise now just cresting the east bay hills. officially that happened at 6:04 this morning. it's going to feel cold out there if you're in the inland valley. santa rosa is 33. even though the clouds look impressive, these are clearer skies straight overhead allowing the temperatures to go quite low. 33 for santa rosa in the mid 40s just about everywhere else so look where the action is. first alert doppler shows us with big clouds we were seeing out towards the west as a backdrop for the skyline of san francisco, there has been rain in that stuff. and it's working its way down actually now all the way off the santa cruz mountains. if we switch from live first alert doppler and put in the future cast, we got to look to the other side of the bay for the afternoon. the clouds will once again build on the other side this afternoon
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and possibly bring us an isolated shower through the north bay. maybe through napa. maybe into sonoma and marin. it will be like yesterday where most of us do not get rained on today. if you happen to get one of these cells that does develop, quite a good little show and small hail happening in santa rosa. what this does for daytime highs is keeps everybody on the same level playing field. we're all going low to mid 60s today. that's it. about 10 degrees below average. another cool day. pretty cloud show. >> tomorrow it's all done. clear skies and we start a warm up. san jose 63 today. mid 80s on saturday. same stour for our inland valleys of the east bay. mid 60s today, low 90s by saturday. all right, gianna is watching the drive. what are you seeing out there. >> i'm watching the drive closely and so is mobile five this morning. good morning, if you're just waking up and joining us, here's
6:18 am
traffic conditions if you're getting to make the ride at 238 into the freeway area over towards hayward if you're heading to san leandro or seeing things moving at an okay pace. brake lights on the connector heading on to 880 this morning so plan for that. so far so good north of there. i'll show you a live shot as you work your way oakland coliseum and look at that. it's not bad at all. traffic moving at the limit in both directions. overall it's been a chill commute. not a lot going on which is good news. brake lights at the bay bridge metering lights on and i did just get first reports of a trouble spot right as you work your way past the toll plaza. looks like debris in the roadway from an earlier crash. with that debris may be slowing things down as well. plan for that as you head into san francisco. once you past that here's another perspective of the bridge from one our cal trance
6:19 am
camera. extra volume and overall moving at an okay pace. our busiest spot continues for that ride into the altamont pass. breezy and wind advisory in effect. getting crowded westbound towards the dub rin interchange but no major crashes on 580 or 680 as you head towards the connector. back to you guys. thanks, concerns of a new spike in covid cases are not the only thing some families are taking into you're a c champion. you'rere not a quiuitter. quititters don't't do whatt they'r're supposeded to. champipions do. and you'rere a star. and you u shine. that's's what you u do. thatat's what yoyou do everyry.
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lunchtime forecast how best the plan? just like yesterday which means we have a little excitement ant day. for most of us, it's blue skies and relatively cool with temperatures in the low 60s.
6:23 am
but there is that possibility for an isolated thunderstorm. really localized and most of us won't get it. low 60s with a good cloud show. beautiful sunrise. be back with more on that chance for thunderstorms today and a look ahead to a warmer weekend. guys, back to you. summer is just around the corner. the kids will be out of school which means it's prime time travel time for some. >> with covid still an issue, families ready to get back. live to dianna with this week. the threat of covid is one issue for families trying to travel this year. rising gas price, airline tickets all being taken into consideration. >> we love it. still use it but i'm also still flying. >> you might remember shannon i spoke with her during the height of the pandemic when her family purchased a travel van. >> it was safer and we could go
6:24 am
places. there wasn't a lot of planes flying everywhere still. so the van was great but now that it's open, we do both. >> when we spoke vaccinations were not available for kids and traditional travel with her family was complicated with covid but now things are different. >> i feel really safe. i think people are being safe and just everyone is cautious still. >> it's not just covid concerns. rising gas prices and air fare are also playing a role on how families plan their summer travel. >> we are seeing some evidence that people are maybe shifting away from doing so many road trips but in general, air fare demand is through the roof. and so most people are going to be flying. >> that's glenn henderson news editor for the points guy and he says popular vacation spots are booking up fast. >> it's so busy. florida is insane. florida has been super popular throughout the pandemic. even more so now but hotel
6:25 am
prices are really high so be aware of that. california is another popular destination. national parks, a lot of families want to get out somewhere where they think there's not a lot of crowds. >> some families changing up plans and ditching the plane for a train tons of families there, it's a great way to see parts of the country that you probably haven't seen before and you can sometimes find deals on packages so it's definitely worth looking into. >> so how do you find the best deals? >> i have the best hack. so all the airlines have things like vacation packages you can buy. you combine air fare with hotels and save as much as 40%. >> some airlines are pulling out all the stops to entice families. just last week alaska airlines unveiled a star wars theme plan. >> it's got the millennium falcon on there. >> for those of you new to taking the kids on the road. >> don't overpack. that's my biggest advice for any
6:26 am
parent traveling. >> and don't forget the snacks. >> yeah, my problem is i tend to overpack the snacks so i got to do better with that but here's a l things to think about if you're traveling and you do plan on taking a road trip. maybe consider leaving california and going to other states nearby to save on gas prices. a lot of cheaper gas in other states like nevada and arizona. >> i was sur pruzed to hear him say national parks. we see a lot of people flocking to there. they're actually getting overcrowded a bit. >> yeah, but it's a great way to get out and you're still outdoors so that helps but you know, to each their own. i don't know if i'm ready to get on a plane with my kids but i'm ready to get out. >> take it from me, those flights are full. >> and expensive. >> very expensive. thank you for that very helpful remunder. pushing to find healthcare services to residents. the vote that could make it happen. a nationwide s
6:27 am
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. police investigating a triple shooting around 9:00 last night. three people found with gunshot
6:30 am
wounds. no word yet on their conditions or a motive. a covid outbreak hitting marin county schools. 20 of them have seen a surge in cases. the health officer cites the contagious nature of the sub variant plus proms and parties combined with people ditching masks. a crack down on water wasters. the santa clara water board is beginning discussions to issue fines for water waste or overuse. an official vote is set for later this month. good morning, it's tuesday may 10th. >> good morning, we begin with first alert meteorologist darren peck and some rain out there for us this morning. >> yeah, the rain is really isolated and well off the coast at this point. for anybody who likes looking at clouds this say fantastic morning if you have time to do that. check out a window on the bay this morning. that's the view looking towards
6:31 am
the skyline. so there's rain in those clouds. it's well off the coast. look how clear it is when you look east. that's the view looking out over the east bay hill. sunrise four minutes after 6:00. those impressive clouds behind the skyline, there's rain falling out over the water. maybe a light shower or two off the coast. future cast shows us where we're likely to see rain later today in the late afternoon, early evening. really isolated most of us are not getting rained on today just like yesterday. but you will see a few isolated showers perhaps crop up in the north bay as we get towards the later hours of the afternoon. with relatively clear skies right now, it's colds in the north bay valley, we're down into the low and mid 30s. take a look at santa rosa. and petaluma, both 34. most locations are mid 40s. you really want the heavy jacket in the north bay valley and we don't warm up. staying ten degrees below average mid 60s for inland
6:32 am
valleys at most. a much different looking weekend. busy so grab that jacket and get going. if you're getting ready to hit the roadways we got brake lights. it's windy as you head into the altamont pass. it's a hot spot getting on to 580. busy towards the dublin interchange. a live look here crowded westbound 580 heading towards 680. we're now starting to see that morning commute rush heading through antioch into pittsburgh. also northbound 101 into morgan hill. a lot of brake lights building and of course it's a business as usual at the bay bridge with metering lights on. happening today, contra costa supervisors could vote to approve nearly $5 million to fund healthcare services for undocumented residents. the county first established the program in 2015. undocumented residents were disportion natalie affected by the pandemic while making up a
6:33 am
significant part of the essential work force. >> going live to the big board, opening bell ringing moments ago. let's talk a look at the numbers. the dow is up in the green. more than 450 points right now, these numbers come after stocks hit their lowest levels in more than a year yesterday. >> this morning, the alabama corrections officer who police say helped an inmate escape from prison is dead. the inmate is back in custody. the 11-day manhunt ended in evansville indiana after u.s. marshalls crashed into the getaway car and casey white surrenders. officer vicki white died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> we got a dangerous man off the street today. he is never going to see the light of day again. she has been an exemplary employee and what in the world prompted her to pull a stunt like this, i don't know. >> vicki white told coworkers she was taking the inmate for a
6:34 am
mental health evaluation before the two disappeared. she's serving a 75-year sentence for attempted murder and other charges. this morning as russia continues its war in ukraine, the white house is pushing back against vladimir putin's claim that nato and western allies started the fight. vladimir putin tried to rally his people yesterday in world war ii victory celebrations. vladimir putin blamed the west for his brutal invasion. meanwhile at the white house president biden signed a bill to expedite the flow of military equipment to ukraine. and the cost of the fight is not too but aggression is more costly. >> lawmakers could vote to send $40 billion to ukraine for military and humanitarian assistance. the sound of music united san francisco a benefit costume for ukraine. >> held at the historic pacific
6:35 am
heights temple last night. >> the money was raised for three charities world center kitchen, the hebrew and aid society and nova ukraine. classical singers and musicians donated time including some from both ukraine and russia. >> it's important to feel the russian people here are very different from those who live in russia. over there fortunately russian people support them. >> organizers expect the concert will have raised $100,000. some new video out of marin this morning, a look at the soaring gas prices here in the bay area. the numbers inching closer to a whopping $6 a gallon. right now impending european sanctions in russia fuelling a new spike. san francisco drivers now paying just over $6 a gallon on average. 20 cents higher than the state wide average and about $1.70 more than the national average. live to the white house now,
6:36 am
president biden will be giving a speech on inflation today addressing increasing economic concerns for voters head into november elections. last week the federal reserve raised interest rates by a half point to address the worst inflation america has seen in 40 years. the president says top priority will be getting prices under control and lowering costs for working families. this morning store shelves across the bay area are running dry of baby formula. the response from major retailers to the white house. >> this is what the baby formula aisle looked like at target in daly city. this is what the shelves looked like at bye bye baby. it's a common site at stores across the bay area and beyond. >> fortunately for me i can't breast feed my kids. i depend a lot on formula. it's been stressful but luckily,
6:37 am
we have been managing. >> analysts say the shortage is caused bi-product recalls and inflation. we spotted this sign stating that inventory may be sporadic. supply is so low that cvs walgreens and target are limiting purchases. pediatricians say parents may have to buy a brand they wouldn't typically choose due to lack of inventory. >> some parents have to travel to 1-5 stores to be able to find adequate formula. the one thing you want to make sure, you're not trying to make your own baby formula or substituting with cow's milk. >> new data shows 40% of baby formula brands are out of stock. the white house press secretary said the fda is working with suppliers to make formula available sooner. >> so what they're trying to do in the short hand of it is increase supply and working with a range of manufactures and what their capacity is to ensure that
6:38 am
the kinds of formula that is recalled can be ensured to be on the shelves. still to come, price of college tuition making it difficult for california students to get a degree. experts say students can deal to help with high costs. mother's day celebrations continue for many hear from your local flower shop as they put love into every arrangement they make. the opportunity for an isolated shower when we get into the afternoon. we'll track that and look at future cast and see how likely that will be today, coming up.
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savingng money. becaususe... yiu u is for youou. yiu isis for you.. exactltly. yvyvonne yiu. . democrat for contntroller. taking a live look at the stock market this morning. the dow is up more than
6:42 am
400 points after another big dip yesterday in both it and the tech heavy nasdaq. buckle up we're hearing from janet yellen and she says the turbulence may continue. there's potential for continued volatility as the world deals with the pandemic and war in ukraine. she says they will also testify that the u.s. financial system has continued to function in a "orderly "manner. an eye on cryptocurrency dragging down all three bit coin prices have plunged nearly 15% in the past week to more than 50% below the record high from late last year. other cryptocurrency sometimes referred to at alt coins have been hit hard as well including elon musk's dodg coin down 20%. a look at what's copping up later, gail king joins us from
6:43 am
new york. good morning. >> hey amanda, here we are good to see you ahead on cbs mornings. national gas prices are at an tall time high this morning after jumping nearly 5 cents overnight. that's big. how the biden administration is trying to bring prices down as inflation continues to spike. tyler perry joins us live to talk about his new series that helps families search for missing loved ones. find out why the first two cases are personal for him and why he is determined to get answers. in our series, the dish, see how the husband wife team of the acclaimed restaurant single thread overcame pandemic set backs and a devastating fire to grow and thrive. they were teenager sweethearts. and look at them still going strong. we'll see you at 7:00. that's about 17 minutes from now. back to you aman. coming up, gail thanks so much. if you thought mother's day
6:44 am
celebrations were over, not so much for latinos. joining us in the studio, you and your family actually celebrate mother's day today on tuesday. >> yeah, we do on may 10th. a lot of people here from countries like guatemala and mexico celebrate mother's day today. we spoke with two people at a local flower shop who tell us about the traditions and show us how to put love into every gift they make. >> how long have you been working here for? >> three months. >> this is poppy. he places each flower perfectly in an arrangement understanding that every one of them is going to someone special. >> at the end of the day i feel like arrangements and giving flowers is always a sentiment of love. >> something everyone understands on mother's day including the owner. >> moms are worth everything.
6:45 am
for those who grew up in the u.s. with latino families sometimes you celebrate her on two days. >> she gets a call on both days. >> he also calls his combrand ma in guatemala on may 10th and many can relate. there were some people who would walk by and ask them if they were getting flowers to which they would respond with "not till tuesday". he has roses, lilies, tulips and any flower you can think of. he works fast with a smile on his face knowing he's helping make someone's day. >> while also thinking of his mom through every arrangement. >> yeah, so my mom is getting two calls this week. today is that second call. >> my grandma went up to her on sunday and i was like happy mother's day and she said you
6:46 am
got to say it to me again on tuesday. they get two gifts too. >> really? >> flowers on both days. >> not a bad deal. thank you. appreciate that. statewide poll shows most californians believe having a bachelor's degree is important but they also say college prices are just too expensive right now. nowadays you see schools on average cost around $38,000 a year including room and board while csu's are around 30,000. 55% say the same for csu's. >> don't think about the money angle as just hitting it from one or two ways. hitting from multiple angles is the way to go. >> some experts focusing on academics and extracurricular activities that can unlock several avenues for scholarships or so-called free money from a school. hey guys, sorry.
6:47 am
i just had to come back. having a little debate in the newsroom. so i was talking about 510. we actually had to go to social media to see what you all are thinking so here's what some are saying online. take a look here. we put it on twitter here. 510-day we heard a few people talking about it. 36 votes or so at 66% people say it's 5-10 day. about 33% say they just say five ten. >> we were debating it. a play on either the area code where you would say the 510 or the day which is five ten. >> what are you going with? >> i like 510. >> i like five ten. head over to our twitter account. we'll see what happens?
6:48 am
just had to come in. >> yes, always good to have you back. >> thanks for that. >> i like figuring out what people say too. let us know. the time now, let's get you caught up in the forecast with derek. >> i'm more of a 510 guy. nobody asked me. >> what does darren say? >> here's the view looking out towards the north bay. we had an interesting set up yesterday. take a look at what happened in santa rosa fire department for sharing this with us. of hail. that actually came together in santa rosa yesterday. this was hail that came down right around 12:30 yesterday. pretty small. got to have good eyesight to see it on there. nonetheless, this is what we're talking about when we say most of us not getting rained on but should you get it, it will be exciting. back to the weather computer behind me. i want to show you why we're still feeling the effects of
6:49 am
this in the north bay. this is a tweet just sent to me from allen. which is a small community in napa. look at the temperature over there. 29 degrees this morning. this is one of the colder pockets of the napa valley. his concern was for the vineyards up there and even though the official number i got for napa is in the mid 30s, it does get colder in some pockets in that valley this morning and it's not just napa. look at the rest of the north bay up there sonoma. up to santa rosa temperatures in the mid 30s up there. everybody else is low to mid 40s. those north bay valleys and deep blue up there it's a cold morning thanks to clear skies and that's really a majority of today. more sunshine than anything else. but here's a good example of how things could get more exciting. that's right now. and first alert doppler is reading a good sell of rain off the mountains heading over monterey and that's going to pick up again this afternoon.
6:50 am
watch the future cast showing this coming from the other direction. isolated thunderstorms rolling into napa. solano and sonoma as we get into the late afternoon. so really isolated most of us don't get it. it's more blue sky than anything. but if you happen to get one, could be exciting. maybe small hail and video to share with us. daytime highs going into the low to mid 60s which means we're staying below average. another chilly day with this pattern. we will start warming up from here. temperatures will climb going into wednesday and thursday and by the time we get into the weekend, we're already looking at mid 80s for san jose. daytime highs that make it up to 90 by the time we get to saturday for our warmer inland spots. so enjoy today. if you like this unique cloud watching cool chance of rain. how does the drive look? >> i thought you were going to ask me? 510. >> i completely forgot but so
6:51 am
glad we got your take on that. >> thank you. i'm with justin and amanda. taking a look at roadways now. sorry. let's talk a lookt the roadways now. i bet you ryan and kiley would agree with me. 510 cruising through the east bay. if you're on 880 towards san mateo bridge we got a few brake lights. i got the thumbs up. you're on your own island now. all right, if you're getting on to 92, there are a few brake lights there so heads up. getting busy this morning so give yourself extra time. you know where it's really busy? if you're traveling out of the 510, that's the bay bridge now backed up stacked up. metering lights are on. so it's a busy ride heading into the city. definitely sluggish there and brake lights on our approach now, 580 looking busy there. get a little bit better at the dublin interchange. things improving slightly. still sluggish coming out of
6:52 am
tracy getting into the altamont and the wind advisory is still in effect and if you're taking highway 4 also getting busy westbound as you head into pittsburgh and bay point. that's a look at your morning commute. here's a cool incentive for drivers. four north bay transit agencies are starting a program to reward drivers for cal pooling and easing grid lob. the highway is a key link between navato and prone to back ups. people who register can connect with other commuters in the area and car pools then they can log their trips. pretty cool there. >> i like it. people in the bay area like to argue who has the worst commute. >> but the report using census data is putting that debate to rest. the number one spot for the worst commute in the state of california may come as a surprise. the data crunching site stacker
6:53 am
looked at the average commute time of all residents. contra costa county the top of the list with an average of 39-minute commute. almeida came in at number four with a 34-minute commute. san francisco was number 7 with drivers spending 33 minutes in their car so you're at the top of the list. >> join me on my drive time. . >> had to be fun. >> yeah, raising a family. the biggest county in the bay area bringing on a new type of enforcement officer. how water cops could soon come knocking on some doors. i'm sure people will like that. a california landmark reopening doors for the
6:54 am
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your latest headlines starting with a live look at san jose. a mask mandate back for city workers this morning. masks are also strongly recommended for people visiting city offices. this is because of an increase in covid cases. the latest mandate running through at least may 20th. police in vallejo investigating a triple shooting last night on avian drive. three people were injured. police have not released anything about their conditions nor a motive. a crack down on water wasters. the water board is about to begin discussions on hiring enforcement officials to issue fines of up to $500 for overuse. a vote set for later this month. commute is still busy headed towards the bay bridge. metering lights are on and that morning rush is on as well
6:58 am
heading into the city. brake lights building there. 15 minutes for your ride into san francisco. san mateo bridge loading up heading towards 101 and the golden gate bridge no delays out of marin heading into the city. well, another great day for cloud watching today. perfect example. the scene from treasure island as we have been watching the billowing clouds behind the skyline of san francisco. there's rain in those clouds. just isolated showers and for a moment they're being held off the coast. the future cast shows us second half of the day on the other side of the bay. a few isolated showers possible again today. we got some yesterday through santa rosa. small hail could do it again today. the majority of us, should be a pretty die. more blue skies and cool. tomorrow the system leaves and we start warming up. daytime highs into the mid 80s by saturday in the south bay and low 90s by saturday for our
6:59 am
warmest inland spots. happening tomorrow, an icon of the central coast will owe rep to visitors. >> the first time in two years hurst castle has been closed since march of 2020 due to covid reinstructions. they have had time to do a lot of restoration and conservation work. new displays never seen before and a new tour focusing on the life and cure of architect. >> this is an incredible place to visit. the jewel of california. this tour will definitely show her influence on this estate and also talk a little bit about mr. hurst and how they collaborated together. >> a big boost to the local economy in san louis. prepandemic it drew more than 800,000 visitors a year. . and i have lived in this area. it's so beautiful. if you haven't been, take the trip to go see it. it's absolutely incredible. more than 100 acres of property
7:00 am
and definitely a sight to see can't wait to go. road trip? >> yes, let's do it. i'm in. >> field trip, i like it. thanks so much for joining us. >> cbs mornings up next, have a great day, everybody. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to you our viewers on west coast on this tuesday. i'm gayle king. >> and i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> well let's go to today's "eye opener." it is your world in 90 seconds. >> an escaped inmate is back in custody after days on the run with a prison official. the stunning end of the search and what is next. >> for violating his civil rights, he's not getting out of this jail again. i'll assure


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