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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  May 13, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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heavy smoke poured out of a san francisco apartment this
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morning. >> don't let up. that's the message from bay area health officers as covid numbers once again go up. >> and sidelined for years, how this former distance runner's son is helping him cross the beta breakers finish line once again. good afternoon. >> our top story at 3:00 on kpix 5, we're talking about several people hurt in a fire in san francisco. in fact, take a look at this. this is bystander video tweeted by firefighters. the flames broke out at this apartment complex on ellis street in fillmore. we were at the scene. >> it's been a busy scene for the past few hours near the intersection of laguna and ellis. we know firefighters had to rescue several people from this apartment complex. and they are going to remain here on scene with a lot of work to do in the hours ahead. we know at least three units have severe damage and firefighters tell us they had to rescue people from all sides of the building. chopper 5 was well above showing
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us what was happening during the morning. we're told that because firefighters wanted to focus on saving people inside, that force chose to move their forces away from initially getting the fire under control. >> we had tremendous difficulty making headway, making entrance to the building because the large volume of fire. of the victims that we pulled out, one person is critical. the rest are moderate to severe injuries, but one is critical, an elderly lady. >> at this time, firefighters tell us it's too early to tell what the cause was, but they ee first floor and s building. kpix 5. >> all right, thank you for that update. sf unified tweeted these two teachers from nearby rosa parks school ran into the building and didn't even think of themselves. they just helped rescue people, one after the other. and the district is already on social media hailing them as heroes. a lot of smoke visible across
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part of the east bay. this time, another fire, and it was a controlled burn. this was the second day of a training exercise up in alameda county for firefighters. what were they doing? they were drilling and working on tactics at parks near dublin. that training wrapped up about an hour ago. >> now to the very latest on covid. it is not a rule, but it's a recommendation. today, 12 bay area health officers are urging the public to take precautions as cases are going up again. that includes continued masking indoors, having at-home tests available, and getting vaccinated and boosted if you have not done that already. the bay area now has the state's highest infection rates in terms of covid. state-wide, you can see the test positivity rate increasing over the past month or so. it now stands at 4.4%. >> all right, first alert weather now, warm today. even warmer for part of the weekend. paul is here. it's hard to have a bad day when you have a view that beautiful. >> beautiful weather across the entire bay area.
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still a contrast in temperatures, but warmer for everyone. even close to 60 degrees at half moon bay right now. mid-60s at sf orc. temperatures farther ome spots even 80 degrees. concord and livermore, 83 degrees. this temperatures are warmer than all week, but only a couple degrees above average. while we'll be farther above average tomorrow, not record setting warmth. just 5 to 10 degrees above average around the bay. 10 to 12 degrees above average inland. and the temperatures are going to start cooling off again already by sunday. we'll be back to today's high temperatures. we'll look at the seven haf day forecast in the full forecast. >> today we learned california is going into the next fiscal year with the largest budget in state history, $300 billion. and it's fueled by a nearly $100 billion budget surplus. governor newsom says he plans to
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provide financial assistance for vehicle owners, bonuses for nurses and health care workers, more money toward drought prevention and preparation. he also announced a freeway camera pilot program. 200 advanced cctv cameras will be installed at 50 locations in alameda, contra costa, and orange counties after several freeway shootings, some have been deadly. in a statement, alameda county sheriff thanked the governor for this move. he said, quote, where believe these cameras will help deter violent crime on the highways and will be a useful tool to solve these cases should they occur. >> a difficult story to bring you. police in san jose have made more arrested in the death of a 3-year-old girl in what has been described as an exorcism. we have more on the family involved. >> it happened at a home with some sort of makeshift church on south second street last december. the girl was found unresponsive on the floor and could not be revived. her mother, claudia hernandez
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santos was arrested in january, and today, after the coroner's report was released, san jose police announced they have arrested the girl's uncle and grand father as well. rene hernandez santos and rene hernandez. the charges, child abuse leading to the child's death. >> there was a delay in time before officers and emergency personnel were contacted. the reasoning behind that is obviously part of the investigation. we're still trying to wonder why anybody would delay in calling first responders at any sign of illness of a child or illness or death of a child. >> police are not releasing any the girl died or what happened in the moments leading up to her death. this is all now in the hands of the santa clara county district attorney's office. kpix 5. >> thank you for that update. >> dop search for alexis gabe out of the east bay. oakley police, the detectives up there served a search warrant in the case.
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you see them cominging out of t home with evidence. that's where alexis was reportedly last seen. the 24-year-old has been missing since january after leaving home to visit an ex-boyfriend. >> twitter stock fell more than 9% today after elon musk said he's putting his purchase of the company on hold. now, that announcement came in a tweet with musk saying he wants to pinpoint the number of spam and fake accounts on the platform. now, he also said in a separate tweet he's, quote, still committed to acquisition, but some business analysts are now questioning whether musk is using that spam issue as a pretext to potentially back out of the deal. >> overall today, the stock market saw a big rally. the dow was up 466 points after a steep drop earlier in the week. the nasdaq was up 434. and the s&p gained 93. >> the nationwide shortage of baby formula has a lot of parents out there going to great lengths to try to find what your kids need. we hear it's gotten so bad that president biden is considering invoking the defense production act to boost the supplies. to put this into perspective,
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look at the empty shelves. about 43% less formula on store shelves right now, it was 31% last month. so supplier abbott getting a lot of questions at their plant, they say they had to shut down because of concerns about tainting formula, and they give some assurance they could start production soon again, but it could take up to two months for that supply to make it back onto store shelves. meanwhile, biden administration officials say they're going to cut some packaging regulations to help get new products on shelves faster where you live. they're also calling for crackdowns on price gouges and they're working on importing more formula from overseas. still, though, a lot of critics say the president reacted too slow. house oversight committee has launched an investigation looking into supply issues and pricing. >> beta breakers is this sunday. it's been a tradition in san francisco for more than 100 years. >> pretty cool, right? one man in the east bay started running in the 1980s, and he did that faithfully until a parkinson's diagnose made him
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hang up his shoes. now, amanda shows you that his son is making sure he crosses the finish line just one more time. >> we're rolling. >> the euphoria of a good long run is a distant memory to 78-year-old dan cochran. >> good to get out and clear out the mind. >> dan's dedication to running kicked into high gear in the '70s. and running in the beta breakers event became a yearly tradition. >> the camaraderie. the feeling you get from just being in an effort with bigger people. >> but 20 years ago, dan was diagnosed with parkinson's disease, putting his favorite pastime on the shelf. >> the doctor told me it was a short period of time or a long period of time, but i'll be in a wheelchair eventually. i decided i didn't just want to take it laying down. >> while still young at heart with a strict diet and routine exercise, dan has stayed out of that wheelchair. >> we're 20 years into it. i'm still doing okay. >> he has been running his own
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race, beating the odds regardless of his diagnosis. >> that's a quote of his own that he wears proudly on his shirt. >> and that was reaction to people's reaction to me. they look at me like i'm dying or something. i see the wheelchair, the push cart. and they get a terrible look on their face. i say, don't rry. it's parkinson's. >> strong enough to play ball with his son, hitting the pavement for a distance run is no longer an option. >> do you miss that? >> i miss it, yeah. just too hard on my back. >> so his son robert figured out a way to get his dad to cross the bay to breakers finish line one more time. >> i want dad to know there's still hope. >> every step of the way on sunday, robert will be there with his dad as he makes it through the seven-mile course across the city. with some help. >> but all of a sudden the chair
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came. i'm like, we're doing this. we have been on three or four training runs and there's been some adventures. >> i didn't think i would be doing this again, but we found a way to be back one more time. >> one more time with a physical push from his son, dan is reignited with hope to once again feel that runner's high. >> feels like somebody is behind you pushing. real light feeling. but it really feels good. >> you trust him to get you across the finish line? >> oh, yeah. >> father's day coming up in not too many weeks. what a beautiful moment. amanda says dan and robert will be taking off with in the final wave of runners on sunday. >> you know there are a lot of street closures. for a look at how to get around, we have that information. >> still ahead, blood banks see a drop in donations in the summer, and we're learning about the ongoing need and insendives to get you to roll up your sleeves. >> plus, hours away from game six. what the warriors need to do to
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welcome back. we're just a few hours from tip-off at chase center. a lot of you excited about that. the warriors are hoping w nation can help them get the last win they need against the grizzlies. >> charlie, a lot of lessons from that tricky loss the other day. >> yeah, it wasn't a good one whatsoever. they will have another chance to close out the grizzlies tonight. you do not want to go back walking in memphis for game seven. put away the blue suede shoes. mike brown is once again going to fill in as head coach. draymond green made it clear what happened wednesday in memphis was not a coaching issue. >> we got punched. and it's on us, the players. it's not on the coaches at all. >> memphis worked over the warr themselves off the mat fortunately, the game is at chase center where they're unbeaten in the playoffs and
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have been better on both sides of the a. losing like that, you want to prove yourself and remind people who you are. we're excited for this game, excited to be back homeow, we ka group. what we need to do to complete so it's never too early to look to the next matchup if they were to win. if they take care of business, they'll get four days off before the start of the western conference finals against the winner of dallas and phoenix, that's going to game seven. >> perfect, we're watching. >> summertime means family trips, time off work, and other fun things for you. unfortunately, it also means a drop in blood donations for groups like the red cross. joining me now is carriediten with american red cross coastal region to talk about incentives for you if you're on the fence about donating. first, why the drop in donations when summer comes along? you wouldn't really think that.
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>> yeah, you know, you wouldn't, but as summer nears, blood donations are critically iman maintain that stable blood supply. we see the drop because folks, you know, children are being let out of school, families are setting off on vacation. kind of taking more time for themselves outside of their normal routine, so we typically see a decline in donors, often leading to a seasonal blood shortage which is exactly why we're so happy to be here today to talk about the reason and encourage folks to make an appointment to donate. >> one other incentive may be for people that with your kids in your proximity, they're out of school, this might be a great time to talk about the importance of donation and involve them in what that means to you as an adult who can donate blood. what else is the red cross doing to try to get more donors involved? >> we have a couple of thank yous we have available. we have one very exciting one that's available from now until the 19th of may. and so the red cross has partnered with suburban propane and we're encouraging the public to commit to this simple but powerful act of donating blood,
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platelets or plasma. if you donate before the 19th of may, you'll be entered to win a new travel trailer camper that sleeps eight. thank you can find more information on that at you also receive a $10 e-gift card. >> and in the next 20 or 30 seconds, let's get to the why of it. it would be fun to win something as part of being a blood donor, but tell us about the people who receive the blood, what their needs are, what their personal plea would be today. >> you know, the need for blood is constant, and the need never takes a break. every two seconds, someone in the u.s. needs blood, and there is no substitution for blood. it cannot be manufactured. it can't be stockpiled. and volunteers that are needed for folks that are battling sickle cell disease, car accident victims, those going through cancer treatments, parents experiencing difficult
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child births, things of that nature. really we're asking folks to download the red cross blood donor app. >> to our viewers, you got your message across. we apologize for a little glitch in the stream there over the internet, but your message got across. we appreciate it. thank you so much. our best to all of you and your peers at the red cross. >> we have been talking about this warmup for a few days and now we're starting to feel it. >> temperatures returning to normal today, even slightly above normal for parts of the bay area. going to be kind of a brief warm spell tomorrow. in fact, very brief. one day in this warm spell. the temperatures peak tomorrow and then the big picture weather pattern is going to shift around. the area of high pressure is going to shift to the southeast and another storm system sweeps to the pacific northwest, missing up. it's going to send some passing clouds, but a stronger onshore breeze so the lack of high pressure, the stronger onshore breeze means temperatures will start backing down on sunday, a trend that continues into monday. another trend that's going to continue, the clouds we see overhead on sunday are not going
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to squeeze out any precipitation. there's no rain in the forecast through all of next week. we had that 10% to 20% chance maybe in the forecast for the north bay on ay. that's now gone away. it looks like the next storm system is on a path where its moisture is going to completely avoid the bay area. we should see some improvement to the pollen count with that system sweeping in sunday. a day in the medium high category tomorrow and then down to the medium scatgory for sunday, monday, and tuesday. same top three offenders, oak, mulberry, and grass pollen. there is the fog hanging out along and just off the coast. temperatures, an even mix of 66, 70s, and 80s. 70s for san jose and santa rosa, and 80 in livermore and concord. the onshore breeze is with us, but it took longer to kick in, which is why temperatures in the city managed to warm up to the 60s and close to 70 degrees in oakland. similar temperature at the coliseum as the a's take on on the anaheim angelsr l
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angels of anaheim of california of the united states of north america. a few clouds out there. it is going to be breezy. the wind is noticeable across the bay area, again, it took longer for the onshore breeze to kick in and start to drop temperatures back. a similar pattern tomorrow. the onshore breeze will take longer to kick in so temperatures have more of a chance to warm up. we're going to start off with locally dense fog. not just in the coast and bay, but spilling into the inland valleys by tomorrow morning. that backs up to the coast by noon and then the temperatures are going to warm up. we'll start out with temperatures in the 40s for some of the cool temperatures, but mostly low to mid 50s. high temperatures tomorrow only reach the high 60s along the coast. within a degree of two of 80 around the bay. 85 in san jose. mid to upper 80s for the tri-valley and other inland parts of the east bay. even up to 92 in fairfield and 92 in brentwood. just short of 70 in san
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francisco, but low to mid 70s for oakland and the east bay and mostly 80s inland. in the north bay, mid 60s along the coast and the warmest spots farther north in sonoma and napa counties should briefly touch 90 degrees. temperatures back down on sunday to about where we are today. near average temperatures monday and tuesday and wednesday, minor ups and downs but more of a the ful fledged roller coaster. they will affect our temperatures dropping us back to slightly below average by thursday and frida exactly expecting her. where queen elizabeth made a surprise appearance after being out of the public eye for a while. >> then on our streaming service, san jose mayor sam liccardo sits down to talk about the city's ban on so-called ghost guns and the release of violent repeat offenders. that's coming up, and a reminder you can always watch our stream whenever, wherever. just find out how on pluto tv,
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channel 1021 and any
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britain's queen elizabeth was just out in public for the first time in more than a month. >> 96 years old, unexpected appear comes days after she missed the state of parliament opening. and there she is, crowds cheered as the queen's range rover rolled into the royal windsor horse show. at 96, she smiles a lot when she looks at her horses. in fact, her horse took the top
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prize. are you surprised? it's the queen's. the queen used a cane to make her way to the royal box to enjoy the annual event. the horse parade kicks off the platinum jubilee celebration. >> another sweet surprise friday in britain. the announcement of the jubilee's winning dessert or platinum pudding. the seven-layer lemon and swiss roll is a tribute to her family and her majesty. >> my gran taught me to great, and her signature was a trtrifl and we put it together like that. >> about 5,000 amateur bakers in the celebration. >> coming up, where you can check out new flavors and eateries this weekend across the bay area. gh coming up at
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5:00, a closer look at how the nationwide baby formula shortage affects you in the bay area. >> how some are grouping together to keep their kids fed.
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that story coming up on the news at 5:00. but, finally here at 3:00, if you're looking to try new cuisine or new restaurants, now is your chance. >> peninsula restaurant weekend, bay area black restaurant week kick off today. some eateries have special menus and deals. justin checked out one spot participating in black restaurant coco breeze up in oakland, and look at all they're serving up. the executive chef and owner, ms. annabelle, we say hi to you today. trinidad and tobago is where she came from. some of the favorite dishes there, caribbean braised oxtail. my favorite, curry chicken, jerk chicken, and it's a family affair. the bakery manager there is chef ann's daughter. so all family recipes. >> this time, black restaurant week isn't just for brick and mortar. food trucks, dessert makers and pop-up vendors will also be featured. >> caribbean food is unlike any other. >> you had me at jerk chicken.
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>> so good. that's it. cbs evening news is next.
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless.
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and in virginia, arizona, use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: tonight, the u.s. baby formula shortage should improve dramatically within weeks, coordination to the f.d.a. congress will take emergency action next week to make more formula widely available and plans to investigate the largest manufacturers. outraging after israeli police beat paul bearers at the uni ral for a slain palestinian-american journalist. her family is speaking out. ukraine begins its first war crimes trial. a 21-year-old russian soldier charged with killing an unarmed ukrainian civilian. brittney griner in russian a manhunt is under way in texas
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tonight for a convicted killer


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