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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 22, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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firefighters are battling a fire from the north bay and we will break down that fire. and oakland's persistent problems have bedeviled and befuddled politicians. and now, what canceled the saving grace for one school's trough. and now to the forecast. >> thank you, devin. the window of the bay shows the start of another day that we are waking up to perfectly beautiful
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skies and waking up to a marine layer there on the coast, but nothing in the heart of the bay, as we look at the cameras there on top of the tower. san jose, that is you. you can see the apple campus there, and little bit of haze there, but no clouds. same vantage point from the other direction. in terms of the other direction, it is going to be just like yesterday. we are doing no changes here. mid- to upper 80s from the low to upper inland spots, and the real focus from the first alert forecast is tuesday to wednesday and that is when you will notice it most. back to you, devin. crews are trying to contain a brushfire with some homes north of vacaville have subsided, but there are still some persistent hot spots. >> the firefighters have lifted the evacuation order, saying
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that the fires are no longer threatening the homes, but there are hot spots there on the hillside and the neighbors are on edge. >> reporter: the sounds of helicopters and fixed wing tankers are battling fixed wings planes. but this couple is hoping that they can save their home that is still under construction. >> very nerve-racking. >> kim and tim lost their home in august of 2020, and this fire is burning close to their new home set to complete at the end of the year. >> i smelled the fire before i saw it. i looked over and i could see the smoke coming over to hill. i ran over to help before the firemen showed up. >> reporter: once the firemen arrived, tim used this bulldozer to cut a line around the property. >> we were lucky because the wind was in our favor. >> we were worried but thankful it did not get very far.
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>> they used air tankers to drop retardant to help save the home. caltrans said this is one of the bigger fires they have seen. started 3::00 saturday afternoon, and many neighbors say that the residents hire ad cre -- hired a crew to cut grass on the property, and they believe that weed wacker sparked the fire. >> it was careless. >> it was an accident, but emotions are high. i am thankful because there cannot be room for anger in that sort of thing. >> a solano county source says that the same person was also cite for existing arrest warrant, but as for tim and karen, they are thankful that the home is safe.
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>> i am thankful for the neighbors that jump in to help. >> and firefighters will stay nearby to make sure that the fire stays contained. in vacaville. and now, fire burned this wood fence and firefighters kept watch all day. and now, firefighters are wondering what start ad fire at a chevron complex that started about 2:30 north of the chevron complex. a couple of hours before that fire started a dozen of protesters were at that spot, and they say that chevron is responsible for more greenhouse emissions than any other investor company in the world. >> by changing the operations,
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it would change the impact, and by changing the emission, chevron could hero, but instead, it attacks climate justice. >> and this happens ahead of the meeting of shareholders. chevron said we support protester rights and we are committed to ever cleaner 60% of the jet fuel, and 20e 20% of gasoline to keep the clean air moving. and now, the problems facing oakland is going on and on, and the mayor is giving the city a chance to tackle the city's biggest problems and i sat down with the city mayor libby schaaf with the issues. the city's problems seem
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herculean, insurmountable, and pick your adjective, and she is hoping to find answers where others have failed. >> the answer is that government cannot do it alone, and so we are inviting the residents to weigh in on their ideas of how to fix oakland's most vexing problems. >> reporter: it is called oakland's city challenge, and it is the connection of grass roots innovation, and government and be honest, desperation. last year there were 134 lives lost to crime, and residents feel that crime is unchecked and with the fewer police officers sworn in, they are undermatched. and people will say s wait, didn't i vote for you to be the problem solver in chief? >> good leaders not only come up
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with their own ideas, but they get other people's ideas and implement them. that is what we will do. >> reporter: this is not only abstract ideas, but they will hopefully turn citizens' ideas into reality and it a chance to get off of the sidelines and stop griping about the problems and come up with potential solutions. >> the city of oakland is always in a moment of challenge, and certainly police staffing has been a big issue, and i for one have been so dissatisfied with 911 response. people should have a response when they call. >> the deadline for submissions is june 1st. this morning after a dire request for help the community stepped up to make the novato senior prom happen. but with few drivers available, the community stepped up. we learn how the community stepped up to save tonight.
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>> we will come back for you guys later. >> reporter: sierra kim is one of the family members or the parents who stepped in to get the novato high school students to their senior prom nearly 40 miles away. how did you pitch in to save the day? >> so, we have a large group of girls and no other way to get them here, and so i have a large car so i donated my time for my sister. it is her senior year, and i wanted to be a part of it. >> reporter: so the families notified that seven prepaid buses were not available and there was a driver shortage and some students decided to drive themselves or car pool. >> her tire popped and we had to go plan b with me driving but, yeah, it all worked out. >> reporter: others including this group of friends hired drivers or book limos. >> it was hectic because we were stressing the day before month
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and we had signed up months before, and it was crazy. >> were calling anyone and everyone and we found two suvs to drive safely and not worry about transportation. >> reporter: the novato school district received a flood of community members volunteering to help. at the charter bus community provided one bus, and the original company was able to reassess and provide two buses. >> i am thankful, because at the last minute we got two other school buses which provided us with 40 more people to ride with. i just think it is safer for everybody. >> it is good, but there is like a flexibility in the school when a problem arises, they are willing to put themselves out there and communicate with us. even if it was last-minute and things change and happen. i have been looking forward to this moment as a little freshman. >> reporter: however they got here, it was all smiles outside of the venue as the students lined up to get in.
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betty you, kpix5. >> still ahead, and streaming on bay news area. >> i think without winning the lottery, i will close in a week and a half. >> reporter: a san francisco business trying to keep the doors open. and how a business used goats to save its complex from wildfires. that is a look at that chase center. we will be right back.
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welcome back. at the time now is 6:12. the pandemic has been deeply challenging for small businesses. they have struggled daily to stay after float, and san francisco plant store says she after six years in business she may have to close down. chip kelly has the story. >> i love plants, because they don't complain and they are beautiful. >> reporter: michelle loves the customers who buy from her. >> the customers who come in is something that i will totally miss. >> and she says that there is no solution in sight. >> for us, we are dealing with the effects of covid.
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>> plant prices went up, and the availability went down. that left her struggling with the location here. >> and without winning the lottery, i will probably close in a week to two weeks. >> reporter: the resources from the small community business will is going to be her last hope. >> i want to end on a high note, i guess. >> we wanted to help her and the institutional live. >> but before she closes the door, a friend who does business with her hopes to keep the business around for another day. >> she is a great person, and it is true kind person, and i thought that this could help her get back on her feet and continue her passion for plants. >> reporter: a confidence
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builder for reid as she is preparing for final days of the business unsure if the online fund-raiser will help her as she is struggling for the last five months. >> you gravitate to pets and plants. >> reporter: her love for plants is always going to be there and if the dream store comes to an end, she encourages everybody to do it. >> it is scary, but do it. what is the worst that can happen. >> reporter: reporting live from san francisco, kpix5. and there is an investigation now in san francisco for jif peanut butter products. there is the lots and a number of people across 12 steet states have reported outbreaks. it can have a shelf life of 2 1/2 years, so check your pantries. and new york county
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vineyards are on the look for a moth that is destroying vineyards. it is call the skeletonizer. they came across it in northern county. it can damage the fruit leading to a fun gal infestation. this is a picture of the skeletonizer moth appearing in the wine country for the first time in four years. at the county officials say that it may be due to from new mexico or arizona in the 1940s and traps are going to be set within a mile where it was detected. the strong winds are fueling brushfires int sacramento, and reporter andrew hafner is showing us how four-legged animals are protecting a neighborhood from the flames. >> reporter: a day of high winds is leading to multiple fires in west sacramento. >> in mid may with plus 20 years in the fire service, this is one of the driest vi seen. >> reporter: two fires back-to-back in village parkway
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is threatening homes. >> i saw a fire captain running down and i could smell smoke, and fire was not anywhere near here. >> and there is one of the biggest factors of the fire intensity being dry. >> and it is picking up speed quickly nearly crossing the ridge and into the condo complex. >> i immediately start to pack up all our stuff and evacuating and you always have to be ready to evacuate in california. >> reporter: while the evacuations were not needed, there was a help for the s w came byundeh, iwa a dierenceaker. but today's action is the beginning. >> the way that things are stacking up, it is going to be a long summer. >> that was andrew hobner
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reporting. >> and today, the headline is the weather for tuesday. be aware that it is 15 or 16 degrees above average for tuesday. and before we get to that, and before the sun comes up, we will have a visual on the fire burning in solano county, and you can see the hillside there where the quail fire has burned about 150 acres, and you can see the smoke rising off of the hill, but nothing as significant as last night, and for perspective not only are we able to check in on the early morning light of what the fire looks like, but we can place it on the map. that is the camera's angle, and the fire is burning in the small valley, pleasant valley there on the western most edge of the back of vacaville. the early good news, 45% containment, and the winds have shifted and about a 25-mile-an-hour breeze out of that, and the details will
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become fairly manageable today. back to the forecast. hazy conditions over the south bay and san jose, that is a live look at you over the santa clara value, and we can see the sunrise coming up over sutro, and the temperatures will be feeling identical to how they did yesterday on saturday morning. so, you don't have to expect any big surprises getting ready to go outside. the temperatures in the 80s in general and we saw that in the top of the newscast, but specifics. mid-80s for the warmest, and mid-70s in the heart of the bay, and again, the numbers are identical to yesterday. if you want to see how it changes, watch the map. the shades oyelowo and orange will show you how much they change, and look at how we shade into the orange and red getting into tuesday, and that is the headline into the forecast today. looking at the inland valleys of the east bay where we feel the
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warmups the most, what would be average anywhere? 79. that would be the average for this time of the year, and playing the numbers ahead into tuesday, we will warm up to 96 degrees for the daytime high. that is what you go to notice in this full forecast. the weekend is great, and early next week, it issing to to be hot, and if we do this for another location, and using oakland for another example owhat we can expect in the bay shore, 68 is the average for this time of the year, and it is warming up to 84 there, and far above average, but it is not as significant of a short heat wave. san jose, you are going to 91 when we do this and doing it tuesday and wednesday, but look at how much cooldown, and by friday, you are back down to the mid-70s and looking at the microclimates, it is inland valley to the east bay, and north bay and up to 98 and 97 respectively and that is the focus and the first alert
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attention will be put there so you are not caught off guard by that coming in a few days, devin, noticeably hotter, a not necessarily record-breaking, but it is close to the territory tuesday. >> i was hoping against hope that the 90s would disappear from the long range forecast, but they are still right there. >> yeah, it caught your eye yesterday morning, too. and unfortunately some of them went up, and now it is a degreeer two higher than yesterday. >> trending in the wrong direction. >> yes, i know. >> thank you. what is going on everyone? we have a sports-packed show, everyone. scary sight for oakland fans, the comebacker to the hand looked bad, but the results are okay. as for the western conference finals, they have moved to the lone star state, and we will go to dallas for a report and the
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good morning, everyone, and welcome into the sports. they say that a team in the playoffs is not in trouble until they lose the first game at home, and the mavericks have a little life, be one more win from the warriors and just one more could put dallas in a 3-0 hold that no nba team has ever come back from. vern glen has the report. >> dallas, texas, means a lot of things to a lot of people, but it certainly means everything for the fans of the dallas mavericks who must win here on sunday. the warriors have a lot to do
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with it. they are trying to flip the script up 2-0, and a chance to go 3-0 in this one, that i are getting help from all kinds of folks on that roster. how about the game two star, kevon looney. >> i don't know where we would be without him. >> looney was so good, and the crowd at chase center broke out the mvp chant. >> it was nerve wracking, and i have not shot a free throw in a game in three weeks and trying to focus on the free throw. >> it is interesting to see the team going into the fourth quarter. >> and it is fun to see the vets. >> and jordan poole is one of those guys, and the time with kevon looney goes back a long time, as a little kid in milwaukee. >> me as a little kid, i love to watch loon, and e grew up with him, and i would rather be on his team. >> it is kevon looney who played in all 82 regular season games
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stepped in to be a contributor just like he was friday. in dallas, vern glen, kpix5. in baseball, this is multi tasking, smoking up a heater while smoking a marlborough red, and that is when wilmer flores down 2-0 cued up the "friends" theme song brought in the winning plate, the other rogers', tyler's brother, rings up luis gonzalez for the save. the padres for win, and they are going for the sweep this afternoon. frankie mon toss on the hill facing a comebacker, and this is a scary scene. he takes it and the play, and leaves the play, and manager mark kotsay says he is day-to-day, and he is down 3-0,
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and jacob lamoin on the mound, and now going to other way, and two-run shot, and the a's lose by three. bay area native will sal or the ris started the pga championship alone at the leaderboard and shout out to him. and meanwhile, tiger woods withdraw from the first major ever shooting a 79 and at the bottom of the leaderboard and cited foot pain, and sal or the ris, fore! and the lead didn't last long. he had wild tee shot, and three strokes back of this guy, mito pereira, and he responded with three brds over the last three holes and shot a 69 to get to 9 under and that is the leaderboard with 18 holes from deciding whether he wins the first major title. game three, heat-celtics in
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boston. jimmy butler exits the game with injury but it was after he helped the heat with a win. boston cut the lead to one, but it was after a 25-point heat lead. and ad bay owe with a shot, and chucks it up and nails it. 31 points and 12 boards as the clock expired and the heat went 109-93, and as for jimmy butler, knee injury is not considered serious, and he could be back for game four. the 147th winning of the preakness stakes ran, and right out of the gate, the 5 horse, early voting off to the great start and he never left the front of the pack. 7/2 odds for early voting, and he is the preakness winner. epic enter was -- epicenter was
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a close second. and elena votner pitched a game two shutout. and how about stanford, the shutout over alabama and 6-0 is the final score, and the cardinal are one win away from advancing to the super regionals. that your sports update, and have a great day. coming up, thousands of pounds of baby formula is touching down today, and the plans to address the shortage is coming up. you may have heard the sound at the giants and the warrio bsn
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. welcome back. it is now 6 clp 301, and thank you for joining us. i'm devin feely, and let's have a check with the first alert meteor meteorologist. >> most of us are looking at the skies and first exhibit is the camera over mount diablo. the temperatures are identical to where they were yesterdaysh and if you can't remember, that means the low 50s for everybody. and for the daytime hice, the
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same story. though we might be one or two degrees warmer than yesterday, saturday treated you weather wise, sunday is the same thing. mid- to upper 70s inland and 50s at the bay. the forecast today is the big warmup tuesday and wednesday. and i will see you with that in a few minutes. back to you. nine people are dead at a houka lounge in san bernardino after authorities say there was a fight inside of a building and the fight spilled out into the parking lot, and so far there have been no arrests. police in the east bay are trying to identify and track down a woman accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old boy at piedmont high school. the police released picturesf this woman who is a person of interest in this case. she assaulted the boy in a gym.
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piedmont police say that if you recognize this person, they would like to hear from you. airlifts of baby formula bound from europe are on the way, and more than 70,000 pounds of formula were loaded on to a transport airplane from germany. it is en route to indiana. the white house says that the commercial transport planes will be used in the future, but none were available right away, and so the air force was tapped in to help. >> and baby formula is a new one for us, and we have used vaccines and also, we have moved a lot of vaccines through operation warp speed, but this is a new one for us with baby formula. president biden put restrictions on the baby formula and invoked the emergency act to transport the baby formula.
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you probably know her name, but don't recognize the face, but if you have gone to a warriors or giants game, you know the sound. this month is asian american month, and ryan yamamoto sat wi >> reporter: this is a stage for ayanna cruz who quickly transforms into a deejay rotating between the golden state warriors and now the resident deejay for the giants. >> reporter: anyone who has gone the giants' game knows your sound? >> yes. >> reporter: what began as a hobby, a club promoter gave her the shot. >> that is like being pushed into a pool and forced to swim. >> that was a terrible set. if i were forced to go back to
6:35 am
listen to it, i would cringe. >> reporter: but cringe turned into confidence and the turning point went to 2007 when she deejayed the women's nike half marathon in san francisco in front of 22,000 people. >> and the energy was like insane to me. then i was line, i could do this, and i don't have to worry about being nervous about anything else. >> reporter: inside cruz's studio where she perfects the skill in oakland, there is a joy to her work. when you step up, how do you know what to play, and do you have that? >> well, you should. you should know, and sometimes i prepare for sure. >> reporter: however, she admits that most of the time, she goes with the feeling. >> reading the crowd is an art, a lot of times you go to the party and you have a plan, and then it is quote out the window. >> reporter: while being an established deejay and filipino woman in a male-dominated
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industry has the challenges. >> i still kind of will show up to a gig, and another deejay who i have never played with before will start messing with my levels, and like i don't know how to or tell me that i need to plug this in this way. >> reporter: but cruz knows behind the two turntables and transforms into deejay umami, she is a role model for young girls and women. >> i didn't know stepping into the role model that i had to be more of a feminist and push this narrative and work so hard to like continue to inspire younger women to feel comfortable coming into roles like this. >> reporter: that has to be a sense of empowerment? >> absolutely. >> reporter: in oakland, ryan yamamoto kpix5. in this week's "rising above" a group of mentors who have become close friends.
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you have to see how they have pushed each other to become their best. mid-term elections loom, and what are the hot topics of the voters and will the former president be a factor? and three things crushing american wallets. rick scott with
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anyone buying or selling a home knows this, the bay area real estate market is red hot, and the prices seem to be going higher, higher and higher still. but could a change be on the horizon? max darrow has more on the changes. >> it is certainly still a seller's market, and no question about it. the homes are selling for record prices across the bay area, but some real estate experts are saying that there are signs that the market is leveling off. >> three bedrooms and two bath and -- >> reporter: real estate broker here, the first two hours were
6:41 am
quiet. >> it is a huge change. six months ago i would have expected 1 peoplhrough ter: treo or mere where it was a year ago. >> i think it is unsustainable the way it was. >> reporter: the sales prices and competition is still high according to remax national housing report, bay area sales are down 17.2% the last year. >> i think that we are seeing the leveling in the market right now. there's a little bit more inventory. there is some price adjustments that we have not seen before. >> reporter: in the california association of realtors before, the chief economist writes that higher mortgage rates and soaring high prices are starting to have an impact on the housing demand. >> the first-time home buyers will be impacted and the first-time home buyers feed into the other buyers. so if there is not anybody to
6:42 am
buy their house, then the market takes that shift. >> reporter: but ye who is the president of the bay area home market is also looking at those who have written offer after offer after offer in the last two years. >> so i think that the buyers will have more of an opportunity than they have. the inventory has gone up slightly, and the average homes time on the market is around 20 to 21 days to 25 days which is a little, slightly longer than it was a year ago. >> reporter: ye says barring any catastrophic world events. >> i think it is healthy, but not crazy. >> max darrow, kpix5. >> healthy but not crazy sounds good. and now, going to the forecast is going to be just like yesterday. the headline, the warmup next week, some of us near 100 by
6:43 am
tuesday and wednesday, and so when we get into the first alert forecast, that is what will draw your attention to. but look at the live alert camera above the sales tower, that is hazy out there, and just like yesterday, but not dealing in the way of the clouds and what few clouds there are hanging out over the coast, and trying to stream from the golden state, you can see looking back to the west, those don't have much progress, and in other words, looking sunny today, and starting out that way from concord to martinez and the view out over the straight and the bridge look up. it is going to be just exact repeat on sunday from where we were saturday. so the temperatures are in the low to mid-50s out there, and we will go to mid-80s, and concord to 86, and 84 in livermore an mid-70s for much of the immediate bay. maybe a degree or two warmer yesterday, but i doubt that you
6:44 am
will notice much change. if you are near the water, the city, peninsula or the east bay, the coast, we will get the offshore wind, and 20 to 25-mile-an-hour wind into the afternoon and typical of summer. turning to the headline in the first alert forecast, warmup. watch the colors on the screen change. if you are color coding the map, you can see the colors change. by tuesday deep into the shades of orange and red and that means temperatures into the well 90s for the inland valleys. average is 79. if we are looking at the trend, it was 86 yesterday, and pretty much there today, a by tuesday, -- and by tuesday, the big jump. and not just a warmup, but it is the offshore winds coming in tuesday as well, and that is going to be the elevated and concern for fire weather as we get into warmup tuesday. i will show you that one second, and also, the comparison and
6:45 am
oakland, these are your numbers, and so you are still above average which are going to 84 for the daytime high, and we will get into the forecast in a little bit. watch the winds. as we get into tuesday, you will see the pattern that shows the north bay valley there and the streamlines have shown us the northerly winds and the gusts on the peaks and there is mount st. helena and we also are drying it out, and the humidity from monday through thursday and now moving ahead 24 hours down to single digits. so much drier and offshore winds when we get to the warmer tuesday. san jose, you will feel it, low 90s tuesday and wednesday. look at how we cool down when we get to the end of the week, we will be back down to the average a few days below the average, and when we warm up to tuesday, we won't stay there long.
6:46 am
so good news in terms of getting us ready for next weekend which is a three-day weekend. >> ugh, tuesday is flirting with triple-digits, but the good thing is that it is short. and we should think of wednesday as well. and they are similar, but by thursday, it is over. >> thank you. >> and the past two years have taught us nothing else, it is that friendships can keep us going in tough times. this week, students are rising above stories of scholars who bond is stronger than ever after covid. here is their story. >> reporter: it is a happy in-person reunion for sra mentor veronica toscano and her mentee maya roberts. the pair are like sisters and so the year's long separation in the pandemic is hard. >> i am talking about her, but
6:47 am
veronica is special to me, and having her as a mentor at first was just the beginning, but over time, our relationship has become so much more, and she has become like a big sister, and being a first-generation college student, n a people have shared that experience. >> reporter: they been keep up via weekly texts and phone calls and chats. veronica is in the snohe know o of her weekly achievements. >> she is going to school to get her masters and going to retail store to work, and also working at the school, too? yes. this girl has a 4.0. >> reporter: so when she missed her graduation party held in the summer of 2019, veronica was bummed and so was naia, as she shared it with her best friend,
6:48 am
her mom, anne. and together the pair shared with kpix5 the struggles they faced as a buy biracial family >> when people see me, maybet is the first thing they see is my skin, and they are denying a piece of me. >> as a mother, it hurt, because we want to protect our children, but the reality is that we cannot. she turned that into her drive. >> reporter: naia's drive kept her moving toward as she struggled with other's racial bias, and when she needed a safe place to decompress, veronica stepped in to help and offering her a place to stay. >> veronica offered me her d i neede that at that moment, and i needed someone, and she was there. >> reporter: and now veronica's help gives her confidence and now she connects with the other
6:49 am
black students on campus, but it is her connection that helps create a family. kpix5. >> and why some in this family don't want this dog to reach a fast-approaching miles
6:50 am
6:51 am
ap east bay shelter dog is
6:52 am
coming up at major milestone and the caretakers are hoping that she does not reach it. she is 7 years old and the tony la russa foundation is doing everything they cannot to celebrate the birthday with her. >> this is mall and she is 7 years old and they don't want to celebrate her birthday, and they are calling it the anti-birthday, and let me explain. >> reporter: june 11th is the anniversary at the birthday. >> as great as it is, no dog should be in a shelter for that long. >> she is a staff and volunteer favorite. >> reporter: she has captured the hearts of the shelter workers at aarf. >> if you have dog that will lean into you, that is what she will do, and she leans into you. >> she cuddles at night and plays with the stuffies and cuddles at night. >> and it is close to 365 days she has been passed over and
6:53 am
while the volunteers are attached to her, the one wish is that she is going to find a forever home. what makes her so special ta you don't want wo to celebrate her birthday? >> well, i have never met another dog like her, and the eyes pull you in. >> she is energetic, and loves to play with the toys and she wants to go out and we are working on the social skills and expanding the network of dog-to-dog and she needs to go to the dog savvy family to take the time to invest with her to ensure the success. >> reporter: so how much is doggie in the window? well, the adoption fee has been paid for by an anonymous donor, and arf is going to pay for the medical expenses that will add up for the rest of her life. >> she needs some meds, but we want her to go out with the heart guard and flee and tick medicine and we have committed for the rest of her life for nonurgent medical care here.
6:54 am
>> reporter: the records are up to date, and microchipped and ready for the birthday celebration, but not here. >> we don't want to get to the june mark and have her still here. >> i am going to mitsz her, but she deserves an awesome home, and here at arf, we take care of the animals like they are ours. >> it is a matter of time when that one person comes to snuggle with her and steals her heart. >> and it is only a matter of time when a police department gets a call to the motorist who needs help trying to get to the hospital, but the time ran out, and the officers had to jump to deliver. but it is better. then as the fire department got there, another baby. and now the family has a set of healthy twins. today, join jen blackberry, who has a show on concerns for the african-american community and starts at 12:30.
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you can catch it on the streaming service, and on our some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
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it is 6:56 and team to look at this morning's top stories. the firefighters lifted the evacuation around the quail fire. that is the good news, but they are watching for hot spots and so far the fire is 45% contained. the city of oakland is turning to the public to fix the
6:57 am
pressing problems. the city is launching the new city challenge to tackle problems like homelessness and illegal dumping. and now the state is looking at salmonella that is linked to jif peanut butter. 15 people in 12 states have reported illness due to the outbreak and two have been hospitalized. military planes that contain baby formula have left europe headed for the u.s. they were loaded on to the plane today, and commercial transport planes will be used in the future. thank you so much for joining us. cbs this morning with jane pauley is next. enjoy your sunday.
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