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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  May 24, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: breaking news: tragedy in texas. an elementary school shooting leaves at least 14 students and a teacher dead. even more injured. tonight, the latest details. a gunman opens fire on second, third, and fourth graders. the horrifying latest about what happened inside a school in uvalde, texas. plus, the investigation. the f.b.i., a.t.f. on the scene, trying to piece it all together. tonight, what we're learning about yet another mass shooting in america. anguish in the nation's capital. the senator who represented sandy hook elementary school, where 20 kids were killed, his desperate pleas. >> but i'm here on this floor to beg, work with us to find a way
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to pass laws that make this less likely. >> dickerson: plus, president biden set to address the country. that and tonight's other top headlines. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell reporting from the nation's capital. >> dickerson: good evening, and thank you for joining us. ickersoni in for, tonight, another mass shooting in america, this time at an elementary school, where at least 14 children and a teacher were killed. on the brink of summer vacation, lives in the small town of uvalde, texas, have changed forever. this is the deadliest school shooting since the stoneman douglas high school shooting in parkland, florida, in 2018. police said the shooting happened at 11:32 a.m. local and ikely shot by atary schoolid
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responding officer. the f.b.i. and the department of homeland security are involved in the investigation. flags have been lowered to half-staff at the white house, and the white house says the president will address the nation at 8:15 p.m. eastern. we have a whole lot to get to tonight, and cbs' carter evans will start us off. good evening, carter. >> reporter: good evening, john. cbs news can now confirm that shooter not only had a handgun but he had an assault rifle with him during this attack. now, witnesses describe a chaotic scene after the shooting started. of course, you have authorities responding with guns drawn, but also parents and relatives, they're describing scenes of people pulling second, third, and fourth graders from classroom windows to escape the terror inside. >> he shot and killed horrifically, incomprehensively 14 students and killed a
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teacher. >> reporter: it was just before noon when police say the gunman walked into robb elementary school in uvalde, texas, and started shooting. >> the shooter was salvador ramos. an 18-year-old male who resided in uvalde. it's believed he abandoned his vehicle and entered into the robb elementary school in uvalde, with a hdg and he may have also had a rifle. but that is not yet confirmed. >> reporter: go his grandmother before entering the elementary school. within minutes, heavily armed police rushed to the scene and confronted the shooter. >> mr. ramos, the shooter, he is-- he himself is deceased. >> reporter: 13 children were transported to the hospital for treatment. witnesses say frantic parents rushed to the school. all of the schools in the area were locked down because of the gunshots. >> this school has children that are in second, third, and fourth
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grade. >> reporter: cbs news has also learned that multiple customs and border patrol agents responded to the school shooting and one agent was shot in the head. he's at a local hospital receiving medical treatment and remains in stable condition. >> we do want to keep all the families in their prayers. i hope you do, as well. and we also want to respect the privates of the families. >> reporter: this shooting comes a little over a week after 10 people were killed in a mass shooting at a buffalo supermarket. police in uvalde say the motive is unknown at this time. the investigation is under way. >> the suspect did act alone during this heinous crime. tebb ementary isabt give y miwest of an antonio, o school, the last day ofch was suosedo thursday. a time forleol kids ng forwao kick mmer. instead, this last w burneinto their memories for all the wrong
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reasons. john. >> dickerson: carter evans with the latest. president biden will address the nation from the white house tonight. it's the second time in less than two weeks that the president will have to speak about a massacre. cbs' nikole killion joins us now. nikole, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, john, president biden is just returning from a trip to asia and plans to address the nation tonight. the white house says he was briefed aboard air force one about the texas shooting. the vice president has been briefed as well. but this really marks a tragic bookend to his trip overseas. you'll recall just before he left, he went to buffalo to comfort families there after 10 people were gunned down in a mass shooting. he acknowledged at that time how difficult gun reform will be but said that he won't give up. again, we will hear from the president tonight from the roosevelt room. flags here at the white house have been lowered to half-staff. john. >> dickerson: nikole killion, thank you. today's deadly mass shooting is
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just the latest in what has sadly . it's a crisisd trry detailed earlier this week in a newly released f.b.i. report. cbs' scott macfarlane has been speaking with justice department officials this week. >> reporter: even before the horrors of uvalde, texas, in buffalo just 10 days ago, the arrows were pointing in an alarming direction. 61 active shooter incidents in 2021. that's twice as many as in 2017. and it's even a spike from just the year before. the shooting incidents took place in 30 states last year-- six in california and five each in georgia and texas. the total number shot: 243, including 103 killed. >> our heart is breaking for these families. every ounce of love and thoughts and prayers we can send, we are sending. but i'm here on this floor to beg, to literally get down on my
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hands and knees and beg my colleagues. find a path forward here. work with us to find a way to pass laws that make this less likely. >> reporter: when it comes to shootings in schools, the group every town for gun safety, which formed after the sandy hook tragedy in 2012, reports in ovell iidenirere 7 and fore tay, 14eas in thi, thisfternoe f.b to testify tomow before the u.s. senate. he was already expected to be asked about the federal response to mass shootings and to gun crimes in america. john. >> dickerson: brutal tally. thank you, scott. we turn now to, and let's take a breath, we turn now to today's other top stories. the f.b.i. says it has foiled an isis plot to assassinate forme
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president george w. bush. the justice department has charged an iraqi citizen living in ohio with aiding and abetting the plot by planning to smuggle four isis oprayatives into the country to kill the former president. catherine herridge has more. >> reporter: prosecutors say the plan to kill mr. bush was an isis-inspired plot in retaliation for the u.s. invasion of iraq, which the former president ordered. according to a search warrant obtained by cbs news, shihab ahmed shihab, accompanied by an f.b.i. informant, recently traveled to president bush's home in dallas, texas, and took two passby the front access gate to record videos. they did the same outside the george w. bush institute, also in dallas. shihab allegedly planned to send the videos for of to former iraqi security experts for advice on how to kill president bush. an informant shows shihab possible weapons and a border
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patrol uniform to possibly use in the attack. >> the threat from international terrorism is alive and well. isis has not gone away. these types of threats are very real. >> reporter: prosecutors say shihab, who claimed to have connections at the highest levels of isis wanted to kill mr. bush because he broke up the country with many iraqis dying. shihab, who is living in columbus, ohio, was being investigated for smuggling people across the mexican border and into the united states. at some point, court papers say he wanted to bring four iraqi apratives in to support the assassination, men who should be prepared to die. ohio senator rob portman: >> and they were going to choose to come across the mexican border because that was the easier way to get access to our country. we've got to deal with this issue. >> reporter: and the court records allege an iraqi general who supported u.s. operations was the suspect's second target. separately, a spokesman for president bush says he has all the confidence in the world in the secret service, law
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enforcement, and intelligence communities. john. >> dickerson: catherine herridge, great reporting. thank you. now to the ongoing baby formula shortage. a second air force cargo plane loaded with formula from germany is expected to arrive in virginia tomorrow and will be greeted by first lady jill biden and the surgeon general. here's cbs' meg oliver. >> reporter: all eyes are on this nestle distribution center near allentown, pennsylvania, where the second emergency shipment of baby formula will be sent after arriving at washington dulles airport. 114 pallets of hypoallergenic formula for infants will be sorted for delivery to hospitals, families in need, and retailers nationwide, as soon as this weekend. in an effort to get them there faster, the federal government has waived drive time requirements for truckers transporting vital baby formula ingredients and packaging. meantime, the fed's slow response to safety concerns at the country's largest formula-making plant is coming under fire. the first bacterial infection
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possibly linked to abbott's formula was reported in september. a whistleblower report followed in october. but the f.d.a. did not inspect the company's michigan plant until january 31. abbott voluntarily shut it down in february. health and human services secretary xavier becerra says the f.d.a.'s authority is limited. >> it is crazy to believe that in the 21st century, we don't have the authority to really get the industry, a very consolidated industry to tell us what things are looking like inside. if they're not policing themselves we have to do more to make sure we're doing the right thing for parents. we need that supply. >> reporter: parents, like heather hughes, the leesburg, virginia. her 11-year-old daughter, reagan, suffers from two rare gastrointestinal diseases and depends on a special formula to keep her alive. >> the government didn't take action until may. how does that sit with you? >> i am disappointed. they're just, like, too bad, too sad. and they didn't do anything
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about it. >> reporter: trucks will start rolling into this distribution center about four hours after the plane lands in dulles tomorrow. this latest shipment is the eqaft of about a million eight-ounce bottles of formula. john. >> dickerson: meg oliver, thank you, meg. now to the election and primary day as voters in five states head to the polls. today's races are not just about the candidates but also about how much sway former president donald trump still holds over the republican party. that's especially true in georgia, where cbs' ed o'keefe is watching the results. >> reporter: voters turned out today across the state of georgia. the most high-profile race, the republican primary for governor, painting the current officeholder, brian kemp, against former senator david perdue, who is backed by former president donald trump. kemp got out-of-state support of his own from former vice president mike pence, who is openly defying his former boss. >> and when you say yes to
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governor brian kemp tomorrow, you will send a deafening message all across america that the republican party is the party of the future. >> reporter: trump called into noa rally for perdue. >> get out and vote for david perdue. you will not be disappointed. >> reporter: the former president still fuming over kemp's refusal to change the results of georgia's 2020 election. >> brian kemp is a turncoat. he's a coward and a complete and total disaster. >> reporter: kemp's defiance of trump upset some voters we spoke to. >> i will not vote for brian kemp under any circumstances. >> reporter: but impresses others. >> we want a strong conservative leader here for georgia and brian kemp is the best person for that. >> reporter: perdue has repeatedly touts trump's lies about a stolen election and slumps in the polls. he slammed likely gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams for criticizing georgia's poor ranking and maternal mortality
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and incarceration rates. >> she said just this weekend it's the worst state in the country in which to live. she's not from here. my inclination is to say, if you don't like it, go back to where you came from. >> reporter: today, abrams who has lived in the state since high school, responded. >> i have listened to republicans for the last six moths attack me, but they've done nothing to attack the challenges facing georgia. >> reporter: one of former prespresident trump's preferred candidates who is expected to win tonight is herschel walker. the college and n.f.l. star is expected to end up at an expensive contest with a fight for senate control against democratic senator raphael warnock. john. >> dickerson: ed o'keefe in atlanta, thanks, ed. there is breaking news from the korean peninsula. u.s. and say north korea fired three ballistic missiles today. they have conducted at least three other missile tests this year, one exanl of delivering a nuclear warhead to the continental united states.
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these latest missiles were fired just hours after president biden wrapped up a trib to asia, where he urged leaders to do more to help ukraine defend itself against russia. the war in ukraine has been ranging for three months now, and today, a cbs news crew came dangerously close to the fighting. here is cbs' imtiaz tyab. >> reporter: it's only a handful of farm houses and fields, but russia has been targeting this villagly major ser i haed and his soldies have been defending it for weeks, but have recently changed tactics. this is now an offensive. you're targeting russian forces. >> we are targeting every day, because exactly, we need to do this. >> reporter: you have to do this. >> yeah, we have to do this, must. >> reporter: the russian forces aren't backing down. we just had some incoming russian shelling. we're just on our way to find a shelter in this farmhouse.
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we can hear, they're still firing. on the way, we're forced to duck under a tree. ( explosion ) down you go. .>> reporter: there is serious incoming from the russian side. this was an area they occupied up until six weeks ago. and they really want it back. ( explosion ) getting closer. >> reporter: a russian drone is circling above. it's now or never. so we sprint to a nearby root cellar that ukrainian forces have been using for weeks. the shell strikes are now just 50 yards away. with us is oksana kozyrenko. is this normal for this area? "by any measure, this is not normal," she says. "the russians are giving us a hard time, but we can tell they're getting weaker." after several more strikes, we're given thed toker run back the way we came and to our
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vehicles. then quickly drive towards safety. imtiaz tyab, cbs news. >> dickerson: we're glad he's safe. still ahead on the "cbs evening news," severe storms target the central u.s., and we'll have the forecast. and a subway murder suspect surrenders with the help of a pastor. ...when it comes to our skin, what if it could feel differently? say hello to opzelura for the treatment of mild to moderate eczema. opzelura is a steroid-free cream proven to help clear skin and significantly reduce itch. do not start opzelura if you have any infection as it may lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection;... ...have tb or have been in close contact with someone with tb; have had hepatitis b or c. serious lung infections, skin cancer, blood clots, and low blood cell counts have been reported with opzelura. in patients taking jak inhibitors, serious infections, increased risk of death, lymphoma,
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in the texas panhandle. storm chasers caught this massive tornado last night near the town of morton. fortunately, no serious damage or injuries were reported. tonight, 20 million americans are under severe thunderstorm watches. a large storm system is moving across the south scrl u.s. with thunderstorms, heavy rains, and flooding. even more storms and flooding are expected tomorrow. a suspect with a long criminal history who was wanted for the deadly shooting of a man on a new york city subway train turned himself in today. 25-year-old andrew abdullah negotiated his surrender through a brooklyn pastor who showed up at the police station in a rolls-royce. police say the murder, just before noon on sunday, was unprovoked. up next, the monkeypox outbreak worsens. we'll tell you where new suspected cases have turned up. to give back to younger people.
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the virus near seattle, washington, and another case in sacramento, california. other suspected cases have been discovered in new york, florida, and utah. the country's only confirmed case so far was found in massachusetts last week. today, the world health organization said there are 131 confirmed cases of monkeypox in 19 countries. we'll be right back with an update on tonight's breaking news, the tragic school shooting in texas. only eggland's best. what could one strand of mrna do? it could change the future of medicine. it could change the lives of millions. see what mrna could do. moderna this changes everything. of course you've seen underwear that fits like this...
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. >> dickerson: we end tonight where we started the broadcast: at least 14 children and one teacher are dead following an elementary school shooting in south texas. thursday was supposed to be the final day of school in uvalde. and is there a more wonderful time than those last days of school when you were a child and you can almost taste summer on your tongue, the possibility stretches out with days of ice cream at the lake and trips to see faraway relatives, relatives who are now making emergency plans to travel in the opposite direction. instead of celebrating school's end, now families have had their whole world end, and the community will forever mark time as before today and after. it's a tragedy that should stop us all, but we know it won't stop. there will be another tragedy and another and the pins on america's map of tragedy will grow. cbs news will bring you president biden's remarks live at 8:15 eastern tonight. for norah o'donnell, i'm john
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>> judge judy: so, you were getting and wanted a little remodel. >> right. >> announcer: newlyweds put their new life on hold... >> judge judy: it looks as if he did a lot of work. >> no, ma'am. >> judge judy: oh, yeah, it does. >> nothing was completed. we didn't have a place to live. >> announcer: they put a stop to this contractor's cash. >> judge judy: you got paid $4,000. >> i got paid $3,000 because they revoked the check, which is illegal in the state of tennessee. >> judge judy: did you revoke a money order? >> yes, ma'am, i did. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution alton billings and his wife, roshell smith, are suing home remodeler kyle gibson for breach of contract. >> byrd: order. all rise. this is case number 555 on the calendar in the matter of smith/billings vs. gibson. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge.
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parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. folks, have a seat. >> judge judy: you're ms. smith? >> yes. >> judge judy: and this is your husband? >> yes. >> judge judy: how long have you been married? >> seven months. >> judge judy: was this a joint home that you'd bought? >> no, ma'am. it was a home that he had purchased before we got married. >> judge judy: how long have you owned the home, mr. billings? >> 15 years. >> judge judy: so you were getting married and wanted a little remodel. >> right. >> judge judy: how did you find mr. gibson? >> we had selected a couple contractors and we found him. >> judge judy: how did you find him? >> we was referred from donnie. >> judge judy: from where? >> a gentleman named donnie that we met. and he was gonna do the work initially -- do some load-bearing walls for us -- but he hurt his back, so he referred kyle that would be able to do that job for us. >> judge judy: where did you get donnie from? >> donnie was introduced to me by a lady at the bank that i bank at. >> judge judy: when donnie introduced you to mr. gibson, did you get any references from him? >> yes, ma'am. i did. he sent me pictures. >> judge judy: did you speak to anybody that he had done work for? >> no, ma'am, i did not speak to anyone he'd done work for before. >> judge judy: which is always a good idea before yiv


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