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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 25, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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cbs reporter erin jones is in uvalde, texas with how that tragedy unfolded. >> reporter: as you can imagine, the grief here is overwhelming. and now this investigation is just beginning. today we learned that the gunman took to social media to detail posts about what he planned to do. but the big question is why would he carry out such an unthinkable act against children. investigators swarm the streets around uvalde's robb elementary school, the site of the nation's latest heartbreak. >> it is intolerable, and it is unacceptable for us to have in the state anybody who would kill little kids in our schools. >> reporter: texas governor greg abbott says 18-year-old salvador ramos sent messages about his plan on face book before shooting his grandmother and barging into a fourth grade classroom with an ar-15 assault rifle. police say that's where he
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chire a the s w able to make c barricade himself, and at that point just started shooting children and teachers in the classroom, having no regard for life. a complete tragedy. >> reporter: they went to his home and found his grandmother clinging to life. neighbors describe him as quiet and hard to talk to. his motive unknown. as the fbi went door to door speaking to neighbors, investigators revealed the suspect had legally purchased two rifles soon after turning 18. >> there has been no criminal history identified yet. he may have had a juvenile record, but that is yet to be determined. there was no known mental health history. >> reporter: after an agonizing wait for information, all families have now been notified of their loss, including relatives of 10-year-old eliajha
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garcia. >> she was very sweet. >> reporter: the president will visit uvalde as soon as this weekend, hoping to bring comfort to the heartbroken. and today two law enforcement officials tell us that the gunman got in an argument with his grandma before shooting her, taking her car, and then heading to the elementary school to carry out this massacre. in uvalde, erin jones, kpix 5. >> now as to whether facebook could have warned about the attack, a meta spokesperson says the shooter's posts were sent in private one-to-one text message and were found after the shooting. now facebook is cooperating with law enforcement. we are learning more on the lives lost yesterday. it's very tough to share these pictures and hear their stories. 10-year-old annabell rodriguez was an honor roll student. >> and eva mireles was an educator for 17 years. and then there is 9-year-old
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mary jo garza. her father posted her picture on social media with a single word, "why." the family of uziyah garcia says he was full of life, and like lots of boys in texas, he loved football. >> his dad is was a deputy. she earned a good citizen award at her school. he said he could hear gunshots. >> a teacher came to our room and warned us that it was happening. so we just ran to the back of the class and hide. and then we hid behind desks and chairs. >> he later was reunited with his mother at the uvalde civic center. the location continues to be a gathering place for the community. the school district saying that it has started a memorial fund bank account for those victims' families. in response to the texas school massacre, law enforcement agencies throughout the bay
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area, including fremont making themselves more visible by increasing patrols at schools. but even if patrols may bring a sense of security, parents are now trying to reassure their school-aged children. >> kenny choi on how those conversations with be very difficult. >> reporter: many parents are trying to determine what's the appropriate age to talk about gun violence, especially when it happens inside schools there no clear scientific answer, of course, but there are helpful guidelines as parents have these delegate conversations with their children. >> i know the day is coming soon when he says daddy, am i going to get shot. >> reporter: responding truthfully to a question like that isn't easy. >> we're having trouble understanding how to address it. >> reporter: like so many parents, vicente and his wife, who have two young children, including a 6-year-old who are starting to ask a lot of questions. there is a fine line between saying too much and too little. >> it's difficult to broach without really being explicit. and i guess that's part of the confusion.
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how do you approach it? >> don't overexplain. don't overtalk. >> reporter: michael robb of common sense media says if a child is 7 or younger doesn't ask, there is no need to address it for the most part. but that line gets blurred for children 8 and older who are more inquisitive and exposed to more sources of information, sometimes exaggerated and inaccurate from classmates and school. >> we can get into it a little bit. but i would leave out grisly stuff, especially for younger kids. and just keep it on really simple, just the facts without a lot of intense detail about what happened. >> reporter: experts say carefully consider your child's maturity and temperament, and tell them that your family is safe, loved and valued when questions about gun violence arise. >> my heart is already broken in anticipation because i know it's probably going happen. >> what do you tell him when he asks you daddy, am i going to get shot? >> well, when it happens, and i'm sure it will, i'm going to say no, i'm your daddy, and i'm
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going to protect you from that no matter what. i have to tell him that, because he has to feel safe and that his daddy is going to protect him. but i only feel 99% sure of that. and it's that 1% rattling around in your brain constantly that can wreck it. >> reporter: experts say one telephone most important pieces of advice during these conversations is to emphasize to your kids that you are there as a parent to answer any questions that they may have. in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix 5. governor newsom and top legislative democrats are expediting more than a dozen bills that aim to curb gun violence. liz cook is here with that. >> sara, in response to the texas school shooting, governor newsom pledged to make quick legislative moves to prevent other mass shootings. he says if california takes action, other states will too. >> we're going to control the controllables, the things that we have control of. california leads this national conversation. when california moves, other
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states move in the same direction. >> the proposed bills include sb-1327. it allows private citizens to sue gun manufacturers or distributors. that bill has passed the senate and is now in assembly. sb-906 would require school officials to investigate any threats of a mass shooting and report it to law enforcement. ab-1594 would limit firearm advertisement to minors. and other bills will focus on ghost guns. and when asked about gun laws, texas governor greg abbott cited places like l.a., chicago and california. his point was more gun laws don't lead to less violence. but governor newsom pushed back. >> but governor abbott just name-checked the state of california. i would caution him from doing that. particularly -- and you just go to the cdc website and look at the gun murder rate in 2020. there was 67% higher than the state of california in 2020.
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>> well, newsom and legislative leaders said they planned to pass and sign as many of the bills as possible before summer recess on july 1. allen? >> liz, thanks. in texas, while governor abbott was providing updates on the school shooting, democratic candidate for governor beto o'rourke interrupted him, pushing for new gun laws. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> stop this. >> excuse me. >> sit down. you're out of line and an embarrassment. sit down and don't play this stuff. >> well, o'rourke was escorted out of the stadium. here is what he had to say once he was outside. >> he says this was unpredictable. it was totally predictable. and i predict this will continue to happen. when you continue to have a governor who will not stand up for people of texas. >> governor abbott had this response to o'rourke. >> there are family members whose hearts are broken. there is no words that anybody
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shouting can come up here and do anything. to heal those broken hearts. >> a live look at capitol hill where democrats are now saying now is the time to pass new laws to prevent more mass shootings. some republicans say they'll support them. >> i certainly hope that the senate will take action. this was a horrific crime. >> to pass new legislation, democrats would need 10 republicans to join them. however, that is unlikely. republicans say the senate should be focused on mental health laws to prevent gun violence. >> i think any weapons is dangerous, any firearm is potentially dangerous in the hands of a deranged lunatic. at the end of the day, the issue is not the firearm, it's the lunatic. >> we are going to vote on gun legislation. the american people are tired of moments of silence, tired of the kind words offering thoughts and players. >> senator schumer says he is open to including gun safety amendments into the domestic
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terrorism bill, which could come up for a vote tomorrow. and stay with us for the latest developments on the texas school shooting. we'll have coverage on air at and streaming on cbs bay area news. another record breaking day of heat. it was cooler by the coast and bay. chief meteorologist paul heggen is here. paul, are we going to be getting some relief soon? >> we're getting relief as we speak across much of the bay area, but not all. mid to low 90s inland in the east bay. livermore got up to 100 degrees early this afternoon. so did fairfield. now those temperatures have dropped off by 4 to 7 degrees. the dramatic cooldown has happened for the north bay and inland in the santa clara valley, where temperatures were in the 90s. now they're down to the 70s and 80s. and around the bay, the temperature downtown san francisco is only 60 degrees thanks to that fog that has rolled in. and as that fog spreads inland, tomorrow it's going to be the fog in the morning with the
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stronger onshore wind and more cloud cover higher in the atmosphere that's going to drop temperatures back to where they should be this time of year. we'll take a look at how long this is going last in the full forecast. >> we'll see you then. still ahead, with calls to conserve, more homeowners are looking to change their habits. how one east bay man made the switch to recycled water. and from airfare to gas prices, a memorial day getaway won't be cheap this year. how the rising costs has people rethinking their plans. >> so today's ticket was upwards of $700. >> maybe i should store a little extra money in my savings instead of shelling out for a vacation over the long weekend. and charles barkley takes more shots at san francisco as he gets set to return to the bay
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live look at the bay bridge and sfo. millions of americans are going to be hitting the road or heading to the airport. this year a challenge, the high price of gas and airline tickets. >> some people are opting to save a few bucks.
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>> reporter: between airline ticket prices, gas prices and hotel prices, a memorial day weekend trip this year won't be cheap. >> left on a wednesday because it was the most affordable ticket probably. >> malecon leverett is here to see friends for the holiday weekend. >> today's ticket was upwards of $700. >> reporter: but the price tag wasn't going change his plans. >> it's worth it in my mind. but yeah, it's definitely more expensive than it's been in the past. >> reporter: according to the latest numbers from the bureau of labor statistics, airline fares were up 18.6% in april. but like leverett, millions of americans plan to travel anyway. nationwide, aaa predicts around 39.2 million people will be traveling out of town this memorial day weekend. that's almost in line with 2017 figures here at sfo, the airport is preparing for what will be some of the busiest travel days the airport has experienced in several years. >> if we look at both arriving and departing, we're probably going to see about 125,000 in
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and out on any of these given days leading up to the memorial day holiday. >> reporter: however, some travel experts say the rising cost of airfare may push some people to drive to their destination, despite the record high gas prices. >> for a family of four, if all of the sudden your $93 ticket went to $400, that's a $1600 ticket for the family. that's a tipping point. and so they're going to be in the car. they're cram everybody in the car, strap granny on the roof and go. even if gas prices go up to about $12 a gallon. because if you do the cost comparison, it's still an economically viable alternative. >> reporter: but rather than taking her typical holiday weekend trip, nicole isaacson plans to save a few bucks and spend the weekend at home on the peninsula. >> i guess a mixture of gas prices, airline prices, and none of my friends are traveling either. i think that plays a role as well. >> if you are flying, sfo's spokesperson says give yourself extra time to get wherever you need to go. max adero, kpix 5.
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temperatures are up, we've all been feeling that, and water districts and the governor are asking people to conserve water. are habits changing as we head further and further into the dry season? wilson walker checked in on an east bay spot that may offer a bit of a hint. the brentwood recycled water filling station. >> i basically, when the drought was going to become serious, i decided i would act preventatively and start putting in the system. >> reporter: grary grosjean has only been using the system for eight months, but the system he built is something you might expect from an equipment engineer in the semiconductor industry. >> it's now time to transfer the tank into the big tanks in the backyard. so i have a special line that basically carries all the way to the back. we put one in at first.
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>> reporter: his exterior pipes are entirely disconnected from city water. his lawns and gardens are fed only by recycled water and one pump. >> if they're all up, that means it's going from the tanks and up and out the sprinklers. my wife says i go overboard, but that's what i always do. >> reporter: and lately, he has been operating the system with some company. >> so it's been real busy in the last month. once the heat starts coming up, everyone starts showing up. >> we've roughly doubled in the last month or so. so we're seeing about 120 people a day swiping through that station. >> reporter: the city says traffic is picking up, and they're expecting a lot more. >> absolutely. that will be the big driver. when the governor says you can no longer water your yard outside, when that gets mandated, we'll see not just an increase in residence, we'll
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probably see some entrepreneurs coming out with water trucks and going around selling to their neighbors. >> it used to be free until the cost of gas skyrocketed up. >> reporter: gas of course does change the equation, especially when pulling more than 2,000 pounds of water. but gary says he is not changing course. >> essentially, it's still free water. and it's to me, it's the right thing to do, because we're in a drought. >> reporter: so busier here, though not quite as much traffic as they saw back during the height of the last drought. the city and the people who use this water, however, say those days are not that far away. we're here in brentwood, wilson walker, executive kpix 5. >> i don't know. i'm thinking god bless his wife. good for her. >> we knew it was going to be an engineer. >> absolutely. >> he called it. >> sort of a glorified goldberg device. >> hey, it works. and that was one of the hot spots around the entire bay area today. temperatures in eastern contra costa got above 100 degrees. that's coming to andy.
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the hot spots that are still in the 90s right now, relief is on the way. temperatures closer to normal as we head through the rest of the workweek. maybe even a little below normal for the first couple of days of the holiday weekend. fog is going to spread across the bay and into the inland valleys later on tonight. i'll show you that in futurecast in a sec. it's not just the fog slowing down the warm-up. a stronger onshore breeze, more cloud cover farther up, all innd trature back to rop the where they should be this time of year. and it is going to be even cooler as we head into the weekend. the satellite view shows the fog that has settled along the coast. this is the southerly surge that came up early this afternoon. the fog has been aiming through the golden gate, through the berkeley hills. it is going to hold stead steady di for the next couple hours, but spread across the bay and into the inland valleys as we head into tonight early tomorrow morning. reducing visibilities across the board. and look how far into the delta this is going to spread. that's going to slow down the warm-up arn faround fairfield. the fog is going to back up towards the coast as we head towards late morning and around midday.
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but cloud cover farther up in the atmosphere is still going to be filtering the sunshine. inland and the east bay in the santa clara valley. it's more or less going to be blocking the sunshine, also helping to reduce how much temperatures warm up. there is the fog as we look out the golden gate. look at these temperatures. from 60 downtown san francisco to 95 degrees in concord. if there is no traffic, that's what, a 25-minute drive, 30 minutes? that's how much of a tread is we're talking about because of that marine layer. san jose's temperature has dropped down into the low 80s. we were in the low 90s earlier. so was santa rosa. now into the mid-70s. temperatures later on tonight returning to what's typical for late may. low to mid-50s for most. the coolest spots the upper 40s. high temperatures in san francisco tomorrow. a little cooler than today. only reaching into the low 60s by early afternoon and dropping off once again with a lot of clouds throughout most of the day. santa rosa is going to see a lot of cloud cover throughout the day. temperatures should manage to warm up into the low 70s and drop off pretty quickly. temperatures for concord also
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reaching up a little farther into the 70s. you're going see a bit more sunshine. the clouds filtering instead of blocking the sun. 77 degrees is 3 below average for that part of the bay. temperatures in san jose, you're going to be a little warmer because of the wind direction out of the southwest before it turns to the southwest. the santa cruz mountains are going to block the influence of the marine layer from making its way into the santa clara valley. temperatures a much more typical distribution for this time of year. upper 50s along the coast. 60s and 70s around the bay with upper 70s and low 80s farther inland, and very similar temperatures on friday before we cool off a little bit more before we head into the weekend. minor ups and downs around the bay. but more of a roller coaster ride farther inland from 80 degrees in san jose tomorrow down to barely above 70 for a high temperature on sunday. it looks like it's going to be a bit on the cool side for the carnival parade on sunday. temperatures only reached in the low 60s in the afternoon in san francisco. but then a warm-up for everybody. by tuesday and wednesday of next week, a warm-up. not a heat-up. we're not going to be returning to triple-digit territory even
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far inland as we head into early june, a week from today. june 1. >> summer. >> didn't mean to startle you. >> it caught both of us offguard. thank you. all right. coming up, charles barkley gives warriors fans more reasons to boo him. >> also, he's known as the mayor of the mission. we introduce you to the man behind the carnival parade and
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a live look. the warriors ra heading back for game five. >> beat the dubs 119-109. charlie walter here with that. >> not the worse thing in the world. they had to come back for games one and two anyways. plus, i'm sure fans that had tickets to game five, they're not going to complain. but you better not lose and head back to dallas for game six. an extended series does mean that charles barkley is coming back to town with the tnt crew. sir charles used last night's leak in the roof rain delay to continue the take more shots at san francisco. erik you know the bad thing about all this rain? it's not cleaning up in san francisco to clean up those dirty [ bleep ] streets out there. >> say it again, chuck. >> san francisco, it's a great city. but all that dirtiness and homelessness, y'all got to clean that off the streets.
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>> that looks beautiful. >> go three blocks by my hotel. it's raining so hard down here, san francisco need a good washing. >> thrive city where we did the show. >> that's a good part of san francisco. unfortunately, tnt put us in the bad part of the city. >> the mavericks were making it rain yesterday. they should have got the tarp out at the arena. 20 of 43 from deep. we'll see if there is a game five plan and maybe limit of some of the corner threes that dallas was hitting at will, all last night. back to you. >> charles wants to contribute money to effort. >> by all means, sir. coming up new at 5:30, the race to replace santa clara county's embattled sheriff laurie smith will be out after more than two decades. a closer look at the candidates vying for the job. he is known as the mayor of the mission. he is also behind as i community's biggest annual event. we're going to talk to him about his new project to create a permanent home for carnival. plus, how the search is heating up for a
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i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins.
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now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. (music throughout) we can't wait.
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you're watching kpix 5 at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5, streaming on cbs news bay area, more local news at 5:30. he's the force behind the carnival parade. his mission to create a safe space for his community. and the new momentum in the search for a young contra costa woman who has been missing since january. but first, our top story at 5:30. the race to replace embattled santa clara county sheriff laurie smith is ramping up. we'll take a closer look at the candidates who want her job.
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good evening. i'm sara donchey. >> i'm allen martin in for ryan yamamoto. for the first time in more than two decades, santa clara county is going to get a new sheriff. >> len ramirez has a look at the five candidates who all agree it's time for a change. >> reporter: four of the five candidates for sheriff come with extensive law enforcement backgrounds, but all are running on reform platforms after sheriff laurie smith was indicted for corruption in office last year. >> i think right now we have a great opportunity to really reimagine and restructure how we serve our communities. >> reporter: bob jonsen has been palo alto's chief of police since 2018. he has a 35-year law enforcement career that also includes the l.a. county sheriff's office and menlo park p.d. he is also a former actor who appeared as one of the storm troopers in ""star wars": return of the jedi." his plan would be to create advisory councils from the community and staff. >> i think you need to have a leader that's engaged.
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