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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  May 29, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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cbs weekend news is next. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪♪ >> tonight pierched meets the mourners in texas. paying his respects at robb elementary. >> i'm omar villafranca in uvalde, texas. where the if the the meeting with the law enforcement and floss. >> while lawmakers debate gun control again. >> we have to look at how we can better secure our schools. >> we have a direct obligation to move forward to make sure they're safe. >> also tonight baby formula crisis, the shortage worsening across the country as imports are slow to arrive. >> are you nervous you are going to run out? >> of oh every day. >> president zelenskyy ventures
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outside the capital million and later, honoring america's fallen. >> we have to honor that. >> a tribute to japanese american heroes from with world war ii. >> this is the cbs weekend news from new york. with jairmd. >> i'm errol barnett. for the second time in two weeks, president biden and the first lady are consoling rel tifers, listening to their sorrow and anxiouser. this comes as the federal government launches a review of the botched police response to the shooting. cbs's omar villafranca joins us from uvalde, texas. good evening omar. >> reporter: good evening. thousands waited in 99° heat.
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they want accountability from law enforcement and lawmakers. president joe biden and the first lady brought flowers for the fallen at robb elementary in uvalde texas, the sight of the second worst school shooting. from there the bidens attended mass, the crowd urged outside urged the president to do something. first system's visit comes as the department of justice announced a review of the police response to the shooting that killed two teachers and 19 children. the review will provide an independent account of law enforcement actions during the massacre. uvalde county commissioner ronald garza. >> a lot of things are coming to light now. it is obvious that there were some errors made but we need to learn from those errors. parents need to know they have to have answers. >> reporter: parents in this community are demanding. after they learned that as many
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as 19 officers including a federal tactical team waited outside the classroom for more than 40 minutes, before confronting and killing the shooter. >> families were fighting to get in. while they were -- the shooter had an hour, almost an hour, 40 minutes, and, you know, people were fighting and social -- there's a lot of questions right now. >> reporter: martin fiero's daughter survived the shooting. now the father is not only counting his blessings but holding them close. >> i cried when i held them, i was able to hold them again because i knew that a lot of parents -- parents were not going to be able to hold their children. >> reporter: several funerals for the 21 victims will happen later on this week but residents here say it will take much longer to heal. errol. >> omar villafranca, thank you. four it is suffered mass
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shootings saturday alone killing at least two people, injuring at least two dozen. and in brooklyn take olook at this. manic broke out as false reports of a shooter, barclays arena, at least nine people were sent to the hospital, police say no shots were fired there. with americans increasingly on edge though the war of words over gun reform rages on in the nation's capital. cbs's christina ruffini reports. good evening, crirch. >> good evening, err rom. the good news if there is good news, get something done on gun control. the less good news is they are deeply divided over what that something should be. >> can we stop all of it? no, can we mitigate it, certainly finance. >> reporter: oseparate sunday shows republican conmnangagwai adam kinzinger and democratic
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chris murphy made statements. >> as well as safe storage of guns. >> reporter: both acknowledging that frog will require compromise from their own parties. >> i'm willing to vote for some things that harden our schools, that make me a little uncomfortable, frankly. if republicans are willing to tighten up the nation's firearms. >> we have to come to the table with ways to mitigate 18-year-old buying these guns and walking into schools. my side's not doing that. >> reporter: but others have not softened their positions. >> if you are talking about people's first amendment rights to carry guns it's not going to happen. >> asa hutchinson, said today he does support the efforts toanwal
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congress is back in session. errol. >> crirch rifn. thank you. nancy pelosi's husband paul pelosi is on bail after being arrested for driving under the influence. he was stopped just before midnight in napa california and released on $5,000 bail. speaker pelosi released a statement that says she won't comment on this private matter, it happened when she was on the east coast. authorities arrested a man bolting under influence, after 74 from one family were killed in a head on crash. today crews recovered the body of the vtims, the other two victims were found yesterday.
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video shows health crews rescuing one of the four survivors. the baby formula shortage has gotten worse. 40% nationwide. germany, u.k, shipping formula to the u.s. formula almost impossible to find in big cities. here is cbs's meg oliver. >> help is on the way. the second delivery from overseas will help restore the shortage. helping families and stores in need. families like ana aguiriano who comes to the food pantry once a week to pick up formula for her four month old infant leana. her daughter was born with four heart defects and uses a tube for part of her nutrition. these precious two bottles will help her get through another
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week. >> are you nervous you're going to run out? >> everyday, it is nerve wracking. we don't know if we are going to find, if we are going to find. the system whenever they go shopping keep an eye for the formula but all the shelves are empty. >> reporter: in massachusetts, jessica juliao is dispript searching. >> how much do you have left? >> i have like i want to say a quarter of a small can left. >> reporter: like parents across the country, juliao is desperate. >> fannic has set up. he is only three months old, lactose intolerant, very comice, i'm reluctant to give him the formula but i have no other choice, what do i do now? >> reporter: her urgent
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search continues as for all over the country. meg oliver, cbs news. >> erdogan said he cannot join nato. it comes as russian forces capture another city in eastern ukraine. cbs tyab reports. >> volodymyr zelenskyy in kharkiv, the first time the president has seen outside the kyiv region, 2100 apartment blocks were destroyed in the fierce battle to push russian forces out of here. but in the east and south of ukraine russia is only advancing from the air, from the sea and most brutally by land. into fiercely contested eastern donbas region, norses are outmanned 7 to 1.
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russia has made solid gains and seems poised to take the whole province. homes ruined and lives shattered. it is here we meet olga who is the head of the local village council. >> so many terrible things have happened since the start of this war. where do you find the strength to face it every day? >> i told myself from day 1 that i needed to be here she says. that i needed to be with the people i live and work with. and wait for my son who is on the front line. olga says she wants the world to know her village was once beautiful and asks us to promise to return here to see it like it once was, a promise we make. but any kind of peace in ukraine is a long way off. these men are among the 2300 fighters from the steel plant in mariupol who were ordered to surrender last week. large sums of money and gold
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were nownd here in the mangled wreckage of the steel plant and accused the pow's of looting it. allegations the russians themselves stand accused of. local reports as russia clears the make shif graves, the dead in mariupol are being piled up in this disused supermarket. the horror that residents can barely come to terms with. >> emtiaz, why has president zelenskyy made a decision to venture outside the capital and be so visible considering the substantial risks? >> well, volodymyr zelenskyy has really been a symbol of unity and strength since the start of this war and as russia continues to seize territory in the eastern donbas region that unity and strength is needed now more than ever, errol. >> thank you. there are celebrations taking place right now on new york's
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one island, the golden knights and blue angels soared past, taking on the annual festival honoring the weekend and honoring the nation's fallen. another spectacular air show, "top gun maverick," the sequel movie goers waited 36 years for, is headed for the biggest weekend ever. top gun's big takeoff. >> "top gun maverick" is a holiday mega hit and a hit for hollywood, paramount pictures soared to $124 million in the box office in just three days. >> if anyone can bring people back into movie theaters, trust me, it's maverick, it's toment cruise. whether the pandemic forced movie theaters to close and halted production. after apaltry $240 million
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memorial day weekend in 2020 and the popularity much streaming the industry is banking on expected summer block busters, "jurassic world dominion" and "elvis" for a rebound. >> we made this for the big screen. >> so far the big screen has earned $2 billion nationwide. compare this to before covid when earnings were nearly triple that. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news los angeles. >> still to come on the cbs weekend news, scams against older americans stealing their life savings. also what happened after this jet pack inventer took to the skies. and from internment to the skies, is where japanese skies, is where japanese american heroes of world war ii. e to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control?
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et cetera of elder fraud ballooned during the pandndemic. last year more than 92,000 adults ove60 were victimized, some scammed out of. >> reporter: three years ago sheri who asked we only use her first name got a phone call warning that her bank records had been found in a car loaded with drugs. did you believe them? >> i went into a state of shock. >> reporter: the caller said that he was a dea agent and demanded that she send cash to avoid trouble. >> we have to arrest you. to go through them. >> i like to remember sending money all over the country. >> reporter: how much did you turn over to these scammers? >> hundreds and thousands of dollars. >> reporter: 200,000? >> higher. >> 300,000? >> higher. >> 400,000? >> higher. >> as sherry was mailing the
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money, fbi agent ronald miller told her she was being scammed. >> what do you remember? >> you said you were the fbi but i didn't believe you. >> reporter: sheri was a discriminate of elder trawd. according to a recent fbi report older americans like sheri were academy out of $1.7 billion in 2021, 74% increase in one year. >> i was the target of an elder fraud scheme. >> reporter: even former fbi and cia director william webster was scammed. >> if it can happen to me -- i can happened to you. >> they're lonely, they're trust worthy and they are from a different generation. they respect law enforcement. they believe it's legit. >> reporter: how much have these scammers stolen? >> in the investigation i'm working, current $10 million to date. >> with u.s. collaborators who
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move the cash. >> we are in the process of an proceeding that gives you illegally -- >> we are in possession of an arrest warrant in your name. >> see this in huge capital letters, all this was a scam. >> reporter: right now there outs there and only a few arrests is been made. jeff pegues, cbs news chesterfield, virginia. >> still ahead on the cbs weekend news. planning a platinum party, fit for a queen.
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>> britain is putting the final touches on convene elizabeth's plat number jubilee to mark her 70 year reign, wearing a traditional bear skin hat, pris william is on a horse today. and you got to see this, jet pack called the fly board failed in miswest france. just as its inventer frank zapata flew.
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>> finally, tonight as we honor our fallen heroes this memorial day weekend, there is one group often overlooked. the 33,000 japanese american soldiers who fought in world war ii. barry petersen highlights their unique sacrifice. >> kiyoshi muranaga, medal of honor recipient who forced the retreat of a german artillery gun. second lieutenant daniel inouye who fought after his arm was shattered came home to become a u.s. senator from hawaii. both men from the 442nd regiment, made up of japanese americans, fighting for world war ii, locked up many of their neams as enemies of america. the memories flow when yoshio
5:57 pm
nakamura sees pictures of fellow americans at the japanese american museum in los angeles. >> why are you willing to serve a country that as you say took away your rights? >> well i was willing to serve the united states in government. i had a great faith that the incarceration of japanese americans was a big mistake. >> 1942, 120,000 american citizens of japanese dis disdest were forced to abandon homes and sent to internments. june aochi berk was ten when she went from american born citizen to prisoner. >> we couldn't leave because of the bashe barbed wires around ud the military looking down at us. >> but volunteered to go to war.
5:58 pm
linda gombos father went to war. >> e-felt question trayed almost by a country he had lived in. >> reporter: what do you want americans to remember about them? >> we all are here for american dream. and they gave their lives for that. they fought for peace and freedom. and we have to honor that. >> reporter: men like private first class sadao munemori immediate of freedom recipient who threw himself on a grenade to save his friends. one of many americans who never came back. barry petersen, cbs news denver. >> we end our broadcast with great gratitude for those who served. i'm errol barnett, good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh acces . live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix news. now at 6:00, how firing up the grill led to a frantic mission to save a woman's life in the east bay. >> i had never seen such large flames so close before. >> it was kil memorial day, but lesson learned. and in light of that, in tonight's first alert forecast, we're going to see why it's actually tomorrow when the greater concern comes in for fire weather. i'll show you to new red flag warning coming up. >> this is a problem all of us share. >> a powerful tribute to the victims of the school shooting. and if you think it couldn't get worse, think again. california gas prices smashing
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an all-time record. 2 foot-tall head dresses elaborate performances in music that makes you want to get up and dance. the mission district's best party makes a come back. >> it reminds me that we're still home and this is still ours. a lot of us have been displaced. good evening. we do begin tonight with a holiday weekend barbecue leading to a rescue mission. >>. >> new at 6:00, lot of grills fired up, one of them started a backyard fire. it quickly spread to multiple homes last night. one of the residents nearly lost their lives. >> reporter: the fire started at the backyard in this house. fire fighters said someone turned on the the grill to burn off food debris before walking away and when they


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