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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  June 14, 2022 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area,
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this is kpix 5 news. >> giving you a live look at chase center, good morning, it is tuesday, june 14th. i'm len kiese. >> and i'm amanda starrantino. >> wiggins drives and finishes! exclamation point! >> that is some good stuff there as our director adam would say, "good stuff." the team took game three home last night. the dubs are now one win away from another nba title. >> we will break down all the details of game five in a moment. first, let's get a check of weather and traffic. we start things off with first alert meteorologist jessica burch and how things are looking for us on a tuesday. >> things, very, very calm across the board. we're still warming up a little bit as we extend into the next couple days, about wednesday, thursday, that's where we are seeing temperatures peak. it is still like i said yesterday nothing like friday's forecast. last friday we dealt with a significant heat wave. this week, it's very minor in the grand scheme of things.
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we're starting off with a live look over the skyline right now. notice now it's very clear. no fog for now. however, as we head into the afternoon, we're still dealing with very clear conditions across the board. current conditions right now 54 degrees in oakland, 59 in san jose. we're waking up this morning with calm conditions no matter where you live in the bay thanks to this high pressure system just bridging its way into our coastline. that's the big reason why the winds are pushing from the northwest, pushing south along the coast. it clears us up significantly but that's going to change as we head into mid portions of this week. the big change for us, no matter whether you live in concord area or along our coastline we'll see a gradual cooling trend around thur ekend. san francisco getting up to 68. 69 degrees in the afternoon, a lot more significant up in the higher elevations. we'll talk about that in the full forecast. gianna, how are things looking? >> off to a good start. we're dealing with the trouble
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spot as you head along 580. there's an accident near eden and the brake lights working your way near the dublin interchange. crowded toward 680 and a busy ride, look at the cars backing up for the drive 205 to 580 into the altamont. bay bridge toll plaza not bad, everything clear into the city and right now, the san mateo bridge is off to a great start in both directions. game five goes to the warriors, this nba finals series. we've seen the team refuse to go down without a fight. >> vern glenn breaks down the game from chase center this morning with a look at how the warriors pulled this one off. >> good morning, everybody. nba finals up top and the warriors one giant step closer, as a result of last night. first time in steph curry's career he did not have a made playoff three but you knowes to scoreboard. draymond green, was he
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energetic? i'll say so. just ask these fans. whoa. final minute of the half, warriors up nine, a celtics turnover, steph curry dished it to andrew wiggins with a lay-in, wiggs had 16 in the first half. dubs led by 12 at the break. boston came out firing in the third. jayson tatum knocked down a three, a 10-0 celtics run cut the lead to two. al horford hit his eighth straight three and took their first lead of the game. after scoring 43 in game four, curry did not have a three last night, 0 for 9. grant williams block led to an and-one bucket by williams, on the other end, celtics up five. final seconds of the third, down 74-72, this happened. the bank was open for ortan po jordan poole at the buzzer. second time in this series he's done that. golden state back up by five. marcus smart that happened a
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three and a 13-0 dubs run, under eight to play, 85-78, wiggins goes past two defenders for the lay-in, puts the lead to double digits. a little over two minutes left, wiggs with the exclamation point on this one, huge slam. he scored 26 and had 13 rebounds. despite curry not making a three in the game for the first time since 2018 the warriors won it 104-94, they lead the series 3-2 games and can claim this title thursday in boston. i don't want to sound like a big basketball geek here at chase center but the warriors only turned the ball over seven times last night and in the game inside, in the paint, points in the paint, every time a team has dominated in that category, they've won the game. well last night, warriors in the paint 50-36 over boston. that's your 3-2 series lead, game six coming up on thursday.
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everybody have a great day, and i will see you next from bos >> here at home, dub nation made themselves heard throughout the seesaw battle. some said they thought it could have been the last time dubs played at chase center. t andrea nakano was with the fans as the warriors seized control of the finals. >> reporter: the warriors joumpd out to a big fan, lose the lead and make a comeback. through it all, they made sure to have fun. >> it's the poole party. >> it's the poole party. >> reporter: they were part of the standing room only crowd and the party kept growing as the night went on. >> it's great, this is finals basketball. you wouldn't see that kind of spirit. >> reporter: while there were tense moments the warriors put out a win on a night steph curry
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didn't sink a single three. the warriors fans went home happy. >> i'm really glad it's over. >> we love it, it's amazing! so happy they won game five. >> reporter: the series has been tied at 2-2, the winner of game five has gone on to win the finals 73% of the time. fans like the warriors odds are bringing a larry o'bryant trophy back to the bay. >> we believe it! >> we're going to take it in event, on our home floor. >> championship pedigree, baby. >> you better hope we don't peat y'all next game, brother. >> sounds like we won't be back here until next year, which is fine. >> good night, celtics. >> reporter: at thrive city, andrea nakano, kpix 5. >> stay with kpix 5 for the nba finals on air on and streaming on "cbs news bay area." hope, love, pride, presented by waymo.
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>> 4:37, the bay area celebrates pride month, we've seen a number of [ indiscernible ] targeting members of the lgbt x community over the last few days. as betty yu reports, police are now on high alert. ♪ >> reporter: lgbtq supporters rallied in front of the san lorenzo library monday two days after a group likely associated with the proud boys disrupted a drag queen storytelling event shouting homophobic slurs. also over the weekend, more than 30 members of a white nationalist group were arrested for allegedly planning to violently disrupt a pride event in idaho. in san francisco, state senator scott weiner vowed to continue to fight for the lgbtq community, after his staff received a hate-filled email with the subject stating he will die today. the threat read "we placed bombs in his office and his house. we will kill you." >> this escalating rhetoric by
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politician and right wing activists, it has a consequence. words have consequences and so we're now seeing, i mean, the idea of death threats all the time and they've been escalated. >> reporter: no bombs were found at his home or office but weiner, a gay politician, says he's been targeted for years for his work on behalf of lgbtq people and people with himsv. >> it's politics that's putting real human beings at risk and it's just tragic. >> reporter: the latest incidents come as san francisco celebrates pride month and two weeks before the first pride parade since 2019 >> we have always taken the safety of the community seriously especially as we're marking six years since the pulse tragedy, where we lost so many lives and even before pulse and especially since pulse, we've always taken that safety seriously and been vigilant when it comes to the safety of our
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community. >> san francisco pride tells us it's working closely with law enforcement to ensure public safety during celebrations and the alameda county sheriff is meeting thursday with the governor's office of emergency services and congressman small's office to discuss safety at pride events. see the special pride section on on capitol hill several ex-trump officials say election fraud allegations by their boss were flat-out false. sara tonky says the intense look back may be aimed at altering the future. >> reporter: monday's hearing seemed to have a theme that former president trump was told over and over his election fraud claims weren't true. >> boy, he really believes this stuff. he has, you know, lost contact with -- he's become retached from reality. >> reporter: not everyone was correcting him. testimony showed he was egged on
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by some of his campaign advisers including rudy giuliani and sidney powell. >> what they were proposing i thought were nuts. >> reporter: competing camps formed after the election, he called his team normal and said the other pushed conspiracy theories. >> i didn't think what was happening was necessarily on e or professional. >> reporter: the panel brought in former officials from pennsylvania and georgia to refute specific claims of fraud that they were asked to investigate. >> not only was there not evidence of 8,000 dead voters voting in pennsylvania, there wasn't evidence of eight. >> reporter: south bay congressman zoe lofgren asked for tens of millions of dollars for an election defense fund that didn't exist. the committee said most of that money went to president trump's political organization. >> the big lie was also a big rip-off. >> reporter: some experts say the hearing isn't about changing public opinion but could be
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about shaping trump's political future. >> i think it's possible that the committee could make the case to enough of the gop establishment that they start to pull away from him a little bit, maybe enough for him not to succeed in getting the nomination in 2024. ump released a 12-page rebuttal to what happened, saying in part saying the committee was a kangaroo court meant to distract americans and repeating the very same claims in question that the 2020 election was stolen from him. i'm sara donchey, kpix 5. a live look at the state capitol br where a budget roadblock is fueling new frustration for california drivers. governor newsom does not support the $300 billion plan lawmakers just sent him, a major sticking point, how to pump billions of dollars in gas price relief back to taxpayers. the governor is pushing to send rebate checks to vehicle owners, other democrats want stimulus payments for everyone to offset
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inflation in general and republicans argue there is an easier way to speed relief. >> we could lower the gas tax today. it doesn't have to be something we have to wait until september to do. >> here in the bay area, san francisco drivers are paying an average of $6.64 per gallon for regular. it's only nine cents cheaper in oakland and in san jose. a roncho cordoba gas station manager who accidentally set his pumps to 69 cents a gallon is out of a job this morning. the fwaef was the result of a misplaced decimal point. the pumps were supposed to be set to $6.99. people showed up to get the cheap gas and by the time the mistake was corrected, hundreds of drivers had guzzled up the deal. >> they put all three prices except the diesel. the last one didn't go right. >> reporter: what's your feeling for that? >> i would have done the same thing. >> former manager john cezzina
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is trying to raise cash to make up the $16,000 difference in case of a lawsuit. 4:44 is the time. a south bay animal shelter in desperate need of help, why they say they're overwhelmed with one type of pet in particular. the bay area city just ranked among the worst in the nation for first-time
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closing arguments begin today in the other theranos trial, focusing on sunny balwani. he's facing the same dozen accusations elizabeth holmes did of defrauding investors and customers of the company's failed blood testing technology. holmes is still awaiting sentencing on her four fraud convictions. this morning the santa clara animal shelter says it has no more space for dogs. it has more dogs than kennels at the moment.
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why? theories include more people returning to the office after working from home or moving into non-pet-friendly housing. >> our dogs are staying longer, especially our large dogs and we've been taking in more dogs this year. we've taken in 222 more dogs year-to-date over last year so it's creating a bottleneck in the system. >> the shelter is urgently seeking foster families and also willing to waive adoption fees. this morning, san jose is ranked one of the five worst markets for first-time home buyers according to a new report from personal finance site bank rate. the ranking was based on home prices and incomes for the typical buyer. los angeles was rated the least affordable metro area in the country. wall street entered bear territory monday as stocks took a nose dive. the dow dropped 876 points. it had been down more than 1,000 during the session. matt piper has more on the markets in today's other business headlines.
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[ bell ringing ] >> the s&p 500's nearly 4% drop monday put the broad-based stock index into bear market territory. it's more than 20 below its record set earlier this year and the s&p 500 has fallen nearly 9% in three days. recession fears combined with friday's inflation report showing price gains at 40-year highs plus worries about a rising interest rates are taking a toll on stocks. tomorrow, the federal reserve is wildly expected to announce that it's raising rates again, when the u.s. central bank wraps up its two-day meeting. bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also plunged. over the weekend, celsius network said it's pausing all withdrawals and transfers between accounts to "honor over time withdraw obligations" that sent shock waves across the cryptocurrency world. and coca-cola and the maker
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of jack daniel's tennessee whiskey are teeing up to send a rod-to-drink jack and coke. the beverage will be available globally after a launch in mexico later this year. coca-cola is adding more alcoholic drinks to its portfolio since 2018 when it introduced lemon dew in japan. this is your "cbs moneywatch" report. for more head to at the cbs bod cast center, i'm matt piper. the heat is creating challenging conditions for fire crews across california. the rancho fire broke out monday afternoon and quickly grew to more than 200 acres. not many people live in that area but evacuation orders have been issued. in southern california, the sheep fire forcing new evacuations in the town of wrightwood, near the angeles national forest. powerful winds whipped up the wildfire that started saturday, pushing the flames into heavy fuels. the fire's now 27% contained.
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it's about 4:50 now. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> we'll start with first alert meteorologist jessica burch and jessica, how is it feeling out there? it's very bright this morning with the full moon. >> yes, my goodness gracious, it is beautiful for us this morning, no matter where you live in the bay area, it's a calm start to our day. clear skies for us as we extend into the afternoon. the winds will kick up a little bit this afternoon but not like yesterday and to add to that, we're still on a gradual warming trend. a live look from the mark cop sins hotel cam, this is what we're dealing with the next couple days. we are warming up, as high pressure ridging its way in from the south so that's the reason why our winds are pushing in from the northwest, that ridging effect pushing the winds in that direction. it changes as we head into the next couple days. an area of low pressure dives down from the gulf of alaska just enough to cool us off as we wrap up this week around thursday and friday, headed into the weekend.
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with that, too, it's going to bring in the south wind, so what with l change for us? cooler temperatures, to add to that, partly cloudy skies in the forecast and you'll feel a little bit more relative humidity, too. so let's dive straight into what we're dealing with as we extend into the afternoon. daytime highs today ranging in the 80s for our santa clara valley. if you live in the south you'll notice it's just a hair warmer than what we're used to during the season. however, we're getting closer to the first day of summer. it's already next week, it's among us. as we extend into walnut creek, pleasant hill, we're dealing with upper 80s/low 90s. relative humidity is lower over there so it will feel like a dry day for us. headed into the bay the onshore flow will keep us a lot more humid, we're dealing with upper 60s from sausalito down into san francisco and it's a similar trend in the north. let's take it a step back. current conditions right now it's very, very mild across the board, 50s in the forecast for us right now. let's take a quick look at what we can expect with the winds, heading into the afternoon hours, the onshore flow still
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pushing in from the northwest, it's nothing too extreme. we'll see winds at the surface level from 20 to 25 miles per hour in the afternoon. in the next six days we warm up a little bit more by wednesday, especially in our inland areas. however, it cools off significantly in time for any weekend plans you have, so we are going to keep you updated as we get closer to the weekend forecast. for now, gianna, how are things looking out there? >> busy in some spots, the altamont pass say little windy. a wind advisory is in effect as you work your way through there and caltrans stacked up from 205 getting onto 580 but that's really it. so far it's a pretty decent start to your tuesday morning commute. the brake lights extending all the way towards north flynn with some slow speeds as you head westbound and if you're headed toward 60, the dublin interchange things are getting a little crowded as well, mostly in the right lanes as you connect over.
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bay area bridges off to a fantastic start this morning, a live look at the bay bridge, things are moving smoothly, no troubles headed into san francisco. things are quiet there and quiet on the golden gate bridge also, those flashing lights, picking up the cones for the roadwork but overall quiet southbound 101 from the richmond-san rafael bridge to the city, just about 15 minutes for your travel time. >> it is now 4:53, still to come, the famous rocker recovering from a major surgery, plus the push
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. welcome back. hollywood creatives are urging their colleagues to be mindful about the use of guns on screen. ozzie oz bourne undergoes a major reaction. >> dinah has your eye on entertainment report. >> ozzie osbourne is recovering from major surgery. his wife, sharon, announced the operation last week saying the outcome will determine the rest of the 73-year-old rocker's life. the operation took place in los angeles monday. some hollywood heavy hitters
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have wherein a letter to colleagues following the mass shootings in uvalde and buffalo. the open letter signed by more than 200 people in the industry is not mandating that hollywood stop showing guns, instead, it asks writers, producers and directors to be mindful of on screen violence and model gun safety best practices, including limiting scenes involving children and guns. netflix says its wildly popular series "squad game" is returning for a second season. the show follows cash-strapped contestants in south korea who play childhood games with deadly stakes in hoping of winning life-changing sums of money. "quid game" became netflix's most watched series when it came out in september of 2021. bob saggette's co-star john stamos paying tribute at the critic's choice awards. >> everyone knew how funny he
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was, side-splitting, so b brilliant. bob was successful in every medium of media. >> reporter: stamos presented saget's widow with a critic's choice real tv impact honor. saggette died in january of blunt head trauma. he was 65. dina demetrius, cbs los angeles. the dubs are one win away from championship glory. protecting children from
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for you i wish many things... to see all the world can be. but most of all... i wish you'll never stop wishing. >> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> the warriors are zeroing in on the championship title, they


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