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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  June 14, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios. >> breaking news on kpix 5 and
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staminon cbs news bay area fire broke out about 1:00, no reports of injuries or buildings threatened but we're watching. >> we're angry they're trying to silence the voice of our students. >> vandal targeted the school district pride flag. superintendent vowing to make it right. how the stock market fared. >> top story on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, the stock plunge, what it means. >> dow fell by triple digits again, and all eyes are on the federal reserve. could see the biggest interest rate hike in more than two decades in response. [ bell ringing ] >> reporter: stocks finished mixed, following a market
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free-fall. >> it's significant, don't happen that often, dozen times since world war ii. >> reporter: cbs news business analyst says soaring inflation and likelihood of more interest rate hikes continue to rattle investors. >> down big from where i was two years ago. >> reporter: national average for gallon of gas topping $5, many americans are taking hard look at retirement portfolios and budgets. >> as family focused on spending and saving, hunkering down. >> reporter: businesses bracing for the decision from the federal reserve on interest rates to fight soaring inflation. >> reserve has to fight this. they can tip us into recession if they go too far, too fast. >> reporter: president biden put
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the blame on republicans in congress. >> republicans in congress are doing everything they can to stop plans to bring down costs for ordinary families. that's why my plan is not finished. >> reporter: it's unclear how long the bear market will last, recommend paying down debt and keep money in the market in anticipation of a rebound for investors. >> what can your family do to weather the ups and downs and what could be coming, kenny choi has that later at 5:00. b.a.r.t. station is closed because of medical emergency. no word how long that station will be shut down. we'll stay on top of it. new at 3:00, a vandal cut down a pride flag at school district in the east bay. video from the school. man jumped over the fence, cut down the pride and american
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flags. superintendent said it was the students' idea to fly the pride flag at all school sites and won't let their voices be silenced. >> going to act out in that way, going to shine a line on bigoted and discriminatory behavior, our voices are going to get louder, not quiet. we represent the voices of our students, help them find their voice. not going to let this behavior silence them. >> the superintendent says the contra costa sheriff's office is looking into it. school is going to restring the pole and raise the flag again. man accused of murdering elderly asian man in san francisco faced a judge today. >> justice! >> the sounds of family there, the victim, 84-year-old. members of the aapi community held a rally to condemn hate
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against asians. pushed to the ground and died last year. >> story of my father will not be in vain, masian americans deserve to be treated equally. that is the promise of american life. our community and kids deserve safety. >> alleged attacker pled not guilty to charges including murder. we brought you the rally first on "cbs news bay area," we're live streaming on the app. city council will vote on the proposed budget for more police officers. includes two dozen more officers, four immediately assigned to work in mental health crisis unit and 20 to foot patrols. what do you know, one win away, golden state warriors
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protected home court and lead the nba finals 3-2. charlie walter is here now. this was a different game, a team win, not steph curry carrying everyone this time. >> old catch-22, want to win a championship at home, see the confetti fall down and celebrate with the guys in town but definitely don't want a game seven with the celtics off a win. trip to boston is a business trip. >> never been so excited to go to boston, tell you that. >> steph curry let dub nation know, yeah, one win away. plenty of contributors last night. jordan poole beat the buzzer to end the third quarter, started a 32-14 run to blow the game wide open. supporting cast stepped up, they needed to step up. because steph was off to say the least. 0 for 9 from downtown, ending streak of 233 straight games with at least one made
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three-pointer. >> never -- i don't think ever been happier after 0 for whatever type of night. >> it's good for us, 0 for 9 from three, he's going to be livid going into game six, exactly what we need. >> steph's shirt, ayesha curry can cook in response to a side that read she can't. andrew wiggins, second, third f fiddle this year, but back-to-back games team high 43 minutes, he's been incredible. like a former number one pick. >> what a game he had, what a posterization he had. so fun to watch. thank you so much. warriors planning another watch party chase center thursday night. doors open at 5:00 for 6:00 tip-off.
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say tuned. hope, love, pride. >> on this pride month, sharing stories that celebrate pride and inclusion, including the sports world. i remember pe, can be challenging for lgbtq athletes to find acceptance. >> a bay area dodgeball league is giving space to build community and confidence. >> reporter: teammates call her mama tau, but don't think this mama can't throw her shot. >> once on the court, they don't know where this person came, from become likezilla tmama bea
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sidelines, can be whoever she wants to be here. >> biggest family i ever had. >> reporter: like many adults moving to big city, finding community is necessary but not easy. that's how tau came across the chapter of the dodgeball team. >> last time i played was elementary school, eighth grade. i was like god, hope i remember what to do. >> reporter: quickly found her grip and place on the team, a team that gives her more than just a good sweat. >> given me such confidence to be who i am. camaraderie that -- this group that i belong to, they give me that, something that i haven't felt. >> if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. >> reporter: manager ryan maddon wants players to have fun and most importantly be true to who
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they are, something he could not always do for himself. >> as young man i found it difficult to be my most authentic self in some communities. enjoyed sports but didn't feel like i was clicking with different members and athletes. >> reporter: varsity gay league has created 23 spaces in cities across the country for thousands of lgbtq athletes to come together and do sports and elevate their individuality. >> everyone has a right to be who they are, whatever way they identify in their life. >> reporter: amongst the chaos on the court between the incredible plays or silly moves, this is a space where it is all celebrated, no matter who you
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are, what you are dodging in life. a place to spend an hour, to embrace the joy, let people like mama tau safely feel like a kid again. >> why not? i love it. >> reporter: in san francisco, kpix 5. >> find more information on the varsity gay league on the website. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> fda panel, expanded covid vaccines for children. could authorize shots for those under 5. rescue for horse and driver after a crash in the north bay. in the first alert forecast, started a warm-up today, might not have noticed
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we continue following breaking news out of the south bay and new video for you. three-alarm brush fire. what we talked about, mccarthy boulevard just over the milpitas line. flashing lights arriving, we're approaching tinder box season.
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milpitas is the lead agency, but 20 units, 70 firefighters and will be more throughout the afternoon. fighting it since 1:00. thankfully no reports of injuries or buildings threatened, but we'll keep you updated. truck drive and horse were rescued after the truck pulling the horse trailer crashed around 7:00 a.m. both the driver and horse were hurt when they crashed into a creek bed. driver was rescued and taken to santa rosa memorial hospital. large animal rescue had to pull the horse out of the damaged trailer. >> significant damage to the tow truck itself and the trailer. and the crews had to actually cut the trailer side door a little bit larger to get the horse out. >> poor horse was hurt but taken to local vet. don't know exactly what caused the driver to crash. california's covid
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positivity rating at 9.1% and for parents of young children, question remains when can you get the shot. >> reporter: fda panel heard from moderna researchers as it weighed whether to authorize for kids. younger children would get two doses at half strength. >> vaccine effectiveness was agefica es similar to adults. >> reporter: currently only pfizer is approved for younger children. there was worry that moderna had heart muscle effects. but does not back it up. >> significantly higher might have a risk.
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>> reporter: wednesday the panel will review moderna and pfizer vaccines for under 6 years old. children under 5 are only ones not eligible to be vaccinated. >> obviously safety in this population is paramount importance. >> reporter: it's unclear how much demand there is. 29% of children over 12 have been vaccinated since it's been eligible in november. >> biden administration says if they get the go ahead, would likely be available as soon as next tuesday. washington hospital in fremont will become a level two trauma center. alameda just gave approval. would cover hayward, union city,
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fremont, newark and southern >> can supervise and limit teens' time on platforms and keep eye who their interacting with. parents can block apps and require teens to get permission before downloading or importantly, buying anything. >> the parents have to get permission from the teenagers or the teenagers from the parents? how does it work? >> you have to establish the connection, it was the teen but that's not sustainable, parent can initiate the relationship. see how much time the teen spends on instagram, set limits to the time. new feature, pick periods of the week that child can't use instagram, homework or school
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time. and similar features on quest to shape experience there as well. >> moms watching their kids to darren watching what mother nature is doing. and follow-up to the brush fire burning just over the milpitas line from san jose, the camera in downtown san jose can see some of the smoke coming off of that. read a couple of things from this, besides what we knowra cr, trying to get containment. you'll see smoke in the south q downhill. winds not strong but smoke is being put in the atmosphere. if you can smell smoke, you're breathing it in, higher levels of particulate matter than you want. 20-mile-an-hour wind now, not ideal. it will stay, maybe pick up in intensity next couple of hours,
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then calm down in the overnight when humidity levels increase. that's latest on that. here's how we are doing. san jose is 85, 88 in concord, warmed up four or five degrees today in some places. 24-hour difference where we are now compared to yesterday at this time, san jose technically ten degrees warmer right now than yesterday. in north bay, seven degrees warmer, nine in concord. a little bit of a jump today. another tomorrow. and that will be the top, peak on wednesday with daytime highs in the low 90s for warmer inland spots. then going to get help from this system out here. would love to bring us rain, not going to happen, but does -- you can see it when we watch wednesday and thursday in the clouds right there, that's a cold front. going to cool us down. noticeably for second half of the week. 15 degrees above average today
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and tomorrow, cooler air shows you drop in temperatures for thursday to below average again. you'll see in the seven-day forecast what that looks like. also windy wednesday into thursday as we get the cooldown. numbers on this. morning lows tomorrow, go down to mid-50s. daytime highs on the warmest day, low 90s. concord 91, 93 in antioch, santa rosa to 90. that's the top. so that's good news if that's as warm as we're going to get. you've been through noticeably hotter. san francisco, oakland and san jose, bottom line for san jose, after tomorrow, near 90, cool down to low 70s on the weekend. father's day will be warmer. right on the mark for average by sunday, low to mid-80s for warmest inland spots, no rain, and low 90s coming back by early next week. back to you. >> darren, thank you so much.
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what a new study reveals about sleep and your age. coming up on streaming services and cbs news bay area, how summer is changing in the weather extra. and we are where you are, all
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all right. time to roll up your sleeve to serve your fellow man or woman. today is world donor day, to think donors, raise awareness on the need for regular donations and celebrate medical teams and research working to develop new uses and technology. in the united states, somebody needs blood every two seconds and only 2% of americans are donors. new sleep study, which age group gets most shut-eye. >> say 40-year-old americans suffer from greatest lack of sleep, tends to go up in 50s. used device that detects movements to find out how long you're sleeping. i think it's when you have kids. >> high mortgage rate. >> all the stress. women get more sleep than men do, not sure about that, but
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that's what they say, only talking about four minutes. >> every minute is a win. >> a f>ominghenektuture ahead f.
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coming up at 5:00, flying soon, get to the airport early. >> earlier than usual, sfo travelers may have to wait longer. that story at 5:00. but at 3:00, it's a big accomplishment to be accepted into one ivy league school. >> one teen got into all eight. this is who you want your child to be like. ashley applied in late fall, and it was called ivy day when she applied. opened eight tabs on her computer and it was one yes after another yes after another. brown, columbia, cornell, dartmouth, harvard, penn, princeton and yale and seven others, including stanford. final choice, harvard, veritas.
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>> that's impressive. just opening up eight tabs is complicated. >> wonder how she captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the extreme weather battering nearly every region of the u.s. with heat, storms, flooding, and fires. a third of america uner weather alerts and a half a million americans in the great lakes and ohio valley without power after damaging thunderstorms. and the historic flooding that's closed yellowstone national park as the shocking video shows the destructive strength of the river. the economic anxiety. with the cost of food and air travel skyrocketing, the president on the defense. and the fed is expected to raise interest rates. what it means for your home loan and credit card. one month since the massacre in buffalo. the big news out of the nation's
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capitol, as a key rep


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