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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  June 17, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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area" studios this is kpix 5 news. now at 3:00 on kpix 5 and streaming on "cbs news bay area"
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the warriors champions once again. and they won it on the road in enemy territory. now the plans for the big parade. also a new twist on a shakespearian classic. the minds behind the new take on romeo and juliet. juneteenth is here. a lot of plans. sara don.aming "cbs news bay a" and kpix 5, the warriors have won it all. they beat the celtics by more than ten points, 103-90. it was fireworks going off at chase center. fans celebrating at thrive cities and bars. charlie walter had the job of the night keeping track of it all, the game, the parties, the podium. charlie, what a game. i mean, vegas got it so wrong. >> yeah, vegas never got it wrong. they said golden state was going
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to win. the computers had the 84% that boston with would win. so the computers got it wrong. not only was i keeping track of it last night, but this morning as well. i was on the air hosting until 3:00 a.m. on the radio last night. we had callers, 50 callers from the midnight to 3:00 a.m. time slot. you don't see that often. to say dub nation is fired up about this dub dynasty is an understatement. and dynasty is exactly what we have on our hands as the warriors have once again reached the pinnacle of the sport. their fourth championship in lt nosto shiaround on the guys faces. remember golden state missed the playoffs the previous two years and had the worst record in the league in 2020. >> that's why i think this win is definitely different because of just the three years of baggage we carry coming out of that game six in 2019. i could say it now.
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i don't know how many teams could carry that with the expectations to make it to the mountaintop again. so a lot of people in that locker room that are enjoying this to the fullest and they should. because of, you know, who we are as a team. pretty amazing. >> that finals mvp trophy eluded steph curry so long and there it is. number one for steph. now all that's left to do is run it back. the team is going to be similar next season you would imagine. james wiseman added into the mix, where do you go from here? how about back to back? >> that would be nice. everybody has to stay healthy and happy. thank you so much. now for the first time in a long time maybe ever we are looking forward to a monday. we can just skip the weekend because monday is when the victory parade will happen in san francisco. we are not the only ones looking forward to it. take a look.
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>> it starts monday at 11:20. this is the parade route near the ferry building at market and main, heads up market to 6th. the warriors have held three parades in oakland but this is the first time in san francisco since the franchise came to the bay area in 1962. a closer look at the route. >> if you are headed out to the parade on monday a lot of people will be doing the same thing, so it's a good idea to think ahead and plan. the parade route starts at main street and market. it extends all the way down market to 6th street. that is where it ends. if you don't plan on heading out there, then try to avoid any brake lights or delays around that area by sticking with 19th avenue or van ness as your alternates. 280 extension will be busy heading into san francisco as well as embarcadero and of course streets around markets. bart is a great way to get there. any station in between embarcadero or civic center will work. don't forget masks are required on trains and at all stations.
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clipper card having that on your phone is a great way to save time and plan ahead and be patient, expect crowded streets, crowded trains, but a lot of warriors fans will be out there enjoying all the fun. >> we will be there, too. our parade coverage starts on our streaming service at 9:00 a.m. before the parade starts at 10:00 on kpix 5. now to our other headlines. a deadly shooting at an oakland ports bar last night. police say five people shot, one man died. this happened at the halftime sports bar on 14th street. a woman is in critical condition. we are told she is stable. three victims, all men, got to the hospital and they are all expected to recover. a grass fire that burned close to houses early this morning in pittsburg is contained thankfully. it broke out 2:30 in the morning near jacqueline and daffodil drive. people had to evacuate for a period of time. firefighters were able to keep this from spreading and a few
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you hours later people were able to go home. it might have been started by people setting off fireworks during warriors celebrations. >> we have dry grass. we have people that live around the dry grass. we have celebrations going on. we take the report from people that are telling us what they heard, what they saw, and our investigators look into it and see if they can, you know, pinpoint where it startednd maybe find something that day. >>elh parentth young kids have been waiting for. the fda authorized a covid vaccine for children under 5. once the cdc approves it santa clara county says they are ready to start giving out doses. >> we are absolutely thrilled to be at that moment when we are going to imminently start vaccinating the youngest members of our community. the county health system has been preparing for this moment for weeks and we are ready to go. >> so cdc approval could happen as early as this weekend.
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santa clara county will give out shots next tuesday at the earliest. home, love, pride presented by waymo. >> the words of shakespeare have stood the test of time. imagine hearing the to stories told in a different way. how one bay area theater is putting an inclusive and creative spin on a classic. >> is there a world in which we can imagine the possibility of two young womenlove? >> reporter: yes, and that world is coming to life in the adaptation of shakespeare's most well known story, romeo and juliet. >> stepping into this role, i re ng to an is love. >> did my hlove til now?
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>> reporter: she hopes her role as romeo sends a positive message. >> shakespeare, you know, the cannon itself is -- has been -- has had such an impact on our storytelling for centuries. but i think? an opportunity for us to actually vision beyond that and to be able to be more expansive and inclusive. >> reporter: this version of where two women fall in love couldn't be more natural. >> a theme of this play is what is natural and romeo and juliet, by nature, need to be together, and it's society that is trying to pull them apart and not allow them to be their natural self. >> people! >> reporter: the story is set in the bay area in 1848 which back then was known as -- >> romeo is a woman. so romeo and juliet are both women in 1848 in the wild old west at a time when that just
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wasn't allowed, that wasn't as common. so it just adds more of the pressure cooker to this play, to see how desperate they were to be together. ♪ >> reporter: it was also a spinal where spanish and english were equally spoken. >> it started with -- who wrote the script. and she was really interested in marrying spanish and english and found that marrying it in a play about marrying two people that some of society don't want to be together but it's a natural fit, just felt really perfect. >> reporter: so this version of romeo and juliet is bilingual. [ speaking in spanish ] >> with theater it can be like we are to go the latino play or the queer play, an it's not very often you see these things at the same time. i am really grateful.
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on top of that, in spanish and english. >> reporter: not only do you have the uniqueness of shakespeare en espanol, and this gorgeous theater in the mid of marinda. >> it's incredible to be able to do theater in this space. it's covid safe because we are outside and we are in this incredible natural setting. last night as we were rehearsing we were serenaded by coyotes howling in the distance. and wild turks that are singing along with the songs during interludes. >> reporter: helping the passion come to life in a new and different way. gianna franco, kpix 5. >> really nice setting there. the play rounds through june 19 in orenda. you can find all of our pride reporting on our special section of our website still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on "cbs news bay area," with father's day almost
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here we look at how some dads here in the bay area are supporting one another. and more on juneteenth celebrations happening this weekend across the bay area. a few clouds out there today bubbling up, especially over the higher elevations in the bay area. those clouds drift over the rest of us and clouds giving natural shade. cooler temperatures as well. we will look how
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father's day is almost here. we are celebrating dads this weekend and our justin andrews talked to local fathers about how they are coming together to help build each other up. >> reporter: another day, another chance for tracy clark to comb and shape someone's look. he is the owner of house of fades, a barbershop in pittsburg, but dad in his own house. his son his namesake, this little guy just a few weeks old. >> recently just having my son, it's been great, man. the best feeling in the world. i think about him all the time. >> reporter: his laughs and his growing character and even the cries. en he hungry, i know we know is jning. funch h how, building
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their own character. >> reporter: character something very important to tracy and a group called dear fathers. >> we do strengthen the men of the household, it rolls down into the kids. >> reporter: that's co-founder and girl dad of two lamar johnson. he grew up without his father and realized in his 20s black fathers are underserved. he and his friends crated dear fathers. it's a group which started in st. louis, missouri, and has blown to have roots in the bay, houston, and atlanta. giving resources to black men and black fathers. >> we are really trying to get across, to let them know that, hey, there are other people going through what you are going through, other men, other dads. you are not alone. >> reporter: it builds conversations, issues that aren't often talked about to shift the narrative of black fathers, something tracy can't wait to do when his little one
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gets older. >> society doesn't see black fathers as a real strong, you know, upstanding person in the a we are tendsetters. >> reporter: setting trends and shifting minds for black dads one father at a time. justin andrews, kpix 5. juneteenth weekend is here, too. it's only the second time the nation will celebrate it as a federal holiday, but of course it's a celebration a lot of people in the u.s. have marked on calendars over a century. it recognizes african americans freed in the u.s. several years after the emancipation proclamation was officially issued. and the moment in our nation's history when those people migrated away from the south and shaped a new america. >> this is about people who literally gave a full measure of their devotion, you know, so that we could be free. and it comes with a heavy price. >> so in the bay area expect a big celebration. the two-day pan-african wellness fest tomorrow at lake merritt.
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the 52nd annual mlk juneteenth community festival at martin luther king park in sonoma county. san francisco's museum of african american diaspora a free event, too. and head to to get a closer look at those and more events. also, tonight oakland kicks off this year's town nights events which continue all summer long across the city. tonight's event is in honor of juneteenth. it's at the rec center. there will be a family-friendly carnival, dinner and a movie. it starts at 6:00 tonight and runs to 9:00 p.m. mayor libby schaaf says the events are part what is described as a holistic approach towards preventing gun violence. >> on the night that there are positive activities for young people to engage in, violence goes down. so this is a way of really just saying we are claiming safe space in our neighborhoods. we want families to come out at night and enjoy things like our parks. >> oakland's department of
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violence prevention credits last years events with a 90% drop in shooting related injuries during the events. 2,000 families took part. paul, you promised cooler than normal temperatures. if you are celebrating the warriors last night, you iyou needed a jacket. those who didn't have a jacket probably had a couple of something else, if you catch my drift. >> some liquid refreshment that was warming them internally. or giving them the illusion of . it's definitely cool today. we will see the cool weather one more day. a storm system kicking in that stronger onshore breeze. showers to the north. we had that outside chance of maybe a couple of sprinkles or pop-up shower over the higher elevations. the moisture staying farther to the north. with he will see fog spreading into the inland valleys tonight. that dissipates.
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saturday plenty of sunshine. the fog limited sunday. abupd ent sunshine for father's day and just a few passing high clouds briefly on monday. those will race on through and the temperatures will continue warming up for another cool day tomorrow to back to normal temperatures sunday to above normal temperatures at least the first half of next week. we look out other san jose, fair weather clouds bubbling up. feels like april. the warm spot is san jose at 71 degrees. below 70 in concord. 67 degrees in santa rosa. san francisco is cool spot, 63 degrees. only 8 degrees difference from san francisco to san jose. sometimes we can see a 30 to 40 degree difference this time of year. but that onshore breeze stirring the atmosphere around keeping everybody cool. it's going to remain breezy this evening. the winds die down somewhat tonight but till is a factor as we head through the wrest of th evening. upper 50s by 5:00 this evening. it will be cool and then
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onshore, gusty to after the sun goes down. layer up a bit if you are heading out to the a's game against the royals, first pitch 6:40, temperatures in the low 60s dipping down to the upper 50s after the sun goes down this evening. later tonight temperatures mostly dropping to the low 50s. a few spots in the mid-to-upper 40s north of the golden gate and along the coast. temperatures tomorrow five or six degrees below average near the water, upper 60s oakland in the east bay, upper 50s on the coast. inland 10 degrees below average in the low-to-mid lowe 70s. reaching up into the upper 70s. close to average for father's day on sunday. for the observed federal hol of juneteenth on monday temperatures will be above normal, low 70s in the city, 80 in oakland and 90 san jose. the temperatures in the 90s in san jose by tuesday and wednesday and we are going for it saying 100 high temperatures likely for inland parts of the
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east bay on tuesday as the roller coaster ride just keeps trucking along. coming up on kpix 5 streaming on "cbs news bay area," another critical shipment of bruinaby formula in the u
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new at 3:00, another international shipment of baby formula has touched down in the united states. an australian cargo plain with # million bottles worth of formula touched down in columbus, ohio. the hope is such a big shipment will put a dent in the formula shortage which has been going on for months. and the destination, columbus, wasn't random. experts say the airport's central location will help get formula to parents in many parts of the u.s. as fast as possible. >> so rickenbacker is located within a ten-hour truck drive of half the u.s. we have a geographic advantage and we are able to quickly get
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goods to store shelves when they are needed most. >> specifically, the shipments will be spread throughout 800 walmart locations in 20 different states. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on "cbs news bay area," we have more coverage of the warriors' championship win and the celebrations across the bay area. including a sweet way to show your dubs pride. coming up on the "cbs evening news," summer travel nightmare. cancellations and delays causing chaos at airports across the u.s. with 16,000 flights impacted the last two days. the news you need if you plan on flying anywhere this summer. that's tonight on the "cbs evening news."
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at 5:00, the oldest music festival is back this sunday. a preview of the eclectic headlineses. much. some people celebrated the warriors' win with drinks. some people celebrated with fo some specifically dessert. twisted donuts and coffee in san francisco rolled out the warriors cake donuts for the playoffs this year. it's kind of a tradition for them and it's turned out to be a fan favorite, too. people buy these things up. the owner keeps it going because he insists it's good luck for the warriors. >> we have always done it during the playoff time or during the final its time.
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you know what? it's actually been working out for the warriors. >> it's like a good luck charm? >> we like to say that, yes. >> that's awesome. >> okay. we will have to keep that going. they are still taking orders for special donuts. you just have to call the order in. before we go, we wanted to give you another reminder about the warriors championship parade happening monday. it is not going to be your run of the mill monday in the city. it is the first time they are having it in san francisco. it kicks off at 11:20 on monday. market and main street going south down market. be sure to stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage on air, on wes and streaming on "ws baye we are e briha on monday. >hat' forpix 5 3:00. "cbs evening news" is next. back with more local news at 5:00 and streaming 24/7 on "cbs news bay area." go dubs.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight on this friday, the new information about the americans being held as prisoners after fighting for ukraine. we talk to their families. the disturbing new video tonight of two military veterans captured on the battlefield in ukraine. our interview with the mother of one of the missing. summer travel chaos. >> it's been terrible. we're going on 14 hours now. >> o'donnell: the nightmare at airports. more than 17,000 flights canceled or delayed. the tips you should know ahead of your next trip. covid shots for kids. tonight, the long wait is over with shipments of vaccines for children as young as six months old as the f.d.a. give its stamp of approval. gun violence in america.
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the church potluck that turned deadly. the w


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