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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  June 20, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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nba championship title in eight years in san francisco today. you know what? it just never gets old. >> really doesn't. the crowd estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands and showed up just to get a glimpse of the champs as they made their way down market street. and the players were equally as excited with some hopping off buses to celebrate and take pictures with the fans. such a great day. >> the oft. l. >> reporter: a fun warriors parade this afternoon but at the end complete chaos. the barricades were completely torn apart as fans rushed into the parade route. >> these are your 2022 nba world champion golden state warriors. >> with the larry o'brien trophy in hand it was time to kick off the party of the year. >> i don't know. what you all want me to tell you, that we're better than everybody? >> this guy's maturity level is a third grader.
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>> draymond green got the festivities started as the warriors spoke before the parade began. finals mvp steph curry had a message for dub nation. >> we represent you guys. like the life that you give us, the inspiration. >> reporter: just around 11:30 buses and floats started streaming down market street as fans cheered from the sidewalk. some fans their favorite team. >>hin minutes confetti t rained down on to the street. then some of the players such as klay thompson and gary payton ii got off their buses to interact with the fans. by the end of the parade, thousands of people stormed on to market street even surrounding player buses. for the most part, dub nation enjoyed the celebration and many confident fans are ready to be back here again next year. in san francisco, kpix 5.
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>> unfortunately for some fans the fun ended a little bit early. san francisco fire tells us it treated about 50 people or so for heat related illness. most simply required water and shade. >> anyone can tell you even the low 70s -- if you are in direct heat, direct sun light. >> it feels worse. >> especially in san francisco. we're just not used to it. >> right. >> consuming alcoholic beverages and not drinking water. >> that also dehydrates you as well. we measured the temperatures we report in shady spots well ventilated but if you are out on the street surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people that is not shady, not well ventilated, and the sun is just going to basically cook the moisture out of your body. temperatures today reached up into the low sent in san francisco but into the low 90s further inland. hot already today and even hotter tomorrow. that is why tomorrow is the first alert weather day. dangerously hot in fact for inland parts of the bay area but very warm in san francisco. 15 to 20 degrees above average across the board. low 80s in the city. 90 degrees for oakland. up to 100 degrees in san jose.
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well above 100 degrees for most inland parts of the east bay especially we have a heat advisory in effect for most of the bay area. the only spots not included in that heat advisory, san francisco and areas right along the coast. everybody else plan on taking it easy. don't over exert yourself. stay hydrated. the high temperatures will range from 90 degrees in oakland up to 106 degrees for fairfield, antioch, and brentwood as the hot spots. don't forget the sunscreen as you head out the door tomorrow either. this is the peak of the heat. temperatures will start backing down on wednesday. take a look at the full seven day forecast in a few minutes. >> i lost my hat! >> what happened to the hat? >> under estimate the wind gusts, man. >> captain klay thompson had a battle with the elements today. a gust of wind blew off his championship hat right off his head during his boat ride across the bay to the parade. >> well, of course, not everyone has a luxury boat at their
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disposal. most parade goers took b.a.r.t. >> as kpix shows us for some, it was a bumpy ride. >> reporter: downtown san francisco cleared out of partiers after the largest crowd in two years flooded market street to catch a glimpse of the golden state warriors. transit systems were tested today in a way they haven't been since the pandemic began. it felt like a scene from the before times. hundreds of thousands of people packed into a mile and a half stretch of san francisco's market street for a championship parade. how did they all get there? look no further than the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic was a mess. that was before all of the cars had to find parking downtown. then there was b.a.r.t. running at full capacity and packed to the gills moving fans eager for a glimpse of steph, dray, and
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klay. >> i've been on b.a.r.t. but i could hardly fit. i am telling you it was so tight and so squished. >> reporter: the day wasn't without glitches. look at this line for clipper cards at the dublin b.a.r.t. station. >> the clipper app dealt with unprecedented demand today because so many people were going to the parade. it created a band width issue. people did have success but it took many tries in some circumstances to have that success. obviously fb are wants to get here in a hurry. we were able to accommodate everybody who showed up at the station and got them through the gates one way or the other. >> reporter: just ask them. >> they gave us a free $20 one. got to ride for free today. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says today was the biggest crowd on the transit system in two years and a good test for sunday's pride parade and all of the events at civic center and in the castro. in san francisco, kpix 5. >> and san francisco businesses are benefiting from today's warriors parade. fans who packed market street
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started to file into restaurants following the big celebration. this indian cuisine restaurant had customers streaming in. the family owned business had been hit hard during covid and was taken over by a new owner. >> kind of scary because business was very slow and nobody knew when it would pick up. quite busy today and i am very happy and we are excited and looking forward to more business. >> business owners all over the area hoping the parade and upcoming pride events will help boost business downtown. >> next weekend will be just as packed. still to come pharmacies will start doling out covid vaccines tomorrow to some of the bay area's youngest kids but not all of them. we'll explain. >> why are californians paying so much for gas? how much longer is it going to last? the state lawmakers determined to get to the bottom of it. tracking the bay area's wildfire hot spots. how cal fire is trying to stay ahead of the next disaster by predicting where it could
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strike. later, how celebrating pride has become a key ingredient for success for one east bay cookie business.
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a live picture of the state capitol where a bill is in the works to make juneteenth a paid state holiday. juneteenth marks the date back in 1865 when union troops arrived in galveston, texas to announce that all slaves were free. president biden signed a bill into law last june making juneteenth a federal holiday. why are californians paying so much more for gas and when will the gas prices actually come down? those are two questions state lawmakers plan to answer with a newly formed committee on price gouging. >> why do gas prices continue to
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rise? that is exactly the mission of this committee, to follow the data and find answers and long term solutions so we no longer have to look at the future with distress but with promise. >> there will be a first meeting in coming weeks and here is a look at where gas prices are right now. the average in california is now $6.39, a 37% increase from the beginning of the year. drivers in san jose will pay $6.47 per gallon and in oakland the average is $6.50 while in san francisco it is $6.54. sky high prices at the pump have many people looking for cheaper alternatives. one such fuel is called e-85 gasoline sometimes called flex fuel. it is a blend of up to 85% ethanol, vehicles from ford escapes to chevy tahoes are already built to run on it. >> my fuel depth, $89 full tank. >> a tank of regular gas and it was over $95. it has only a 19 gallon tank.
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>> it has a few drawbacks, less fuel mileage than normal petroleum gas and a car would need a tune up just to use it. county health care clinics and pediatric offices are getting ready to vaccinate the bay area's youngest children against covid. parents can start booking appointments at the state's my turn website starting tomorrow. over the weekend the cdc authorized both pfizer and moderna's vaccines for children 6 months to 5 years old. and cvs will also start offering the vaccine at some of its locations tomorrow. to kids as young as 18 months old. walgreens will also offer shots but only for children 3 years old and older. >> for the first time in more than a decade cal fire is mapping out areas in the state that have the highest risk of severe wild fires. it last released the fire hazard severity back in 2007 and the areas in red show where the threat and concern is the greatest like in the oakland hills. parts of san mateo county coast
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and the eastern santa cruz mountains, cal fire says, are severe drought, well, it is not helping. >> there has been change in our climate especially in the last couple years. we've been seeing more often significant extreme wind events. it is the latest weather we are building into the current model. >> the final version of the new map is expected to be released this fall. cal fire hopes it will spark policy decisions on if or where new homes are built in high risk communities. a live look outside from the mount diablo camera. the hot inland forecast has triggered a spare the air alert for tomorrow. >> first alert meteorologist is here and it also triggered a first alert weather day. >> the second time in the last couple weeks we'll see the triple digit temperatures for inland parts of the bay area and this is going to be plenty warm near the water as well. a hot start to summer which officially begins at 2:13 a.m. tomorrow and will feel every bit of summer time by the afternoon. it won't be quite as warm or hot
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on wednesday but above average temperatures will continue through the rest of the week and eastbound into the weekend. we'll see more clouds by wednesday and thursday. maybe even an outside chance of a couple of stray showers. talk more about that in just a second. first let's focus on what things you like right now. blue skies overhead. temperatures still very warm inland. 85 santa rosa. livermore. #87 concord. san jose 80 degrees. mid 60s for downtown san francisco with a nice onshore breeze. we're not seeing the marine layer. the same area of high pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere producing warm to hot conditions. tomorrow also really just compacting that marine layer so it is not going to be able to produce any fog as we head through tonight or tomorrow. temperatures tonight dropping down to the low 50s near the coast but most of us in the mid to upper 50s and low 60s to begin the day tuesday. our temperatures are just going to take off. full sunshine throughout the day. by lunch time temperatures are already going to be the upper 70s in san francisco. mid 80s in oakland. low to mid 90s inland. already by noon. we just keep warming up from
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there. highs will reach the low 80s in san francisco. about 90 degrees for a high in oakland with temperatures inland at or above 100 degrees. the hot spots for solano county and eastern contra costa county up to 106 degrees. low to mid 70s along the coast. that is going to be the place to escape the heat. i think the beaches will be very busy tomorrow but keep in mind with full sunshine overhead sand is going to be pretty hot. the same concerns we have with walking your dog during the day time and burned paws. sand will be heating up as well even with air temperatures in the 70s. forget the numbers for a second. just look at the heat risk. today's heat risk was at worst in the moderate category. the orange shading inland in the north bay, east bay, santa clara valley. tomorrow widespread orange. at least into the moderate category with plent" of inland spots into the high risk category especially for more vulnerable groups, young children, and the elderly. make sure you are checking on elderly neighbors and they're doing okay and keep yourself hydrated. find air conditioning or shade whenever possible. as we mentioned tomorrow is a spare the air day. the same weather pattern keeping
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the hot air at ground level is also going to be trapping urban pollutants specifically ozone into the unhealthy for sensitive groups category in inland parts of the east bay and santa clara valley. in terms of moisture heading toward us wednesday and thursday enough for some cloud cover. monsoonal moisture sneaking up the length of california. future cast indicating a few showers here and there through the central valley into the high sierra. this forecast model not indicating any of the shower activity in the bay area but outside chance we have to keep an eye on as we head toward wednesday and thursday. shower wouldn't be bad. but we don't want any cloud-to-ground lightning strikes for the entire state something we have to monitor later this week. tomorrow is the hottest day. still hot inland wednesday and thursday in the mid 90s in san jose. then back to more comfortably hot levels by friday, saturday, and sunday. near 90 degrees still inland but upper 60s and mid 70s around the bay with temperatures hottest inland in the east bay tomorrow. still around a hundred degrees on wednesday. that is not quite hot enough to trigger another heat advisory. the temperatures will reach the
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mid 70s along the coast tomorrow and back down into the 60s by thursday and friday with that kind of weather sticking around into the weekend. so the first weekend of summer officially will feel like it but not the peak of the heat like we're going to get tomorrow. >> summer is coming in like summer. >> yes. announcing its presence loudly. >> hello. i'm here. >> thanks, paul. years ago a local baker was told he could not pass out pride flags at a farmers market. how that incident propelled him
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celebrating pride is a key ingredient to the success of one man's business and personal life. >> reporting from a cookie kitchen in livermore where the owner's personal journey to publicly embracing pride has been bittersweet. >> are you fine with chocolate chip cookies? >> absolutely. >> i figured classic was the way to go. >> reporter: dan floyd has been baking. >> i've been baking a long time. >> reporter: since he was a kid. >> my first job in high school was baking at a cookie store in a mall. >> reporter: fast forward a few years. >> we add our sugar. >> reporter: he runs and owns dan good cookies in livermore. his husband came up with the name >> i thought it was actually a
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bad idea until we started saying it and saying it and it seemed better every time we said it. and so, yeah. here we are. scoop any on to the tray? >> reporter: getting to this point came with a mix of professional and personal challenges that hit all at once six years ago. first dan opened his business right here in livermore. >> opening the business was terrifying. >> reporter: but he says not nearly as terrifying as opening up to his family. >> i didn't come out until i was 25. >> reporter: and in a committed relationship. >> we both grew up. you know, very orthodox, religious families. >> reporter: dan's family -- >> my family was probably the most opposed and still is to me and to my relationship with my husband. his family on the other hand has been crazy supportive. >> reporter: the very definition of pride sits framed at the countertop as you walk into his cookie shop. >> standing tall in our truth,
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loving ourselves and others as they are. >> reporter: signs of pride openly displayed and more so after an incident two years ago. he was told by an organizer he couldn't pass out pride flags at the livermore farmer's market. video of the incident went viral. >> you need to go read the rules and the section about cooperating with market management. >> reporter: nothing compared to what happened next. community members in the hundreds coming together to show dan they support him and stand by him and his business. to the point he had customers lined up out the door and around the corner for days. >> overnight i had to hire five people and it wasn't even enough to serve the people who were coming in here to say how much they supported us, how much they loved us. >> reporter: a mix of emotions for sure. >> we have definitely embraced that part of ourselves more since the community came out and has become a more public part of our image. >> reporter: you probably helped
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others here. >> oh, i think so. people say thank you all the time. >> reporter: do you love your job? >> i do. i really do. >> reporter: i mean, work is work but this is fun work. >> exactly. >> reporter: but there is a bittersweet side when dan looks at his life now and what life holds in the future. >> i worry about everyone else who doesn't enjoy that same mindset and benefits and i think like roe v. wade if they decide to overturn that it would be horrendous. >> reporter: dan says he is thankful every day. do you get tired of eating cookies or never tire of it? >> never. ever. i love my -- and i love my cookies. >> reporter: what is no the to love? you know what, dan? these are dan good cookies. nice job. >> that's a good one. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> that looks so good. you can find all of our pride stories in a special section on our website up next, back to the warriors and a look at some of the most memorable photos posted
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more than a few memorable social media moments leading up to today's warriors victory parade with steph's new signature pose the night-night. >> this is what he was sporting around his neck. look at that. three championship rings all on the chain. the fourth one will be given during a ring ceremony in the beginning of next season.
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>> and getting ready for a pool party with the beach ball and a super soaker. and we saw the super soakers getting used today more than a few times. >> do you think there is water in there? who knows? >> i don't think it would have mattered. it was a little bit of everything. >> yeah. a lot of fun wasn't it? >> it was so much fun and earlier we did this wonderful story on how the parade brought everybody together and just the joy and how it just felt so good to feel that kind of joy again. >> all on the same page. >> finally. and being together and celebrating one common thing.
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