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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 24, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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some states bans went into effect over the ruling. some clinics across the u.s. have stopped bermperforming abortions. >> and a live look at the protests getting started in san francisco. abortion rights easy protesters and supporters gathering near city hall. just lost the signal here. a group is working up market street. they began with a rally at the ferry building. more than just a rally in just a minute. >> team coverage on the ruling. what it means for california and reaction op both sides. skyler henry begins our coverage from d.c. >> reporter: good to see you. let's set the same, especially as thousands of people are outside as the supreme court, many of them pro abortion rights activists and protesters calling for something to be done following today's ruling. earlier today the president called the ruling a sad day for the court and for the country, especially when you consider the implications this means for tentens
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of millions of women's especially in gop-led states where trigger laws are now in effect. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: protesters erupted outside the supreme court after the justices ruled to overturn roe v. wade. >> hoping for the best but it's clear that the justices don't care about the majority of americans and their voices. >> this is like history, just the beginning of, you know, the pro-life generation being there for women, the unborn. >> reporter: justice samuel alito says the constitution does not confer a right to abortion. chief justsis john roberts joined the five conservatives in underholding mississippi abo abortion ban but wrote he would have stopped short of overruling roe outright. president biden called the decision wrong and extreme. >> now with roe gone let's be very clear. the health and life of women in this nation are now at risk. >> reporter: the court's three liberals agreed. writing they dissented with
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sorrow for the many millions of american women who have lost a fundamental constitutional protection. the court's ruling wasn't a surprise. it had been forecast several weeks ago following a leaked draft indicating which way the justices were leaning. the decision is expected to lead to abortion bans in half the states. >> this decisions is a victory for the pro-life movement and for the generations, generations of americans who never gave up hope. >> reporter: missouri's only abortion clinic in st. louis is now closed. missouri is among 13 states with a so-called trigger ban as is louisiana which shuttered its three remaining clinics following the ruling. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: demonstrations for and against the ruling are taking place in more than 100 american cities. now, a recent cbs news poll showed that some two-thirds of americans actually wanted roe v. wade to stay in place. so it's interesting to see the reactions that we have all day today. not only from these groups, but from lawmakers as well.
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meanwhile, here outside of the court, a significant police presence as well as president biden earlier today condemned any sort of violence no matter which side of this issue you stand. outside of the supreme court, skyler henry, kpix 5. >> california's one of several abortion sanctuary states and the governor says along with the governors of oregon and washington are taking action in response to that rug. >> kpix 5's keit do has more on how california is work to safeguard abortion access and help women from other states. >> reporter: the message is clear. if you live in a state where it's difficult to get an abortion, go west. in sacramento today california rolled out the golden state welcome mat. >> we have put a welcome sign on the door. >> you are welcome here. you have choices here. and you have allies here. >> i hope you know that california halls your back. >> we are letting folks know no matter where they are from or live or what their
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circumstances, they are welcome in california to access the critical abortion care they need. >> reporter: in a not so subtle nod to bill walsh and the 49ers, the governors of california oregon and washington are hitting back. >> building the west coast offense. >> reporter: gavin newsome, kate brown of oregon and jay inslee of washington state signed a multi-state commitment to reproductive freedom. some of the highlights, the three states will not cooperate with out of state investigations, inquiries or arrests. they will refuse non-fugitive extradition, protects doctors, and protect medical records of abortion patients. >> we will not aid, we will not abet, in their efforts to be punitive, to fine, and create fear for those that seek that support. we are proud to provide it. >> reporter: what's nor, newsom is proposing to spend $125 million in state funds to handle the influx of women coming in from out of state
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seeking abortions. that includes money for travel expenses. >> those looking for transportation dollars, which i believe is your question, we have partnerships all up and down the state and we are enhancing those partnerships with a package of support that includes tens of millions of dollars for these providers. >> california is holding up a huge sign in bright lights that says we support women, we support pregnant people, we support reproductive health care, we support reproductive freedom, privacy. >> reporter: at the planned parenthood on the alameda and san jose desiree says she is glad california is a safe haven for women across the country. >> fight on. come over. we will help you and we hope you get the care you need and that you are safe and your life, your health care is important. so i hope we can be that safe space for people. woo-hoo! >> reporter: in san jose, keit do, kpix 5. >> well, abortion has been debated in california for decades. here is a look back from the
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archives. abortion was illegal in the state -- until 1967. lawmakers passed the therapeutic abortion act that legalized abortion to protect the physical health of the mother on in case of rape or incest. it was signed in law by then governor ronald reagan. the supreme court upheld in is the 69 three years before roe v. wade. then in 1972 the state amended the constitution to protect the right. in in 20002 guaranteeing a woman ace right to choose. >> live pictures from chopper 5. supporters on the streets of san francisco this hour. this group arriving for a rally outside of san francisco city hall. other rallies getting underway in oakland and then next hour in san jose. kpix 5's andrea nakano is live. tell us about the mood there this evening. >> reporter: yeah, the marchers arrived a few minutes ago here in front of san francisco city hall and as you can see there is
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quite a good rally going on. people have brought their voices, their signs to make a plea for pro-choice and the rights of women here today. now, i want to bring in emily rivera, who is from san francisco. you came here. why did you feel it was to important to be here today? >> i think it is so important to be here today because i am someone who identifies as a perp of color, as a latina, a mexican american, and most importantly as a whom kwo can be impacted by roe v. wade being overturned. and although we live in california where we may be protected, we may not, i feel like we are all here today because we are in support of every woman, anyone who identifies as a woman, we stand with them and we are here today base really want to see change and it's sad to see the state of the world, state of the country that we are in today. i want to say it's even on my shirt, the power and the people is greater than the peopler in
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power. >> reporter: thank you some. that was great. now, this is all organized by the planned parenthood of northern california and the ceo, gilda gonzalez, will be speaking in just about 20 minutes. so are some local elected officials. they should be speaking here at this rally 5:30 as well. reporting live from san francisco, andrea nakano. ryan, back to you. the catholic afternoon bishop released a statement praising the high court's decision. he says in spart, this historic supreme court decision would not have happened without 50 years of patient loving hard work by people of all faiths. this is the beginning, not the end. we must redouble efforts to accompany women and couples facing unexpected or difficult pregnancies as well as to offer mercy to those suffering from abortion. for years those opposed to abortion have taken part in walk for life rally in san francisco. the president of california based out right to life league considers today a huge win, but
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says there is still more work to do. >> i know that they have the my body my choice, but for me the baby also has a fundamental right and i know that to some people that feels like then you are sort of stripping away the rights of the mother. i believe we, as a, you know, as a nation need to come together behind women and provide resources. >> while the abortion debate is framed as black or white, there is a lot of nuance to public attitude. >> juliette goodrich had a conversation with a bay area mother who shares a personal story about her pregnancy. >> i feel like today is a victory for people. i think that it should be made harder to make that choice to have an abortion. >> reporter: kimberly meyer has two children. one with down syndrome, of years old now. >> blow her a kiss. >> hi! >> reporter: six years ago when she got the down syndrome diagnosis she wasn't sure if she would go on with the pregnancy.
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>> so you struggled with that, right? >> i did because i was ignorant. i didn't know what that meant. when people get that diagnosis such as myself so early on at 11 or 12 weeks, when i got it, i thought my world was ending. i thought i wasn't going to be able to do anything fun. i thought that meant, you know, he is going to have all these issues that would prevent us from having a good time. >> reporter: today we caught up with them on their car ride headed to to the beach having beach. kimberly is aware of the emotional nature on both sides. >> i know it's controversial because some people may be raped or child trafficking, other situations where they don't have a choice. so i realize that's another topic, in and of itself. but i don't -- i am not worried women will have a harder time, it will be harder for them and they might have some medical things to go along with that.
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>> reporter: she credits a strong influence in her life for helping her decide the best path for her. >> and who gave you that advice? >> my mother. she was a special ed teacher. he she is a strong diplomatic. i a catholic. i said would you support my choice no matter what? she said, no, i wouldn't. that thought of disappointing her was helpful for me to make that choice. she is no longer here much she passed away when he was 9 months old of a sudden heart attack. to the testament to her and love she has, i am glad that she had helped me tmake that choice. >> supreme court justice clarence thomas said today that other landmark rulings establishing gay rights and contraception rights should be reconsidered now. coming up at 5:30 we will speak to a law expert about how the decision could impact other rights. stay with kpix 5 and
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and "cbs news bay area" for continuing coverage of the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. tens of thousands of people are expected to come to san francisco this weekend to celebrate pride. i'm da lin. given the recent incidents targeting the lgbtq community i will tell you what the police are doing to step up security. during the hot weather this week we wondered where is the fog? it is back. we will take a look at how far inland it will spread tonight and how long the inland heat sticks around coming up. and we are keeping an eye on the protests in san francisco as we head to break. more voices reacting to today's historic supreme court decision. >> at this point if they can at the supreme court level be undone to this degree,
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(music throughout)
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we are here to tell you as community leaders that we are vowing to protect the lives of
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women and girls not only in california, but to keep this fight going across this country. >> santa clara leaders are promising to support out of state patients seeking abortion care. >> the high court ruling part of the backdrop to the pride celebration in san francisco this weekend. >> there have been incidents targeting the lgbtq community and for that reason kpix 5's da lin tells us there will be a heavy police presence. >> reporter: police say no credible threats targeting this weekend's pride event, but they will be deploying more uniformed and plainclothes officers to keep the celebrations safe. terry and jim are excited the sf pride parade is coming back after a two-year absence due to the pandemic. the long-time couple says it's more than a celebration. it's a fight for equality. they remember when they first came out to their church 45 years ago. >> we were basically kicked out of a seminary and the methodist
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church for being a gay couple. >> reporter: while things have gotten better, they say there is still a long way to go. >> the extremists have always been there. they are possibly a little more blatant now. >> reporter: they say the group of right-wing extremists arrested in idaho trying to disrupt a pride event. on the same day a handful of people tried to stop a drag queen book reading event and bomb threats were made against scott wiener and the san francisco organization layeric, which serves lgbtq youth. >> anger that it's still happening. >> reporter: that's why san francisco police are teaming up with federal agents and the pride security team this weekend. >> we are on high alert. we are watching. we are monitoring things. we are making sure we are aware of our surroundings. we feel secure. >> reporter: aside from the tens of thousands of people coming from across the country to celebrate pride, the police
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department expects protests related to the supreme court ruling on abortion rights. >> cancel days off for this weekend, so we will be very heavily deployed as a result of the cancellation of days off, and we make adjustments. >> reporter: jim and terry say they will remain vigilant but they are optimist it will be a safe pride weekend. >> any time you go out in public, there is a risk. >> reporter: authorities say the message is don't be fearful, have fun, but stay alert. if you see something, say something. in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix 5. san francisco police have arrested a man they say is responsible for a deadly shooting onboard a muni train. he is in police custody and charged with homicide along with several other charges. the shooting wentz fdnesday fol an argument on the train.
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officers searched green's home and made the arrest. green is accused of fatally shooting a 27-year-old man and a 7-year-old man was also wounded if that shooting. alameda county rescinding indoor mask mandate a month after it was reinstated. that takes effect at midnight night. residents will no longer have to wear masks inside. officials say plateauing hospitalizations led to this decision. alameda was the only bay area county enforcing a mask mandate following the recent uptick in cases. another busy day for bay area firefighters. this was the view of a brush breyer morgan hill from chopper 5 near hail avenue off highway 101. forward progress was stopped. crews will stay on scene just in case looking for hot spots and mop-up duty. piz sfwli yesterday, too. we have to be prepared. >> yes, fortunately just that one today near the coyote area in santa clara county. it's still burning now.
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it got into some hay bales. the crews are around getting it contained. similar fire threat into the weekend. it's not off the charts. we are not talking about strong offshore winds, bone dry humidity levels. but everything is really drive. so fire in santa clara county this is the hail fire, continues to burn. crews have containment on it and it's a couple of acres. fortunately they got that containment before it spread too much. there are challenging continues. 99 degrees is the temperature. humidity is lower than 20%. the winds not that strong. it's pushing the fire down slope. only at 7 miles an hour, gusting to 15 miles an hour. for the rest of us calm weather heading into the weekend. little change from the pattern the past couple of days. clear skies overhead now. oracle park 64 degrees in san francisco, 68 in oakland with temperatures farther inland still hot in the east bay.
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mid-90s in concord and livermore, 80s san jose and santa rosa, more reasonable for late june. out to the giants game this evening the temperature going to be around 60 degrees. those temperatures are going to drop into the 50s once the sun goes down this evening. just pretty normal weather for a june giants game. fog spreading out tonight. spreading into the ninland valleys. the weight of the atmosphere on top of us is producing that hot weather inland, squishing the marine layer so it's not going to take very long for the visibilities to climb in the inland valleys. fog should back up towards the coast by midday. plenty of sunshine the rest of saturday. temperatures will start off near average, open up the windows before you go to bed tonight. temperatures into the 50s for most of us except low 60s around antioch and brentwood. tomorrow exactly normal. 67 degrees in san francisco by early afternoon and then dropping off as that offshore
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breeze and marine layer makes its way back in. santa rosa a few more hours to warm up. warming up into the upper half of the 80s but that's not going to be one of the warmer spots for inland parts of the bay area. that's close to average. well above average in concord with high temperatures reaching the low 90s. plenty of sunshine throughout the day. high temperatures also likely to reach the low 90s in san jose with similar temperatures sunday and monday and again on tuesday. just no big shift in the big picture weather pattern the next several days. mid southeast on the coast to those mid-to-upper 90s for far inland parts of the east bay tomorrow afternoon. the pride parade on sunday temperatures close to average. starting off, the parade tarts at 10:30. temperatures will be in the upper 50s. lingering cloud cover at that point. fog in place. we see the sunshine breaking through with temperatures hitting the upper 60s by 2:00 in the afternoon. temperatures will drop off next week. not real noticeable drop around the bay but nor noticeable
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further inland. san jose from 94 degrees on sunday to 79 degreespy friday, which happens to be the first day of july. so we will round the corner from june into july with a return to slightly below-average temperatures for those inland parts of the bay area. not a bad way to head into the fourth of july weekend either. hard to believe that's around the corner. >> that sweet spot. >> exactlyism think we have earned below-average temperatures. still ahead, the most significant gun reform bill in decades on its way to the president's desk. and san jose police releasing new information on the standoff that ended with officers opening fire fantastic things start to happen when you step aboard a princess cruise. doors open up for you. your favorite drinks start finding you.
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san jose police releasing details about a deadly officer-involved shooting of a double-murder suspect. tuesday night police found a man shot on mount shasta drive. later died and investigators say the suspect raymond calderon drove to modesto where he shot
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and killed a second vim, a 29-year-old woman. police found calderon hiding in a shed behind a home near eaten veil elementary school. they say armed with a gun he raced out of the shed towards two officers when opened fire, killing him. >> the suspect was observed with a gun in his right hand and given several commands to drop the gun. calderon ran and raised and pointed the gun at special operations officer. two officers fired their weapons at the suspect striking him twice. >> the chief says police found two stolen firearms at the scene. he says it's not clear what calderon's motive was for the double killing but says it involved a domestic violence dispute. a live look at the u.s. capitol. the first major gun safety legislation in nearly 30 years is now on its way to the president's desk. >> this bill is a compromise.
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it doesn't do everything i want. but what we are doing will save thousands of lives. >> the bipartisan legislation will enhance gun background checks for people under 21. it sets aside $750 million to help states implement red flag laws. they are designed to take guns from people deemed dangerous. >> they are coming after americans, law-abiding citizens second amendment liberties. >> nearly every republican in the house opposed the bill, saying it tramples on americans' rights. in the senate 15 republicans joined democrats in passing it. coming up at 5:30, more bay area reaction to the supreme court ruling overturning roe v. wade. many saying it feels like a step backwards for women from different generations. they reflect on the changes of reproductive rights over the last century. a political analyst weighs in on how the abortion ruling could reshape midterm elections. another the protests
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happening right now at san francisco's city hall. we go to break with more voices weighing in on today's ruling. >> i would rather them have the choice than not have at all. i'm very
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>> announcer: your watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5, streaming on k"cbs news bay
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area," a live look outside the u.s. supreme court. rallies still underway for and against today's historic ruling overturning roe v. wade. live pictures from chopper 5, this abortion rights rally happening at san francisco city hall. people speaking out about protecting abortion access. we are expecting to hear from city leaders in a bit. also, this is a live look across the bay in oakland, crowds are gathered for a rally against the supreme court ruling. speakers at the microphone right now. let's listen in for just a moment. [ applause ] >> a bit of a pause there. we will check in in a minute. i'm sara donchey. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. today supreme court decision overturning roe v. wade is called a major legal setback that protected women's reproductive rights for years. kpix 5's andria borba spo


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