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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 26, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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a day anyway, so i'm happy for a day anyway, so i'm happy for him. -- captions by vitac -- it's important for people to feel like they can be themselves and show who they really are. >> the music, the floats, and the rainbows were all back in full force today as the pride parade returned to san francisco. and a second march took place in the city today. why this group says they're returning pride to its roots. plus both the outrage and celebrations surrounding the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade continues across the country and right here in the bay area. thanks for joining us, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. there are evacuations for a
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fire burning in albany. >> here is video of that fire from chopper 5. the evacuated residents are being asked to meet at golden gates field. firefighters from three towns are fighting the blaze. now to our other top story. a celebration today in downtown san francisco. thousands of people from across the country lined up and marched to celebrate love, hope, and pride. we had a team of reporters in the city covering the celebrations and also the controversies surrounding this year's parade. >> our coverage starts with kpix 5's lauren toms who caught up with spectators along the parade route. >> reporter: the parade is back after a two-year hiatus because
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of the pandemic. they marched to celebrate love, hope, and pride. dancing, singing, cheering. these were the sounds of pride 2022. >> pride means being able to be your authentic self and be who you are and not be ashamed of it. >> reporter: the celebration of pride was on full display sunday as people and puppies from all walks of life took to the streets of san francisco, offering messages of love, support, and free mom hugs. >> i've been told by a lot of people who have given me the hugs that their own mothers won't hug them, which i just think is horrifying. i can't even imagine, when my girls came out, i was like, you're still the same person, you're not any different. ♪ >> reporter: while this festival of equality and love took center stage, it came just days after the supreme court voted to overturn roe v. wade. >> a lot of things are changing and they're not good. so we're here to support and
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have fun. >> reporter: many took the platform of hope to also protest the controversial ruling that now restricts abortion access. >> this is our future. like, whatever happens now, it's going to affect us and, like, millions of other americans. and i think, you know, getting out here today and, you know, hopefully for the rest of our lives, will bring change. >> reporter: despite demands for change and progress, hundreds of bay area organizations chose to celebrate pride today including local first responders. >> happy to be here and represent for oakland police. >> reporter: thousands more danced their way down market street all in the name of pride. >> it doesn't matter what color, what sexuality, what gender you are. you're you. and you should be you. >> reporter: there was increased security today down market street but everyone appeared to stay safe throughout the parade. everyone out here today was happy and joyful, all to celebrate the best of pride.
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in san francisco, lauren toms, kpix 5. a small group of san francisco police officers did march in today's parade, some in uniform and some in plainclothes, after weeks of debate between organizers and local government leaders about whether uniformed officers should take part. a compromise was reached. all first responders marched together as one. across town, hundreds of people gathered to watch an alternative pride event, a gay liberation parade down polk street. >> reporter: even as san francisco's pride parade was returning in all its glory, across town there was a smaller event meant to honor the spirit of the original pride movement. we're used to seeing the pride parade celebrated on market street. but in 1970, one year after the stonewall riots, it all began as an angry protest march along polk street. today, several hundred people
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took part in the people's march, an event founded by juanita moore and alex nguyen during the pandemic following the murder of george floyd. >> this is how it started and we knew we had to of course get back in the streets and protest. we decided to do it here on polk street where the first gay liberation parade was. >> reporter: they hold the people's march at the same time as the pride parade to offer an alternative for those who prefer the harder edge of protest over the happy vibe of a street party. >> you see all these people do not participate in the other parade, it's because it's a parade, it's not a march. pride is a protest. >> i think the parade has lost their way. they started out with good intentions and that was to emulate the gay liberation movement. then money changes people left and right. >> reporter: many of the marchers object to the rise of corporate participation in the pride parade which they see as insincere. >> i think corporations are just
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putting kind of lipstick on a pig, where they're going to march and they don't quite follow up with the due diligence of equality and raise all people up. >> reporter: today's march was led by people of color, acknowledging those who don't feel included just as the gay liberation protesters did on polk street 50 years ago. >> they have completely forgot about this event and this historical pathway. and marching brings a reminder that folks who fought for this in 1968 and long before then were suffering the exact same things, the reason why we're marching today. >> reporter: things are happening that have many gay and non-gay people concerned about the future. those who marched down polk rather than market street today think the last thing that's needed right now is a joyful celebration. >> they've lost their way, totally. and we're hoping to bring it back to neutral and reset and
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really have this, the people's march, be for the people. >> reporter: in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. with roe v. wade being overturned, politics were on the minds of many of the marchers. anne makovec has that story. >> it's certainly been a variety of messages here. and of course we have the political content, since we heard from the supreme court about the right to have an abortion, we've been seeing a lot of signs and a lot of chants dealing with that. and a lot of rainbow flags as you're seeing as well. there is love here, there is pride. and as we've also been talking about, a lot of political messages on the parade route today from women's rights to gun control messages. we've seen some politicians, we've got scott weiner coming here, he's certainly had a lot of moves on all of the political subjects that i was just mentioning, which are very popular here with this crowd.
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so he's getting the applause. but as i said, everybody's getting the applause, because that is the good vibes that we have here at the parade. i'm going to throw it back to you guys. >> that was anne makovec reporting from the parade earlier. abortion rights weren't just a hot topic in san francisco. planned parenthood marched in the new york pride parade. and there were more than 50 abortion rights demonstrations across the country this weekend. following the court's ruling, 13 states put in place laws that ban abortion almost immediately and another 13 are likely to restrict access or enact bans soon. >> we're out here and we're not going to stop and we're not going away now and we're not going away for as long as it takes to restore our freedoms. >> while thousands are protesting the ruling, for others it's the answer to their prayers. kpix 5's shawn chitnis has that story. >> reporter: local religious leaders say they're grateful for the supreme court's decision,
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never expecting to see roe v. wade overturned but they also admit that here in california their work is only just beginning if they want to stop abortions from happening in this state. a weekend of reflection for different religious communities around the bay area. those opposed to abortion rights say their faith has been strengthened by friday's historic decision. >> we still have ways to go. we're also coming together to pray and ask god that he would show favor toward us and we can begin the work of changing the culture even in a liberal state like california. >> reporter: last week silicon valley reformed baptist church gathered to celebrate. like their leader, pastors at some other churches hope for an end to all abortions but were unsure they would live to see roe v. wade overturned. >> there's also a residue of faith to believe that god can do things that we don't see possible. humanly speaking, i didn't think it would take place. >> reporter: the lead pastor at celebration church in livermore
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hopes he can engage those who support abortion rights as the debate will likely intensify in his home state. >> our position has to have been what we see as our core values. you can disagree with people without being disagreeable. >> reporter: for the california catholic conference it's a time for joy. but they also want to show support for women who struggle with getting an abortion. >> it is difficult to raise a family in california but it's not impossible. we're here to help. >> reporter: they're focusing on a state law striking down abortion rights in california. >> the work that we've been doing has been bearing fruit and has been in fact successful. >> reporter: shawn chitnis, kpix 5. >> most americans disapprove of the supreme court's position, according to a cbs poll. it found 59% of u.s. adults disapproving of it.
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41% approved. among women, two out of three disapproved. now on to a tragic story out of brentwood. three people have died after their car was hit by a crash. east contra costa fire officials say there were five people in the car at the time of the crash, including one child who suffered serious injuries along with an adult. the other three adults were pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say the train crossing didn't have lights or crossing guards. and coming up, you will be paying even more for gas thanks to a new tax in california. how big it will be and when it takes effect. plus fire crews are fighting a blaze in albany as we speak. we'll have the latest on the firefight and the vacancies. june gloom is in full effect, cloudy along the coast, low clouds and fog streaming into the city. we'll get a cooldown this week. i'll show you the big picture
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pattern change that will bring many of us believe average
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if you are planning to travel for the upcoming fourth of july weekend, expect extremely crowded roads and airports. aaa predicts about 48 million people will drive or fly to their destinations despite the sky high fuel prices. travel experts expect a record 42 million drivers to hit the road. and since we're on that subject, californians pay the highest gas tax in the country. and now we'll pay even more. it's going up 3 cents a gallon july 1st. at the same time governor newsom
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and lawmakers are trying to work out a deal for some gas relief. depending on your income, you could get up it $350 back. the plan includes additional payments for homes with kids. back to the fire burning in albany. evacuations have been issued for people living on gateway, hillside, and taft streets. and residents are being asked to meet at golden gate fields right near highway 80. fire crews from albany, berkeley, and el cerrito are all fighting the blaze. >> i would have to guess, darren, at least the weather is cooperating, based on what's behind you. >> that's albany hill, everybody knows that landmark when you drive by, that's in the front lines of where this cool, damp, onshore breeze is coming in. not terribly windy, and increased humidity. let me show you what that looks like from the camera's vantage point. this is looking west on top of the salesforce tower. you can see sutro tower there. you can see it's definitely got
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the golden gate bridge under gray. farther inland, this is what it looks like for the majority of us. if you're not on the coast or on the golden gate, you've got a beautiful june day. in other words, this is classic. we have a perfectly typical late june summer afternoon on our hands. it's in the low 90s in the tri valley. it's in the mid-60s in the city. if we look at the high resolution satellite, we get that great overview. there is our june gloom lined up along the coast. we had mist at the coast this morning, didn't get any sun at the beaches. it's streaming through the golden gate. you see that one little line right there. that's the high resolution satellite. let's put it into the forecast and watch it all surge back on tonight. and we wake up to gray skies again tomorrow morning, pretty much bay area wide. that's your monday morning. maybe a little bit of fog in the north bay valleys. we've been seeing that for the past couple of mornings, santa rosa. that might impact your monday morning commute but for the rest of us it's a just a gray start to the day.
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then it melts back to the coast and the golden gate for more sunshine than anything else throughout the day on monday and a slightly warmer day tomorrow than today. we might have a little bit less of the onshore breeze and the influence tomorrow. so morning lows go down into the daytime highs tomorr, maybe t au i don't think you'll notice a big difference. now let's talk about the more meaningful change coming from that i envisible thing in the satellite. watch what happens when we put the water vapor on. an area of low pressure. we get a little warmer tomorrow. that low towards the second half of the week is going to keep the building ridge of high pressure over here away. if we didn't have that developing, we would be getting hot. texas is going to get hot. we're not. when you look at the temperatures, the influence that has, san jose shows that cooling
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trend. it doesn't kick in until wednesday or thursday but look where we are by friday and saturday of next week. those are daytime highs in san jose in the low 70s. you've been in the low 90s for the last few days. microclimates, inland valleys in the east bay, 79. you were around 100 for the past couple of days. this will be significant cooling, more than just an onshore surge. this will be a big pattern change that will enable the temperatures to stay below average for the end of this seven-day forecast and maybe even a little longer than that. more on this coming up at 6:00. let's get over to vern now. straight ahead in sports, temper, temper. sunflower seeds. i could have used a bag or two or three. what happened? i got answers.
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if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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baseball up top, the giants first. they lost their best defender. knee inflammation. brandon crawford on the injured list, only the third time that's happened to him. the game today unraveled quickly. ceremonial game for this young man, attaboy. he learned you can't win them all. reds went after anthony di stefani. nick sensel scored and the reds
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opened the scoring. the infamous tommy fam found a hole. 2-0 cincinnati. three batters later, matt reynolds flew to center and it was an adventure for austin slater. ended up a ground-rule double, another run scored. di stefani was lifted after 2 2/3 innings. it got worse. brandon bell made a stop. look what happened, garcia couldn't make the play. two runs came in to score to make it 9-1, ugly game for the giants. cincinnati won it 10-3. so they won two out of three of the series. next up for the giants, they host the tigers coming up on tuesday. at home, on the road, didn't matter. the a's won a series this month. how'd that happen? since you asked, the a's in the
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kelly green had gone ahead up one run and into the sixth. downtown seth brown. i feel like he's hit more than 10 because i always scream his name. royals loaded him up in the sixth. carlos santana got through. two runs scored tied the game. and then the a's had a one-run deficit until it wasn't. seventh inning, a's down 1. nick allen, one to shallow center, that drove in 2. a's back on top. and in the bottom of the ninth, pressure on lou trevino? what pressure? made the winning run at the plate. wave at strike 3 and the ball game was over. a's won 5-3 again, first series win of the month and for those efforts, they get to fly and face the yankees tomorrow.
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well, just a matter of time before this happened. angels' andrew wentz and mariners' jesse wakefield. here we go with an all out brawl. punches thrown. i really feel bad, what a waste for the sunflower seeds. pretty good shot, though. six players and both managers were ejected. we'll see how the suspensions play out. you had to go out to omaha, nebraska to settle the matter of the college series kingpin. two teams came in. oklahoma had issues. mississippi took advantage. eighth inning of a tied game, you hate to see that happen. a tie game, justin bench scored the go-ahead run. the rebels won it, 4-2. ole miss, one of the last teams
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selected in the ncaa tournament won their first ever national championship. let's pivot. the pga golf finished up the travelers championship in connecticut. amateur from stanford, par 5 6th hole, almost holed it out for a 2. finished 15 under for the event and fourth place. this fella had a shot backfire. that's a rookie. double bogey. it had this to keep a share of the lead, and ohh, it opened the door for xander schauffele and he jarred that one over and it was over, his sixth career win, second this season, finished two shots clear of the field. pocketed just shy of $1.5 million. major championship play for the lpga outside of washington,
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dc. here the women's u.s. open champion minjee lee at 18, stuck it within a few feet of the cup. 4 under her total. you know what, it was not enough. in gee chun at 16 to take the lead at 500. congressional showed its teeth today to lexi thompson, she paid for it, missing that one. in gee chun wasn't going to miss this one. she hung on and won her third career major, walked away with $1.3 million to put in her bank account. we are in the wrong position. >> i was thinking that. >> big time. >> chipping, putting, 300-yard drives. >> instead. >> instead -- >> we're producing rhetoric. >> and we'll say water. we'll be right back.
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the bay bridge is calm now. that's because this city was quite lively earlier. we want to leave you on this pride sunday with some highlights from today's parade in san francisco. >> and here they are. [ cheering ] ♪ [ sirens ] [ applause ]
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♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight, supreme aftershocks. >> my body, my choice! >> duncan: protests roll on after roe falls, as american women begin the week without the constitutional right to an abortion. >> we are using every tool we have to fight for reproductive rights. >> the supreme court did its job. they fixed a wrong decision it made many years ago. >> duncan: while activists gear up for a new battle. >> reporter: i'm in jackson, mississippi, where residents are concerned the health system isn't prepared for what is next. >> duncan: also tonight, russia intensifies attacks in ukraine, missiles striking targets across the country. while g7 leaders meeting in germany take aim at vladimir putin. >> reporter: i'm ed o'keefe at the g-7 summit, leaders of the world's largest developed


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