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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  June 29, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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wildfires on the top terrains. the latest on the california live side. good afternoon, our top story and streaming on cbs news bay area. the future of the a's in oakland. a proposal that the park will be built at howard terminal. how voters have a say in this decision? >> next week the oakland city council is going to vote on whether or not there should be a city wide vote. a majority of the council would have to vote yes in order to place that measure on the ballot. at today's rally, two council
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members confirmed they'll vote to do so. >> i support oakland voters the right to vote on how the city spends a massive investment of public funds especially if it benefits a private development. >> reporter: many are concerned the projects have been moving quickly and ignoring the needs of black and brown families in the district. the a's declined to do an interview on this vote. in the past, the manager has been against the ballot measure further delaying the pr jekt. the a's have their eyes on the back up plan. anne makovec, live. this crash happened just before last night. in an effort to curve dangerous
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road behaviors, they're looking to ramp up traffic sigh sanitat sanitat citations. >> this was san jose's third traffic fatality in just one day, two of them being pedestrians. the wildfires are now spread to the south side of the yuba river. the rice fire burned about 900 and destroyed four structures. three firefighters did suffer my juror injuries. bay area city and abc are cracking down on the illegal fireworks for the 4th of july weekend. the city says if you host a show, you pay the dough. if the fireworks happen on your
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property if you own or rent, you may be fined $1,000. chp is reminding drivers to slow down at this upcoming three-day weekend. officers will also be on the look out for distracted driver. cbs reports. >> reporter: protesters calling on lawmakers to take action to protect abortion rights. >> we don't give up. the supreme court does not have the final word.
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>>. >> reporter: eight states held primaries or run off election. the first one of the supreme court's historic decision to overturn roe v. wade. >> i will listen to the people. >> reporter: in colorado, lawsuits continue to mount. all right some state judges have temporarily blocked similar so-called trigger law in texas, utah and louisiana. one of the state's three abortion clinics braced for the next step. >> we are seeing as many patients as we can. >> reporter: the next battle over productive rights have begun. terrance thomas suggested the court should suggest any cases
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of contraceptives. >> reporter: following a surge in demand, several pharmacies like cvs are imposing limits. contraception also known as the morning after pills. skyler henry, cbs news, the supreme court. it all has to do with the latest abortion rights decision, that's all coming up at 5:00. the biden administration is vamping up their vaccine efforts. u.s. is reported more than 300 cases spread across half o the country. people are considering carry permits in california and is being shared online. that database shows names and birthdays and contact information. the data was leaked after the attorney general's office ir th
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transparency when it comes to gun safety. the website has been removed but it was two links. o >> most of my family members do not know i have a concealed weapon permit. >> so what's happening here is a terrible thing for the citizens and really terrible that the attorney general has not stood up and apologize to the victim of this release. >> reporter: the attorney general's office have not released a statement. r. kelly have been sentenced to 30 years many prison for racketeering. what's next for the singer?
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>> survivors alongside spoke about r. kelly abuse after delivering victim pact impact statements to the court. >> i was promised mentorship and turned into sex slave. >> reporter: the three-time grammy winner was sentenced to 30 years in prison for sexually exploit young women and children. >> i stand pride of my judicial system and my fellow survivals, i am proud of the outcome. 30 years is what he got. >> reporter: wednesday, one victim using the single's nickname, calling the 55-year-old a high piper who lured children with his money and celebrities.
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>> he preyed on his victims and after grooming them, he inflicted physical harm. >> reporter: kelly did not testify on his trial or did he make a statement ahead of st sentences. his lawyer argued he's been abused as a child. >> reporter: prosecutors rec m recommended at least 25 years. >> we are confident that they'll persuade the court of appeal. >> reporter: the i thinsinger f another trial in chicago. elise preston, cbs news, new york. this week we are teaming up with cbs news to investigate why the national clearance way is at an all time low. jackson is the capital of
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mississippi where there were 150 homicides last year. that gives jackson one of the highest in the country. chief davis blames an over cor crowded jail. criminals end up back in the streets. as for the speak and other cases not clear in 2020. jackson has about 53% that's higher than the national average. everything is backed up because of the pandemic and crime labs mea meaning they're waiting on key evidence before making an arrest. it hurts the relationship between the police ands the community. >> if you got someone that lost a family member and you expect the police to fix it and police don't give them the answer they want, of course, they're going to be heartbroken.
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>> you can watch our cbs news tonight as they investigate in jackson. we are also looking at how many cases are getting solved right here each year in the bay area, that's coming up at 5:00. still ahead, cbs news bay area, stuck on the edge. rescue rescue effort to get this driver out. plus -- >> i knew the culture would never be proud of me. the only option left is for me to leave. >> how a bay area woman found her true self by leaving home to create a new one. the along awaited cool down in the bay area has begun. it is the few degrees cooler in the bay area. close to 10 degrees or even more than that and cooler i
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take a look at this, new video of a truck hanging on the rail. that truck is about 40 feet from the ground. the door would not open for security reasons. >> bullet proof glass which was hard to communicate through. they were able to communicate enough to remove the vehicle.
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>> first responders were able to pull everyone from the city. students and parents and teachers have been pushing back for the last several months. that vote is set for 4:00 and we'll keep you updated. ♪ >> pride month continues and so is our focus on the real life story of people on the margins. we introduce you to the woman in the bay area, her journey finding her authentic self. >> when you look back, what do you say and think? >> i see a person that was deeply hurt and deeply in survival mode. >> college is a life-changing
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experience for most people. for her, both in distance and discover. >> i felt like i landed in a land of freedom. it was all up from here and that's the look i have in my eyes. >> born in india, ashiana says she had to live to the u.s. >> reporter: she attended a well respected school in the state. >> i saw american college like a movie because that's how i knew it to be. >> reporter: her image, one represented the future she was building at uc berkeley and the others leaving her trapped in the past. >> every winter i would pack my identity away in a suitcase and go back home and that was so
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difficult. >> reporter: she would send back photos to her parents so they would not suspect anything. her last visit to india was 2017. >> towards the end of college, i decided i could not keep doing that because it is ripping me into shreds. >> reporter: her parents came to america to celebrate her achievement but they did not accept her as a daughter. >> there were a lot of tears. >> reporter: she would need the pathway to become the woman she is today. a full moment for the shy student who became the speaker to the lbgtq community. >> i was able to speak to the students. >> wow. >> that's four years. >> reporter: meeting others like her through the nonprofit of the bay area. she realized she didn't have to
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give up what she was always willing to sacrifice. >> the organization with the mixing of the queer identity and indian identity. >> reporter: her heritage are bridging the east and west. today as she walks through the tenderloin, she feels you truly safe. reporting live, shawn chitnis, kpix. all right, let's look at our weather. a lot of atmosphere pressing down. it is going to spread out once again with that fog making its way into the in land valley.
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the trend continues as we head into the holiday weekend. the coolest day of the seven-day forecast lining up with saturday and sunday. the below average temperatures continue beyond that all the way into early next week. it is a noticeable on shore breeze. back off slightly this evening and tonight. most locations feeling completely calm. the on shore wind is strong enough that's going to help reinforce the marine air making its way in the in land valley. breeze picks up again tomorrow. 20 miles per hour rain in the coast and 25 to 35 miles per hour rain. nothing we can't handle. temperatures right now with a little bit of fog left over. temperatures only 59 degrees downtown. under achieving on our forecast, mid-60s in oakland right now, 70s and low 80s.
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79 in santa rosa and right now 82 degrees in concord for the warmest spot in the map. is that nice? temperatures are going to drop down in the 50s. pretty widespread and starting the day on thursday, that fog will backup quickly. like today there may be cloud cover hanging out by late morning. you are going to start warming up. over night lows, dropping down mostly to low to mid-50s. a little bit warmer for vermont city. fairmont, 70s in san jose. low 80s inland in the east bay. those are the warm spots on the map. it is not much of a cool down in
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san francisco. another degree or so off of tomorrow. 77 to tomorrow and friday. a little warm up kicks in next week but it is going to be modest. we are not talking about the return of next week. about 5:00, i will have independence mark on the correct da day, it is still on monday, the 4th of july. still ahead, not on the water buting fairies are becomi reality. we ask the host about how she got involved as a private investigator. find us on tv
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long commute could be stressful. what if you can fly to work on one of these? the founder says they can cut emissions and the two inspirations from tesla. it is set to launch august.
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it is fully electric, zero carbon. they travel out of the water. now the company is developing water taxis and ferries that can carry up to 30 passengers. they are expected to hit the water next year. how about this investigation? making robots on wheels? rocket scientists in southern california came up with this to use algorithms to track traffic. the concept took years of developing. we'll talk about
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tonight we look into di disturbing trends of homicide cases being cleared. crime without punishment tonight and with cbs evening news. coming up at 5:00, business owners saying stay safe and thrive. here at 3:00, new collaborations to your taste buds or not. coca-cola is joining forces with
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d d.j. marshmellows. combination of strawberries and watermelons. the beverage will debut on july 27th. there is good news for snackers who's afraid of carbsover load. taco bell is testing che cheez-it tostadas. the big crunch wrap supreme. right now these are only available for the next two weeks in taco bell. if we want to go get it, we have
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to go all the way toer irvine. >> i will eat it. >> anyway. ng sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the fallout over a white house aide's explosive january 6 testimony. could former president donald trump face criminal charges? the possible new legal jeopardy for donald trump and his inner circle. the concerns tonhtbout possible witness tampering. r. kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison in a sex trafficking case, charges he denied in that bombshell interview with gayle king. >> robert. >> o'donnell: we speak to a survivor victimized by the disgraced r&b star. still performing abortions. the uncertainty tonight in states with trigger laws, the clinics seeing a surge in calls trying to get in as many patients before the bans take effect.
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