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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  June 30, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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coast guard's attention. how this turned into a deadly incident on the san francisco bay. breaking news out of vallejo. fire crews have a three-alarm fire at cng towing under control along broadway and sharon street. chopper 5 over the scene shows lots of smoke. crews will stay out there for now to make sure and check on any hot spots. we will stay on top of this story and bring you updates as we get them. a new ballpark and development at oakland's howard terminal is one step closer to reality after a key approval today. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. city leaders are celebrating. but keeping the a's in oakland is far from a done deal. >> today was make or make break in the foengs for keeping the a's in oakland. but after a key state agency
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vote the potential for an oakland a's ballpark at the howard terminal remains alive. after a 23-2 vote the san francisco conservation and development commission voted to remove the howard terminal's port use designation. the area can be used for other purposes such as a stadium or mixed-use development. but does it mean the a's have a green light to build there? not just yet. this was a procedural vote that keeps the door open for a ballpark to are constructed. it wasn't an endorsement that the a's belong at the howard terminal. however, today's vote keeps the door open for the a's to have a future in oakland. i just spoke with the a's president about the significance of today's vote. >> if we would have lost, it would have been over. our efforts in oakland would have been extinguished. so to get a positive 23-2 yes vote to move to the next phase and give us a chance at the final approval this year is just
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a great accomplishment. >> reporter: he says this is the closest they have been to a new ballpark in oakland. with in hurdle cleared the oakland city council is back up to bat. they will have to vote on the community benefits and developmen agreement. >> i'm ecstatic. 23-2 in favor of releasing howard terminal from port priority use and making available for one of the most transformative projects oakland will see. >> reporter: one of the commissioners gave a great analogy basically saying that today's vote allows the a's stadium hopes to move to second base, but there are more hurdles to clear to get to third and to make it all the way home where they could start building a new ballpark. max darrow, kpix 5. many of us may be getting ready to hit the road for the fourth of july holiday weekend. aaa estimates almost 48 million
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americans will drive or fly more than 50 miles sfrom home betwee now and monday. today and tomorrow are the peak days for driving. if you are flying to your destinations be prepared for big crowds and potential delays. the tsa reports the number of people passing through security checkpoints just hit a pandemic era high. are sfo expects 68,000 flyers to come through today and tomorrow. last week there were more than 2,000 canceled flight at airports across the country. mostly due to weather and staffing issues. experts warn that could be the case this weekend, too. >> it's going to be tough. so we've had pretty poor operations from the airlines this whole summer so far, but now you are at a holiday weekend. >> delta air lines is letting you change your tickets for free this weekend knowing delays and cancellations are possible. and just in time for the holiday weekend, california's gas tax will go up tomorrow. it's currently at 51 cents per
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gallon. it's going up three cents. state lawmakers failed to reach a deal to suspend the tax increase. republicans say it would benefit people faster than the rebate check. the democrats argued that would not be passed on to drivers. bart fares will go towards operating budget, security, train cars and the tolls across the golden gate bridge is going up from 9.05 to 9.40. fast track 8.40 and the carpool to 6.40. a man died after the boat he was driving crashed into a sailboat near angel island. that collision caused a driver of this motorboat to be thrown into the san francisco bay. the people on the sailboat pulled him out and the coast guard took him to the hospital but he later died from his injuries. no one else was hurt. after some wrangling crews managed to stop that spinning boat and it's tied up at the
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tiburon pier. san jose police arrested four suspects in connection with a string of violent home invasions. here is a look at those suspects. armando manzano, daniel mendez, eduardo santiago and police also arrested a minor. one of those invasions caught on dashcam. a victim's wife came home last month to find the suspects holding her husband and child at g gunpoint. >> we are dealing with suspects who shouldn't be out on the streets. these suspects need to be held accountable for these serious crimes. they need to main in custody. >> police believe the suspects may be involved in numerous other burglaries and violent crimes in recent months. the california assembly passed a bill to pave the way for bay area cities to open safe consumption sites. passed by a vote of 42-28 it will allow san francisco, oemd and l.a. to approve
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organizations to operate sfw overdose prevention programs, to let people use drugs under the supervision of strained staff. the end goal is to transition users into recovery programs. seven firefighters suffered heat-related injuries battling the rices fire. so far it burned 904 acres 12% contained. it started 2:00 p.m. tuesday near rices crossing road east of the yuba river. it started out as a structure fire and burned vegetation, trees and other structures, including a home. evacuation orders are still in place. history made as judge ketanji brown jackson gets squorn into the supreme court. how the impact of this moment was felt right here in the bay area. and california is one of the leaders in the fight against climate change, so what does today's supreme court ruling on a major environmental case mean for our state? a national figure with bay area ties. what we're learning about the death of one of the founding
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members of the hells angels. the fog was stubborn. over the santa clara valley temperatures only warmed up to the 70s. 74 degrees in san jose this afternoon. temperatures stuck in the 50s in san francisco and pacifica, more of the same tomorrow. how long these big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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breaking news we have been following out of vallejo. crews in vallejo have large commercial fire at c and g towing under control. that fire broke out eye long broadway and sharon street near a mobile home park and an ace hardware store. chopper 5 over the scene there shows lots of smoke rising for what appears to abyard filled with cars. the vallejo fire department is warning drivers to avoid that area. and historic moment for the united states ketanji brown jackson sworn into the supreme
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court. becoming the first black woman to serve on the nation's highest court. her husband held the bible as chief justice john roberts administered the oath. justice jackson replaces justice stephen breyer who whose retirement took effect at noon. jackson is a former federal public defender who spent a decade on lower u.s. courts s she was confirmed to the supreme court in april by a vote of 53-47 and the impact of this historic event a already being felt. >> i'm proud. i'm elated and pretty emotional. it was a lot to get to this point. it would not have been a thought or a possibility, you know, when i was 9, the injustices and the lack of representation were even more stark. >> i think it is just immeasurable, and certainly to little girls, little black girls, but everybody actually because that is a representation that we have not seen.
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>> during her confirmation hearing jackson said she would be fair and impartial when it comes to deciding the law. before the swearing-in ceremony the supreme court ended its term with a major blow in the fight against climate change. in a 6-3 vote the high court limited the federal environmental protection agency's ability to regulate carbon emission from power plants. the ruling is not expected to have a major impact here in california, but it is viewed as a setback in the national effort to cut down on harmful greenhouse gases. >> it strengthens the hand of gavin newsome to do what california thinks it needs to do to deal with environmental issues and so for that reason at the state level it's great for democrats, but at the national level i am sure liberals and progressives are discouraged. >> gavin newsome issued a statement, today's ruling makes it even more imperative that
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california and other states succeed in our efforts to combat the climate crisis. while the court has turned back the clock, california refuses to go backward. we are just getting started. california is living up to that promise. state lawmakers passed the nation's most sweeping bill to phase out single-use plastics. it requires 30% of plastic items to be sold or imported into the state and then recyclable by 2028. then by 2032 that number rises to 65%. it also calls for a 25% reduction in single-use plastics in the next ten years and in the next three years a 25% reduction in a particular item or will be banned all together. gavin newsome still has to sign that bill. sonny barger has died at the age of 83. on a prewritten facebook post
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after said after cancer he died peacefully in his sleep surrounded by loved ones. he became the public face of the notorious motorcycle club having fume rouse federal charges and run-ins with the law, served 13 years behind bars and later wr wrote about his lives and hells angels con fulkt assaulting on the fx show "sons of anarchy." lots of people in line this afternoon for the fair, eager to get on the rides. some children gravitated towards the carnival games. this the first in-person fair since the pandemic started. the fair will be in san rafael to july 4th. a live look outside. paul heggen, you like the recess over the oreo? >> yeah, the deep-fried reese's big cup at the alameda fair last week. i tried the deep-fried oreos. i thought the peanut butter cup
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was better. >> them is fighting words. >> yeah, without the fried part -- >> you're good. >> yeah. >> weatherwise, out to the fair, it's going to be cool through the weekend. strong object nshore breeze aloh fog, low cloud cover and even some drizzle along the coast and around the bay. the center of the storm system sending waves of cool air towards us, it will saga little bit farther south. unfortunately, this thing is moisture starved. so the coastal and bayside drizzle is about the best we can hope for. the coolest weather sunday and we draw back up to near normal temperatures. top of salesforce tower is fogged in. the fog over the bay, temperature at 56 degrees in san francisco. it's 59 in oakland. inland temperatures aren't that warm. in the 60s right now. and this is the kind of weather we can expect as we finish off the work week tomorrow and head into the holiday weekend. that fog making a big push into the indiland valleys tomorrow
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morning. inland spots clear out quickly. around the bay the fog lifts around 10 or 11:00. it's not going to allow the sunshine to peek through until noon, 1 or 2:00 in the afternoon. the time og than is definitely going to affect how much temperatures warm up around the bay and on the coast. let's look at the hour-by-hour forecast. low-to-mid 50s friday morning. north bay valleys upper 40s. these numbers are slightly below average for the first morning in july but temperatures throughout the day tomorrow will end up 5 to 10 degrees below average. freeze the map at noon. temperatures going to be short of particularsty degrees in san francisco, barely into the 80s in oakland and 50s on the coast but farther inland a mix of upper 60s and low 70s and the inland spots will continue to warm up. the warmest locations farther inland in the east bay the low 80s. th that's it. you are going to be up to 83 for a high. fairfield and antioch, not bad for early july.
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temperatures mostly in the 70s. inland with 60s around the bay and you will be stuck in the 50s along the coast. our fire danger is going to be lower thanks to the cooler temperatures. the cooler the temperatures get, the higher the humidity levels will remain as we warm up in the afternoon. the fire danger from late morning into the afternoon isn't going to be zero but anytime we stay below the halfway point on the fire danger index scale, zero to ten, that's good for summertime. we will top out around a three or four into the afternoon tomorrow and likely lower for saturday and sunday with cooler temperatures, low 70s in san jose by sunday. temperatures do gradually warm up through next week, back to near average temperatures by wednesday and thursday. inland parts of the east bay and north bay middle portion of the 70s over the weekend. a little bit of a warmup for independence day on monday but temperatures are still going to be about seven or eight degrees below normal for the fourth of july. i will have an update on the
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fireworks forecast at 11. >> we are not complaining about the cool weather. >> cool weather, lower fire danger. a good thing. the landscape of san francisco shaped by a dark chapter in military history. the story
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during world war ii the military sought out and punched gay soldiers with a blue discharge. they ended up getting alienated by their families and faced rejections by employers. >> as kpix 5's da lynn reports, since those fighting in the pacific were processed out of san francisco, many stayed to form the lgbtq community that we know today. >> i had to hide my identity for a long time. once they found out you were gay, they dropped up. >> reporter: 89-year-old karl is homebound these days. life feels so much more open and free than his younger days. >> we were treated as low class citizens. >> reporter: how so many gay service members ended up in san francisco and shaped the city's lgbtq community. >> i joined the navy because my father and brother were in the navy. >> reporter: following in the family tradition, karl, who grew up on an illinois farm joined in
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1953 during the korean war. that year the navy kicked him out with bad conduct discharge after someone outed him as being gay. he hid his discharge paper under a floorboard in his family home and never told anyone. not even his twin sister. >> honorable, your brother got discharged honorable, but not you. you got something you have to hide. so i had to hide it from the very beginning. >> reporter: without an honorable discharge he couldn't find good work back in illinois. so in the late '50s he moved to san francisco to start a new life. >> it gave me the freedom i wanted. i didn't have to hide my identity out here. >> reporter: the time san francisco had a growing gay population because of its military installations. world war ii brought hundreds of thousands of service members from across the country to the port city. but the military saw homosexuality as a threat and
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expelled gay men using blue discharge papers like this one. a number of them decided to stay rather than go home and face discrimination. a aside from the military, karl says san francisco and the surrounding regions had a lot of good paying defense related jobs where employers never asked to see discharge paper. that attracted veterans from all over the country, including people like helen jails. >> i was discharged with an undesirable decision charge. >> reporter: kicked out of the air force in is the 55 for being a lesbian. >> i went to california pause i had to oopz leave my family and friends. >> reporter: why was that? >> i couldn't talk to them and i was ashamed and embarrassed. >> reporter: in california they found strength in numbers, acceptance and if you careers. >> together we are a strong group. >> reporter: the story doesn't enends there. with the help of attorney, the
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military upgraded their discharges to honorable more than six decades later. >> the ptsd didn't stop, but it freed me internally. my shame, you know, to have carried that as long as i did. >> i am proud of having this discharge now. took a long time to get it, but i finally got it. >> reporter: for karl, no more hiding. no more shame. he came out to a surviving relative. >> now that they accept me, i think it's wonderful. >> reporter: in san francisco, da lin. you can find this month's pride stories in a special section on our website a big shake-up in college football. two big schools are planning to leave the pac-12. what this means for cal and stanford.
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now at 7:00, usc and ucla
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are planning to leave the pac-12 for the big ten conference. the stunning move would deliver serious implications for cal and stanford sports. >> those bay area schools have a long history with their l.a. counterparts dating back to more than 100 years. usc and ucla could leave the big ten as early as 2024 when their contract with the pac-12 expires. >> i mean, big news. especially for our fellow trojan here. >> yeah, a little strange to think of my weekender being in chicago or being in nebraska. yeah? pretty shocking. >> a lot of questions. >> not good for the pac-12.
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