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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 30, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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. now at 11:00, california's gas tank is about to go up. the new effort to reduce prices and why experts are skeptical. >> potential costs are much larger than the benefit. >> air travel is expected to and mess this holiday weekend. the crackdown one bay area congressman is now demanding from the biden administration. the a's moving one big step closer to a new stadium in oakland. but the ballpark battle has a long way to go. >> a bay area team start as tutoring center for students. now more than 100 kids are getting the help they need. we have her inspirational story. >> if i'm passionate about an issue, i can dive right in. >> good evening, i'm elizabeth
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cook. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. in less than an hour, california's gas tax will go up, just as people hit the road for the holiday weekend. >> there's a new effort in sacramento right now to try to lower prices. but as kpix 5 explains, experts say it won't be easy. >> reporter: the laurgt say it is wants to go beyond a temporary fix, like stopping the next gas tax wrin crease or giving californians a one-time cheng, but a professor at uc berkley says it will take time to figure out which restrictions and regulations are affecting the current price. >> for now, it's really tough, like for me, i'm traveling from east bay all the way right here to san francisco. >> reporter: josh hernandez is like many drivers who won't be able to avoid the high prices at the pump this holiday weekend. he's working in the city for the july 4th celebrations and buys premium unleaded for his car. >> for my prices, can't do it. >> reporter: other drivers in the city say they're avoiding
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their car when possible by walking or using public transportation. >> where's the lugs, you know? what are we going to do about it? who's making those decisions so we can bring the prices down. >> reporter: lawmakers met for the first time as part of the new select committee on gas supply and price. >> that has left many californians saying the gas prices are too damn high. >> reporter: self rent broren steen says there's an edges tra cost we all pay balsd on the current supply of fuel. >> if we had a crystal ball, we might be able to push it down a bit. but i think that route is so fraught, the potential costs are much larger than the benefits. >> reporter: he's not sure how much of that additional cost you can fairly put on consumers but does think any regulation on price also has to control supply. >> it helps, but it doesn't solve the problem. eventually, that's going to be used up. and then you're back to high prices again. >> reporter: for now, drivers look forward to a relief payment
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but know it won'ten enough with gas prices already up $2 in just the past few months. >> i wish the prices would go down, i wish we could like sign something, you know, make that price go down. >> reporter: reporting in san francisco, kpix 5. tonight, a bay area congressman is demanding the biden administration crackdown on the mistreatment of airline passengers. holiday travelers are facing thousands of canceled flights as airlines still haven't replaced staff laid off at the start of the pandemic. in a letter to the transportation secretary, pete buttigieg. representative ro khanna is urging airlines toen forced to issue refunds for flights delayed more than an hour. and additional fines for airlines that schedule flights they are not able to staff. it is more important than ever that you consider utilizing every tool available to minimize flight cancellations and delays. the department's incremental
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response has been langing the boldness to meet the needs of the american people. take a live look at the port of oakland after the apartment's clear add big hurdle in the effort to build a new ballpark at the howard terminal. not everyone is field!
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>> betty yu introduce us. >> by the day, it's a bustling touring center and summer camp. >> get your hands warned. >> ella english is a 17-year-old soon ton senior, run ago full-fledged free youth camp in chinatown. it began as an idea during the height of the pandemic in 2020
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and just five students. >> a lot of them are first generation. their parents were immigrants, and a lot of them are immigrants themselves. so we have special groups where they come in and they can speak chinese or mandarin. >> she brought her idea to the ccsc on commercial street. shoo he recruit add few friends to volunteer. once word spread about the free services, the students started coming. >> i like to read. there are a bunch of books over there in the back. i like that you can learn things, and i like that there are fun activities to do. >> two years into the program, there are nearly 150 students, and 50 tutors and counselors.
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funding was provided to help pay tutors and expand the capacity. >> it seems really difficult in the world for teenagers to get involved and solve problems, so i think it's taught me that if i see an issue and am passionate about an issue,ki five rit in. >> ella says her inspiration comes from her mother, a chinese refugee who fled vietnam. >> i think the parents are really busy. they work a lot, and supporting a family as an immigrant cannen really challenging. my mom tells me about her experiences and her parents' experiences and how he definitely didn't have opportunities like this. >> ccse made contact with the social club building owner across the street. it provided the space at no cost. >> we have a dire need. distance learning, as we can see, affects more low-income families. so proud of the growth that we have. >> they come to camp just
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begging to see their counselors. they go home, not wanting to leave. >> in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. >> they are so adorable. the program runs year round. the center is always looking for more tutors to serve the growing number of students. >> ella will be starting her senior year in the fall. still ahead tonight. >> i had my identity for a long time. >> as pride month comes to an end, we go back to the beginning. how the mistreatment of gay soldiers helped create the bay area's thriving lgbtq community. and commuting in the bay area is about to get even more expensive, and it's not because of high gas prices. an early look ahead to monday's fireworks forecast. the fog is likely to be a factor as the fog begins to spread in across the bay. the big question, how high off the ground is it going to be.
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tonight we wrap up our pride month coverage with a look at the u.s. military during world war ii. gay soldiers were purged from the armed forces with a blue discharge. >> unlike their straight counterparts who were welcomed home as heroes. blue discharged veterans were alienated by their families and faced rejections by employers. >> as dahlen reports, many of
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them form the lgbtq community we know today. >> i had to hide my identity for a long time. >> 89-year-old carlton is home bound these days, but life now feels so much more open and free than his younger days. >> we were treated as low-class citizens. >> it edges emily guys how so many gay service members shaped the community. >> my father and brother were both navy. >> following in the family tra difference carl, who grew up on an illinois farm joined the navy in 1953 during the korean war when he was 20. that same year the navy kinged him out with a bad conduct discharge after someone outed him as being gay. he hid his discharge paper under a floorboard in the family home, not telling anyone, not even his sister. >> it was something you had to
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hide. i had to hide it in the very beginning. >> without an honorable discharge, he couldn't find good work back in illinois. so, in the late '50i0s, carl moved to san francisco. >> it gave me the freedom i wanted. i didn't have to hide my identify at this out here. >> at the time, san francisco had a growing gay population because of the military installations. world war ii brought hundreds of thousands of service members from across the country to the port city. but the military saw homosexuality as a threat. a number of them decided to stay rather than go home and face discrimination. aside from the military, carl says san francisco andheot t of good-paying defense-related jobs where employers never asked to see discharge papers. and that attracted outed veterans from all over the
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country, including people like helen james. >> i was discharged with an undesirable discharge. >> she was kicked out of the air force in 1955 for being a lesbian. >> i went directly to california, because i had to leave my family and friends. >> why was that? >> i couldn't talk to them, and i was the same. and embarrassed. >> in california, they found strength in numbers, acceptance and new careers. >> together we're a strong group. >> the story doesn't end there. with the help of attorneys, the military upgraded boat helen and carl's discharge to hon ran, more than six decades later. >> the ptsd didn't stop, but it's freed me internally. my shame, you know, to have carried that as long as i did. >> i'm proud of having this discharge now. took a long time to get it, but i finally got it. >> for carl, no more hiding.
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no more shame. he came out to a surviving relative. >> now that they accept me, i think it's wonderful. >> in san francisco, i'm dalynn, kpix 5. >> and can you find all of this month's pride stories in a special section on our website, starting tomorrow, commuting in the bay area will get a little more e pensive, if you can believe it. >> b.a.r.t. will raise fairs by 15 cents, and the golden gate tolls are going up for a solo driver and carpool and fast track tolls will also rise. >> seems like prices only go up and never down unfortunately. >> almost ten bungs to cross the bridge. >> woo. >> but you look at the fog along the way. >> it is iconic. >> sure, you have to treat it that way. same pattern is going to repeat itself over the weekend. low cloud cover and fog spreading out. areas of drizzle along the coast
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and the bay. nearly identical weather pattern tomorrow with nearly identical temperatures across the entire bay area compared to what we had today. we're going toen cooler saturday and sunday with a little warmup to our temperatures for the fourth of july itself on monday. looking outside right now at san jose, it's in there, buthe fog is already spreading into the santa clara valley. temperatures are in the mid-50s across the board. anywhere from 53 degrees in santa rosa to 57 in san jose. these temperatures aren't going to drop a whole lot farther, only to the low to mid-50s, but the fog is going to spread farther and farther into the inland valleys by tomorrow morning and back up as we head through the first few hours. the inland valleys clear up pretty quickly. the fog around the bay isn't going to clear up. it's going to be hanging out with low clouds through about noon. maybe even early afternoon, and then it finally allows sunshine
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to peak and couple degrees below average to begin the day on friday. low to mid-50s for most of us. sending you into the holiday weekend, since it's my friday. >> bao! >> how can you boo that picture. come on, guys. a very patient dog. temperatures warming up into the mid-70s around penngrove tomorrow. great dog-walking weather. temperatures warm up to below average. 70s inland. let's zoom in for a closer look. upper 50s along the coast. temperatures reaching into the 70s for most of the santa clara valley. some of the warmest spots around 80 degrees. a lot of 70s, way below normal. only the very warmest spots, fairfield, antioch and pittsburg reaching into the lower half of the 80s.
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low 60s in san francisco. low to mid-70s for most of the north bay. a little warmer as you get a way way from the marine influence. not much of a cool down. temperatures are going to drop about another five degrees for san jose, into the low 70s for sunday. we return to the near-average temperatures by wednesday and thursday of next woke. so just enjoy the mix of clouds and sunshine. that little bit of no-sky july. and the cooler than average temperatures throughout holiday weekend. straight ahead in sports. free agency is hip. the warriors have lost two of their own. little-league type home run in the big leagues, and a black eye for the conference of champions. the pac-12. if you haven't heard, you might want to
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brain, and hair, skin & nails. new one a day multi+. nba free agency up top. this first day saw much buzz in activity. and there was a direct hit on the league champs. gary payton the second, the
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defensive ace off the bench has gone to the great northwest to the portland trail blazers. the warriors were unable to match the reported three years, 28 million offered. he led the league in steals for 36 minutes a game. fod a home in golden state uite after playing in mexico and the g-league. jta heads to l.a., and like gary payton the second, as a nba champion. kevin durant, the two-times finals mvp has requested a trade out from the brooklyn nets. kd left golden state on this day in 2019 to team up with kyrie irving. it did not work out. durant reportedly has phoenix and miami on top of his wish list for new teams. official, the nuggets and nick
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c joe kish have agreed to a deal. titanic news. no way to sugar coat it. usc and ucla are saying adios to the pac-12. a stunning move, and it's a done deal after nearly 100 years. sc and ucla are hided to the big ten. it sounds weird when i say it out loud. the trojans and bruins will make it a 16-time conference in 2024. both schools stand to earn $100 million a year in tv revenue, according to the big 10's new tv deal. losing both l.a. schools is devastating to the pac-12. how will schools like cal and stanford respond? a pivot to baseball.
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plenty of seats in seattle. the a's were at bat against the mariners. that's how the a's tied the game in the fifth, like that! it was a 4-4 ball game. then it got crazy. hit it on the screws. two runs scored. watch the effort to get riley. the ball gets away. it allowed riley to score. we call this a little league home run as the mariners won the game, final of 8-6. the a's record to close the month of june, 5 and 21. i'll go ahead and say it. the a's? they need a hug. same two teams tomorrow, july 1st. oh, man. >> don't we all? we all need a hug. i need a hug after that. an alameda county
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well, today may be the last day of pride month, there was still time for one more celebration. >> the lgbtq plus community in fremont came out to honor people making a difference. there was a celebration to honor five lgbtq leaders in district 25. as the state's first openly bisexual assembly member, lee says he's glad he can use his position to draw attention to other lgbtq plus voices and the work they do in the community. >> they aren't people who norma normally get to be in the spotlight. >> i look at this in a humble way. the community has hardly ever seen us transgender folks. or transgend
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