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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 1, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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ll it clear out in time f
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fireworks? dazzling displays lighting up the nighttime sky to mark the start of the holiday weekend. advice for pet owners worried about the noise. amount of bags around baggage check blew my mind, could have stacked them up, built buildings with it. >> big problems getting to destinations tonight, what travelers are dealing with. random acts of kindness, east bay man fixing bikes for neighbors in need. >> spending money on bikes and
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parts, giving them away, a terrible business model. >> good evening, i'm ryan yamamoto. >> i'm elizabeth cook. there's a chill in the air as we begin the july 4th weekend. >> get to brian hackney for a look at the forecast. >> you showed the live video, it's not goio look different. in fact there's a blanket of fog over the city. mid-50s, fog over the bay, pretty much looks same as it will, in the forecast, for monday night. 6:00, still sunshine, 9:30 at night, fog moving in. dicey close to the coast. but get away from the shoreline, inland, clear skies and temperatures in the mid-60s around sunset. as per usual this time of year, touch and go with the fog near the shoreline but inland is good
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bet. nothing different this year. >> thanks. problems at alameda county fair's fireworks spectacular. drone show without a hitch but fireworks, crowd waited and waited and finally -- after a 40-minute delay, fireworks went off over pleasanton, lit up in patriotic colors. for list of events, when fourth of july comes around and conditions are this dry, authorities on high alert for illegal fireworks. spoke to experts about the scary. hopefully people are careful. >> reporter: every wildfire season, stephen johnson is on alert. a few blocks away from the very
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dry santa teresa hills. >> we smell grass fires, wondering where it's coming from. >> reporter: also lives nearby, comes to hike every day, also worried to see how try it is. >> had incident last year up on that hill over there. yeah, fire really bad. >> reporter: researchers say we've reached critical conditions. it's actually drier than normal a month ahead of schedule. >> given we're in a drought year and that leads to very dry fuels. fuel moistures out there below normal. so that leads to higher chance of getting fires to grow bigger, easier. >> reporter: craig clemens is the wildfire interdisciplinary research director at san jose state. team monitors, studies and
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forecasts wildfire behavior. >> it's too much of a risk, particularly in drought years with the ways the fuels are setting up because of climate change, it's too risky to have personal fireworks in areas close to wild lands where things can get ignited. >> reporter: personal fireworks are banned in santa clara county. san jose fire officials have a strong message to anyone thinking of doing it anyway this fourth of july. >> in city of san jose, all fireworks, even labeled safe are illegal to use, own or sell. with extreme drought conditions in the community, got a lot of dry vegetation out there. takes one spark from illegal firework to start a fire. >> reporter: what do you think of the people who still light the fireworks when they're not supposed to? >> they're not legal in san jose but down south they are, people
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will make the drive. hopefully they stay away from the dry grass. otherwise consequences are potentially deadly. >> reporter: kpix 5. every year the fireworks send the pets running scared. boarding facilities are packed. pet camp in san francisco, completely booked up. staff members happy to see demand after two-year slow period. >> we are full over the weekend for july 4th holiday. thrilled that people are traveling again. >> staff at pet camp say if you can't board your pet, create a safe place at home. could be a closed room away from the noise with a favorite blanket or toy. let's take a live look at bay area airports as busy fourth of july weekend is already off to rough start. kpix 5's betty yu why this summer is going to be particularly challenging for
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travelers. >> reporter: just 15 cancellations in last 24 hours, sfo is faring better than across the country and abroad, still the crowds are here and headaches and disruptions. getting home to humboldt county for the family has been anything but smooth. >> 45, 50 minutes on the tarmac because the gate had other planes in it. then got to the customs line, took an hour to get through. by the time we got here, missed our flight. >> reporter: now what? >> my wife and daughter are going home tonight, and me and my son will get a hotel and go tomorrow morning because there's not four seats tonight. >> reporter: airlines across the board are canceling flights due to bad weather and crew shortages. demand back to prepandemic levels as major airlines trim summer schedules to reduce stress on operations. pain stretches all the way to europe. >> to heathrow in london on the 21st, amount of bags cluttered
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around the baggage check blew my mind. could have stacked them up and built buildings with them. insane. so that was wild. and there has been lot of strikes. >> reporter: as travel season kicks into high gear, air tickets continue to climb up $100 compared to last year. airlines canceled 3,000 flights in the u.s. last two days. >> just second leg of our flight was canceled. just got new boarding passes, got to rush down to san jose and get the girls on the flight there. >> reporter: travel experts advise showing up an hour earlier than you're used to, flying remains unpredictable. at sfo, betty yu, kpix 5. visitors to lake merritt will see extra safety measures. shutting down roads marked in red sunday and monday. lake shore and grand afternoon stretches to prevent traffic
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jams due to people double or triple parking. grizzly hills, peak boulevard and drive shut down as well to reduce the risk of fires. something we could all use more of these days, random acts of kindness. >> what one man is doing in castro valley, fixing up and giving bicycles to people who couldn't afford them. >> katie nielsen introduces us to the owner of bad business model bikes. >> reporter: a labor of love, how this all started for billy bradford. >> like to work in the garage on bikes. >> reporter: first passion, restoring classic bicycles. >> it's beautiful, vintage bike, it's a joy to ride. >> reporter: realized it was the process he loved. done with one restoration, would give away to make room for another. >> spending money on the bikes
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and parts, this is a terrible business model. >> reporter: how it was born out of his garage. >> community of people that want to help and another community that need bikes. mix them together here. >> reporter: all the bikes are donated. >> this is great. >> reporter: so are the parts. then billy does the work to fix them up, give them to people who can't afford them. >> not a nonprofit or a business, just old guy in the garage working on bikes. >> reporter: simple as it sounds, it's more, especially for 17-year-old. >> this is bad business model bikes. your bike was stolen? >> reporter: he needed a bike to get to work. >> take off down the street while i watch. >> reporter: tried out bikes billy finished. >> is that your new bike? >> yes? >> good answer.
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congratulations on your new bike. >> expecting to get decent bike but this is pretty nice, haven't had a bike in a year. walking everywhere. >> all i ask, pay it forward. >> yes. >> do something nice for somebody else. >> absolutely. >> i get to make them really happy and i get the joy. oasis of happy in my driveway. >> reporter: katie nielsen, kpix 5. >> i want an oasis of happy. great person. if you want more information, link to their website on still ahead. >> close the door, closeandk moment a group of suspected proud boys tried to crash a northern california drag show. literally raining fish in one bay area neighborhood. experts explain what's really going on. why the hot dog eating champ
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new video tonight showing the moment when a group of alleged proud boys tried to force their way into a yolo county bar to disrupt a drag show. >> close the door, close the door. hey, hey, hey! >> this all happened last night in woodland, officers standing by as smomeone in the bar peppe sprayed the people trying to get inside. protesters showed up hurling threats, slurs and insults. seen a number of similar incidents around the country. san lorenzo last month, five
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proud boys stormed a drag story event at library. events around the country targeted after mentioned in twitter posts by popular right wing account. coronavirus now, federal funding support for local governments has dried up. now bay area counties have to modify how they respond to surges in variants. last federally funded bill was 2021 american rescue plan act, went to fund testing and vaccination clinics. with fourth of july weekend, covid is something to watch out for. california's positivity rate close to 15%, up more than 2%. you need to avoid the water. san mateo county health officials posted warnings about potentially deadly toxic algae in the creek and lagoon.
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for half a mile upstream from the park. tonight, something fishy going on in san francisco's sunset neighborhood. >> don't look up. people say it's been raining anchovies. residents taking to social media to report tiny silver fish falling from the sky. >> they're experiencing mass die-off event from lack of oxygen in the lagoon and birds are snapping them up, accidentally dropping them in san francisco. >> customer came with bag of dead anchovies, it's it's raining anchovies on my lawn. >> marine experts say it's attracting other marine wildlife to our shores, even whales. that time of year ago. yes. >> nathan's famous hot dog eating contest makes return.
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>> 14-time king is back but not at full strength. san jose native joey chestnut will be competing but suffering from foot injury. foot injury, but planning to give it his all. >> i think i feel better than i look. i look rough, in the leg, but going to go out hungry and eat. that's something i love doing. it's fourth of july. >> here's good news, don't need your leg to scarf down all the dogs. set for monday at nathan's flagship restaurant on coney island. it's so physical to watch them do it. doesn't surprise me he's going leg hurts. yeah, using whole body. >> would think he has to brace with his feet at the table gorge more. >> i can't watch it. >> first 35 times were fine, after that gets a little -- >> gross. >> comes around every 40
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minutes, joey with the hot dogs, but wish him well and that foot heals. here's also happening july 4th, fog and low clouds but not in san jose. southwest airline planes lined up there at airport. numbers in san jose now. clear skies, 57, all in the mid-50s. concord hit 83, 56. typical summertime spread with the low clouds at shoreline. could be drizzle tomorrow morning and sunday, maybe even on the 4th. more cooling over the weekend, then maybe a little bit warmer on monday as we celebrate fourth of july. low pressure in the pacific northwest is going to sag down and low heads east and monday we
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look to warm up. persistent sea breeze will keep us cool. near the shoreline sunset, 50s on the 4th and around the bay. areas of fog. catch as catch can with fireworks close to the shore. but locations launching inland, clear skies and 67 degrees, not bad. pleasant weekend for the bay area. usual night and early morning low clouds, then sunshine, overnight mid-50s. daytime, 59 for san mateo and mid-60s at shoreline. 80 at antioch and mid-70s walnu at livermore. low clouds in the north bay continuing into the weekend, midweek next week. then warming trend.
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pleasant at clearlake. alameda county fair, nice over the weekend, temperatures in low 70s, few clouds but low 70s in july, not bad. stern grove faestival, fighting the crowds, cool and breezy but that's usual. seven-day forecast, calling for numbers to warm up thursday and friday. between now and then, status quo, low clouds morning, sun in the afternoon, near 90 by next friday. meantime, bundle up in the mornings and afternoon will be awfully nice. speak of, my friend from the weekends, mr. glenn. ahead in sports, friday night highlights. giants said hello to old friend in opposing dugout, toed
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the mound in gia
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baseball up top. giants, three hits tonight, not enough. you need offense to get runs on the board. but you win with defense. and when they really needed it most in the ninth, they had one get away. johnny cueto got love. giants fans don't forget, even in chicago uniform. pitchers' duel, you need defense. mike yastrzemski, what a grap g grab in the fifth inning, no one appreciated it more practice this over and over in the spring. routine play and camilo doval dropped the second out. garcia theot through. good throw by yastrzemski, not enough. giants hit hard but white sox
11:25 pm
won 1-0. same two teams saturday. give me this beanie. i love this. give it to me now! a's and mariners, this was night for sean murphy. opened the scoring in the fifth when he smashed one into right field. two rbi night for murphy, went yard in the seventh. this is how the a's snapped a four-game losing streak. won the game 3-1. two at it again saturday in emerald city. nba free agency, players moving across the country. one warrior happy and perhaps feeling like a cartoon character. ♪ that's big man kevon looney, warriors agreed to a new deal, three years, $25.5 million for
11:26 pm
loan. played all games last season and leading rebounder in tplayoffs. dante divincenzo is signing with the warriors. won with the milwaukee bucks, finished last season in sacramento. damion lee, latest warrior headed to new team. agreed to one-year deal with the suns. gary payton ii signed with portland. and forward juan toscano-anderson is headed to the lakers for nemanja belljeli playing in turkey.
11:27 pm
san jose also in the market for a general manager. whoever it is, gets to hire the next head coach. giants, for wild card spot, just a game off. warriors, they've lost guys but they have core four -- curry, thompson, green, wiggins. and looney now is sticking around. see if they can build on that. >> pretty impressive backbone to build on i would say. >> yes. they'll be okay. this weekend the
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g g g geographer, second appearance in stern grove. >> when i think about the things i love, it's the beauty of the place. so -- but usually go in venue, you're inside, dark, happens so often on tour, i don't know what baltimore is like, just went to the venue and left. >> also performing, frontan grew uast bay, firstorhereencer so many there, getting to get away and walk around all these different neighborhoods, it's such a special city. >> you can still make reservations. this afternoon we posted more information on the stern
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call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. all right. we made it to the weekend. >> yes!
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>> safe travels for you heading out tomorrow. have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. happy fourth of july if we don't see you monday. >> and let the captioning sponsored by cbs >> a leaked supreme court draft opinion published by politico, appearing to indicate the majority of the supreme court is poised to overturn the landmark "roe v. wade" decision. >> this is going to put a ton of scrutiny on senator susan collins, in the comments that she made today to dana bash on this very set, saying she did not believe that justice brett kavanaugh would overturn "roe v. wade." >> i do not believe that brett kavanaugh will overturn-- >> you have obviously, full confidence. >> i do. >> and now, other things that susan collins believes. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hot dogs are made with only the finest ingredients. >> i do believe. >> her childhood dog chumley is fine and living on a farm upstate. >> absolutely.


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