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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  July 2, 2022 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.ea
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the fourth of july is back. we are celebrating in person again. we'll bring you the excitement coming up. a major boost for fire protection in the east bay. it's a move years in the making. the goal is to help make neighborhoods that have struggled with response times safer. and just what the world needs more of, random acts of kindness. the east bay man fixing up bikes for his neighbors in need. good morning. it is saturday, july 2nd. thank you so much for joining us. i'm devin fehely. let's start with a check of the weather with first alert meteorologist darren peck. >> it is gray out there this morning, devin. for many of us, it's kind of the classic no sky july. no surprise to see the gray view here from the camera on top of knob hill. this is the hotel looking north into the clouds. we're all waking up to it, even well into the north bay and the tri-valley. we have low clouds trying to b
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moing and early afternoon. partly cloudy today for the majority of us. if you're in the city, you probably don't get a lot of sunshine in general today. inland, you do. mid 50s out there now. we'll see daytime highs that go up to around 80 for the warmest inland spots. it'll be the mid sixth through the bay. your part of the bay area, 71 in ple pleasanton. 70 in san rafael. the rest of the forecast for the holiday weekend in a few minutes. back to you. >> darren, thank you. now, when it's the fourth of july and conditions are this dry, you can bet that firefighters and police are on high alert for illegal fireworks. kpix 5's mary lee most to experts about the fire threat this weekend. >> severe drought, a little scary. hopefully people are careful. >> reporter: every wildfire season, steven johnson is on alert. he lives just a few blocks away from the very dry santa teresa
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hills. >> during the season, every couple weeks, we'll smell grass fire in the area. wondering, you know, where is it coming from, depending which way the wind is blowing. >> reporter: duke dung also lives nearby. he comes to hike here every day, and he is also worried to see just how dry it is. >> we had incident last year up on the hill. yeah, the fire was really bad. >> reporter: researchers say we have reached critical conditions. it is drier than normal a month ahead of schedule. >> given we're in a drought year, and that leads to very dry fuel. the fuel moistures out there are below normal. that leads to higher chance of getting fires to grow bigger, easier. >> reporter: craig clemens is the wildfire interdisciplinary research director at san jose state. his team monitors, studies, and forecasts wildfire behaviors.
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>> i think it is too much of a risk, particularly in drought years and with the way fuels are setting up because of climate change. it is risky to have fireworks, particularly in areas where you're close to the wildlands, and things can be ignited. >> reporter: san jose fire officials have a strong message to anyone thinking about doing it anyway this fourth of july. >> in the city of san jose, even those labeled safe and sane, are illegal to use, own, or sell. with the extreme drought conditions we're seeing in the community, you know, we've got a lot of very dry vegetation out there, it takes one spark from an illegal firework to start a fire. >> when you think about the people who still light the fireworks when they're not supposed to -- >> they're illegal in san jose
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but not down south, and people make the drive. hopefully they stay away from the dry grass, otherwise, consequences are potentially deadly. >> reporter: in san jose, mary lee, kpix 5. every fourth of july, fireworks and pets running scared. pet boarding facilities are packed right now. pet camp in san francisco. they're completely booked up. staff members they zathey're hahappy to see demand after a two-year slow period. theuly liacked for the en thed pere tveng again. >> reporter: the staff says if you can't board your pet, put them in a closed room with a favorite blanket or toy, away from noise. bay area airports, the fourth of july weekend is off to a rough start. kpix 5's betty yu looks at why this summer will be a challenging season for many travelers. >> reporter: with just 15 cancellations in the last 24 hours, sfo is fairing better
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than major airports across the country and abroad. still, the crowds are here, and so are the headaches and disruptions. getting home to humboldt county for the childs family has been anything but smooth. >> we spent 70, 45, 50 minutes on the tarmac because t had other planes in it. customs line took an hour to get through. by the time we got here, we missed our flight. >> reporter: now what? >> my wife and daughter are going to go home tonight. me and my son, we're going to get a hotel and go tomorrow morning. there's not four seats on the flight tonight. >> reporter: airlines across the board are cancelling flights due to bad weather and crew shortages. demand is back to pre-pandemic levels, as major airlines trim summer schedules to reduce stress onoperations. the pain stretches all the way to europe. >> i know when we got into stack them and build ck bw my
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buildings with them. it was wild. there have been lots of strikes. >> reporter: as the summer travel season kicks into high gear, the average air ticket prices continue to climb. up $100 compared to this time last year. airlines have already canceled 3,000 flights in the u.s. over the last two days. >> just the second leg of our flight was canceled. we just got new boarding passes. we have to rush down to san jose and catch the girls on the flight there. >> reporter: travel experts advise showing up at least an hour earlier than you're used to, as flying remains unpredictable. at sfo, betty yu, kpix 5. visitors at lake merit will encounter extra safety measures this weekend. the city is shutting down the roads marked in red on sunday and monday. that includes stretches of lakeshore and grand avenue. closures are meant to prevent traffic jams because people are double or triple parking.
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in the berkeley hills, grizzly peak boulevard and centennial drive will be shut down to cars for the holiday week end, as well. goal is to reduce the risk of wildfires. if you plan visiting half moon bay, avoid the water. san mateo health officials posted warnings about potentially deadly toxic algae in the creek and lagoon there. the warning applies to the creek for a half mile upstream from the park. just in time for the fourth of july week t big east bay fire departments are joining forces. con fire and east contra costa fire district are now one. here are the boundaries. it covers 700,000 residents. kpix 5's reporter juliette goodrich on how this can make a difference for the counties. >> reporter: ten years since residents in oakley had their own fire department. think about that. they've been relying on outlying fire stations for their
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services. having response times anywhere from 15 to 19 to 22 minutes. well, that's all changed now with the consolidation. you're looking at it right here. firehouse 95 here in oakley, just part of the con fire consolidation plan. that means now 128,000 residents nd improved fire service. nice oakley resident rick taylor. >> 32 years? >> yes. >> reporter: his property is a mile and a half away from firehouse 95 now. >> we've had fires back behind me before, and that was like a wheat hay growing. they responded, but, yeah, it was kind of scary. >> everyone needs to understand, we've been on borrowed time. >> reporter: a ceremony marked the transfer of command today. the merger will improve fire and emergency medical services and also advanced life support capabilities. >> i've literally lost sleep for five years because i know we're
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on borrowed time. >> couple years ago, we were all evacuated at about 3:00 to 4:00 a.m. in the morning because of a huge fire that was right behind us here. so they had to bring all the resources in. >> reporter: the district plans to reopen fire station 4 in walnut creek and fire station 86 in bay point, also adding two additional fire stations in brentwood by 2024. >> the service level increases once and for all. we're going to be corrected in east contra costa fire. no more roller coasters. no more unknowns. >> reporter: for people like rick, this landmark day>> yeah,e goodrich, kpix 5. the time now is 6:10. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, it's no surprise that food prices are high right now. we'll break down how much your holiday cookout could cost you. plus, we'll introduce you to
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one east bay man fixing up bikes and spreading kindness. here's a live look outside before we head to break. we'll be right back.
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but not if you protect him every month with heartgard plus, the #1 choice of dogs. digestive and neurological side effects have rarely been reported. ask your vet for heartgard plus. welcome back. the time now is 6:13. two lawsuits are targeting a popular vegan meal kit service, days after a voluntary recall of one of its meals. the issue is with daily harvest
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french lentil and leek crumbles. two people got so sick after eating the product, they had their gallbladders removed. the company received nearly 500 complaints. daily harvest's founder says they're working to pinpoint the root cause. it does seem like the cost of everything is going up, including food. kpix 5's max darrow has more on the extra cash you have to shell out if you're hosting a cookout. >> reporter: according to data from the american farm bureau federation, your grocery bill for a july 4th cookout will cost 17% more than last year. striking but not surprising to some people. >> i'm looking for the hot dogs. you have to eat before you go to the parade. >> reporter: as bonnie filled her cart with many of the fixings for a fourth of july potluck, she couldn't help but notice -- >> well, it is all more expensive. >> reporter: so the little victories -- >> but the corn was a good buy. >> reporter: -- soften the blow. >> $78.95. not too bad.
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although, everything has gone up. >> reporter: with inflation at record levels, most of the typical items you'd find at a fourth of july cookout cost more than they did last year. according to the latest data from the consumer price index, from may, chicken is 17.4% more expensive than a year ago. ground beef costs 13.6% more. soda, 13.2% more. hot dogs, 10.4% more. burger buns and bread are 8.7% more expensive. >> recently, it's been jumping up a lot. it's been kind of slowly coming up. recently, it's made some big j jumps. >> there's not a big difference there for food versus overall, but we feel food prices more. >> reporter: justin, an assistant professor of economics at san jose state, say many factors are causing this inflation, and it is not something that corporatee, or the biden administration can just fix overnight. >> if it's supply chain issues,
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these things have to work themselves out. if it is monetary policy, well, the fed is working on that, but they have to be careful. again, as i said, you want to hit the brakes but not quite too hard. >> reporter: it's not just groceries that'll be more expensive this holiday weekend. gas will be, as well. today, the gas tax increase took effect. voters approved this five years ago. what that means for you, you'll pay an extra 3 cents per gallon at the pump. in san mateo, mkpix 5. we could use more random acts of kindness. one man is fixing up and giving away bicycles to people who can't afford them otherwise. katie neilson introduces us to the owner of the aptly named bad business model bikes. >> reporter: a labor of love. that's how this all started for billy bradford. >> i like to work out in the garage. work on bikes. >> reporter: billy's first passion was restoring classic bicycles. >> it's just a beautiful
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vintage. it's a joy to ride. >> reporter: he quickly realized it was the process he loved, so once he was done with one restoration, he'd give it away to make room for another. >> i'm spending money on bikes and spending money on parts and giving them away. this is a terrible business model. >> reporter: that's how bad business model bikes was born in 2015 out of billy's castro valley garage. >> it is a whole community of people that want to help. then another community of people that need bikes. we mix them together here. >> reporter: all of the bikes are donated. >>ah ts great. >> reporter: and so are the parts. then billy does the work to fix them up so he can give them away to people who can't afford to buy one. >> i'mnon-profit, not a business. i'm just an old guy in the garage working on bikes. >> reporter: as, it's more. especially for those like 17-year-old zivan. >> i'm billy. this is bad business model bikes. what's your name? >> zivan. that's right. your bike was stolen. >> yeah.
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>> reporter: zivan came to billy when he needed a bike to get to work. >> took off down the street while i watched. >> reporter: he checked out the bikes billy just finished working on. >> is that your new bike? >> yeah. >> yes, good answer! congratulations on your new bike. >> i was expecting to get a, you know, decent bike, but this bike is pretty nice. i haven't had a bike in a year. i was walking everywhere. >> all i ask is pay it forward. >> yes. >> do something nice for somebody else. >> absolutely. >> i get to give somebody something that makes them really happy, and i get the joy. it's a little oasis of happy in my driveway. >> reporter: in castro valley, katie neilson, kpix 5. >> if you'd like more information, find a link on our website at let's pick up our forecast as we -- actually, devin, do you have things to ask about fourth of july? i'll take it and talk about it. >> i'm good. >> as we cruisend i it is stayi
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pretty cool. yeah, there are some low clouds that we're going to deal with as we get to the show on monday. early evening, we're likely going to see the same low clouds filling in much of the heart of the bay we've had for the past couple of days. but there's another side to the fourth of july forecast, how incredibly cool our afternoons have been. that might be the biggest headline when we start thinking about our forecast looking ahead. i just wanted to spotlight some of the inland locations on monday. c concord, livermore, santa rosa, daytime highs in the upper 70s. that's how hot it'll get on monday. that's probably quickly becoming the headline. what's the fourth of july forecast? of course, the other concern is will it be foggy? just to look ahead to monday night, there is that onshore surge in the marine layer. see the low clouds filling in the bay, coming through the golden gate, east bay shoreline. most other places should be
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okay. forecast in the city should be the same as it often is in the city, may get colorf ful blurbsn the clouds. inland, should have a great fourth of july and firework show, at least the official ones happening, should there be any, and you should have a wonderfully cool day. the marine layer coming up from the top of mount diablo, covering the interior part of contra costa county. the tri valley, looking straight down 680, you can see the low clouds are petty much obscuring much of the tri valley. certainly in the heart of the bay, we're waking up to gray clouds and -- low clouds and some fog right over the city. that's what it looks like in the wide view. there's plenty of gray filling in the immediate bay. of course, it all melts back to just the city and the peninsula, as we get toward early afternoon. it'll stay gray at the beach like it has today. you should get more sunshine than anything else bay area wide, unless you're right near the water today by the time we
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get to the afternoon. boy, it is starting gray. mid 50s, a little drizzle with this. you'll notice dampness on the roads, maybe on your car the close you are to the coast or the bay shoreline. that goes along with this no sky july pattern. temperatures are in the low to mid 50s, as we saw, about everywhere. as we take a look at how this progresses into the rest of the forecast, daytime highs today are going to be comfortable. only upper 70s inland. the forecast i showed you for the fourth of july, in terms of that only in the upper 70s for inland locations, pretty much applies to today, as well. the whole three-day weekend, in fact. san jose, only going to 73. fremont will go to 68. top out at 71 in pleasanton. seven-day forecast, there is a warmup that starts to show up here as we get toward the end of the week. by thursday and friday, temperatures have begun to climb back up into the low and mid 80s for san jose. going from the low 70s today the low and mid 80s then. across the microclimates, we see
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the same warmups. east bay warms up to the upper 80s thursday and friday. close to 90 again by the time we get to the end of this week. of course, right in here for the next three days, fantastic. great weather for the holiday. >> it is astounding to be in july and in the 70s. i want to bring up one other point. driving in, there was really heavy fog. i don't know where the line is between fog and mist and drizzle, but there was a lot of it on the windshield as i was driving in. >> how much did you have to slow down because you couldn't see down the roadway because of it? >> it was more the fact that the windshield was wet. the visibility was decent enough. >> right. >> the roads were slick, so you had to slow for those. not so much because of -- >> sure, misting along the coast, as we were talking about there. it becomes a very different thing when we talk about fog on the road, where you're slowing down. for the most part, bay area wide, i'm not sg h an issues, unless you're close to the bay. >> thank you. >> sure. straight ahead in sports, we
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had friday night lights yesterday. giants said hello to an old friend in the opposing dugout. and we won an nba title in a warriors uniform, toed the mound in a giants jersey. now, there is another jersey waiting for shooting guard when you need help it's great to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile.
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the giants. three hits, not enough. you need offense to get runs on the board, but you win with defense. when they really needed it most of the night, they had one get aw a away. giants fans don't forget, even in a white sox uniform. pitcher's duel. you need defense behind you. check it out. blast to center field. what a grab in the fifth inning. you know who appreciated it? starting pitcher alex cobb. yes, sir. the game turned in a scoreless
6:26 am
ninth. i've seen them practice this over and over in the spring. routine play, and camilo dropped what would have been the second out. three batters later, two outs. garcia got through. good throw by yaz. not enough to get the lone run of the game. giants hit some balls hard, but the white sox won it, 1-0. same two teams later on today. give me this beanie. i want this w. a tha at the mariners. it was a night for murphy. opened the scoring in the fifth when he smashed one into right . this is how a's snapped a four-game losing streak. again, two rbis for murphy. they won the game 3-1. the two at it again later on today in emerald city. nba free agency, players moving across the country. there is one warrior, though, happy and perhaps feeling like a
6:27 am
car cartoon character. ♪ big man kalooney and the warrio agreed to three years, $25.5 million. he played in all 104 games last season. he was the dubs leading rebounder in the playoffs. now, guard devon is signing with the warriors, worth $9 million. he's got nba championship the 25-year-old guard won it with the milwaukee bucks, finished last season in sacramento. damion lee last night, the latest warrior that's headed to a new team. the guard agreed to a one-year deal with the suns. guard gary peyton ii signed with portland. three years, $28 million. the young man cashed in after a career year. otto porter jr. is a toronto raptor. a two-year deal.
6:28 am
his wife is from toronto. anderson is headed to the lakers. ford decided to play next season in turkey. the sharks parted wray ed w their head coach and the staff yesterday. the club failed to make the playoffs in each of the three seasons. san who ishjose is in the marke general manager. whoever that is hires the new head coach. back to the giants. for a wild card spot, they're right there, just a game off of that extra spot. the warriors, yeah, they've lost guys, but they have the core four. curry, thompson, green, wiggins, and now looney is sticking around. let's see how they build on that. that is sports that the hour. have a great saturday. the door! >> coming up, we're getting a firsthand look at theonrnrat
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responding. here's a live look outside in san jose. we'll be back in a moment.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> welcome back. time now is 6:32. thank you so much for joining us. i'm devin fehely. let's start this half hour with a check of the weather and first
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alert meteorologist darren peck. >> looking at the roof toward the bay bridge, it is a gray start today for everybody. here's what it looks like above that. from the top of mount diablo, you can see the clouds filling in much of intrakos contra cost county. looking down 680 and the clouds and right through the bay, it's a cloudy start from the vantage point on top of the mark hoffman's hotel. you're actually getting light mist out of it. plan for that on the drive into work this morning. certainly, closer to the water, the thicker that is going to be. mid 50s out there now. for daytime highs today, we'll get sunshine for the inland parts of the bay area. it'll probably stay partly cloudy right through the bay shoreline, peninsula, east bay, right through the city. 79 in general inland. look at the numbers, maybe not even getting that warm for many locations here. low to mid 70s inland. san jose, 71. pleasanton, 71. 66 inoad.ack toyo police in slo arresd
6:33 am
part store.sedn an anonymous, a pounds of illegal fireworks at the party supplies. police say an undercover officer bought from a store clerk, then police served a search warrant at the location. the contra costa fire protection district launched a hotline for people to report illegal fireworks. fireworks of any type are illegal in contra costa county, regardless of where they're sold. call the number on your screen if you see people lighting it up, and also you can find the number on our website. we have the moment when proud boys tried to force their way into a yolo county bar to disrupt a drag show. >> close the door. close the door. >> folks. >> hey, hey, hey! >> it all happened in woodland. officer were standing by, as anyone in the bar pepper sprayed the group, trying to get inside. the bar was scheduled to host a drag show. the party crashers made threats
6:34 am
and hurled slurs and insults. we've seen a number of similar incidents across the country,ur. many were targeted after they were mentioned in twitter postings by a popular right-wing account. state and local leaders are demanding action and solidarity following a new report that shows just how much the number of hate crimes has gone up over the past year. >> no one in our city, no one in our state should ever be take a coming together to stop the rise in hate crimes. we stand united as a community against hate crimes, against all residents, and we are united in the action that needs to be taken. >> here's a look at the numbers from 2020 to 2021. hate crimes in general went up
6:35 am
about 30%, while anti-black hate crimes remain the most common. anti-asian hate crimes saw the biggest increase with 178% in the period. hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation went up 50%. as millions of americans hit the road this holiday weekend, catalytic converter bandits are taking aim at their vehicles and their wallets. thieves of the devices soared during the pandemic. carter evans of cbs looks at what drivers can do to protect their cars. >> they took this piece. this is where the cad l catalyt converter goes and the sensors. they're missing. >> reporter: it is a common sight for mechanics and an expensive lesson for car owners. >> you feel violated. >> reporter: crystal washington paid $2,500 to replace her catalytic converter after thieves stole it in broad daylight. working like nascar pit crews, crooks jack up the car and use a
6:36 am
cordless saw to cut out the converter in seconds. >> hey, you! >> reporter: this man confronted thieves as they crawled underneath his truck. >> since covid started, the theft of catalytic converters has gone up like crazy. >> reporter: from 2019 to 2021, thefts shot up more than 1,200%, with california, texas, washington, north carolina, and minnesota leading the nation. >> without your catalytic converter, you can't drive the car. to repr benjamin preston says what makes them expensive is what is inside. >> at least $1,000 inside of prer precious metals. >> reporter: each can contain several grams of platinum and rhodium, used to decrease noxious gases from engine exhaust. thieves can sell them to scrap yards for up to a couple hundred bucks a piece. in los angeles, police have offered to etch vin numbers onto catalytic converters to deter theft. this year alone, 36 states are
6:37 am
working on legislation to regulate how they're bought and sold. in the meantime -- >> now is a good time to keep an eye on it. thinking about where you're parking. >> might be worth walking a few extra blocks to park your car in a better place. >> hey, you! >> reporter: carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. to the coronavirus now. federal funding support for local governments has basically dried up. now, some bay area counties will have to modify how they respond to future surges and variants. the last federally funded bill was in 2021, the american rescue plan act. that money helped cover testing and vaccination clinics. with the fourth of july holiday weekend here, covid is still something to watch out for. california's positivity rate is now close to 15%. that's up more the past week. president biden is warning republicans may push for a nationwide abortion ban if they gain control of congress. as styler henry reports, the president is working with democratic governors to try to
6:38 am
ensure women have continued access to abortions. >> reporter: president biden says democrats need to expand their congressional majority in november's midterm elections if they want to guarantee abortion rights across the country. >> the choice is clear, we either elect federal senators and representatives who will codify roe or republicans who, in the house and senate, will try o ban abortions nationwide. >> reporter: one week since the supreme court overturned roe versus wade, a new poll shows the issue is of growing concern of adults on both side of the aisle. 22% say abortion or women's right it is a major concern the government should work on in the next year. that's more than double what the poll found just six months earlier. on friday, the president met with nine democratic governors about protecting women's rights. >> i share the public outrage of this extremist court, committed to moving america backwards. >> reporter: many republican-led states that moved to restrict or
6:39 am
ban abortion rights argue the federal government should stay out of the decision making. >> arkansas has made its decision. other states might look at it differently. >> reporter: the democratic governors problem their states will be safe havens for women coming from places that are outlawing abortion. >> because of our location in the southeast, mr. president, north carolina is already seeing an influx of patients coming to our state. >> we are, in fact, that brick wall against this horrific supreme court decision. >> reporter: president biden said the federal government will protect women who want to travel to other states to get an abortion. styler henry, cbs news, the white house. the president said his administration will protect women's access to medication through the fda. heading to the pain at the pump. the california gas tax has gone up. drivers are paying 3 cents more per gallon. the average price of gas in california stands at $6.27. it is a bit of a break from the
6:40 am
record high a couple weeks ago when the average was $6.44. compared to the national average of $5.01 per gallon, the price has been dropping ever since. in compton, tcouncilman spicer was giving away $3,000 in gas at zy oil. you can see aerial views of the cars lining up at the pump friday. each car was given up to $50 worth of gas. gas prices in compton are already higher than the national average, and you can even see someone saving up that money by riding a horse. developing, tiktok tried to reassure lawmakers and users after it was confirmed that its chinese employees can access the personal information of u.s. users. in a letter to the u.s. senate, the company says it is working with bay area-based oracle on new advanced data security tools, including moving its u.s. user data to oracle's cloud. tech experts say this is part of a broader issue in the industry.
6:41 am
>> we are in the situation now where the concerns that exist around the tech industry are enormous. part of it is because we live off our technology, right? it is one of the most intimate parts of our lives. we've got our phones with us everywhere we can go. the truth is, there is data that comes off of our phones most of us aren't even aware of that could be used in certain situations in a very bad way. >> in the letter to the senate, tiktok says the chinese gome not had access to any u.s. user data and insists they wouldn't turn it over to them even if they asked. this week's jefferson award winner is using surfing to help people through tough times.
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there's something fishy going on in san francisco. it's been raining anchovies. residents have reported the tiny silver fish falling from the sky. the national park service says they're experiencing a die-off event due to a lack of oxygen in the lagoon. birds are scooping up the fish and accidentally dropping them in san francisco. >>chovies. sayo mefog, "ste it' raininghat'shei'ee ail.
6:45 am
marine experts say the anchovies invasion is attracting other marine wildlife to the shores, even whales. bart brought in a new employee to deter pigeons at one of its stations. his name is pacman, a hawk. he patrols the station three days a week. the station had a pigeon problem in recent years. they've added bird-repellant spikes, netting, owl statues. none of it worked. bart says the hawk's presence is enough to scare the pigeons off. let's go to meteorologist darren peck for what weather we're seeing. >> for so many of us, devin, especially that view from the roof, no sky july works out perfectly for today. that's the san mat bridge. yeah, there are a few drops of mist on here, and it looks this way throughout much of the interior of the immediate bay. if you're on the bay shoreline,
6:46 am
certainly at the coast, in the city, you're waking up to very gray skies. some of it turns into low fog near the coast, but it is also some light mistiness right when you get toward any kind of a hill or even along the lower elevations coming up 280, 101, even probably on the east bay shore shoreline, you might notice this. it's not the rain that adds up, but it mists up enough the windshield wipe verse to go. certainly in the city this morning. if you're inland, that's what it looks like. taking a wellook at the drive d 580, we're not seeing issues with actual mist, but you have a gray start to the day. of course, that's the scene from the top of the hotel. using the giant window on the bay to get a handle on this. classic early july, we've seen a surge in the marine layer. doesn't show signs of breaking up either. it will by the afternoon, of course, but over the next several days, the overnight clouds clearing to the afternoon sunshine doesn't really go away.
6:47 am
it does have an impact on the fourth of july. for some of us, in very good ways. mid 50s out there now. let's get the daytime highs in. remember, it'll be more sunshine once we get to the early afternoon today for the majority of us, unless you're right on the bay shore or golden gate, along the coast. low 70s inland today for the south bay. we'll be low 70s for our inland valleys in the east bay today. we'll see temperaturesshoreline in san leandro or 70 in san rafael. you warm up into the 70s once you get to sonoma, mendocino, and lake county. there is an 80 degree day on there. that covers saturday. sunday will be almost identical. here's monday. while we will focus on how good will the visibility be for fireworks on monday, it's always a biggish s issue, i think the issue in terms of the fourth of july and weather are these numbers. those are the daytime highs for most of our inland locations.
6:48 am
upper 70s. we're going to be staying cool. no matter what your plans are outdoors for the middle of the day, barbecue, having friends over, going somewhere, whatever you're doing outdoors inland is going to be great. as you look inside the more immediate bay, temperatures will be much more typical. upper 60s. the question is how cloudy will it be. let's watch that. if we just go to the fourth of july, starting at 1:00 in the afternoon, it is a cloudy day at the beach. once we start to get into the afternoon and evening, we see the same pattern we've seen for the past few days. clouds overtake much of the immediate bay. shoreline, peninsula, city, trying to get over to the tri valley. this is going to have to factor in to any fireworks displays. it always does around here for the fourth of july. it won't be the end of the world. maybe you'll get some fuzzy lights through clouds. inland, you'll probably see the show. look at the warmup coming in the se seven-day forecast after the holiday. by the time we get to friday in san jose, the low to mid 80s. that is average for this time of
6:49 am
year. it is just going to be noticeably warmer than it is today. you see that same story playing out for inland valleys of the east bay. we'll warm back to the upper 80s, as well. wonderfully cool for the next several days for this time of year. okay, devin, back to you. >> darren, thank you. a pacifica woman provided a safe place to gather in person to grieve and share with the community in the early isolating days of the pandemic. sharon chin introduces us to this week's bay area jefferson award winner. ♪ >> welcome, everyone. >> reporter: kelsey ellis helps people let go of grief. >> my heart feels full. >> reporter: as they release flowers into the ocean. >> i want people to realize that they're not alone. >> reporter: the pacifica surfer lost her twin sister. >> comfort holds. >> reporter: in march 2020. audrey, a healthy 29-year-old nurse, died from covid-19 complications before many of us knew what coronavirus was. >> i just have all of these emotions. >> reporter: kelsey sought
6:50 am
comfort in the ocean. >> i don't know where to place them, and they're just, like, so big. when i'm in the ocean, i just feel like i'm held in my grief. >> reporter: kelsey, a certified grief counselor -- >> looking around, my heart feels really full. >> reporter: -- started waves of grief in spring 2020. >> for your vulnerability, for your heart. >> reporter: the free commuty surf therapy program has given people a safe place to drop in and share their grief during the pandemic. >> when you're here by the ocean, time and perspective changes. >> reporter: people connect once a month at surfers beach and half moon bay, and another group in san diego. >> there's deep sharing that can happen, then we all go into the ocean together. >> oh, my lord! >> reporter: the ocean has a way of washing away emotions. everyone comes out just feeling, like, energized, invigorated. >> reporter: kelsey is no stranger to serve others. she's worked several years as bay area programs manager, recruiting and training volunteers for the groundswell community project. the san diego-based surf therapy
6:51 am
non-profit helps folks heal from trauma, like addiction and abuse. before that, kelsey has helped empower human trafficking survivors at amy schumann lynch's non-profit, arm of care. >> she's amazing. i think that's the way she is wired, to love and care for people. >> out of my head. >> reporter: people like casey dodd. >> and in the moment. >> reporter: who came to waves of grief to find community amid the isolation of covid. >> it is not just to cry. it's in thocthat's the for michelle lost her husband three years ago, surf therapy has been just what she and her two sons needed. >> you have connection. you find courage to speak your story. you feel held. >> reporter: waves of grief has served about 250 people. the sessions funded by the foundation. >> i hope she would be proud. >> reporter: that's named after audrey. >> life is way, way too short.
6:52 am
it is unpredictable. what matters, what you leave behind is the impact you leave on people. >> waves of love to everyone. >> reporter: for creating a safe place for people to heal in their waves of grief, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to kelsey ellis. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> you can go to our website,, to nominate someone for a jefferson award. we'll be right back.
6:53 am
on sunday, the stern grove music festival returns with the eclectic lineup of performances. those performing this weekend have bay area ties. ♪ like water ♪ >> the band geographer, led by mike deni, who built his career in san francisco doing open mics and hotel utah will be performing his second appearance in ten years at stern grove.
6:54 am
>> for me, when i think about the things that i love, it's really the beauty of the place. you know, so, usually, when you go in a venue, you're inside and it is dark. it happens avnoften when you're tour. i don't know what baltimore llaf their time at stern grove. >> so many times we've been there. getting to get away and walk around to all these different neighborhoods, it's just a special city. >> we posted more information on the stern grove festival on our website at we'll be right back. nathan's famous hot dog eating contest is back. the king is not at full strength. joey chestnut will be competing
6:55 am
in the chowdown. unfortunately, he is suffering from a foot injury, but he is olympian planning to give it his all. >> i feel better than i look. i look rough in the leg, but i'm going to go out hungry and i'm going to eat. it's something i love doing. it's fourth of july. >> now, the good thing is you don't need your leg to scarf down the dogs. the contest is monday at nathan's flagship restaurant on coney island. some problems at the alameda county fair's firework spectacular friday night. the drone show went off without a hitch. when it came time for the fireworks, the crowd waited and waited and waited, then, finally -- -mut the fireworks show goff in the skies over pleasanton. the skies lit up in patriotic colors. led to our website for events in your
6:56 am
no matter what type of dog you have... or, cat you have... frontline® plus lets you take them everywhere... no matter how you define it. frontline®. the #1 name in flea and tick protection.
6:57 am
quick review of the seven-day forecast. no sky july for the next few days if you're near the water with cloudy skies for much of the immediate bay, coastline, and out along the coast, as well. but there is a warming trend that shows up by the end of this week. just wanted you to see how we'll see our temperatures go from the low 70s in san jose to the mid 80s by the time we get to friday. same story shows up when we look
6:58 am
at the microcloi imates. the warm-up taking us from low 70s for many inland locations. that's the headline in the forecast, by the way. how cool we're going to be for the three-day weekend. i'm going to show you more on the fourth of july specifically coming up in the next hour, in the complete forecast. but since we're on the seven-day now, i've got to tell ya, we are going to warm up by the end of this next week. pretty much back up to average for this time of year. devin, back to you. coming up, in-person celebrations return for the fourth of july. the warnings ahead of those celebrations. inflation is hitting bay area families hard this fourth of july. how much more it'll cost you o celebrate.
6:59 am
7:00 am
live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, the fourth of july is back. we are celebrating in person once again. we'll bring you the excitement coming up. n thst bay. boost for fire it's a move years in nghborhds tis.d jut the rld needs more of, random acts of kindness. the east bay man fixing up bikes for his neighbors in need. good morning. it is saturday, july 2nd. thank you so much for joining us. i'm devin fehely. let's start with a check of the weather with first alert meteorologist darren peck. >> even better than the gray view of the bay bridge


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