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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 3, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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experiencing it could spread rapidly. >> getting ready for the fourth of july. >> while americans get ready to celebrate the red, white and blue, one contra costa school board member is planning to boycott. >> and celebrating freedom. governor newsome grants clemency to 14 people ahead of the holiday including from the bay area. from the the san francisco studios i'm ryan yamamoto. >> i'm betty yu. crews are on fire alert for fires caused by illegal fire
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works. >> kenny choi shows us what they do to protect the neighborhoods to reduce the risk of flare-ups. >> reporter: residents in the oakland hills are always worried about fire danger. it's weekends like this when they are especially vigilant and contact first responders. >> you can see the weeds in the soil there. >> reporter: he just passed the fire inspection. >> it's always a concern in the hills because the roads are narrow. >> reporter: is he and neighbors know fireworks will light up the skies. they've seen a reduction in several years. >> san pablo avenue. >> reporter: it will be closed as a safety precaution. oakland police is also making sure roadways are clear. issuing citations for illegally parked cars. >> the sign should face -- >> reporter: firefighters in contra costa county are hoping for fireworks-free celebrations. they respond to 100 fires caused
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by illegal fireworks on a typical july 4th weekend. >> we're off to a slow start. we're hoping tonight and tomorrow night continue the same way. >> reporter: illegal fireworks sparked at least four fires last night. >> although the temperature is cooler, the danger is still out there. our vegetation is very dry, and with the winds we're experiencing, it can still ri eeak ts on e bay will be boulevard giving some homeowners peace of mind. >> it won't be as crowded especially at the vista pound. so, in case there is a fire, the escape route is open. >> reporter: in oakland, kenny choi, kpix 5. in pau city of ca, anybody caught setting off illegal fire works could be slapped with a thousand dollars fine. the penalty also applies to the host of the party where the explosives are set offer. and the oakland police
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department is beefing up its staffing over the weekend, not just in fire prone areas. they'll have additional officers patrolling the streets keeping an eye out for fireworks. they will also have a sideshow enforcement team. more officers will be at lake merit as well as in west and east oakland. the highway patrol's maximum enforcement period is in effect this weekend. extra officers will be patrolling the roads, keeping an eye out for drunk drivers and speeders. they'll be in place through tomorrow night. well, while many people are getting ready to fire up the grill or attend a local parade, there are people who plan to boycott the july 4 holiday. a contra costa county school board member. >> reporter: this is anna marie and her sanctuary. it's where she finds peace, she says, when that's been cuff tough to come by in recent weeks. >> america has hit, you know, a bottom low, taking away women's reproductive rights. >> reporter: like many people she was upset with the supreme
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court overturning roe vs. wade. >> we're mad, extremely mad. people want to shut us down. in particular men want to tell us what we're going to do with our reproductive rights. >> reporter: she turned the anger into the social media post boycotting july 4th independence day. >> right now it is not a country of equality for all. and it's a very sad moment. and i think how we choose to exercise and reflect is all a personal choice and a personal liberty. >> reporter: she isn't just a contra costa county resident. she's a member on the board of county education. she said that is her personal opinion. conservatives have attacked her in recent days and calling her you unpatriotic. she's even gotten online threats 0. >> you shouldn't be in education. what a travesty. >> reporter: some demand she resign from the school board. >> ridiculous.
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it should inspire more women to run and more women to defend women in office who get attacked by this vile vitriol from party politics. >> reporter: she received a lot of support from across the country. while she started boycotting the july 6 holiday after donald trump was elected, more people are joining her this year and not celebrating independence day. >> this is a time to inspire more women to seek city council school boards, higher office and running for congress. >> reporter: instead of celebrating the fourth, anna marie will be running a protest. two college students are organizing a protest here in martinez monday at 9:00 at the rolling back of abortion rights. in martinez, kpix 5. for its part, the contra costa republican party has started gathering signatures to ardedfpeavelr she fth pe.
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sook at hundreds of people rallying for abortion rights in walnut creek this evening. protests across the bay area and the country continue since the supreme court's overturning of roe v. wade. without the right to abortion, the rights you return to the states. governor gavin newsom pardoned a woman sentenced to life as a teenager for killing her abuser. sarah was 16 at the time she shot and killed the man who abused and sexually trafficked her. a judge sentenced her to life without the possibility of parole. but her term was later reduced to 25 years with parole. she was later freed in 2013 after serving nearly two decades in prison. new video in this evening. the scene of a plane crash in petaluma a few hours ago. a small plane crashed into the hangar. the only person on board was the pilot and he made it out okay. napa's lake beriesa saw its
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sixth drowning. the boy survived, but the father didn't make it back to shore. napa county officials are warning people to wear a life jacket when in the water. san jose police say hundreds of vehicles took over an intersection last night for an illegal sideshow. there were multiple arrests and hundreds of citations. kpix 5's john chitnas has more on those street racing because it killed their loved ones. >> reporter: san jose police hope the message reaches anyone involved. whether you're a driver or spectator, there will be consequences. nearly 200 cars took over this san jose state campus saturday night and they gave out around 500 citations. >> i saw it as well. that took a lot of planning to do something like that. >> reporter: police say the sideshow started at 11:00 p.m.
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at the intersection of 10th street and alma avenue. they had a coordinated response to shut it down. >> we know it's out of control. it's happening everywhere. >> reporter: police say they made seven arrests for weapons and firearms charges. they recovered two guns at the scene and impounded five cars for 30 days each. >> a lot of these individuals are either teens or young adults and they think they're invincible. they don't think it's going to happen to them. >> reporter: street racing kills is a nonprofit based in california trying to help communities around the state to convince young people not to give in to these illegal activities. >> our main concern is -- >> reporter: lilly trujillo is the founder of the nonprofit. she lost her daughter to street racing when she was 16. lori does community relations for the group. she lost her son at the age of 23. >> they were innocent victims. it was the decisions somebody else made.
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>> reporter: sjpd provided photos on their twitter account including these images above. the snapchat is peers to be from sunday morning san jose state campus garage. the officers responded to the side show. they showed photos of damaged property. the women with street racing kills hopes that intervention programs like the ones they lead in southern california can convince more people to stop showing up to side shows like the ones here in the bay area. >> there is not a day that goes by. >> i cry every day. internally, i cry all the time. it's something that a mother is never supposed to, you know, bury their child. >> reporter: reporting in san jose, sean, kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5 at 11:00 and streaming on bay area 11, celebrations have started in the bay area. some people are so excited
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to celebrate, they're camping along the parade route. we'll tell you where. >> we have a big measuring stick to show you where the marine layer is. it's a thousand 70 feet at the sales force tower. what do the showers mean for tomorrow? how different will the clouds be tomorrow night when you need help it's great to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears.
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genesys, we're behind every customer smile.
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welcome back. tonight folks got treated early to a fireworks show. that's sure pretty. hundreds of families gather at marina bay park sitting on blankets to enjoy the fireworks. they returned this year after like everything else, taking a pandemic pause. >> now we've got obviously a huge contingent of people out here, and it should be a lot of fun for everybody in the bay area. this is, you know, really nice to be able to bring the community back together after such a long absence. >> and tonight's event included music and food and games for the kids. and in danville, people are going to great lengths to r reserve the best view at the town's fourth of july parade tomorrow. this resident has been keeping
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her spot warm since today. terry o'connor said it is extremely important she and her family have front row seats at the parade and she has a detailed plan on keeping the spot. >> we're a large family and the next shift will be my son-in-laws. they'll stay till 6:00. rope the chairs to the trees, and then we'll come back tomorrow morning. >> the danville fourth of july parade brings out 30 to 40,000 spectators each year. it starts at 9:00 tomorrow morning. if you're still looking for a place to watch fireworks, here are a few option in the bay area. downtown antioch at the river front, mount deablow high school in oakland. the a's at the coliseum. san francisco's peer 39 and andrews park in vacaville. we all agree that's commitment, right? >> yes. you need to have some traffic cones. that would help solidify it. >> that's right. >> going to be a great day in danville tomorrow. when that parade starts at 9:00
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a.m., it will be in the low 60s. danville is not getting above 73, 74 tomorrow for the daytime high. >> perfect. >> great weather. >> this is a time of year they should be closer to 90. >> but in san francisco we're not going to see that, right? >> let's talk about that, i think to be quite sure with san francisco, especially considering people are coming in for one of the bigger fire shows in the area. the question always is will the low clouds obscure the show. here's a good way to gauge where we are right now. we've got this perfectly placed giant measuring stick to tell us where the ceiling is on the clouds, how high up do you go before you hit the bottom of the clouds when the fireworks disappear. salesforce tower is a thousand feet high. milwaukee at times see the bay bridge. maybe not now. you can see the lights of the salesforce tower show happening. fireworks usually go up to a thousand feet, maybe a little higher. the good thing about this
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weather pattern tomorrow, even though we're likely going to pull the city back, theshou stao the clouds and you get a great show. for san jose, that's what we're looking at here, you have relatively clear skies now. we're seeing the low clouds start to fill in. that's a good sign there, but it doesn't mean tomorrow night goes exactly like tonight. there are important differences. if we use the high resolution, clouds start building back in by 8:00. it starts to get dark 9:00. 9:00 to 10:30 is really the primetime for the fireworks display. you can see the clouds filling in. if you're in the south bay or inland you're a go. your shows will be fine. the question and the concern becomes right in that along the bay shoreline. it's a close call. we'll see how things go. go to the shows anyway. plenty of people will be there and you'll stem ill have fun. the other news is the
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relati relative humidities are going up with this. we have significant fire concerns, but in a pattern like this we're keeping the rative ro illegal fireworks. ile're going to be. i mentioned that a few minutes ago. you don't get above 70 all day in santa rosa. it's going to be 80 in livermore. if we pull out other spots, danville, pleasanton hitting 80s. 80 in pleasanton. for santa rosa you're going to be 14 degrees below average for tomorrow's daytime high in the afternoon. san francisco is going to be right on the mark, average 67. you can see the spread. it's really the inland locations that are feeling this the most from this large pattern that's keep being the breeze going, now we can see the bay bridge at the top of the salesforce tower. b bundle up wherever you're going to be. it will be cold outside, breezy as well. make sure you're dressed for it. the temperatures tomorrow
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morning will be similar when the fireworks go off, even if tomorrow afternoon will be a nice day. mix of high clouds, low clouds will melt back to the coast for the most part. you'll have a pretty day. here's why tomorrow is interesting. there actually is a storm off our coast. see the spin in the clouds here? there is an area of low pressure that's going to try and deliver some rain to sonoma county tomorrow. you can see it on the futurecast as the system works its way to northern california tomorrow. we don't get much rain out of this. it's really unique and odd to have that in july, an area of low pressure right off our coast. there is a chance of light showers going into monday morning from it. but the much bigger consequence of this is keeping that cool on shore breeze going. that area of low pressure allows the marine layer to go higher than it otherwise would have. low pressure allows it to rise up. that will pull those clouds just a little bit higher and that might be the saving grace tomorrow for some of these fireworks displays. we saw the marine layers at the top of the salesforce tower.
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last night you couldn't see the top half of the thing because it was covered in clouds. so, subtle differences like that all go into this. anyway, slight chance of rain from that system, maybe. but it wouldn't be much, about 100th of an inch of rain will come in the morning. it will not impact your plany. f there's your seven-day is the our way. temperatures will climb to the middle 80s in san jose. that means we have to go back to the low 90s for some of our warmer inland locations. inland valleys and east bay which are going to have so unusually cool tomorrow, and for the first part of the week, do go back up to the low 90s by next weekend. okay, guys, back over to you. >> thank you, darren. coming up, if you haven't got the fixings for your barbecue, you might have sticker shock at the grocery store. just how much this celebration could cost you next. >> be sure to check out game day at the bottom of the hour.
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that means the usual fare of a's and what has happened to the giants. >> we didn't play good baseball. >> thanks, captain obvious. >> kevin durant, could he possibly return to the dubs? >> you know who i am. y'all know who i am. yowsre tv on game day check ws at 1
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if you're planning to shop for july 4th party tomorrow, be prepared for a pricey trip to the grocery store. new data from the american farm bureau federation shows a grocery bill for a fourth of july cookout will be 17% higher than last year. here's a look at how much more you'll pay for some of your favorite fixings for the fourth. some bay area shoppers said they weren't too surprised. >> 78.95. not too bad. although everything has gone up. >> the waffles, used to be two for five, now they're 2.99 each with the coupon. >> on top of higher food prices, fuel costs are up. a 3 cent per gallon gas tax increase approved five years ago just kicked in on friday. and since you're talking about travel being more expensive, groceries aren't the only thing taking a bite out of
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your wallet. the lowest cost for airfare is up 14% from last year. staff shortages have led airlines to cancel thousands of flights this summer. problems in the air have pushed 42 million americans to take to the road this fourth of july weekend despite skyrocketing gas prices. according to aaa, the national average gas price is just under $5 a gallon. what a bargain, because in california it's over six bucks a gallon. holiday weekends are typically big for the box office. we'll tell you what movie reigned supreme next.
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♪ one of betty's favorite movies and most anticipated, minions, the rise of gru hit theaters this weekend. but was it able to beat jurassic park and that tom cruise movie? >> i don't know, but i'm a big fan of the minions. david daniel has a break down of the box office. >> i know you're scared. >> the black phone fell to 5th place with $12.3 million pushing the fright film close to 50 million in domestic box offices. after a fourth place weekend worth $15.47 million. elvis fell to third with
11:28 pm
$9 million, 72 million after its second weekend in theaters. >> pete maverick mitchell. >> as tom cruise celebrated his 60th birthday, "top gun: maverick" made another 25 1/2 million dollars for domestic total of $571 million. minions, the rise of gru, easily rode to victory in its opening weekend. the fifth movie in the "despicable me" franchise led the way with $108.5 million. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. and coming up, how you can own a piece of american and olympic history when we come back.
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welcome back. 12-time olympic medalist ryan
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lochte auctioned off half of his medals to benefit a children's charity, and that's expected to raise at least $82,000. >> proceeds will go to the jorge nation foundation in south florida. it's a non-profit that lochte has worked with for ten years. the swimmer says he didn't want the medals collecting dust when proceeds could help kids in need. >> nice of him. >> yeah. some animals at an indiana zoo got patriotic treats. fairly not natural treats. ahead of the fourth of july. bottlenose dolphins, for instance, got a floating flag made of sugar-free gelatin. just like out in the wild. >> so cool. california sea lions and gray seals got happy fourth of july ice. and sugar-free gelatin cakes. and some brown bears savored red, white and blue ice blocks containing carrots, sweet potatoes, bones, apples and blueberries. from the looks of it, i had i they liked it, right? >> we should eat this healthy. except for the bones part.
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>> i'm not going to eat that healthy tomorrow. because it's july 4th. >> exactly. appreciate you watching. "game day" is next. >> news and weather updates are always on good night. when you need help it's great to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile. you want it all, just like i do... well now there's a new way to save with xfinity. genesys, now, get unlimited internet, wifi equipment and a free streaming box... ...risk free with no term contract and a 2-year rate guarantee for just $30 a month when you add xfinity mobile. learn how you can get all this and one unlimited line of mobile for 2 years for about the same price you could pay other providers for one unlimited 5g line.
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it's all part of a new xfinity 3 for 1 bundle. switch today! >> announcer: this is the casino matrix "game day" on kpix 5. kevin durant. friel free agent. coming to -- is it even
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possible? the warriors? certainly has lit a fire on twitter. >> there's at least a level of conversations behind the scenes like, you know -- i mean, he is kevin durant. but my -- also my sense is it's extremely unlikely to be explored. >> we're going to do a deep dive into kevin durant in moments. but first we'll kick off this july 3rd edition with baseball and the giants. winning ball club? yes. winning right now? no. wild card contender, yes. but there's ushz. defense, runs scored. it just wasn't happening. this weekend at 3rd and king streets not with the white sox. even a giants fan on the second level had trouble. sorry, man. next time bring a glove. top third shawn hjelle, all 6'11" of him. giants threw the ball around and
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