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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 5, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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scenarios, renting may be a better option than buying if you want to save some money. >> kpix 5's max darrow joins us from san francisco and breaks down those numbers. >> reporter: whether you're rent organize buying here in the bay area, it's going to be expensive. yes, there are advantages and disadvantages to both strategies. but right now at least, according to one senior economist with zillow, there is an enormous gap between the monthly costs to rent and the monthly cost to buy. emory barnes has rented in the bay area for about four years. >> we started in daly city for the first nine months and then moved here. >> reporter: in san francisco with a growing family, he'd like to buy, but at this moment, walking down that road might not make sense. >> so right now it seems like renting is just more affordable than buying a house. >> reporter: with mortgage interest rates rising and record high home prices, jeff tucker, senior economist with zillow says -- >> in the bay area, the odds are really stacked against buying.
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>> reporter: in the san francisco and san jose metropolitan areas, tucker says in the short-term, renting will be the cheaper option substantially. long-term it's tough to speculate. >> right now the mortgage payment for first-time home buyer buying the typical home in that region is -- that monthly mortgage payment is going to be up around $8,000 or $9,000 while monthly rent in the two regions is somewhere around 3200 to 3300 dollars. >> not only you pay mortgage for the homes but they're costing you more to carry the mortgage round on a kind of monthly basis. >> reporter: jordan levine, the vp and chief economist for the california association of realtors agrees people will save money in the short-term right now by renting. however, he says they might not save as much as they think in the long run and could lose out on wealth accumulation if they choose to rent. >> when you get five, six, ten years down the road in a rental, it hasn't done anything to your net worth, even if you are saving on a monthly basis.
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the statistics show that you don't typically go out and make a bunch of whizbang financial investments and end up as well off as you would have been had you purchased. >> reporter: but nonetheless, it will be expensive either way. for barnes, it's a waiting game to see what happens with the market over the next few months. which still have our lease for rent probably for another six months now. not sure if we're going bite the bullet to buy right after that, or if we're just going extend our lice lease. >> reporter: in san francisco, max darrow, kpix 5. >> here is a closer look at rent prices. san jose rent is surging back to prepandemic levels. prices have spiked 11% in the past six months. a one-bedroom apartment will cost you more than $2,000. meantime, in san francisco, price remain lower than before covid. prices have dropped 10% below prepandemic levels. a one bedroom will also cost you more than $2,000. and in oakland, it is the same boat as san francisco. prices are down 9%, and a one-bedroom is just over $1500 a
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month. it was a violent fourth of july weekend in oakland with police responding to three homicides and multiple shootings. one of them sending a child to the hospital. at about 8:30 last night, a 3-year-old boy was shot as he sat in a car in east oakland. it happened in front of an apartment complex on 26th avenue near 25th street. the police chief says responding officers may have saved the boy's life by driving him to the hospital themselves. the boy was shot in the torso and is in critical but stable condition. at the oakland coliseum, five a's fans were injured by celebratory gunfire while watching this fireworks display. the stadium was packed with fans celebrating the a's win against the toronto blue jeans. when the postgame fireworks went off, five people both on the field and in the stands were hit by bullet fragments. the police chief believes the shots came from outside of the stadium. >> the a's game has been safe
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for many years. we don't usually have incidents like this. the oakland a's have provided fireworks shows for several years and we've never experienced anything like this. but also, we know that oakland has had a problem for many years when it comes to how people celebrate the fourth of july. >> a man was also found shot inside of a car along dowling street at about 11:30 last night. the chief said suspects used three handguns to unload more than 100 rounds at the scene. we first brought you the police chief's remarks live on cbs news bay area. you stream on any mobile device, tablet, or laptop using our mobile app or in san francisco's bayview neighborhood, a teenager is recovering from a gunshot wound after being struck with a stray bullet while watching a fireworks show. no arrests have been made, but the victim is expected to survive. sfpd had their hands full in the mission last night. video shows a fire in the street at 24th and harrison.
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when officers tried to break up the crowd, they were greeted with bottles being thrown at them, even some fireworks. in the end, 12 officers were injured. no updates on any arrests or the condition of those officers. and a huge cleanup the day after the 4th. this is just a sample size of what crews gathered along san francisco's ocean beach. charred wood and firewood remnants all by the truckload. new at 6:00, governor gavin newsom is taking aim at florida in a new political ad. but the question is why, and why now? kpix 5's devin fehely looks at whether it would be a preview of a potential presidential run. >> reporter: friendly reminder. the only place that governor gavin newsom is running for elected office right now is in california for governor. so why in the world is he placing political attack ads in florida? sometimes the simplest answer is also the best. we talked to people in the world of politics and pr, and they say clearly this is a man trying to
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establish himself as a national political figure. likely laying the groundwork for an event yul run for president. >> i urge all of you living in florida to join the fight, or join us in california. >> governor newsom doesn't declare his candidacy in the ad, but clearly signals his intentions, taking aim at governor ron desantis in the battleground state of florida, with the next presidential election roughly two years away. >> he is absolutely sort of firing the first shot across the bow that he is looking to be viewed as a viable candidate for the democratic nomination in 2024. >> reporter: professor sean fletcher says it's not entirely clear what governors newsom would do if president biden elected to run for a second term in office. should he falter or step aside? political observers say newsom is clearly trying to position himself as a viable alternative. >> what he says matters and people pay attention to that. so, you know, it could very well
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be laying the groundwork for a future presidential run. >> reporter: right now president biden says he's running. but he is saddled with a wobbly economy, runaway inflation and sagging poll numbers. that enough to propel newsom past the president? no one knows for sure. some say the governor should simply focus on the job at hand before campaigning for a new one. >> i think he has the charisma quite frankly, and i think his focus has always been on national politics. and so -- and i don't begrudge him. but solve the problems we have here. >> reporter: at the end of the day as governor newsom, a man with too much ambition, too much time on his hands and too much money in his campaign coffers? political observers say these ads did not cost him a ton of money but got him a ton of media attention, magnifying their reach and their impact. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> newsom's tv ad comes as a new poll shows he could be a strong
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presidential candidate. the yahoo news yougov survey found in a hypothetical matchup, governor newsom would barely beat former president trump, 40-39%. his polling was higher than vice president kamala harris who tied with trump at 41%. newsom would also come out ahead of florida governor rick carlisle -- ron desantis. a lot of undecided voters up to 25%. still ahead on kpix 5 and "cbs news bay area," a raging wildfire explodes in northern california. a new evacuations in place and the fight to save a critical power station. plus, illegal fireworks damage homes in the east bay. the quick-thinking actions of one neighbor's son that may have helped keep the flames from spreading. >> you know, it's just shocking to see right there, you wake up in your backyard, and it's -- house gone. neighbor's house gone.
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>> we saw blue skies over the bay area for much of the day as the fog and cloud cover retreated towards the coast. but already the cloud cover swallowing up sutro tower. it's going to march back across the bay tonight. we'll track that and look ahead to a warmer pattern for the weekend, coming up in the first alert forecast.
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on the fire watch, crews have lifted all evacuations for a 22-acre wildfire in solano county.
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firefighters are now mopping up the scene. the brushfire broke out in cordelia lane late this morning. it all started on the highway 80-680 interchange on the west side of fairfield. the fire reached four alarms before crews stopped forward progress. at one point, mandatory evacuations were ordered along thomason lane and cordelia road. the cause is under investigation. bay area strike teams have been deployed to the gold country to help fight a large fire at the base of the sierra. it's called the electra fire. today fire officials expanded the mandatory evacuation zones up towards highway 88. this is about 30 miles south of placerville. and according to cal fire, more than 3,000 acres have burned. there is currently zero percent containment. currently there are 450 buildings threatened. cal fire says none have been destroyed. and according to pg&e's outage map, more than 11,000 people are without power. part of that is through a forced shutoff by the utility.
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and as fire crews are working to contain the blaze, evacuees are scrambling to get to safety while also taking care of their animals. the amador county fair ground is serving as an animal shelter. by this afternoon they were housing about 50 animals, including a whole building full of cats, dogs, and other small animals. >> it helps those owners make sure they know their animals are cared for while they can handle everything else that is going on with the incident. >> animal control officials say it is important to make sure your animals are microchipped in case you get separated. some people living in pittsburg are grateful to be back in their homes after a firework ignited flames in their backyard. sharita wilson says her son is a hero. she says he called 911 last night after seeing flames in their and their neighbor's backyards. their neighbor lost their home, and wilson says she hopes more people will consider the impact to others when lighting their own fireworks. >> it's not worth it. because now somebody doesn't
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have a house to come home to. you know, it's just shocking to see like right there, you wake up in your backyard and it's -- you know, house gone, neighbor's house gone. >> contra costa county fire responded to nearly 80 calls over the weekend, and they say most were related to illegal fireworks. >> and that's the type of fire we didn't want to see. >> no. >> it's already dry and dangerous out there. you add fireworks to the mix. >> it was terrifying last night, seeing all of the explosions in the sky. and just knowing oh, my gosh, this is a disaster. >> not part of an organized display, that's trouble waiting to happen. >> right. >> the elevated humidity levels, while they weren't necessarily pleasant to feel, they did help with the fire a little bit. and the cooler than average temperatures are going to help at least a couple more days. tomorrow and again on thursday. pacific northwest storm system just kind of spinning away here, off of the pacific northwest coast. but that kicks in the onshore breeze and helps to keep our temperatures below average, even for inland parts of the bay
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area. we are going to see some changes by the end of the workweek. as the heat dome builds over the desert southwest, right over the four corners, it's not going to be directly impacting our weather in terms of really hot conditions, but it is going to help to push us to slightly above average temperatures by the time the weekend rolls around. right now look at san jose. they're the warmest spot. but the warmest spot out there is only 76 degrees. that's just not bad at all for early july. 66 degrees for downtown san francisco. seeing plenty of sunshine and the fog along the coast is going to start spreading inland as we head through the rest of night. a big push into the inland valleys once again with a layer of cloud cover farther above that in the atmosphere as well. kind of a layer cake effect to begin the day tomorrow. the low cloud cover and fog is going to back up toward the coast, while the clouds higher up are going to be a little tougher to shake. it's going to be a mix of clouds and sunshine for much of the day. but the clouds higher up in the atmosphere aren't going to necessarily block the sun, they're just going to filter it and produce temperatures cooler
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than today. upper 50s to around 60 degrees. that's closer to normal for this time of year. temperatures with the fog and cloud cover slow to warm up for the first half of the day. the warmest spots by noon, only in the mid-70s. mostly 60s to around 70 degrees. then with the sunshine breaking through, temperatures do show a little more variation during the afternoon. up into the low 60s along the coast. mid to upper 60s around the bay. temperatures inland most i will only reaching the mid- to upper 70s. the very warmest spots of the map, into the low 80s for fairfield, antioch and brentwood. similar temperatures once again on thursday. and then we start warming up by friday and saturday. take advantage of the below average temperatures. get your dog some exercise, including from marleau here, who does not look to be in an exercising mood. once the fog and low cloud cover move off, i think the puppy energy will take over. mid to low 70s in san jose for marleau tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are going to be in that same territory on thursday before they start warming up on friday. that's going to elevate the fire threat or to the weekend. we'll start off near zero on our
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fire danger index with the below average temperatures tomorrow. not a huge climb for this saturday as we go through the day. any time in the middle of summer that we can stay below the halfway point on the scale, which is 5 on a zero to 10 scale, that's where we want to be. the highest valleys are seeing a 3 or 4, even during the warmest and windiest part of the day on wednesday. temperatures do warm up by the weekend. it's not much of a warm-up around the bay. close to 70 in san francisco this weekend. low to mid-70s for oakland and the east bay. but well into if 80s for san jose, especially by sunday and monday. the hottest spots are going to be inland in the north bay. close to 90 by sunday and inland in the east bay, into the low 90s on sunday. but low 90s in july, it's only about three or four degrees above average. if we're staying away from triple-digit heat, that's fine. we can handle a little bit of warmth, even if it edges towards heat every once in a while. >> exactly. just continuing to ride the temperature roller coaster. >> there we go. >> thanks, paul. well, "cbs news bay area" is coming up. >> here is adriana diaz with a
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prr. >> good evening, ryan and liz. we have a packed broadcast for you tonight after kpix 5 news a illinois with the new details after a fourth of july parade turned into a crime scene. the death toll rises as the investigation unfolds. tonight we speak to survivors and witnesses as we learn more about how the suspected gunman evaded police for hours. that's coming up on the cbs evening news. straight ahead in sports, a defensive star fan favorite has returned to the giants. and i wouldn't say he skated into this. but it was a heck of a slap shot for the league with the new general manager of the sharks was announced this morning.
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nhl on top of the san jose sharks who today decided to bring back one of their own in a big way. mike grier played three of his 14 seasons in the nhl in san jose. since he hung up his skates, he's climbed up the coaching and player development ranks. and today the team's general manager back in san jose as the league's first african american general manager, a giant role. could it light a spark for more qualified front office hockey staff who look like him? >> i want to do the best i can for the sharks organization and for the fan base. and if i do that, i'll help open the doors for other minorities
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to get into some front office positions. >> what a pedigree. what a sports management family. his older brother chris here is general manager of the miami dolphins, and his dad bobby had a lot of roles in the patriots front office. his claim to fame, did you know bobby urged the patriots to draft tom brady. >> the coach of michigan said there was only one -- one personal guy in the nfl who called and asked about brady, and that was my dad. so that's the lesson. you got to go the extra mile. you got to turn over every stone and you got to put in the time. there is no shortcuts. baseball. the a's looking to make it two straight against the blue jeans. and the giants are in arizona trying to snap a five-game losing streak. moving pictures on "the late show." good news. short stop brandon crawford was activated from the injured list, and he is in the lineup. now the bad news.
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chasmer kirk casale expected to miss at least a month with a side injury. there is james wiseman checking out a little warriors basketball summer league. against the miami heat, second round pick santos, inside pass. spoon led golden state with 14 points. then former u.s. star jamari playing with the heat. look at the touch with the left hand. he scored 13 points. miami won the game, 94-70. warriors with wiseman will begin the las vegas summer league on friday night. oh, in front of royalty, duchess kate and prince william, wimbledon rolled on. they watched a fife-set match with janek sinner against djokovic. the poor camera. and like that, djokovic flipped the switch. look at this return. top seed rallied back and beat
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center in five sets, 26 straight wins at wimbledon for the defending champion. he'll play the brit cameron norrie in the semifinals. hey, a fan dressed like bjorn borg. women's side of the draw, great point between tatjana maria far court and julie niemeyer. check the shot. between the leg number. maria was ready for it. 234-year-old mother of two. to reach her first ever grand slam semifinals. she'll play third seed next round. liz, i must ask you, as a resident tennis pro. >> yes. >> all the stardom that you've had, have you pulled any trick shots out of your bag in a match? >> you know, i always wanted to be able to do that, but it doesn't end well if you miss. i'll just leave it there. >> fair enough. fair enough. >> maybe like do a little tricky thing or dive for something.
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>> serve and volley, let the opponent make the unforced error. >> there you go. always a good plan. thanks, vern. up next, you've probably seen them driving around. those double-decker tour buses. we take a ride to see if the big
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san jose leaders broke ground today on a new park. >> it's called nbury park, about half a mile from the berryessa station. it's part of a planned mixed use development that will include shopping and homes. the park is expected to be finished by february of 2023. new at 6:00, a live look at san francisco. you may be seeing more people atop tour buses throughout the bay area these days. the 4th brought out some big numbers, and today was much the same. >> definitely been noticing it on the streets. kpix 5's read cowan spent morning with tourists and bus companies feeling hopeful travel appears to be making a comeback. >> here is the bus and one of many steeples. look, san francisco, the return of people. >> we are really busy. very, very busy. we had a really good weekend. >> i hear them saying no more covid. >> no more covid. >> reporter: jamal drives telling me the tourists on top of his bus didn't stop with the fourth of july, and it's good to be back on the road again. >> it's a beautiful city.
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a little bit cold. >> reporter: this family braving cooler temperatures from overseas with a wide eyed son seeing the sights. they're from far away while others -- >> we just wanted to explore and have some fun. >> reporter: like this family live in states, but came the leave a piece of their hearts in the city by the bay. want proof? don't you forget it, kid. tourism is coming back. >> our best year we've ever had is 2019. and we're about 70% of that. 70 to 80%. so it's like christmas, but in july. >> reporter: not a sleigh but a big open airbus. and tourists reminding us how keeping hope alive dur worked. >> it's great to be out in the city. >> reporter: read cowan, kpix 5. >> the numbers seem to support what reed saw today. sf travel says travel is up more than 20% year-over-year, but still down 44% from a record high of 26 million visitors. that was back in 2019. business owners weary of covid era travel restrictions say any
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progress is much appreciated. you can always tell the tourists because they're wearing the san francisco sweatshirt saying i thought i was coming to captioning sponsored by cbs >> diaz: tonight, in highland park, illinois, just yards behind me is a parade route where a man gunned down families celebrating america. and tonight, the death toll is rising. we are learning the names of the victims as a seventh person dies. tonight, the new details to have the investigation, the gunman firing 70 rounds, how he evaded police for hours and the breaking news that law mother who escaped the carnage with her three young children. >> i was thinking that could have been us, how did we survive, like why did we s


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