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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  July 6, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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studios, this is kpix 5 news. oil prices are down, gas prices, they hurt. >> uh-huh. >> what gives? plus, how some california cannabis growers are getting a tax cut. new details on the deadly
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parade shooting. what suspect revealed about a potential attack for the same day. good afternoon. thank you for watching. i'm reed collin. >> i'm sara donchey. global oil prices dipping below $100 for the first time in months, so what about our gas prices? >> you would think they would follow, right? across the bay area and the state we are paying upwards of $6 a gallon. kpix max darrow looks into why prices are not dropping faster. >> reporter: though it may be hard to believe, gas prices are dropping in the bay area but you are still paying on average a little bit over $6 a gallon for regular gas. people lined up at this costco in wynwood city to pay under the $6 mark. the slow decline in gas prices comes as the price of oil drops substantially. both the global and american benchmarks for crude oil dropped below $100 a barrel today, the first time it has happened since april. many experts attribute that to
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concern about the state of the economy, but that fast price drop doesn't mean what we pay at the pump will drop at the same rate. the head of petroleum analysis at gas buddy tells us it is a lag and it might take a few weeks for us to see a change when we fill our tanks. >> stations deliver the lower prices but it takes time to get access to the cheaper price to sell through their expensive fuel and to start lowering their price. so stations aren't really in a hurry to lower prices because much of this year we have seen a rise in prices and they've been on the wrong side of things for a good portion of the year. >> reporter: he is confident however sooner rather than later we will see cheaper gas prices . he estimates around the 20 to 40 cent drop per gallon, but still not back to what many of us feel is normal any time soon. in redwood city, max darrow, kpix 5. three suspects were arrested in connection with san jose's eighth homicide of the year.
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they are in custody at the santa clara county main jail. authorities think they're connected to a shooting on april 16th. the man died from the gunshot wound there. police have not released a possible motive. california is giving tax relief to legal cannabis growers. the changes are part of a newly signed state budget eliminating a tax on growers. california is pausing tax increases for a period of about three years. kpix 5 reporter john ramos will have a break down of the changes on kpix 5 news at 6:00. new details about the deadly parade shooting in highland park, illinois. >> investigators say the suspect gave a statement admitting gilgt guilt in monday's attack and he considered another when he fled briefly to wisconsin. robert crimo iii is facing seven counts of first degree murder. investigators are trying to pinpoint how he was able to legally purchase five firearms despite two encounters with police in 2019 involving threats of violence to himself and
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others. the 21 year old is due back in court in late july where he will probably face more charges. the judge found that the evidence was at such a level he could be held without bond. also because of the fact that it is a mandatory life sentence. >> well, on the other side of the story the victims. here they are. seven people died. nicolas visiting from mexico. jacquelyn sundheim, a teacher at a local synagogue. goldstein and the mccarthys. >> they were with their 2-year-old son at the parade and someone found the boy wandering and took to social media to try to find his family. that's when they learned both of his parents were shot and killed. >> the little boy was eventually reunited with his grandparents. reporter jackie kostek talked to the couple that scooped the little boy up in their arms in the middle of the blood. >> it was almost as if a light was flipped and everyone started
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running for cover. >> for dana and gregory ring an idyllic start to the 4th of july turned quickly. when the shots rang out the couple grabbed their children and rushed to the staircase behind walker brothers to get to the parking garage below, that's where they were met with a stranger, a woman holding a small boy. >> she was -- you could -- she's in shock. >> she was shaking, physically shaking, her whole body, which told us that wasn't -- she shouldn't be having to hold and/or deal with a little one at the same time. >> so greg took the young boy, covered in someone else's blood, into his arms. >> i went back up. i thought it was the dumbest thing i have ever done in my life because he was saying mommy, daddy. i went back up to look for his mom and dad, and then i saw the scene. >> carnage. >> the carnage. >> the family didn't know where to bring the boy so they started with the fire department. >> i said, this is not our boy. he said, i'm not a babysitter right now, can you take him? of course. >> reporter: the family went back to pares' h
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neby. >> my dad kke poppy mode and immediately swooped him up and brought him in the back. they were watching mickey mouse together for probably an hour and a half, which was the sweetest thing. he was happy. he was -- >> he was fine. >> he was playing with our smallest daughter. >> reporter: about three hours after the ring family took the little boy in, a highland park detective picked him up and helped reunite him with his grandparents at the hospital. by the end of the day, lucky had new meaning. >> we were laying in bed last night and the three kids. we made them all shower and they all got in bed and there were crazy storms here in highland park, maybe it was thunder and lightning. >> thunder and lightning. >> i said to dana, we are the luckiest people on the planet. >> a gofundme has been set up for the little boy. it has raised so far from kind people more than $2 million. >> wow. shifting gears here, u.s. employers advertising fewer jobs
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as the economy has shown signs of slowing down a bit. job openings totaled about 11.3 million at the end of may, down from nearly 11.7 million in april. that means right now there are still nearly two job openings for every unemployed person. on wall street stocks stayed in the green today. the dow was up about 70. the nasdaq gained almost 40. the s&p 500 was up 13. today president biden traveled to a key state in this year's battle to win the u.s. senate. skyler henry reports he was in ohio touting a program to save benefits for millions of retirees. >> reporter: at a cleveland, ohio high school, president biden promoted a plan to protect multi-employer pensions which cover union employees who work at multiple companies. >> with today's actions millions of workers will have the dignified retirement they earned and they deserve. >> reporter: under the american rescue plan the pension plans can apply for billions of dollars in financial assistance. the administration says the program will restore benefits to thousands of workers and avert pension cuts for millions of
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retirees over the next three decades. the president's trip was an opportunity for him to share his economic message with blue collar voters in a state he lost in 2020. >> we made incredible progress on the economy from where we were a year and a half ago. we got a long way to go because of inflation. now i'm fighting like hell to lower costs on things we talk about around your kitchen table. >> reporter: democrats are hoping to gain a u.s. senate seat in ohio with incumbent republican senator rob portman not running for reelection this year. >> there's a real choice in the senate race. >> the opportunities in this state to depend on us fighting and winning. >> reporter: pessimism is shown with americans over the economy. skyler henry, cbs news, the white house. streaming on "cbs news bay area." >> we wanted the vehicle truly to be capable of going anywhere. >> whether attacking the train or getting groceries, how a california company challenges
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our expectations with electric cars and truck goes. find out where a windstorm was so powerful it did this. ♪ nothing like that in our weather. just some stubborn clouds overhead for much of the day, slowing down the warm-up, but we have seen plenty of sunshine in other parts of the bay area. a big w
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♪ all right.
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my camera is moving up and so are gas prices. sales of electric vehicles in response rose 76% in just the first quarter, and an irvine-based company wants to ditch the traditional image of the vehicles. cbs reporter ben tracy took a road with ceo of something called rivian. >> you ready? >> okay. >> it is going quick. >> should i be scared? >> no. >> whoa! >>reporter: by now you might have heard that electric vehicles are fast. >> that's like being on some sort of rocket ship ride. >> yeah. it is very, very quick. >> reporter: but r.j. scaringe, the founder and ceo of rivian, is out to prove they can also be fierce. rivian has been dubbed the tesla of trucks. it sells an suv and an electric pickup truck. they are not cheap. each costs about $80,000, but they are unique.
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from the front the truck looks like it drove off the screen of a pixar movie. motor trend named it 2022's truck of the year, raving it redefines the genre. when rivian went public late last year, its stock surge briefly made it one of the most valuable automakers in the world, worth more than general motors and ford, but the stock has plummeted. lately the road for rivian has been pretty rough. it has been plagued by chronic production delays due in part to a shortage of parts, including semiconductor chips. it's sprawling factory can annually produce 150,000 vehicles but this year the company expects to roll just 25,000 off the assembly line. the wait to get one is now more than a year long. >> so this blue car, what is interesting is this car has already been assigned to a customer. >> reporter: 39-year-old scaringe has been heralded as
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tesla ceo elon musk's nemesis. musk is questioning whether rivian will survive. musk recently said you guys are tracking towards bankruptcy. what is your response to that? >> you don't start a car company immediately making money. i think he is maybe forgetting some of the things tesla themselves went through, but i take it as him hopefully just trying to be constructive and helpful. >> reporter: what has been helpful is the billions in cash rivian is sitting on thanks largely to amazon. it is one of rivian's biggest shareholders and amazon executive chairman jeff bezos gave rivian a huge boost in 2019 when he placed an order for 100,000 electric delivery trucks. >> when will we see them on the road? >> we are delivering them as we speak. >> reporter: the trucks are part of amazon's plan to go carbon neutral by 2040. in the u.s., transportation and the pollution from gas-powered vehicles is the biggest source of planet warming green house gas emissions.
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scaringe says climate change is the reason he founded rivian in 2009 as he wrestled with his two competing loves, cars and the great outdoors. especially road trips with his family. >> so that sort of led to me being, frankly, really bummed out that these things i loved were simultaneously the root of so many issues, and the reason rivian exists is precisely for that challenge. go for a ride. >> reporter: he says american still will be able to drive the trucks and suvs they love. >> so if you have done things like this before. >> crawl up a wall of rocks in a vehicle? >> yeah. >> no. >> no? >> reporter: and take them just about anywhere they want. >> i think this is the very first time i have ever done this. >> see, there we go. a day of firsts. >> reporter: i'm ben tracy in bloomington, illinois. well, it can get windy around the bay area as we know but it is usually nothing like this. take a look. >> oh, my gosh. folks, we got a truck -- wow.
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okay. >> a meteorologist in northern iowa was driving on the truck when he saw that, a semi blown off the road before jack knifing. fortunately the driver was able to stay out of the ditch. the winds last night caused a lot of damage around that state. >> all right. so the driver needs an award for that one. >> yeah. >> time for a look at the forecast with first alert meteorologist paul hailen. >> that's a skill, keeping that upright when battling 80, 90-mile-per-hour winds. it is a prolonged wind event resulting from severe thunderstorms. we don't get those around here. we will see the dense fog redeveloping heading through the rest of tonight. one more day of the weather pattern tomorrow with the dense fog gradually lifting, leaving behind enc behind cloud cover but the sun will break through. above average temperatures inland by sunday and monday. we will go for a ride on the terrorism roller coaster again. temperatures in the distance
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have warmed to 76, in fact, which is the warm spot around the bay area. 68 for downtown san francisco. people with the cloud cover lingering overhead has lifted off ground level so we're not seeing the reduced visibility in the term of fog at this point, but going to redevelop and spread into the inland valleys tomorrow morning. again, one more day in the pattern with the widespread fog retreating to the coast, lifting off ground level. i believe we will see the sun breaking through faster than today. inland clearing should happen by late morning to noon at the latest with lingering clouds around the bay and along the coast as we head to lunch time. temperatures might be a degree or two warmer than today. the bigger jump in temperature is in store from thursday to friday. temperatures tonight dropping into the 50s across the board, from 52 in santa rosa to 59 in antioch. most of us in the middle portion of the 50s, which is where we tbe this time of the year. high temperatures tomorrow will be close to normal around the bay once again. still, a few degrees below average farther inland but warmer than today. it should return to the low 80s
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for some of the warmer spots by thursday afternoon. temperatures along the coast only topping out in the low 60s but it is close to average. low to mid 70s down the peninsula and around the south end of the bay but farther into the 70s if not up to 80 as you go farther inland in the santa clara valley. some of the warmer spots inland in the east bay from concord up to brentwood. not bad at all. the tri-valley mid to upper 70s with clearing slower to clear there. upper 60s in san francisco. normal for july 7th. low 70s for oakland and the east bay with a mix of upper 70s and 80s. temperatures in sonoma county reaching into the mid 80s, some of the warmer spots on the map for thursday afternoon. with one more day below average temperatures, the fire index has been nicely low with the below-average temperature pattern. it never will be zero in the afternoons in july and august,
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but any time we stay below the halfway point on the zero to ten scale that's fine. the highest numbers w see torrow around three oar four during the afternoon. the high fire danger will climb once the temperatures climb later this week and into the weekend. b the warmest days with temperatures in oakland reaching the mid 70s. mid to upper 80s for san jose with high temperatures inland in the east bay and the north bay at or above 90 degrees before more cloud cover heads our way tuesday and wednesday, bringing the return to near average temperatures. this is not really the huge jump on the temperature roller koster, back on the kiddie coaster for a little while. >> all right. up next, a hit cbs reality show returns tonight, and a new one joins the line-up. we will have a primetime preview. coming up on the "cbs evening news", a mass shooting prevented in richmond, virginia. today we learned the suspected shooter in illinois almost attacked another july 4th event but changed his mind. new details tonight from our exclusive interview with the police chief and the atf agent
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in charge of that investigation. that's coming up on the "cbs evening news".
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♪ quite the following for years now, the 24th season of
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""big brother" premieres tonight on cbs. >> 16 new house guests and julia chin, the host, takes us behind the scenes. >> i'm so excited. our 24th season kicks off with a live 90-minute premiere move-in event you are not going to want to miss. >> welcome to the cookout. >> we had a historic season last year with the cookout. i'm really excited to see what kind of strategies and game play this season's house guests have in store for us. on premiere night our 16 brand-new house guests will move in live, and they will immediately be thrust into never-before-seen challenges. >> i am very excited about being in the ""big brother" house. it is like literally a dream come true. >> excited to meet the house guests. >> i have been studying this game 20 years. >> my strategy going into the game is being myself. >> i'm not necessarily a liar in real life, but to win the game you definitely have to lie. >> i have a lot of energy and i'm going to be the one twerking on tables and having a good time. >> i want to get in the house
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and bring that $750,000 home. >> these house guests will be living in the bb motel, a colorful desert oasis inspired by palm springs and a blast from the past mid century style. the bedrooms are inspired by the golfer's paradise of palm springs. car design of the 1950s and the space age. >> being in the big brother house is amazing. of course, the entire room is going to hear all of my evil plans. >> i do have a secret that i do not plan on sharing with the house guests this summer. >> this season house guests will experience the most outrageous festival-theme summer at the bb fest. >> i want to win that first hoh because it is huge for your game. >> i have the competitive aspect down and i think i am built for this. >> i am fun, i am hot and i'm ready. >> it is your boy in the building. let's go. >> it feels great to be back. i can't imagine having any summer without "big brother." it means that summer is officially starting. you can watch the season
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premiere of ""big brother" tonight at 8:00 here on kpix 5 and talk about it tomorrow morning over the watercooler. after that it is the premiere of "the challenge usa." >> it is the all-new edition of mtv's hit reality. 28 fan favorites from "survivor," "the amazing race" and "love island" will battle against each other for their share of a $500,000 prize. we talked to the host of the show. >> tell people about "the challenge usa" who aren't familiar with the real world or road world. it is a franchise of the whole vibe that was on mtv for a while. >> not only do they have to do what they're good at, which is being in the challenge, doing something during the day, whatever it is, being an action hero essentially with some puzzles and very smart action hero because you have to learn a lot of things that you have to know how to do. first go, first try, no do-over. it is amazing. but then you have to go and live with your opponents, which is a
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whole different experience. >> the challenge has a special 90-minute repremiere tonight on kpix. you can watch it streaming with our host. find us on pluto tv channel 1021 and on any platform using the free cbs news app. coming up, you need to be pretty brave for this one. the latest u.s. thrill ride that is said to defy gravity. ♪
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♪ coming up at 5:00, we are now in the thick of summer, so how about that big, gold water? >> the sign said people in one part of the bay area that people may be getting the message. that story and more with ryan yamamoto and me on the news at 5:00. finally at 3:00, a colorado amusement part has the highest looping roller coaster in the company. >> it is called, appropriately so, defiance. the park, west of denver, says it has -- everybody put your hands up. >> oh. >> oh, there it is. i don't need to talk. you just went through it. the steepest free-fall drop in the western u.s. it is more than . go aast as 56r. fls lik25arkla.
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at lik that and i catch myself doing this. >> paul, are you pro or anti? >> do what you want but i'm not going. >> we'l captioning sponsored by cbs . >> o'donnell: tonight the new details in the parade massacre. police say the suspected shooter contemplated a second attack hours away were highland park, illinois, but changed his mind. held without bond, the new information about the suspected shooter as we learn he reloaded twice. tonight the first look at his arsenal and our exclusive interview with the atf agent in charge and the police chief. >> there is quite a bit of preplanning that went into it and he was quite motivated to carry out the attack. >> o'donnell: remembering the victims, they were grandparents and new parents killed in the july 4th attack. tonight we hear their stories including irina and kevin mccarthy and how their two year old son survived.


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