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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 8, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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violent and repeat offenders can no longer be allowed to victimize this city without any consequence. >> she's also vowing to advocate for victims. she says she wants to put a stop to asian american hate crimes and end gun violence in black communities. >> we can no longer turn a blind eye to the gun violence that is going on in our black community here. r asian amerinmunity can no left feeling scared. >> jenkins is also calling on an end to open-air drug markets on city streets. >> we know the large percentage of children that live in the tenderloin, and they shouldn't have to walk past drug dealings. they shouldn't have to endure violence. and they shouldn't have to watch people die on the street of overdose as they walk to school. >> and all of that sounds good to some. san francisco business owners
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say they have been repeatedly victimized by criminals. >> kpix 5's lauren toms spoke with a struggling business owner who says change can't come soon enough. >> reporter: today is the start of a new era in the san francisco d.a.'s office. but there is a lot of work ahead as residents say they need to see change for neighborhoods and shops that have been criminalized over the last several years. >> this is an azalea plant. >> reporter: flowers have always been a part of sona's life. >> even when we go on vacation, i always get into a flower shop. i have to smell a flower. i have to see their designs. yeah, it just brings joy to a lot of people. that's what i said. that's why i think that neighborhood really, really can use a flower shop. >> reporter: but just ten months ago, her flower shop was the site of a burglary and arson. crime is something the sunset neighborhood is all too familiar with. >> it got so bad that he just decided to burn the place, just go upstairs and just burn the place down.
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so it seems like these incidents, it's just got worse and it's just getting more serious. >> reporter: she says her shop of 35 years has been the victim of crime before, but never this extreme. >> who did this and why? and you wonder if anyone, if he got caught. all these questions, it's like yeah, it was just like why did this happen? this is just a flower shop. >> reporter: these questions she says haven't been answered, and so far she says not enough has been done to help. >> i just want him to be caught, you know. i want the police to catch him. and if he is caught based on what i've heard, i've seen on tv, that he probably will just get a slap on his hand. >> reporter: as san francisco
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gets a new district attorney after chesa boudin was recalled, some shop owners like sona are excited the change is coming. >> i'm sure she is going to do her best not to disappoint all her supporters, and any change is a good change. >> reporter: but change she says is something she'll have to see to believe. >> because of no stiff punishments, you feel like this is going to happen again for someone else. >> reporter: as for what's next, sona says she is not planning to rebuild her flower shop, but does hope someone takes it over to continue providing flowers for the sunset district. in san francisco, i'm lauren toms, kpix 5. >> and here is more background on brookes jenkins. she has more than 15 years of experience as an attorney. she worked as an assistant d.a. for seven years before departing. before that, she was in private practice in atlanta and the bay area. jenkins graduated from the university of chicago law school. >> and former d.a. chesa boudin
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reached out the jenkins, offering to help her make a smooth transition. he released a statement saying, i am proud of the work we did to serve victims and to bring much needed reforms and accountability to our justice system. this is work i will continue in the months and years ahead. as for what comes next, if jenkins wants to keep the job, she will have to run in a special election this november to finish out the current term. then there will be a regularly scheduled election in 2023. boudin could run again next year to try and reclaim the job. the other big story we are following, elon musk says he wants out of his deal to buy twitter. let's go out to elizabeth cook with the latest in this takeover roller coaster ride, liz. >> yeah, it's been quite the saga, ryan. it's yet another twist in this drama between the world's richest man and one of the world's most influential social media platforms. the tesla ceo sent a letter to twitter's board saying he is ending the $44 billion bid to buy the company. musk says the company has failed to provide enough information
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about the number of bought or spam accounts. twitter is estimate they'd make up no more than 5% of accounts, but musk thinks it's a lot more. now twitter says it will sue musk to complete the merger. cnet editor at large says get ready for a long legal battle. >> twitter can bring him to court to try to force the deal, saying, look, he has spent the last few months criticizing our executives, questioning the fundamentals of our business, criticizing everything we do, and they could argue that they can't return to being the business they were before he showed up, that he has destroyed whatever twitter was. >> well, there is also a $1 billion breakup fee on the line. twitter has been laying off staff, most recently on its talent acquisition team as it prepares for a takeover. twitter shares fell nearly 6% in after-hours trading following the big news. saryra sara? >> i'm sure that is not the last we'll hear of this. thank you. a wildfire in yosemite
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national park has really exploded in size, it's burning very close to the mariposa grove of giant sequoias. it's burning unchecked scorching about 466 acres near the southern entrance to the park. the area is now closed to visitors so firefighters can get in and get better access to it. kpix 5's an makovec has been looking into the story and joins us with more. hi, anne. >> the fire started yesterday afternoon and blew up overnight. i just spoke with yosemite fire. they think the old named sequoias are going to be safe, but the fire is still raging. the national park service shot this video overnight. the fire has taken down several trees so far. they don't know how many. and their priority now is protect those legacy sequoias and the nearby community of wawona. emergency calls started coming in about smoke in the grove at 2:00 p.m. yesterday. it looks like the fire started
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along washburn trail and spread into the grove. it is burning in mixed timber with a bunch of dead and downed trees in the area. but the mariposa grove is the largest grove of giant sequoias in the park. it is home to over 500 of the towering trees. one named grizzly giant estimated to be up to 3,000 years old and is counted as the 25th largest tree in the world. and yosemite has their oldest trees protected. >> we wrap the trees to give them an extra protection and barrier there. we sprayed them down. we've done some scraping of mineral soil down there. we've also had some prescribed burns in the grove over the last many years. >> one twitter user shared these photos from a campground where he was staying in wawona about five miles from the grove. he said the air quality yesterday was getting very bad and that there was ash falling on their campsite. so he packed up today and went home. it is an all-out effort to
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battle this fire, and the cause is still under investigation. sara? >> all right, anne, thanks for update. lake tahoe looks pretty clear right now, but the national weather service says winds could push smoke from the yosemite fire into tahoe over the weekend. kind of bad timing if you're planning a weekend trip out there. but yeah, it looks like a lot of smoke, paul. >> the direction of that wind is from the south and southwest, pushing the smoke plume in the general direction of lake tahoe. fortunately, this isn't an enormous fire yet. so the amount of smoke isn't going to be enough to send the air quality in lake tahoe to nearly the levels reached when the caldor fire was burning last year. you can see the plume just blowing off of the fire burning in yosemite right now. it has some fires closer to the bay area today too. one around morgan hill earlier. and this one in southern lake county to the southeast of clearlake. this is called the main fire, producing some active flames earlier this afternoon. now just some smoke because the fire crews have stopped forward progress. fortunately, no evacuations as a result of that fire burning just to the southeast of clearlake.
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the temperature 90 degrees. the humidity above 30% that could be a lot worse this time of year, and the winds aren't that strong. we have hotter temperatures in store as we head into the second half of the weekend and early next week. that's going to escalate the fire threat, take a look at how hot it's going to get in a few minutes. >> thanks, paul. looking at another fire, a grass fire burning in uncorporated parts of west morgan hill. this is near the area of armsby and sleeping valley roads. evacuations were ordered for about 20 homes. cal fire says the fire is nearly five acres, but forward progress has been stopped. it's been 10% contained. chopper 5 captured images of the fire. you see how the flames burn very close to some homes right there. fire crews are using ground and air attack, dropping fire retardant to stop the spread. president biden signed an executive order to protect access to abortion services. one of the measures deals with abortion medication. the order also directs agencies to educate medical providers and insurers about how and when they're required to share
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privileged patient information with authorities. but the president is still urging congressional action. >> the fastest way to res restore roe is to pass a national law codifying roe. for god's sake, there is an election november. vote, vote, vote, vote. >> the white house saying they'll also coordinate free legal assistance to help women and providers navigate some of the new abortion restrictions. >> and sara, vice president kamala harris met with lawmakers from multiple states fighting to protect reproductive rights. she spoke exclusively with cbs news reporter robert costa. >> you don't have to abandon your faith, whatever that might be. to a degree, the government should not be making that decision for a woman. >> you can hear more from his sit-down with vice president harris. her thoughts on abortion, gun violence, and the economy on this sunday's "face the nation."
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still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on cbs news bay area, outrage around the world after the assassination of japan's former prime minister. a look at how shinzo abe's legacy impacted the bay area. and could johnny depp's court victory over amber heard be tossed out? new allegations of a juror mix-up. and another hit for some struggling bay area restaurants. they're getting slammed with one-star reviews. who is behind it? >> it can really destroy your restaurant.
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now to the shocking news overseas. the brutal assassination of japan's former prime minister shinzo abe. and a warning, the pictures you're about to see may be disturbing. abe was shot and killed in broad daylight while he was giving a speech at a campaign rally near osaka. security guards tackled and then
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wrestled the 41-year-old suspected gunman who used a homemade weapon in the attack. investigators do not yet know the motive. the shooting happened in a country where gun violence is extremely rare. japan has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. >> one thing did strike my -- get my attention. that this is the first use of a weapon to murder someone in japan. and i think we have thus far have 3,000, between 3,000 and 4,000 cases. they have one. >> abe was japan's longest serving prime minister. the current prime minister called abe's assassination an unforgivable act. and in new york, u.n. security council members stood for a moment of silence today to honor abe. he was 67. here in san francisco's japantown, we saw japanese and american flags lowered at half-staff in remembrance of abe. kpix 5's shawn chitnition spoke to local experts on the impact
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he had with his political leadership here in the bay area. >> those who met the former prime minister and have followed the career of shinzo abe say the impact of his work will live on not just in japan, but here in the bay area. and that his legacy is transformational beyond politics and foreign affairs. >> he was able to create personal relationship and be a very effective advocate for japan on the world stage. >> reporter: the longest serving prime minister in japan's history, shinzo abe will be remembered globally and locally for his ability to connect with others. >> i think the ability to meet him in tokyo and to have a really serious conversation. >> reporter: experts who had the chance to meet with him say he was a rare politician who truly cared about hearing different perspectives. >> he was one who at least certainly in my interactions with him never shied away from an actual intellectual debate. >> abe visited stanford and the bay area in 2015. that trip continues to help the
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relationship between our two countries and the tech industry. >> he put out the word that he thought japanese companies should come and be here. >> reporter: the bay area council says today more than 80 companies from japan have a presence locally. >> he had a particularly big impact here on us in the bay area. >> coming out of world war ii, many japanese americans wanted nothing to do with japan. >> reporter: but abe also helped to improve the connection japanese americans had to their homeland. >> because of the efforts of people like prime minister abe, we do have much better relationships between our two countries. and that does impact how people such as myself are perceived. >> reporter: he also valued american history and was the first prime minister from japan to visit pearl harbor, and his focus on people and community allowed him to champion diversity. >> it was a call out to auction to many sectors to get involved in strengthening the role of women in the economy. >> reporter: the u.s. and japan's relationship is stronger today in large part because of abc's contributions.
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>> he treasured this alliance, but he knew it rested on the support of the people of our two countries. >> reporter: shawn chitnis, kpix 5. u.s. and world leaders are expressing their shock and their condolences over shinzo abe's death. many of them sharing fond memories on social media today. >> the latest job numbers show u.s. employers continue to hire workers at a strong pace, despite signs of weakness in the economy. the labor department says the company add 372,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate remained low at 3.6%. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger says hiring is slowing down, but the new report shows the labor market remains solid. >> i think that this shows that the labor market continues to be pretty strong. in fact, if we're worried about an economic slowdown or a recession, this report has no proof of that at all. >> and while the job market is strong, inflation does remain a problem. the federal reserve has been raising interest rates to slow it down.
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and despite the strong jobs report, it was mixed day on wall street. the dow closed down 4 points. the nasdaq was up about 14, and the s&p was down 3 points. a live look at the golden gate bridge plaza this evening. heads up for commuters if they're heading north. expect to see some delays as crews make repairs on 101 this weekend. two northbound lanes will be closed north of the robin williams tunnel to the rodeo drive exit in sausalito. the lanes will be closed starting at 10:00 tonight, and will reopen monday morning. all offramps will still be open. new report shows californians are conserving water, slightly. statewide, water use fell by 3% in month of may compared to the same month last year. in the bay area, conservation was up the most in rohnert park and burlingame. each about 10%. this follows two months in the row where the state recorded double-digit increases in water use the first five months of 2022 marked the driest in california history. >> not necessarily a great place to be. >> no. at least we've had a little bit
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of drizzle along the coast the past several days. that's about the best we can hope for in the middle of summertime. we might see a little more later tonight. it doesn't eliminate the fire drop. >> it helps. >> every drop we can possibly get. we are going to see a warmer pattern taking over as we head into the second half of the weekend. enjoy the near normal temperatures we have this weekend and for the first half of this weekend. areas of fog spreading out. patchy drizzle possible along the coast in some of the higher elevations by early saturday morning. near normal temperatures on saturday. some of that lingering fog and cloud cover in the morning. plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. looks like a nice day overall. sunday and monday will be nice, they'll just be warmer. in fact, it will be hot inland by sunday and monday. no records being set. no excessive heat warnings. but just a toasty forecast for a couple of days. right now there is the fog spreading out towards downtown san francisco as we look out from institute suit throw tower. the temperature is cool around the bay. 60 in the city. 66 degrees right now in oakland. farther inland, mid-70s in san
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jose with low 80s in livermore and santa rosa, and still mid-80s right now in concord. but that's normal for this time of year. the average high temperature in concord is around 88 degrees. you're heading out this evening to music on the square in redwood city starts in just under an hour. temperature there just above 70 degrees. that's going to get going with plenty of sunshine overhead. mild conditions, but it's going to be a little cooler on the east side of the bay if you're heading out the the coliseum to watch the a's take on the astros. temperature maybe a degree cooler than it is right now. mostly clear for the first pitch. but that fog and low cloud cover is going to be spreading across the bay as we head farther into this evening. make sure you bring some layers to put on once the sun goes down. the visibility map shows reduced visibilities. pressure much across the board by early tomorrow morning. the fog is going to spread a little farther inland. it's going to be a bit deeper compared to this morning. and that means it's going to be slightly slower to dissipate which allows temperatures to be slightly cooler than they were today. we're going to start off with the cloud cover and temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. which is normal for this time of year. high temperatures tomorrow,
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though, are going to manage to warm up to about what's normal for mid-july. upper 60s in san francisco. around 70 in oakland. mostly low to mid-80s inland. the very warmest spots inlandfalling short of 90 degrees. that's slightly below average. but again, enjoy it. because we do have a hotter weather pattern taking over as we head into sunday and monday. now hotter weather pattern means away from the water. only up to about 70 degrees in san francisco in sunday and monday, and upper 70s in oakland. but near 90 degrees in san jose for a couple of degrees before we retreat to near normal temperatures tuesday through all of next week. so once we get through a couple of hot days, and they're not going to be excessively hot, we should be back to typical july territory for most of next week. even the hottest spots around fairfield should only top out in the upper half of the 90s. anything below 100 there is air conditioning. >> yeah. it sounds pretty good. >> all right. thanks, paul. still ahead, amber heard calling for a mistrial in her case against johnny depp. the claims the wrong juror showed up to court.
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plus, a string of back-to-back shark attacks on the east coast. the efforts to track the behavior of great whites. and starting monday, join us for a new 7:00 a.m. newscast streaming live on "cbs news bay area." you can find us on pluto
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pat cipollone took the hot seat today testifying before the house committee investigating the january 6th riot. >> mr. cipollone was in the room. he -- we have testimony from others about what he said and did. but there are some things that we need to hear from him about directly. >> cipollone spoke several hours answering questions behind closed doors. his deposition comes more than a week after the testimony by former trump white house aide cassidy hutchinson. she described trump's unsuccessful efforts to join protesters at the capitol on january 6th.
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>> mr. cipollone said something to the effect of please make sure we don't go up to the capitol, cassidy. keep in touch with me. we're going to get charged with every crime imaginable if we make that movement happen. >> the committee subpoenaed cipollone 24 hours after ms. hutchinson's appearance, eventually reaching a deal for today's taped testimony. amber heard is asking for the court to declare a mistrial in her defamation case with ex-husband johnny depp. hear's legal team claims that one of the jurors in the trial was not actually the person summoned for jury duty. arguing that this violate's heard's due process rights. it's alleged that a 77-year-old was selected for jury duty, but instead a 52-year-old with the same last name who lives at the same address served as a juror instead. in restaurants in the bay area are getting slammed with one-star reviews. we'll tell you why that's hurting their businesses and who's behind it, coming up. plus a break in a
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40-year-old murder case on the central coast. a 5-year-old kidnapped on the way to kindergarten. new details on an arrest. ♪ ♪ ever since i was a young boy ♪ >> also, the sounds of bluegrass coming to the stern grove festival this weekend. the music with a message.
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we're watching kpix 5 at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5 streaming on "cbs news bay area," more
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local news at 5:30. 7 a break in a 40-year-old murder case on the central coast. a 5-year-old kidnapped on the way to school. plus, inside the new center on the peninsula offering art classes for children who might not otherwise get them. but first, our top story at 5:30. they were hit hard by the pandemic first, and now struggling bay area restaurants are fighting off blackmail demands by scam artists. good evening. i'm sara donchey. >> and i'm ryan yamamoto. we begin with a problem that has become a nightmare for bay area restaurant owners. they're being targeted with negative one-star reviews. kpix 5's mary lee explains how the scam works and how the scammers hope to cash in. >> lucco's is a family-run restaurant in the lakeside neighborhood. reviews are everything. so when the owners started getting one-star reviews every day, it was devastating. >> and we thought oh my goodness, what did we do? who did we upset? >> but it's horrible. oh, man, going to take my
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business now. >> reporter: husband and wife luciano and kelly own muto's, a small serving up california italian cuisine with flavors of yucatan. during the pandemic thieves broke into their business three times. and now they're getting hit again, this time online. scammers are leaving negative one-star google review ratings about their restaurant. 4.0, people don't read, you know, they don't read why. they just assume that something's wrong with the restaurant, right? and then they go and they may not come visit you. it can really destroy your restaurant. >> reporter: in all, they received 11 one-star google review ratings. then came the emails from the scammers themselves saying they were from india, threatening to keep sending one-star reviews unless they were sent a


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