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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 11, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at noon on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, breaking news, a live look at a fire at a homeless encampment in oakland. over the scene at 34th and wood street underneath interstate 880. multiple rvs are burning along with a train trestle and cars. flames broke out in the last 90 minutes. we're told 65 firefighters are on the scene. several expositions have been reported. but so far thankfully no
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injuries. smoke is still hovering over an area west of downtown. here is to video from our salesforce camera in san francisco. thick black smoke starting around 10:30 i visible from across the bay and along with the cloud. that is creity ago a traffic problem. 880 in both ways have been closed. the northbound 880 ramp to eastbound 80 is closed and so are the ramps from westbound 80 to southbound 880 and eastbound 580. we will have the latest on and streaming on website news bay area. also at noon, ancient trees under threat. a wildfire in yosemite expands as it burns near a grove of giant sequoias. i'm amanda starrantino.
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545 firefighters across the state are battling the washburn still at 0% containment and has now burned more than 2300 acres. crews say the fire is spreading near the giant sequoias. jonathan is just west of yosemite. >> more than 2,000 acres of flames paired with blistering heat, low humidity, and difficult terrain. some 500 firefighters are enduring brutal conditions while battling the washburn fire. still burning out of control in a southern corner of yosemite national park. >> so with the higher tempe temperatures will increase the fi fire intensity. >>s the fire is so intense, it is creating its own weather system causing up drafts launching debris into air. one near miss was caught on radio. >> a branch went right over the top of us. pretty good size. so if we keep seeing that, we might have to knock it off. i don't want to take a chance of busting a window on an airplane
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or hurting an aircraft. >> hot shoot crews are through the area tasks are planning containment lines to save hundreds of iconic sequoias. >> i'm standing in front of the grizzly giant, one of the most famous trees on earth and we have a sprinkler system and we're trying to give it some preventative first aid. >> reporter: in utah, record-breaking heat and high winds are fuelling massive wildfires. the newest the jacob city fire whose flames spread to 6 kwar miles with zero containment. and they have arrested four men that abandoned a campfire that ignited the fire in fillmore. >> we need to be cautious during the red flag days, there is many more to come. >> and back here in yosemite, the washburn fire continues to burn if areas so remote, fire crews are struggling to get in and fight it safely this morning. and in the past 24 hours it has nearly doubled in size and
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stands at 0% containment. jonathan vig lee otty, yosemite national park. the community near yosemite has been forced to evacuate. the cause of the washburn fire is under investigation. and it is because of that fire that an air quality advisory is in effect for parts of the bay area today. get ready to see some hazy skies in the east and north bea. kpix 5 mary lee explains. >> reporter: the washburn fire in the yosemite national park is about 150 miles away from the bay area. but winds are expected to carry smoke from the fire into parts of the region. because of this, the bay area air quality management district has issued an air quality advisory for the north bay and east bay on monday. air quality officials say even though you may see hazy skies, smoke particles are expected to stay in the upper levels of the atmosphere. >> so we want to take that
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precautionary measure to know you may see some visual impacts, some smoke that is aloft. but we are expecting the air quality to be in the moderate range around the bay area. so we want to make sure that people are aware of the difference between what tear seeing and what is actually going on. >> reporter: air quality officials did say it is possible for some of the smoke to make its way down to the surface and effect the air we breathe. a great resource to check the air quality where you live and make sure you're safe is the air now fire and smoke map. it shows current wildfire locations, and the associated smoke plumes. the air fire and smoke app demonstrates the ash and particles in the air. >> it is an expected thing that you're going to have hazy smokey days in the bay area now. >> unfortunately. >> and that was mary lee reporting. people with respiratory illness should be extra cautious along with other adults.
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if you smell smoke it means particles have reached the surface and it is best to stay inside and keep doors and windows closed. >> and let's get to jessica burch. >> let's start off with the fact on top of that it is a hot day for us here in the bay. our in land areas getting up to around the mid-90s. with partly cloudy skies and a lot of fog along the coast and the bay. look at the golden gate bridge right now. foggy across the board. this is a live look from the sutro cam just over it. you can't see the top of it. that fog will stick around into the evening hours and fill the bay into the evening into tomorrow morning. but one thing i want to talk about is the fire down in yosemite. it is impacting us. right now this is just in the upper levels of the atmosphere. pm 2.5 levels staying strong and they push off into the east. that is what is forecasted due to the winds. now, one thing i do want to mention is that the surface level we're still dealing with great air quality.
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once it starts settling from upper levels then everything will start changing. we'll see a moderate just in the bay kind of like how the coastline actually how our in land areas are dealing with right now. we'll talk about that in the full forecast. for now back over to you. president biden said a new bipartisan law meant to reduce gun violence is, quote, real progress. but he is stressing that more needs to be done. skylar henry is athe white house. >> reporter: the white house invited survivors and family members of mass shooting victims to join president biden on the south lawn as he celebrated the passage of a gun control bill. >> because of your work, your advocacy, your courage, lives will be saved today and tomorrow because of this. >> reporter: congress passed the bill in the wake of mass shootings in buffalo and uvalde, but the ceremony comes one week after another horrific massacre. the chicago suburb of highland park.
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>> now is the time to galvanize this movement. because that is our duty to the people of this nation. that is what we owe those families in buffalo, or grocery store became a killing field, it is what we owe those families in uvalde, where an elementary school became a filling field and those families in highland park where on july 4th a parade became a killing field. >> reporter: the white house is also celebrating the 21 executive actions president biden has signed to address gun violence. including the ruling on ghost guns. requiring the home-made guns to have serial numbers so they could be traced. an assassin used a home made gun to kill shinzo abe last week. some gun control advocates have criticized the white house event saying there is nothing to celebrate because more laws are needed to protect americans. skylar henry, cbs news, the white house. happening tomorrow, the january 6 committee will hold another hearing. one of two scheduled this week.
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committee member jamie raskin said a few focus tomorrow is possible connections between the trump white house and far right sk extremist groups. the congressman raskin said on face the nation, a tweet from president trump in december of 2020 had a significant effect. >> people will hear the story of that tweet and then the explosive effect it had in trump world and specifically among the domestic violent extremist groups, the most dangerous political extremists in the country at that point. >> steve bannon, a former trump adviser has agreed to testify after months of stonewalling and facing contempt of congress charges. this thursday the economy is expected to say that the president failed his oath of office during the riot. and still ahead, you usually see this in winter but it is happening right now this weekend. king tides are likely to cause some local flooding for several
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nights in a row. and summer camps are back after a few years off due to covid. we'll introduce to you one that is all a we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
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welcome back. we're going to take a look at our markets. dow is down in the red about 177 points after some gains last week. not looking good to start off the week. taking a live look at san francisco now. one ever places where flooding is likely in low lying area this weekend during king tides. first of the high tides will occur late tonight and happen again each night through friday.
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so the king tide is more typical in december and january due to alignment of the sun, moon and earth. but it could happen at any time of the year. this week the peak tide along san francisco embarcadero could reach 7 1/2 feet above normal. and flooding possible in marin county along the bay shore. but jessica eve been talking about this all day. what does that look like for us. >> oh, my goodness gracious, it is a busy for us. we're dealing with not the best air quality. that will continue into the afternoon where it is expected to get into the moderate section once that smoke starts to settle. it is also foggy out there. visibility is poor. you could see the winds are cricking in strong right now just near the golden gate bridge. but it is a lot more clear in the inland areas. that fog is stream lining into the bay today. and it will fill the bay as we head into the evening. nonetheless, the king tides have returned and she just mentioned it. we're usually used to this closer to december and january. but it is a full phenomenon.
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so tomorrow into the next couple of days with wednesday being the worst, it will happen around 11:30 p.m. at night. so this is an overnight system nonetheless. let's change out the forecast talking about temperatures. we're still above average in our inland areas and that will continue today and tomorrow but cool off into wednesday. 90s are expected at our inland areas. 70s and 60 as long the coast. pretty nice into the mid portions of the week. but that marine layer is why we're staying cooler. at least in the coast as well as the bay. so like i mentioned, it will fill its way in overnight and waking up tomorrow and with that in mind let's look at our next seven days. we do cool down in wednesday. warming right back up to where we were as we extend into saturday and sunday. so another hot weekend ahead of us. really if you have any outdoor plans, that is the time to do it. a lot of hiking and getting out and enjoying the weather. just make sure your hydrating and making sure you are wearing sunscreen. >> it is monday and i love that
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you're already weekend. all right. thank you. that is definitely you in a nutshell. thank you, jessica. >> if you're looking for a summer camp for kids here is one you want to consider. gianna franco said it offers many creative paths while teaching love and inclusivity. >> that beat, those drums, will soon fill the outdoors in mendocino county at camp winter rainbow. a place he's been going to his kid. >> i was 7 years old was my first year of camp came up with the teen program and as a 17-year-old. >> and now as a teacher and -- >> i'm the program manager. meaning that i oversee two of our most specialized programs. our scholarship program, and our team staff leadership program. >> a scholarship program that he oversees that allows kids to attend camp winter rainbow that may not have had the opportunity
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other wise. >> i wanted to open up our scholarship program to more black and brown families that either, one, didn't know about the camp or two, couldn't afford it. >> the camp focuses on the performing arts. >> every skill we offer. so juggling, we are aerial and trapeze and clowning and we have improv and spoken word and poetry and west african drumming which i teach. >> in the most beautiful setting. >> we have a huge big top where we teach gymnastics. we have a beautiful rainbow stage. belouoorn ircle. just a oc anscenerions. m madeline now sends her kids.
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>> youth are respected at camp and i wanted my kids to go there because kids are respected for their ideas and what they want to do and who they are. >> camp winter rainbow was founded in 1975 by hippie icon and activist wavy gravy. and it is a place where kids could work together and bee creative and be themselves. >> i just think it is a special place and i hope it is around for ever. i this is the kind of place that we need in the world. >> given the trying social times that we're in now, i really feel like camp is a beacon for young people to go out into the world and effect positive change. >> and a great place -- >> i i made a few friends. >> -- to make some life long friends. gianna franco, kpix 5. coming up, a very special tribute to the queen of tau hannah music. how selena was honored in san francisco this weekend. and coming up on cbs news
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bay area, a local zrr tells us how listeria could effect people. you could watch our stream wherever whenever on pluto tv channel 1021 and on - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now.
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over the weekend, selena was honored as singer isabel mary sanchez joined the san francisco symphony. kpix's jocelyn moran was there at the only tribute approved by the late musician's family. >> a pack the house for a tribute to the queen of tijuana music. selena. selena has been an inspiration for isabel marie sanchez. she grew up listening to her music. >> selena's music lives on forever and ever. >> isabel brought a tribute to selena to san francisco. ♪ [ singing ]
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>> selena's music with the orchestra vibrated throughout the hall. being in the audience, you felt it. the night to remember the queen of tijano music. and for isabel, this has opened doors for her. >> i do a song that is on my album and then fans are recognizing my music as well. even when we do meet and greet after the show, you know, moms or dads have come up to me, and i had selena to look up to and now my daughter has someone to look up to you and it is awesome to be in that stage, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and i'm super blessed. >> what a show. coming up, a giant skeleton from a prehistoric era is going up for auction. the well preserved fossil found in montana could fetch millions
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of dollars. and today on the drew barrymore show,
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a controversial tradition make its come back. why some say the running of the bulls has run its course. that story and more at 3:00. now let's check in with jessica burch in a very busy weather
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center today. >> it has been a monday over here. current temperatures right now as we extend into the afternoon peaking in the 90s. up in solano county and concord up near 94 today. that is well above average. but san francisco sitting where we should be and that is thanks to that thick marine layer we're looking at right now. you could barely tell theresy golden gate bridge behind that live look. on the opposite side of bay that is clear and that is the case inland. that fog will start filling back into the bay just around 7:00 tonight and get dense overnight and that's how we're waking up tomorrow morning. so to add to that, king tides have returned to the forecast. tonight at 9:53, that is when the first one arrives and that will tcontinue into the week an with wednesday being the worst. amanda. >> a well reserved dinosaur skeleton could be a show piece in someone's living room. but the winning bidder will have to offer a seven-figure sum to
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get it. it was discovered in montana in 2018, you may remember. it is 10 feet tall and 22 feet long. it comes from a carnivore called a gorga saurus which roamed the earth 77 million years ago. it goes on display on july 21st and then on auction is underway a week later. according to the auction house it could fetch as much as $8 million. i don't know how you have th ro >> you could imagine walking out to the living room in the middle of the night. >> there are movies like that. >> night at the museum. >> well thank you so much for joining us. we'll be right back here
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[ relaxing music ] [ ridge sighing ] >> brooke: we needed that celebration today. >> ridge: mm. >> brooke: mm-hmm. it felt normal. almost like i could forget about the army of security that we have surrounding the building. >> ridge: oh, i know. >> brooke: oh. everybody is so happy that you're back here with me. we're living in the moment. >> ridge: i'm happy. >> brooke: yeah? >> ridge: mm-hmm. >> brooke: it was a wonderful day. well, maybe not for you. >> ridge: of course, it was.
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