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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 15, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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news app on your cell phone or con4t(uq" tv. it's friday, july 15th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." deleted text messages. why the secret service is facing heavy criticism in connection to the capitol riot. controversial trip. president biden heads to saudi arabia today. what he's saying ahead of his meeting with the crown prince, the man who allegedly ordered journalist. remembering ivana trump. the first wife of donald trump dies in her new york city apartment. a look back on her life and the tributes to her. good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with troublesome allegations against the u.s. secret service. the agency is facing new criticism from the house committee investigating the capitol riot.
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an internal watchdog says the agency deleted text messages between january 5th and the 6th. it happened after they were requested as part of the riot investigation. the secret service is now pushing back. bradley blackburn is in new york with the details on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's important because what secret service agents witnessed that day has become a critical question. they were, of course, with president trump as marchers headed toward the capitol, so there is real concern that these messages are now gone. the head of the house january 6th committee is vowing to investigate what he called the extraordinarily troubling destruction of secret service a letter has been obtained by cbs news from the department of homeland security inspector general to a pair of congressional committees. it said that many secret service agents' text messages from january 5th and 6th, 2021, were erased as parts of a device replacement program.
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what's more, the inspector general says the texts were deleted after his investigators asked for them. a spokesman for the secret service denied any wrongdoing. special agent in charge steve kopek said some data was lost when the cell phones were reset during a scheduled system migration. he also pushed back on the timing of the ig's request for electronic communications. he said the agency wasn't told to provide the records until more than seven weeks after the riot. the secret service's activities had already drawn the scrutiny of the january 6th commitee. last month a former white house aide testified she was told president trump had an altercation with an agent who refused to take him to the capitol. >> the president reached up toward the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. engle grabbed his arm, said, sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. >> reporter: the agents involved denied those claims, and according to the "associated
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press," the driver and a member of trump's security detail are willing to refute the story under oath. but those agents haven't given that testimony yet. "the new york times" reports the committee has interviewed a washington, d.c., police officer who was part of the presidential motorcade that day and says the altercation with the president did happen. anne-marie? >> very interesting. bradley blackburn in new york. thank you. president biden will travel to saudi arabia today for a high-stakes meeting. he's scheduled to talk with crown prince mohammad bin salman. u.s. intelligence said bin salman ordered the killing of a "washington post" columnist in 2018. president biden declined to say whether he will bring up the murder during today's meeting. >> i will bring up -- i always bring up human rights. i always bring up human rights. but my position on khashoggi has been so clear. if anyone doesn't understand it in saudi arabia or anywhere else they haven't been around a while.
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>> reporter: he's been slammed for making the trip. he once called the kingdom a pariah when he ran for president but insists the u.s. must talk with the saudis or risk losing influence in the region to russia or china. wnba star brittney griner is wnba star brittney griner appeared in a russian courtroom and is expected to testify today at a court hearing in russia. she appeared in court yesterday as witnesses defended her good character. griner pleaded guilty to drug charges last week and faces up to ten years in prison. officials in washington, d.c., said that she had been wrongfully detained. they believe moscow could be using her as leverage to negotiate the release of high-profile russians in u.s. custody. and this morning, friends and family are remembering ivana trump, the first wife of the former president and his older children. the new york police department said that she was found dead in her new york city apartment yesterday. her cause of death is under investigation. but sources tell the "associated press" that police are looking whether or not she fell downstairs.
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natalie brand has a look back at her life. >> reporter: ivana trump passed away at her home in new york city at age 73, according to a statement posted by former president trump, her ex-husband. "she was a wonderful, beautiful, and amazing woman who led a great and inspirational life," mr. trump wrote on his social media platform. he noted her three children were her pride and joy. donald jr., ivanka, and eric. trump posted on instagramhiers in busess,orld-claathlete, mother and friend. ivana, who was born in what's now the czech republic, married trump in 1977. the two became a publicity power couple in new york city in the '80s and '90s, and she is credited for helping to build his real estate empire. the couple divorced in 1992 but remained friendly in recent years. in a 2017 interview with "cbs
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sunday morning," she was asked about her relationship with the then-president. >> is he still a big part of your life? >> yeah, he is. he is. >> reporter: in what way? >> well, we speak to each other. >> reporter: how often? >> maybe once a week. >> reporter: he asks for advice. >> yes. >> reporter: trump is survived by her children and ten grandchildren. natalie brand, cbs news. well the buffalo, new york, supermarket where ten black people were killed in a racist mass shooting will reopen today. the tops friendly market held a moment of silence and prayer yesterday to honor the victims. the store has undergone security upgrades and other changes since the shooting two months ago. shoppers have different opinions, though, on whether they'll return. >> out of respect of it being sacred ground so to speak, i'm not quite sure. might just let a couple days, couple months go by and see if i will go back in. >> there's a lot of people here who are walkers.
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it's not like we can get to another supermarket. >> a federal grand jury indicted the accused gunman yesterday on hate crimes. he's pleaded not guilty to state and federal charges. in ukraine, russian missiles killed at least 23 and wounded more than 100 others. officials say the missiles struck a medical center, store, and residential buildings in a city southwest of kyiv. president volodymer zelenskyy called it an open act of terrorism. he accused russia of intentionally targeting civilians and demanded that russia be declared a state sponsor of terrorism. the attack happened as officials from 40 countries met in the netherlands to agree to coordinate evidence as they investigate potential war crimes in ukraine. coming up, a possible return to masking. a california county is warning that indoor mask mandates may be issued as covid hospitalizations and deaths rise. and a sneaky self-portrait. how vincent van gogh hid an
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unknown work for more than a century. this is the "cbs morning news."
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with quick dissolving nurtec i can get back to normal fast and prevent my next attack. treat & prevent - all in one. texas attorney general ken paxton announced the state is suing the biden administration over recent abortion guidance. earlier this week, u.s. health officials said federal law requires abortions to be provided if it's needed to save the mother's life. but the lawsuit accuses the white house of trying to turn emergency rooms into walk-in abortion clinics. texas has a near total ban on abortions. federal health officials did not comment on the lawsuit. in vginia. a corthns m afters those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the roanoke times" says that no one died after flooding washed out homes and roads in southwest virginia. all 44 people who had been unaccounted for were located by noon yesterday. rescue teams searched a large
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30-mile area and more than 400 structures after the storm on tuesday night. the severe weather destroyed homes, knocked out power, and left many people without cell service. state transportation officials are now assessing the damage and clearing out the roads. and the "los angeles times" reports l.a. county is on the verge of indoor mask mandates as deaths and hospitalizations rise. local health leaders said that if the numbers don't improve, the mandate would begin on july 29th. l.a. county is considered high when it comes to the covid-19 community level. the surge of new infections is being driven by the highly contagious ba.5 subvariant. >> in the past we were saying if you've been infected, you're probably protected for about three months before immunity wears off. we just throw that out the window with this new strain. >> the renewed mandate would apply to people older than 2 at indoor settings including restaurants, gyms, retail stores, schools, and shared
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ employers are ready to hand out bigger raises next year, but it still may not be enough. and the popular online game wordle is turning into a board game. matt pieper has those stories and more in today's cbs "money watch" report. >> reporter: stocks have been down all week, and the same could be said for thursday for the most part. the dow lost 142. the nasdaq did gain 3. the s&p 500 down 11. uber's safety issues are still ongoing.
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the ride-hailing company is facing a lawsuit filed by about 550 women who allege they were assaulted by drivers. the civil action suit was filed in san francisco and includes claims from women in multiple states. the law firm says it's actively investigating about 150 other alleged assaults. it comes two weeks after uber released its second-ever safety report in which it disclosed thatre 141ts of rape in the u.s. in 2020. something to look forward to next year. you could be getting a pay raise. u.s. employers say they expect the average raise to be 4.1%. that's according to a survey of more than 1,400 organizations from firm willis towers watson. but while it would be the largest hike in 15 years, the u.s. is dealing with a 40-year high inflation rate. the consumer price index showed prices rose 9.1% year over year last month. and ditch that computer, wordle will soon be a board game. in the online version players
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are given six chances to guess a certain five-letter word. in the board game version which will be available in october, the basic principle of the game remains, but players will compete against each other for points. that is your cbs "money watch" report for this friday morning. i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new york. well, cars from a retire private collection are getting ready to hit the auction block b. two dozen cars including vintage ferraris and maseratis, one of most valuable single car owner collections assembled, estimated to be worth more than $200 million. >> if you compare it to a piece of artwork which is gorgeous and beautiful to look at, these cars are hand built, you know, sculptures. and so they're beautiful to look at. but there's also sensory involved. you get the sound, the smell, just the -- the excitement and adrenaline that you get from using something like this is -- i think really plays into why
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people are so enthused. >> the cars will be auctioned by r.m. sotheby's in monterey, california, next month. art experts in scotland have uncovered a never-before-seen apparent self-portrait by vincent van gogh. an x-ray found the portrait on the back of van gogh's "head of a peasant woman" covered by layers of cardboard and glue. he was known to reviews canvases by working on reverse side to save money. >> when we saw the x-ray for first time of course we were hugely excited, absolutely thrilled to bits. such a major discovery over an alternative composition happens once, twice in a lifetime. >> the portrait is believed to be an early work since it shows van gogh's left ear, which we -- he cut off in 1888. up next, a new thrill for "wonder woman" fans. we'll hear from people who took a ride on a record-breaking roller coaster playing tribute
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ lift off, lift off of spacex's "falcon 9" rocket -- >> a successful liftoff for
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spacex last night. it launched a spacecraft to the international space station carrying 5,800 pounds of science experiments and crew supplies. experts will analyze how the earth's dust can impact our planet's climate, weather, and vegetation. and tiger woods is off to a rough start at the british open. the 15-time major champion shot a six over 78 at st. andrews yesterday. he won the event twice on that same golf course back in 2000 and 2005, but he's currently tied for 145th place with a lot of ground to make up. >> i didn't feel like i hit it that bad, but i ended up in bad spots or just had some weird things happen. just the way it goes. it's like that. and golf courses like that. and i -- as i said, i had my chances to turn it around and get it rolling the right way, and i didn't do it. >> woods tees off again today. he needs to finish in the top 70 in order to make the cut.
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and the tallest and longest single-rail roller coaster in the world will make its debut this weekend at six flags magic mountain in california. the two-minute journey on wonder woman flight of courage will take riders through twists and drops at up to 58 miles per hour. the ride seems to be an early hit with some lucky thrill-seekers who got to try it out. >> my eyes were open the whole ride. the first drop is amazing, the stall. >> the speed, the ride itself, it was just awesome all around. it was just fun, fast, and what a great ride for magic mountain to have here. >> wonder woman flight of courage opens tomorrow. big nope for me. nope. coming up on "cbs mornings," tony-winning actress patina miller drops by the studio to talk about starring in the broadway revival of "into the woods." i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news."
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covid numbers trending in the wrong direction nationwide, the california county that could bring back its mask mandate.
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the prices at the pump slowly dropping. we're tracking the impact on the ground and in the skies. and we're tracking the air quality index as we head into this festive weekend. it's a beautiful friday. we're keeping an eye on the roads this morning, coming up. good morning. it is finally friday. we're going to take a look at covid hospitalizations up in california. health officials say the trend could bring back mask mandates. a 23% jump from the beginning of the month, still well below of the all-time hospitalization. los angeles could bring back the mask mandate by the end of the


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