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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 15, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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results, a case count is no longer the best way to measure how much covid is spreading within the community. >> it's been a little over two weeks now. i'm mostly better, but my lungs still are a bit tight. >> reporter: burlingame resident andy just got over a bout with covid-19. he self-diagnosed after feeling sick with a at home kit. >> a lot of people close to me who haven't gotten it these past two years have gotten positive in the last couple of weeks. >> this is a major surge we're in right now. we have a lot of cases, a lot of transmission. not a great lock on what the numbers are in reality. >> reporter: dr. george rutherford is an epidemiologist at ucsf. he says there is primarily upside with at-home test kits. but the downside is it's tough to get a look at the case count. >> not as high as it with us in january and december earlier this year and last year. but i think it's close to that high. it may be 65, 70% of that height. i think we have to really look at the waste water surveillance to get a real understanding of
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the magnitude of this current surge. >> reporter: marin county and sonoma county have online portals for people to report at home test results. but across the bay area, most people don't report their -testesults to their county or state. >> i reported it to my physician. i think within 24 or 48 hours. >> reporter: helgason doesn't know for sure where he picked it up. however -- >> the only place i was around around the window i would have gotten it were outside. >> reporter: a concert and a rally. and some infectious disease experts say the new ba.4 and ba.5 subvariants are so transmissible and immune evasive, they recommend masks indoors and even at crowded outdoor events. >> even though it feels a little frustrating, i can see why wearing a mask outside right now wouldn't be a terrible idea. >> reporter: mostly better, but still on the mend, helgason's advice for anyone who gets sick -- >> just give yourself permission to rest. >> reporter: on the peninsula, max darrow, kpix 5. >> there are no mask mandates in
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the bay area right now, but the cdc says that should be on your mind, especially indoors. that's according to cdc guidelines. all bay area counties classify as having high covid community levels. more than half to the country is in that same category. breaking news in the race to get monkeypox vaccine. san francisco health officials say they will get more than 4100 doses next week. the city has been pleading for the federal government for a more urgent response. those doses will go out to vaccine sites some time next week. air quality experts are once again asking people in east contra costa county to stay indoors. that's because of a fire that's been burning for more than six weeks continues to put out toxic smoke. kpix 5's da lin on why firefighters believe relief is finally on the way. >> reporter: instead of enjoying a nice warm day outside, marco ramos chooses to stay in his garage to work on his motorcycle. >> we don't even want to step outside sometimes with corona going on, the monkeypox, then
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the fire. >> reporter: he and his family live near the so-called marsh fire, and it's raining ash in the neighborhood. >> it's affecting us because we can't go outside. and when we do go outside, you can smell the smoke. you can see the smoke. >> it really burns my throat a lot. just breathing it in. >> watery. my eyes is watery. >> reporter: the marsh fire has been burning since may 28th, more than a month and a half ago. it started at a bay point homeless encampment. it wiped out the encampment. no one was injured, but the fire grew to 200 acres. firefighters say it's burning within the perimeter. so it's not growing in size, and it's not threatening nearby homes. >> what we're seeing is not necessarily large active flames that are consuming vegetation. we're seeing this fire burning down in the earth and really offgassing in the form of smoke. >> confire deputy chief aaron mcallister says because the fire is burning underground and the soil is unstable, they've been
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unsuccessful in putting out the fire using helicopter water drops. >> equipment could be sunk down into the ground or the heat could burn the tires on the vehicles. and the same thing for firefighters. so it does present a risk for firefighters. and therefore flooding is our best option. >> reporter: workers opened the floodgate friday morning, releasing hundreds of gallons of water every minute into the burning wetland in bay point and pittsburg. the plan is to flood the area with about two inches of water above ground. since they're pumping water from the delta, it took a while to get the state and agencies to sign off. firefighters and neighbors should see some relief in the next week. they'll continue to flood the wetland area for the next five days to try to put out the fire. in pittsburg, i'm da lin, kpix 5. crews responded to a vegetation fire in richmond this afternoon. this was near giant highway and collins avenue. crews say forward progress has been stopped, but 26 acres were
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scorched. no injuries or structural damage has been reported. first alert meteorologist paul heggen with conditions heading into the weekend. as for the fire danger out there, i guess we've been fairly lucky nothing has really blown up. we've seen a lot of small spot fires, but nothing massive just yet. >> the fires that we have seen over the past several weeks have been contained really quickly by the fire crews and the rapid response. plus, conditions haven't been favorable for the fires to get out of control. we had a burst of very strong offshore winds. but the fire threat is never zero this time of year. we warm up into the 80s and 90s which we did inland today. now temperatures in the 70s and 80s. mostly 60s around the bay and 50s along the coast. it's nice out there this evening. take advantage of it. temperatures tomorrow are going to be above normal, two or three degrees above normal around the bay. 60s and 70s. but about 5 to 7 degrees above normal farther inland. a lot of 80s and plenty of 90s on the map as well. concord up to 94. even the hottest spots topping
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up below 100 degrees. this is a brief little warm spell. it's just going to be tomorrow. we'll track the average temperatures that take over after that coming up in the full forecast. >> thanks, paul. early morning shooting at a san jose shopping center leaves one person dead, police responded to the plant shopping center, found an adult male who had been shot. that victim died at the scene. most of the businesses in that area were closed at the time of the shooting. no word yet on what led up to that gunfire. investigators have not released details on that suspect. two people hurt after an amtrak train hit an excavator in oakland. that fire department responded to the crash before noon near 50th avenue and east eighth street. firefighters say a union pacific worker was clearing the train tracks with a front loader when the train struck it. that victim had serious injuries. a second person on the train was hurt, but no word yet on that person's condition. hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel also spilled. the tracks are still closed at this hour. california's making another big move to solidify a women's
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right to an abortion. boast uc and cal state universities are requiring students to offer -- offer students medical abortions as of january 1st. kpix 5's anne makovec has more on the requirement and a coupe of big votes on capitol hill. anne? >> reporter: that california law on college campuses was passed back in 2019, but obviously carries new meaning based on the new restrictions to abortions across the country. it requires all on-campus medical clinics to offer what's known as a medical abortion that involves taking two prescription pills hours apart during a women's first ten weeks of pregnancy that is being paid for at least initially with over $10 million in privately raised funds. and the universities say they are on track for implementation by january 1. now the l.a. archbishop released a statement about it saying in part a compassionate society should have more to offer women in need than the ability to end the life of their children before they are born.
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taking a live look at capitol hill where the democratic-led u.s. house voted today to pass two bills that would protect abortion access after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. >> this devastating decision has created a patchwork of states with differing laws and restrictions causing societal chaos and confusion across our country. >> one of the bills prohibits states from imposing limits on abortions that would make them difficult or costly to obtain. the other prohibits states from interfering with a woman's right to cross state lines to obtain an abortion. both measures are likely to fail in the senate, though, where 60 votes are required to send to it the president's desk. ryan? >> all right, thanks, anne. brentwood city council is putting in place higher fines for illegal marijuana grows. the council approved a measure to allow fines to be applied simply for each plant grown over
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the six-plant maximum. those fines can be applied daily until the issue is resolve. citations start at $100. it's $200 if you're caught a second time. third time offenders and beyond will have to pay $500. more than two dozen out-of-state medics are trained to become alameda county's newest emts. they were part of this training session today in newark. they work on life-sized computerized patients in preparation for what's to come as they enter a field that desperately needs them. >> there is a shortage of paramedics throughout. however, as a result of the pandemic, was a huge increase in shortages and something we're seeing nationwide. >> this opportunity grants me a chance to be able to operate and deliver service to the community here. >> in the end, 30 out-of-state medics will be brought on as emts. still ahead on kpix 5 and "cbs news bay area," this new
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today's the start of california craft beer weekend. just in time, a new microbrew is flying off the store shelves in
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san jose and bringing back childhood memories with every sip. len ramirez tells us the story of how frontier village hazy ipa came to be. >> well, here we go. frontier village hazy ipa. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> reporter: for me, it was just a taste of one of san jose's newest and most popular brews. >> ooh, like that. yeah, that's nice. >> reporter: it's the latest creation of native fermentations and pays homage to the new defunct but beloved frontier village which entertained bay area families from 1961 to 1980. >> just wanted to give some of the lombs, put a smile on their face with a little bit of that throwback nostalgia. >> hey! >> hey, welcome. come on in. >> reporter: but the story of how the beer came together starts mere in the home of retired san jose cop and history buff tim stevens. >> we're in my hallway. we're going see a couple very rare frontier village items.
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>> reporter: tim has one of the largest elections of frontier village memorabilia that can be found anywhere, from a hand drawn pencil map of the park, to souvenir oars from the canoe rides. he as one of the fake rifles that were in the turrets of the park entrance and a real old western revolver that a marshall used while in costume. >> this character here was the first marshall of frontier village. his wife said after he passed she told me that he want node have the gun. >> reporter: there is old badges. too many souvenirs to name. and now the beer. they say tim's collection was the inspiration for it. >> it brings back a lot of good memories for people. people remember going to the park and having fun and what a safe place it was. and all the things there was to do. and i think that's -- that's the important part of the nostalgia is the memories that people have and the way it made them feel.
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>> reporter: today there is just these empty fields where frontier village once stood. as for the beer, word is spreading fast in its limited run like the park itself might soon run out. but at least for now, frontier village is once again the toast of the town. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. new federal investments are going towards upgrading park infrastructure throughout cities. today's assistant secretary of the interior for fish and wildlife and parks visiting san francisco. she's touting the new investments which include a project in bayview. the fund willing bring community gardens, picnic areas, play areas and basketball courts to the kc jones playground. >> how we can use the outdoors to help communities not just connect with nature, but to connect with each other and become communities again. and that's what i heard this morning. and that's what so touched me about the work that's being done in san francisco. >> reporter: so far a nationwide initiative has invested more than $61 million in 26 cities this year. a new house study by ucla researchers notice a connection
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between income and the dangers of heat exhaustion. the findings found those who live in lower income areas are more likely to face severe levels of heat exhaustion as opposed to those who are wealthier. expert says the lack of access to resources such as air conditioning, less health insurance, more outdoor workers all play a part. >> we see the incomplete range of injuries. so anywhere from heat edema, where people just get swelling in their extremities. you can get nausea and vomiting just from the heat. you can get heatstroke. to interest people who are in the community and who oftentimes don't have air conditioning, don't have fans, sometimes they just come to the er just to sit in the air conditioning in the lobby because they know that it's a cool place. >> the study says climate change could make the disparity even worse. and as we head into the weekend, a bit of a heat-up. >> yeah, temperatures are going to be warmer this weekend. but it's not going to be ridiculous. we had hotter temperatures a couple of months ago, around
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late may, early june with hotter weather than what's in store for us this weekend. not too bad. >> it could be worse. >> it's still going to be toasty. especially for inland parts of the bay area. one day of this and then back to near average temperatures as we finish off the weekend and head into early next week. the big picture pattern. the feature responsible for the heat-up or warm-up over the weekend depending where you are, that big h on the map, that is an area of high pressure in the upper-levels of the atmosphere. a hill of air, compressing the air underneath it. and the heat dome is going to be edging a little closer to us this weekend, but not for long. it's going to get pushed farther to the east and head into early next week. the onshore breeze gets longer. the marine layer will get deeper and we'll be back into a normal july pattern for most of next week. right now looking down at san jose. longing good this evening. the temperature there is at 73 degrees. that's pretty much ideal. the lower half of the 60s for both san francisco and oakland. other temperatures inland are in the lower half of the 80s in livermore and santa rosa, but 86 in concord. the fog isn't much of a factor except right along the coast at
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the moment. that's going to make a push into the inland valleys by early tomorrow morning. it's going to be a shallow layer of fog. it dissipates quickly once the sun comes up. it's already off the map as we head towards late morning with the last retreating towards the coast as we go towards noon. lots of sunshine to help heat the temperatures up. we'll start off near normal. mostly mid- to upper 50s to around 60 degrees. but once the fog dissipates, that's when temperatures are going to start to take off. we'll freeze the maps at noon. already inland temperatures in the east bay hitting the mid to upper 80s. other temperatures warming up. but it's not too bad at lunchtime. late afternoon, temperatures around the bay 2 or 3 degrees above average. near average right along the coast. but inland temperatures 5 to 7 degrees above normal. that puts you into the upper 80s in san jose. a mix of up upper 80s and low 90s north bay. mostly mid- to upper 90s east bay. the hot spots reaching up to 98 degrees around fairfield and antioch. those are the spots you need to exercise common sense precautions including not walking your dog during the heat of the afternoon. pastel is from concord, so she
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can get her steps in the morning before temperatures heat up. it's going to be well into the 80s by lunchtime with high temperatures hovering in the low to mid-90s. put your hand on whatever surface you're going the walk your dog on. if you can't hold for five seconds, it's too hot for puppy paws. the marine layer making its way well inland. even a shallow marine layer does help. but the fire danger climbs as the temperatures heat up. it's not going to be off the charts. the maximum values we're seeing on our fire danger index are about halfway up our zero to 10 scale, topping out around 4 or 5. that's a little higher the past several days. we'll have the watch as we head through the weekend. it could be worse. temperatures down to near average by sunday and monday. even a little below average as we finish off next week. down to around 80 degrees in san jose by next friday. temperatures inland and the north bay and the east bay will be the hottest tomorrow. but then back down to reasonably hot or just warm levels for most of next week. very little change along the coast. you're just going to hover in low 60s for the next several
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months, essentially. >> it should be a good weekend. >> it should be nice overall. take it easy in the heat. >> thanks, paul. "cbs evening news" is coming up. here is norah o'donnell with a preview. >> good evening, ryan. coming up after kpix 5 at 6:00, president biden bumps fists with saudi arabia's crown prince and reports after their meeting that he is doing all he can to boost the u.s. oil supply. that and more news tonight here on the "cbs evening news." sports is next. james wiseman had his best summer league performance to date in las vegas. plus, the recap from st. andrews. will there be a tiger watch at
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my tribe has lived on this land for 12,000 years.
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we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most. tiger woods skipped the u.s. open to heal up for a crack at st. andrews in the open.
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his opening round first hole on thursday, it was a sign of what's to come for tiger. another rough round today. he shot a 3 over 75 and missed the cut. but you would have thought he was winning the tournament on the emotional walk up 18. woods said this may have been his final open championship at st. andrews, but it won't be his last round at the old course. >> i'm sure my son will probably want to come back here and play. i was fortunate enough to have gotten an honorary membership at rna. because of that, i'm able to get a tee time. that could happen. >> as for the field, weather was definitely a factor this morning. even for the fans. look at that. can't get his poncho on. john daly won the claret jug at st. andrews back in 1995. does he still have that touch? daley sinks the long eagle putt. that was on hole 5.
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no weekend ahead for daily. he missed the cut after shooting a 73. as for the contenders, that's viktor hovland from the rough on 15. no problem at all. holes it out for an eagle. what a shot. he shot a 66. he is 3 back. cam smith on 14. check out this putt. reads the green cover to cover and rolls it in for an eagle. add that to his six birdies, and you get a round of 64. not bad whatsoever. the aussie is 13 under. he will take a two-shot lead into the weekend. play with the first round leader cam young in the final pairing tomorrow. rory mcilroy is tied for third. he is three shots back. this was sharpies on the warriors' nba summer league calendar. a possible matchup with two former second overall picks. james wiseman of the dubs. chet holmgren of oklahoma city. instead, holmgren got the night off. as for this fan, i don't think he got a night off. looks like a lot of folks at the
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vegas airport sunday morning. james wiseman playing in his third summer league game. jonathan kuminga, the spin and the flush. one-handed jam. he finished with 16. matt mcclung running the offense. houdini, the no-lock pass and slammed home by james wiseman. oh, you fancy, huh? the thunder beat the warriors 90-82. former usf star jamari bouye has signed a deal with the miami heat. he joined miami for summer league after going undrafted last month. bouye led the dons the their first ncaa tournament since 1998. we don't know what capacity he'll be playing for the miami heat, but hey, survive and advance. that's what he did. congrats to jamari. >> going back to the british open, john daly, was he rocking a mullet and the beard? >> i thought i saw pajama pants
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on him too. my monitor screen is a little small. but looked like he was rocking some pajama pants. looked good. >> all right. thanks, charlie. a new way to take in stunning san francisco views. we'll give you a look at the presidio tunnel tops opening this weekend. and don't forget to join our morning team for our seven-game stream on weekdays. you can watch wherever, whenever. find us on
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getting our first look tonight at a highly anticipated open of the presidio tunnel tops this weekend. that site will comprise 14 acres of new national park in san francisco. the presidio tunnel tops will include scenic overlooks of the golden gate bridge and the city. it will also have various paths, gardens, a campfire circle, picnic grounds and more. it opens on sunday. i think a lot of people were anticipating for this to open. but look at those views right
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there, right? >> whatever the fog backs up, you can see stuff. >> absolutely beautiful there. thanks for watching at 6:00. the news continues
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, president biden's trip to saudi arabia: his big meeting with mohammed bin salman, what did they discuss, and did the president secure a commitment to help lower gas prices? the fist bump seen around the world, as president biden says he raised the murder of jamal khashoggi with the crown prince. secret service under fire: new questions about what happened to texts sent during the january sixth insurrection. the autopsy results, after 25- year-old jayland walker was killed at a traffic stop, news tonight about what the report reveals. monkeypox outbreak: the growing number of cases and the concern tonight about not having enough vaccines. a massive drug bust, d.e.a.
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