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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 16, 2022 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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sauteed d mushrooms,s, roasasted red pepeppers, anand smotherered with mely amamerican cheheese. the new w pastrami c cheese s. try y steak or c chicken, t. now at togo's now at 11:00, we are following breaking news out of livermore after a night out at a local bowling alley turns deadly. shots fired as a birthday party was happening. we have the very latest. >> he's recovering, but he got some heavy blows. >> a community leader in the fillmore outside his non-profit. and how he's doing tonight. and outrage and frustration grows as monkeypox vaccines remain hard to get, especially for people who can't afford to wait in line for hours on a weekday. good evening to you. i'm juliet goodrich. >> and i'm brian hackney. we'll start with that breaking news out of livermore. one person is dead, at least two
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others at a hospital after a shooting at a local bowling alley. >> it happened at granada bowl earlier tonight. that is in downtown livermore on railroad avenue. >> zand that's where investigators say a fight broke out which ended in shots being fired. >> it's actually our whole town. this stuff's very, very rare. so we do take it very, very personal. >> kpix's don lynn live on the scene with the latest. >> we understand there was a birth-day party that happened at the same time of the shooting. was it related to what happened? >> reporter: not relateed, juliet and brian. police are still inside. they're inside searching and gathering evidence as we speak. they're also looking at surveillance footage. witnesses tell me there were at least two birthday parties taking place when the shooting broke out. one girl just turned 8 and another young lady who turned 21. >> i was by the vending machine and then -- so i just heard five gunshots and like i ran out.
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and then from there my 'causin came out running too and she told me, she was like there was one person that died immediately and one guy hit on the chest and the back. and that guy was my uncle. >> your uncle was shot? >> yeah. >> in the chest. >> yeah. >> reporter: this teenager asked us to blur his face, fearing for his safety. police say his uncle is one of the injured victims. investigators say the shooting killed a 28-year-old man and injured two other adults also in their 20s. police say the injured victims are in stable condition and should survive. >> an altar kaugl the altercati between three individuals. led to a verbal altercation led to a physical altercation, which led to this suspect drawing a gun and shooting at people, striking three adults. and it happened inside the bar area inside the granada bowl. >> reporter: it happened around 6:00 this evening inside granada bowl. it's unclear what led to the argument that ended in the shooting. police believe the three victims were involved in the conflict.
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>> the way granada bowl is, it's very large. and then the bar area is separate. so it's kind of in the center and tucked back. so in order to get in you have to be 21, obviously. but they go inside there. so yeah, there was a birthday party but it was kind of -- it wasn't related to the two things. so it was separate. >> reporter: witnesses tell me even though the birthday parties weren't related to the shooting some of the partygoers witnessed the shooting and they told me off camera they're traumatized. >> we achbverage i believe one two homicides a year, but it's very, very rare. we've gone several years without a homicide. i know that we did have one earlier this year. but it's very rare when these things occur. >> i was shocked because i was -- as well as concerned because i was there a few days ago and that's not something you would expect. >> police say the gunman ran away and they're still looking for that suspect. so far police have not released any suspect information. now, i did talk to the owner of this bowling alley.
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he declined an on-camera interview. but he did tell me he is nervous, he is shocked by what all happened. and right now he is planning -- actually, he is shutting down the bowling alley for tomorrow. he does not know when he'll reopen. he's working with the police department as we speak. live here in downtown livermore, i'm da lin. kpix 5. >> okay, da. a mountain view police officer recovering tonight after being shot early this morning. police say the officer stopped a car after midnight and then someone inside the car shot the officer. the car drove off. it crashed a few blocks away. and the suspect took off running. the officer was taken to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. police are still searching for a suspect. a community leader is out of the hospital and recovering at home tonight after being attacked outside his non-profit in san francisco's fillmore neighborhood. kpix 5's betty yu reports on how this man who works to keep people away from violence became
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a victim of it. >> reporter: these are photos of community leader james svingola who was hospitalized after he was beaten with a wooden plank on friday. he said he was struck with a two-by-four in the back of the head and then in the face by two men. he suffered bone fractures under his eyes, which he can barely own. spingola worked with youth at the hutch community center and tried to keep children from a life of violence. >> it is our church, our baptist church. and he directs the eliel hutch community center, a program that's doing an outstanding job of training children, of teaching them. and we don't need this kind of destructive behavior in a community that is already challenged. >> reporter: president of the naacp's san francisco branch dr. amos brown said the two recently spoke about violence, drug use, and homelessness in their community. >> i knew it was coming. i wasn't surprised. see, we had talked about this.
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>> reporter: spingola said around 11:00 a.m. on friday he spotted two men hopping the fence of the community center on mcallister street. he later told them not to congregate at the center's front door. that's when he was hit. >> he's upset that these persons would take advantage of a facility that exists for the good of children. >> reporter: police arrived friday to find one of the suspects detained by witnesses. officers are still looking for the second suspect. a gofundme page has been set up to help with spingola's medical expenses. in san francisco betty yu, kpix 5. an arrest has been made in connection to yesterday's bomb threat at sfo. police say the suspect a 53-year-old man. hundreds of travelers had to evacuate the international terminal after a bomb threat led police to i asuspicious package last night. the sfo bart station and air
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train were temporarily shut down, leaving people stranded. and tonight the airport's back to normal. fairfield police have arrested a 30-year-old man who they think robbed a 70-year-old at gunpoint back on july 7th. it was all caught on the victim's surveillance camera. omari garland accused of assaulting the man and taking his cell phone at gunpoint. police have recovered the stolen phone. garland also being investigated for a number of other crimes in the area. >> i encourage us all to think about the people who don't have that ability, who don't have that privilege or that flexibility. well, people across the bay area continue to struggle to get the monkeypox vaccine. and even those that can often have to wait hours in line. but what about people who can't do that? what's being done for them? kpix 5's shawn chitness has the story. >> once again health providers must consider underserved communities when it comes to giving out unneeded vaccine. for those looking to get protected from monkeypox, access is not just an issue based on a
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race or income but also location, where you live in the bay area. >> it's not that they don't want the vac scine but they don't fe important enough to access the vaccine. >> reporter: george jackson is executive director of the h project for the east bai. he says they're already thinking about how they can help those in need get the monkeypox vaccine. >> i'm just as fearful as anyone else and i'm just as curious and inquisitive and committed to finding the facts and sharing them with the masses. >> reporter: just like with the covid vaccine it's not enough to bring the supply to those who need it. it matters who is providing the shot and if there is community trust. >> once we do have a generous supply of vaccine available in the region that we're doing so through an equity lens that prioritizes communities that have traditionally not is had the same access and opportunity to the health care space. >> reporter: other non-profits shared those concerns earlier in the week, calling for enough doses to be set aside for the underserved. on taus and wednesday people
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stood in line for hours just for the chance to get the monkeypox vaccine in both san francisco and berkeley. >> i'm really lucky that i work a job that has flexible hours and that i can stand in line in the middle of a workday for three hours. >> i was privileged that i was able to have a flexible work schedule and i was able to like work with an internet connection on my laptop while waiting 6 1/2 hours. >> reporter: jackson says smaller non-profits like aids project of the east bay with its poebl clinic will be one way the vaccine reaches those most in need. >> this work is literally like me being the person i needed to other people. >> reporter: reporting in oakland, shawn chitnis, kpix 5. now to the coronavirus. hospitalizations, deaths, and daily case rates, they are all at the highest they have been in months. these are the latest numbers from california health officials. the state's test positivity rate is nearly 17%. that's up from 16% last week.
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despite the rising numbers, bart is expected to lift its mask mandate on monday. back in april california lifted the statewide mask mandate. but bart continued to require the masks. the transit agency's board would have to approve an extension for the mandate to go back into effect. well, the west contra costa school district is looking to hire more than 200 teachers and staff members that they lost during the pandemic. new applicants were at the job fair in richmond today, many of whom have never worked in schools before. still they're giving it a shot. >> i have school-age children, and it's so important, the role of being a teacher. and i think it's encouraged me that i would be a good fit for it. and there's definitely a need there. and still ahead on kpix 5 news at 11:00, san francisco's newest park is set to welcome its first visitors after nearly ten years in development. and then, an aluminum can shortage couldn't have come ata
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worse time for local brurlz as craft beer week officially begins. how they're trying to put a lid on the problem. but first an update on the new and novel approach to try to finally put out the massive marsh fire in the east bay. and i'll show you why that's still causing some concerns for air quality even though they're working on it. then we're going to talk about the big swings in temperature this weekend. huge warm-up today. almost as big of a cooldown tomorrow for some of us. first alert forecast is next.
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now to the fire watch. crews continue to battle the fast-growing washburn fire. it's burning in yosemite. so far it's burned more than 4,000 acres since it broke out last week. latest numbers from cal fire put it at 39% contained. and because of the fire yosemite is now limiting smoking within the park. smoking is only allowed in parked cars, campgrounds or picnic areas where campfires are permitted. and that's not all. campfires are also limited in yosemite for the time being. wood and charcoal fires are only allowed in certain campgrounds. now near pittsburg progress is being made on the marsh fire
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that is causing air quality problems for people in that area. >> this fire actually started back in may. it's burning in peat, which fire officials say can be near impossible to put out. >> which is the case here because they made a rare decision, to flood the marsh. by pumping water in from the delta to flood the area. sounds like that should work. firefighters say the goal was to turn the marsh into a swamp, giving the fire nowhere to hide. this will continue for at least the next couple of days. here's a look at the heavy smoke in the area. people living nearby say they can hardly go outside because of the falling ash and the toxic fumes. firefighters say that neighbors should see some relief within maybe a week. all right. and now time for your first alert forecast. >> give you a preview on what it might look like there again tomorrow. >> thank you. >> because the camera that we've got on top of mount diablo is ready to look right down on it. here's what it looked like today and why we should probably expect tomorrow to still see some more smoke coming off of it. they are working on it. they've got a real creative idea. but it's been several days now
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and that smoke is still going to have an impactar to some of these communities for inland contra costa county. if you look at the air quality sensors for right now, most of us agreeing it's fine. but over here's where the fire is. pittsburg. and you can see there's a red sensor there showing you one of the air quality sensors. this is in the unhealthy category right now. and the closer you get to antioch and brentwood, this is where it's going to be the bigger issue because all that smoke's kind of going downwind. just look at antioch going all the way back to july 10th it kind of ebbs and flows. typically when you look at these the pattern, not every day it's this way, but more days than not, it's the morning. when the air quality's the worst. so are you an early morning riser on sundays? maybe put off the jog tomorrow morning if you can smell smoke when you go outside because we're likely going to be looking at unhealthy air quality again to start the day. again, tomorrow. but we're almost out of it. hopefully. okay. here's how the temperatures are going to change tomorrow. the exact opposite of what we did today. that's how much different the numbers are going to be for
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these spots tomorrow. livermore's going to be 10 degrees cooler than today. but it was 100 degrees today in livermore. after being 85 degrees yesterday. you went from 85 to 100. now you're going to go back down to 90 tomorrow. so there really have been some big swings in the temperature over these two days. santa rosa you don't budge a whole bunch. but some of us really do go through the big swings tomorrow. current numbers anywhere from upper 50s to upper 60s. the morning lows tomorrow are mid to upper 50s. that's very much in line with what we've been doing. and the daytime highs tomorrow will look pretty much right on the mark for average. all those numbers are almost spot on. and going forward from here for the next seven days anyway the temperatures are going to start slinking down a little bit each day and by the time we've gotten to wednesday they will have gone back down. some of those low inland spots will be low 80s. and you can see san jose's a good example of that.
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from the mid 80s tomorrow and monday to the low 80s by wednesday and thursday. and the microclimate shows us that same story. it will be low 90s tomorrow but it's mid 80s by the middle of the week. pretty nice week coming our way. temperaturewise. okay. charlie, over to you. >> we have a block of nothing but baseball straight ahead. a superstar turned down nearly a half billion. we'll tell you who that is. and how much money it was. speaking of superstars, alex cobb looked the part today. his best start of the season resulted in a no decision. could his giants pick up the win? the answer's on the other side.
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we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most. i don't know what to tell you but the milwaukee brewers have brought out shades of last year's giants for whatever reason. a walk-off grand slam for san francisco on friday followed up
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by another slightly less absurd way to win a baseball game. alex cobb was dealing on the mound for the giants this afternoon. fourth inning no score. rowdy tellez up and you can silt down, rowdy. sixth inning adames up. and he then he finally gets some help from the offense in the sixth. darren ruff the solo homer. his ninth of the season and second in consecutive days. san francisco finally on the board, stayed that way into the eighth inning where it was 1-1. mike yastrzemski out. bases loaded. and this time not a grand slam. doesn't even get a chance to swing the bat for a run to come in. gustavo balks. 2-1. shuts him down. paints the black like picasso.
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gets kolten wong looking. giants winners 2-1. they've won 6 of 8 to move within a game of that last wild card spot. as for an all-star update, giants starting pitcher carlos rodin will not pitch in tuesday's game at dodger stadium. this is due to a blister and split fingernail on his pitching hand. rodon sighted his injury history and his desire to pitch in all of his second half starts as the reason for missing the game. to the a's. and when you see astronauts, it usually means the astros are playing. second inning, martin maldonado. that is a grand slam off jared koenig. koenig's only mistake of the game. he was solid, seven innings, but couldn't get any run support. that was because justin verlander was on the bump and he was dominant. third inning swing and a miss. next inning verlander, paints the corner. sixth inning verlander again. and it's elvis andrus.
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justin verlander, vintage with ten strikeouts on the day. a's fall 5-0. they are shut out for the tenth time this season. some big news concerning one of baseball's brightest young stars. the washington nationals' juan soto has turned down a 15-year -- yeah, you heard that right. 15-year, $440 million deal from the team. the nats now plan to entertain trading soto, who's going to be coveted. he's already hit 117 big league homers, and he is just 23 years of age. you've got to give up the farm to get him. two golfers have separated themselves at the top of the open leaderboard. one being rory mcilroy. eight consecutive years with no major wins. that could change tomorrow. details are next.
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rory mcilroy was the odds-on favorite to win the open entering this tournament. 54 years later he is the co-leader looking for his first major in eight years. cam smith owned a two-shot lead to begin the day. he ended four back. shot of the day nomination goes to shane lowry on hole 9. the first of back-to-back
11:27 pm
eagles. lowry won the open back in 2019. he's currently tied for 13th at 7 under. viktor hovland, he had the putter working early. this is for a birdie on hole 4. and he rolls it in there. perfect read of the green. he shot a 66. has them at 16 under. another shot of the day nomination. rory mcilroy from the bunker and in for an eagle on 10. rory. matched hovland with a 66. those are your co-leaders with 18 holes remaining. mcilroy trying to win the claret jug for the first time since 2014. hovland will be teeing it up for his first major win ever. as for who's in the hunt, two cams sit four strokes behind at 12 under. masters winner scottie scheffler is five off the lead. to the track & field world championships in oregon. this was the highlight of the night. the men's 100-meter, also known as the world's fastest man. fred kerley.
11:28 pm
the texas native ran a blistering 9.86 seconds. it's a photo finish. marvin bracy second. trayvon brohmwell finished third. and the americans swept the marquee event for the first time in 31 years. how about that? >> nice. >> that's sports. over to you. >> thank you. >> thanks, charlie. and after the break, a preview look at the new park on the presidio opening tomorrow with amazing views of the golden gate bridge. check out t this time e spae wormholele i crcreat how'w's it work?k?
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now, according to the aluminum association, domestic demand was up more than 5% in the first quarter of the year. breweries are expecting this can shortage to be an issue for another one or two years. a lot of families outside of chase center's thrive city for movie night. today's screening was "space jack: a new legacy." some people set up their blankets early. there were a lot of activities. some kids got to go through an inflatable obstacle course while others opted to shoot some hoops. the tunnel tops park in san francisco officially opens tomorrow. and ahead of that local officials were on hand today for a ribbon cutting. they started planning the park back in 2014. new tunnel park, which is on top of, you know, what used to be the old 101 -- >> tunnel. >> it is on top of a tunnel. ergo the name. look at that. i've never seen an aerial of
11:33 pm
that. i drive under it all the time. it's got beautiful views of the golden gate bridge. amazing what happens when you get a drone out there. a north bay dog training school is celebrating a milestone birthday in style. check it out. san francisco's -- sorry. san rafael's guide dogs for the blind is celebrating its 80th anniversary with an '80s-themed party. the event was a blast from the past. lots of four-legged friends wearing their best tracksuits, neon leg warmers and a little squeak toy. >> cue the squeak toy. >> the annual event returned in person today after the pandemic put it on hold for two years. >> look at that. >> sweet. >> four-legged friends. best friends of all. >> i just love how he nailed the timing right in time for the squeak toy. >> how did you know? >> because i read it 19 times. so i knew right where that squeak was. >> thanks for watching. our next local newscast tomorrow morning from 6:00 to 7:00. >> news and weather updates on for ow good night.
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