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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 17, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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woman: ♪ made in georgia ♪ live from the cbs bay area stud kio studios, this is kpix news. >> well, it is deja vu and not in a good way for people in marching in today's parade as people battle with monkeypox. and scary moments in pittsburgh. an eye witness tells us what happened. changes coming to a large homeless encampment in oakland where people are going and what will be in its place. >> today was the annual aids walk san francisco, but monkeypox was also on the minds
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of everyone. >> reporter: aids walk san francisco was back at golden gate park, while also acknowledging the work that still needs to be done, especially at a time when communities are navigating one health challenge after another. >> people are living longer. it is no longer a death sentence. when i started in '89, it was a death sentence. >> reporter: with 1,500 people participating, the aids walk contributed to the millions of dollars raised over the years to get better treatment and make prevention possible. >> people are still getting infected. people are still dying, so we still need to fight this fight. >> reporter: but a search for a cure continues as memories of those lost to the virus stay with these team members and the aids quilt on display sunday. >> we have companies doing testing and all these pharmaceutical companies that are trying to find cures for these. >> reporter: decades of research
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helped them take on covid-19. as both responses continue, yet another new challenge this year, monkeypox. >> we do not have enough vaccine in san francisco. the only way we will be able to prevent the outbreak from going further is by vaccinating as many people as possible. >> reporter: they will provide 500 doses of the monkeypox vaccine to those who signed up on the wait list. >> there is no hesitancy around this vaccine. people want it. they're demanding it. so we need the federal government to step up and deliver more vaccine to san francisco. >> reporter: not enough to get a handle on this disease, but it is a start. >> we take care of each other and we head it off at the path, we should be good. >> reporter: a shared mission to do better brings us back to aids walk each year. >> give your time and efforts to causes you care about and that mean something to your heart.
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>> reporter: reporting in san francisco, kpix 5. san francisco kaids foundation is waiting to find out how many vaccines they will get. monkeypox is climbing across the u.s. according to the cdc. now some top officials to warn the window to contain the virus may already be closed. >> we made a lot of mistakes we made with covid with this, not having enough testing. while it is not going to explode because it is harder for this virus to spread, it will be persistent. you will have this as a fact of life. worldwide monkey pox cases surpassed 12,000. officials say the real numbers are likely higher. a gunman accused of shooting a mountain view police officer has been identified. jeffrey choi of stockton has been arrested by u.s. marshals. he was their only suspect. he is accused of shooting an
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officer and driving off. he was later taken into custody. the officer is being treated for bullet wounds, and he is expected to recover. in the east bay, pittsburgh police are investigating a shoot-out from two separate cars that happened near an intersection this morning after an exchange of gunfire, a 24-year-old man was shot at about 7:00. he was taken to a nearby hospital and is recovering from emergency surgery. officers say the victim may have been targeted by multiple suspects. >> these guys got out the car, shooting at another car at the store. and the guy in front of the store returned fire, you know? it's very scary. it's 7:00 in the morning, sunday morning. >> now, this is an ongoing investigation. opening statements are scheduled for tomorrow in monterrey county for the trial of paul and ruben flores. fros prosecutors are trying to prove that kristin smart was murdered in 1996.
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the 19-year-old disappeared 26 years ago after leaving a college campus party with paul flores. her body was never found and flores is accused of her murder. his father is accused of helping him hide the body. both men have pleaded not guilty. four oakland firefighters are recovering from minor injuries after their two ladder trucks collided. it happened before 8:00 this morning on 20th and broadway as they were headed to a fire at a vacant old pg&e building. no word yet on the cause of this fire. now to the yosemite fire that's been building for more than a week. crews have it 51% contained and are allowing residents of the mountain community to be escorted back to their homes. flames blackened about 4,900 acres. still no word yet on how the fire started. close call for an east bay restaurant when grass fire ignited near by.
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it happened near red onion hamburgers. the fire threatened the restaurant and a nearby auto shop but crews were able to put it out quickly. here is a look of the aftermath. you see a patch of burnt grass along a chain link fence and no idea what caused the fire. but progress is being made on that march fire in pittsburgh. those are pictures from contra costa fire. 20,000 gallons of water a minute are being streamed into the march. that fire has been smoldering since may. the biggest homeless encampment in oakland will be shut down. it is closing the wood street encampment due to safety concerns related to multiple fires. kpix spoke to west oakland neighbors and people that live in the area to find out what is next. >> reporter: firefighters have responded to more than 100 fires at the wood street encampment in recent years. we saw firefighters put out a small fire saturday afternoon.
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monday, july 11th was the most recent major fire at the encampment. no injuries but another large fire on april 5th killed one person living in an rv. >> enough is enough, really. it doesn't really look good for the neighborhood. >> reporter: many stay the encampment is like the wild wild west. neighbors say a group is operating a chop shop within the encampment. they believe it endangered the people that live there. >> the kids can't come out here and play baseball. >> reporter: steve used to coach the high school baseball team. a part of the evncampment is located near the field. >> a lot of teams won't come here because of the homeless, homeless issues. would i want to leave my kid here? no, i don't think so. >> reporter: caltrans says it will chose the encampment in phases starts on wednesday. they hope to shut it down completely by early august. >> it will improve the neighborhood. we will have baseball tournaments here. we have never been able to have
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baseball tournaments here. >> reporter: it stretches a mile long in west oakland. caltrans says 200 people live here. caltrans owns most of the property, but a railroad company and the city of oakland also own a portion of the land the encampment sits on. >> it's their property. it is, and you can't argue that. you can't. but they have allowed it for so long. and now they're saying they should help someone to get to a better place to be then. >> reporter: david says he's lived at the encampment on and off for four years. he hopes the local agencies will give people housing before shutting it down. and many west oakland neighbors agree. >> make sure they're offering them some type of other option and just not fully just kicking them out. >> reporter: caltrans is working with the city to offer shelter beds. the city of oakland is planning to build a cabin village for the homeless at that site once it's cleaned up.
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there are new details tonight in the shooting in a texas elementary school that killed 21 people, mostly kids. the extensive report by an investigative committee by the texas house of representatives says that the gunman fired more than 100 rounds before cops entered the room. there were nearly 400 local, state and federal officers at the scene. the document details leadership failures across multiple agencies, poor decision-making amid the chaos and the victim's families are furious. >> we're not going to get the truth because there is coverup. everybody is throwing everybody under the bus. >> the report also pointed to the failures of the uvalde police chief to take on his role as incident commanders and other officers who didn't act quickly enough to help save the victims.
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the panel investigating the events of january 6th could have subpoenaed text messages by the secret service by tuesday. now, that's according to san jose congresswoman who sits on the committee. the text messages in question are from january 5th and 6th of 2021. the subpoena came after reports the messages were deleted. >> we did get a briefing from the inspector general, homeland security. and then there was a statement made by the spokesperson for the department saying that, you know, it wasn't true, it wasn't fair and that they, in fact, had pertinent texts. so we said, fine, if you have them, we need them. and we expect to get them by this tuesday. so we'll see. >> she said thursday's televised hearing will include a minute by minute account of former president trump's actions on january 6th. and coming up, a new place to visit in san francisco. details on the tunnel tops. and sharing the road.
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the improvements being made on the way to the top of mount diablo. and from the top of the salesforce tower, great overview on this day. we were 10 degrees cooler if you are near the water. we didn't all cool down that much. but the theme in the forecast is a gradual cooling trend. i will show you that if you like. there is good news here. forecast coming up.
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nice day out there today. in fact, very nice day for san francisco's new tunnel tops park, which is officially open
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to the public. lots of people already enjoying what the park has to offer. a lot of folks sitting down on the grass enjoying the weather while kids took part in nature themed activities. trying to figure out what this is. the park sits on top of the tunnels that carry traffic to and from the golden gate bridge. in all, it's 14 acres of trails, picnic areas and, of course, views of that bridge. >> this is for the first time since the golden gate bridge were built that we're connecting the waterfront with the rest. now the rest of the park are connected to this waterfront through this park. >> nice. tunnel tops park has been years in the making. planning began back in 2014. but work was delayed, of course, because of the pandemic. car enthusiasts celebrating hot summer sundays in downtown danville. it is one of the hottest car shows in the bay area. hundreds of classic and custom made cars take over the downtown area. there is live music, benders and
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awards for the fan favorite vehicles and attendees say it is one of the events that makes danville so special. >> i always liked the antique cars, and i always liked motorcycles. >> danville's next hot summer sundays show is august 21st. >> and then from cars to bikes in the east bay, mount diablo state park is set to install 30 bike lanes tomorrow. this is an illustration of why. not a lot of room. cyclists say it is a big win. >> bike turnouts were created by the tenacity and persistence and the determination of mount diablo cyclist leadership. it is not an easy task. it makes up 60% of all vehicle
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traffic on that road. okay. you know firsthand it is not an easy task? >> i have seen people do it on video. it doesn't look easy. >> the only time i have been up there recently is when it snowed and we covered a story. >> you know we have that camera that sits up there with that great overview of that whole part of the east bay. that's the one that's been watching the smoke. we are putting it to good use again this morning. i know you covered this early in the newscast. but just to show you what's happening all day, it is a time lapse from just after sunrise. you can see the outskirts of pittsburgh. there is the old power plant. and that is smoke coming off of the marsh fire. so this is going to be a tough one to get a handle on. they're working on it. they have flooded that marsh. it should start to slow the process down. but the air quality sensors have still been reading unhealthy at times today. that's a live picture. just to check in on that
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network, both the officials from the epa and the network and what we will see here is the network from low cost sensors, largely from purple air, you can see yellows and oranges downwind. there is a red right there. and the pattern for the last several days goes all the way back to july 11th, up and down. usually in the mornings. it is the first part of the day usually. and then there was today where we went into unhealthy and now it's gotten better. go easy on yourself outdoors in the next few days. the low clouds started to come back again today did start a cool down. we were 10 degrees cooler today in oakland than degree drop.sana wy did not cool down as much inland today. it wasn't a big drop. and if you look at the numbers on here now, it is still 96 in concord. 94 in livermore. it is 80 in san jose. so the cooling trend will
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continue. everybody is going to keep going down from here. here is part of how that will work. tomorrow we will see a few more. it will be another sunny day tomorrow. tuesday, watch, more of the clouds fill in the bay. we will start to get back into that more typical july setup where the marine layer is more widespread and has a bigger influence on the day with the clouds and will cool down as a result. so tomorrow morning's lows back down into the mid and upper 50s in most locations. daytime highs tomorrow coming right back up into the mid and upper 90s once again. not a whole lot of change here just yet. but as we look across the seven-day forecast, you will see how that change starts to set in. san jose will go from mid-80s down to low 80s by friday. if we put the micro climates on, you will see those numbers as we just saw tuesday go back into the 80s. and then mid-80s going into next
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weekend. so a longer stretch of relatively cool temperatures. vern, over to you. straight ahead in sports, we're delivering winners here. 5,300 miles from here and in between. like the fellas in the white uniforms at third and king streets. handling a first place central division team again.
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the giants, who are these guys? they're winning the close ones and the lappers as they hit the all star break. logan web and the giants wearing those 1946 negro league sea lions uniforms. pick it up at one. webb snared it from mccutchen in this, i got this smile as he allowed two runs in six innings. brandon belt, a broken bat blooper. say that fast ten times. joc pederson off the right field wall. wilmer flores scored. same inning. lamont wade jr. got wet. the team's 95th splash hit. brandon belt! what right knee issue? he cracked a two-run blast to the walkway. 9-1 giants who went 2 for 4.
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that's three in a three. 3 of 4 from the first place brewers. giants won 7 of 9. and half game back of the last niceal league wild card spot. hello, dusty baker. he'll manage the american league but he was concerned about his astros fending off the a's. went yard with a two-run homer. shot off of houston native. a's in a fifth inning hole. but the a's bounce back. swung on gone. ramon laureano in the sixth. pinder to shallow center and jake myers can't make the play. that's another run. the a's had it tied in the eighth. and i believe in steven bote. rbi liner and a 4-3 oakland win. how about that? eat is it to be on the
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first baseman ty france got mobbed by teammates after being invited to the all stars. then he responded with this. a home run to the second deck. they extend the win streak to 14 games. you can do this when the winning is good. this team is one shy of tieing their franchise record for consecutive wins. golf in the matter of the 150th british open is in the books. and the winner put on a terrific mullet on display. rory mcilroy looked for his first win since 2014. he crushed the 340 yard drive from the fifth. his second shot landed nicely on the green to set up a two-point birdie. he had a two-shot leaded headed to the back nine. but the putter of cam smith, whoa. at 13! and look at the mullet. that was the aussie's fourth straight birdie tie for the
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lead. on the other land, mcilroy said, my putter went cold. 16 pars and 2 birdies. this at 13. oh. another bite of a sandwich and it would have been in. smith long eagle putt. look at the touch here. it's going to roll within inches of the cup for his fifth birdie in a row. gave him the outright lead. smith needed this putt for par no problem. maintain a one shot lead. smith won this by a single shot. his first career major title and he leaves saint andrew's with a winner's check for $2.5 million and vaulted number two in the world rankings. the champion golfer of the year is cameron smith. [ applause ] >> how are you going to celebrate tonight with the claret jug? >> i'm definitely going to find out how many beers fit in this thing, that's for sure. >> it is one that i feel like i let slip away, but there will be
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other opportunities. >> how many beers will it take in there? >> i'm going to guess two. two cans of beer. >> how many more will you have after that? >> i will probably have about 2. >> nice. and the new summer league nba championship trophy in los to the portland trail blazers. look at this. they even got championship rings, something i think that they will all remember years from now, that summer of 2022, the champs, the portland trail ank you, vern. and we'll be right back.
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check this out. thousands of people cooled off in the streets of madrid for the city's annual water fight festival. there are such things. some people were on balconies armed with water guns and buckets. and there is a good reason for all this. >> yes. a heat wave has been hitting the country hard. temps have reached over 100 degrees. well, that didn't stop people from spraying around in the scorching sun. >> why would it stop them? i would think it would encourage them. >> that does it for us at 5:00. we will see you back at 6:00 for
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an hour of news. did icon fuse you? >> wouldn't be the first time. we'll see you in 30 minutes. tonight, egregious law enforcement leadership failures. in uvalde, texas, a new report a finds appalling decision-making led to the botched response with no one stepping up to lead. i'm in uvalde, texas, where al tonight the many red flags in the gunman'tr plus, fist bump fall-out. the president fires back after prince sparks criticism. cr also, extreme heat. 25 million americans face dangerous conditions while parts
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of europe setting scorching new records.


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