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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 19, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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would be matter of hours or days before they'd go home, not months, which is now the reality. >> trying to be positive about this situation, because it's not easy to be displaced. >> reporter: chance hill has bounced around from place to place since he had to leave 33 tahama. his main priority now -- >> for me now it's a matter of getting my stuff. i just need my stuff so i can get back to my quality of life. >> reporter: but hillsthatnouo . >> i'm not upset with them. it's an unfortunate situation. i'm not mad about the situation. it is life. i am really trying to work it out by just communication has been so hard. >> reporter: there are around 400 units in the building. some are reserved for low income units, and up until this point the property management group has assisted residents with the cost of paying their short-term housing. but the company will stop providing that financial support on august 17th because of extended repair and reoccupancy timeline. hill says that's not sitting
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well with residents. >> it's hard being displaced and everybody needs help during this moment. for them to be able to say oh, we're not going to help you anymore is so disheartening. >> now the city is getting involved. in a statement, matt dorsey said given the short time frame for housing stipends, i'm asking the mayor's housing of office and community development to accelerate replacements for 33 tahama residents. i'm asking to help market rate renters cope with their extended displatements as well. we asked mayor london breed about it as well. >> it's my understanding there are people who fall within the low income category and there are challenges. and i know my office of housing is already working to find defensives. so we'll do everything we can to be supportive as possible in this situation. >> reporter: hill is trying to stay positive and hopes for a smoother resolution. >> your home is your safe place. and your home is your place to serenity. and that was taken away from a lot of people. so i hope is that people are
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getting back, including myself is their piece and serenity. >> reporter: in a statement to kpix 5, a spokesperson to heinz says with such an extended and indefinite repair schedule, they need to return to stopping all rents, returning security deposits to those wishing to terminate and allowing reoccupancy whenever we can reopen the building. we'll have the entire statement on the website at max darrow, kpix 5. a developing story out of china camp state park in marin county. chopper 5 was over the scene of a rescue this afternoon. a helicopter and emergency crew with san rafael fire were called to the shores to assist an injured cyclist. that person has died. we're still waiting for more information on what exactly happened and the identity of the victim. new detail news. an early morning stabbing at sfo. it happened near baggage claim just before 5:00 this morning. anne makovec joins us with more
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on the victim in this case. >> the man who stabbed worked for the company. you may see the kiosks near the company. he is going to be okay. he was taken to the hospital after the stabbing. taking a live look at sfo where luckily flights were not impacted today. this happened just before 5:00 this morning in the baggage claim area of terminal 3. and that is an area that is accessible to people just walking off the street. >> as to whether this was completely random, unprovoked. any verbal altercation that may have preceded the assault is what we're going to be confirming. >> the person who did the stabbing was taken into custody. so far police have only said that is a man in his 40s. and while it does raise some questions about security and unscreened areas of the airport, some passengers we spoke with didn't seem too concerned. >> quite honestly, it's so common anymore that we kind of prepare for it and do the best
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with what the situation is. >> since this is an airport, you can imagine there is plenty of security footage available to police that is all part of the investigation. ryan? >> thank you, anne. and this latest security scare for passengers comes days after sfo's international terminal was evacuated due to a bomb threat. on friday night, a man was detained after investigators found a potentially explosive device. a 24-year-old man has been charged with assault for attacking the leader of a san francisco nonprofit. the district attorney is highlighting these charges as part of her promise to crack down on crime. authorities say james spingola was attacked friday morning. he is the director of ella hill hutch center in the fillmore. he asked two people to step away from the building's front steps, but then he was attacked by a wooden plank. spingola is recovering from his injuries right now. the district attorney says vicious attacks like this one will never be tolerated in san francisco. her office is searching for a second suspect. it's been a stop and go
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commute all day for people on bart in the east bay. that trouble started after a grass fire began burning near concord, disrupting service to pleasant hill. chopper 5 was over the aftermath of that fire. bart delays around 6:00 this morning. at one point service was stopped and riders had to take buses between those two stations. the fire caused delays for the morning and afternoon commutes. service returned to normal less than an hour ago. an air quality advisory has been extended once again for eastern contra costa through tomorrow. chopper 5 over the marsh fire. smoke from the fire continues to impact pittsburg, antioch, oakley and brentwood. a live look at santa clara county where health leaders are expanding the list of who is able to get the monkeypox vaccine. who is eligible. starting this week, people who meet specific criteria can get vaccinated if they have an appointment only. previous vaccine access had been by invitation only which happened during contact tracing.
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the criteria for the vaccine includes if you had direct physical contact confirmed with someone who had monkeypox, attended an event or venue where a contagious person was there. also anyone who i'd feiss as gay or cisgender men or men or women who meet certain risk criteria. so far santa clara has 23 cases. solano has confirmed its first case of monkeypox. health leaders identified two probable cases but are awaiting official confirmation from the cdc. as of today, there are 250 probable and confirmed cases in california. [ closi [ closing bell ] ment. oh, a big rally on wall street today. traders betting on strong corporate earnings reports. the major averages reported their largest daily gain in a month. the dow gained 754. the nasdaq up 353. and the s&p up 105. let's give you a live look at the nation's capitol where the house of representatives just approved legislation to protect
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same-sex and interracial marriages. some lawmakers fear those rights could be overturned by the supreme court which last month reversed roe v. wade that had secured a woman's right to abortion. cbs reporter natalie brand is live in washington, d.c. with the very latest. natalie? >> reporter: and ryan, just ahead of this vote earlier this afternoon, there was a demonstration for abortion rights that a number of democratic lawmakers took part in. and capitol police say 17 members were actually arrested for civil disobedience. then they came here to the capital to vote. as you mentioned, this legislation did pass, and notable with support. but they're trying to raise awareness of over rights they believe could be at risk. meanwhile, house republicans who opposed the bill argued it was a
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political stunt. house democrats took up a bill to protect marriage equality out of fear the conservative court could revisit other landmark decisions. >> the bill is passed. without objection, a motion. >> reporter: the legislation passed with bipartisan support. 47 republicans joining democrats. >> simply says each state will recognize the other state's marriages and not deny a person to marry based on race, gender, sexual orientation. >> reporter: supporters of the marriage act note clarence thomas's separate opinion said the court should consider same-sex marriage and access to contraception. but republicans say the majority opinion did not go that far. thinking bill is simply the latest installment of the democrats' campaign to delegitimize and attempt to intimidate the united states supreme court. nearly one month since the supreme court's decision on
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abortion, patients and providers say they're navigating new restrictions and experiencing confusion depending on where they live. >> physicians seeing ecke top tick pregnancies or sepsis or hemorrhage during pregnancy are literally calling hospital attorneys who in some cases tell them to wait until there is a higher chance of death before intervening. >> reporter: during a house committee hearing tuesday, lawmakers also heard from an ob-gyn who opposes abortion. >> instead of defaulting to abortion as a band-aid for a variety of complex issues, we will now be working to identify innovative solutions for women today, their preborn children, and for future generations. >> reporter: and while there has been bipartisan support expressed for family planning, house democrats say they will put republicans on the record later this week with a vote on guaranteeing access to contraceptive services. natalie, i understand the house is expected to vote thursday on a bill backed by california leaders to protect and expand birth control rights.
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>> that's right. that is the right to protect contraception, which would codify the right to access birth control. the house will be voting on it thursday. a companion bill has also been introduced in the senate and was cointroduced by both of california's senators. but it's also worth noting that california's senators are among a group of democratic lawmakers additionally pushing to expand investment in title 10 family planning programs to expand birth control access, particularly to those individuals who are lower income. ryan? >> thanks, natalie brand reporting live from our nation's capitol. prosecutors and defense attorneys wrapped up the first day of testimony in the contempt of congress trial of former trump adviser steve kebannon.
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he charged with failing to comply with subpoenas and refusing to turn over documents. he has already pleaded not guilty. but if convicted, he could get at least 60 days in jail.ajor test of what leverage congress has when a witness evades a house subpoena. meanwhile, members of the january 6th committee say they have still not reached adecision on whether to subpoena vice president mike pence as they continue to collect evidence and get ready for more public hearings. investigators had expected the u.s. secret service to hand over allegedly deleted texts around the time of the riot but the agency has still not turned those over. former press deputy sarah matthews and former national security councilmember matthew pottinger will testify. they'll be asked what the president was doing while the capitol was under attack. >> what we will lay out on thursday is what was happening during those 187 minutes in the white house. at any point, he could have walked to the press room a couple of feet away and called
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off the rioters. >> committee chairman bennie thompson is not expected to attend thursday's prime-time hearing in person because he has tested positive for covid. cbs news will carry the capitol assault hearing as a special report. it starts at 5:00 p.m. thursday, right here on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. ukraine's first lady on a high profile trip to the u.s. elena zelenska was greeted with a salute and a bouquet of flowers at the white house this morning as she met with president biden and the first lady. tomorrow the two sides are set to speak about the continuous impacts of the russian invasion and how the u.s. can help support the citizens of ukraine. president biden was not there for the sit-down meeting between the first ladies, but to american ambassadors to the u.n. were present. zelenska will deliver remarks to congress tomorrow. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on "cbs news bay area," a fire shocks tourists at the hoover dam. the explosion caught on video. bike riders push back against the closure of a popular
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north bay trail. while they're calling it an overreaction. and some wild new video. the moment a giant sinkhole opened up and swallowed a van. inland temperatures still warm to even hot in the bay area. but cooler than yesterday. backing way from the upper 90s we had inland on the east bay. we'll take a look at the trend that's going to continue the rest of the week, coming up in the first alert forecast.
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some pretty scary moments at the hoover dam after a transformer exploded. >> that is not good. >> the dam just exploded. >> this family was recording it all. you can see the dark plume of smoke that started to rise from the transformer. the bureau of reclamation says the fire started around 10:00 this morning near the arizona turbine house. the hoover fire brigade put it out a short time after. and that is a look at the aftermath there. crews have been out assessing the area where it caught fire. nobody was hurt, and there is no impact to the power grad very
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importantly. the cause of the explosion and the fire still under investigation. a dangerous heatwave hitting the united kingdom. the uk's weather service posted on its twitter account that the temperature exceed 104 degrees fahrenheit for the very first time. the country declared a national emergency as the weather forced trains to stop and schools to stop classes and london fire officials say they are responding to a surge in fires. that heat is also taking its toll on travelers. on monday, in an airport about 30 miles from london had to suspend flights after part of the tarmac actually melted. well, there it goes. incredible video as a van gets swallowed up by a sinkhole in the bronx. it happen addai after a summer storm soaked streets, damaging several roast roads. this is the second sinkhole on that same block in less than a year. >> probably going to need some
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bodywork after that. a little dent. just a scratch. >> that's probably total. >> that's not good. so the storms are making way for a heatwave. i know it's already been hot in a lot of parts of the country. >> and it's just getting worse. more than 100 million people are under heat alerts that touch more than parts of 20 different states. the worst is the southern plains where it won't drop below 80 degrees overnight. across the nation, the heat is on. >> when the heat is like this, everyone needs a way to have a backup plan. >> reporter: intense conditions are gripping parts of north texas where wildfires are scorching homes and excessive heat warnings are in effect. >> we have a pretty significant drought across central texas. >> reporter: it's not just texas. nearly 80 million people in central california, arizona and the central plains are facing record temperatures. >> we need a lot of rain. >> in arkansas, soaring temperatures on top of drought and inflation have producers lining up to sell their cattle.
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>> because of the cost furloughed, we wouldn't produce the hay we normally would. that's really put us in a bad position now. >> reporter: in the northeast, temperatures are running 10 to 15 degrees above average with no relief in sight. >> it's very difficult, because my air conditioning broke, of course. >> it's not easy, but it's better than the winter. you got to enjoy it while it lasts. >> reporter: climate patterns like la nina are driving dryer and warmer patterns north which creates a drought and a so-called heat dome. >> this is serious heat, and we're really concerned about those particularly with preexisting respiratory conditions. >> again, the worst is going to be over the southern plains. look at how much territory is covered by this heat advisories and excessive heat warnings. and this is the part of the country that in the middle of july, they're very hot and very humid to begin with. so imagine how hot it has to get for these heat advisories and excessive heat warnings to be issued. temperatures are going to be well over 100 degrees.
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in some locations, over 110 degrees. especially through oklahoma, texas, arkansas, and louisiana. closer to home, still warm inland, but boy, nothing in comparison to that. low cloud cover and fog spreading out tonight. even a little patchy drizzle possible along the coast. but just a typical july pattern for the next several days. subtle ups and downs to our temperatures. the fog is going to do its normal back and forth thing, and it's still going to be warm to typically hot for inland parts of the bay area. seeing that fog trying to sneak in to san francisco already. a little bit of a wisp on the east side of salesforce tower. there is plenty on the west side of salesforce tower. 61 downtown. 91 in concord. at least that's a drop-off from the 98 degrees where we topped off yesterday. upper 80s in livermore. temperatures in the 70s in san jose and santa rosa. very nice conditions out there this evening. take advantage of it. the fog is going to spread into the inland valleys. a slightly deeper marine layer means it's going to make more of a push into the inland valleys by early tomorrow morning. it's going the back up towards the coast pretty quickly. should see unobstructed
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visibilities inland by 8:00, 9:00 at the latest. and visibility should be improving along the bay and even along the coast as we head towards lunchtime and into early afternoon. temperatures tonight dropping down to what's normal for this time of year. a few spots dropping to the upper 40s. a few spots inland in the east bay staying above 60. everybody else in the 50s. temperatures in san francisco slow to warm up. the fog is hanging out. once it peeks through, a degree below normal, same thing for oakland. santa rosa topping about where you should this time of year. plenty of sunshine after that early morning fog dissipates, reaching up into the mid-80s by wednesday afternoon. concord more likely to reach into the low 90s, but that's only a few degrees above average for the middle of july. it's tollerbly hot. maybe even comfortably hot if you don't mind the summertime temperatures. san jose likely reach up into the mid-80s which is about 3 or 4 degrees above normal as well. that's the general theme. 3 or 4 degrees above average inland within a tree or two around the bay or along the
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coast. from 61 degrees pacifica for the cool spot to 95 degrees for the hot spot antioch. but the hot spot in july is below 100 degrees. well can handle this kind of weather pattern. and no large scale changes as we head through the next several days. passing clouds possible on thursday for inland parts of the bay area. but it's not going to have an impact on temperatures. slight cooldown for the end of the week on friday. it doesn't last long because temperatures buns back to normal as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday looking nice, a little toastier the farther inland. maybe more of a cooldown by monday and tuesday. but it won't feel like it because we are going to experience monsoonal moisture trying to sneak up towards us. not concerned of the threat of any thunderstorms, but you might be able to notice a little humidity. so there is something to not look forward to. >> i mean, i love talking about saturday on a tuesday. something about it just feels right. >> it's never too early to look ahead to the weekend. >> i know. our favorite day. >> thanks, paul. coming up, will jimmy garoppolo be with the 49ers when the team reports for training
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camp next week in santa clara? and it would be a life changing amount of money for anybody. the big dreams over the record mega millions jackpot. and don't forget to join us for our new 7:00 a.m. newscast streaming live on cbs news bay area. find us on pluto
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hey, we're counting down 49ers football. just 24 days until the niners against the green bay packers at levi's stadium right here on kpix 5. exactly one week out until the team reports for training camp. >> time is going by so fast. >> that includes jimmy g who is still on the roster. kpix 5's vern glenn is here with an update. >> well, if the 49ers' headquarters were a department store, the niners would have him in the front display window. come get him! jimmy garoppolo has started throwing and is expected to be declared all go in mid-august. a couple hall of famers weighed
5:25 pm
in. steve young recently told knbr ask the 49ers for his release once he passes the physical. the one-time giants are reportedly interested. and trey lance taking over a team built to win now. but jerry rice told me there is pressure on everyone to produce this season. what do you make of this, this brand of the 49ers? >> i think they need to win. the door is closing. they've been closed for so many years. but you got to be able to kick that door in. and if you can't kick that door in, you're going have to make changes. >> all right. as we head before, the 49ers report july 26. first practice july 27 in santa clara. you ask can buy tickets for the practice if you hit the team website. it's almost here. 49 football. >> i know you're happy about this. >> oh, yeah, bring it on. >> he has been talking about it for a while. thank you, sir. here is a look at some of
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the key dates for preseason. the first training camp open to fans are next wednesday and thursday. there are more leading up to the first preseason game that happens on august 12th. we posted the full list of open practices as part of a special 49er section on our website at cyclists push back against the closure of a popular north bay trail. >> i'm john ramos in santa rosa. when they closed the joe rodota trail. >> the merger is under scrutiny. the calls for an investigation. plus -- >> stop the videos. it's out there. and now we all know the truth. >> parents in uvalde, texas blast school leaders in the wake of the deadly
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you're watching kpix 5 at 5:30. >> right now kpix 5 and streaming on "cbs news bay area," more local news at 5:30. the bay area housing market finally on the buyers side. the new evidence of a cooldown. and questions about the merger that will save a long-time bay area women's college. the calls for an investigation. and our top story at 5:30, the fight is heating up over access to a popular trail in the north bay. cyclists not buying the official
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line about why their route is suddenly fenced off. good evening. i'm ryan yamamoto. >> and i'm sara donchey. this is all playing out in santa rosa. county officials put up fences on part of the joe rodota trail a couple weeks ago. they said it was because of safety concerns surrounding a homeless encampment. >> but as kpix 5's john ramos tells us, the cyclists are accusing the city of overreacting. >> reporter: this gauntlet of chain-link fencing is the joe rodota regional trail. officials put up the fencing as a way to protect public safety. but it's hard to find anyone from the public who thinks it's really necessary. two weeks ago without warning, the fences went up. sonoma regional parks closed a half-mile section of the popular bike and pedestrian trail because of a small homeless encampment that the district says is making it unsafe for the public to access. does that feel like a huge overreaction? >> yes. huge overreaction. there is always tents on the trail. they kind of move around. sometimes there is more. somes


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