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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 20, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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involves repurposing money they already have. >> well, the idea behind this proposal is for the alum rock school district to get into the business of building its own subsidized housing for teachers and staff. the way they would pay for it is to reissue an already passed bond measure that's proven to be popular with the voters. one thing the alum rock school district is plenty of is land. acres and acres on 21 school site, much of it practically unused. it's on these sites where the district is now looking to build subsidedor teachers and staff. >> we want to make sure that we offer our workforce a place where -- that they can afford to live, so that they can serve our students the best way they can. >> dr. bower says the school board will vote this week on a plan to tweak bond measure j which passed in 2012 to include about $50 million to build
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workforce housing and resubmit it to voters this november. >> all of the measures that we have been brought -- that have been brought to the voters, we have been -- they have been very supportive of the work we're doing in the district. >> reporter: alum rock would follow the path first trailblazed by the jefferson union high school district in daly city, which just opened more than 100 units of subsidized housing for its staff. >> it actually gives me a sense of a self, having that place that i can call my own and actually feel like an adult. >> reporter: robert randall was living with seven roommates before he moved into his own apartment built by the district. his rent is $1550, a fraction of the market rate for his area. >> i wouldn't underestimate the feeling you give someone when you give them a foundation to build a future upon in the bay area. >> reporter: alum rock says if its own plan is approve, it will attract and retain the best candidates which will help students in the long run. >> this particular project is very exciting in terms of
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innovation, in terms of bringing our community members together. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. developing story right now in san jose. fire crews working to put out a fire at a smerl building on park avenue. our photographer on the scene captured flames coming from the roof of this single story building. much of that roof is now collapsed. firefighters have closed the area of park avenue between sunol and race. no word on the cause at this point. you can see the smoke there. no reports of any injuries. it's kind of been a problematic commute. two things to tell you about. first, weird seeing on the bay bridge. a tiny home fell off of a trailer on the lower beck. look at it there. the far left lane has to be closed so crews can tow the house out of there. also on the bay bridge, traffic really backed up heading into the city this commute hour. you can see cars going very slow as they head westbound. also, a live look at berkeley, where traffic is being diverted on gilman streak after
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a big rig hit anni-80 overpass, cracking that concrete. chopper 5 over the scene today. crews have been out there checking the damage all afternoon. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us now with an update. anne? >> the chp said it would be set to reopen gilman any minute now. but you can see the cones are still up. it has been closed since that crash. a search is on for the driver of the big rig who took off after hitting the overpass. chopper 5 was over the scene as crews from caltrans surveyed the damage. the big rig that hit the overpass was carrying an excavator that was a little too high. it hit the overpass, causing concrete to fall on to gilman road below. the chp says there is no sign that the driver of the truck made any stop as it merged on to the freeway. and at one point, one lane of i-80 was closed, but gilman was closed all day. traffic rerouted on the surface streets. and drivers and cyclists were told to avoid the area. >> i ran along in there and went
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oh, my gosh. and went around. went around. it looks like a crumbling bridge. >> and here is another live look at the scene. caltrans says there does not appear to be any structural damage to the bridge. there is actually totally separate construction project going on at that interchange. luckily caltrans says that was not damaged. but the search for the 00 semi driver continues. semi is described as a blue big rig carrying a yellow john deere excavator on a flatbed, and that excavator is going to have damage to its roof. sarah? >> anne, thank you. an arrest has been made in connection to a deadly bowling alley shooting in livermore. police say the suspect is 27-year-old roger aleman garcia from lathrop. police say he is a convicted felon with extensive criminal history. he is accused of shooting and killing a man, as well as injuring two other people at granada bowl on saturday. police say a fight broke out there and it quickly turned deadly. the victim who died was antonio vargas. he was daca recipient who had
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just started a carpet cleaning surface in livermore. around 120 million americans. that's more than a third facing excessive heat warnings and advisories. extreme temperatures and drought conditions are generating devastating wildfires, and it is that backdrop that president biden is laying out new executive action on climate change. cbs reporter natalie brand is life at the white house. and natalie, the big question is whether the president will declare climate change a national emergency. natalie? >> that's what a lot of people are wondering, ryan. president biden called climate change an emergency, but today did not take that step of declaring an emergency, something that could allow him to direct additional federal resources and funding to address the issue. he told reporters that he would make a decision on that soon, and he also said that in coming weeks, he will use more executive powers to turn his words into formal action.
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president biden declared climate change an existential threat while visiting massachusetts, one of many states experiencing a scorching heatwave this week. >> we need to act. we just take a look around. right now, 100 million americans are under heat alert. >> reporter: at a manufacturing facility for offshore wind energy projects, the president announced plans to boost the industry, as well as executive action to help communities and low-income americans deal with extreme weather. >> for the first time, states will be able to use federal funds to pay for air conditioners in homes, set up community cooling centers in schools where people can get through these extreme heat crises. >> reporter: the president also warned if congress won't act, he will. he is facing yet another roadblock after west virginia senator joe manchin said he couldn't support climate provisions in the democratic spending package at a concern over costs and inflation. but president biden has stopped short of declaring a national
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emergency on climate change for now. >> i'm running the traps on the totality of the authority i have. i'll make that decision soon. >> president biden, if you were to declare an emergency, would be directing funds to projects that would contribute to mitigation of climate change, perhaps things like subsidizing renewable energy projects, solar and wind projects. >> reporter: environmental law professor robert glixman says while the president has tools, executive action does not replace congressional legislation. >> the idea that we should do nothing is just not acceptable. >> reporter: democrats are hopeful they can get manchin to change his mind, while the white house says more executive actions on climate are expected. and natalie, the president also talked about workplace inspections during extreme heat. so what do we know about that? >> something that is top of mind during this heatwave, rather.
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ryan, back in april, vice president harris and labor secretary marty walsh announced a program related to heat illness and workplace safety. the administration says this is a priority. and since april, osha says it's conducted more than 500 heat-related illness inspections focused on high risk industries from farming to construction across 43 states, including california. >> all right. thank you, natalie brand reporting live from the white house. the house select committee investigating the january 6th capitol attack is looking a series of missing text messages from the secret service. another public hearing is set for tomorrow night. the committee says the secret service missed a deadline to turn over those texts. the agency says the texts are potentially deleted and irretrievable. the national archives, which is in charge of securing government documents has ordered a review of what it calls unauthorized deletion. >> focusing on those critical
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187 minutes between when the attack on the capitol started and when donald trump finally issued a video statement asking people to leave the capitol. that soes important to know what donald trump was doing and why he didn't ask people to leave sooner. >> former deputy national security adviser matt pottinger and deputy press secretary sarah matthews are expected to testify live at tomorrow night's hearing. both resigned immediately after the capitol attack. cbs news will carry tomorrow's capitol assault hearing as a special report. coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. right here on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. live look at the u.s. capitol, where congress is looking to codify access to birth control and other contraceptives. tomorrow the house will vote on the right to contraception act. this comes just days after the house passed a bill providing federal protection for same-sex marriage and interracial couples. their respect for marriage act passed through the house on tuesday with 47 republicans joining every democrat voting in favor of that bill.
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>> this legislation is so important. i was really impressed by how much bipartisan support it got in the house. >> this bill is simply the latest installment of the democrats' campaign to delegitimize and attempt to intimidate the united states supreme court. >> the likelihood of either of the bills passing through the senate is still up in the air. be threw is support from some senate republicans on the marriage equality measure. crews in san jose got a hold on a condo fire on bell hurst avenue. you can see firefighters were making sure there were no hot spots on the already charred roof. no word there on any injuries. the problems from a growing goose population have gotten so bad in one peninsula city that city leaders just authorized a drastic step, as kpix 5's max darrow reports, their plan doesn't sit well with everyone. >> reporter: foster city leaders have tried to keep the canada goose population from growing
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here for many years. they've tried numerous nonlethal measures and say they will continue to do so in the coming weeks and months. but this week the city council green lit a plan that would allow the city to apply for permits to kill off some of the population. the canada goose population of foster city has nearly doubled over the last two years, and so have their droppings. >> they're fouling our waters. every park is filled with goose pump. >> reporter: sheila elgard is fed up with it. >> i have spent hundreds possibly more on antibiotics for dogs because they eat the goose poot. as i called it earlier, it's pate to dogs. >> reporter: the strategies to slow reproductive efforts and get the geese to relocate hasn't worked, and the growing population is creating health hares for community. on monday, the city council cleared the way for the city to get a geese depredation permit if deemed necessary which would allow them to capture and kill up to 100 geese. derek swaggert is the parks director. >> any depredation that would occur or any culling would be
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done very carefully, very selectively. and again, it's going to be in conjunction with these other nonlethal options. >> they're not native. they're an invasive species. that's why i'm fine with it. >> i feel so sad. i don't feel this is a good resolution for the problem. >> reporter: like marianne reyes. >> i don't think that should be. >> reporter: she is not okay and thinks it would only be a temporary solution. it has caught the attention of the animal protection leave which announced it would help pay for foster city to develop a nonlethal program. >> i don't think killing the animals would make us feel any better. maybe we could try something else as moving them somewhere else. >> we understand that this is a very sensitive issue. >> reporter: swaggert says the city's move just opened the door to the strategy, and there isn't a plan to kill any geese in place just yet. >> any vendor that we would have to select, we would have to go to council for approval and we would have to go or the approval for a contact. we're not even close to doing that at this point.
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>> max darrow, kpix 5. still ahead and streaming on "cbs news bay area," the suspect accused of killing a bay area cyclist faces a judge. the alleged love triangle and the run from the law that ended in costa rica. a new snapshot compares air travel now to before the pandemic, and passengers have a lot to complain about. >> a family atmosphere here, and it's not going to be easily replaced. >> and the end of a pizza shop that's been a popular hangout for politicians. how it's yet another big loss for downtown san jose. fog rolling through golden gate. it's a shallow layer of fog. our camera atop of sutro tower still looking out above it, but it's been pretty stubborn. it's rolling in tonight. we'll track that and changes later this week coming up in the first
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pleaded not guilty. the murder trial set for october. the case has to do with an alleged love triangle that agd on the night of may 11th, police found anna wilson on the bathroom floor of a friend's house with multiple gunshot wounds. ring doorbell helped police piece together a timeline of wilson's death. that night she left her friend's house around 5:30 to go swimming at a nearby pool with fellow cyclist strickland. strickland was dating kaitlin armstrong at the time. after they had dinner; he dropped her back at her friend's house around 8:36 p.m. a minute later, a 2012 glak jeep cherokee similar to kaitlin armstrong's was spotted outside the home. >> the timeline in this case is very bad for the defendant. we don't know at this point that there may or may not be other surveillance that actually gets her out of the car and into the dwelling. >> when police interviewed
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armstrong 24 hours after wilson's death, she could not explain why her car was at the house. by may 14th, armstrong had sold her jeep and left town. according to the u.s. marshals, armstrong flew from texas to new jersey where she boarded a flight to costa rica using a fraudulent passport, arriving in costa rica on may 18th. video from inside edition appears to show where armstrong spent time in costa rica. uxz she died her area brown and had a bandage on their nose where she claimed it was from a surfboard incident. >> six days later she was arrested at a hostel on immigration violation and deported back to the u.s. strickland is not a suspect and is cooperating with investigators. months earlier, strict bought armstrong a gun which appeared to match the ammunition indication found at the crime
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scene. calls are louder for the uvalde police chief to be fired. the district superintendent has now recommended the firing of pete arredondo. he has faced some real criticism for his response to the deadly school shooting at robb elementary that left 19 students dead and two teachers. the school board is set to hold a special meeting this weekend to consider firing him. state investigators have already said that arredondo made several critical mistakes in leadership during the time that police waited and waited before confronting that shooter. former president and first lady donald and melania trump were back in new york today for the funeral of trump's first wife, ivana. their children, don jr. and ivanka were also in attendance. all three reportedly delivered jewel. >>s eulogies. ivana trump was found dead inside her town house last week. authorities say she died after falling down some stairs.
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she met mr. trump in 1976 while she was visiting new york for a modeling job. they were together for 15 years before divorcing in 1992 following donald's affair with his second future wife, marla maples. more on the dangerous heat across the country and texas. wildfires spreading across the northern part of the state where for the second day in row temperatures reached close to 100 degrees. in fort worth, crews were working on nearly 200 water mains that have burst in the last 30 days. the extreme temps were causing the ground to dry out, shift leading to damaged water mains. back here in the bay area, the marsh fire in eastern contra costa just won't quit. because of all that smoke, the air district has once again extended the air quality advisory for that area. that advisory will run through tomorrow. >> and likely friday after that. >> it's been one day and then another day and another day. >> give me a break. they're trying to flood it. flood it. >> oops, sorry. >> we could break stuff and
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throw it at the fire too. >> we can't do that. although i might be able to do that. we'll see. >> at this point, it's worth a shot, because we need this thing to go out. look at the air quality time series. we can track this. it hasn't been just dreadful across the board 24 hours a day, even downwind of that fire. it goes in cycles. whenever the wind picks up, it disperses some of the smoke. this is the air quality for one of the sensors near pittsburg, near the site of the fire. it gets significantly overnight. significantly worse six days ago. but it has been marginally getting a little bit less bad during its peak during the overnight hours. but then it does improve as the wind picks up and stirs around the atmosphere. we're in good air quality from that particular sensor at the moment. we're not going to see much change to the big picture weather pattern as we head through the next 24 to 36 hours. the heat dome is still camped out over the desert southwest. a couple of little disturbances over the pacific are eventually going to swing towards the pacific northwest, help to kick in a stronger breeze for bay
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area and that is going drop inland temperatures back by a few degrees. closer towards average this time of year. look outside from the top of the salesforce tower. you can see the fog rolling in. 60 degrees downtown. only 65 in oakland. today's temperatures around the bay were a couple degrees below average. farther inland it was near average in san jose and santa rosa. upper 70s and low 80s there to a little above normal for livermore and concord, up to 90 degrees. temperatures are going to drop off tonight. the fog makes a good push into the inland valleys once again. but once again, backs up very quickly to around the bay by 9:00 or 10:00 to along the coast by midday. and then temperatures are going to warm up. from a near average start. all this starting off in the low to mid-50s, except antioch and brentwood staying just above 60 degrees. highs tomorrow, a degree or two below normal. 60s and 70s. but 80s and 90s inland. about three or four degrees above normal. near 60 degrees along the coast. that's all the farther you're going to do. 60s and 70s around the peninsula and the south end of the bay. farther into the 80s, the farther inland we go into the santa clara valley.
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even up to 92 in morgan hill. similar pattern in the east bay. the farther inland you go, the hotter it gets up up to mid-90s for pittsburg and antioch. upper 60s and low 70s for oakland in the east bay. mostly low to mid 80s for the north bay. that's just maybe a degree or two above normal for this time of year. until you go farther north, temperatures warm up every mile you go farther north in sonoma and napa counties. well into the 90s there. our temperatures due back down a degree around the bay. you don't need much. for the end of the work on friday. a more noticeable cooldown, 4 or 5 degrees for inland parts to round out the workweek. but we bounce back to slightly above average temperatures inland and near average near the water for most of next week. a little additional cloud cover headed our way by wednesday. that should spell some cooler temperatures. it's going to be associated with some moisture that, well, we're going to have to keep an eye on it. monsoonal moisture is not always a good thing, even clouds will be nice to see just cosmeticsly. you have to watch out for any threat of elevated thunderstorms
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which we don't want any cloud-to-ground lightning. >> muggy? >> should it be farther above ground level where we don't have to feel it, but that is something we'll keep an eye on. >> thank you, paul. it is the perfect day to call out sick and hit the beach. the epic conditions that have surfers flocking to santa cruz. >> don't give me any ideas, ryan. i'll do it. the 49ers opened the door for jimmy garoppolo to determine his own future. don't forget to join us. find us on pluto tv channel 3350 on any platform usin
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we're counting down to kick off 23 days into the 49ers's first preseason game against the packers at levi's stadium. we will have that game live right here on kpix 5, and the rest of the week until the niners report to training camp. and the clock is ticking on jimmy g.'s future.
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reportedly giving his agent permission to seek a trail after san francisco cannot deal him earlier in the season. jimmy g. is recovering from shoulder surgery but should be fully clear next month. san francisco-based lyft is joining a growing list of u.s. companies announcing layoffs this summer. they're cutting 60 jobs in their rental division. they're also stopping their long-term rental service. this comes two months after lyft said it would slow down hiring amid rising inflation. a popular downtown san jose pizza joint is closing after nearly two decades in business. i'm devin fehely. coming up, we'll have more on the outpouring of support from the community. and a theme park under fire. a family's outrage
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5, streaming on "cbs ws lal news a we head to beaches in santa cruz where some huge waves are drawing expert and amateur surfers. plus, a new look at how air travel has changed since before the pandemic. the surge in complaints. a south bay pizzeria that survived much of the pandemic won't make it through the summer. what led to the tough decision to close up shop. good evening. i'm sara donchey. >> and i'm ryan yamamoto. owners of a popular restaurant in downtown san jose announced they're going to close their
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doors. four street pizza has a prime location. devin fehely on why that was not enough. >> four street pizza has been in business for nearly two decades. and in that time, it's become a mainstay of this community. it's directly across the street from city hall, down the street from san jose state university. but the business owners say sadly, they are now reaching the end of the road for this business. >> it's devastating. you put your heart and soul into something. >> reporter: like a proud parent, josh mcgee, co-owner of four street pizza has been there since day one. since the idea for a pizza joint was first conceived with his childhood friend and business partner when they first open their doors 16 years ago. and through all of the growing paints of a business in its infancy. >> we build kind of a family atmosphere here. and it's not going about be easily replaces roar the business struggled mightily during the pandemic, but they fought not to be added to the roster of restaurants that


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