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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  July 20, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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location. devin fehely on why that was not enough. >> four street pizza has been in business for nearly two decades. and in that time, it's become a mainstay of this community. it's directly across the street from city hall, down the street from san jose state university. but the business owners say sadly, they are now reaching the end of the road for this business. >> it's devastating. you put your heart and soul into something. >> reporter: like a proud parent, josh mcgee, co-owner of four street pizza has been there since day one. since the idea for a pizza joint was first conceived with his childhood friend and business partner when they first open their doors 16 years ago. and through all of the growing paints of a business in its infancy. >> we build kind of a family atmosphere here. and it's not going about be easily replaces roar the business struggled mightily during the pandemic, but they fought not to be added to the roster of restaurants that didn't survive covid.
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>> the pandemic has been brutal on downtown san jose. you walk around here, and to this day, there is no people on the streets. >> reporter: the owner of the building is planning a major makeover, demolishing part of the structure, including where the pizza joint is now and building new space above. customers say the redevelopment should not come at the expense of beloved businesses. >> walking through these doors, i can feel the ambience and the energy of just the community come through. >> i was shocked when i heard fourth street pizza is closing because it's such a staple in san jose. i felt like it brought a lot of community together. >> reporter: 4th street pizza was their baby. they're not just sad it's closing, they're grieving. >> we invested our life. it's tough losing that. i'm not a rich person. >> reporter: the business is not going close right away, but they have reduced hours and most of their staff and say that likely the last day will be some time in late august. in downtown san jose, devin
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fehely, kpix 5. there is another delay for san francisco central subway. muni officials confirm that a june 20th fire at the yerba buena moscone substation could delay by another six to eight weeks. the fire didn't damage any trains, but it did stop testing inside the central subway. the project was originally supposed to be completed in 2018. today was the final day of a work stoppage and the port of oakland, and drivers protesting a gig worker law. chopper 5 shot this video earlier. officials at the port are telling people to avoid that area. and customers now expecting delays in their shipments. that new bill, ab 5, has been in legal limbo for two years, but could now take effect as soon as this week. it requires trucking companies to treat their independent truckers as employees, not contractors. opponents say it will force independent truckers to pay tens of thousands of dollar in extra fees while supporters say it
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will improve those truckers' working conditions. new details on a deadly bike crash in china camp state park. the marin county sheriff's office identified the cyclist as 67-year-old sherman wayne chen from san francisco. chen was riding an electric powered bike yesterday on the bayview trail. he was going up a hillside and lost control of his bike going over a steep ridge line. he died at the scene. a sesame theme park under fire after viral video of discrimination against two black children. this happened at the amusement park in pennsylvania. a mother's instagram post shows a costumed character giving high-fives to a crowd, but then waves off her young daughter and niece who were waiting with open arms. at a news conference in new york, the mom appeared with the family's attorney to demand a formal apology. >> and i just want them to be able to do the right thing. being that me, my niece and my daughter have all suffered one
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embarrassment, discriminatory behavior which should not happen during these days and times. >> the family is demanding that the performer be fired and the company pay for mental health services for the children. sesame place did apologize saying, quote, the rosita performer did not intentionally ignores the girls and is devastated by the misunderstanding. sesame place says costumes create blind spots making it hard to see children. the family have rejected that claim. >> if you look at the costume, how come they can see everybody else? they can see everybody before these young girls and everybody after it and interact with them. >> sesame place invited the girls back and followed up with a second statement promising better training for employees. a live look at sfo. there has been a big surge in complaint against u.s. airlines. the u.s. department of transportation got more than 2400 complaints in may. that's more than three times the number they got in may of 2019 before the pandemic started.
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the may surge doesn't even take into account this wild summer that all of us travelers have faced. airlines have had to cut their schedules because of a number of cancellations. delta sent its frequent flyers 10,000 free miles if they had nice flights disrupted from may 1 through the first week of july. executives with american and united hold their quarterly earnings calls tomorrow. still ahead, big news for uc berkeley. the expansion to the business school program for undergrads. and a couple penthouses belonging to well-known figure in u.s. hi
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i know my glucose numbers without fingersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7. take the mystery out of managing your diabetes and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free at an update to the war that is still raging on in ukraine. ukrainian forces have seriously damaged a bridge that is critical for russian resupply. with the help of u.s. supplied rocket launchers, according to ukrainian officials. it's the latest attempt by ukrainian forces to retake the critical area in the country's south, which russian troops have
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controlled for much of the war. meanwhile, today ukraine's first lady was in washington, d.c., urging a bipartisan group of lawmakers to send more military help to her country. >> i am asking for weapons, weapons that would not be used to wage a war on somebody else's land, but to protect one's home and the right to wake up alive in that home. >> so far the u.s. has gibraltar about $8 billion in military aid to ukraine, including a $2.2 billion package just last month. the business and berkeley expanding its understood grad program from two years to four years. that four year program will go into effect in august of 2024. previously students applied as undergrads and now they'll be able to enter as freshmen. san francisco officials have announced a nearly $12 million investment in its southeast communities. >> the boys and girls club will have their facility.
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we are going to have a community hub and a child care center. and the things that are happening because of people of this community said that's what we want. >> the breakdown looks like this. 5 million will go towards the sunnydale hub, a community rec center. $5 million for sf produce market, and 1.7 million for box shop collaborative work space. the biggest condo sale in san francisco's history has been made. a pair of russian hill penthouses belonging to george shultz and his wife charlotte sold. inside of a high-rise on green street. look at the view! nice! and big too. that's not always the case in the city. it has stunning views of downtown and the water. the asking price a combined $29 million. get this, it was paid in cash. >> wow. the secrets behind one of the most influential songs in all of music history now being revealed. ♪ bye-bye miss american pie ♪
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>> well, the new documentary "the day the music died," the story of don maclean's american pie deep dives into the inspiration for writing that song. many are based on cultural moments from 1971. the documentary will have commentary from other music legends as well as artists from that generation. our gianna franco had a chance to talk to don maclean. >> the idea of doing a big song about america was on my mind. and it was a very different time in those days. and it was a much more time. and there was a lot more political upheaval, very, very powerful time. >> "the day the music died" is now streaming on paramount plus. coming up, she reaches some of the poorest children in the most remote areas. now one of our jefferson award winners has won a prestigious
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national award. how she gave hope to one desperate mother and child. coming up on the "cbs evening news," over 100 million americans facing excessive heat warnings as cities declare emergencies and the texas power grid is pushed to the limit after suffering 40 days of triple-digit temperatures. that and seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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some great news to share. one of our bay area jefferson award winners has won a national honor.
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>> sharon chen joins us. >> every year several of our local heros are considered for a national jefferson award for their community service. this year we have a winner, a peninsula woman who puts a dent in worldwide poverty. >> she was overseas. >> has given the opportunity for them to have one -- >> reporter: to how well her nonprofit is feeding children in some of the most impoverished areas of the world. that's when her husband shared the news. >> i couldn't believe what i'm hearing. he kept telling me you won the jefferson award, the gold. and i kept saying to myself, no, no, this cannot be true. >> reporter: she won the jacqueline kennedy onassis award for her service to local communities. the jefferson awards's organization made the announcement in indiana at its national celebration of service. >> i was really shocked and honored to be recognized for
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something that i love so much to do. >> reporter: she cofounded moms against poverty in 2008 to provide education, health, and orphan care, plus basic needs like food, water and hygiene products. the burlingame based nonprofit has served nearly two million people, mostly poor children in the u.s., iran, the senegal and 12 other countries. it's built more than 60 schools and supported more than 30 orphan care centers. its food baskets have gone to children from asia to more than 27,000 afghans at the boarder who fled the taliban. >> so in front of the dormitory -- >> reporter: her recent trip to her native iran shows the skyrocketing need in the pandemic. she shared a heartbreaking story of a mother she met whose 10-year-old daughter is too weak to undergo a life-saving operation. >> a story like that about a mom who can't get open heart surgery for her daughter because she is too thin and malnourished, how does that hit you as a mom?
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>> quite hard. very hard. i was looking at her, thinking to myself she is like a lot of mothers around the world that are looking at their children in despair, not knowing what to do for them. and, you know, this is the story that really touches my heart. >> reporter: and motives her to do more. >> i am a believer that if we come together, we can change things. >> reporter: so for receiving a national jefferson award for serving millions of people around the world through moms against poverty, we congratulate delfarib. >> they have their annual fundraiser on october 1 at san francisco's palace of fine arts. a month later, she will receive her national award at multiplying good ceremony in new york city. and as for the 10-year-old girl she talked about, moms against poverty is giving her a food budget, and when she is strong enough, a volunteer has agreed
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to pay for that surgery that she needs. >> an amazing story. what a nice lady. doing something really difficult and really amazing. she deserves that award. >> absolutely. >> thanks, sharon. if you know a quiet here who is making a difference in our community, nominate that person for a jefferson award. you can find that in our online forum on our website at and click on the nominations tab. so our weather has actually been pretty great when you compare us to the rest of the country. >> oh, yeah. >> a lot of people suffering under some really hot, oppressive conditions. >> yes. so many people in the eastern two-thirds of the country either have temperatures or feels-like temperatures, the heat index at or above 110 degrees, while around here, we've been within about 5 degrees on either side of normal for the last few days, last several days really. small changes on thursday. yes going to be tracking some changes as we head toward the end of the workweek on friday as
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the heat dome gets nudged to the east, this area isn't going to head directly towards us. it's going to be aimed more towards the pacific northwest, but it's going to be close enough to squeeze the atmosphere over the bay area and kick in a stronger onshore wind. tomorrow's maximum sustained winds in the afternoon are going to be around 20 miles an hour inland. some 20 to 30-miles-an-hour gusts along the coast. but those winds are going to be noticeably stronger by friday afternoon, 20 to 25. even close to 30-miles-per-hour gusts inland with 30 to 40-miles-an-hour gusts along the coast. that onshore direction just means that the marine layer air is going to be pushed farther and farther inland. it spells a slightly cooler pattern for tend of the workweek. we can use that inland. fog rolling in right now. temperatures only 62 for a high in san francisco today. and only reached 56 in pacifica. but temperatures inland still made it up to 94 degrees in concord and 87 degrees in santa rosa. 80 on the nose in san jose. almost exactly today's normal high temperature. we still have a wide variety of temperatures on the map as of 5:00. anywhere from 57 at half moon bay to 91 degrees in concord.
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most inland temperatures in the 70s and 80s. it's mostly in the 60s around the bay with 50s along the coast. the fog is going to spread into the inland valleys by tomorrow morning. widespread reduced visibilities to begin the day, but like today, that fog is going to back up towards the bay by 9:00 or 10:00, and all the way to the coast as we head towards midday, mid to early afternoon. plenty of sunshine for temperatures to warm up inland. remaining mild around the bay and cool along the coast. pretty much everybody starts off in the 50s, except brentwood, you'll stay above 60 degrees as the outliers on the warm side. only 50 in pacifica and santa rosa for the cool spots. temperatures hour-by-hour tomorrow in san francisco, only warming up to the low 60s. again, that fog takes a little while to finally break up. but we should break through to sunshine as we head into the afternoon. temperatures in santa rosa should be pretty close to where you topped out today. in fact, forecasting exactly the same high temperature of 87 degrees. a little bit of fog, but it's not going to last long. any fog inland around concord is going to be gone by 7:00 or 8:00. temperatures warm all the way up into the low 90s that would be a
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2 degree cooldown from today. take what you get. san jose reaching up into the low to mid-80s. maybe a couple of degrees warmer. minor changes to the picture pattern across the bay area. tomorrow from 60 in pacifica to 95 degrees in fairfield and antioch. but this is just a typical looking temperature map for the month of july. those changes occur on friday as we see our temperatures near the bay only drop a degree or so. but about a 4 or 5 degrees drop for inland parts of the bay area. back up to near normal temperatures around the bay saturday and sunday, and most of next week. slightly above normal temperatures for inland parts of the bay area through at least the first couple of days of next week. there are signs that we'll drop off a little bit by wednesday with more cloud cover overhead. monsoonal moisture trying to sneak up. day seven of the seven-day forecast, we've got plenty of time to keep our ice on that. we'll check out tomorrow's fire danger index at 6:00. >> thanks, paul. >> a prime piece of beach property was handed back to the descendants of the black couple it was seized on. >> the efforts to wright a wrong
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from more than a century go. >> just for bruce's beach! >> reporter: kevon ward started the rallying cry that spurred the l.a. county supervisor the start working on returning bruce's beach to the bruce family descendants. >> today we are returning stolen land for the first time. but it will not be the last. >> charles and willa bruce purchased manhattan beach land in 1912 and started a resort for other black families. >> the bruces were wealthy enough to buy property right here in manhattan beach and decide to make it an oasis for black families who were not allowed to recreate at white beaches. they were harassed and threatened, not only by their neighbors, but by the kkk. ultimately, the city lied and used eminent domain to commit a crime and steal the land away from the bruce family.
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>> reporter: wednesday, the land was officially given back to the bruce family. >> it is always the right time to do the right this will be held in perpetuity in public record in l.a. county as a record of what has taken place today. >> reporter: anthony bruce, the great, great grandson of charles and willa raised the deed and named the family members and those who made this all possible. >> charles and willa bruce. melinda bruce, bernard bruce, sandra bruce, david r. hudson, grandma teresa. >> reporter: many of the bruce family members came and stood in solidarity, celebrating the return of the property. >> let's welcome the bruises back home. >> the grandsons of willa and charles bruce say they plan to lease the beach back to t county for $400,000 a year. i'm elizabeth cook. coming up all new at 6:00, a ride share driver killed in a brazen shooting. the desperate plea from the
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victim's girlfriend to find the suspects, and the key piece of evidence police just discovered. plus bay area county clinics drawing long lines for the monkeypox vaccine. the growing calls for more federal help. the news at 6:00 is coming up in about five minutes. sarah, ryan? >> thanks, liz. still ahead here at 5:00, a
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surfers are heading to santa
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cruz beaches to take advantage of really big waves. photojournalist brian nguyen talked to surfers who say there were enough big waves for everyone to catch a ride. >> my name is megan, and this is like the biggest south swell of the season so far. people are stoked, and it's that feeling is just like you want everyone to have that feeling, you know. it's so good. >> my name is richard collis. there is big borders, small borders. a lot of people out here, but they're all getting a lot of rides. so that's a good thing. they're not fighting over a wave. >> my name is bill curtis. just as predicted, they're here in santa cruz. and the last three or four days have been fantastic waves. >> over here at steamer lane, the waves are perfect. >> what do i look for? a wave that's coming in. a, you think you can catch it.
5:57 pm
b, you think you can make it. >> so much speed. and it's yes, i nailed it. that's what it feels like. it's like being on it and, like, being in tune with your body and the elements. >> but you imagine what would happen if you make a mistake. >> my name is kevin root. >> what makes it dangerous? >> not respecting the water and the ocean. got in over my head. got thrown around. the board went in my eye. i had big blowout fracture in my face. it was a good lesson to learn right away. don't forget how powerful the ocean is. >> it's like feeling sort of the rhythm and the power of the ocean and going with it. when those come and they're big like this one, it's just -- it's what everyone waits for. >> sounds fun, but also kind of sketchy. that's it to interest news at 5:00. kpix 5 at 6:00 begins now with ryan yamamoto and elizabeth cook. right now on kpix 5 and
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streaming on "cbs news bay area," the girlfriend of a ride share driver gunned down in broad daylight speaking out. her emotional plea for justice. and a catastrophic moment of world war ii history. a segregated unit of sailors blamed for a deadly explosion now to set the record straight. good evening. we talk to the girlfriend of a ride share driver killed in a shooting. >> kong fong was shot. investigators are hoping someone will recognize the voices of the suspects in the surveillance video. take a listen. >> hey, get out! >> and there are developments in this investigation. oakland police say they have found the getaway vehicle believed to be used in the shooting. but they need leads on the
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individual suspects themselves. meantime, fung's girlfriend spoke through tears about what her life has been like since the shooting. >> she said every night she can't sleep. every night she is in pain. she is just pleading with the community and with the police and with the government to help her with her situation, and she's just under a lot of duress. >> now as part of today's news briefing, merchants in oakland's chinatown held a march to show solidarity and demand action to keep members of the community safe from these kind of violent crimes. oakland police and crimestoppers now offering a $12,500 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. police in livermore arrested the man accused in a deadly shooting at a popular bowling alley. law enforcement found 27-year-old roger aleman garcia in his home in lathrop, took him into custody. police say he is a convicted felon with an extensive criminal history. garcia is accused of shooting
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and killing antonio vargas as well as injuring two other people at the granada bowl on saturday. vargas was a daca recipient who had just started a carpet business in livermore. the bay area has been trying to step up efforts to stop monkeypox. kpix 5's anne makovec is in the newsroom with the latest on vaccine availability. anne? >> that is the worst kind of equ equation. demands for vaccines at an all-time high in the bay area, and it is far outpacing supply. today santa clara held its first monkeypox clinic. nearly 200 people showed up to get vaccinated. the county's health department has a very limited supply of the vaccine. so they are only taking people by appointment. >> if there is anything we've learned in the last couple of years it's that it's up to each of us to protect our community, and after being isolated from my friends and community for so long, i want to be able to give people a hug without worrying that i might be spreading something. an


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