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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 21, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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pointed this out, you know, that right now, about 30 percent .. of americans who are 65 and over have not had that first booster. so they are really playing with fire there and encouraging people, go out, if it is 2022 and you have not had a shot and over the age of 50, please go ahead and get one. >> dr. lapook, way tonight play for you a video released by the white house of the president. let's take a listen to that. >> hey, folks, i guess you heard this morning i tested positive for covid, but i have been double vaccinated, double boosted, symptoms are mild, and i really appreciate your inquiries and concerns and doing well and getting a lot of work done and i will continue to get it done and in the meantime, thanks for your concern and keep the faith. it is going to be okay. >> dr. lapook, there is probably no the holistic perfect answer to this question, but every workplace in america is trying to understand how do you adapt and how do you adjust to the disruption office a positive covid test? that's the president recording a
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video to try to communicate to the country but nevertheless precautions had to be taken, the white house said there were. what do you think, a good idea or not? >> precautions in terms of keeping him in isolation you mean? >> yes. and having the videographer six feet away with a proper mask and all of that. >> yeah, yeah, it is hard to get into that. i mean, outdoors is pretty safe, especially if you are at a distance away and i heard the videographer had an n95 on, but i think what is important with the president is, look, we think that he should do well, all things being equal, but, you know, there is still some unpredictability, he is 79 years old and does have some medical problems, he does have chronic afibrillation, me is on anti-coagulant and i am sure he is, there is a risk at that. so we think optimistically as we say, we are optimistic, cautiously optimistic here but i think he should do well but i think he is going to be looked at very, very closely every day. >> i also want to bring in dr. is a lean gownedder, a cbs
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news contributor. >> we see a variant and strain, is it too much to ask the question, are we in another covid wave? >> we are certainly in another surge of covid cases, ba 5 is driving a surge in covid infections .. in the united states as well as around the world. but who is ending up in the hospital? we are seeing an increase in hospitalizations of about 20 percent, an increase in deaths of about 30 percent, but who is landing in the hospital? those are people who are by and large not vaccinated or elderly who are not boosted. we are also seeing that unnecessary deaths or hospitalizations are occurring from people who have symptoms, who have not gotten tested and if eligible have not gotten faxlovid, and we now have very effective tools to keep people out of the hospital and to save lives. >> very good, dr. salin and dr. book, we thank you very much, our coverage will continue
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on your local news and on the cbs evening news. this is a cbs news special report, i am major garrett. have a good day. live from the cbs bay area students. this is kpix 5 news. breaking news, president biden tests positive for covid. we just got our hands on this video here from the president. >> hey, folks, i guess you heard this morning i tested positive for covid, you've been double vaccinated and boosted. symptoms are mild and i really appreciate your inquiry and concerns. and i'm doing well and again a lot of work done, going to continue to get it done and in the meantime, thanks for your concern and keep the faith. it is going to be okay. >> it is going to be okay. and he's looking okay.
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good afternoon, i'm amanda starrantino. the white house tweeted out this picture saying the president is working in isolation and just minutes ago a news conference wrapped up about the president's condition. >> because the president is fully vaccinated, double boosted, his risk of serious illness is dramatically lower. he's also getting treated with a very powerful anti-viral and that further reduces his risk of serious illness. >> and president biden is currently taking paxlovid. cbs news picks up our coverage live from our nation's capitol. >> reporter: and amanda, this paxlovid is supposed to be very effective but what they were talking about in the preing is that there are two medications that the president is taking that he's going to have to stop taking for now while he takes paxlovid. one is for cholesterol and the other is a blood thinner but
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that is pretty routine. the president as you saw, he's been doing zoom calls and taking phone calls from inside of the white house. fresh off a visit to massachusetts. >> we need to act. >> reporter: anda four-day trip overseas. >> the united states is going to remain an active and engaged partner in the middle east. >> reporter: president biden has tested positive for covid-19. cbs news contributor dr. celine gounder spoke with the president's case. >> he's been double vaccinated and boosted. he is a healthy 79-year-old. he also has started paxlovid which we know reduced risks. >> and that's symptoms include runny nose and occasional dry cough. >> i understand the symptoms are light. i hope they continue to be so. that is my experience and i hope that is the case for the president. >> the president had a a crime prevention event scheduled in
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pennsylvania today but the white house said he will stay in isolation until he tests negative. >> reporter: and one thing that was asked about inside of the briefing is also from that video, was it a good idea for the president to put together that video considering there was a videographer there and the white house press secretary, she had said that that videographer was more than six feet apart and wearing a n-95 mask and it was outside. >> and the president han been traveling a lot later, saudi arabia, the u.k., massachusetts, how is the white house informing close contacts? >> reporter: so the white house medical unit is the one that is supposed to let the close contacts know and they are by definition what the cdc said are close contact. so there is a lot of conversation and questions about that in this briefing.
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so it is how the cdc defines them. and that medical unit is informing people via email and phone call. they are not saying exactly who or how far back they're going, though, amanda. >> i'm sure with word of mouth, too. everyone that needs to know has heard. we're so happy to hear he's feeling okay. thank you. to the coronavirus now. more on that. new data from the cdc shows that the ba.5 subvariant is causing about 80% of new infections in the u.s. the number of reinfections has doubled. researchers pointed out waning immunity andak e dy's defenses so wha e from t disease. experts say there is a pattern to the recovery process. >> well there is sort of two phases to the illness, the initial phase is when the virus is replicating and what which people get really sick is when you're immune system is responding that it is responding in this dysfunctional, hyper inflammatory way so it is the
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immune system response that is causing the disease. >> well the cdc said we're averaging more than 120,000 cases a day. but with many people testing at home, the actual number is likely much higher. new at noon, san francisco is dressing the response to the monkeypox public health crisis. on the heels of the covid pandemic, the city officials say monkeypox has not received the same urgency by the federal government. the strategy is to work with the department of public health to establish a network of vaccine sites and expand testing. experts say it is moving in the right direction but the waits for vaccines have been too long. >> there is no reason to believe necessarily that at some point it doesn't spread out, and so this is kind of a travesty. >> monkeypox is hetting the gay community the hardest, reminiscent of the eighth e worldioin the '80s. llenni cee h nv eypo alol crisis.
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th scientists said the stark contrast between the outbreaks in africa and in developed countries will complicate the coordinated response. africa officials are already treating the outbreak as an emergency. but experts say monkeypox is currently in a mild state elsewhere. stay with cbs news bay area and for continuing coverage of the monkeypox outbreak and response. you get call from a number you don't know and sometimes they leave you a message like this. >> we are reaching you to inform you that irs is filing a lawsuit against you. >> we've all heard that one. that is just one scam that cost americans billions of dollars. we've got expert advice on how to protect yourself. and later on, the bay area nonprofit making a world of difference. the jefferson awards winner now getting in a big spotlight. >> and we are tracking this gradual cooling trend in for the weekend. how will that impact your weekend plans?
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welcome back. let's do a midday check of the stock market. looks like we're up in the green about 43 points. and amazon just acquired san francisco based one medical. the tech giant made the $3.9 billion purchase saying health care is high on the list of experiences that needs reinvention. one medical works on a membership-based primary care
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platform. amazon said it wants to make it easier to do things like book appointments and get to a clinic. new at noon, average mortgage rates increased for a second week in a row reaching just over 5.5%. ouch. that is compared to just under 2.8% at this time last year. experts say economic fears are making the rates volatile. money is tight and scammers are taki taking advantage of that. and many criminals are posing as the irs. jill shlessinger now with the best way to protect yourself. >> the irs is warning that once again scam artists are posing as the tax agency to rip off americans. millions of people have received fake emails or texts that appear to be from the irs. they're promising a tax refund or a stimulus payment if you just click on a link. the criminals are trying to get personal information or they claim that the victim has to pay
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a fee before the fake refund can be sent. con-artists are also trying to scare people into paying up with calls like this one. >> we're reaching you to inform you that irs is filing a lawsuit against you. >> it is important to know that the irs does not demand payment or ask for credit or debit card information over the phone. also agents will not reach out to you through text or social media. it is not just older americans falling for this scam and others, the federal trade commission said 41% of people who lost money last year were in their 20s. to report a fraud or scam, visit report and if you've received a mail forward it to phishing at >> let's get over to jessica burch and don't scam us with the weather, jess. >> if only i could just say
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there is no fog in july. this is kind of a treat. it keeps us below average during this time of the year. the rest of the states are dealing with record-breaking temperatures. so no complaints here over in the bay. our inland areas are dry and warm for us this afternoon where we are expecting some 90s in site. the fog will stick around into the evening hours and break apart around the coast around 5:00. but we're still left with daytime highs sitting below average today in san francisco. getting up to around 63 degrees. 92 in concord this afternoon. 85 in san jose. let's take a look at the rest of the our local areas. you saw right there we're around average for the thursday setup. where we're only cooling off more as we head into this weekend due to low pressure. so, first off the grid, happening at 5:00 testimony tomorrow, it is fog appreciation day. make sure you wear white in honor of karl. and if you are living closer to oakland, well there is a lot of events going on there too. the art and soul festival
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kicking off tomorrow and it lasts throughout the week and we're expecting 70s all weekend long. and if you want to check out the raceway at sonoma. you should wear some sunscreen and drink a lot of water and the seats will be blistering as you sit down. daytime highs are raise ranging in the 60s. where we see the team spread is our in land areas. we're flirting with the upper 80s to 90s in the weekend and sunshine heading into monday but nonetheless it is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful across the board and we'll keep you updated here in the weather center. >> so feeling confident karl will be there at the event tomorrow. >> i'm banking on, it literally. >> but you could bank on jessica being there. >> i am going to be, yes, i'm hosting the event. check it out. >> thank you, jessica. a bay area profit helping the hungry around the world getting a boost. the national recognition coming to a bowling game nonprofit.
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we'll have the update on a previous jefferson award winner after this.
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68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. welcome back. a peninsula woman who puts a dent in worldwide poverty has won a national jefferson award.
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sharon chen has those details. >> she was eras >>is an ohem h>>eporter: assessing how well her nonprofit is feeding children in some of the most remote improvished areas of the world. that is when her husband shared the news. >> couldn't believe what i'm hearing. he kept telling me you won the jefferson award, and i keep saying to myself, no, this cannot be true. >> reporter: she won the jacqueline kennedy onas is award for her service to local communities. the parent organization multiplying good made the announcement in indiana at the national celebration of service. >> it was really shocked and honored to be recognized for something that i love so much to do. >> reporter: she cofounded moms against poverty in 2008 to
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provide education and help and orphan care plus basic needs like food and water and hygiene products. they are served more than 2 million people, more poor people in the u.s., iran and senningal and other countries. it ise 60 schd supported orpha centers. food baskets have gone to more than 27,000 afghans at the iran border who fled the taliban. >> her recent trip to iran shows the skyrocketing need in the pandemic. she shared a heartbreaking story of a mother she met whose 10-year-old daughter is too weak to undergo a life-saving operation. >> a story about a mom would can't get open heart surgery for her daughter because she's too thin and malnourished. how does that hit you as a mom. >> quite hard. very hard. i was looking at her thinking to myself that she's like a lot of
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mothers around the world that are looking at their children and in despair, not knowing what to do for them. and you know, this is the story that really touched my heart. >> reporter: and motivates her to do more. >> i'm a believer that if we come together, we can change things. >> so for receiving a national jefferson award for serving millions of people around the world through moms against poverty, we congratulate her. >> moms against poverty has the annual fundraising on october 1st at the palace of fine arts and as for the 10-year-old girl, moms against poverty is giving her a food budget and when she is strong enough a volunteer has agreed to pay for her surgeriry. well if you know of a quiet hero who is make a difference in our community. nominate that person for a jefferson award. go to and click on the nominations tab.
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we've love to hear the stories. and here are the honorees for the 45th kennedy center honors. george clooney is getting a lifetime artistic achievement, along with the legendary gladis night and u 2 and amy grant and tonya leon round out this year's class. the ceremony takes place in december and will later broadcast here on kpix. the telescope shows us more mysteries of deep space than we could imagine. but what is being on with mars. why astronauts are
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here's why tribal leaders urge you to vote yes on prop 27. the act provides hundreds of millions every year for permanent solutions to homelessness, mental health and addiction in california. prop 27 supports financially disadvantaged tribes that don't own big casinos. by taxing and regulating online sports betting for adults 21 and over, we can protect tribal sovereignty and finally do something about homelessness in california. vote yes on prop 27. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ happening tonight, the january 6 committee will hold a prime time hearing looking into former president trump's actions during the hours long assault on the capitol. the latest hearings will air tonight at 5:00 here on kpix and streaming on cbs news bay area. get one last check of the forecast with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. and it is foggy out there. >> foggy and chilly. we went on a walk earlier and it was not the most pleasant. but that is san francisco in the summer, right. something about october being the nicest time of the year. daytime highs today are going to warm up into the 90s in our inland areas so if you're driving, it is beautiful and still 60 as long the coast even near pacifica. >> if you don't like the weather here, go to space. astronauts are looking at mars
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for a sign of microscopic life and now looking into a bundle of string. officials think it could have come from a spacecraft and blown by the wind to a different point. scientives are trying to find life that may have existed on mars billions of years ago. would you ever go? >> would you go. >> it is like no because you would be stuck there. and then people -- >> i would go if i have a ticket back. >> that is the catch. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> finn: you lied. you weren't the one who saved me. my mother did. >> sheila: i am your mother. >> finn: where is she? what did you do? tell me now! ♪♪ >> taylor: hey, sweetheart. it's mom again. i'm sorry i keep calling, i know i'm being annoying, but i-- i-- i-- i'm worried about you. and, i would like you to call me back as soon as you can. i'd love to hear your voice and i'd love to talk to my grandkids. i love you. call me as soon as you get this. thank you. how was surfing? >> thomas: i couldn't get my mind of off things.
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