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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  July 22, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on "cbs news bay area," more local news at 5:30. a boom of young great white sharks off the monterey coast. surfers tell us about their close encounters. major move to boost renovation plans for a gathering spot in san francisco's chinatown. our top story at 5:30, remembering a man who gave his time to making oakland a better place. how friends and the raiders are honoring the man who founded the group forever oakland. good evening. i'm ryan yamamoto. >> i'm sara donchey. one of raider nation's biggest fans, griz jones, died of cancer this week at the age of 52. he fought hard to keep the
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raiders in oakland. kpix 5's da lin interviewed him for many years. more on the man known as godfather griz jones from the oakland coliseum. >> 66, known as mop alley. this was griz jones' spot. he would tailgate here for two days before every oakland raiders games. >> put your differences aside. come together so we can make oakland better. >> he says we are not raider fans. we are oakland raiders. >> my name is good father griz. >> better known as godfather griz, the emphasis was always on oakland. he was one of the biggest oakland raiders fans. >> hell no, we won't go! >> for years the founder of forever oakland organized rallies to try to stop the raiders from leaving. >> let's stay in oakland, baby! >> reporter: ray, aka dr. death, joined griz at many of those marches. >> it's never give up. always be a fighter, and fight for what you believe. >> reporter: when the raiders
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left, he and another group of die-hard fans successfully convinced the city of oakland to sue the team. >> for the first couple of years, he didn't watch any football. and griz is a huge football fan. he played football at college. >> close friend chris lane says griz later turned his passion from football to helping the th month, he and his group would clean up encampments around the coliseum and feed the homeless. friends say he had a booming voice and a generous personality. >> we always get that bad rap of oakland. but he showed the better side that we are able to do something about it. at one point in my life, i would have been homeless, and no questions asked, he said come live with me until you get back on your feet. forever will be grateful for that. >> reporter: friends say he learned of his esophagus and liver cancer late last year, but didn't tell anyone until recent weeks. >> very prideful person. very, very prideful. he just didn't want people to think he was ever weak. >> reporter: many old friends visited him in the hospital before he passed away on
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wednesday morning. griz was 52 years old. growing up in oakland, people used to tell me moving out of oakland means moving up in life. quite a few years ago, griz moved back to oakland, trying to make a difference. there is no doubt the man embraced and loved oakland. >> oakland really lost a great one. lost a great one. >> to show their condolences to jones and therapy loved ones, the team took their official website page to make an official statement on his passing. griz was a fierce adversary for the city of oakland and embodied the essence of raiders tailgating, often starting each game welcoming all raider nation to lead in the lead-up to game day. friends will hold a candlelight vigil to celebrate greg griz jones life in front of the oakland coliseum at 6:00 p.m. portsmouth square got a boost for renovation plans. the state money is part of an effort to prioritize aapi
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communities. portsmouth square is known as the heart of the chinese american community. the project includes updating the kearney street bridge, also known as the bridge to nowhere, adding a clubhouse, exercise equipment and play areas. >> every time that our chinese american community has anything to say, has anything to talk about, has an issue that we want to raise, portsmouth square is where we come. portsmouth square is where we fight for our rights, where we fight or our community. >> construction is expected to begin late next year. san francisco pd warning people to beware after an uptick in watch shifts. they've seen more than two dozen luxury watch robberies since the beginning of this year. authorities are continuing to investigate the string of robbery, and they are now encouraging people to be very mindful of their surroundings. wild scene along southern california beach. a small plane crashed into the surf. this happened this afternoon at huntington beach, fairly close to the pier.
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lifeguards rushed to the scene and were successfully able to pull the pilot from the screen. no word on what caused the crash or the condition of the pilot. just in time for the summer trip to the beach, the monterey bay aquarium produced a new study that found a population boom for young great white sharks in northern california waters. they seem to especially like the waters near aptos and santa cruz county. >> reporter: well, this new report is obviously a big concern for surfers and swimmers and people who use this beach every day. but it really only confirms what they already knew, that the shark population in these waters is way up. >> it's shocking. and then you good oh, okay. a shark. i guess i'll go in now. >> reporter: julie malcolm has been surfing around santa cruz for years, but she has never seen as many sharks in the water as she has recently. >> well, they're kind of smallish. they'll breach. they fully breach, come right out of the water. i've had them swim right underneath me.
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do like aggressive tail flips. >> reporter: researchers at the monterey bay aquarium and the cal state university long beach shark lab say what she and others are increasingly seeing are nurseries of juvenile great white sharks which are following warmer currents from their usual waters in southern california. >> monterey bay has been getting warmer, progressively warmer. there have been a nursery in santa cruz that is just never been documented before. so we attribute that to climate change. >> the juvenile sharks are 4 to 9 feet in length and usually don't pose much of a threat to human. >> when those sharks are using those nurseries, they're kind of ignoring the people. as long as people aren't bothering them, they're ignoring people. >> reporter: what isn't as well-known is what happens when they reach maturity. >> some of the large and adults that feed more frequently on marine mammals are more likely to mistake a human. >> reporter: overall, the population of white sharks is increasing, although attacks are
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rare, in 2020 a surfer was killed off aptos. some surfers are using a type of magnet repellent strapped to their ankles. >> supposedly it repels sharks, a little step we can do the possibly prevent an attack. but life is a risk. >> and at least on manrisa beach, many appear willing to take the risk. >> try to have fun out there. don't worry about the hazards. >> reporter: in santa cruz, len ramirez, kpix 5. still ahead, a rare case of polio found in the u.s. what doctors want people to know. and the northern california mcdonald's taking steps to become more horse friendly. >> coming up all new at 6:00. just in time for the weekend, big basin is reopening more of the park to the public two years after it was devastated by the czu fire. plus -- it's been one week since 15 employees were fired from the new district attorney's staff. coming up, we'll hear from one former employee who says that this cleaning house could have major impacts on the functioning
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of this office. and comedian jo koy honored by a bay area city ahead of his all here's why tribal leaders urge you to vote yes on prop 27. the act provides hundreds of millions every year
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for permanent solutions to homelessness, mental health and addiction in california. prop 27 supports financially disadvantaged tribes that don't own big casinos. by taxing and regulating online sports betting for adults 21 and over, we can protect tribal sovereignty and finally do something about homelessness in california. vote yes on prop 27.
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ignition and liftoff of starlink 3-2. go falcon 9. >> that was another successful launch. one of its falcon 9 rockets blasted off. after a late night scrub the late before, it's carrying satellites. it broke a record with 32 launches, surpassing last year's total of 31. polio vaccine clinics opening now in new york after the first u.s. case in nearly a decade was reported. health officials in rockland county say an unvaccinated young adult, contracted polio and developed paralysis. it can infect a person's spinal cord and lead to disability, even death. it was eliminated in the u.s. in
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1979. while the threat to the general public is basically zero, there are concerns for undervaccinated communities. >> we have very, very high vaccination rates in the united states against polio, well over 90%. we have communities scattered across the country that are undervaccinated. and these diseases continue to exist in other parts of the world. >> doctors now urging anyone who has not been vaccinated against polio to do so to prevent the spread of that highly contagious disease. both johnny depp and his ex-wife amber heard are appealing the verdict in their recent defamation trial. last month a jury awarded $15 million in damages to depp, ruling that heard defamed him when she wrote an op-ed detailing her experiences as a domestic violence survivor. heard said the court meader roars that prevented a fair verdict. depp is also suing a countersuit that awarded $2 million in damages to her. san francisco's chinatown is
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known for delicious food. this week hosting a tasting event called craving chinatown. it brings some of the community's favorite restaurants together under one roof celebrating the neighborhood's food culture. thinking will feature 30 local eateries who serve up a varieties of entrees, appetizers, dessert, drinks, and also baked goods. and chinese can enjoy all this in one space in chinatown. >> craving chinatown happens tomorrow from len a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on waverley place between sacramento and washington and san francisco. it's $10 for a four-item tasting pass. okay. not something you see every day when passing by a mcdonald's. >> one northern california city has so many horseback riders hitting their drive threw, well, they made some modifications. >> the rio linda location introduced a hitching post. now riders don't have to worry about figuring out going through the drive through. they can tie the horse up and order inside. >> we have people stop and take
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pictures. we have kids that stop and want to pet the horses and stuff. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> not at a mcdonald's. >> okay. could you imagine? the two cheeseburger meal, eating it on the way home riding the horse that can't be safe. any way, apparently a lot of people taking pictures of the horse there's, as you heard. coming up, one of the best videos of the day. the surprise guest creating a memorable on-air moment for one tv station. >> i'm jamie yuccas. we're at the port of oakland where no goods are coming in and nothing is going out. we'll show you why protesters have shut this port down, and what
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seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations
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that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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more than 53 million people in the u.s. work at a low wage job, according to data from the brookings institute. >> this week's students rising above scholar spent their childhood watching their mother support them on what many of us spend on luxuries every year. elizabeth cook reports. >> reporter: maria cardenas bustles around her oakland home, pausing her afternoon chores so she can facetime with her child sharit. >> translator: i'm very proud of sharit, without a doubt, 100% proud. >> reporter: sharit lopez is proud too. their mother is living in a nice home with a real kitchen and light-filled rooms. it's a big change for this
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family, which has seen more than their fair share of hard times. >> there's a lot of disadvantages. there is a lot of limiting. but it's also a way of becoming stronger. >> reporter: in high school, sharit was cleaning houses with their mother for extra income. the family lived in a cramped basement apartment as maria recovered from multiple operations due to work-related injuries. >> she just continues pushing. and it scares me to know that her necessity is so big that she takes that pain. >> reporter: their financial struggles hurt too. >> it did get to a point where we were at the edge of starving. >> it changed a lot my perspective of life. i always heard the american dream. it's easy. you have to work hard and suddenly you're going to be middle class. everybody is chasing a dream. but it's not as easy as it seems to be. >> reporter: saying their mother suffering physically and emotionally was an isolating experience for sharit. >> i learned about workers rights.
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>> reporter: until a college internship showed sharit their family was not alone. >> it was a location right in oakland, maybe a five-minute drive from my house. and seeing all the people that were coming there, that's when it all clicked, you know. it wasn't just my mom. it was many people who are neglected. >> reporter: seeing people in need inspired sharit's career path. working for sciu, a service industry union representing low wage workers like maria. >> i am a policy analyst at the service international union. i'm in charge of unemployment insurance, worker, health and safety and environmental justice, racial justice, whatever falls within those themes. >> it's a big title. but sharit says their commitment to work really boils down to just one special person. >> my mom always made that very clear, that if you give, you're going get back. >> reporter: maria agrees. >> i know everything she puts
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her mind to she'll be able to accomplish. >> for students rising above, i'm elizabeth cook. >> she plans on continuing their career in labor, helping women of color in the lgbtq+ communities succeed in the workplace. to learn more about our students rising above scholars, go to so it is friday. thank goodness. >> yes. >> we know the news can get kind of heavy. so we wanted to share a nice on-air moment from a cbs affiliate in nashville. >> oh, my gosh! >> this is it. this is all we're going to do for the rest of the newscast. >> babies make everything better. . >> that's hutton, the daughter of one of their meteorologists who was off camera. the 8-month-old got some air time laughing with the anchors. eventually they had to move on to the forecast. but they did get to laugh with the baby before the commercial break. looking around here, where is our baby? why don't we get one of those? >> those giggles are so
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infectious, right? >> so cute. see, mine is so much older now, and asking me. ripping paper in half to keep them entertained. >> is shoot a bad word? well, close. >> lifeless. i know everybody in that because i used to work in nashville. that was the cbs. brie, the meteorologist holding the baby is from danville. from 2,000 miles away, she made it back home to bay area television. >> that's great. >> very sweet. >> cute baby too. >> we don't have a baby for you today. >> that's fine. i'm better off with puppies than babies. >> we know. that's fine. to each his own. >> we'll do the dog walking forecast at 6:00. the weekend is equally important. no big changes in stores as we head into the weekend. a little rip until the atmosphere. squeezes the atmosphere, producing slightly stronger winds today. that's going to move out of here. so the winds aren't going to be quite as gusty. that's really the only change
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that you are going to experience. those onshore winds did stir the atmosphere around to disperse the fog. they did not push the cool air as far inland as anticipated. so concord still made it up into the mid-90s. 94 degrees. 86 degrees for santa rosa. the cool spot, san francisco and pacifica in low 60s and upper 50s. so a wide range in temperature swiss typical for the month of july. 34 degrees from the coast inland. current temperatures still 91 in concord and fairfield. 80 in san jose. 85 in santa rosa. reasonably warm for this time of year. mostly 60s around the bay with upper 50s along the coast. the fog is going to spread out as we head through tonight into early tomorrow morning. first it will reform and spread across the bay into the inland valleys. it will back out pretty quickly, but it's still going to be hanging out around the bay by late morning, finally beginning to break up and allow sunshine through as we head towards lunchtime on saturday. temperatures tonight dropping down to what's normal this time of year. maybe a degree or two below average. take a advantage of it.
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windows open weather. temperatures slow to warm up in san francisco for as long as that fog and low cloud cover is hanging out. but once it breaks up, temperatures will reach up into the low 60s. about three degrees below normal. we can handle it. santa rosa almost exactly where you topped out today. maybe a degree or so cooler. you'll have fog and low cloud as well. but it will disperse rapidly inland in the east bay. concord reaching up into the upper 80s. we're going for it again. we think concord is going the stay below 90 degrees. but every time we think that's going to happen, somehow you manage to warm up into the low to mid-90s. i think somebody has a hair dryer aimed at the thermometer there. 80 degrees in the afternoon. very close to normal for this time of year. let's fill in the rest of the map. everybody's temperature is within two or three degrees of average for late july. near 60 along the coast. the warmest spots further inland in the low to mid-90s. that's not that hot for the middle of july. most inland temperatures in the 80s. it will be a mix of 60s and 70s around the bay. if you're going to be heading out to watch the cars at the
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sonoma raceway, it's going to be warm, but it's not going to be excessively hot. temperatures are going to reach up to just above 80 on saturday. into the low 80s on sunday. sunday the slightly warmer half of the weekend. but no big changes to our temperatures over the next several days. some minor little ups and downs. but we basically stayed near average through all of next week. the one change you are going to see, a little more cloud cover, meaning some natural shade every once in a while. tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, monsoonal moisture that will send the clouds towards us, fortunately without the dry lightning threat that can accompany those monsoonal sunch. something we'll keep an eye on just in case. i'll have the dog walking forecast. one of the people fired by brooke jenkins. plus. >> i'm max darrow at big basin redwood state park. two years after the czu complex fire burned 97% of the area, the park is back open. >> and reaction to the all
5:54 pm
filipino movie about to come out. that's set in daly city. we hear from the comedian behind it, jo koy. the news at 6:00 is coming up in about five minutes. still ahead at 5:00, grammy nominated talent at stern grove this weekend. ♪ meet the artist opening for leann rimes, who is creating some buzz of her own. a new chevy is the smart way to hit the open road this summer. the smart way to road trip—. ♪♪ and seek new adventures. ♪♪ go a little farther this summer in a new chevy. find new get up and go. find new roads. enjoy the open road and make no monthly payments for the rest of summer on all 2022 equinox models. plus, get 0% financing when you finance with gm financial. ♪♪ find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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when you need help it's great to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need.
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because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile.
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this sunday, the sounds of southern rock will fill the stern grove amp heater in san francisco. grammy award winning singer leann rimes is this weekend's singer. and introducing us to amythyst kiah. >> amythyst kiah is a grammy nominated artist whose music is a mix of many things. >> some people hear it and say country. some people hear it and say blues. so i don't -- i don't -- i don't really do a good job of making it any more clear. but if we had to say, i would describe it as southern rock, i would say. ♪ i don't pass the test of the paper bag, because i'm black myself ♪ >> reporter: kiah's song "black myself" is one of her standouts. the tennessee-bred singer and songwriter has been recognized by rolling stone as one of americana's great up and coming
5:58 pm
secrets. kiah says she is excited to open for leann rimes sunday after the two performed on neighboring stages at a north carolina festival. >> we played like directly after her. and then i see where she had posted about us in her live. and that was really cool -- or not her live, but in her stories. >> and now kiah is getting ready to perform at stern grove for the first time. she says she's drawn to songs that deal with adversity. she first knew her music resonated with people in high school. >> i think my own confidence in myself is what would waiver throughout. there is no doubt that there is the people out there. it was me really finally just like owning and believing in myself and what i'm capable of and continuing to push myself. ♪ ♪ censure me ♪ >> in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. >> that's it for the news at 5:00. kpix 5 at 6:00 begins now with ryan yamamoto. >> right now on kpix 5 and
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streaming on "cbs news bay area," breaking news. evacuation orders in effect as a new wildfire spreads in the sierra foothills. the conditions fueling those flames. >> it's really exciting. and it feels really good. this is one of those days that i'm going enjoy the whole day. >> and two years after a devastating wildfire, a milestone in california's oldest state park. the rebuilding and the new growth. also, we're going inside the recent shake-up at the san francisco's district attorney's office. the warning from one attorney who was just shown the door. >> i worry very much for this tough on crime mentality, and how especially it will impact the juvenile justice system here in san francisco. >> and a jury has ruled on a deadly officer-involved shooting of an east bay man. why the man's family is still seeking justice. good evening. i'm ryan yamamoto. we begin with that breaking news in mariposa county and a new wildfire burning unchecked and triggering evacuation.
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this fire is burning southwest of yosemite valley and south of the town of mariposa. the closest town is mid pines. this one is really taking off. considering this, the fire started at about 2:00 this afternoon. it has already grown to more than 600 acres. and there are reports of spot fires jumping more than a mile ahead of that main fire. evacuations have been ordered for communities in that area. cal fire is scrambling to deploy resources to fight that fire. there is concern this fire has plenty of room to burn. let's check with first alert meteorologist paul heggen with more on the fire conditions in that fire zone. >> the good news is the winds aren't that strong. i do want to zoom in for a closer look at where this fire is burning. again, to the northeast of merced. temperatures in the low 90s, though, so it's hot and very dry. the humidity is only at 13%. the winds out of the west and northwest. that's the direction that's blowing the smoke. sustained at only 7 miles per hour, but there are gusts over 15 miles per hour. a little strong enough to cause some additional complications for thee


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