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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 22, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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triggering evacuation. this fire is burning southwest of yosemite valley and south of the town of mariposa. the closest town is mid pines. this one is really taking off. considering this, the fire started at about 2:00 this afternoon. it has already grown to more than 600 acres. and there are reports of spot fires jumping more than a mile ahead of that main fire. evacuations have been ordered for communities in that area. cal fire is scrambling to deploy resources to fight that fire. there is concern this fire has plenty of room to burn. let's check with first alert meteorologist paul heggen with more on the fire conditions in that fire zone. >> the good news is the winds aren't that strong. i do want to zoom in for a closer look at where this fire is burning. again, to the northeast of merced. temperatures in the low 90s, though, so it's hot and very dry. the humidity is only at 13%. the winds out of the west and northwest. that's the direction that's blowing the smoke. sustained at only 7 miles per hour, but there are gusts over 15 miles per hour. a little strong enough to cause some additional complications for the fire crews.
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the visible satellite perspective looking from the weather satellite in space, and you can see the fire rapidly exploding and now producing that huge smoke plume. this is a look. you see the vast amount of smoke. it even briefly produced a pyrocumulus cloud this afternoon. this is still growing. it's an estimate. over 1700 already and the fire is only about four hours old. i'll have an update on the bay area's forecast into the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, thanks, paul. as we take another look at the smoke, stay up to date with the evacuation orders and firefighting efforts tonight fire, we have a special page at the top of our website at well, with the years after another devastating fire, big basin state park is set to reopen and welcome guests back this weekend. the 22,000 acre red woods park is the oldest in the state known for its famous giant sequoia trees nestled in the santa cruz mountains. the czu fire impacted 90% of the park, including about 18,000
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acres with the park visitor center lodge and park homes destroyed back in 2020. as kpix 5's max darrow reports, visitors returning to the park are happily surprised by the progress that's been made. >> reporter: friday marked the beginning of a new chapter of life for the big basin redwood state park. and janet was grateful to be there for it. >> i'm so grateful that this many trees are still here, because i didn't know. when we came, it could have been a desert. we didn't know what to expect. >> reporter: park opens to visitors in a limited capacity for the first time since the czu complex fires ripped through the forest. >> it's a little bit unbelievable to be here after the last 23 months. it's really exciting and feels really good. this is one of the days i'm going enjoy the whole day. >> the flames touch about 97% of the park, and it's evident when you look around. but what you also see now are signs of rebirth. >> the redwood trees have an amazing ability to regenerate.
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so you'll see them sprouting from the base, the stem, regrowing their crowns. >> that's what really amazed lonnie. >> so many of the trees are still standing and now can see the growth coming back. it's fantastic to see that. >> the park has always been a special place to him and his brother bruce. >> i was here 30 years ago with my parents. >> reporter: and on friday, they hope the make it a special place for bruce's kids. >> we knew that today was the first day that the park would be reopened after the fire. and wanted the kids to see at least some of these red woods. >> being here in the park and actually seeing them start to come back is really exciting. >> we expect lots and lots of emotion with people coming here. the park looks very different. but we're excited for people to start building those new memories and enjoying the park again. >> the park isn't fully open yet. >> were able to open a couple of short loop trails and about 18 miles of the road in the back country. >> but the fact that the park is alive is something to be grateful for. >> the trees are back.
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and they are here. and they're growing. and i'm so grateful. it really is one of the most beautiful places on earth. >> in boulder creek, max darrow, kpix 5. >> if you would like to visit, you have to make a reservation. you have to make them 60 days in advance if you plan on parking there. and rangers plan to open more trails in the future. where there are growing calls for san francisco school board member anna schu to resign over alleged racist comments. dean preston joined others calling for schu to step down. it comes after schu suggested that the city's black and brown parents doan encourage or value learning. she has since apologized, but that doesn't appear to be enough. preston saying today her comments show prejudice, ignorance and lack of fitness to serve families and students who rely on our public schools. schu is one of three current city school board members appointed by mayor london breed after the recent recall vote. breed calls schu's comments wrong and hurtful, but didn't go
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as far as to call for her resignation. those comments were made during the board's review of students' progress, which showed that 71% of students in the district were proficient in math and 58% in reading. but only 34% of latino students and 9% of black students were reading at their grade level. that's compared to 85% and 70% proficiency among white and aches students respectively. we reached out to schu, who just got back to us. she apologized again for her statements and says she is listening to feedback from the community. >> it's telling that everyone fired was a chesa boudin hire. so clearly there was a political motive. >> well, that is one of the 15 san francisco district attorney office employees fired by interim d.a. brooke jenkins. they were all people ■hired by her predecessor chesa boudin. kpix 5's lauren toms sat down with the fired prosecutor who says these sweeping changes pose a major concern to the office.
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>> one week another over a dozen district attorney attorneys were fired, all of them hired by former district attorney chesa boudin. i spoke with a now former district attorney who told me these sweeping changes pose new concerns for the functioning of this high level office. when ryan went into work last thursday morning, he never expected it to be his last day in the san francisco district attorney's office. >> i just was on the highway with my family on the way to a wedding, and i just in what seemed like she was reading a script, fired me on the spot and then turned it over to human resources. >> the bay area native was one of 15 employees hired under former district attorney chesa boudin who were abruptly let go. >> just shocked. trying to still process what's going on. >> reporter: one week since his last day in the office, he tells kpix 5 that his biggest concern are the broader implications of the sweeping turnover. >> so i was just thinking about
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my colleagues who i respect. i've gotten along with well. and i know they have a hard job, and they're already overworked. >> but he says he worries the tough on crime path that new district attorney brooke jenkins may forge could jeopardize his work. >> and how especially it will impact the juvenile justice system here in san francisco. we want the kids that come within the system to be prepared not to commit crimes anymore and have a good life. >> as of our conversation, he hadn't had the chance to collect his office belongings. >> i was just a regular attorney. i was in court. i handled cases. i have no management power. i have no policy power. i followed orders. i got approval. and i did my job. >> reporter: and says he was instructed to share details of his open cases through his personal email account. >> and they were basically asking me to send confidential prosecutorial work product, information of people, personal
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information viaee mail. >> reporter: he says while he remains shocked by his ousting, he wants to see jenkins succeed both for the office and for the city. >> at this point i think she is fully responsible for the successes and/or downfalls of whatever may take place in the next couple of months. i scared about my job. i cared about my colleagues. i worked well with the police department. i just hope there can be a stabilization, because that's what this community and this city deserves. >> now there is hiring news coming out of the d.a.'s office. yesterday jenkins announced she has brought on three high-level members to the d.a.'s office serving in the criminal division independent investigations and post convictions unit. an official for the d.a.'s office tells me that these staff changes were in an effort to reprioritize resources to line attorneys and provide support to prosecutors as well as to add three women of color to the management team. in the newsroom, i'm lauren
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toms, kpix 5. >> thank you. a jury decided today that tyrell wilson, the man shot by a sheriff's deputy in contra costa county was a homicide. that shooting in question happened last year when officer andrew hall responded to a call of someone throwing rocks on the 680. wilson's attorney says he was mentally ill and the deputy failed to recognize that, and the jury agreed after a coroner's inquest voting unanimously today that it wasn't an accident. >> i'm speaking on my son's behalf. and i'm seeking justice for my son. because he didn't deserve to be killed like that. >> hall is in prison for a different shooting where another man died. the d.a. declined to comment on today's inquest or if she will file charges. a judge has ruled on the future of the wood street encampment. what needs to be done before it can be cleared out. more truckers protesting in the east bay. the impact that's already happening on shipping goods. but first, a key to the city
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they wrote it for themselves. here's why tribal leaders urge you to vote yes on prop 27. the act provides hundreds of millions every year for permanent solutions to homelessness, mental health and addiction in california. prop 27 supports financially disadvantaged tribes that don't own big casinos. by taxing and regulating online sports betting for adults 21 and over, we can protect tribal sovereignty and finally do something about homelessness in california. vote yes on prop 27.
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what? this will be a gangster. like hollywood has done it. they've held it open.
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let's continue keeping it open. >> comedian joy coy talking about the importance of representation in movies. he was awarded the key to daly city. that's the setting for his new movie. it stars a nearly all filipino cast. andria borba spoke to people in the community about the importance of seeing themselves represented on the silver screen. >> you know it's a big day when the fog lifts and reveals blue skies in the grayest of all bay area cities, daly city. >> i am going to put this on my key chain. >> that's comedian jo koy receiving the keys to daly city for setting his new movie, "easter sunday" in daly city, and putting an almost entirely filipino american cast on the big screen. >> my came to this country, there was absolutely no representation. you know, there was no goggle. there was no facebook. there was no instagra find her . >> reporter: standing next to jo on the daily city council dais
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is councilwoman. she was the first filipina american mayor of daly city. >> she starts opening doors, literally bringing others along with you. >> for so long, i never saw a complete set of filipino american actors, right, in -- on tv. and so i'm ecstatic. >> it's an experience of representation she and other filipinos didn't have growing up. even in daly city, where 37% of the population can trace their heritage back to the philippines. >> my 3-year-old son, my 1 1/2-year-old daughter can literally go into a movie theater and see a reflection of themselves, and also, you know, a reflection of their gr grandmother and their father and
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uncle and auntie. >> those were experiences that until now were only seen in the homes of filipino americans are getting the silver screen treatment. >> it hits so many levels intergenerationally that this moment is huge for not only the young, but it's also all the way to the elders. >> father and son road trip. it's going to be fun. >> koy says it's not just about filipinos, but all families, a bridge across the cultural divide. >> i didn't want to just let people know that only filipinos can get this. when you leave, you're going to be like oh, that mom is just like my mom, and that kid is just like my kid. >> "easter sunday" the movie opens on august 5th in theaters nationwide. but word is here in daly city, people are already reserving tickets for opening weekend. in daly city, andria borba, kpix 5. >> of course they are. a lot of people growing up used to call it little manila. jo koy hilarious.
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i've seep him live in concert. he puts about a great show. >> daly city and it was sunny. >> the fog lifted just for jo koy. >> nice when things work out like that. it's going to be back tomorrow. i hope you enjoyed that sunlight while it was here. the same weather pattern for the weekend. just a typical july weather pattern with the fog going back and forth. the temperatures running pretty close to what's normal for this time of year. the only change as we head into the forecast for next week is there can be a little rip until atmosphere developing way off the coast of southern california. what that's going to do is grab some monsoonal moisture and send it up across california. all it's going result in is some high cloud cover in the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere. we'll have to watch the surges for thunderstorms, dry lightning, new wildfires. it doesn't look like that is going to be a concern next week because there is not going to be a trigger to get the dry thunderstorms started in the first place. something we'll keep an eye on and something we're not overly concerned about. clear skies right now. temperatures from the 60s around the bay to the 70s and 80s.
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88 the warm spot still in concord after you reached up into the 90s. low 60s in san francisco. the fog going to redevelop and spread across the bay well into the inland valleys by early saturday morning. it backs out of those valleys pretty quickly. but it is going to be a bit more stubborn along the bay and coast. we should see the sunshine breaking through early afternoon. temperatures mostly in the low to mid-50s which is maybe a tick below normal. but h■ey, it's free air conditioning. keel take it. temperatures are going to warm up with the low cover and fog still stubborn. 50s and 60s at lunchtime. into the 80s and a couple of low 80s by noon farther inland. the hottest spots inland will wenatchee to the low to maybe mid-90s, far inland. most inland areas in the 80s. most temperatures around the bay are going to be in the 60s to low 70s with upper 50s to near 60 degrees along the coast. tomorrow's dog walking forecast is brought to you by an obviously very patient gus. hopefully the patience is rewarded with a morning walk tomorrow. while temperatures are still in
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the 60s in san jose. 70s and 80s during the afternoon. it's not excessively hot. but it's a little warm for a walk when you're wearing a fur coat. temperatures might be a degree or two warmer for the second half of the weekend on sunday. but we're not talking about any big fluctuations in our temperatures for the next several days. only little wiggles up and down in the daily temperature pattern running within a few degrees of what's normal this time of year. tuesday through friday brings that additional cloud cover thanks to the monsoonal moisture. that's going in the mid and high levels of the atmosphere. just natural shade. every once in a while, it's not going to have an impact on what we do or do not warm up. enjoy the shade. we'll keep an eye on the outside chance of a couple of dry thunderstorms. not a big concern at this point. ryan? >> thanks, paul. in oakland, caltrans plans to close down the city's biggest homeless encampment has hit a roadblock. a federal judge maintained a temporary restraining order that paused closure plans for the wood street encampment. they were told they must provide a shelter plan for residents,
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but eventually the homeless camp will have to be cleared out. after a homeless encampment led to a closure of a popular santa rosa biking trail, sonoma county has found a solution for both sides. county officials stated they have found housing for the 30-plus residents living along that trail originally deemed a safety hazard. this was the trail's second closure since 2020 due to encampments in that area. and for a fifth day, truckers protesting over california's new gig worker law. today they tried to shut down the port of oakland. the bill known as ab 5 reclassifies independent contractors and employees. many independent truckers who own their own rigs say it could end their business model and it would force them to work for a bigger trucking company. port officials warn that the law enforcement could start citing them if they keep up the blockade. the port is trying to set up free speech zone nearby. but the standoff could start stressing the supply chain issue. the port of oakland is a key hub for northern california and its
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agricultural exports. a big heads up for a big traffic alert in alameda county this weekend. niles canyon road will be closed in both directions between palomarries and fremont. and concrete work on the alameda bridge. that closure starts at 8:00 tonight and ends monday at 5:00 a.m. well, "cbs evening news" is coming up. here is major garrett with a preview. >> hello, ryan and liz. good evening. coming up after kpix 5 at 6:00, steve hartman goes on the road with a powerful remind they're the sky is never the limit. that's tonight on the "cbs evening news." sports is coming up after the break. kyler murray is making how much money? plus the bling is in for the los angeles rams. wait until you see the work of art they received for winning
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the giants are a long way from the top in the nl west. 13 1/2 back, to be exact. the good news, still 13 games remaining with the dodgers to help climb back in it. the bad news, you have 13 games against the loaded l.a. dodgers. last night l.a. took the opener of this four-game series. trayce thompson, brother of klay, tied. that was his first trip until over five years. his older brother was clearly watching. right after the hit, klay tweeted thompsons love triples. mcgee has reportedly signed with the brewers. he was released by san francisco last week after posting an era over 7 in 24 games. this coming after 31 saves for the giants last year. >rearso, kyler mury
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was the first round pick of the oakland a's. he decided to play instead in the nfl, and man, has that decision paid off. today murray officially signed a $230 million contract over five years with the cardinals. that's an average salary of about $46 million per year. almost as much as the entire payroll for the 2022 a's. >> can we put a quash to baseball now? >> oh, man. so what -- >> did you guys see the payroll of the oakland a's versus this contract? >> enough said. >> the ways wander franco has over $650,000 of jewelry stolen from a safe in his car. a man has been arrested and a couple of items returned, but still, $550,000 worth of jewelry missing. more jewelry. as a bangles fan, this is a
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tough story. last night the l.a. rams received their super bowl lvi championship rings. they are pretty wild. the top of the ring comes off and inside is a piece of the game ball from the super bowl with a small replica of the field from their win over cincinnati. steph curry's night-night celebration has taken over the sports world. it's evolving. this kid right here scores a basket, has his teammate come off the bench, gives him a pillow and a blanket so he can literally go night-night on the court. and all i got to say to that young man, if you hit a 30-footer to win it, sure. that was a layup. a little three-foot teardrop. celebrate like that? come on. >> was it a game winner at least? >> i don't think so. >> oh, they're still playing. i like how it's evolved. >> night-night. >> respect to that young man. up next, can you smell that? well, you soon will as we count down to the latest corpse flower
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bloom in the bay area. and don't forget to join us for our 7:00 a.m. weekday newscast streaming live on "cbs news bay area." join us on pluto channel 3350 and any platform using the free cbs news app.
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♪♪ well, for the first time ever, a corpse flower is about to bloom in silicon valley. this nine-foot rare tropical plant at san jose state university's greenhouse is affectionately known as terry titan. the corpse flower will bloom some time between sunday and tuesday for up to 36 hours. and when it does, it's going to smell like rotting flesh. yummy. well, if you're hoping to enter the weekend as a millionaire, you still have about an hour for tonight's mega million jackpot that's hit $660
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hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> garrett: tonight, president biden, in covid isolation, calls in to an economic meeting. the white house says he's clocking eight hours at work, and improving. >> i'm feeling much better than i sound. >> garrett: the president's symptoms, after he completes one full day of treatment. what his doctors are saying tonight about the medicines the 79-year-old had to stop in order to fight covid.fallouts january 6th hearing. could former president trump be held criminally responsible the capitol riot. plus, steve bannon guilty on two counts of contempt of congress. how much jail time could he face? california trucker protest. drivers shut down one of america's busiest ports. what it means for supply chain snarls. the brutal heat wave continues. from the big apple to arizona,
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a weekend of dangerous weather.


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